Ascended Master List

I may read this list on the Harmonic Convergence tomorrow the 15th at 11:11 am EST.
we shall see how it goes

This is a little more than a list of the Ascended Masters it also includes Cosmic Masters, Deva, Elohim and Archangels in Alphabetical order. Those who have the term god or goddess with their name are Cosmic Masters, and have attained god consciousness. The list is by no means complete, as these are only some of those who are choosing to work closest with the Earth at this time and so are in our awareness. There are also a vast number of Masters working on other paths.The * in front of a name denotes those who are standing with humanity as their Ascension teachers as described in the Article “The Ascension Teachers”.Afra- Patron of Africa.
Akshobhya – a Dhyani Buddha.
Aloha – Feminine Elohim of the 6th Ray – her twin flame is Peace.
Alpha – the highest manifestation of the god energy in the Central Sun, his twin is Omega.
*Amaryllis – goddess of Spring.
*Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the Sun.
Amazonia – the feminine Elohim of the first ray.
*Amen Bey – a 4th ray Master. He works closely with Ptah and Archangel Michael. He is a protector.
Amerissis – goddess of Light.
Amethyst – also known as Holy Amethyst is Archeia of the 7th Ray.
Amitabha – a Dhyani Buddha.
Amoghasigghi – a Dhyani Buddha.
Amora – the feminine Elohim of the 3rd Ray.
Anubis – egyptian god of the underworld.
Apollo – Elohim of the 2nd ray and twin flame of Lumina, they are guardians of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.
Arcturus – Elohim of the 7th ray along with his twin flame Victoria.
Ares – a 2nd ray Cosmic Master. A warrior Master.
Ariel – feminine Archangel.
Astarte (Ishtar)
Astrea – feminine Elohim of the 5th Ray.
Aurora – archeia of the 6th Ray with her Twin flame Archangel Uriel.
Babaji – Babaji, known to us via Paramahansa Yogananda’s books, is an Un-ascended Master. He chose to stay on earth with a physical body, till all of humanity ascended. This is a service of great value as his presence anchors the Light of the higher planes into the earth.
Bethel – a second ray Master – his heart radiates with love for all.
Brahma – is part of the Hindu trinity, of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the creator aspect.
Casimir Poiseidon – an old Ascended Master from South America.
Cassiopea – Elohim of the Central Sun.
Celeste – a Devic Angel of the Ascended Hosts.
Cha Ara – a Fifth Ray Master.
Chamuel – the Archangel of the third ray, he is a manifestation of Divine Love.
*Chananda – Chief of the Indian council of the Great White Brotherhood. A first ray Master.
Charity – a female Archangel of the first ray. She was thought to be on the third ray but her aura colours place her on the first ray, as does her energy.
Christine – female Archangel of the 2nd ray.
Confucius – a 2nd ray Master.
Cuzco – Emissary of the god Surya.
Cyclopea – masculine Elohim of the 5th ray for truth, healing and knowledge.
Deva of Light – A Cosmic Being.
Deva of the Central Sun – a Cosmic Being.
Deva of the 7th Ray – A cosmic Being
*Dom Ignacio – best known as the Ascended Master working with John of God in Brazil.He is a 3rd ray Master.
Elijah – the prophet, as mentioned in the Bible. He returned to earth as John, the Baptist though he was already an Ascended Master.
*El Morya – Chohan of the 1st ray.
Elohim of the 8th Ray.
Enoch – priest of the Sacred fire.
Eriel – a Chinese Ascended Master.
Ernon – an Atlantean ruler, the Rai of Suern.
Eros – also known as the god of Love.
Faith – Archeia of the third ray. She is thought to be of the first ray, but her aura colours place her on the third ray.
Fortuna – the goddess of supply.
Freya – Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom.
Gabriel – Archangel of the fourth ray.
*Ganesh – a 5th ray Cosmic master and Hindu god.
Gautama Buddha – Lord of the World.
Harmony – a Cosmic Master.
*Hathor – an Egyptian Great Mother goddess. A 6th ray Master.
Helios – god of the Central Sun.
Hera – a 2nd ray Master
Hercules – Elohim of the 1st ray.
Heros – Elohim of the 3rd ray.
*Hilarion – Chohan of the 5th ray.
Hine-nui-te-po – Maori goddess of the underworld.
Hope – Archaeia of the 3rd ray, her aura is pink.
*Inanna – Sumerian goddess of love and war, a 4th ray Master.
Ishtar (Astarte)
*Isis – an Egyptian goddess. A 6th ray Master.
*Jesus – a 2nd ray Master.
John, the Beloved
Jophiel – Archangel of the 2nd Ray.
*Krishna – a Cosmic Master.
Kristine – a new Lady Master
*Kuthumi – the World Teacher and a master of the 2nd Ray.
*Kuan Yin – goddess of Mercy – not to be confused with White Tara. Many think they are the same Being, but their energies are very different. She is a 3rd ray Master.
*Lady Nada – Lady Nada helps children and those who need inner child healing. She is a 6th ray Master.
Lakshmi – goddess of Prosperity. She is a 3rd ray Cosmic Master. Her aura blends from deep rose out to gold.
*Lao Tze – a Chinese Ascended Master of the 2nd Ray.
*Lord Lanto – Lord Lanto is Chohan of the 2nd Ray.
Lord Ling (Moses)– Lord Ling is a Chinese Ascended Master who was previously Moses.
Lumina – the Feminine Elohim of the 2nd Ray with her twin flame Apollo.
*Ma’at – Egyptian goddess of balance. A 3rd ray Master.
Maha Chohan – Chohan of all the 8th ray.
Mahakala – a Buddhist protector deity.
Maitreya – the Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha.
Manjushri – Boddhisattva of Wisdom.
*Mary Magdalene – a 3rd ray Ascended Master.
*Melchizedek – an Ascended Master of the 1st Ray.
Mercury – a greek god – also known as the Roman god Hermes.
*Metatron – a cosmic angel of the first ray.
*Mother Mary – as the mother of Jesus she was already an Ascended Master having attained her Ascension in a previous life. She is a 3rd ray Master.
Michael – Archangel of the 1st Ray.
Milarepa – a Tibetan Ascended Master.
*Mother Mary – a Master of love and compassion.
Moses (Lord Ling)
Ninguerre – one of 3 Tibetan creator goddesses
Omega – the highest manifestation of the goddess energy in the Central Sun, her twin is Alpha.
Omri-Tas – a cosmic Master of the Violet Flame.A 7th ray Master.
*Osiris – the Egyptian god of the afterlife. A 1st ray Master.
*Pallas Athena – the 6th ray goddess of Truth.
*Paul, the Venetian – Chohan of the 3rd Ray.
Peace – masculine Elohim of the 6th ray.
Peace – goddess of Peace.
*Portia – Lady Ascended Master of the 6th Ray for Justice.
*Ptah – 5th ray Master – a warrior Master
Purity – masculine Elohim of the 4th Ray.
Purity – goddess of Purity.
Quetzacoatl – a 6th ray Master
Ra-mun – also spelt Ra-mu – an ascended Master of the 7th ray and previous Chohan of the 7th Ray.
Raphael – Archangel of the 5th Ray.
Ratnasambhava – a Dhyani Buddha.
Sanam Kumara – A cosmic Master – he is so vast he has to manifest a body for the Ascended Masters to see him.
Sanat Kumara – Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days.
*Serapis Bey – Chohan of the 4th Ray.
Sitataptatra – a goddess of the 1st ray (red apect). She was the Ascended Master teacher of Gautama Buddha.
*St Anthony of Padua
*St Germain – Chohan of the 7th ray.
*St John the Baptist – a 1st ray Master
*Susan’oo – Japanese god of summer storms. A 5th ray Master.
Tatiana – goddess of the Faerie kingdom.
*Thomas Merton – one of the newest Masters. A 1st ray Master.
Tsukuyomi – a 2nd ray Master and a Japanese god
Uriel – Archangel of the 6th Ray.
Uzziel – Archangel of the 1st Ray, it is thought he is with the 8th ray, but his aura colours put him on the first ray.
Vairochana – a Dyani Buddha.
Vajrakilaya – a Buddhist deity who has attained diamond consciousness.
Vesta – goddess of the home. A 3rd ray Master.
Victoria – feminine Elohim of the 7th Ray.
Virginia – feminine Elohim of the 5th ray for truth, healing and knowledge.
Vwymus- a 5th ray Master
Yemayah – 4th ray Master, a representative of the Divine Mother
Yogananda – Paramahansa Yogananda
*White Tara – goddess of Compassion and an 8th ray Master.
Zadkiel – Archangel of the 8th Ray. it is thought he is with the 7th ray, but his rainbow aura colours put him on the 8th ray.
Zaruthustra -8th ray Master


Here is a list of the Masters as Ascended Masters.
ST JOHN, the Baptist
EROS – cusp
QUETZALCOATL (6th) – cusp
FREYA (2nd ray)


Here is a list of the Masters that are Cosmic Masters. Cosmic Masters have passed the 12th initiation.
METATRON (not angelic list)
AMARYLLIS, goddess of spring


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  1. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    If anyone would like a powerful healing mantra to recite for tomorrow’s Full Moon ceremony at 11:11 AM (EST) that Paul is doing, I offer the following to be done right after he finishes: “AUM SRI DHANVANTRE NAMAHA”. The translation is: “Oh, Divine, I bow to the Celestial Physician”. If you recite it with a prayer mala, I recommend using a Sandalwood one of 108 beads with a 109th Guru bead or one of Boddhi Seed. You can, of course, recite it without a mala. Say it seven times and then envision the planet Earth enveloped with bright healing LIGHT. Recite a healing prayer from your particular spiritual path. Collective consciousness is powerful!

  2. Sandy Bella

    Very Important – Our Higher Selves are our Future Selves. So if we keep saying – ‘None have ascended in physical bodies before’ than that is akin to saying – ‘Our future selves have not ascended in physical bodies.’ We are moving towards becoming our future selves which is why I always think that of course my Higher Selves have actually done it because they are my Future Selves. So if I’m going to do it then they are my Future Selves so they must have too. It’s 11:11pm. If I move towards Future Selves that haven’t ascended in Physical Bodies then I’m moving towards Future Selves that haven’t ascended in Physical Bodies. Interesting Food for Thought ❤❤

  3. Sandy Bella

    Yes, when one is working towards a future goal but at the same time saying – ‘My Higher Selves/My Future Selves have not already attained this goal I am working towards,’ that creates a paradox which is a block. One will forever be on the Journey of making steps towards the Destination and getting closer and closer but never quite reaching the goal because one has decided to connect with Higher Selves/Future Selves that haven’t attained the goal❤ I hope this makes sense ❤ The Goddess Hel helps to see through Masks, Illusions, Paradoxes etc ❤❤

  4. Sandy Bella

    Yes, therefore, the highest timeline one can connect to, is one where our future selves have ascended in physical bodies. It’s just common sense. Our Future Selves are our Future Selves. I am very close with the Goddess Hel because she is one of the Goddesses of my Life Purpose. So, she has been helping me see through things on my Journey that others aren’t seeing through including Hu-manity. It’s interesting to have mild asbergers which has always caused me to not be able to see what others can and yet now be working with Hel and seeing truths others can’t but this is my Ascension Journey. All I can do is keep speaking my truth but no longer be attached to the outcome ❤

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