Message to Lightworkers ~ January 10th, 2016

Message to Lightworkers ~ January 10th, 2016

By Caroline Oceana Ryan, 01/10/2017

The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We are aware that many of you are feeling tired and rather taxed at the moment.

And indeed, there is more than enough happening on a cellular level, and in all you are involved in during your sleep state, to explain and justify that tiredness.galactics

The powerful influx of Light that has been flowing to the Earth over these last few weeks is a transformative wave of higher Light and energy.

It carries Light codes that are forms of data to rewrite not only your physical cells, but their etheric aspect.

And so the transforming of your bodies and consciousness to the crystalline Lightbody level—your entry to fifth dimensional life—continues at a great pace.

Please know that you never go through these forms of growth and renewal without the ongoing support of all of us in the higher realms, and that many in your world who appear to be “ordinary humans” are anything but that.

They are in fact higher beings—Light Beings, Galactics, Angels, Faery folk, Ascended Masters, and other incarnated beings of great power and insight who volunteered to come forth at this time and live yet again in the confines and narrow confusion of the human body, to be here to assist you in this crucial time.

You are also at all times held up and encouraged by your support team of Angels, spirit guides, and higher self, as well as those beings—animal spirits and whole legions of Angels, for example—who come forward to assist during times of great stress or trauma.

It is impossible that you would be shouldering the stress and challenges of third dimensional life, let alone your Ascension into a fifth dimensional life, without the help of many, including your twin flame, your entire soul family, and any higher being you wish to call upon for instruction and guidance.

In these times of powerful and decisive activity “behind the scenes” on Earth, there is nothing hidden in the higher dimensions.

There Galactic and higher beings work with your etheric self, while your body rests in physical sleep, to shift consciousness, and to keep the Earth Herself on keel and in balance, cleansing Her of toxicity and calming Her activity as she renews Herself.

Your work to shift human consciousness is multilayered, and crucial at this time.

You came not only to assist in bringing about NESARA law to its full enactment, but to prepare humanity for new forms of living.

Some of this has to do with space travel. Other aspects include new devices for healing, Earth travel,  communicating, new educational forms, and spiritual study.

One of the greater areas of shift and change has to do with individuals and groups beginning to grasp that they need no “middle man” to speak to Creator God/Goddess—that in fact, they carry within them the Divinity that creates worlds, and that their own growing consciousness reflects that of the Divine in increasing levels of Light and understanding.

Many of you have come forward at this time to live upon the Earth not only to grow and expand through your own Ascension journey, but to assist humankind in understanding that each person has within them the intrinsic ability to cocreate with this Universe.

You may not at this moment be working to create new plants or animals, or to literally move mountains.

But you have nevertheless cocreated many fine, beautiful moments in life—experiences as well as objects, abundance, and improved or new conditions of health and well-being.

You have directed streams of energy and collected what one might call a buildup of energy around a particular issue, to either create a new situation or to revise and remake one that already exists.

Every single thought and emotion you have, in fact, goes toward creating something on this Earth.

This is why those who use affirmations find that they must repeat the affirmations, to the point where the energy of whatever they are declaring becomes a natural part of their own vibration.

Then they need not constantly affirm their wealth or wellness, for example, in order to begin to experience such, for it has become an ongoing part of their life to have a certain income, or to enjoy excellent health.

Their mind, body, and emotions—and therefore, their outer life—have accepted what their clear intentions and expectations have declared over and over to be true, until those intentions and beliefs became their everyday vibration.

This is why we encourage you not to merely wait for NESARA, or full disclosure of the Galactic presence, or world peace, or free energy devices.

We encourage you to fully feel and imagine that those events have already occurred on your planet.

Take a moment now and get the feeling of for example, free energy devices around the entire world.

Gone are the pipelines, the power plants, the gas or electric bill.

Gone are the excavations, drilling, and fracking, and the disruptions and pollution they caused.

Are you feeling elated to know that your Earth and Her air and water need no longer be polluted with oil spills?

Are you feeling glad to know that no one need start another war to control oil field or oil reserves, anywhere in the world?

Now fully feel the joy you will experience when NESARA law—and disclosure of the Galactic presence—becomes an outer reality.

Imagine the announcements on television and the internet, and see yourself explaining to others what NESARA is, assuring them that this is a good thing, that the Ashtar Command, far from being something to fear, has stood between Earth’s people and disaster more times than one could count.
Imagine the feeling of receiving your NESARA package, explaining your new benefits and prosperity.

Right now, imagine signing for this, and thanking the delivery person—and seeing ships in the sky that you know contain loved ones, including perhaps your twin flame.

And what will it be like, to see him or her again, finally?

To see their beautiful face and eyes full of Love, full of joy that your time of living separately is now over?

Say to them now, “I know you are there, my beloved! Send us Light, for these last few steps from the old life into the new. Send me the courage I need to do all I can now, to assist those making fifth dimensional life on this planet a reality. And know that I love you, more than I can say.”

And now feel their presence in the room with you, and know that they have never left your side for an instant. (They are able to multi-locate.)

And find a way to celebrate each week—every day, if you can—by dancing or rejoicing or just thanking those working so hard, in Heaven and on Earth, for humankind’s freedom and new life.

And we thank you, dear ones, for all that you are doing—you who are “in the trenches” and holding onto every good belief you can possibly find, as this last chapter of the Old Earth comes to a close.

Be of good cheer! Your tiredness is only a small symptom of the powerful shifts occurring now.

You have helped to write these days, or you would not be in them.

Namaste, Light Bringers of the new age! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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