Beyond the Wave X Peak! What Next?

Beyond the Wave X Peak! What Next?

Yes, dear ones, this is indeed an auspicious time to give you an idea of what is to come. In the past, before this gamma wave peaked, we felt it was necessary to concentrate on cleaning up where you were so you could maximize the potential of this new energy but now you have turned the corner so it only seems fair that you receive a beyond the peak game plan.
Let us explain! Although all of you were instructed to do deep personal work before this peak, so many of you did not only the personal work but the planetary work as well, that you are now ahead of schedule and have succeeded in raising the vibration beyond what was necessary, yet, this does not mean that you get to sit back and relax. Yes, you did put forth an extraordinary effort and you have made great strides but you haven’t won the game yet. Think of this as a football game and you’re at half-time, you  have a commanding lead and you’d like to take it easy in the second half but your coach is telling you that’s not the way this is going to be played. Sure, you’d like to rest, slow down the pace and relax in what you’ve already achieved but if you do that now you’ll be leaving the game at half time when your team still needs you. Yes, you’ve been an enormous amount of help and yes much good has been accomplished but if you stop now the settling in period will feel very unsettling.
Let’s look at what has happened so far and give you a clear picture of where you are so you can understand the necessity to stay strong. For many beings life cycles the stronger, denser, harsher energies of negativity and fear populated and controlled the energy of Gaia your Mother Earth. This ascension pillarwas due to the learning that all on the planet needed to do before a higher vibrational state could be achieved and maintained. Therefore, you came here time and again sometimes committing atrocities against each other and sometimes banding together for the greater good. You had lives of jealousy and hate and lives of compassion and kindness. In essence you were learning the complex concept of duality, that in essence all things are connected and there is no light without the dark. Everything is either the thing you desire or it’s absence, there are some shades in between but they are comprised of one of either of the polarities. Therefore, in your this but not that world you learned to become more of what you did want and less of what you didn’t want by experiencing all aspects of both. When enough of you had moved closer to the divine self, choosing love and rejecting it’s absence fear, then you were able to raise your vibration collectively to a new higher level; with this achieved little by little over each lifetime you began to shift the planetary vibration as well.
This then allowed you to be at this ascension point where many find themselves residing now. However, in order to stay at this vibration and reap the maximum benefit from it, it is necessary for each being to continue to look toward loving resolutions in all matters. There are many who will find themselves feeling increasingly agitated as the waters of their sub-conscious are stirred up for their review. Those who are heavily invested in anger will not find this higher vibrational energy pleasing. Challenging yes, but pleasing absolutely not. This is perfectly all right they are just coming face to face with their own demons that need healing and as many of you know this can feel unpleasant when the first confrontations begin.
However, you must expect them to lash out at this uninvited introspection and at any who they perceive have brought it upon them. Do not be dismayed they are just having the tantrum of a young child who has learned they will not always get their own way. Stand strong in your loving support of all, ignore the bad behavior and stay focused on what they offer that is positive. Subdue them, if you must, but not as conquerors, rather as peaceful leaders who are on a quest to show everyone how they can benefit by supporting the greater good instead of their own egoic desires.
The more you are able to walk forward proudly as examples of love while your divinity shines forth from within you, the easier path you will create for all to walk upon. Those of you heavy lifters who have worked diligently to usher in this new age understand that your hard work has left you stronger, lighter and brighter so do not despair that the path is now less rocky, be joyful that many more can now enter in because you helped earth gain access to heaven. You are the love, you are the light and it cannot be taken from you unless you give it away.
So shine your brightest, flood the world with love and know that every moment of advancement that you bring to others is multiplied ten-fold for you personally. Be open to receiving more good, be open to finding a new ease in your ability to manifest and be open to being the light you came here to be. Drink deep from the well of the holy spirit and renew your strength for the world is still knocking on your door asking for assistance, only this time the world does not need help to prepare for a new influx of energy, now it needs help settling into a new way of being.
Be the leader who shows that the world is safe, that punishment does not follow kindness and that strength does not equal brutality.
As we journey along our path of spiritual awakening there are times when we may find ourselves in need of a guide and teacher. Do you want to deepen your spiritual connection to source or have you found yourself at a time of indecision? Perhaps you just feel stuck or feel that you have entered a downward spiral and cannot find the way out. In addition to channeling the work of the Transformationalists, I also channel higher beings of light that can help you find the answers you seek. Once you understand where the problems lies you can either choose to do the clearing yourself or I can assist you in clearing the negative energy and helping you to create a path that will lead you back to the light. In addition, you will learn techniques that you can continue to use on a daily basis to further your personal growth and enhance your spiritual walk.
Illuminate the Darkness and Awaken to Victory!

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