I AM Freedom in Action Now and Forever

I AM Freedom in Action Now and Forever

by Saint Germain thru

Source: The Hearts Center Community

Saint Germain on Soul Freedom and Self-Realization for Aquarian Initiates

I AM freedom in action now and forever. I AM the freedom of planet Earth manifesting in the Eternal Now. I AM the joy of freedom, the perfection of freedom, the light of freedom, the love of freedom manifest within you, each images-1one, O soul of light.

As your Saint Germain, I come early to invest the full-gathered momentum of the God-power of freedom within this place, this sacred temple, your temple of light and the Earth itself. For it is time that freedom be more gloriously manifested in many realms and domains across this globe, across this sphere of light. And you, as a soul of freedom, can help me make it so. Would you? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

The light of freedom is that eternal spark within that ignites the soul on its journey to the Sun. When you desire to be free in God, all things are possible and heaven comes to your rescue when something less than freedom is temporarily manifesting in your world, when you lapse into that state of not feeling and knowing yourself as a fully realized son or daughter of God. When you can feel the energy of freedom within your soul, dearest ones, then you are unbounded, unshackled in the light and you soar into spiritual realms to perceive as we do—your ascended brothers and sisters—and to partake of the great light-fields of cosmic joy within the Elysian fields of oneness in God.

Consider how you may rise each day into a new realm of light by focusing on the light of freedom, by staying in consciousness within this field of holy vibration and attending to your inner voice that speaks unto you of the 2018_sandiego_saint_germain_540x405way, the truth and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother. When you are attentive to the inner voice of conscience, I am there also within the center of your being manifesting that light of freedom that assists you in making the greatest progress in that moment toward your perfectionism, toward the beauty of the rising phoenix bird within.

Yes, dearest ones, it is time for each of you to consider your ascension. Consider it daily. Meditate upon the ascension currents and feel how this is, then, the activation of eternal freedom within you, resolving your past and accessing the future of your full God-attainment within that eternal moment when you rise into your fully awakened state of beingness. God is always present within you. Yet are you present with God in consciousness, in vibration through love? Love is the key to divine alchemy; I have spoken it many times. And you know the necessity for love to wrap you in its sacred fire of light so that your goals are attainable; your desires, divinely ordained, are realizable; your vision is clear and focused in the Now; and your mission is fully anchored within the Earth.

Many of you still at times dwell in a conceptual world, not grounded in reality. Therefore this day I ground within you the light of freedom through the vessel of the chalice of your being. And this goes deep into the earth so that even the elements, the minerals may feel, through you, how this light of freedom can stretch throughout this images-2sphere to assist every lifestream, every life-form. As you feel the vibration of freedom tingling within your cells, within your chakras, dearest ones, it is for the purpose of re-enlivening you, resurrecting you in Spirit to be who you truly are.

Every time you pray and meditate, every time you give of self, there is the sacred process manifest whereby a portion of you does ascend in that moment, a portion of you becomes more connected with Source, with God. And through the continuous practice of the alchemy of this loving adoration of your God Presence, it is then completed and God proclaims: “This is my beloved son/daughter, in whom I am well pleased.”1 When you hear the ringing of these words deep within your soul as an affirmation of your becoming who you are fully, then, dearest ones, be intrepid, move forward, ever forward, and blaze the light of that freedom flame throughout your sphere of influence, throughout the Earth.

Some of you have indeed had this proclamation from on high delivered unto you by God, an angel, the Holy Spirit or a great master of light, as a representative of God, and you know whereof I speak. For in that moment, it was as if the thunder and the lightning of heaven became a part of you and you were renewed in your true Selfhood. This is the glory of God that you should seek to have manifesting through you every day, every moment, to feel the impulses of Spirit recreating you again and again in that cosmic light-field of eternal freedom.

Dearest ones, when you can, in truth, feel the vibrancy, the cosmic elasticity of this energy of freedom, you will never again walk shamed or blamed as a human, for you are divine. Hold your head high and erect. Be who you are—no longer as a prodigal son or daughter, as a fully realized God-conscious being, blazing the light of the Sun through your pores, your cells, your eyes and all the orifices that you use for perception so that consciousness may proceed forth.

O dearest ones, as an ascended being you will have new, higher senses manifesting, whereby your perception will be rarified and accelerated to cosmic realities that, even now, would be difficult to explain or for you to fully understand. Yet when you meditate and the Holy Spirit comes upon you and within you and you begin to see beyond the veil and feel beyond the veil, I assure you that you are touching the hem of heaven’s garments even Lifting-Of-The-Veilthen, and the process of the full becoming of who you are in Spirit, as a soul of light, has begun.

Now I realign each of you, with your permission, into a new, divine crystalline matrix of freedom’s light. And by the grace of the Holy Spirit, I facilitate a new infusion of this freedom flame deep within your soul. God has validated you as a son or daughter long, long ago—eons ago, when Elohim created you in the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God, undefiled, perfect, inviolate in light. Reconsider this as who you are. Know it with surety and then make it a daily reality through loving with greater love, caring with greater care, being with greater beingness all that you are already as God’s virtuous one, God’s blessed son or daughter.

Yes, I come to San Diego on a holy mission to raise all higher to aspire to their Godhood. And I will not leave you alone or bereft of this spiritual fire if you will pray daily for my Presence, my love to enfold you and for the angels of the violet fire to blaze their light through you and the planet and all life. Do you know, dearest ones, that we enjoy the alchemy of helping you to self-realize your divine nature? This is our greatest joy—to respond to those who respond to us, to work with those who know of and are responsive to the vibrations of heaven’s graces and desire these more than the things of this world. When you can perceive of God as a part of self, you are already engaged in the alchemical experiment of your oneness.

Keep on keeping on; give fully of yourself to God. For when you do, the miracle of unity alights magnificently as a glory around you, and the blessings of many spiritual graces are provided as God’s gift of Presence to you. Receive the Holy Spirit as cloven tongues of sacred fire now and live in your eternal freedom forever. I thank you.

1. Matthew 3:17, 17:5; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22; 2 Peter 1:17.

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