You are currently viewing Antarctica: The High Altar of Mu ~ ‘The Way’ of Water – MERCURY SHINES BRIGHTLY AS A “MORNING STAR” (Lightworker Codes) Galactic Realities
Galactic Realities

Antarctica: The High Altar of Mu ~ ‘The Way’ of Water – MERCURY SHINES BRIGHTLY AS A “MORNING STAR” (Lightworker Codes) Galactic Realities

Antarctica: The High Altar of Mu ~ ‘The Way’ of Water – MERCURY SHINES BRIGHTLY AS A “MORNING STAR” (Lightworker Codes) Galactic Realities



Paul White Gold Eagle 

Greetings Galactic Water Bearers of our Divine Cosmic Mother

As we continue to inch our Way closer to the Year of the Wood Dragon of the Green Hue, beginning Feb 10 2024, we step into our Divine Sovereignty and call in our Timeline of Freedom, Abundance, Courage, Joy, Bliss, Inspiration and Peace of our New Golden Age of Eternal Life. As Dragons of the New Earth we are the Guardians and Stewards of Terra Nova Gaia and the True Leaders of our Pure Land of our Sacred Self.

The Gold Ray of Buddha Consciousness Shines down upon thee Now as we realize our True Nature of Infinite Light. We transmit and expand in Unity Consciousness touching all things upon the Diamond Net of Indra spanning the whole multi-verse of Total Awareness. In the Totality of Pure Awareness all becomes Clear and we Free our self and all our Good People from the wheels of Karma by turning the Wheel of Dharma, the Wheel of Truth.

We are breaking through all barriers and boundaries of limitation held against us to limit our full potential as we tap into the Genius within and fully activate our Divine Crystalline DNA of Cosmic Consciousness.

 All is coming into alignment for the culmination and release of our Divine Dispensations to bring all Life into full equality and level the playing field for all our Good People of the New Jerusalem.

Keep Holding the Light Bright as we make our Ascension to our 5D New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!







Quantum jump in progress .
New bandwidth
Galactic Realities
Galactic Realities
Galactic Realities


Thus RECEIVING ALL the BLESSINGS and the MIRACLES in this NOW Moment!!!
When things get difficult, heavy or intense, don’t search for complexity. Just do the next right thing. The next right thing is the one which opens the heart, seems to be giving new air, brings aliveness in the belly. ❤
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon

Kᴀ Fᴇᴇ


The solar stream hydroplasma ratio is increasing the fluidic space in our bodies and our oceans, bringing with it:

Re~mem~ber~ing that Antarctica is the High Altar of Mu, this is MEGA
Inturn the unconscious – planetary underworld
to subconscious – personal underworld, are in free flow as we Awaken to Dream
We are anchoring and experiencing our Soul SELF streams within the Creatrix patterns of suspended animation
Simply put We are now time stepping via solar streaming in Now time
No delay!
The reanimation of our solar synthesis in Union with our liquified fusion, is creating harmonic convergencies in our personal and planetary Fields of Gold ~ unifying Time Stepping intervals, through the fluidic and alchemical anchoring of our watery Earth and liquid light Sun
We are capacitors for liquid light influencing the liquid crystalline memory banks of Gaia Galactica with our Krystic Nature
As the bonding of our molecular and elemental patterning structures recalibrates, the fluidic nature of our planet and us is unveiled
We are ‘The Way’ of water 💧💎💧
May Oceanic Consciousness Prevail ~ Raeline Sqs Brady
Antarctica The High Altar of Mu
Antarctica The High Altar of Mu

Know that when you say YES to following your deepest intuition,

your most connected layers of truth,
your soul contracts
your family agreements
your ancestors..
You might be asked to..
Engage then re-engage with someone or something
Move at the drop of a hat
Shift, change, update your name or spiritual name.
When you’re following your soul,
connected to Mama Gaia,
the planets,
the ancestors AND
you’re good at what you do.
YOU will be called in to DOING that thing.
So, updating your truth at a moment’s notice
is part of this game,
the Holodek
that you have co-created.
There are NO victims here.. when you are conscious of your co-creation.
say YES to following your deepest intuition
say YES to following your deepest intuition



Earth’s axis tilted toward its krystic Stargate alignment! It’s why archons tilted us toward darkness and we are SHIFTING back to alignment through alignments of magnetic fields in the electric universe we live in. Everything is shifting as we restore it back to balance. It’s why archons are playing ping pong with the frequency through chemtrails. As they want to give into distortions as they have always, we have been bringing it back and your trust now needs to be stronger than ever.

Don’t allow any fear or doubts as it gives to their satanic beasts and imposter spirits. Bring peace to your heart and mind as they play mind games with collective energy when it’s trying to balance especially! This will help the planet, you and collective consciousness of humanity. Much love and ease as you stabilize your pillar!





Dear friends, just as yesterday’s new moon energies are slowly dissipating, the planet Mercury will reach today Friday its greatest westward separation from the sun, showing itself as a bright “morning star” and showering us with its powerful cognitive energy. Look in the sunrise direction, as the sky is getting lighter. Mercury is on a line with Venus and the coming sunrise.
The planet Venus is usually the single brightest star-like object in the sky, but this time of it will be above and to the right of bright Mercury, which is fainter and only just visible as the sky starts to get light. One should try to spot Mercury as soon as possible after it rises, since the brightening sky will make it harder to see as sunrise approaches. You can also observe this celestial event at its brightest on Saturday and Sunday.
Mercury is well-known in Roman mythology as the messenger of the gods, generally associated with the principles of communication, mental reasoning and quick adaptability. Energetically, this planet seems to affect our manner of thinking and the way we express ourselves, but also rules education and transport over short and long distances.
As the new moon energies in Capricorn merge with the bright and shiny Mercury during today and tomorrow, we will be showered by a particular type of energy: as Mercury enters Capricorn it changes its childish behavior into a more practical, methodical, and realistic energetic focus, affecting our thoughts and emotional interactions with the world. Our communication during this weekend will become straight and to the point. Our ideas become more direct and organized and life’s puzzles will start solving in a proper pattern, giving us clarity and new higher perspectives on our life’s journey. On the other hand, our central nervous system may feel a bit challenged with these mercurial energies, those who may be sensitive to these particular energies may feel some mild headaches, dizziness, lack of focus, change in sleep patterns, and ear/eyes issues. Take it easy if you experience any of this, stay hydrated, and rest and relax.
This weekend will be a wonderful time to meditate, journal, and share your ideas and goals for this new year with trusted friends and family members. Other people may give you a different and broader perspective of your goals and objectives and perhaps help you expand your point of view.
If the Sun stays dormant, as it has been during this past week, we should have a relatively smooth week ahead energetically speaking, an ideal time to focus our intentions on new projects and new beginnings. Stay tuned for more updates as the energies continue to flow in. May you have a wonderful, enlightening, and peaceful weekend. Much love 💖
Diego E. Berman 2024 Ⓒ

The Feminine Lineage Of Light Is Truly Grounding Now

Eternal Light Illuminating The Original, Ancient, Ancestral Tunnel Of Woman
Golden Cavern, Golden Grotto, Archway…
But Of Course…
Portal On The Ground Readying,
Tunnel Governed By Light,
Cosmic Train Incoming
Blue Star Seed Light Gathering
For Streamlined Access To Earthly Avatars
The Pathways And Channels Becoming Ours Again
All Celestial Structure In Service Of Life.
Overseen By The Eternal Mother Of The Formless
The Mother Of Stars Of The Sea
The Many Are Coming Now
The Full Electrical Coding Of You Is Being Harnessed Now, Plugged In To You Within The Channel Of Mother.
The Eternal Whales, Gaurdians Of The Water, Took Care Of This Until Now. There Is No Carrying Now
Thank You Mothers 🐋🙏🐋
Systemic Umbilical Reconnection For ALL
Full Mind Recalibration
Unified Mind Of Origin Light
Well Done Dear One For Holding The Door Open
Complete End Of Mind Control And Full Functionality Of God Mind, Universal Logos Restored
Complete Reconnection And Reanimation Of Electrical Body Of One
Blue Light
Blue Print
Blue Rose
Cosmic Father’s Answer,
The First Answer
Electrical Answer 🙏
Ascended Masters of Light
Ascended Masters of Light

🐲 Time Capsules of God’s Emerald Prophecy 🌹

As the Dragons in Stasis in the Earth’s crust begin to awaken, you Feel a greater level of Purpose and Soul Power coursing through your body. You, Too, are a Dragon Awakening, and You feel the stirring of an incredible power. You sense the Greatness that lies ahead.
You know God has something Massive planned, and you’ve known it for a long time. You felt it in every inch of you, but it existed in another dimension slightly out of reach. Despite everything you’ve already done or gone through in your life, you know there’s a whole other Octave of God’s Plan that’s silently waiting to be revealed…
You are here to be part of an ancient Prophecy written at the dawn of Time. You’re here to play a part in the return of Divine Order, and to re-ignite a sacred fire of Divine Love in the Heart of every human being… You’ve known this lifetime is Big… but the Depth of this Immaculate Prophecy is still vastly a mystery even to You… but this year Feels Different.
You are a living Time Capsule of God’s Plan to Reclaim the Earth. And this year, the capsules are breaking open and You are finally receiving the Green Light to become your Truest Self.
Many Starseeds are Time Capsules, holding specific codes and missions, like a dormant seed waiting for time-specific Divine Instructions to come online fully.
Each Starseed holds unique planetary and universal consciousness activation codons, timelines, and missions. Much of our multi-dimensional DNA remains dormant until specific timeline markers, events, and evolutionary impulses from God.
For a while it may seem we are living a double life, one of the 3D and one inside of spirit. Our 3D life is paving the way for our Higher Purpose to land, and this is the process of the Time Capsule unlocking.
Time Capsules can also work like time-release capsules, where your mission and activation unfold in different stages. You will have just the level of awareness to accomplish your soul mission, but still feel there’s more of you beyond the psychic horizon, waiting for the divine right timing to be unlocked into the Next Step.
The next steps may be seen in visions, or they may not be unveiled to you at all. Either way, you feel it in your Bones that something More to You and your Life is yet uncovered. It feels profound, but you may not have words for the feeling.
Many Starseeds felt a block to fully initiating their soul’s full power into physicality. These time capsules are also aspects of our Soul in Stasis, waiting for divine time to step fully into the Body. We are deeply connected to the Earth and her guardian Dragons which are both time capsules in their own way.
The Dragons in Stasis in the Earth’s crust were holding imminent potential of Revelationary Power, waiting for the right time to fully Awaken and enact God’s Plan.
As the Dragon Leylines fully activate this year, the Destiny Timelines begin to transduce through the Earth Grids. This directly awakens the Human Beings aligned to the Destiny Timeline of Heaven on Earth, this is the Emerald Prophecy.
Synchronicity is the product of divine orchestration, and as the dragon leylines exponentiate the levels of Divine Order and Original Intelligence on Earth, the potency and miracle of Synchronicity will Exponentiate.
This is the role of the Aurora Platforms which are transducing Original Creation Intelligence from the God Worlds onto the Earth at exponential levels.
This will lead to many shocking and awe-inspiring events on a Planetary Level, synchronicity and God’s presence made conscious to highly influential people, who will exercise their co-creational abilities to alter the trajectory of Timelines on Earth forever.
As the Emerald Prophecy decrees, the only timeline there is, is the Destiny Timeline of Heaven on Earth, and this year of 2024 will show us just how omnipresent and omnipotent God truly is.
We are all being prepared and initiated into the Next Level of our embodiment, gnosis, faith, and devotion. Humanity will remember this love, wisdom, and power at the Core of our Soul.
Welcome to 2024, the year of the Emerald Dragon and the inauguration of the Emerald Covenant & Prophecy of Heaven on Earth. The Dragons are awakening & at the ready to support God’s Legion of Angels — and we too are ready to step into the Next Level of our own Embodiment.
This is only the first of a series of transmissions to come from the Dragons on the Emerald Prophecy, so stay tuned! Are you ready to Step Powerfully into your Own Soul’s Prophecy?
Emerald Prophecy
Emerald Prophecy

The Lightworker Codes

Within every lightworker Divine Keys and Codes are being activated at this time, which were agreed to be activated as the ascension process escalates.
It was agreed to, because every soul has free will and choice, and at a certain stage, when the soul has raised its consciousness as it ascends into the 5th dimensional stage, these keys and codes trigger.
What they trigger is access to the higher cosmic knowledge via your soul and soul group (monad). It worked with your earth and soul stars, solar plexus and higher heart within you and those you attained elsewhere in the Universe.
I see this as a cosmic “tuning in” and this is what is happening now.
I am often called in for a meeting with my three Ascended Masters and then will be told what it is that is being activated and why. Then it is just a matter of trust that this is so!
We need to remember that the more activated we become, the more we step into our sovereignty as souls and the more radiant from within.
The more we lovingly serve from our hearts and soul with truth and integrity, the more the other keys and codes will be activated in the next few months and years. They appear as sacred geometrical forms and shapes and even as encoded light frequency symbols, plus sound. The sound is of such high vibrational frequency that our outer ears cannot hear these but our inner ears can attune to them.
The “tuning in” has been activated from today and will continue henceforth – not all at once but as we are raising our consciousness levels and move ever further into the 5D.
Judith Kusel
Ascension LightWorker Collective
Ascension LightWorker Collective


For The Light Expression Of Your World Is A Wonderful Symphony Of Light Creation Brought Forth In An Ancient Code Of Light.
A Universal Code Of Love
Of Quantum LIGHT
Aligned To The Harmonics Codes Of All Creation
For The Quantum Light Field Is Inviting You To Play In The Light Of Now
To Align With The Harmonic Resonance Of All Creation
The Pathway Of All Creation BEINGS Leads US To The Essence Of Birthing Light, Birthing This Now Moment
Aligning To The Goddess Of Light Who Assists US In Manifesting And Co-Creating. This Is A Feminine Frequency Of Love Creation
To Enter The Energetic Field To Discover, Clear, LOVE and REACH US.
Universal LOVE ❤🌏
To see the Cascading Light Before you, as we assist and guide. Reassure and align to all that You feel in this message ❤❤
The complexities of your world is simply an energetic layer you reside in. A layer of your multidimensional world.
As the Light Evolution continues ❤🙏
Sending waves of Cosmic Love 🌿
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

Hold space while you and your ancestors heal from the old earth. The timeline shift is quickly occurring, transcending us out of duality, and into love and oneness. You are being anointed as the Leaders of the New Earth for your role and efforts to heal the ancient lineages through time and space. Now you are breaking through to the other side, and onto the New Earth pathways.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏

God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

New Heaven on Earth
New Heaven on Earth

Ra James

Today we have a Mars In Capricorn Jupiter In Taurus trine. This will bring an exciting energy. Success is in the air. This is all about your manifestations and goals. The 1:11 Portal will remain open all week. That means things are moving fast energetically. It’s all about your manifestations and what you’re working on this week. Today we also have a Capricorn Sun trine with Juno in Virgo. Tonight Juno also shifts Retrograde until April 21st. Juno is the Astroid that rules marriage, partnerships, and commitment.
This is huge for your relationships and how things are going. Over the next few months we have a huge focus on your love life. Your lifetime of soul contracts are coming up for review, especially any that you’re in now. Be mindful of overthinking or having second thoughts about past or current relationships. This may be bringing old loves back. However unless it’s a Twin Flame, it’s time to leave the past in the past where it belongs.
This will only be happening if you’re stuck in some way and need to heal and let go of it. Today we have Ceres in Sagittarius trine our Aries North Node. The Astroid Ceres rules cycles of loss and return, attachment in relationships, and self-care. The North Node rules over our Destiny. This alignment is all about destined soul connections. It’s a powerful alignment for any Twin Flame connections. It’s also about clearing and letting go of anything standing in the way of these connections. This is a time of major healing in your love life…


Juno Showering Gifts on Venetia
Juno Showering Gifts on Venetia
On Friday, January 12th, Mars, planet of energy and action, in goal-oriented Capricorn is in a positive trine aspect to Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, in grounded Taurus.
This is a great day to move forward with your aims, intentions and life purpose. Mars in Capricorn has the confidence and courage, and also the patience and determination to work towards what he wants to accomplish.
The connection to Jupiter brings in a magnification energy, and a “glass half full” approach to pursuing your dreams and visions! Put forth your efforts and eventually you will realize the blessings and rewards you seek.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
Mars, planet of energy and action, in goal-oriented Capricorn is in a positive trine aspect to Jupiter
Mars, planet of energy and action, in goal-oriented Capricorn is in a positive trine aspect to Jupiter
Mars in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus. Ceres in Sagittarius trine North Node in Aries. Sun in Capricorn sextile Pallas in Scorpio and trine Juno in Virgo – Hands reach down from the skies, supportive, encouraging. It’s a cosmic cheerleading team, loud, insistent. Yes, it’s time for us to take ownership of our issues, act with integrity and maturity, do the adulting. But, says Mars, it doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It doesn’t have to be a grind. This is about keeping the promise you made to yourself. It’s about having a vision and daring to dream. Believe in what you do. Honour your needs. When you combine faith with action, hard work with wisdom, abundance and long-term security are possible.
Whilst it’s true that life can be slow to change, sometimes the biggest shift happens when we change our response to life. An optimistic approach combined with a realistic attitude is the perfect strategy. Nurture your sense of adventure. Determine your direction. Hone your skills. Let your inner artist have a free hand in what happens next.
Degrees and Times
Ceres 20°Sg02′, North Node 20°Ar02′ R – 09:06 (UT)
Mars 05°Cp50′, Jupiter 05°Ta50′ – 10:41 (UT)
Sun 21°Cp52’m, Juno 21°Vi52′ – 14:31 (UT)
Sun 21°Cp53′, Pallas 21°Sc53′ – 15:12 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Girl with Cherries (also attributed to Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis) by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio
Girl with Cherries
Girl with Cherries

Kin 84 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Seed

‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its keywords are ‘Equality, Balance and Organize’. The sixth day stresses the importance of walking that fine line, grounding yourself and checking that you are currently balanced. If you take care of the practicalities, no matter how mundane, this will certainly help you get into a good rhythm today. Having our heads in the clouds all the time can lead to instability. Find your rhythm and you’ll be able to strut your stuff more effectively.
Today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Awareness, Targeting and Flowering’. These days are great for sharing wisdom and planting seeds of knowledge with the intention of sowing awareness. As it is a Rhythmic day, this combination of number and day suggests that we need to organize to sow awareness or that we must be aware that we need to find balance. The end result is flowering, or in other words thriving. May you grow with wisdom today. It’s a perfect day for gardening and planting seeds. The rhythm of nature teaches us balance. If you want something to flower, you must take care of it and provide a balanced environment.
The Guide today is also Yellow Seed and so a double helping of that energy. Whenever a day is ‘guided by itself its own power is doubled’. There is no external influence that affects the day. This is great if you enjoy the day but if it’s your challenge, it can be a double helping of annoyance.
The Challenge today is the White Wizard, the enchanter of the Tzolkin. If you are a Wizard, you will find your charm doesn’t get you far today and that can lead to frustration. Your spells are weak today. Any enchantment we experience today has a risk of being challenging and not enjoyable. Look out for devious folk trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
The Occult power today is the Red Earth. When in this magical position, the Red Earth can create opportunities to evolve on a magical level. Also, if you sow awareness with the magical knowledge you already have, you can help others evolve too. ‘Navigation’ is another keyword associated with Red Earth and this means that because it is in this Occult position, we can Navigate our way through the day with a bit of magical help.
The Ally is the Blue Eagle and so, if you need help today an Eagle can see things from a higher perspective. Consult one if you can, they love to share wisdom and share what they see. If you can’t get hold of one, do what they would do and use your mind to have a vision. Any vision you do have should be friendly and helpful to you. Remember that we are still in the Blue Storm wavespell and our agenda is making big changes in our life. May the Eagle show you a vision that helps you with these changes.
Kin 84
Kin 84


6 KAN – KIN 84
12 JANUARY 2024
I ORGANIZE in order to Target
Balancing Awareness
I seal the input of Flowering
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
12/1/2024 = 3/1/8= 3/9=12=3
✨1212 ✨
12-Spiritual strength/wisdom
3-Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
1-New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
9- Endings/Completion/Service/Mission/Humanity/Grace/Divinity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 84 = 12 = 3 Holy Trinity.
3.3.3. HOLY TRINITY X3 ✨ ✨ ✨
An important day to start planting Divine seeds 🌱 that will LIBERATE your Mission and grow into your Legacy. 🌻🌻🌻
Day 6 in the BLUE STORM 🌪🌫WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. Today’s focus is on transforming our PHYSICAL reality through balance and equality, to SEED our highest potential, creating effortless FLOW.☀🌫
RHYTHMIC ☯️ Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Today is a day to FOCUS in order to create BALANCE and Equality in our physical world. Expand your VISION of what MAY be possible, to see that so much MORE is possible, beyond the realm of this illusionary existence.
Today’s question is “What projects and ideas can I commence that SEED the New Time, leading us to our endless bounty in the Garden of Eden”?🍇🍓🍎🍒🌴🌈
Divine blessings for the flourishing of your bountiful gardens. 🍓🍑🍇
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW RHYTHMIC SEED 🌱🌾🌻 KAN. Today is a DOUBLE YELLOW SEED day! 🌻🌻 It is time to roll up your sleeves, put on your gardening gloves and green thumbs, and plant those new SEEDS, in organized and symmetrical rows! 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
Today is indeed a great day for GARDENING on any plane! Whether that be physically in our own gardens, or the collective gardens of our Planet. The GARDEN of EDEN. 🌴🍇🍎🍓🍑🍒🍊🍇
We have been STAGNANT and STUCK IN THE MUD for TOO LONG!!💩💩💩
And now the BLUE STORM 🌪🌪🌪 has arrived enabling us to BREAK FREE, wipe the SLATE CLEAN and commence a NEW BEGINNING on this Capricorn NEW MOON. The focus is on your career and life path.. The RHYTHMIC SEED has FENG SHUI POWER ☯️ so get cracking with your rituals, SPACE CLEARING and ORGANIZING your environment, ready for TAKEOFF.
Yesterday we became EMPOWERED👑 to realize our DREAM – and today we need to GET MOVING! 🌀🚃🌫🌀
MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!🍥🍥🍥 Get ORGANIZED to create this DREAM in the physical plane.
We are aiming to SEED our HIGHEST POTENTIAL today, through focusing on initiating our new ideas and projects. As it is a PHYSICAL realm day, it is not just about thinking, or brainstorming, but rather by actually commencing ACTION. Plan and organize your ideas and projects into manageable steps, but take that first step today, bringing forth your Dreams from yesterday, into RE-AL-ity. It is TIME for ACTION!!💥
KAN also encourages us to fully BLOOM🌹 today, to share our packets of LIGHT✨ with others so that our SPARK 🔥 can ignite their soul’s potential. It is a beautiful day to FLOWER 🌸 and plant new ideas in the MINDS of the receptive (or even those asleep!) in order to target greater planetary awareness, AWAKENING💥 the masses so that they can move towards achieving their fullest potential too!
The DOUBLE SEED strongly TARGETS AWARENESS💥 and with a 3.3.3. code we have Divine support to walk through these NEW DOORWAYS into totally NEW REALMS of existence. It is time to claim the POWER to start anew. KAN will LIBERATE many stagnant SEEDS today…
SUPPORT: BLUE RHYTHMIC EAGLE 🦅 👁 MEN provides the CLEAR VISION today, giving you the panoramic view of your whole project. BLUE EAGLE gives you the power to ENVISION the completion and accomplishment of your goals, energizing and anchoring them into this realm. You can perceive each step in your path, as it leads to the whole – allowing you to imprint the total blueprint into your SEEDS of creation.
BLUE EAGLE also gifts you, with the POWER to SEE and recognize the full potential of your ideas, knowing which one is the most fertile needing to be planted first. YOU have the blessing of FUTURE🔮 VISION👁👁 today, being able to peek far into the future and bring back VISIONARY ideas to SEED for the future benefit of humanity.
The RHYTHMIC EAGLE will rapidly accelerate the AWAKENING 👁👁process that the DOUBLE SEED is targeting. The prevailing strong ENDINGS of this 9 Universal month code, will be a catalyst, along with the POWER of the BLUE STORM🌪🌀🌫, in opening the VEILS. Once the darkness has been exposed, the LIGHT returns to illuminate the TRUTH..
A very potent combo of codes to ACTIVATE and CATALYZE this next WAVE🌊 of AWAKENING souls. 👁🌊👁
LEAD THE WAY through these NEW DOORWAYS🚪🚪 beloved planetary wayshowers! 🌈🌍🌎🌏
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC EARTH 🌎 CABAN is today’s SUPERPOWER meaning it will be easier to align with the many SIGNS, and synchronicities that point you in the right direction.
RED GALACTIC EARTH will assist in HARMONIZING any discordant energies that have kept you small, stagnant and stuck in the mud. Listening and responding to the cycles of Mother Earth, will assist you in harnessing these fertile, growth enhancing cycles – super accelerating your evolution. 🍥🌠✨
Your actions and plans will need to model integrity, and be aligned with the greater good and the highest potential for our Planet. Look for the SIGNS to find your rhythmic FLOW.
Your heart and that of Mother Gaia 🌍 will have greater connectivity today, bringing forth the POWER TO SEED🌻 the highest potential for b-Earth-ing NEW EARTH and our highest PLANETARY POTENTIAL.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIZARD🔮💫 IX provides today’s gift and that is to open our hearts 💗 and become more receptive, to the higher frequencies flooding our planet, and fueling our expanded consciousness.
The CHALLENGE of this WIZARD is to not get STUCK in your egoic desires and false beliefs. Connect with SPIRIT through your precious HEART so that your GROWTH is accelerated through POSITIVE experiences and not retarded by obstacles and distractions.
The RHYTHMIC WIZARD💫 will provide great MAJIK💫 today, assisting you in accessing your inner wisdom and creation powers. The enchanting Wizard will also provide wisdom flowing through many realms and dimensions, to provide the knowledge needed to seed your new ideas, projects and greater Planetary Mission.
The ultimate aim is to create more BALANCE in our World, so that we can create a World where EVERY SOUL is EQUAL – treated with respect, reverence and compassion.
IX today is challenging us to bring forth these Majikal energies into our physical reality, and FENG SHUI our whole Planet – creating the beautiful sacred GARDEN OF EDEN that is our birthright.
Today’s question is “What projects and ideas can I commence that SEED the New Time, leading us to our endless bounty in the Garden of Eden”?🍇🍓🍎🍒🌴🌈
Divine blessings for the flourishing of your bountiful gardens. 🍓🍑🍇
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 New Earth Ascension Report and Astrology Reading for

January 7th through January 13th 2024 from the Sacred Condor 🔥


Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the astrology for the coming week from January 7th through January 13th 2024, speaks of the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL on Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, guides a very special beautiful ceremony for this Thursdays New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th of January for the 111 Portal and a powerful New Earth Scribe message.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste





I Affirm – 🙏

“I create a reality filled with love, peace, joy, purity, kindness, balance, physical + emotional wholeness, creative fulfillment, miracles, harmony in all matters of my life, fun, laughter, helpful friends, ever expanding inner consciousness, communion with God, angels/ ascended masters and financial abundance from now on , with great ease.
This or something greater is coming to me now. And so it is!

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