Are you ready for lift-off?


 Are you ready for lift-off?

by Matt Kahn

When the surface of life can seem to depict chaos, turmoil, and uncertainty, there is always a deeper reality that offers opportunities for profound awakening and expansion for those who are willing to answer a more heart-centered spiritual calling. Those who are ready to step across the threshold into greater frontiers of exploration are often referred to as energetically-sensitive souls, or empaths. They represent the first wave or collective consciousness of fully  activated and integrated expressions of Divinity in form. Much like an initial wave sent out by the ocean to reach the shore to deliver the message of its Source, we are an active and important part of this emerging Divine collective that ensures the sovereignty of human evolution, as well as the victorious balance of power between the heavenly masculine and divine feminine energies in all. violet-merkaba

You are a part of the Love Revolution and reading these words because you are an energetically-sensitive soul whose empathic abilities can be honed into precision so you can anchor the highest vibration of light, instead of being constantly overwhelmed by the emotional debris of others or the karmic gravity of the planet. In the old paradigm, lightworkers and empaths worked around the clock in an exhausting fashion assuming they could only be fully liberated from the heaviness of the world once the world was healed. This created a deep-rooted sense of energetic co-dependency in many energetically-sensitive souls, which made the most aware beings feel trapped and confined by the unconsciousness of others. 

Whether it led you to “shut down” your intuitive gifts, hoping to better fit into your family dynamic, or be more liked by others by being more like others, or playing the role of a helpless victim in response to someone else’s unresolved pain, greed, grief, fear, sadness, or anger, the time has come for empaths to reclaim their power and take their rightful position as stewards of light and pioneers of an evolving planet.

This is precisely why the Angel Academy was created. In what has become known as one of the largest healing circles and activation chambers in the world, each Angel Academy gathering (call) walks you through interactive processes where empaths and lightworkers representing nearly every continent can shift out of vibrational co-dependency and enter newly-opening timelines, where you don’t have to wait for the world to heal before you can wake up. In Vancouver BC, I recently referred to the process of ending the need for never-ending clearing by activating and awakening the inner empath or lightworker in you as “freedom from healing”. 

It is time for the brightest lights on this planet to have the opportunity to thrive and shine as never before. This is why our upcoming Angel Academy 7 series focuses on activating the chakras. While each call will provide brand-new teachings downloaded from the Universe live on air, each call will also feature powerful “repeat after me” exercises to clear away the need for further clearings in each chakra (repeated so you can have your own visceral, feeling sense of it in your body), while activating the gifts, power, and potential that each chakra represents. As always, there will be time on each call for your deepest questions to accelerate the integration process so you may be uplifted, inspired, and refreshed by the power you are able to reclaim throughout each part of the series. 


While many of you have personally experienced the miraculous grace of our Angel Academy series, participation in previous Angel Academies is not necessary in order to be a part of this life-changing 9-week adventure. I have personally been working with the Universe on a daily basis preparing to transmit the immaculate joy, transcendent bliss, magnificent peace, and radiant love that Angel Academy 7 is here to offer.

During a time when many on our planet believe that things can only get worse, may we unite as one collective field of heart-centered wholeness and empowerment to shine the light of unity consciousness for the liberation of all. May each Angel Academy call speak directly to your soul’s journey, providing you the clarity, direction, and greater purpose you seek, while bringing closure and resolve to old wounds to activate the perfection of your true empathic nature. 

Whether playing the role of a parent, co-worker, student, caregiver, family member, or a healer, since angels exist in every form, this 9-week tele-series is a perfect way to allow the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 to act as an energetic bridge into a brand-new reality.

I’m humbled, delighted, and excited to begin Angel Academy 7 this coming Monday November 7, so please follow the link and reserve your space. Whether you are able to join us live for each call, or choose to listen to the replay, thank you for being the angel that you are in the lives of so many evolving souls. Julie and I truly honor your efforts and recognize your abilities, which is why we are so excited for you to come along for a life-changing adventure of activation and expansion. 

May all be transformed in the presence of your light now and forever, and may it begin with you. 

Many blessings to all,

Matt Kahn


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