The Mayan Pyramid of Light

The Mayan Pyramid of Light ~ The Elders November Transmission

The Elders November Transmission ~ The Mayan Pyramid of Light…
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The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity.
The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.
Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are
created in accordance with the Laws of Creation.
They are carried throughout the matrix combining
all wisdom and knowledge within their design.
They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming
the totality of human experience.
In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix
attracting the keys that synchronize with all needed experiences.
And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces
to guide the souls into higher consciousness.
He placed his keys within the matrix to
be found by those who were chosen,
so they may teach humanity about the
changes that occur at the end of a cycle.
And the two souls who assist Quetzalcoatl,
operate and maintain the keys,
as they will be found and the information unlocked.
Join me now within the halls of this pyramid as there
are keys that will return you to your natural state of being.
You will recognize your keys of Light,
they will open your soul and your consciousness.
Quetzalcoatl Returns …
Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of November, and as we tune into the planetary energy collectively you have recently experienced the 11:11 Gateway of Light. We mention this, sweet ones, for not only are these powerful gateways of Light taking you deeper into Cosmic Christ Consciousness, but they are indeed showing you greater signs of synchronicity as you trust and surrender to the Divine.
These portals of Light, these vortices, remain open, and this 11:11 gateway was one indeed of taking you deeper into abundance, taking you deeper into the re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine deities of Light, into deeper levels of your heart’s dreaming and your heart’s passion, and mostly into deeper levels of trusting and surrendering to the Divine as you walk this pathway of Divine Love. These are vibrating key codes of Light and the synchronicities that come for you, sweet ones, are when you see the numbers ~ for example of 11:11, 12:12, 333, or 444 ~ that have as sense of activating the codes within you, as much as having a dream about a beautiful bird and then seeing the bird the next day, or the book falling off the shelf and knocking you on the head, with exactly the information that you are needing in that Now moment.
And these series of synchronicities are indeed accelerating for each one of you, sweet ones, showing you a greater level of how the realms of Illumined Truth and the Company of Heaven connect with each one of you at a soul level; in your waking states, in your dream states, in alternate realities, and parallel dimensions, and also through these increased Light activities that have been experienced, and been unparalleled in these last couple of months. You are now aligning deeper into the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensional fields of Light, and in this energy system that we share with you these Light Dimensions, fields of Cosmic Consciousness Awareness, are experienced in greater levels of your multi-dimensionality and are experienced in what we call the unlocking of the time codes; the experience and the knowing that there are particular vibrating fields of consciousness and Light that interact into the nodules that you walk through along the Pathway of Divine Love, to take you deeper into particular experiences along both the karmic timelines, and the Pathway of Divine Love.
The nodules that take you into karmic timelines, into greater levels of clearing, are often expressed as Chaotic Nodules, through specific planetary configurations, planetary events, or simply through your own pre-birth agreements, releasing on this level for not only yourself but for all of humanity. More:…

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