Lightwarriors of the Ascension

To All Lightbearers and Lightwarriors of the Ascension

Amora, July 11, 2019
We just went through the most intense and gruesome episode of cleansing in my 20-year career as the chief cleanser of earth’s and humanity’s darkness. Hereby we burst from within the incrustation of the dark 4th dimension that has strangulated the 3D matrix and liberated the bulk of incarnated human souls from all dark parasites that have been holding them in a suffocating grip since eons of time. Probably this was the final major push before the ID shift can happen and I knew it was coming for some time.
I will spare you the details, but we all three, Amora, Sophia and myself, got a lot of information and of course plenty of unpleasant painful personal experience with this 4D scourge this whole week. However, I must say that since I am now dwelling in much higher dimensions, from 7D upwards, I am personally not touched at all by this darkness as was the case in the past, although I had to descend to these 4D timelines in the last several days and burst them from within that almost suffocated me physically. One whole night I could not breathe as I was in a state that one can describe as an atropine reaction when the parasympathicus is completely blocked and a total enhancement of adrenaline occurs. But my emotional and mental fields are pure and extremely high vibrating.
This is what this program of Sri and Kira, mentioned below by Amora, also aims at and I leave it up to each member of the PAT to decide for himself whether he needs their instruction or can do it much better on his own, as I personally firmly believe. What counts now, is that a sufficient number of light warriors of the first and last hour ascend to the 7th dimension as the 5D is very unstable in the current phase of ascension and to stabilize it from there as to be successful and move quickly through this vulnerable period during the Mercury retrograde and trigger the final ID shift. That’s all.
Over recent weeks I have experienced a substantial shift in my awareness that has offered me a new perspective on this Ascension Cycle. The different dimensional frequencies have refined and I am able to hold a consistently high level of awareness that has afforded me a new vision of what is taking place within the Third and Fourth Dimensional Frequency Bands.
What I have been shown through my personal connections to the Higher Realms is a third dimensional frequency entwined with a fourth dimensional frequency. I see and feel the fourth dimensional frequency positioning itself energetically to hold on as tightly as possible to the Third Dimensional frequency because this is where it gets its energy from.
After an intense personal encounter with the 4th dimensional frequency over the past 48 hours, I am acutely aware now of the importance of releasing our reality from the 4D world of darkness that has wrapped itself all around us hoping to use our energy as fuel to continue on in eternity.
I will not dwell on the constituents of the fourth dimensional frequency reality, only to say that it is a dense and oppressive realm and it contains only entities who, as the Elohim described to me today, have lost touch with the God-Source.
In fact, I haven’t been one to dwell on this issue, preferring instead to share the brighter aspects of Ascension, but after my personal encounter in “dream state” and then receiving unsolicited confirmations of the effect of the 4D on our 3D reality, I know it is important. All confirmations have been perfectly timed, coming one after the other like clockwork, drawing attention to this discussion and as there are no coincidences, I know I am supposed to write about this – I know we are to address it.
I am having new memories of past lives in Lemuria and Atlantis that remind me of the lost worlds where Ascension had failed. It was always too little, too late. In meditation with the Elohim today I asked why this was being shown to me, now, after having been connecting with me for many years. The answer was that now is the time for a new approach.
It is time for the Lightbearers to move into position:
It is a call to consciousness.
The distractions are enormous and we must prevail by lifting up and out of our current level of conscious awareness, into the realms of divine wisdom, divine love and the knowing of what God-Source wills for us.
There has been a calling for 444 Lighted Souls to come forth in unison (for those of you who hold disdain for the number 4, in Ascended Numerology it is equal to 12, or Completion).
Now is the time to join together in harmony and to call in a
Higher Dimensional Expression,
A Seventh Dimensional Frequency Expression to create, together.
A Sacred Alignment of Each and All of us now, because it is time to step into our roles as the powerful healers and creators we came here to be.
We were all there in Lemuria, and we were “too little, too late”;
Then we were all there in Atlantis, and we failed there as well, BUT we promised we would remember our mistakes for the next time; And here we are AT THE NEXT TIME!
The “long ago past” is remembered by a great many of us and for those who don’t have a perfect memory of those events, trust your brethren who do. Know that we are all in this together, again, and this time we unite our focus in the same direction to apply our combined LightPower to the Ascension.
We came here from different parts of the Universe to assist; We came with different names; We came with a different language; We came with different styles; But we came nonetheless for the same Plan; Now it is time to set aside prejudice, beliefs, expectations, comparisons, labeling, masks and facades, to be open in our hearts and minds and join together in harmony to create the Ascension Success that we came here to manifest.
How do we do this?
At this point I present our brethren Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa of Ecuador who have been asked by their higher dimensional contacts to create a program whereby one is taken to the 7th Dimensional Frequency in order to effect healing and approach the ascension from this perspective. I support this program because I know this is what the Elohim are talking about and because of this I feel it’s very important. Please check the link below.
There is only one question to answer: “Where does your consciousness reside?
With unconditional love, respect and gratitude for All,

Earthquake Watch:

yesterday 7:13:2019 blackout int Manhattan New York City almost the same time in Manhattan , Montana a 4.0 earthquake it was 40 minutes after I read about it. Exact day of blackout in New York in 1977.


Oneness through Rasha

“Let there be no doubt in this, nor fear, nor regret. The destination is pre-determined. And your course is set. You will arrive at that destination right on schedule. It cannot be otherwise. What is open is what you choose to create and to experience along the way. There is no point in deluding yourself into believing that you are not ready. For, it is far too late to wonder if it is safe to put your toe in the waters of transformation when you are already far from shore.”

– Excerpt From the book “Oneness” through Rasha, end of ch. 10

This baby was born on 7-Eleven Day at 7:11 pm, weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces

That’s not all, baby J’Aime Brown was born at 7:11 pm, weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces

Gaia Portal

Shining leaves of green envelope humanity at this moment.
Growth of the Light Vibrations for the New Hue-manity accelerates.
Standards of Guidance are raised within all.
The Gold mark is reached.

Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Kin 2 The Lunar Chamber of Spirit
Today’s Kin 2 (Lunar Wind / 2 Wind) refers to number 2, which is part of the Fibonacci sequence, and it symbolises duality and the twin concept.

The Kin 2 is coded 2.2 (Seal 2, Tone 2) which a fractal frequency of Kin 22 (Solar Wind) which contains the number of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy (13 Heavens + 9 Hells = 22) brought forth by American author, Tony Shearer.
The Kin 22 is also the birth sign of the main Deity of the Classic Maya known as GI (God I) which was born on 9 Ik, Bolon Ik, Solar Wind. In the same way, Kin 22 is the birth sign of the main Deity of the Post-Classic Mesoamerica, known as Quetzalcoatl Ehecatl in Mexica language and as Kukulkan in Maya language. Also Kin 22 is the signature of Lloydine Bolon Ik (Solar Wind, Kin 22), the Archetypal Mother of the Dreamspell / 13 Moons.
Within the redemptive context of the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy (13 Heavens + 9 Hells), the Kin 2 marks a decisive fractal threshold point on the timeline:
It was on 13 August 1521 (Kin 2, Lunar Wind) that Tenochtitlan (present-day Mexico City) falls to conquistador Hernán Cortés. The relevance of this event is its direct connection with the start of the 9 Hells of 52-Years within this Prophecy on “Good Friday” (22 April 1519).
On the other hand, today’s Maya Real Time is 8 Kib’ which is equivalent to Dreamspell Kin 216 (Galactic Warrior), the Unified Time of Jose Argüelles / Valum Votan (Kin 11 + Kin 205 = Kin 216).
Then, today’s Unified Time is
Kin 2 + Kin 216
= Kin 218 (Planetary Mirror / 10 Etz’nab)
The kIn of the discovery of the tomb of King Pakal.
14 July 2019 ~ NS
Wavespell Blog:
KIN 2: White Lunar Wind
I polarize in order to communicate
Stabilizing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of timelessness
Harmonic 1: Self-existing Input
Inform Flowering of Form
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 2. Column 1 of the Magnetic Dragon.
– Wavespell of the Red Dragon: Day 2.
– Lunar Chamber (Tone 2): Identify the Challenge.
– Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth
– Galactic Season of the Dog: White Truth
* Kin Synthesis: 2 Wind
Solar Seal 2 = Wind
– Action: Communicate
– Essence: Breath
– Power: Spirit
Galactic Tone 2 = Lunar
– Function: Challenge
– Creative Power: Polarize
– Action: Stabilize
* Oracle:
– Guide: 2 Wizard (Kin 54)
– Analog: 2 Earth (Kin 197)
– Antipode: 2 Human (Kin 132)
– Occult: 12 Storm (Kin 259)
* Root Race:
– White Family of the White Root Race.
– The Refiners. Keynote: Spirit.
– White Members: Wind, WorldBridger, Dog, Wizard, Mirror
* Earth Family:
– Core Family: Mine the Tunnels.
– Members: Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand, Yellow Human.
* Chromatic Clan:
– Yellow Fire Clan.
– Position: Heart. Action: Transduce.
Galactic Maya “Dreamspell Tzolkin Count”
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Art
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
* Ancient Maya Tzolkin Count
Original Sacred Count of the Maya.
The Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 8 Kib’ = 8 Warrior, Kin 216
– Kib’ = Wax, Bee. Owl or Bird of Prey. Sin and Forgiveness.
– Trecena of Muluk (Water) = Moon Wavespell
* Discover more:
– Calendric Calculator:
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Ascended Masters of the New Time, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin.
– The Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, the Telektonon Prophecy, the 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 20 Tablets, The 28 Meditations, amongst others.
– The Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rainbow Bridge Project, The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the FLT, the Rinri Project, and the Earth Wizards seminaries.
In Lak’ech
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  1. Sandy Bella

    Four years ago when I was still attending 12 step meetings, I had an amazing experience I would like to share.
    I was living in a share house at the time and it had become very dangerous for me to stay living there. One of the male tenants had tried to run me over in his car because I didn’t want to sleep with him, another male tenant who moved in was extremely unstable and I made it my life’s mission 24/7 to get him kicked out. He had deliberately christened the whole share house in vomit in less than 24 hours after moving in including all sinks and shower drains. He almost attacked me once and a whole lot more. It took me 2 weeks to get him kicked out. Then a pathological female moved in after him who put broken glass outside my bedroom door and near my shoes etc. This is only some of the craziness that went on in that sharehouse.
    I was going to 12 step meetings all over Sydney at that point. About one per day. One day I just knew that I had to get out of Sydney and travel up to Gosford for a meeting. So I did. I got on the train for Gosford in the city and I knew I had to let go of and leave absolutely everything behind in Sydney. So I did. As soon as the train left Sydney, I let it all go and left it in the city and looked forward to my new little adventure and straight away my Domestic Violence Caseworker rang me and told me that I had finally succeeded in obtaining financial assistance to help me move and have a percentage of my rent paid for, for a couple of years. I had been knocked back previously but we didn’t give up and as soon as I let it all go and focused on enjoying myself, everything fell into place. I went to my meeting and on the train on my way home, I had never felt so supported in my whole life. I remember sitting down and it was as if Spirit had me in a cloud of love. It felt like a physical experience and I knew I was being looked after and everything would be ok. Things moved extremely quickly after that and it literally felt as if Spirit catapulted me out of that share house into a completely different life. Many mystical type experiences involved and time was being bent and distorted all over the place. It was an amazing experience ❤

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