You are currently viewing Bombastic! BRICS Nations Launch GESARA – Game-Changing Events Ignite Global Change! THE BIGGEST EVENT INCQMING

Bombastic! BRICS Nations Launch GESARA – Game-Changing Events Ignite Global Change! THE BIGGEST EVENT INCQMING

Bombastic! BRICS Nations Launch GESARA – Game-Changing Events Ignite Global Change! THE BIGGEST EVENT INCQMING



Quantum Financial System
Quantum Financial System


🥳Almost 8 billion people are transitioning to the quantum financial system. This includes a comprehensive list of QFS banks and the role of RTGS. The world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial revolution, and the powers in the banking sector are shaking. Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here and it’s changing everything. Get ready; the revolution has begun!
In the grand tapestry of time, from time to time, mankind faces a seismic shift—a revolution so profound that the world is never the same. We are standing on the edge of such a moment. Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not just a new buzzword; it’s the dawn of a new era. Big banks knew this day was coming, but they tried to hide it from us. Not anymore!!!
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June 7, 2024
By Ethan White It’s time to settle the bills. The curtain is about to fall, revealing the grotesque machinery that has manipulated our world for far too long. This is a manifesto against the sinister forces that have enslaved humanity.
At the center of this cataclysmic revelation is an alliance of militaries from 17 countries, united under the NESARA/GESARA Act. This law is a revolutionary decree signed by all 209 countries in 2015. It’s the silver bullet pointed straight to the heart of a global conspiracy that has been manipulating every aspect of our lives for centuries.
This cabal – Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order – infiltrated governments, corrupted financial institutions, and brainwashed the masses through media and education. They are the architects of a diabolical plan to concentrate power and wealth into the hands of a privileged few.
The 0.1% that control 99.9% of the world’s wealth didn’t get there by chance. This grotesque imbalance is the result of centuries of meticulous manipulation and relentless oppression.
NESARA/GESARA is the antidote to this systemic rot. Promising debt cancellation, income tax repeal, and constitutional law return, this legislation aims to dismantle the financial chains that bind us.
Donald Trump has made several statements in his recent speeches that strongly hint at the imminent implementation of NESARA/GESARA, although he avoids explicitly mentioning these terms. Here are some notable events of 2024 where your rhetoric clearly aligns with these groundbreaking laws, backed by relevant data:
Las Vegas Rally, January 27, 2024 : Keynote Statement: “We are on the verge of a financial revolution that will free us from the clutches of corrupt institutions. »Implication: This strongly suggests a major financial review, which is an essential component of NESARA/GESARA, which aims to eradicate corrupt banking practices and establish a transparent financial system. Green Bay Rally, April 2, 2024 : Key Statement: “Economic chains that have held us captive for so long are about to be broken. We are ushering in a new era of prosperity and justice. Implication: This statement involves significant economic reforms and debt cancellation, aligned with NESARA/GESARA’s objectives for financial restructuring and equity. Meeting in Richmond, VA April 5, 2024 : Key Statement: “We are bringing back a justice system, supported by the richness of our great nation, and not by the corrupt practices of some. »Involvement: Trump’s mention of a fair system backed by national wealth suggests the implementation of a gold-backed currency, which is an essential aspect of NESARA/GESARA. Waco Rally, March 25, 2024 : Keynote Statement: “Now is the time to dismantle the corrupt structures and rebuild with transparency and justice at the center. »Implication: This statement is in line with NESARA/GESARA’s vision to dismantle corrupt institutions and establish transparency and justice.
It will redefine the global financial system, bringing justice and transparency where corruption and deception once reigned. The law requires that all banking activities be monitored to prevent illicit practices and ensure that the world’s wealth is redistributed fairly.
The military alliance of these 17 nations is not a symbolic gesture. These warriors saw their enemy up close. They witnessed lies, manipulation and a total betrayal of the trust of humanity. Its mission is a crusade to restore justice and equality globally. They are the vanguard of a movement that will topple the dark cabal and liberate humanity.
This secret war has been going on for years, locked in the shadows, away from the indiscreet eyes of the major media, accomplices of the cover-up. Every financial crisis, every political scandal, every “random” event is part of the Kabala’s manual. They create chaos to maintain control, using false flag operations, economic sabotage, and psychological warfare to keep us in a perpetual state of fear.
A look at the financial crisis of 2008. It wasn’t a random market glitch, but a calculated move by the cabala to consolidate its power. They orchestrated the collapse and then bailed out the banks with taxpayer’s money, owing the population even more. We consider the rise and fall of political figures – puppets placed by the cabala to maintain the illusion of democracy while pulling the strings of the shadows.
Alliance ready to implement NESARA/GESARA immediately. This will redefine the global financial system, eradicate debt, and abolish income tax. A new financial system backed by precious metals will ensure stability and justice by dismantling the Federal Reserve and the IRS. This revolutionary change will expose decades of corruption and restore power to the people.
As the alliance gains ground, the cabala grows more desperate. Their efforts to maintain control have become increasingly blatant and aggressive. Social media platforms are censored, dissenting voices are silenced, and draconian laws are enacted under the pretext of safety and protection. These aren’t measures of force; these are the death tolls of a beast that knows that his time is limited.
It’s a struggle for the very soul of mankind. The Alliance fights for a world where information flows freely, power is decentralized, and every individual has the opportunity to flourish. This isn’t just a battle between good and evil: it’s a fight for our freedom and for our dignity.
We are at the beginning of an unprecedented transformation. The outcome of this hidden war will shape human civilization for generations. Will we awaken to a new era of enlightenment and prosperity, or will we continue to live under the rule of an elite that sees us as nothing but cattle?
GOOD NEWS !! Saint Germain Global Fund set to be distributed worldwide via NESARA/GESARA: Banks fully adapt to QFS and Denmark returns to gold standard – Historic Redefinition of global currency ended on May 29, 2024 !
The truth is right before us. It’s up to us to open our eyes, question everything and reject the sanitary speeches of those in power. Complacency is a luxury we cannot afford anymore. The battle for the soul of humanity is here and it demands our full attention. The choices we make today will affect us throughout history.
NESARA/GESARA is not a distant dream; it’s about to become our reality. This law will redefine the global financial system, eradicating debt, abolishing income taxes, and restoring constitutional law. A new financial system, backed by precious metals, will ensure stability and justice, dismantling the Federal Reserve and the IRS, exposing decades of corruption.
It is now. The alliance is ready to unleash NESARA/GESARA, ushering in a new era of transparency and equality. The old guard is imminent. Prepare for the inevitable: an awakening that will spread across the globe. The revolution is here. Stay true to the truth Stay with NESARA / GESARA The future is ours to claim.
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Embracing GESARA
Embracing GESARA

Embracing GESARA: A Vision for the Future

BRICS advances are not just geopolitical maneuvers; they are harbingers of transformative social change.  The GESARA society  envisioned by Plan Q is one in which the influence of the cabal is eradicated and a new, equitable order is established. The actions of the BRICS nations directly align with this vision, dismantling structures of enslavement and paving the way for a liberated society.

Plan Q outlines a future where  GESARA principles reign supreme,  promising a world free from cabal corruption and exploitation. This new society will prioritize human dignity, economic security and global cooperation. The BRICS nations are leading this revolution, proving that a better world is not only possible, but imminent.

The Rise of the BRICS: A New Dawn

The rise of the BRICS marks a critical moment in world history. Its strategic moves in the oil industry, financial markets and global trade are reshaping the geopolitical landscape. The dismantling of the petrodollar system and the imposition of embargoes on the USA and Israel are clear indicators of this change.

The world is on the cusp of a new era, where the BRICS nations lead the way to a GESARA society. This is not just a shift in power; it is a revolution in the very structure of global governance and economic control.

In conclusion, the rise of the BRICS means the inevitable decline of the old world order and the birth of a new, more just society.  The GESARA principles  are not just ideals; are becoming reality, driven by the relentless progress of the BRICS nations.

The cabal’s oppressive structures are being dismantled and a new era of global cooperation and prosperity is dawning. The world is on the threshold of unprecedented change and the BRICS are leading the way towards a brighter, freer future for all.




Bombastic! BRICS Nations Launch GESARA – Game-Changing Events Ignite Global Change!

June 17, 2024 represents a turning point in the chronicles of global history. The BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are rising to unprecedented prominence,  upholding the principles of GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act).

These countries, supported by the strategic vision of Plan Q, are reshaping the world order, dismantling the cabal’s (DS, globalists) hold on society and leading humanity towards a brighter, more liberated future.

BRICS: The Vanguard of Global Change

BRICS countries are not just moving forward; they are asserting themselves as the main architects of the new world order. Under the astute leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, these nations are systematically dismantling the oppressive structures that have long subjugated humanity. The enslaved society designed by the cabal is being destroyed, paving the way for the emergence of the GESARA society.

The influence of the BRICS permeates global finance, trade and policymaking. Their collective power challenges the entrenched dominance of traditional Western financial institutions, heralding a new era where power is distributed more equitably. The cabal’s control, cemented over decades of manipulation and exploitation, is crumbling as the BRICS rise to global leadership.

The New Oil Order: The Seven Sisters Reimagined

A critical indicator of this monumental shift is the transformation in global oil production. Historically, the “Seven Sisters” – a coalition of Western oil companies – controlled most of the world’s oil supply. These companies, born out of John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly, have dominated global finance, stock markets and politics through their dominance of the oil industry.

However, a new group of players emerged: the “New Seven Sisters”. These include:

  • Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
  • Petronas (Malaysia)
  • Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Gazprom (Russia)
  • China National Petroleum Corporation (China)
  • National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) (Iran)
  • PDVSA (Venezuela)

Largely encompassing the BRICS nations, this new alliance signifies a dramatic shift in power. With Malaysia expressing interest in joining the BRICS, the New Seven Sisters are poised to dominate the oil industry, effectively ending the Western monopoly.

The end of the petrodollar and Western dominance

The petrodollar system, which tied global oil sales to the US dollar for more than 70 years, is crumbling. This system has been a cornerstone of US economic power, allowing it to exert control over oil-rich nations. Last week marked a turning point when Saudi Arabia, a major oil producer, broke away from this system. The expiration of the petrodollar agreement is a significant blow to US hegemony, symbolizing the rise of the BRICS nations.

The emergence of the new Seven Sisters reflects this seismic shift. With BRICS countries taking control of oil interests, the influence of traditional Western powers is waning. The BRICS nations are now major players in the global oil industry, reshaping the geopolitical landscape.

BRICS Embargoes: Reversing Power Dynamics

In a stunning reversal of power dynamics, the BRICS countries imposed embargoes on the United States and Israel. Historically, the US has used embargoes as a tool of control, leveraging its position to dominate other nations through the mechanisms of the Federal Reserve Board. However, that domain was destroyed. The BRICS embargoes mean new autonomy and resistance against Western control.

These embargoes are not merely symbolic; represent a fundamental shift in global trade and financial structures. More than $70 billion will no longer be settled in US dollars, further undermining the influence of the US financial system. The world is transitioning to a BRICS-centered commercial and financial model, marking a significant step towards the realization of a GESARA society.




“Tech Bubble” – Goldilocks Seeds of Wisdom RV/GCR Update(s) 6/17/24



Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom

The stock market has finally reached a top phase. Expect markets to start leveling off and pulling back any day now.

Long-term fundamentals indicate that we are heading towards a reset zone. These zones do not happen overnight and can sometimes take months to complete their cycles.

While most stock assets have followed a downward trend, technology stocks on the NASDAQ are holding many of the indexes higher at this time.

Many technology stocks are currently overvalued, so it is important that we also watch this sector of the market closely.

We are currently in a technology bubble, but all bubbles burst. The only thing that prevents this market from reaching its real values ​​is the fact that the government continues to inject it with money.

Even as money continues to be put into the system to support it, I want you to know that we are moving towards a movement that will lead to real value behind the scenes.

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E140: What really happens to the infinite banking sector if the dollar collapses or there is hyperinflation |    Living

Goldilocks pointed to this article



“XRP officially decouples from Bitcoin”

In financial markets, decoupling happens when the returns of an asset class move in a different direction than its expected or normal pattern of correlations with other assets.

The days of XRP and Bitcoin rising and falling together seem to be taking new paths. Maybe Ripple is about to leave the nest.

Is XRP developing a life of its own based on its support levels or the financial support systems that give it life?

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a new leader of the pack. Ripple appears to be ready to “run with the wolves”.

Trading view


Quantum Financial System and Tier 4B Internet Group
June 18, 2024

In a world where money seems to create its own rules and the game changes before our eyes, a seismic shift is happening. The shift from FIAT currencies to asset-backed currencies. For those scouring the internet, the mention of the elusive Tier 4B sounds familiar. Let’s travel to the heart of this monetary revolution.


If you’ve ever felt like the financial world operates in the shadows, pulling the strings that determine the fate of our hard-earned money, you’re not alone. The murmurs of a change, of a revolution, have been bubbling just beneath the surface. We are on the verge of a great transformation and it is essential that you are equipped with the knowledge to take advantage of this wave.


It all revolves around the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and whispers about something called ‘Tier 4B’. Are you part of this clandestine Tier 4B? There is a vast ocean of misconceptions out there, and we are here to guide your ship through these treacherous waters.

Understanding Level 4B and the Internet Group Puzzle
You may have come across mentions of Level 4B, often nicknamed “The Internet Group” in cryptic videos and online discussions. If you’re thinking: “I’m part of the Internet Group since I’m online, right?” – hold that thought. While this is a convenient assumption, it is not that simple.


Hear this clearly: Level 4B is about intent . It’s about the actions you’ve taken in the field of international currency . Have you ever been interested in the world of foreign currency? I’m talking about buying currencies like the Iraqi Dinar, the Vietnamese Dong or the Zimbabwean Zim, in anticipation of a revaluation. If so, you can be part of this exclusive club.


Here’s a primer:

Level 1-3: Not publicly disclosed, but speculated to be large government funds and humanitarian projects.
Level 4A: Individuals with access to private exchanges.
Level 4B (Internet Group): You, me and everyone else following international revaluation events, armed with foreign currencies in anticipation.

Level 5 (General Public): The innocent masses, clinging to foreign currencies without the foresight of the expected revaluation.

The Redemption Centers: Your Path to Wealth
As this currency revaluation unfolds, who knows (yes, it could be you) will be called to the Rescue Centers. These are not mystical places; they can be as mundane as the local bank branch or an unassuming office building. Here, you will exchange the foreign currencies you have held for so long for your country’s currency.


The general public: left in the dust? Although we are vigilantly monitoring the winds of change, the general population remains blissfully unaware. But as soon as the reassessment hits the news, beware of a mad dash to these Redemption Centers. For many, a forgotten and stored note will turn into a treasure.

In the QFS vortex. Then comes the million-dollar question – where does all that money go? While many of us have already declared our preferred bank accounts for this purpose, the instability of traditional banking has led to a massive tilt towards QFS. This system, which is said to be hacker-proof and the pinnacle of financial security, could be our salvation.

NESARA-GESARA: The Hidden Treasure
As if this were not enough, there is another twist to the story – the NESARA-GESARA payments. Although shrouded in mystery, these are believed to be refunds linked to various financial activities, from birth certificates to mortgages.


While details remain unclear, one thing is certain: these payments, distinct from currency revaluation, can flow directly into your QFS accounts. No appointments are required at the Rescue Center!


Grab the opportunity. For those on the fence, this may be your last chance. If you can, try to get some foreign currency. But remember, even if you don’t succeed, this new era promises prosperity for all.


Bottom line: Level 4B is more than just a term bandied about in conspiracy-filled corners of the web. It’s a call to action, a wake-up call, and possibly the key to unlocking untold wealth. Are you in?







QFS: The Big Shift from FIAT to Asset-Backed Currencies  Exposed

The metamorphosis of the global financial system. In the heart of darkness, a revelation backed by gold emerges, spelling doom for the Central Banking System. 

Amid hushed whispers and corners of the web whispering about a global financial reset, a giant emerges called  QFS – Quantum Financial System.  The old fiat and debt currencies, the chains of economic slavery, are about to be broken and replaced by asset-backed currencies. Hold on tight as we dive deep into this turbulent transition that will shake the world’s monetary foundations.

The fall of FIAT and the rise of gold-backed currency.  For a long time, we have been enslaved by the shackles of FIAT currencies. These debt instruments, perpetuated by a centralized banking system, have kept nations and individuals trapped in an endless cycle of debt and financial uncertainty. But behold, a silent storm is brewing.

Once Level 1 is completed and synced with QFS, a revolution is about to happen. Account holders who hold FIAT currencies, which are still considered “legal,” will experience a transition like never before. Your money will go through a “reconciliation” process where every dollar, euro or yen will be exchanged for a gold-backed currency in a one-to-one ratio.

Dismantling of the Central Banking System.  While the world remained engrossed in old-school banking regulations, the QFS was developed, lurking in the shadows, awaiting its big reveal. This system is prepared to operate completely independently of the old-fashioned “centralized” banking system. 

The Central Banking System itself, which for decades perpetuated the notion of  “debt slavery”,  is about to face its disappearance.

Now, this is not just another fad or an updated version of traditional systems. This is a complete review. Although QFS prides itself on state-of-the-art design and security, its deployment will not be instantaneous. It will be a process, but it’s worth the wait.


FIAT to Asset-Backed Currencies
FIAT to Asset-Backed Currencies



Massimiliano Grasso.

👉We have two realities that are constantly running in parallel. The first reality is fake and it is a film that is narrated with actors, as well as various other simulations, who play the roles of people who have now disappeared. The stage is the world, and hidden technology is the means by which all this is accomplished. The second reality, this time authentic, aims to prepare a completely new world and works behind the scenes to appear as soon as the film is concluded. The general public attends the film, without clearly knowing it, and is completely unaware of the authentic reality that meanwhile prepares for the grand finale.


published by Q Storm 1776 There are many messages of this type in these times and they herald that great epochal change that has been talked about for a long time. The destination of all this great uproar between conflicting news and the arrival of a time of peace and prosperity is the general public, who is not yet in the optimal conditions to face the looming announced time. For too long media propaganda has hammered the population trying to indoctrinate minds, stating the exact opposite of the truth. When someone exposed the lies of the system he was carefully isolated, ridiculed and sometimes paid with his life for what he said. Given this, the Alliance had to work differently to unlock a negative mental condition that was rampant. Mainly the work consisted of creating a widespread fog and installing uncertainty on everything that has been believed up to now. In this way, the mental pillars that have dominated the rampant thinking based on falsehood have been shaken. The sequel to the film will do the rest but the work doesn’t end in a few lines. It will continue even after the implementation of Gesara.
In fact, it is necessary for people to see. Yes indeed, THEY SEE. They must see with their own eyes what Gesara is and how it works as it continues to expose the horrific realities that have happened without the populace’s knowledge in all the years that DeepState has been in charge of things. People need to see how economic crises are fake and artificially created. How the unjust distribution of natural resources and inequality between people has been the bread and butter of the Deep State/Kazar Mafia.
This process needs time to be well understood, but in the meantime entry into Gesara can and must be done. The comparison between two realities is the key to change. So the news that goes around is mostly unreliable and doesn’t give us the measure of what needs to happen, and the dates don’t make any sense as they are communicated so as not to make us understand anything. The only elections scheduled are those of Gesara and in November we will prepare to enter the winter climate, but elections will no longer be talked about because the games are now over. Given the climate we feel around, the opening shot will be extremely strong because it will be like a bolt from the blue. And so it was predicted. But the new reality is Gesara and ascension. Everything else is just the joy that has finally changed our life for the better. The Storm Knight.

Smooth transition to the new QFS monetary system 

By Peter B. Meyer – June 13, 2024

Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender. Antarctica contains a portal that can transport chosen global elites to distant worlds in other galaxies of the universe, where they will be well cared for, but banished forever from planet Earth.

These few selected global elites are Claus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, who participated in a secret meeting in Antarctica last July.

Two other participants were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively president and technical director of Ripple Labs, a software company specializing in online payment systems.

They are being spared because they are helping to dismantle the current Deep State monetary system to allow for a smooth transition to the new QFS monetary system, which will be managed by the people.

Before they can leave for their new world, they must help transition the global financial system to the QFS and undo all the dark magic that has been used to enslave humanity and the Earth itself. Read more here.

They are the only ones who can successfully dismantle the Dark Web. Designed to destroy societies based on unimaginable pathological criminality.

It was a decision by the upper hierarchy of Earth and the Earth Alliance that great chaos should not result from this transfer of power. An economic collapse would have caused even more suffering to the population in these already difficult times on Earth.

People have already suffered a lot. Therefore, the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance are ensuring that this transition causes as little damage as possible. This transition is directly linked to the introduction of the Quantum Financial System (QFS), about which there has been much speculation. Read more about it here.


The QFS Account: Reshaping Personal Finance in the Quantum Era


Consider the implications of a system in which your financial situation is not just a number on a ledger, but a dynamic entity, capable of adapting to the ups and downs of your life. This isn’t science fiction; this is  the reality that the QFS promises.  The system’s ability to automatically replenish your funds when they run low is simply revolutionary. It’s a lifeline in an unpredictable world, ensuring you’re never caught off guard by life’s unforeseen expenses.

But QFS is not a free for all.  It is a carefully calibrated system designed to maintain balance and fairness. The limitations on withdrawing large sums are proof of this. It is a safeguard against the greed and hoarding that have plagued our financial systems for too long. In the QFS, wealth is not just up for grabs; It is a resource to be managed wisely, for the benefit of all.

The cloud-based nature of  QFS is another innovative feature.  Your wealth accessible anywhere, anytime, without the need for physical banking infrastructure. This is a game changer, especially in a world where digital security is paramount. Quantum Internet integration goes one step further, offering a level of security that traditional banking systems can only dream of.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of QFS is its human-centered approach. The system is not just about numbers; it’s about people. The ability to open accounts for minors, to designate beneficiaries, speaks of a system that understands the importance of family, of ensuring your loved ones are cared for, even when you’re not around. This is not just financial planning; It’s about building a legacy.

In short, the  Quantum Financial System  is more than a new financial platform; it’s a bold statement about the future we want to create. A future where money is a tool of empowerment and not a weapon of control.

With its innovative features like Rainbow Coin, dynamic replenishment and cloud-based infrastructure, QFS is not just redefining wealth; it is redefining our own relationship with him.

This is not just a new chapter in financial history; It’s a brand new book.

Welcome to the era of the Quantum Financial System, where your wealth is not just a number, but a living extension of your life and legacy.

NESARA Wealth Redistribution: 

$100,000 monthly for every US citizen over the age of 21!

Imagine a world where financial abundance is not just a dream, but a tangible reality. A world where every human being could be a millionaire in pounds sterling, free from the shackles of debt.

NESARA, a term that resonates with the promise of justice and equality, will revolutionize the distribution of our planet’s resources. This is a complete overhaul of the banking system, designed to extend its benevolent reach to every corner of the globe. The plan is so comprehensive, so all-encompassing, that no individual or organization, no matter how powerful, can stop its momentum.

The implications are surprising. Credit card debt, mortgages and other financial burdens imposed by corrupt banking practices will be eliminated. The oppressive yoke of income tax will be lifted and replaced by a fair, flat tax on new non-essential items. This is a liberation of the common man from the clutches of fiscal exploitation.But NESARA’s vision goes beyond mere economic reform. It is a political earthquake that will shake the very foundations of the US government. The President, Vice President and all officials complicit in this great deception will be removed from office. In their place will come constitutionally acceptable leaders, possibly including figures like Joseph Francis Dunford, Ron Paul, or John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., if he is still with us.

This revolt is not limited to the USA. The entire Congress, along with their Khazarian Zionist overlords, will be replaced. This is a purge of corruption, a cleansing of the political system, paving the way for leaders who truly represent the people.

In this new era, Donald Trump could play a crucial role in exposing the sinister machinations of the Bush union and the Clinton Foundation. It could be the key to unraveling the Satanist nexus of disinformation that has ensnared major US media outlets and intelligence agencies.

NESARA’s promise also extends to the realm of elections. Future presidential and congressional elections will be safeguarded against fraud, hacking and illicit activities by special interest groups or secret unions. This is democracy reborn, transparent and uncorrupted.

The financial landscape will be revolutionized with the introduction of a new US Treasury rainbow currency backed by precious metals. The Federal Reserve System, a symbol of financial manipulation, will be dismantled. Personal financial privacy will be restored and all legal professionals will be requalified in Constitutional Law.

NESARA’s vision is not just national, but global. Aggressive U.S. military actions around the world will cease, ushering in an era of unprecedented global peace. Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 monthly for 11 years, but first, Farmers’ demands will be addressed, including a $300,000 debt forgiveness for each farming family.

This isn’t just about America; Similar reforms will resonate across the world. Huge funds will be allocated for humanitarian purposes. Suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleaning equipment and sonic healing machines will be released for the benefit of all.

The term “NESARA” may have been shrouded in secrecy, unable to be used publicly to describe this global package of prosperity and humanitarian aid. But the time for secrecy is over. The world is waking up to the truth and the role of Asia and the BRICS countries in leading these initiatives cannot be underestimated.

In conclusion, NESARA is not just a plan; it is a paradigm shift, a beacon of hope in a world plagued by inequality and corruption.

It is the promise of a new dawn, a world where justice, peace and prosperity are not just ideals, but realities.

The truth is out there and it’s time for the world to embrace it.



 RUMORS: 06/18/2024


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External expectations

Raising awareness of “GESARA” through Japan Future Party street speeches

How effective is this? !

I hope you leave your mark!

The results will be announced on July 7th!

Well then

According to “Today’s Message”


It’s Judgment Day!

Believe in the plan!

As per the message

I would like to spend my time “trusting the plan”

So today too

I would like to spend my time with a positive attitude as I pray for the safety and good health of everyone in the “Army of Angels”


✴️ Advance to GESARA! BRICS countries become the main actors in the world! ?

I feel like this month (June) marks a big turning point for Q Plan on the main stage.



This  is because the BRICS countries, which are promoting the realization of GESARA, have finally taken the lead in the world


✴️Trends in Iraq

Last weekend, Iraq’s main bank, Rafidine Bank, announced that it has started installing (and will continue to promote) ATMs in major branches, public institutions, commercial areas and shopping centers. Notice what  they say

♻️ “These ATM machines have cutting-edge technology and are cutting-edge.”

This is considered a response to the RV of the Iraqi dinar (including the introduction of low-denomination banknotes). 👍


✅ On the front stage, the most important element is  to break and eliminate the enslaved society that the Cabal (DS, Globalists) has controlled for a long time.

This is because after the slave society is defeated and eliminated, it will be possible to launch a new GESARA society.



Of course it is not 100% yet, but the fact that “defeating and eliminating the enslaved society” has materialized is great progress towards a GESARA society!


With the world on the cusp of significant technological advancements, Med-Beds are emerging as a fundamental innovation with the potential to transform the healthcare landscape.

Unlocking the Potential of Medical Beds

Med-Beds are an innovative technology that aims to revolutionize the healthcare system by utilizing the unique codes of human DNA to achieve optimal health. Despite their potential, these Med-Beds are reportedly under strict military control, inaccessible to the public until what is referred to as “the right time”.

According to sources, these resources are being deliberately withheld by those in power to continue profiting from existing medical industries that thrive on human disease.


Medical Beds: Make America Great and Healthy Again! High-tech medical bed technology suppressed by DEEP STATE and released by NESARA GESARA!

Quantum healing technologies in medical beds: a leap of love and science



Enveloped in cutting-edge quantum technology, Med Beds offer a beacon of hope for those seeking holistic well-being. Brace yourself because Trump’s NESARA initiative is revealing the surprising reality of Med Beds – a technological marvel that promises to cure all diseases within minutes.


Iraqi Prime Minister Sudani announced on Iraqi TV that before the end of the holiday, which was this Wednesday. June 19, that Iraqi citizens will have their new exchange rate. The long-awaited announcement of a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was the pivot of the global currency reset.


I had an interesting call with a banker who wanted to spend a description and get something out of the way because he said “something is going to happen on the 23rd”. He said that the dollar would depreciate and that there would be a big change on the 23rd.


I feel comfortable saying it has already started… we are seeing movement… but I am confused and waiting for some checks this morning to see if there is any money movement in Europe. I’ll get my Reno update around 1 or 2 p.m.


In the last report dated February 11, 2024, we saw anticipations that the BRICS would dethrone the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Today, we are witnessing the initial phases of this radical transition.

The end of the Petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia paved the way for the BRICS to lead a monetary and financial system infrastructure revolution. This move signifies a major disruption to the US dollar-dominated fiat monetary system, introducing a gold-innovative new currency.


The concept of Rescue Centers, linked to the Quantum Financial System (QFS), is not just a passing topic of discussion; it is a fundamental transformation in the way we perceive and interact with our financial investments. This change is not just a mere change; it is a revolution, a renaissance of financial empowerment and security.

At the center of this monumental change is the concept of Redemption. Traditionally, redemption means atonement or recovery. In this context, it announces a process of financial liberation and empowerment.



Rescue Centers are not just facilities; They are gateways to a new era of financial stability and prosperity. These centers are the channels through which individuals will access their Gesara (Global) and Nesara (US) funds, a testament to a system that values ​​each individual’s financial well-being.


The role of Wells Fargo and HSBC in this transformative journey is critical. Wells Fargo, as Gesara bank appointed for the USA, and HSBC, operate on the international front, are not just financial institutions; they are the architects of a new financial reality.

Your task of mirroring all bank accounts into the new Quantum Financial System is a mammoth undertaking, symbolizing a seamless transition to a new era of financial security and transparency.


The logistics of the Rescue Centers are meticulously planned. 

The 15-day operational window, regardless of demographics, means a well-oiled machine, ready to meet the diverse needs of the population. The prioritization of holders of Zim, Dinar, Dong and Dollar is a strategic move, recognizing the fundamental role that these currencies play in global gold reserves.


In an unprecedented move that is expected to shake the financial world, Wells Fargo and HSBC are about to begin a massive release of liquidity, a move that is as audacious as it is profitable. This is a secret operation that could change the economic landscape forever. The plan? Sending over 4,000,000 emails to coin and bond holders, providing them with the golden keys to a treasure that has been hiding in plain sight.


The Iraqi Sudanese Prime Minister announced on Iraqi television that Iraqi citizens will announce their new exchange rate before the end of the holiday on June 19th. This highly anticipated announcement of a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was the linchpin of the global monetary reset.


Big Code Red Alert:

Donald Trump is the commander in chief of the United States of America!

…Q on Telegram, Monday, June 17, 2024


Trust the plan

The plan to save the world.

White Hat Military Return Plan in force.

Prison wars began.

Darkening required


Judy Note: 

We are experiencing the largest global military operation in history: a transition to the greatness of Gesara. Now all they have left is a fake World War III scenario and to fly like sirens in all national military command centers – to explain to the planet that a lot has already happened.

Most importantly, the Gesara Military Law was, in fact, already in force, along with the Military Courts and Secret Executions. The White Hats just need to announce it to the public. The majority of the more than 500,000 indictments against political and global elites included allegations of crimes against children.


I’m here in Dubai right now, and something huge has just happened.

The BRICS countries, including Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates, the BRICS countries, have in fact imposed embargoes on the United States of America and Israel, significant embargoes.

And they did.

They literally turned the tables, because the United States has always demonstrated its power, due to its control of the Federal Reserve for so long, that they simply stopped trading with certain countries and harmed them in history.

Well, the power of the dollar is gone.

He evaporated.

And the power of the BRICS, well, they took over.

And now what they are doing is literally tightening the noose.

This has never happened before in history.

The United States and Israel are being crushed by the BRICS countries.

And if you’re not awake now, you never will be.


The International Monetary Fund recently stated that:

1. An introduction in Zimbabwe of a new gold-based currency is an important step.

2. The IMF warned that the United States should reduce its tax burden. Remarkable. The Western world is slowly losing control of the anti-gold narrative as more and more gold moves east. Remember: linking gold directly to the monetary system requires fiscal discipline, which is most politicians’ worst nightmare. A new article will arrive soon.



**** “Dear Mr. G, I hope you have a good day. I would like to inform you of the good news soon.

In addition to exclusively positive news, we can now observe surprisingly positive market turmoil.

All official buyers are working hard to prepare the files for settlement, and this month we will be able to see the first ones.

HARP first liquidates all types of dragons and HK-$, but only a few days later with German bonds and then with currencies.

What is important now is peace of mind on the part of the environment and, above all, intermediaries, confidential cooperation with the protection of all security interests, as well as good cooperation and direct communication between sellers and Mr. .G and/and you.

As stated previously: If you are contacted by any party, please write down your name and contact details, do not provide any information or sign anything, but notify me immediately.

Now is the time when many individuals and criminal organizations will attempt to obtain data. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.”


Today we received the most encouraging news from our Wolverine.

We will not give up now that we are so close to our goal. We will defend this objective with all our heart and with all our dreams.

We will never surrender to the idea of ​​not reaching the Victory arena. And in a few days, God will take us to the New World, where we will rescue the weak by being strong, where we will free humanity by showing them the light of freedom, and shine the compassionate light of the Chosen into every corner. of our planet.

And all this will happen, it will be recorded as done, because…. You never, ever surrendered, you never, ever gave up! **Carpathians*

WOLVERINE: You see, Carpathia also heard from a source who has an associate in Zurich!


QFS vs Cryptocurrency
QFS vs Cryptocurrency



Busting Myths: QFS vs. Cryptocurrency

Many naysayers are quick to lump QFS into the Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Technology category. Let’s make this clear: QFS operates on distributed ledger technology. It is not cryptocurrency or Blockchain. These distinctions are vital, as there is more to the QFS than meets the eye.

In this quantum era, qubits play a fundamental role. Within the QFS, quantum qubits “interact” with global financial transactions. Your purpose? To validate that each transaction is legal, transparent and intended by the rightful owner.

Central Banks: The End of an Era.  Prepare for the devastating truth: central banks, as we know them, are on their last legs.

Without the ability to “reconcile” old FIAT money with the cutting-edge QFS system, both fractional reserve banks and central banks are faced with a dead end. Your era of domination, control and exploitation is approaching its final conclusion.

In the vast domain of the QFS, each sovereign currency, each bank, constitutes a distinct ledger. To put the gigantic scale of the QFS into perspective, data from all account holders, spread across an impressive  209 participating countries  , was downloaded into this system in March 2017, functioning as a “Distributed Ledger”.

Converting FIAT to asset-backed currency: the future is now.  What the QFS brings to the table is a radical transition, ensuring that every bank account, regardless of its denominational fiat currency, is ready for conversion into an asset-backed local currency.

Here’s how the magic happens: QFS pings the bank account of the source fiat currency. The purpose of this ping? Check the validity of the account, its active status and its operational nature.

Once this signal is successful, the transformation occurs, transforming fiat currency holdings into the new asset-backed local currency at a 1:1 ratio.

Nearly 8 billion people transitioning to quantum finance: a comprehensive list of QFS-integrated banks and the role of RTGS in the new financial era

The world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial revolution and banking powerhouses are trembling. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here and it is changing EVERYTHING. Get ready, the revolution has begun!

In the great tapestry of time, every now and then, humanity faces a seismic shift. A revolution so profound that the world will never be the same again. We are on the verge of such a moment.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not just a new buzzword – it is the beginning of a new era.

The big banks knew this day would come, but they tried to hide it from us. 

No more!

GESARA The Global Economic Security and Reform Act
GESARA The Global Economic Security and Reform Act
intel source:






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“Example of implementation of GESARA elements” Digital securities transactions started in Japan

As I have said repeatedly, GESARA is beginning to materialize in various parts of the world.

Start with “Japan” first! Digital securities trading

Start with “Japan” first! Digital securities trading

Q: When it comes to plans, many people wonder when the “GESARA”, “Medbed” and “RV (currency revaluation)” launch will begin. I feel like I’m becoming more aware.

Well, there are some things that I think can’t be avoided, but it’s a bit of narrow-mindedness… and it’s a shame that I end up getting irritated with myself (thinking, “Isn’t it here yet?”) right.

The core of the Q Plan is

Destroy and completely eliminate the enslaving society and the system built by the Cabal (DS). Based on this, we will create a new society and system based on GESARA.

And that.

Slavery structures (society/mechanisms)  exist in a wide variety of areas, including “finance,” “media,” “politics (tax systems/systems),” “health care,” and “education.”

The destruction and elimination of all structures of enslavement that have been built throughout the world is an element that must be completed before the liberation of GESARA.

At  the same time, since we will start a new society after the launch of GESARA, it is natural that  we should

The elements that will form the basis of a new society (such as various systems and platforms) must be ready for construction and operation.

That’s why.

The basis of this is

QFS (Quantum Financial System)

The QFS has already been implemented to the end. (Until now, tests have been carried out repeatedly on various elements.)

What supports QFS from the physical aspect (communication, transmission) is

starlink system

That’s what it means.

This has also been repeatedly tested for practical use in various situations and is currently ready for deployment.

In the financial industry, the development of terminal banking systems within banks (related to payments, etc.) and various regulations and policies (Basel 3, etc.) using QFS (Quantum Financial System) is almost complete.

With the construction of a new financial system, we are currently working on implementing

Physical (technical) and legal preparations for the practical application of the goldback digital currency and digital securities (legal preparations in each country)


The development of goldback digital currency and digital receivables is an essential element for the initiation (realization) of the use of goldback currency! ?

The development of digital currency and digital receivables is an essential element to initiate (embed) the use of goldback currency! ?

The first part to get to today’s main topic (news) is long (laughs). There is one more thing I would like to discuss to help you understand the flow. that is

In order to be able to use the goldback currency (banknotes) that will begin after the release of GESARA, the preparation (physical and legal preparation) of the goldback digital currency and digital receivables must be completed.

about this.

The biggest reason is: if you want to return gold notes to other places, will you need to send the gold notes in physical format? That’s not how you deal with it. (Laughter) If you do that, it will take even longer to send the money than before.

What is needed is

Transfer goldback notes via goldback digital currency

That’s how it works.

Convert gold-backed notes into gold-backed digital currencies. The money will be sent through the QFS.

After the launch of GESARA, the above financial system (remittance system) will be put into operation as soon as possible, so be sure to

Development of goldback digital currency and digital receivables (physical and legal)

It is necessary to complete the.

Major Japanese retailer Marui (OIOI) directly issues digital green bonds (digital bonds)

Major Japanese retailer Marui (OIOI) directly issues digital green bonds (digital bonds)

I finally got to the point (laughs). For people to understand the importance of the event (news) in question, it was necessary to understand the first part.

This is something that happened last month (May).

Major Japanese retailer Marui (OIOI) directly issues digital green bonds (digital bonds)

Was started.

Digital bond issuance is the first in the world (Japan becomes the first country)


This happens all the time, but this time I would like to do it again.

“Japan” is a country where the development of GESARA elements is very advanced (the most advanced)

And that.

For those of you who don’t think of Japanese political theater as theater (bitter smile)…you still seem to think that Japan’s reforms are slow (not progressing), don’t worry.

The elements that must be implemented before launching GESARA are those that are duly addressed.

Currently in Japan,  the development of goldback digital currency and digital bonds  is underway.

Digital securities transactions started in Japan
Digital securities transactions started in Japan

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