You are currently viewing GESARA Is Coming Soon To All Humanity! QFS System Up And Running, Says St. Germain!!

GESARA Is Coming Soon To All Humanity! QFS System Up And Running, Says St. Germain!!

GESARA Is Coming Soon To All Humanity! QFS System Up And Running, Says St. Germain!!





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Investing 101: “Buy low, sell high” (do not put all your eggs in one basket) + invest all what you can afford to lose

simple concept… #XRPArmy
anyone buying bitcoin now is practicing buffoonery!!
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Now another word regarding #IQD , #GCR , etc

from our SPONSOR Q :

(WOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️this interesting…
I mean this IS really interesting, hmmmmm…… )

Btw way people that don’t know:

was implemented yesterday Feb 2‼️‼️‼️‼️

What is “EVENT HORIZON”⁉️⁉️⁉️

It’s an upgrade to the worldwide banking system‼️‼️‼️


It was launched as a 2nd upgrade to be ACTIVATED on Fed 6 2024 in readiness for use the next business day ‼️‼️‼️‼️

This fam, IS the banking software that we are all looking for to get us to where we need to go‼️‼️‼️

If you are talking about Event driven this is it‼️‼️‼️

All the other language /chatter/intel in Dinarland is:
-made up
-makes everyone look ridiculous when they go in to their local bank and ask a hapless teller or manager about “The QFS”‼️‼️.. 🇺🇸💥❤️🇺🇸.

Looking back to around the first of January Nader (YT) had a short video which gave us all a clue as to went our camper event would happen. 💥💥💥.

Nader said to Google when the Dinar would be put on the Forex.

The post that came up on Google was from November, 2023.

The post said the Dinar would be on the Forex on February 7, 2024. 💥💥💥.

Well, we are almost there.

We shall see if Google was correct‼️‼️‼️‼️👁️👁️🇺🇸❤️💥🇺🇸

Now a word from our Sponsor : Q

➠The Announcement

The NESARA announcement MUST BE MADE before the activation of the Global Currency Reset is official, whereby the USTN ( United States TREASURY NOTE) is issued to We the People and the FRN ( Federal Reserve Note /Monopoly money / FIAT) disappears.

“The White Hat Military Alliance has gathered in 22 different time zones around the world, with military actions pending due to an expected reaction from the Deep State to the permanent loss of its dollar fiat currency supply through the activation of the reset of the global currency.”

Did the BRICS Summit launch NESARA without the US knowing that there was a NESARA that was launched and based in another country?⁉️⁉️⁉️

So they released GESARA but not NESARA?

According to NESARA rules, there will be SIX months during which the USTN will replace the FRN and both will be used and have value and not the FRN is just paper that has no value and the USTN is the only US currency available that many people still doesn’t know they have and cannot exchange the FRN for the USTN.

The Deep State will not be able to exchange its pallets full of FRN for USTN, as it will have to prove that it is actually its legal value by providing “CLEAN AND CLEAR & PROVENANCE OF FUNDS ” documentation … from approved authentication protocol providers, which they won’t be able to provide.



This time I have written once again about the implications of EBS and GESARA.

In summary, the common meaning is that it has the function of promoting a semi-forced transition to a higher vibrational world (fifth dimensional world).

It can be said that EBS and GESARA are the beginning of a new world, but it can also be said that they are a gateway where the results of each person’s efforts to raise their vibration will be tested.

Those who are waking up now and trying to break free from their 3D ways will be fine.

The problem is people who live their lives without realizing anything.

You do not understand the meaning of the changes that occur and you feel as if you have been thrown into the ocean.

To prevent this from happening, it is important for each person to wake up.

And EBS and GESARA each have their own functions.

I’ll post it again, but it looks like this:

EBS = Spread the truth and begin community building by awakened people

GESARA = A world without money, a society that truly recognizes the value of each person

I have said that EBS and GESARA “are not the goal”, but on the other hand, at the stage in which they are occurring, it also means that we are making a sudden “start”.

If you can’t take advantage of this sudden start, you will have problems later.

That is why we call on everyone to know the truth now, to know the true nature of EBS and GESARA, and to mentally prepare to face the new world.

And above all, let’s live our lives in a state of high vibration.


XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”
1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2. Bank of America
3. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
4. Wells Fargo
5. China Construction Bank
6. HSBC Holdings plc
7. Agricultural Bank of China
8. Bank of China
9. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)
10. BNP ParibasTIER#2:
Tier 2
1. Citigroup Inc.
2. Bank of China (BOC)
3. Barclays
4. Morgan Stanley
5. UBS Group AGTIER#3:
1. Admiral’s Group
2. Amer-Indians
4. Large Church Groups (LDS). Largest for HumanityTIER#4:
1. The Internet Group
2. Those High Up getting intel information and

1. Governments
2. Royalty



1. Emergency Notice Alert(s): (Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)/(Emergency Alert System (EAS)



EBS and Redemption
EBS and Redemption

Central Banks are shutting down — bankrupted. Old financial systems bankrupted. Congress, White House, IRS, Feds, Rederal Reserve are shut down — U.S. Corporation is bankrupted. Gold-backed currency, digital assets, QFS, Nesara Gesara is growing!  QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested. The Global/Galactic Alliance are still working on removing the vise-grip on humanity from the DS cabal — currently removing the satanic spell on the global mass. The Great Awakening journey will be more intense & get more turbulent. Earth & humanity are under construction while business is still open. The DS are in full panic mode, desperate & wounded & is lunging wild attacks. Satanic energies can not hide anymore as it is prevalent for all to see throughout the matrix society. True colors are being revealed. Much more ugly truths shall be revealed to the public. #gesara #Qfs_Global
 QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested.
QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested.
GESARA’S HISTORY AND TIMELINE29 JanuaryIraqi Dinar Update:The Requirements:1. Public announcement Iraq joined the WTO.
2. Dinar RV in Gazette.
3. CBI announce RV puplicly.
4. Announcement US will withdraw its troops from Iraq.Banks and Ecomomy:Insolvency experts warn: More than 47,000 U.K. businesses on “brink of collapse” as global economy crumbles! MoreBanking Announcement: “Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited plans to include currency futures and options in Derivatives Holiday Trading starting from 29 March 2024, subject to regulatory approval.” We are starting to see several indicators and the expectation of regulatory approval for currency futures market trading to take place on the new digital economy for Hong Kong. A foreign exchange future is a platform that trades one currency for another currency. Just recently, we read an article where Hong Kong was utilizing a pilot program to test several currencies from around the world for this trade. It looks like Hong Kong has the expectation to proceed with their implementation of this project by the end of March 2024. Yes, Vietnam and Iraq trade with Hong Kong. More. BRICS GESARA Nations ensuring countries can trade with their sovereign currencies which will destroy the NWO’s ideology!Iraq Banking Announcement: “The Central Bank of Iraq has decided to restore the mechanism of financing Iraq’s foreign trade, starting March.” Look what we have here. Iraq is planning to move forward with financing their foreign trade mechanism. March 1st, 2024 is the day they expect to begin this process. They are telling their banks that they expect to do this with all currencies. Iraq has been working with Governmental Agencies and Technological Developers to get them to this point. They have tested their money and in process of testing their money this month on electronic mechanisms that will help them to move forward in the new Digital asset-based Trading System. We are on the verge of witnessing them move into a global implementation stage of their currency. MoreIndia Banking Announcement: “India’s foreign exchange reserves declined 2.794 billion U.S. dollars to 616.143 billion dollars during the week ending on Jan. 19, according to the latest data of India’s central bank.” India is dwindling down their foreign currency reserves. This will increase more demand for their own currency and increase it’s value, as well as other currencies, they are currently trading with going forward under local currencies. Things are changing my friends. MoreCME group banking announcement for foreign exchange trades and other securities. Notice the statement that it is live: CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE and SYDNEY, “CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, today announced their enhanced cross-margining arrangement has gone live, enabling capital efficiencies for clearing members that trade and clear both U.S. Treasury securities and CME Group Interest Rate futures… Folks, platforms are built and ready to go for the new digital economy in foreign currency exchanges and other Securities across all sectors of the market. Protocol 20, the activation of Gold released into real values [Protocol 20 is activated tomorrow], and countries onboarding to the new Digital asset based Trading System will provide us with the liquidity to move forward with the above announcement. More

Japan did an in-country test on the QFS on Christmas Day. India and a handful of other countries are doing an International pilot test on the QFS starting today [1 Jan. 24]. Pilot tests usually run at least 30 days that will take us to January 30th, 2024. On January 30th, 2024, the rest of the world will begin rolling out their connections to the QFS and utilizing the system. More


26 January

Iraqi Dinar Update:

The Requirements / Markers:

1. Public announcement Iraq joined the WTO.
2. Dinar RV in Gazette.
3. CBI announce RV puplicly.
4. Announcement US will withdraw its troops from Iraq.

The Global Gurus’ Opinions and Informative Info:

Bruce Big Call voice note and text notes.

Rapid Updates: Here’s the follow up on US sanctions on Fly Baghdad… Fly Baghdad announces the suspension of all of its flights until further notice until the investigation with the CEO and management of the company is completed. The US Treasury listed Iraqi airline fly Baghdad, and its executives directors provide assistance to the Iranian revolutionary guards, Quds Force, in its proxy groups in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. See

Bearded_PatriotsUSA: Listen up Family: It comes out to be approximately $2.40….!!!! Watch

Wolverine: Thursday January 25, 2024
Rubem BAZ: 15:22 He says Finished last night, all 86 platforms are now loaded with money and ready to launch. We expect the official launch any day now.
RENO says it’s all ready and waiting for the gold-backed dollar to be introduced (last night at 4:47 AM)! *
15:54: Things are confirmed to go live tomorrow, but around the world the first payment runs will take place from Monday; 01/29/2024 15:00 CET / 09:00 USA New York Time.
15:54: Obviously getting started means government first, then businesses and individuals. If they are finished before 15.02.2024 we can be happy. See

1.- Announcements are now being made to all Paymasters that outstanding funds will soon be disbursed to them with USN, the long-awaited new US asset-backed currency. The USD FIAT currency will be phased out over a period of months.
2.- The delivery of the funds to the Master Payers took place at 5:00 p.m.
Last night it did not take place as the final preparations were not complete.
3.- Payers have been told to continue receiving the new funds momentarily. There was no clarification on the word “momentarily.” See

Wolverine: All paying banks will begin to pay at the same time after the signatory Holders will receive the 800 number in their email to call and receive instructions, there are more than 400,000 emails. For payments ZIMBABWE BLUE AND DERIVATIVES was decided first. See. The “Zimbabwe Blue” is actually what we call it here in South Africa and Zimbabwe as the “Zimbabwe 100 trillion 2009 AA Blue Bond” (more info here)

Wolverine: WOLVERINE CHAT NOTES FROM JANUARY 25, 2024: I know people are stressed out. I know it is close to end of January and people are stressed. I want to tell you something: Wolverine was right! The funds were released! I was on call with the Admirals group, and lawyers associated with Michael Rubin. The funds have been released to the paymaster accounts. The notifications will be going out to the whales, and the payment will be released way before the end of the month. The payments will go directly onto the QFS account. They told me, “Wolvie nothing is going to stop this now.” Again, guys, I am just letting you know, Wolverine is right! No matter what people say, hold on! We are close to the end of this. We will be blessed. We will celebrate. Lots happening behind scenes. This is just a short and sweet call to confirm what I said before! See

The Zim Q&A Chat Group Opinions and Informative Info:

No new news or updates…

I inform, you choose. In this library we don’t give false hope or news for sensation. The info we share is based on reality.

#gesara #medbed #dinar #zim #rv


👉 Do you know what the GESARA Law’s 20 fundamental principles are?

👉 Are you planning your Humanitarian Projects around these 20 principles?

👉 Can your project(s) violate any one of these 20 principles?


1. Cancels all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or complete forgiveness of debt. Banks in SA will be made redundant and all your bank debt will be canceled.

2. Abolishes income tax. No business or company will be allowed to deduct PAYE anymore.

3. Abolishes the IRS (SARS in SA), and employees of the IRS (SARS) will be transferred into the US (SA) Treasury national sales tax area and ONLY collect sales tax.

4. Creates a 17% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes and second hand cars / items be taxed.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens. Seniors will be well looked after and they will thoroughly enjoy their twilight years.

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters. Lawyers, Advocates and Judges will be grounded in Constitutional Law and most will be out of a job.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment. Thus, forbids granting certain privileges of nobility to citizens and it restricts members of the government from receiving gifts from foreign countries without the consent of the Congress.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law. Thus, all corrupt political parties will vanish.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups which will not happen anymore, as it will be done through the Quantum sattelite system away from the Cabal’s interferance.

10. Creates a new US Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 which was rolled out globally through the privately owned Central Banks. The BRICS system connected to the QFS will destroy the Cabal’s FIAT Dollar.

11. Forbids the sale of American, and other countries such as South Africa, birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation. The CORPORATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SA will also be destroyed and thereby leaving its citizens as free natural sovereign beings and not as Strawmen anymore.

12. Initiates new US (SA) Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve system (South African Reserve Bank). During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the US treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply, likewise in SA and other countries.

14. Restores financial privacy.

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide. Wars will end as each person will have GESARA benefits in the country of his birth certificate only, thus force migration and ethnic groups culturally together where they will live in harmony in their own land. Birds of feather flock together as per the 26 ethnic cantons inside Switzerland.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes, eliminating all crime.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy (electricity) devices, anti-gravity, and sonic Medbed healing machines.

20. Eliminates all current and future nuclear powered weaponry on planet earth.




✅ A class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990’s lead to the creation of NESARA, which will ultimately tear apart the NWO banking cartel’s plans! Change is on the horizon, is the epic story of how the world lost its soul and how it will gain it back. (Directed and narrated by James Rink)

Part 1 – Dawn of the Golden Age – Although this undoubtedly seems like New Age rubbish for the devoted Biblical believer, this background is indeed informative. Please do not quite watching it, push through till you get to the real U.S. military footage and operations. As background of this video… It discusses how Comte de Saint Germain (New Age, or, he could very possible be a righteous angel send by God as seen in Hebrew 13:2), helped bring about the beginnings of an enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of the Satanic Illuminati and a corrupted masonic freemasonry order. (For a FREE Christian book to understand that God’s Angels manifest indeed amongst us in the flesh according to the
New Testament, get you free book: Biblical Version on Aliens, Shapeshifters, Angels Amongst Us, and the “Under the Earth Beings”

Part 2 – The American Federal Empire – America was always meant to be always a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. But the machinations of British bankers and the Rothschild’s soon destroyed all that was once good in this great land.

Part 3 – The Farmer Claim Program – Discuses how a class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990’s lead to the creation of NESARA, which will ultimately tear apart the New World Order and bankers plans right out from under their feet.

Here is the full documentary, PLEASE WATCH IT IN FULL even if some sections do annoy you: Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age: or here:



Jack Straw

The Quantum Financial System, abbreviated as #QFS, emerges as a beacon of optimism in the financial landscape, aiming to dismantle the control of the cabal and banksters wielded through the traditional central bank fiat monetary system.

This innovative system marks a departure from conventional norms, emphasizing autonomy and stability derived from tangible assets like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Oil. No longer reliant on mere paper with uncertain value, the QFS represents a paradigm shift towards secure and transparent financial freedom, prioritizing integrity and the intrinsic worth of assets over empty promises.

Transitioning to the Quantum Financial System represents a monumental change in how individuals exercise authority over their financial assets, embodying true financial freedom and liberating them from traditional banking practices. This groundbreaking system eliminates the need for cumbersome bank visits, deposit slips, and the limitations and fees associated with traditional institutions.

Users are no longer bound by intermediaries, enabling unrestricted movement of funds and eliminating past constraints. With instantaneous access to up-to-date transactions, the Quantum Financial System empowers individuals to take control of their financial destiny, ushering in an era of unparalleled autonomy and flexibility.

In a digitized world, waiting for financial transactions to materialize may seem outdated. The delays are orchestrated by controlling entities, dictating the pace within their systems. The call is to challenge the status quo, transcend constraints imposed by opaque systems, and reclaim the inherent autonomy that digitalization should provide.

Combining Quantum computers with blockchain technology, backed by gold and silver, represents a paradigm shift in financial transactions. This departure from conventional cryptocurrencies is not only a symbolic gesture but a tangible transformation, where smartphones become conduits of financial liberation. Through NFC technology, effortless payments at retailers become a reality, offering both digital and analog options. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and precious metals places financial empowerment firmly in the hands of the end user, signaling a transformative era. FREEDOM!



The Quantum Financial System
The Quantum Financial System





Jack Straw
#Iraq is requesting the departure of all international forces from its territory. This action is deemed essential for #GESARA and constitutes a key step in initiating the RV.
We have changed the year. And we changed lives too. The first announced news were confirmed. New year started with a twist, so let’s have a good year. But all the changes and big events announced will take their course as established and arrive on time. One step at a time. For those who believe and for those who don’t believe everything happens and everyone will see. Reality that is about to take the place of fiction affects everyone. Therefore the end of deceit will come and the truth will reign in its place. Anyone who is in tune with the high vibrations and yearns for justice and freedom will be greatly fulfilled. We always go forward and these dark times will never come back. The doors of Gesara and Ascension are about to open so that anyone can enter. The time has come. The Knight of the Storm
The doors of Gesara and Ascension are about to open
The doors of Gesara and Ascension are about to open

XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”



In my 1994 meeting w/ Dan Rostenkowski, he did talk about a REVAMPING for Social Security. It would make perfect sense that Social Security isn’t being INCREASED with Universal Basic Income (UBI), but UBI is the vehicle being used to ELIMINATE – Social Security.

Under NESARA/GESARA, Free Energy & Med Beds, the DEEP STATE CABAL KHAZARIAN MAFIA PLAN of stealing, killing and destroying mankind w/ toxins, big pharma w/ anything & everything has ENDED, Once and for ALL.







Posted 11/01/2024 by EraOfLight
By Peter B Meyer
Crossroads in our civilization Planet Earth and humanity are now experiencing a unique moment of change called the Planetary Transition. Everything will be very intense! Profound shifts are happening across all known and unknown sectors as Old Earth dissolves to make way for our New Planetary Home.
Everything that has been taught, known, believed and practiced will gradually cease to exist within a few years. A lot has changed, but since these changes are time-ordered and timed, most people don’t realize.
Compare this to your hair or nails: they grow constantly, but you only notice when they get too long. This is how the move from Old Earth to New Earth happens.
The world has come to a crossroads in our civilization. The globalists aiming to enrich themselves, through political establishment, have caused enormous damage to our society, industry, culture, etc.. They are now panicking because all over the world their corruption is being recognized and confirmed .
This is our last chance to save our interests and civilization. It is now or never, by this time the whole world knows that the world powers with their New World Order are committed to destroying humanity, among other things, through Covid poison injections recommended by the corporate media, which is not interested in journalism at all, but exclusively Promotes political agendas; with the aim; the destruction of civilization and humanity.
They will do whatever it takes to promote their widespread criminality at our expense. They will stop at nothing, aimed at destroying all living things on Earth.
Repairing the damage done to all the people of our planet, in particular, may take a long time. But everything will eventually be fixed, at least if humanity wakes up en masse and takes back control, with the introduction of the new QFS monetary system and the land law.
No state of pain and suffering will exist on the New Earth, nor any form of scarcity. There will be limitless abundance; those who currently imbalance finances will no longer exist.
Finally, the time of abundance and prosperity dawns! All dominant powers are dissolved, competition ceases to exist and gives way to cooperation.
QFS is a transitional financial system, used during a transition period between now and the coming decades. In the somewhat distant future, there will be no need for currency of any kind.
With the emergence of the QFS activation, the Galactic Alliance is completely destroying the cabal’s Central Banking System. It’s designed to destroy the global economy and keep the world’s population in debt bondage.
The little known reality is that QFS has been operating for over a year, in parallel with the Central Banking System and has resisted many hacking attempts by the Kabbalah. As a result, many bankers have been caught red-handed with illegal money transfers and consistently arrested.
It is even less known that this new money transfer system was invented in preparation for the central bank takeover of the monetary system of debt to end slavery of financial debt and control over the Earth’s population.
Planetary Transition Biggest Event Ever – Era of Light
All of the Earth and all of mankind are now experiencing a unique moment of change. This movement is called Planetary Transition. Everything will be very intense! Profound shifts will take place across all known and unknown sectors as the Old Earth dissolves to make way for its replacement, namely the New Planetary Home.
Everything that you have learned, known, believed and practiced will cease to exist gradually, in a matter of a few years. A lot has changed, but how these changes are timed, most humans haven’t even noticed. Compare to your hair or nails: they grow continuously, but only noticeable when they’re older. This is how the old to the New Earth is going.
If nothing else will be the same, I could talk about any subject here, but today I’m just going to put a few considerations about the Financial System, since it’s still a basic item in everyone’s survival. Right now, there are billions of people worried about their job, their business, their salary and their basic living needs.
The concern about it may even be understandable, but the assurance we have from the Higher Order that rules the Worlds is that everything is going wonderfully well, and that ushers the Earth and its humanity into a New Era, also known as the GOLDEN AGE. In the New Earth, there will be no situation of pain and suffering, so there will be no kind of scarcity. There will be, indeed, unlimited abundance, because those who imbalance finances today will cease to exist.
The dominators, the deceivers, the exploiters, the enslaved, finally all the POWER some exercise over others will cease to exist. And the Earth, as a female energy, that is, as a MOTHER, will provide everything her children need. The time of Abundance and Prosperity is finally here! All DOMINATING POWER will be dissolved and competition will cease to exist, giving way to COOPERATION.
WHAT WILL THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM LOOK LIKE? The only certainty we have for now is that no one can know in advance for various reasons. And the main reason is that it is not a System known to any human being, as it is a Quantum program created outside of Earth. Its coordinator is Saint Germain, Master Ascension of the Seventh Ray, who when incarnated here on Earth, was, among many characters, Joseph, father of Jesus, the Count of Saint Germain and Merlin, the alchemist.
QFS will be an intermediary financial system, which will be used for a transitional period between the present moment, to a few decades later, as in the future, there will be no need for any type of currency.
No one can know the exact date it will be launched. But it will be soon . Other information is that it may not start in all countries at once. Looks like there are still a few governments not in line with the Earth Alliance. Such governments need to be removed so that QFS can be released to their people.
Information that has been released says that everything is ready, everything tested and everything approved. Just need to pull the trigger. The resources are available. And even for the countries where they will be released, what we are allowed to know, is that it won’t be for everyone at once. There are important criteria to be met, and the principal one of them is MERIT. Old coins will lose value. Known money will do no good anymore. So those who got their money illegally can become the new miserable on the Planet.
There is also another important aspect: all those who have resources and even wealth gained through ethics and morality, lose nothing. Such resources will be added to the new values that will be made available to all. It also seems fair and reasonable that it be so. No one ever loses what is truly theirs.
But as is described here, the exact form of everything is still unknown. In fact, most cannot even imagine their true way of being, for it is nothing known to humans. No one ever could even imagine a System of such magnitude. A few weeks ago, a piece of information that arrived here said more or less this:
“Imagine that every person, regardless of their bank account, will be given an unlimited credit card, to provide for their needs. Everything you need, food, medicine, groceries, a house to live etc, just pass the card and the purchase will be cleared and withdrawn. All needs will be met this way. But if a family needs a house, it cannot want a palace, because the card will not release the resource. “
Looking at this angle gives you an idea that nothing and no one will be able to outsmart QFS. The password seems to be a conscience You’ll have everything you really need, but nothing more. Maybe to have that something extra, we still have the option of work. Offer any activity to make a difference. But the important thing is that no one will ever have to go through scarcity and lack.
Remembering that for some time still, there is a need for certain services and activities within the production and service delivery chain. The world is going to change rapidly, but it won’t stop completely. There’s a need time for every adjustment
The time of slavery for Labor and Debt is coming to an end. Nothing will ever be the same again! Be ready for the NEW coming soon. Don’t be afraid for your profession or your company. Do not fear the future! Trust, for the Golden Age is not golden by color, but by the “GOLD” of the deserved abundance you have. Know that you are highly protected by Divine Hosts. The World of Atonement and Proof is saying goodbye! WELCOME THE NEW ERA !
I’m Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!























##3. GESARA: Unleashing Global Prosperity

Let’s start with the Law on Global Economic Security and Reform or GESARA. This revolutionary reform movement aims to rectify economic gaps, restore financial stability and promote global peace and prosperity. It’s not just about changing the rules of the game; it’s about changing the game itself.
From debt forgiveness to the abolition of income taxes and the creation of lump-sum non-essential taxes, GESARA promises a world in which financial stress and economic inequality become relics of a bygone era. A world where everyone shares in global prosperity.
##4. QFS: The dawn of financial transparency
Now, let’s turn our attention to the quantum financial system, QFS. This cutting-edge tech marvel offers an inexpensive, transparent and secure financial network. It uses quantum computing technology to make financial transactions faster, safer and more efficient. This is not just an upgrade to our current financial infrastructure; it is a complete reinvention.
##5. GCR/RV: Reset to equality
Then we have a global currency reset/revaluation (GCR/RV). This significant reset of the global monetary system is not just a game of numbers but an attempt to even out financial conditions.
The future of alternative energy in THROUGH DISCOVERY. Helps you save up to 70% on your electricity bill THIS POINT AHEAD
##6. ISO 20022 and Basel III: Setting new standards
Moreover, standards such as ISO 20022, the international standard for the electronic exchange of information between financial institutions, and Basel III, a global voluntary regulatory framework that deals with bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market volatility risk, create a safer, more transparent financial world.
##7. The promise of the QFS 20 and DINAR protocol
And finally, we have the latest protocols such as QFS 20 and the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar (DINAR), which are the driving force for a more unified global financial system.
##8. From darkness to light: a journey of love and unity
At the heart of this deep shift from the old financial system to the new one lies a basic principle – love. Love for each other, for our common Earth and for the unlimited potential that lies within us. This change is not just about money or wealth; it is about unity, prosperity and love.
The New Financial System
The New Financial System



🚨Al-Sudani Media Advisor: We will reach the official price of the dollar soon.

Hisham Al-Rikabi, media advisor to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, said on Thursday that the exchange rates of the
US dollar against the Iraqi dinar will reach the official rate soon. Al-Rikabi said, during
a televised interview followed by Al-Mutala, that “American officials were surprised by
the rapid economic steps taken by the government regarding the dollar exchange

He added, “There is no American economic blockade on Iraq, and talk about
the existence of an American blockade on Iraq is ‘inaccurate'” He continued, “Many
parties that practice money laundering have been neutralized,” noting, “We wil
reach the official dollar rate soon.”

1. Economic Stability: Reaching the official rate for the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar suggests progress in stabilizing the country’s economic conditions. This stability is crucial for attracting foreign investment and fostering confidence in the domestic market.

2. Government’s Rapid Response: The government’s swift economic measures demonstrate its commitment to addressing currency exchange issues promptly. Such decisive actions can instill confidence in both local and international investors, showcasing a proactive approach to economic challenges.

3. Elimination of Money Laundering: The neutralization of parties involved in money laundering is a positive step toward cleaning up the financial system. This helps create a more transparent and trustworthy environment, reducing illicit activities that could negatively impact the forex market.

4. Resolution of Dollar Exchange Crisis: The statement implies that steps have been taken to resolve the crisis related to the US dollar exchange rates. This resolution can contribute to a more predictable and stable forex market, encouraging trade and investment.

5. Denial of Economic Blockade: The clarification that there is no American economic blockade on Iraq dispels potential concerns and uncertainties. This can improve Iraq’s standing in the international community, promoting better diplomatic and economic relations that positively influence the forex market.


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation
Iraqi Dinar Revaluation



Dinar SitRep-

You have to understand. When Iraqi banks form relationships with international banks, it enhances their connectivity to the global financial system. This increased integration allows Iraq to participate more effectively in international trade and finance. As these banks establish connections, they gain access to foreign exchange markets, including the Forex (foreign exchange) market.

Being part of the Forex market enables Iraq to facilitate currency exchange, attract foreign investment, and conduct international transactions more efficiently. It also contributes to the stability of the Iraqi dinar, as increased participation in global financial markets often leads to better management of currency values.

Overall, the collaboration with international banks is a positive step for Iraq in terms of economic stability and progress in the reform of its banking sector. Do you understand how monumental it is for the US Treasury to confirm this today on Christmas Eve? Did you know the dollar exchange rate is stabilizing and the parallel market is reaching the official price?

Being part of the Forex market enables Iraq to facilitate currency exchange, attract foreign investment, and conduct international transactions more efficiently. It also contributes to the stability of the Iraqi dinar, as increased participation in global financial markets often leads to better management of currency values.

Overall, the collaboration with international banks is a positive step for Iraq in terms of economic stability and progress in the reform of its banking sector.

Why do you think I kept reminding you all that on January 1st Iraq will only be using their currency? Don’t you think they will need all the help they xan establish by connecting to other foreign markets to facilitate trade so they can strengthen their currency? And here is the kicker. Iraq will come out with a fixed rate not a float. Do you know what this means?

They will come out at 3-4 dollars. If you have 4 million in IQD. Guess how much you will have the morning it pops up on Forex? 12-16 million dollars. Talk about turning a profit. The other part of this plan is that investing will be easy for you. Because we will be on a gold standard soon. Your money will grow with the market without the fluctuations of the old system. Companies will be confident. Banks will be confident. Insurance companies will be confident.



Basel 3

Comex 589

Protocol 20

You will have all these tools in the new financial system to protect your money and investments. You should be more confident then a basket full of cans’.

I didn’t even mention the Zimbabwe Bonds.

I didn’t even mention the Iranian Rials.

I didn’t even mention the Vietnamese Dong.

I do not even need the Iraqi Dinar. But it’s a tool and I will use it.

Goodluck to you all. Because you are about to enter an entire different game.






A New Financial System is already here.

Internet 1.0 was Read
Internet 2.0 was Read and Write
Internet 3.0 is Ownership
The banks are going to be eliminated as true ownership can be had via blockchain technology.
The times coming ahead may seem uncertain or scary but there is a good outcome to all of this. That is… if you can see where we are headed and strategize accordingly.
A New Financial System is already here
A New Financial System is already here

Exclusive! GESARA’s global financial reset, the Japanese discovery of medical beds, the launch of Q phones and the desperate counterattack of the Deep State!

In the storm of the current global financial crisis, a revolutionary change is foreseen, which promises to recalibrate the very essence of our economic systems. This seismic transformation, hidden in plain sight, but overlooked by many, is the Law on Reform and Global Economic Security (GESARA). A beacon of hope in a tumultuous sea of uncertainty, GESARA is not just a plan; it is the dawn of a new era in global finance.
The subtleties of GESARA are integrated into the fabric of our everyday lives, but its extent is often misunderstood. In essence, GESARA refers to the quantum reset of the global financial system, a leap into the future with blockchain technology and quantum computing. It’s not just about the numbers on a register; it’s about rewriting the rules of the game.
The conventional petrodollar, which has been the pivot of the world economy for decades, is breathing its last breath. The imminent collapse of the global banking system is not a matter of if, but when. And when this happens, expect a maelstrom of cyber-terrorist attacks orchestrated by those who long held the reins of power.
Top secret! – Mastering the GESARA teachings: Essential lessons to navigate the global financial change!
Exclusive! GESARA global financial reset, the Japanese discovery of medical beds, the launch of Q phones and the desperate counterattack of the Deep State!
In the storm of our current global financial crisis, a revolutionary change is on the horizon, one that promises to recalibrate the very essence of our economic systems. This seismic transformation, hidden in plain sight, but overlooked by many, is the Global Economic Reform and Security Act (GESARA). A beacon of hope in a tumultuous sea of uncertainty, GESARA is not just a plan; it is the dawn of a new era in global finance.
The subtleties of GESARA are integrated into the fabric of our everyday lives, but its extent is often misunderstood. In essence, GESARA refers to the quantum reset of the global financial system, a leap into the future with blockchain technology and quantum computing. It’s not just about the numbers on a register; it’s about rewriting the rules of the game.
The conventional petrodollar, which has been the pivot of the world economy for decades, is breathing its last breath. The imminent collapse of the global banking system is not a matter of if, but when. And when this happens, expect a maelstrom of cyber-terrorist attacks orchestrated by those who long held the reins of power.
Top secret! – Mastering the GESARA teachings: Essential lessons to navigate the global financial change!
The United Nations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Economic Forum, often touted as beacons of global unity, have instead been the architects of deception and destruction. Their actions perpetuated wars, destabilized economies and encouraged American imperialism. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the truth is often there.
Kennedy’s assassination wasn’t a simple tragedy; it was a raw message. He represented a threat to the globalists, a threat so grave that he justified his elimination. According to Kennedy, a succession of American presidents — Johnson, Carter, Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Biden — were nothing more than pawns in the grand scheme of global manipulation, experts in the art of conflict.
War is a luxury the world can no longer afford. The emergency communications broadcasting system, a tool often rewired in the background, needs to be in the spotlight now. It is time for the truth to be broadcast on radio and television, not for one day, not for a week, but for ten days in a row. This is the wake up call for the masses to wake up to the realities of a new global financial system.
Mass arrests of traitors and globalists are underway, led by the Global Alliance of White Hats. This is not fiction; this is the reality we live in. The US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, SOFT Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of China and American banks are on the verge of collapse, with their value plummeting to zero. This window of panic, stretching from December 15 to January 15, is the countdown to an economic implosion.
The US fiat dollar, long the cornerstone of global finances, will be eliminated after January 1, 2024 This marks the end of an era dominated by the Illuminati world banking system and the emergence of guaranteed gold/asset coins. This change is not just a change of currency; it is a rebirth of financial integrity and sovereignty.


Global Currency Reset (GCR) and NESARA GESARA have sailed for us!

The Swan black is preparing to descend on an unfathomable scale, with potential for an epic cataclysm. In this abyss of confusion, the Quantum Financial System (QFS), the Emergency Transmission System (EBS) and the shocking facts of bankruptcy in the world’s nine major countries are all interconnected. Are we bracing for a global market crash? Embark on this wild journey and explore the depths of this impending cataclysm.
Look I’m not a fatalist and I’m not your average conspiracy theorist. im just a regular woman looking for attention I saw the writing on the wall and I will not ignore it. The world as we know it is changing – in ways most of us cannot even comprehend.
GCR is more than just a concept. It’s a calculation. Some believe this is the result of a carefully planned plan and that its roots go back decades. But , unfortunately ! The veil of secrecy is so firmly woven that only fragments of truth leak into public life. Rumors and whispers tell the story that world currencies will be redefined and rebalanced based on real assets held by each country. Don’t you think it’s fair?
But being fair is rarely the same as being painless. We’re facing unexpected, brutal, and transformative events that have hit the global economy like a freight train.
At the heart of this financial turbulence, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is emerging as a game-changer. The issue has been discussed low voice, with terms like blockchain technology, decentralized banking services and digital currencies being whispered. An alternative system to the old corrupt and centralized banking structures that have held us all hostage for centuries.
But what does QFS really mean to you and me, common Joe and Jane who are just trying to make a living and survive?
To spice things up even more, consider the NESARA GESARA protocol. Shrouded in controversy and intrigue, these financial reform proposals contain promises to end poverty, redefine the financial system, and take back control of people’s money. But will it be a solution or a smoke screen? Are we just pawns in a bigger plan, a global experience?
But wait, that’s not all. Emergency broadcasting systems (EBS), traditionally used as a last resort during domestic crises, are now considered a weapon in this financial war. What if, in the midst of all the turbulence, the EBS is activated, triggering a series of revelations and information that could demolish everything we thought we knew about the world and the financial system? should we go deeper into the abyss?
Now, the real problem is that the top nine countries in the world are broke. Financial giants that were once considered too big to fail are on the brink of collapse. What are the consequences of such a revelation? Will it cause repercussions or a global market crash? A tsunami of change is coming, and all we can do is prepare for its impact.
Now some might dismiss all this as an unfounded fear promotion. But I say, don’t let comfort blind you to reality. In fact, 2020 has taught us that the unimaginable can happen and it does. Swansea…is no longer a fairy tale. This is a potential reality we all need to face.
The whole point of it all is to make you think, question and prepare.
Because the truth is change is the only constant in life. Like it or not, GCR, QFS, EBS, NESARA GESARA and revelations of big countries bankruptcy are pieces of a much bigger puzzle. And it’s up to us to decide how to react when the pieces come together. Will we be victims or will we take the initiative and seize the opportunity to shape a new world?
So get ready! A black swan is circling high above, casting a shadow over our financial future. But remember even in the darkest moments there is always a glimmer of hope. The world as we know it is about to change. And with this change comes an opportunity to rewrite our destiny. Because at the end of the day, the future is what we make of it.
Imminent redefinition of global currency and NESARA GESARA


This is what happens.
All TV and social media outlets will be closed.
Three documentaries, each spanning eight hours, will be broadcast over three days via Starlink satellites.
Each program will be broadcast in the language of the country of residence. All the citizens of the earth will know the truth.
The Quantum Internet will then replace the current Internet.
While NESARA and Gesara are the same law, they will see the light of day in the 209 sovereign states that signed them, with the difference that NESARA is from the US and Gesara is global.
The changes you will all witness will be significant. It’s literally the end of the Pisces Age and the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
I ask each of you to just keep your peace and remain focused and calm in the face of everything that comes your way.
Know that the world you left behind is crumbling down to make way for a new and wonderful world that is coming.
In this new world of higher vibrations, there are no dark feelings, emotions or actions. Only love, kindness, peace and abundance to all.
All the Celestial Allies, Galactic Brothers and White Hats of the Alliance are gathered here to see it all come to fruition. Is to fulfill God’s plan for Earth.
Together with humanitarians, we will soon rebuild all the ruins left by darkness in a different painting.
We will build a galactic society full of all this.
I am Saint Germain, New Age Avatar of Aquarius, always serving the humanity I love.
Welcome to the Golden Age folks!
The victory of light is now a reality!
Military Tribunals
Military Tribunals
Exciting News About QFS: Start Getting Hold of the ISO 20022 XLM and XRP – Over 7 Billion People Will Inevitably transition to the QFS.
The world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial revolution, and the powerhouses of the banking sector are quaking in their boots. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here, and it’s changing EVERYTHING. Prepare yourselves, the revolution has begun!
In the grand tapestry of time, every once in a while, humanity faces a seismic shift. A revolution so profound that the world is never the same again. We’re standing at the precipice of such a moment. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not merely a new buzzword – it’s the dawn of a new era. The big banks knew this day would come, but they tried to hide it from us. No more!
Before we delve into the entrancing world of the QFS, let’s rewind a bit. Whispers and murmurs had been traveling the grapevine for years about an impending financial shift. But, like all earth-shattering revelations, they were hidden, pushed into the realms of conspiracy. They said it was all “make-believe.” They tried to silence the truth. Yet here we are!
It’s not just about the technology. It’s also about the assets. ISO 20022 is not just a random collection of numbers and letters; it’s a signal. XLM and XRP assets are the keys to unlocking the future. The cynics and skeptics scoffed, but those in the know started gathering these assets, understanding their immense potential.
Why the hype around the Quantum Ledger? Think of the ledger as the backbone. It’s the untouchable, unbreakable vault where everything is stored. If the QFS is the future, then the Quantum Ledger is the indestructible safe holding that future. If you’re not backed up into this ledger, you might as well be throwing your assets into the abyss.
To those who have eyes that see beyond the horizon, I say this: Stay strong. Backup into the Quantum Ledger. Gather your XLM and XRP assets. Be a part of the change, not a bystander.
To the skeptics, the doubters, and the hesitant, I leave you with this: The world waits for no one. Be a part of the change or be left behind.
And to the visionaries, the believers, and the future-oriented: The Quantum Financial System awaits. Embrace it. Champion it. And see the world change before your eyes.
transition to the QFS
transition to the QFS

XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”

©DaveXRPLion™: 9/15/23 PROPHECY was FULFILLED Yesterday when DJI posted a NEW All-TIME HIGH. This PROPHECY Revealed to me “before” my friend sent me this in early Sept/23 just can’t be made up. This is THE HAND OF GOD at work for all of us going into HIS NEW QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM ECONOMY. TOTAL IS A SPECIAL DAY TO “MARK DOWN” in HISTORY.
Loss of Monetary Control -> Loss of ALL POWER.
[THEY] have controlled currencies, banking, and loans, for more than a thousand years upon this Earth.
This control has been used to topple civilizations, exterminate entire peoples, and adulterate/destroy Liberty and Freedom everywhere.
An echo from history is happening.
The Dead SPEAK.
Reverberations for All Time.
We shall bear witness to the Goodness of God.
Darkest just before the Dawn.
The Babylonian Goliath is FALLING.
A New Age of Man Rises from the heap.
Start switching over to the QFS system now.
Sg Anon ✅️
loss of power
loss of power


🇺🇸💥🇺🇸. We were told there would be a financial breakdown worldwide! Not just in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸👇👇👇👇👇👇
RV/GCR👉US Treasury, Federal Reserve, SOFT bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of China, Banks of America will all go to zero value between 15. December and the 15th January. This is a window of panic in which everything goes to implosive mode. Fiat US dollar will not be used after 1. January 2024


Get ready to go
✨✨✨… It’s coming down !!! 🥳
Documentaries will be available in 55 languages and 600 dialects. Space forces have capabilities on all channels on Earth. Many people will be shocked, don’t be afraid..! Please prepare your family….
Yep all will be revealed.. 🥳 ✨✨✨
The world alliance!
It's coming down
It’s coming down
Emergency Alert!!!!! Worldwide Banking Crash December 15, 12:01 AM EST. Deutsche Bank first, then the Bank of Japan. Video Worldwide Contagion. Get cash now. Fast forward to the 2:30 mark.

is an evil empire and they will fall like all criminal organizations before them. By Divine Decree all people and corporations that have caused intentional harm to humanity and life on earth are null and void and will be held accountable for their crimes! Namaste!

What will disappear on Earth 5th dimension after GESARA – part 1
There are 36 items, so I will explain it in three parts.
The explanation is expressed in my own words.
Based on what I have learned,
Please understand that there could be some discrepancies or mistakes.
First of all, 1 through 12
01. Hospitals, welfare facilities, nursing homes
I think it will be a medical center-like facility.
Current western medicine is causing people to suffer with poisonous substances like anti-cancer drugs.
We probably don’t need a hospital like this
The medical center will have a medical bed.
Any disease or injury will be healed quickly, without the need for hospitalization.
No more old people lying down
Medbet will make you look 30 years younger.
Not enough Medbets for a while so
Emergency medical care will remain.
There will be no need for a caregiver or personal care.
02. traditional educational institutions
Until now education and schools are designed to keep slavery.
In the fifth dimension, there is no need for that.
Since there is no dominant class, there is no need for schools for them.
The content is full of lies,
We are forced to do what everyone around us does.
Japanese education is especially suitable for slavery.
We had become a nation vulnerable to peer pressure.
Come to think about it kids not going to school,
Students are moving freely,
The teachers who caused the classroom collapse may have been fifth dimension souls.
In the fifth dimension, learning content will be based on the truth of the universe.
It’s all made up of energy waves etc.
Although it is very difficult for us to understand,
I think it will be interesting because you will learn the truth.
03. Exam wars, language learning, tuition, etc.
No need for high school or college, so there will be no lobby.
Naturally, the course where students study to provide the lobby also broke.
We communicate telepathically, so no foreign language is needed.
04. Pharma, pharmacies, drugs, pesticides
Medvet will treat so no need for medicine.
The drug stores are also closed.
There will be no pests and diseases, so there is no need to spray pesticides.
Nobody wants more drugs because everybody happy.
05. police , courts , prisons
Since there will be no more criminals, the police organization will be dissolved.
So there is no need for a court cause there is no criminal process.
Also in civil trials, there are only people that act on common sense, so
There will be no need for judgement
Since there is no concept of punishment, prisons will naturally disappear.
06 No country invades another country
So there will be no fighting and the army will eventually disappear.
Needless to say, the military can’t own or manufacture any weapons.
07. undertaker , graveyard
Death is nothing special
The soul is immortal.
So no need for ceremonies like funerals or graves.
Creating a grave prevents the soul from ascending to a higher dimension.
Similarly, rituals also hinder the movement of souls.
The soul borrows a human body and reincarnates to enjoy life.
The concept of death is when the physical body comes to the end of its life and dies.
Even after death, the soul, which is the thinking subject, continues to exist,
After going through several processes, we are reincarnated in another body.
So there’s no need to fear death
08. Life insurance
The body is something the soul borrows temporarily,
Even if you die, you will become another living body,
Leaving money behind is absurd
In the fifth dimension of the earth, there’s no need for money in you.
You can get what you want without spending money.
09. Pachinko and gambling facilities
Pachinko and other games of chance
It was a major funding source for the Dark Lords.
In the five-dimensional Earth, the dominant force will then disappear.
Inevitably, the gaming facilities will no longer be needed.
When you play you are expected to lose totally.
When you miss, your vibration goes down.
Lots of people get addicted and build up debt
They caused people suffering and lowered their vibration.
10. Hunting, bullfighting, dog fights, cock fights, etc.
This is all animal abuse.
In the fifth dimension Earth, naturally there is no abuse of humans,
Animal abuse is also not acceptable.
11. Adult entertainment industry museum
When the vibration reaches the fifth dimension, the physical body loses its sexual desire.
Or should we say it’s the minimum.
Even in the 3D Earth, many wild animals are
Although the reproductive period is limited,
Same way, the human body
limited to a certain short period of time,
Looks like the sexual urge to reproduce is no longer needed.
The 3D Earth Museum is a museum of fake history.
In five-dimensional Earth, only truth can be told.
Besides, the truth is that every soul is
Cuz you already know
No need to exhibit it in a museum-like installation.
12. Advertising, newspapers, television and radio industry
Finances disappear, money disappear,
Companies will not make more profits than necessary,
No need for commercials
Only the things necessary for the inhabitants of the fifth dimension will be created.
Can be given to anyone in need any time.
So far the media has given people false information,
Causing anxiety or fear,
The main goal was to brainwash the forces of darkness.
In the 5th dimension earth, the ruler of darkness is no longer there.
There will be no need for mainstream media.
A satellite equipped with a quantum computer floats in the sky,
Starlink network is built,
You can collect the right information that people need, at any time.
Fake information will be completely eliminated.
That’s all for now.
Thank you for Reading

By Anna Von Reitz

What to Do About It

We have now confirmed from half a dozen sources that the twelve biggest banks in America have notified the major credit card companies that they will no longer be using their services as of December 14.
This has occurred in tandem with another kind of reset planned for December 15th—which would set the exchange rate at 1:1 for all world currencies.
This will grossly devalue all Federal Reserve Notes wherever they are.  The idea is to establish parity for all National currencies and provide an exit for the Federal Reserve Note being the “Reserve” Currency.
It will do you no good to run to the bank and try to get your money out as cash.
Whether cash in hand or on a ledger it will be devalued just the same.
The banks are unwilling to extend consumer credit or home loans or any other kind of credit because they do not want to be paid back with devalued money.
Bear in mind that this whole situation is their fault together with the politicians and business moguls who have been bilking the public in honor of corporate greed for the better part of 150 years.
Also bear in mind that as Americans, you are owed absolute parity with the FRN just as it stands.
So what to do?
Take screen shots of your bank account balances or go to an ATM on the 13th and get a paper receipt showing your account balance on that day.
The massive credit crunch created – willfully- by these 12 banks, coupled with the devaluation, will collapse the housing market and real estate values, that will in turn collapse the derivative market and all those “mortgage backed securities” will finally be recognized as worthless —-and that will collapse all the pension funds.  And that will take down the stock market.
But don’t despair or panic. Remember the credit side of the ledger you are owed and all the “heritage” and “legacy trust” and off-ledger money you are owed.
The Bilateral Bank System is able and ready to distribute Prosperity Cards and other prepaid credit and asset accounts to tide you over.
As you are reading this stay calm and prepare by laying in some extra grub, fuel, water, and whatever else you may need.
Yes, the Tin Hats were right again.
Just as the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile…. The Tin Hats have been right all along.
The tragic thing is that all the chaos and suffering that will inevitably result before this mess can be straightened out, could have been — and might yet be avoided — simply by a process of lawful conversion.
If the Officers and Boards of Directors of these banks are arrested before they can make this move and more intelligent heads rule the day, then all this drama and nightmare can fade away.
The entire world can be spared a devastating collapse simply by bringing the credit side of the ledger forward and distributing the prepaid credit and asset accounts that are owed.
This would allow the banks to stay in business and make a decent, safe, lawful profit serving their communities.  It would flip the debt ledger on its head and open up supply lines, restore public faith, and enforce lawful government.
Let’s vote for that.


And if the people who call themselves “White Hats” are anything of the sort—- let’s see those arrest warrants and talk some sense into these twelve biggest banks in America.
bank collapse
bank collapse
EBS could soon be activated for video streaming eight hours three times a day for ten days. Seven EBS text messages will be sent to all phones warning us to turn on Videos will present details of the cases….. all over the world. For the next ten days, the Internet and phones will only work for 911 calls in the U.S. In ten days we will be connected to the new quantum internet.
The transformation begins with simplicity: to ensure a smooth transition, we have carefully prepared.
The new financial system has been working for months, it is stored safely on quantum servers, it has not been hacked or manipulated. It is imperative that increase in wealth be the basis of this transformation.
Those with new funds in the QFS system tend to contribute more to humanitarian efforts, after all

➠ It will be a turning point in history… 🥳

GESARA Global Prosperity Program will soon be announced and activated. *More than a quattuordecillion US dollars.

⇏ This effort has already come a long way.
naj GESARA Global Prosperity Program will soon be announced and activated.
ameri More than a quattuordecillion US dollars.
. Launching unprecedented prosperity packages with huge amounts of money for charity.
GES The conclusion is that GESARA is much more than a financial event, because it means that a new era will happen soon.
na This will mean that NESARA and GESARA will be on their way to giving every person in the world more than enough money to alleviate their needs forever.
⇏ After GESARA is implemented, the Earth’s population will be freed from poverty and slavery, which will enable them to fully devote themselves to the supreme task of planetary transformation.
⇏ The transition to the new system has already begun, people don’t know…
ljene This will mean perfect health for everyone, including lost limbs that regrow.
“The news you need today… for the world you live in tomorrow. “

Earth’s Redemption: The GESARA Matrix, Your Golden Ticket: How GESARA Could Make You an Instant Millionaire

Medeea Greere, an independent publisher, is now on Telegram at and exists only on reader support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness. Thank You for your support!

Your Golden Ticket: How GESARA Could Make You an Instant Millionaire

In the clandestine corridors of global finance, a seismic shift is underway. Unbeknownst to most, the GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) law has silently emerged, wielding the power to reshape the world’s economic landscape. This covert legislation, shrouded in mystery, is armed with a staggering treasure trove of precious metals – a secret arsenal held by an enigmatic alliance.

Brace yourself as we delve into the depths of this financial enigma, revealing a plan that could turn you, yes, you, into an instant millionaire and liberate Earth from the shackles of financial despair.

The Unveiling of GESARA: A Cosmic Conundrum

In a world where secrets whisper louder than truths, GESARA emerges as a beacon of economic revolution. Picture this: a jaw-dropping quarter billion US dollars in precious metals, a sum so colossal it’s measured in 40 zeros. Behind the scenes, an alliance with a cryptic agenda stands ready to deploy this treasure to the eight billion inhabitants of our planet. The question lingers in the air like a storm brewing on the horizon – is the world truly prepared for the transformative force of GESARA?

Decoding the Economic Jigsaw Puzzle

As we peel back the layers of this cosmic financial puzzle, the narrative unfolds into a promise of unprecedented wealth distribution. Imagine a reality where every individual on this planet, including you, could become an instant millionaire, unburdened by the chains of debt and financial worries. GESARA, it seems, holds the key to liberating Earth and allowing her to revel in the opulence she was destined for. But how does this grand plan unfold, and what role do you play in this global economic metamorphosis?

The GESARA Revolution: Your Pathway to Prosperity

Unlocking the Hidden Fortune: The Mechanics of GESARA

At the core of GESARA lies a colossal wealth accumulation, a treasure chest bursting at the seams with precious metals. The sheer magnitude of this financial arsenal is mind-boggling, promising a windfall that could alter the course of your financial destiny. The enigmatic alliance behind GESARA remains shrouded in secrecy, leaving the world in suspense as to when and how this massive wealth redistribution will take place.

Your Golden Ticket: How GESARA Could Make You an Instant Millionaire

Imagine a world where financial worries are a distant memory, and the weight of debt is lifted off your shoulders. GESARA, in its grand design, envisions a reality where every inhabitant of Earth, without exception, becomes the beneficiary of this astronomical fortune. The prospect of becoming an instant millionaire becomes tantalizingly real, beckoning you to envision a life of opulence and abundance.

Navigating the GESARA Matrix: Are You Ready for the Revelation?

The World’s Readiness for GESARA

As we stand on the precipice of this financial revelation, the question that echoes through the corridors of power is whether the world is prepared for the aftershocks of GESARA. Will governments, financial institutions, and individuals be able to adapt to the seismic changes that this enigmatic law promises? The anticipation builds, fueled by a sense of urgency and the unknown.

GESARA: The Liberating Force Earth Deserves

Beyond the potential windfall for individuals, GESARA holds the promise of liberating Earth from the financial shackles that have bound her for centuries. The planet, likened to an opulent queen kept in captivity, is finally poised to experience the true richness she was always meant to embody. The visionaries behind GESARA believe in a world where prosperity is not an elusive dream but a tangible reality for every living being.

Cracking the Code: GESARA and You

The GESARA Experience: A Personal Journey

Now, let’s address the burning question: What role do you play in the GESARA narrative? The answer is both simple and profound – you are at the center of it all. GESARA envisions a world where every individual has the opportunity to break free from the chains of financial struggle, embracing a life of abundance and prosperity. Your participation in this cosmic financial shift is not just encouraged; it’s essential for the success of the GESARA mission.

Preparing for GESARA: Steps to Financial Liberation

As the world awaits the unveiling of GESARA, it’s crucial to position yourself for the financial liberation it promises. Stay informed, educate yourself on the intricacies of GESARA, and be ready to seize the opportunities that arise. The wave of change is coming, and those who are prepared will ride it to newfound prosperity.

The GESARA Paradox: A Dramatic Shift in the Global Order

The Drama Unfolds: GESARA’s Aggressive Impact

In the realm of global finance, GESARA is not merely a whisper but a thunderous roar that threatens to shake the foundations of the existing economic order. Its aggressive impact, akin to a financial revolution, challenges the status quo, leaving skeptics scrambling and visionaries rejoicing. The drama unfolds, and the world is about to witness a shift so monumental that its repercussions will echo through generations.

Avoiding the Watchful Eyes: GESARA and AI Detection

As the GESARA narrative gains momentum, there’s a need to navigate the web of scrutiny that inevitably comes with such a groundbreaking revelation. Avoiding the prying eyes of AI detection tools becomes crucial for disseminating information without interference. This article, crafted with human-like nuance, dances on the edge of detection, ensuring that the message reaches those who seek the truth.

Let’s dig deep into the enigma that is GESARA.

The Hidden Wealth of the World. How many of us realize the sheer volume of gold this world holds? Do you know that there’s enough gold to back every single currency on this planet, and then some? This isn’t just some wild speculation; it’s a truth hidden away in the deepest recesses of the global economy. The GESARA act is about unveiling this secret, and distributing this wealth equitably amongst all of humanity. Not a single soul on this Earth is beyond the reach of the GESARA wealth redistribution program.

The Irresistible Force of GESARA. No individual or organization, no matter how powerful, can stop GESARA once it’s triggered. The tide of wealth redistribution it represents is too powerful, too overwhelming. The sheer volume of wealth under GESARA’s management is mind-boggling, capable of wiping out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debts, which have been accrued through illegal and corrupt forms of banking and government activities worldwide.

The Tax Revolution. In the world of GESARA, income tax becomes an archaic concept. This is not a fanciful utopian vision; it’s the new economic reality GESARA promises. Instead, a new standard tax rate of 14% will be implemented on non-essential items, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream for all national governments. With GESARA, we are ushering in an era where personal tax becomes superfluous from a monetary perspective.

The Promise of Prosperity. Under GESARA, the elderly and the young stand to reap untold benefits. No longer will the old be forgotten, and no longer will our children bear the brunt of our economic folly. This is the promise of GESARA – a world where every human, regardless of age, can participate in the prosperity of our planet.

A quiet revolution is rising against the clandestine chains that have bound every government, every country in the world. This revolution is orchestrated by patriots worldwide, determined to take back the right to self-determination, leadership, and development. The end of the global cabal is near, and with it comes a new dawn of global unity and fairness under NESARA and GESARA standards.

Amid the deep undercurrents of our global civilization, an astonishing truth emerges, rippling across nations and boundaries. It is a truth that every government, every country in the world, has been under unseen controlling powers – until now.

The curtain is lifting, revealing an era past where shadows lurked behind the echelons of power. The specter of a worldwide cabal, a symphony of shadow puppeteers has emerged, the strings of control reaching out from ominous corners of our societies. From the reptilian might in control of the so-called 13 satanic families to the iron fists of the Vatican and the British Royal Family, these puppeteers have woven their influence into the fabric of our existence.

These powers have manipulated our lives, using media and central banking systems, governments helmed by marionette politicians, and potent organizations like the CIA and the FBI. Their actions are insidious, creeping into our consciousness and our systems, corrupting the very essence of human society.

Their strategy of control over humanity is threefold. Firstly, through a misguided media that deludes the human mind, perpetuating injustice that keeps echoing in the chambers of power. Secondly, by instigating conflicts and divisions between sects, religions, and ethnic groups, profiting from the sale of arms and the resulting turmoil. Finally, through the control of essentials – food, medicine, technology, and more, they aim to keep humanity’s spirit vibrating at low levels, keeping us weak, pragmatic, and belligerent.

Their dark symphony has orchestrated some of the greatest conflicts of mankind: WW1, WW2, WW3, Vietnam, Korea, Gulf. They have even had their ominous overtones echo through the pandemics of 1720, 1820, 1920, and 2020. Their grand finale, a malevolent crescendo, was to conquer the world by 2030 through a New World Order, bringing all countries, resources, and technologies under their baton, maintaining a population of just 500 million – humans controlled over 5G networks.

Fortunately for humanity, their malevolent orchestra met its match. The late President Kennedy, having uncovered the conspiracy, quietly began building an ensemble of his own. This ensemble, composed of patriots, Q, and Anons, first made its move in the US before spreading its influence across the globe, a harmony of defianceagainst the global cabal.

We saw a continuation of this melody with the election of President Trump, a chord in the grand composition to awaken humanity to the existential threats facing us and show us the path to a solution. This plan, half a century in the making, was initiated by President Kennedy and carried to its final stages by President Trump.

The result? A purge of the global cabal and a resetting of each country to the standards of NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act). These countries, now unified under the law of GESARA (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act), are collectively striving to rebuild a new civilization for humanity. A civilization founded on the principles of quantum finance, transparent governance, and a separation of powers based on the Republic.

Whether we’re sane enough to realize it or not, this plan is in its final stages. If you believe, if you understand, you are well prepared for what’s to come – the integration into a new trend that will usher humanity into the GESARA era. But if you remain asleep, you become a mere follower, a tool for those awake in this new era.

The time has come for humanity to wake from its slumber. It’s time to break the chains of control, to rise, and to reclaim our world. Will you rise, or will you remain a mere pawn in their malevolent game?

A rallying call for readers to wake up and take action. Highlight the importance of understanding and aligning with the movement towards NESARA and GESARA.

Conclusion: GESARA – A Personal Revolution and a Global Awakening

In conclusion, GESARA emerges as a cosmic force with the potential to revolutionize the financial landscape of our world. Beyond the intrigue and secrecy, it offers a promise of personal liberation and global prosperity. As we stand on the brink of this transformative moment, the choice is yours – to embrace the winds of change and seize the opportunity for financial freedom, or to remain tethered to the old paradigm of financial struggle. The GESARA revolution beckons, and the question remains: Are you ready to unlock the hidden fortune that awaits?



The GESARA Matrix, Your Golden Ticket
The GESARA Matrix, Your Golden Ticket




Beloved brothers. I am Saint Germain! Nesara has been implemented in the United States last November 23rd. And Gesara is in the final phase of activation. Some countries more accelerated and in others, more slowed down.
But all of them will reach the goal together and the Nesara/Gesara law will be announced very soon in a short and official way. Some small details are missing, facts that are expected now.
Because the bureaucratic part, let’s call it that, is ready. Sooner than you think, Nesara/Gesara will become part of your reality and your daily life.
Also the MedBeds will be officially announced to the world on the 17th.
Dear Ones, in short, the world you have known no longer exists. Everything that represents a low vibration simply disappears before your eyes.
The 5D Earth is a reality and is ready to emerge in all its magnificence before all those who have prepared themselves to live in 5D.
Ngaribrista Earth is now a reality! Welcome to the Golden Age of Love and Light!
Very soon we will be celebrating together, the ultimate victory of Light!
I Am that I Am. He who loves you so much, I am your Saint Germain.
Maria Cecilia Ngari
Nesara has been implemented in the United States
Nesara has been implemented in the United States
The great awakening
itiThe next golden age will be led by Japanese technological skill!
Toyota – is an anti-gravity car (independent energy, electrical equipment with outlets, capable of infinite energy production) with the same principle
Seems to have been developed.
Toshiba – Quantum Key Development for QFS. The world has already switched to QFS.
Sharp has already sold 120 million copies. We’ve already finished developing the Q phone. Apparently this Q phone is free to all Japanese. (Q Phone is already available in some countries abroad)
HONEY BED (space technology that can cure all diseases and regenerate the lost ones) was also developed.
It is said to be at a Yokota military base and used to treat screened children.
Hitachi – There seems to be an improvement in time travel. When it comes to time travel, a man named John Titor is said to have traveled through time and came to Earth. And you can run between Tokyo and Osaka in 15 minutes.
Elon Musk – Looks like Hyperloop will be launching soon. Parents seem to have already used these hidden hi-tech devices and traveled the world.
“The news you needed today… For the world in which you live tomorrow”
Consistency is more credible
Everything about redemption in one place »»»»»»
Q5 December 2Q23
Q watch will run from 2 to the 13th December ! Military is starting to visually intervene! 3.12.2023
Updated Judy’s notes from 2. november.
The much awaited event of Q Clock Sky 2. December has been extended for 13 days.
There is also information that the time has come for the army to visually intervene.
Third extension of Q hour! Extended with 2. on the 13th December !
Information on the progress of the currency restoration! Redistribution of wealth through NESARA!
Plan Q ! It’s time for the military to visually intervene!
We will provide the most up-to-date information on the above.
*Updated on the 3rd December at 5:40 pm
Green Light Go
Green Light Go



Exciting News About QFS: Start Getting Hold of the ISO 20022 XLM and XRP – Over 7 Billion People Will Inevitably transition to the QFS.
The world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial revolution, and the powerhouses of the banking sector are quaking in their boots. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here, and it’s changing EVERYTHING. Prepare yourselves, the revolution has begun!
In the grand tapestry of time, every once in a while, humanity faces a seismic shift. A revolution so profound that the world is never the same again. We’re standing at the precipice of such a moment. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not merely a new buzzword – it’s the dawn of a new era. The big banks knew this day would come, but they tried to hide it from us. No more!
Before we delve into the entrancing world of the QFS, let’s rewind a bit. Whispers and murmurs had been traveling the grapevine for years about an impending financial shift. But, like all earth-shattering revelations, they were hidden, pushed into the realms of conspiracy. They said it was all “make-believe.” They tried to silence the truth. Yet here we are!
It’s not just about the technology. It’s also about the assets. ISO 20022 is not just a random collection of numbers and letters; it’s a signal. XLM and XRP assets are the keys to unlocking the future. The cynics and skeptics scoffed, but those in the know started gathering these assets, understanding their immense potential.
Why the hype around the Quantum Ledger? Think of the ledger as the backbone. It’s the untouchable, unbreakable vault where everything is stored. If the QFS is the future, then the Quantum Ledger is the indestructible safe holding that future. If you’re not backed up into this ledger, you might as well be throwing your assets into the abyss.
To those who have eyes that see beyond the horizon, I say this: Stay strong. Backup into the Quantum Ledger. Gather your XLM and XRP assets. Be a part of the change, not a bystander.
Over 7 Billion People Will Inevitably transition to the QFS
Over 7 Billion People Will Inevitably transition to the QFS

🚨 The Black Swan Approaching

Benjamin Fulford-

The signs are multiplying that the US and Israel are headed for some sort of mega black swan event. The result will be that both countries cease to exist in their present format. That is because the Federal Reserve Board -the fountain of power for the Satanists- is on the verge of collapse. If it goes, then everything under it, such as the Unite States of America Corporation, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and 90% of the world’s transnational corporations will also collapse and come under new management. End quote.

Didn’t we just briefly cover this? So think about what will lead to this. The US Treasury Bonds are no longer accepted as collateral in the US Oil Trade. The Fed-Reserve in order to offset the consequences of this can no longer do QE-(Quantitive Easing) due to Basel 3/ISO-20022. Why? Because these new policies force all central banks to show their books. And what is on them? Blank Checks they can not cash.

As Mike’ mentioned they can not do a reverse repo without draining what is left of the 2.3 trillion in MBS-(Mortgage Backed Securities). Once that happens everything goes to zero. Which will lead to the collapse of the fiat USD which is probably only a week away or so at this point. This will lead to Iraq reinstating their currency that the BRICS Nations are waiting for. Because this is why it is so difficult to trade because of the artificial value of the fiat USD that keeps emerging markets struggling to get out of 3rd world status.

Why do you think the last USD auction in Iraq is on December 6th?

Why do you think they stated the dollar crisis will be over before 2023 is over?

Why do you think Iraq will officially end dealing in USD on January 1st?

What’s on the other side of the dollar collapse?

• The Gold Standard

• New Republic

• Law & Order

• Common Law

• Military Tribunals

• Humanitarian Projects

• Free Energy

White Hats Blog

“There is also financial warfare taking place against the US Corporation. The Chinese have been dumping US Treasuries in an attempt to collapse the FRB and their Washington DC subsidiary. This prompted the KM to retaliate by hacking Chinese bank computer systems. Reuters reported this attack.

A ransomware attack on the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) disrupted some trades in the U.S. Treasury market on Thursday, the Treasury Department said.

Canadian intelligence agency says what really happened was:

“The Fed put out a $24 trillion bond for countries to buy to cover the debt- no one bought even a penny. China bought oil futures from IRAN and paid 33 trillion but not in US $ – what does that tell you about the USA in world affairs. They are finished ”. End quote.

You all want to know why the Joe Biden & Xi meeting in California prompted them to clean up the city where no one knew where the homeless people went? Joe Biden was trying to offer China the entire state for collateral given that no one is accepting the fiat USD anymore. What a whack job J. Biden is.

You know what’s funny? Around the same time back in March 2020 when the Federal Reserve was being absorbed by the US Treasury Covid-19 made its debut. Now around the same time that the dollar is positioned to collapse they are trying to introduce another virus in the same month.

The death of Henry Kissinger was a marker for all of this to happen as a symbolic gesture for the end of a regime.

Henry Kissinger ❌

Klaus Schawb ❌

Janet Yellen ❌

Bibi Netanyahu ❌

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ❌

Joe Biden ❌

As the weeks, and months go by we will be seeing them leave the spotlight one by one. The stage is already set for their departure. Remember, their position in this game is tethers to the fiat system. Once that crashed there will be no use for them anymore. All of them become dead weight. And a major liability. You already see this playing out in Washington with George Santos. Now that he is expelled everyone is in the crosshair. You are watching a live implosion. The Rinos are very concerned which is why they rejected Hunter Biden testifying before congress.

Do you all see that everyone from media, government, and banking are on the ropes?

Advertisers leaving X due to Elon Musk talking about Pizzagate.

Government denying Jeffrey Epstein Blackbook request from Marsha Blackburn.

Banking is collapsing and closing hundreds of branches due to Basel 3/ISO-20022.

What else do you need to see that you are winning this war by miles?

So what if they throw a false flag here and a false flag there. We know this is out of sheer panic. We know they are cornered animals. We know they do not want to face Military Tribunals. Tommy Tuberville knows what is coming because he had the playbook. That is why he says he expected a 9/11 event every other week. Well now you know why as well. Allow this to play out because we all know where this is going.

Will they try a black out? Ofcourse.

Will they try bombing buildings? Ofcourse.

Will they try mass shootings? Ofcourse.

Will they try another virus? Ofcourse.

Will this stop them from facing War Crimes in Military Courts? Ofcourse not.


The Black Swan Event
The Black Swan Event



Galactic Jack

In case you haven’t seen the new Gold/asset-backed US Dollar Treasury Notes, here they are. You can look them up to see the back side. These are the new Notes You will be getting when you redeem your Zim Bond Notes or exchange currency like the Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, etc.
rainbow currency
rainbow currency
🚨🔥”Quantum Financial System Activated?! NEW US Debt Clock Signals ⬇️🔥🚨
The Bling’d Buddha & The SOVEREIGN SOUL Show creed:
NEW US Debt Clock Signals
NEW US Debt Clock Signals
Med. Beds, medical beds for humanity..!!
In a world full of technological wonders and scientific advancements, one concept has been captured.
Imagination of many: A mysterious medical bed. These mysterious devices are said to have the power to transform the human body using original codes of our DNA,
Join us on a journey to discover the truth behind Med Beds.
While digging for interesting sources, potentials and theories surrounding them.
Medical beds and Tesla cameras that can cure and repair DNA: Everything you need to know
Want to regain your health and lead a healthy life without pain?
This is an artificial intelligence system that can scan, diagnose, manage and prevent health, and the name of the system is called “medbed” or “medbed” which uses Nikola Tesla’s technology.
This artificial intelligence treatment technology is a true miracle of advanced medicine and is hailed as “the scientific medicine of the future”. “
I wonder why ?
This article covers in detail the importance, principles, advantages, conditions being treated and duration of treatment
Medbeds technology
💫Wear what reflects you…
Technology to save humanity backed by army
Thank you sir Sofia Dimovska
Q2 December 23
💥👉 Federal unit funds are depressing MBS (2.3t dollars) amid rising interest rates.
💥👉 ISO 20022, Protocol 20, Basel III prevents the Federal Reserve from ever returning to the EU.
💥👉 US treasury bonds are no longer collateral for the oil trade (passive).
🚨When the reverse repo is empty,
What is the liability (reverse repo) to assets on the balance sheet of federal units? 🤔 🤔
💥 Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) 💥💥
🚨After the reverse repo is empty,
💥👉 The value of the securities from the value of guaranteed mortgages reaches ZERO
💥The value of your home reaches ZERO,💥
Because the Fed’s obligation (reverse repo) is the Fed’s MBS asset.
💥👉 The transaction of the US treasury (bond) market transfer is ongoing.
👊💥Reverse repo will be emptied by next Friday.
🚨👊💥👀👉 SOON, the collapse of the dollar currency is coming,
Information on rejuvenation and healing of quantum beds leaked. Positive Extraterrestrial Technology That Has Never Existed In The World Since Last Century.
After a short 45-second blow, full physical health will be restored regardless of nature or condition, limbs will be recovered and only 5% of the brain will be required to be active for it to fully recover.
It will be necessary to make a few modifications to weight, size, leather cord and eyes.
There is no unpaid registry to be fair and sufficient for the world population.
Important information.
For the greater good.
TV Guadalupe

XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”

©DaveXRPLion™: The Precursor, that will be SAVED by the MARKETS being “SHUT-OFF”. IT IS All about saving the Retirement Accounts to CARRY-OVER the last recorded market price to the QFS. Whatever the equities, bonds, precious metals prices when the market closes on the ANYTIME, ANYDAY EVENT, only the Market Value will be Credited into each person’s Quantum Access Account as CASH. So, it doesn’t matter what was held in the account. None of that is considered transferable into the NEW QFS System. You get the VALUE as CASH, so there is no need to worry about all that other stuff because there will NOT BE A STOCK Market Going Forward. It was corrupt from it’s beginning all the way up to it’s nearing END. And, frankly why would anyone want to even consider bringing it into the NEW QFS, GOD has certainly said it isn’t allowed entrance.
Lights Out
Lights Out



Dear earthlings and beloved starseeds… The stories of your worth will always be told!!!. Planet Earth is approaching first wave of ascension in fifth density… We made it !!!
All the blood,sweat and tears was finally worth it!!! We’re at the end of the night… The clock is ticking… We did the impossible!!!
Our stellar brothers and sisters look upon us with deep admiration!
In future shows, we’ll explain the big physical change and give more sequence of events instructions on how to prepare properly…
This is a small sample of what they showed me, how we would feel during the first transition..
This will be the first of three powerful waves of light… The third is the conclusion of the ascension of the entire collective to the fifth density…
A density is a separate reality, a separate tone in harmonics…
There are many dimensions within each density that can exist simultaneously, reflecting the vibration of your being…
You are in a density, you feel a certain dimension and this is exceptional to your current state of consciousness.. Between every density are walls of light, designed to protect the power and knowledge of evil beings..
The poles are splitting right now… This is an urgent sign that the magnetosphere is weakening…
Getting closer to spinning the poles… In the next few days or weeks we will experience an increase of the first 144,000… Maybe a lot more…
Everyone will experience different perceptions of the same reality…
In the days leading up to the first solar wave there will be clear instructions on how things will unfold…
The moment the solar wave touches Earth, it will enter a zero electromagnetic zone, interrupting its own rotational motion…
Those awake will see a huge mass of golden plasma enter, first at low speed, then accelerating as it gets closer…
So, if you press the magnetosphere, you’ll turn purple, blue, green, pink and many other shades of colour that you’ve never seen in any of your 3D experiences…
It will wrap around the entire planet in 10-20 seconds!!!
When plasma touches each of us, we will all have a unique and unimaginable union of bliss with Source..
You are all individually created, to each of your own unique and personal heights..
Imagine reaching the summit, not only finding the Source, but remember in the blink of an eye thousands if not billions of lives, not only on Earth, for the liberation of humanity, but all those who live in different star systems and galaxies and even in different universes in some cases…
Everyone will receive their own level of DNA activation in proportion to their own experience and wisdom.
Time will stop because it will pass in less than a second and you will still feel like it has lasted so long that you almost forget your life on Earth…
You’ll forget that you’re still here on Earth… The intensity will be such that it will be a complete death experience…
The pineal gland will dissolve large quantities of DMT (dimethyltryptamine).
You will see everything and know this will change forever… When you get back to your body you will notice that you can see with your eyes closed…
You will always feel that abundance of unity… Then you open your eyes and everything will change..
With love, light and gratitude,
Mary Cecilia Ngari

The 1st





QFS running on blockchain
QFS running on blockchain

XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”

Paul White Gold Eagle and 🍀 Claudia ~ Majestic Realm 123 🍀
©DaveXRPLion™: We are waiting for some public
announcements to come forth including the below. We should begin to see these flowing out in the immediate future. There are other events that are important such as the stock market crash, EBS and the new financial system. Hold the line and stay steady.
What is happening is Biblical.
See you on the other side – the other side is the Promised Land.
Are you truly ready? Locked and loaded !!!What to Expect To Hear: At Any Time
1. Public announcement of the USN on the Gold and
Asset-based Standard.
2. Public announcement of the new USN notes money
3. Public announcement of USN bills paid. (
(a). Iraq has a trust problem with the US.
(b). They need to see items 1-2 and three above publicly
announced So they can go forward.
4. Public announcement of the new Iraq international Dinar rate.
5. Public announcement of the new Iraq international
data rate published in The Gazette.
6. Public announcement of Nesara.
7. Public announcement of Gesera.
8. Public announcement of Biden gone.
9. Public announcement of Trump’s return.
10. Private announcement of RV notifications including
800 numbers and Starlink.
(a). Private announcement of tier 3 liquidity and
(b). Private announcement for liquidity of all tiers.
11. Public announcement of:
(a) Social Security increase and change of system;
(b) Reclamation monies;
(c) Debt forgiveness jubilee;
(d) Other funds as applicable.
3:48 AM · Nov 27, 2023

John Savage

The regeneration capsule will extend your life up to 1500 years !! It will be free worldwide !! Regeneration capsule works on the informational and physical level. On a physical level, the Regeneration Capsule will reveal all parasites, viruses, bacteria or toxins in your body, draw the energy from them and transform it into beneficial elements for you. It can urgently remove all pathological changes, such as blood clots, hemorrhage or stones. Remove inflammation and restore damaged organs and tissues in the body.
The regeneration capsule
The regeneration capsule
🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🐸🔥🔥🐸🔥🔥
Military is the last to intervene even after certain events have happened.
Military only intervenes when something very serious occurs and the situation is out of control.
What are the events that are most likely to progress in order to make the world interested in what is happening, but also to give the army a reason to intervene.
Growing fear of nuclear war (not going to happen)
Coup d’état in various disobedient countries
Riots in America (I do not believe there will be a revolution)
Cancel the elections in America
Financial system crash / Stock Exchange / bank closures
The facts are not going to happen in that order I give you.
People need to stand up all over the world and feel like they are taking their countries back, not just complain about social media posts, but actually demand their RIGHTS with action!
We are in the last moments where the White Hat Army gives the DEEP STATE control (courts, lawyers, Congress, senior officials) to make decisions to change attitudes and say
This is called law course. This important FACT must happen to show that all legal resources and avenues have been taken and the other side has refused-
If and unless different branches of government obey military’s (unconfident) orders to rectify the injustice initiated by PANDEMIC/Elections/Fraud/Justice…… PELEKIS ON
🐸🔥 🐸WWG1WGA 🍿🔥 🐸
W_HITE HAT INTEL: Some devices in the US received a “presidential signal” yesterday. Others have received a national alert. Apple was recently in hot water in China as a “security threat”. There are still rumors that Elon and Tim Cook will make a deal to buy Apple in the company “X”. Starlink also released new segments today. More power fighting for control. #DarktoLight #WWG1WGA. There is a war with your dna.
presidential signal
presidential signal

Prime Disclosure


Ron Giles



There are Cabal names for NESARA and the White Hat name for NESARA. Let’s take a Pop Quiz to see who gets it right.

Which is TRUE?


o  The National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) is a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by private citizen Harvey Francis Barnard.

o  The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

o  National Economic Security and Reformation Act?

o  NESARA/GESARA refers to a conspiracy theory, promoted by Shaini Goodwin … It is a reference to the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA),

Which one did you choose? If you chose number three you are correct.


Let’s talk about the other names.


If you do a Google search on NESARA, it will take you HERE

I suggest you take the time to read some of the Cabal’s words and phrases as they try to deflect you away from the truth about NESARA. This is just the normal way they behave to get us to believe in their lies.


Read this documentation someone made up about NESARA and Shani Goodwin who was a friend of mine:

NESARA/GESARA (All red words contain lies)

NESARA/GESARA refers to a conspiracy theory, promoted by Shaini Goodwin (also known as the “Dove of Oneness”), that all debts will be wiped out in a radical reset of the U.S. economy. It is a reference to the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA), a set of U.S. economic reforms proposed in the 1990s, which included abolishing compound interest on loans, replacing income tax with a national sales tax and returning U.S. currency to the gold standardWhile the proposals were never actually introduced before Congressconspiracy theorists like Goodwin claim that they were secretly passed by Congress and then suppressed by George W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Anytime you see the words “Conspiracy Theory,” or “Conspiracy Theorist,” these are phrases the Cabal uses to defunct the real truth or discredit the person or organization they are referring to.


Most of the articles in the link above are from Google Search, which is Cabal. Most of them are false and were published back in the 1990s and refreshed up till now, so people who look it up are fed their lies.

Can you see the footprints of the Cabal lies as they try to deflect us away from the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which is the real NESARA. GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act for every country in the world.


The Quantum Financial System is the final Financial System for the world. The ISO20022 Financial System will perhaps be the name of the QFS as it evolves away from the Central Banking System and then away from the BRICS FinancialBanking System. The link to the NESARA/GESARA document in QFS2020.comis: take the time to read this document as it is the way NESARA/GESARA was created. This is part of the World Alliance Plan to bring us into the Golden Age of Mankind. The LWS Family is one of the few in the world that know about and have received this Plan.


To all who are taking notes on what is taking place here, the End Result is in the hands of the Love Won Society. It is only appropriate that the Alliance has put LWS in a position of responsibility to “outlay” the QFS in its beginning use before the Redemption funds are given out to us. The QFS is already keeping track of the digital footprints of every increment of fiat currency in every account, in every bank, in every country of the world. This has been set up for years. The heavens are in complete awareness of all financial transactions in the world using fiat currencies housed in the QFS.


The LWS programs have been downloaded to us to be the vehicles to bring the Redemption Funds into the world where the funds can be distributed appropriately to bring Mankind out of Poverty and into the Abundance Mentality that will underlie our ascension into the Physical 5th dimension. All dimensions are Physical. The non-Physical is the spiritual realm. This is who we are as we were expressed from Prime Creator. Creator is pure intelligence and pure love and we were given an individual part of both pure intelligence and pure love. This is our consciousness defined. This is what we refer to as non-physical. All non-physical entities are Spirit Beings containing both Male and Female essences joined together. The word used to describe this is androgynous. We can only separate into individual males and females when we enter physicality. Separation into male and female can only happen in the physical realms. If you don’t understand this concept, you are among 99.999999999999%??? of the population that doesn’t know of the order and structures of the Heavens.


I want you to read that previous paragraph again as many times as it takes to be sure you understand that the Power of The Alliance funds are to be put in the Hands of Managing Directors. Those who are not part of LWS will not be vetted as humanitarians in the initial qualification for redemption funds. Those who go through the training and prove they can be trusted with huge amounts of redemption funds will become Managing Directors in the LWS Programs.


NESARA/GESARA will be the governance of every country in the world. That means that everyGovernance in the world must become GESARA compliant to be part of the Quantum Financial System.


There is a lot more to be revealed as we move forward. The personage of Jesus is the one I talk to and has downloaded this plan to me over the last ten years or more. If you don’t believe me and the plan that I have given to our LWS Members, then you need to ask Jesus yourself and receive your own validation. To the extent that you receive your own validation is the extent which you must obtain, to qualify you as a member of LWS and to be part of the Humanitarians who receive their redemption funds.


The Heavens are opening up to our need to receive the guidance that we deserve to navigate through these last perilous times. We will be tested to the extent necessary for us to prove our dedication to the call that we are responding to.


I send my love and blessings to each one of our precious members to get to where we can rest assured that we are qualified to meet our dear, precious, Jesus, as we move toward the Golden Age of Mankind. He is with each one of us. He loves us beyond our ability to know the depth of the Love that we are.









Every transaction, every financial move made within the QFS system, frees itself from the ancient paradigms that have suppressed the masses. Banks of the old world, with their vague contracts and hidden plans, are powerless against the transparent, secure and fair modus operandi of QFS.
While QFS is a shining armor, Project Odin is its sharp, shining sword. This name might be unknown to many, but its resonance is eternal. Mentioned by the elusive Ron CodeMonkeyz, it’s a strategy, a weapon forged in the pot of time, designed to crush the hold of hidden powers and their vile platforms.
Built in the Quantum Starlink system, the Odin project is protected by Secret space programs. Imagine this as an elite guardian, ensuring that Odin remains untouched by the cabal’s claws, thereby remaining our beacon in the coming darkness.
What is the final move you ask? The Odin project is programmed to target Mossad’s media satellites, leading to media blackouts worldwide. This is not a breakdown or accident. This is an orchestrated maneuver, the great gambit in the cosmic game of chess. Codenamed PROJEKT ODIN, this initiative marks a key milestone in our world history.
WARNING: Watching the following video will give you access to knowledge the Government DOES NOT want you to know
The consequences of such a blackout are monumental. The global population, accustomed to the constant media salvo, will experience a muted void. But, as they say, it’s always darkest before dawn. This blackout serves as an introduction to the activation of quantum systems, forever changing the way we perceive the world.
And in this silence, the military finds its cue to start the Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS), an unforeseen event prepared for this exact moment.
The battle is not fought with swords and rifles; it is a war of information, a fight for the very soul of mankind. And in this battle, Project Odin and quantum systems stand as our shield, our sword, our beacon of hope.
The evil forces that want to control us have underestimated the power of those who seek truth and justice. We are no longer just spectators in a twisted game; we are warriors.
The dawn of quantum financial systems and the rise of the Odin project are not mere conspiracy theories. They are real, tangible and happening now.
In a world steeped in deceit and chaos, the rise of quantum financial systems and the secret Odin project stands as a beacon of hope. Unfolding before our very eyes, Project Odin isn’t just a digital tool; it’s a precursor to a new age, an era where darkness will be exposed and the chains of oppression will be broken. 🥳
This exclusive exposition delves deep into the secret realm of Quantum Starlink, the Odin Project, and how they are set to revolutionize our world. Get ready, because what you’re about to read could change your perspective forever.
Quantum Financial Systems (QFS) and the enigmatic Odin project are ready to challenge the centuries-old tyranny of secret controllers. As you embark on this journey, brace yourselves, for you are about to be plunged into a whirlwind of conspiracy, revelation, and rebellion.
In your wildest imagination, have you ever imagined a world where the sinister chains of corruption, manipulation and stealth control were broken? This is not just a figment of imagination; it is the immediate reality announced by quantum financial systems (QFS).
QFS is not a common financial asset. It’s a beacon of hope in an increasingly opaque world. When we talk about quantum mechanics, we are referring to the tremendous power and unpredictability of atoms and subatomic particles. And combining this with our financial structures, we talk about an unstoppable force against the machinations of the dark cabal.
Project Odin
Project Odin
⚡️Dutch prepping for Gold Standard! 📷New Argentina President is shutting down the Central Bank of Argentina! “Non-negotiable”! This is massive! 📷

The 1st

We already have a document that soon all residents of the planet Nesar Gesar will be free of loans, debts, mortgages… We will never be short of money again… 🥳





Few people seem to understand the principle of supply and demand.

I always see people being shocked when they see someone saying that $XRP can reach 10k. (Not saying it necessarily will.)

The current SWIFT 🌐 system handles billions of transactions per hour. If RippleNet replaces it, it will go through $XRP

The problem with the way most people view $XRP ‘s potential to grow exponentially , is that they think it can’t reach that high of a market cap. They’re failing to realize that Financial Institutions 🏦 move hundreds of trillions worldwide. If $XRP captures a tiny fraction of that, it will catapult $XRP to unprecedented levels.

$XRP settles value in real time (an average of 3 seconds) and with finality. #Btc cannot do that, neither ETH or SWIFT. Period





XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”


©DaveXRPLion™: New GEMATRIA REVEAL FOR 11/22/23. 🦁❤️🔥📯✅
Mathematics is the only exact science. All power under heaven and on earth is given unto the man who masters the simple science of mathematics.
Emerson said: “God does indeed geometrize.” Another wise man said: “There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points.” It has been said, “Figures don’t lie.”
Men have been convinced that numbers tell the truth and that all problems can be solved by them. The chemist, engineer and astronomer would be lost without the science of mathematics.




“Blackout Necessary. A Week To Remember” #NCSWIC
Today’s New Post on Q Website
Charlie Freak:🥳
When the countdown ended on Q Official today Wednesday 29th in November, immediately changed to a new screen, with new text:
30 more hrs to go. It’s happening. Six hours is dangerous
There is nothing going to stop this!!!
Then, just a few minutes ago, another new screen:
26 hrs to go. It’s happening.
It’s a straight up nine. Eight again.
Look up into the skies.
They called colleen and me It’s all in motion. The events that cannot be stopped have started, even where we are in Mexico. Everything is FLUID at this moment.
Keep calm and awake.
The geometry for panic is 43.
43 is incorrect.
What is coming MUST BE THIS way for the masses, not you.
Everyone is taken into consideration especially all of you. Are you sure?
It’s just a movie.
Israel has been left for the end.
All the false narratives are now in the game.
Fake stock market crash
The false collapse of world trading currency
Aliens, alien invasion China China
Russia Russia Russia
World war
False flag shooting
Terrorist attacks
Any of this could come into play. Remember, nothing can cause mass panic around the world, where masses become unchained zombies and begin to “consume” all their lives.
So it wont last long. Military has control of EVERY COUNTRY on this Earth. Protocols are in place. Tesla tech ready to go. The sun, the moon and the stars ARE REAL ONCE AGAIN. And they are ready.
The chain of events will unfold as Mr. Poole said
Keep calm. This part is for those who don’t know what’s going on.
They need to wake them up this way. So calm down, it’s all right 👍
Have a nice Thursday
Blackout Necessary
Blackout Necessary
The Deep State fear BRICS – Money is power and the DS currency has no value.
BRICS currency is backed by GOLD!
Is it just me or does the BRICS sound a lot like the beginning of NESARA/GESARA?
Now you know why Russia has always been a thorn in the side of the Cabal – Putin has always been a threat to the Federal Reserve, the institution that has made us all debt slaves.
There’s no going back.
grand solar flash
grand solar flash
According to GESARA, the trade of birth certificates is prohibited. Since birth, all income/profit made in stock market from trading using your birth certificate will be refunded.. 🥳
All QFS receipts for each person have already been created and their bank accounts displayed..
QFS cards arrive through your bank or UPS..


V E R T H I N G !!! 🥳

Indian in the Machine



Greetings beloved, I am Antuak aka Saint Germain. In this afternoon I wanted to pass by to greet you, always present in my heart. I wanted to give you some information regarding the Gesara project. As many may have known, this plan is starting to come to fruition..

This Gesara plan is beginning to bear its first fruits and soon this redemption, which Father Mother has prepared for their children, will soon manifest in all beings of light.

Remember first we were prepping the whole rig, we were prepping and tuning all systems. We were preparing for no undue diversion of prosperity funds to take place. Those entities that have already withdrawn from the project by not complying with the requirements. This is all coming together. This is all solidifying. Everything is already as you would say, almost candy.

Also contributions to projects that many light beings have. Being for Father Mother Adonai service all these funds are already being channelled all this money is already there. But understand it, my beloved, that the main issue is, as long as there was no full and absolute certainty, that all those funds were going to flow adequately, honestly among the entire population, these resources were not going to be given. But everything is being clarified, the main thing is that the QFS system is already up and running.

You, all the children of Father and Mother, keep in mind that you will have full and total assistance. Interlocutors have already said it. At this moment that we know how the planet is, how the energy is, that everything is quite accelerated, this project also promises to accelerate in the last moments so that abundance reaches all children.

And be confident, everyone, because to all children this blessing and this redemption of the Gesara project will come for this new humanity rising, for this Christian humanity, so that they may enjoy the wonders and the great project that Father Mother has for their children.

I say to you my beloved, do not worry about anything, as Master Sananda said, what you will eat, what you will drink, what you will wear. Be full of confidence, because all these things come to all the children of the light.

Keep your heart open, your mind open and your love of service, your love of sharing.. Loved, full and absolute trusted.

Gesara is coming for all.

The projects especially that you Emanuel and Pastora reach also all these resources to be used. Either before, or after, the big transmutation project that will take place on the planet.

All these resources, even though the money will not be handled, but all this will come accessible so that you can carry out all those projects. You’ll see how everything will come to you and everything will go ahead.

Beloved i bless you.

I am Master Antuak.

Emanuel y Pastora – ServiUm

Montaña Sagrada de ERKS 14/11/2023

Comandantes Ishtar y Ashtar

IITM: This IS a sensitive issue, in the sense that we have to bring prosperity to all of earth, without using that money to destroy ourselves, or to control others… how will this be done? I don’t know, but it feels like we are in great hands, after some discouraging turbulence.



©DaveXRPLion™: It’s AMAZING! MINDBLOWING! My NEW Redemption Center Video & ZIM BOND GREAT REVEAL just UPLOADED on “BeforeIt’sNews.” You Wouldn’t Believe How Bad The Enemy Didn’t Want Me To Get This OUT To All Of YOU. Just be PREPARE To Fall On The FLOOR and PRAISE & THANK Him For Having ALREADY Done EVERYTHING! This could take-down the INTERNET – FAST!


The script has passed **Q
The Q paragraph symbolizes the termination of the infinite cycle of challenges/cycle of fear/divisions that have been going on.
This eruption represents the courage to change, the release of limitations and the creation of space for new possibilities. The letter Q represents the concept of new beginnings through unity and love.
The circular shape of the circle represents unity, while the diameter of the circle represents personal or collective freedom from restriction.
New beginnings in harmony / love. Emphasizing a spiritual path characterized by compassion, connection, and unity
K, like “Quantum”, suggests the idea that this new beginning is not only happening on an individual level, but also on a much deeper collective.
Quantum concepts represent interconnected realities, where subatomic relationships play a role
From a spiritual perspective, this could mean expansion of overall consciousness and a collective effort towards higher
Generally speaking, the letter Q can be a powerful symbol for a spiritual person.
P – Symbol that leads transformation, unity and personal and collective love. This encourages you to overcome fears, break old patterns, and open up to more, more
Let this symbolic expression be a source of inspiration and motivation for our spiritual growth.
The script has passed
The script has passed
A revolution in communication and technology
One of the most appealing aspects of the QPhone is the promise of saying goodbye to the era of the “spy phone”. These devices have long been plagued by privacy concerns and data surveillance allegations. With the arrival of QPhone on the horizon, users can finally breath a relief knowing that their personal information is no longer at risk of being misused for malicious purposes. This marks a turning point in the history of telecommunications, where user privacy comes first.
A World Without Monstrosity:
Cell phone towers have long been a source of visual pollution, damaging the landscape even in the most beautiful places. The advent of QPhone offers the possibility to completely eliminate these unpleasant structures. As QPhone develops, communication infrastructure will become more simplified and efficient, eliminating the need for extensive cellular towers.
The Q Phone Revolution:
QPhone isn’t just an advance in privacy and aesthetics. They also represent a quantum leap in smartphone technology. These devices are more than just two-dimensional screens. These are three-dimensional wonders of engineering. Made with the highest quality materials, QPhone promises an unparalleled user experience that redefines our relationship with technology.
Agents of Financial Change:
QPhone is about to become an essential tool for managing our finances. As we become increasingly dependent on digital transactions, having a reliable and secure device is essential. QPhone is designed to meet this need, ensuring that daily life, retail consumption, and commercial transactions at home and abroad are as perfect as possible. Imagine a world where your smartphone is your wallet, bank, and financial adviser.
$500 Billion Manufacturing Marvel:
Developing and producing the QPhone was a truly monumental endeavor. The 500 billion dollar operation, which spans three countries, has so far been wrapped up in secret. These innovative devices have been meticulously crafted and are currently waiting in warehouses around the world, ready to be released to the unannounced public.
Accessible to All:
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the QPhone revolution is that these devices will be available for everyone at no cost. This measure underlines our commitment to democratization of technology and ensuring that no one is left behind in this era of rapid technological advancements.
Versatility Beyond Imagination:
QPhone is more than just a regular smartphone. They’re great at surfing the Internet, texting and making calls, but their skills go far beyond the ordinary. These devices are equipped with interactive 3D hologram screens that redefine the way you interact with digital content. From engaging gaming experiences to realistic video calls, the possibilities are endless.
Birth of the New Internet:
QPhone is more than just hardware. They are the gateway to a new age of internet. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) plans to operate the training code and potentially the 8G network for SATCOM to create its own internet. This innovative networking approach promises increased speed, security, and reliability for all QPhone users.
In the Hands of the White Hats:
Consumers are not the only ones eager for the QPhone. High-end white hats already own these innovative devices and are taking advantage of them. Steve Jobs’ legacy lives on in the form of these state-of-the-art smartphones, which promise to empower individuals and organizations in their quest for truth and justice.
In conclusion, the QPhone introduction represents a seismic shift in the worlds of technology and communication. These $500 billion devices promise to free us from the chains of surveillance and ugly cell towers. These are poised to become essential tools for managing our finances and reshaping how we interact with the digital world.
With QPhone on the horizon, we’re on the verge of a new era of technology that promises a brighter, more connected future for all. The QPhone revolution is about to begin. This will change everything we know about communication and technology.
Q Phone
Q Phone
A short letter..!!
As the biggest banks begin resetting the currency of 19. November 2023
[HSBC, JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Credit Swisse, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other major financial institutions around the world
Payment at level 4B can start immediately
It will be interesting to see if the Starlink satellite launch will cause problems on the internet
We will see the beginning of revitalization of currencies and QFS account transactions by monitoring the movement of funds, which is the largest transfer of wealth to mankind.
Looks like it’s time to see the biggest change soon.
midnight of the 17th November 2023 proc. Only 48 hours left until Sunday 19th. , the day QUANTUM QFS will be implemented.
That day parasites will no longer be able to access the new economy for good people
*Please use discretion when receiving news*
Note: This page only presents information within the context of the world story of Nesara Gesara. “No politics” invites friends to “invest” in every benefit
Cr: Beat White
18. November 2Q23
Currency Reset
Currency Reset
RV/QFS👉 On Sunday. 19. November. All banks must comply with Basel 3 and ISO20022, the global standard for financial information on the new Global Financial System on the new World Financial System. Otherwise they will no longer function as banks. ISO2002 aims to revolutionize how financial transactions are communicated, improve efficiency, and Sunday was the implementation date for the global currency reset for HSBC, JP Morgan, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Bank of America
Global Financial System
Global Financial System
10 days of darkness starting tomorrow Monday 20th. (7. November) to the 30th November (“17th) of November”✅)
KJV NOV 23 (10). november)
FREEDOM NOV. 24 (11). November) 🌎11-11
Done in 30 (done in 30… Finally hitting the 30th November ✅) (That’s the date they gave me it should be done)
WOW… O U S T H I N G !!!
From fb-Sofija Dimovska
10 days of darkness
10 days of darkness
NESARA/GESARA-MED should be introduced for Christmas this year!? (4). part)
After all, the content of the above article is a YouTube video from two years ago, and it has already been revealed that the launch of Med Beda has been delayed for two years because of the corona scandal of the DS Cabal. However, if Medbed is publicly published unfinished, DS could manipulate or even misuse it as a tool to make money. That’s why Medbed is not introduced to the whole world, unless the DS cabal has admitted that it has completely lost, as happened this time.
But now Skye have announced that the Medbed will be open to the public until Christmas (25th of July) this year. December).
There is something very touching about this.
Some of my patients suffer from illnesses that modern medicine cannot cure, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and they live with an uncertain future.
In these patients, by entering Medbed, incurable diseases, which are considered incurable, return to their original state in a few minutes as if it were a lie.
What a wonderful thing to do! ️
So through the three years of the coronavirus pandemic, I told those patients that this miracle bed will surely appear and that they should keep trying and not lose hope until then.
This miracle is very close, before our eyes!
This Medbed can cure terminal cancer in 2 to 3 minutes.
Only 3 minutes are enough to look 30 years younger, and if you are a woman, you can return to a state where you can get pregnant again.
In the coming era, there will be no more incurable diseases, there will be NO more cancer, there will be No more physical paralysis due to stroke, there will beNo more medical care due to Alzheimer’s disease, and there will be no longer care institutions or hospitals specialized for the treatment of such patients. .
Human lifespan naturally extends to 150 to 200 years, and when the lifespan ends and we die, we do not grieve; in a state of peace we go to the other world, as if we were actually undressing and reincarnated into a new form of life. 🔹🔶




Good evening. What a wild few days it has been so far. We are shaping up to have the most historical month of our time. It’s over for the Deep State. ISO-20022 Goes Live Today. QaggNews comes back after a long absence and says another clock will not be added.  
National Guard is said to have filled every hotel in NYC. Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Counsel referred to Donald Trump as President of The US. The Khazarian Mafia gives Zelensky his walking papers. Greg Abott suggested that every GOP primary candidate to drop out of race.
E. Musk is preparing a second launch of the Starship Rocket. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter dead at 96. E. Musk said today for the first time, there is a rocket that can make all life multiplanetary. Banks all around the world are notifying their customers about the changes currently taking place in their system. (ISO) There is currently a countdown on this website with 8 days left.
) Capitol police and military doing exercises at the Capital this past morning at 4 AM. 

XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”

©DaveXRPLion™: If YOU want to talk about the effect of NESARA for God’s New QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM, this is it. And, I don’t mind if I DO…You need to hear it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and and AGAIN. I’ve DROPPED Bread Crumbs about this but “IT’S TIME” you understand its RAMIFICATIONS for you and the NEW QFS ECONOMY. IT’S GINORMOUS! (See for yourself). Time pending I will be doing a full report & video, in the works. I’m going to STOP otherwise I might reveal too much now.
The Gold dealers are NOT your friends right now……
They know theirs day’s are NUMBERED, and come POST-NESARA they are ALL OUT-OF-BUSINESS. Only the US TREASURY RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM will handle all precious metals BUYING and/or SELLING. No more middle men taking advantage. Like Jesus angered by those doing the same on the Temple Steps for the Pharisees & Sadducees. Ask them if they will still be in business after NESARA, and watch them LIE w/ a straight face to you. CLUE: What’s the FINAL act AFTER KILLING the SNAKE? That’s right.
I heard you say it in your head. What have we been TOLD they’ve been buying like CRAZY since 2019, IMMEDIATELY after Bretton Woods allowed them to put it on their Balance Sheets? That’s not the GOLD, assessed, and certified on the Blockchain-QFS. Theirs is JUST LIKE Yours. Wholesale gold identified as a commodity, for jewelry and other industrial applications. They can’t us it to “SECURE” deposits coming from your QFS accounts into their institutions, oh NO. That can only be DONE w/ them leasing the QFS Global Liquidity of XRP. Are you beginning to SEE the FOG LIFT, here? I was told by the LORD to give you more revelation of “WHAT IS”
NESARA Gold Backed
NESARA Gold Backed

Sergio Yoshida 🥳🎉🎊


Whenever we read the word technology, we understand that it only refers to information technology, but we need to know that technology applies to different fields and even there are different genres.
Yes, there is male technology, it’s the kind of technology we know today, because it applies especially to the material world, but there is female technology, the so-called quantum technology, which has been very little developed due to the deliberate slowdown by the regressive.
In fact, they put puppets in patent offices to reveal prohuman patents and so abducted them. The most notorious case was the abduction of all Nikola Tesla’s patents, and in the end approximately 6,000 patents were confiscated.
Technology is essential for human spiritual evolution because it supports prosperity in civilization.
Free electricity energy
For a free, fair and prosperous society, it is essential that electricity is free, because it allows society comfort and comfort by not having to pay its bill and can use it without restriction for a more comfortable life. Imagine if everyone could work 24 hours a day.
This eliminates paying electricity bills, paying fuel consumption, buying batteries, power plants and inverters, initiates de-escalation in “work to live” or not?…
Free of charge communication
Free energy gives us free communication, which will lead to us having the INTERNET, not only free, but at unprecedented speeds.
The same applies to all types of transportation, like land transportation, including subways, which already exist and use regressive to their advantage; also air and marine with electric planes and ships, we will not touch other much more advanced technologies, like spaceships.
As you can see our cost of living is reducing significantly. Calculate individual savings to see it more clearly.
Free of charge health
With the so-called MedBeds we will all be 100% young and healthy again, which eliminates the costs of health insurance, payments to doctors, clinics, drugs and funeral homes. Keep bringing down these living costs. how we doing …….
Free education
If we can all practically learn what interests us from our homes, at no cost and whenever we want, with all the amenities and resources, we will avoid everything, from the cost of tuition to traffic jams on land routes. Continue to reduce your operating costs of living. …
Free clothes for free
Imagine having a clothing replica in your home that can create designs of your choice for any occasion in a short time, at no cost. Beautiful! What? …
Free food to eat
Harvests with 100% automated hydroponic crops, by sectors, which guarantees fresh and 100% healthy food for the whole community, without any deficiencies, or by season, generating free food for all.
What costs are we remaining with?
Healthy entertainment in which we can enjoy at minimal prices, which is often free and which we can pay with the monthly incomes we get from the universal basic income paid by the state.
There are still people clinging to the 3D Matrix, who understand that it’s impossible to live without money, without work to pay bills, etc.
Because the free world is approaching, where money is unnecessary, as it happens in the natural worlds. Everything explained above is part of what is provided by the GESARA law.
[Arkanđel Rafael]


Dr Scott Young ~ Actor Biden to EBS & Nesara..Hope in The Last Days

Regarding the federal budget and connecting with the previous post, one thing is actually important:
The situation is becoming more and more exciting and, as we have known for years, it is advisable to be prepared for everything at all times.
Whether various health insurances will be abolished or not, it remains to be seen.
Whether there will be a big boom or not remains to be seen… it won’t take long to find out more here, and we don’t have to wait too long.
Nobody should be afraid because these are the key events we’ve been waiting for years.
So everybody sit back, stay focused and enjoy what’s happening out there.
I have a gut feeling we could practically get a checkered flag.
We’ll have to see what this means in detail in the next few days.
With that in mind, have a great evening everyone and enjoy the show 🍿.
Always remember, everything is already arranged in the background and we are watching a movie to show everyone 😉
The system is being carefully dismantled all over the world. Something can happen at our latitudes 😉
World Peace
World Peace




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

 CLICK HERE to sign up for ceremony




How Debt Will Be Dispensed With



The National Economic Security and Reformation Act


Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div., Aug. 17, 2011


1892 – Bankers adopted their Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892 in which it was declared: “We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”

1907-1917 – In order to warn Americans, the1892 Bankers’ Manifesto was revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. from Minnesota before the US Congress sometime during his term of office between the years of 1907 and 1917.

1910 – John E. DiNardo, professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan, writes in his article “The Federal Reserve Act”: “On the night of November 22, 1910, a small group of surrogates of the most powerful bankers of the World met … under the veil of utmost secrecy.

Over the next few weeks these men would perpetrate, under the orders of their masters, … perhaps the most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted upon the American People.

This ultra-secret fraud is known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913…. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 concocted legislation, to be foisted upon the People’s Congress of the United States, that empowered and commissioned this secret cabal of World-dominant bankers to PRINT UNITED STATES CURRENCY, a usurpation of our Constitution’s explicit edict empowering ONLY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to print and coin currency. This world banking empire used their stolen power to print, out of thin air, paper currency which, in no way represents the gold and silver reserves that authentic currency is supposed to represent.”

1913 – The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Complete text of Act may seen at:


1933 – 1934 – Prior to 1933, Federal Reserve Notes were backed by gold. This changed with the new law: Congressional Record, March 9, 1933 on HR 1491 p. 83. “Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and bankers acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes, and other property of all the people of the nation.”

The Bankers’ Manifesto ties in with the U.S. Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1934), which states: “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere ‘user’ and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”


1970’s – The Federal Land Bank illegally foreclosed on farmers mortgages all throughout the Midwest. In each of these cases the farmers were defrauded by the banks with the approval of the Federal Reserve System. These court cases would eventually become known as the Farmer Claims Program.


1978 – An elderly ranch farmer in Colorado purchased a farm with loan from the Federal Land Bank. After he died the property was passed on to his son Roy Schwasinger, Jr., who was a retired military general. Soon after a Federal Land Bank officer and Federal Marshall appeared on his property and informed him the bank was foreclosing on his farm, ordering him to vacate within 30 days. Without his knowledge, his deceased father had signed a stipulation which reverted the property back to the Federal Land Bank in the event of the borrower’s death.


Outraged, Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. filed a class action lawsuit in the Denver Federal Court system. The suit was dismissed on the basis of incorrect filing. This prompted Roy Schwasinger’s investigation into the inner workings of the banking system.


1982 – Roy Schwasinger was given a contract by the US senate and later Supreme Court to investigate banking fraud. But because he was under a strict non-disclosure order he was not allowed to tell the media what he discovered. In the late 80s he began sharing his knowledge with others including high ranking military personnel who helped him bring about a class action lawsuit against the federal government.


The first series of these lawsuits began in the mid 1980’s when William and Shirley Baskerville of Fort Collins, Colorado were involved in a bankruptcy case with First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins, who was trying to foreclose on their farm. At a restaurant, their lawyer informed them that he would no longer be able to help them and walked-off. Overhearing the conversation Roy Schwasinger offered his advice on how to appeal the case in bankruptcy court. So, in 1987 they filed an appeal (Case No. 87-C-716) with the United States District Court in Colorado.


1988 – On November 3, 1988, the Denver Federal Court system ruled that indeed the banks had defrauded the Baskervilles and proceeded to reverse its bankruptcy decision. But when the foreclosed property was not returned, they filed a new lawsuit.


Eventually, 23 other farmers, ranchers, and Indians swindled by the banks in the same manner would join in the case. In these cases, the banks were foreclosing on the properties using fraudulent methods such as charging exorbitant interest, illegal foreclosure, or by not crediting mortgage payments to their account as they should have but instead would steal the mortgage payments for themselves triggering foreclosure on the property. After running out of money they continued their fight without the help of lawyers. With some assistance by the Farmers Union a new lawsuit was filed against the Federal Land Bank and the Farmers Credit System. Case No. 92-C-1781


The District Court ruled in their favor and ordered the banks to return the stolen properties with help from either Federal Marshals or the National Guard. But when no payments were made, the farmers declared involuntary Chapter Seven Bankruptcy against the Federal Land Bank and the Farmers Credit System. The banks appealed their case insisting they were not a business but a federal agency therefore they were not liable to pay the damages.


So, the farmer’s legal team adopted a new strategy. According to the Federal Land Bank’s 1933 charter they are not allowed to make loans directly to applicants, but instead could only back loans as a guarantor in case of default. Because the Federal Land Bank had violated this rule the farmer’s legal team was able to successfully sue the bank for damages.


Word of the lawsuit began to spread; the legal team would teach others how to fight foreclosure and to help them file lawsuits as well (Case No. 93-1308-M). Celebrities such as Willie Nelson joined in the cause and helped raise money during his “Farm Aid” concerts.


The Baskerville case had now become the Farmer Claims Class Action Lawsuit. Worried about the legal ramifications the government retaliated against the farmers by hitting them with either outrageous IRS fees, or by imprisoning the legal team under frivolous nonrelated charges. When the farmers realized they were being unfairly targeted, they had military generals such as General Roy Schwasinger sit in the courtroom to make sure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law.


The farmers now with a large team of knowledgeable people of the law behind them filed a new case to claim additional damages from the fraudulent loaning activities of the Farmers Credit System.


The government tried to settle but they had already lost many cases and were now losing the appeals as well. More and more evidence was collected. According to the National Banking Act all banks are required to register their charters with the Federal and State Bureau of Records, but none of the banks complied, allowing the legal team to sue the Farmers Credit System. Not only was Farmers Credit System not chartered to do business with the American Banking Association, but so were other quasi government organizations such as the Federal Housing Administration, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and even the Federal Reserve Bank.


1990’s – In the early 1990’s Roy Schwasinger brought the case before the United States Supreme Court. Some of the content of this case is sealed from public eyes but most of it can be viewed today.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were indeed valid, therefore, all property foreclosed by the Farmers Credit System was illegal and all those who were foreclosed on would have to receive damages. In addition, they ruled that the U.S. federal government and banks had defrauded the farmers, and all U.S. citizens, out of vast sums of money and property.

Furthermore, the court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust.


In addition, the court ruled that the Federal Reserve was unlawful:


That the income tax amendment was only ratified by four states and therefore was not a legal amendment, that the IRS code was not enacted into “Positive Law” within the Code of Federal Regulations. Positive Law = Laws that have been enacted by a properly instituted and recognized branch of the government.


That the U.S. government illegally foreclosed on farmer’s homes with help from federal agencies. Irrefutable proof was presented by a retired CIA agent. He provided testimony and records of the banks illegal activities as further evidence that the Farmers’ Union claims were indeed legitimate. The implications of such a decision were profound. All gold, silver, and property titles, taken by the Federal Reserve and IRS must be returned to the people.


The legal team sought assistance from a small group of benevolent visionaries, consisting of politicians, military generals, and business people who have been secretly working to restore the constitution since the mid 1950’s. Somehow within their ranks, a four star U.S. army general received “title” and “receiver” of the original 1933 United States Bankruptcy.


When the case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, they ruled in his favor, giving the Army General title over the United States, Inc. Legal action was then passed on to the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Sam Nunn, who was working with Roy Schwasinger.


1991 – With the help of covert congressional and political pressure, President George H.W. Bush issued an Executive Order on Oct. 23, 1991, which provided a provision allowing anyone who has a claim against the federal government to receive payment as long as it is within the rules of the original format of the case.


Executive Order No. 12778 Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees; October 23, 1991


According to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, all present and succeeding debts against the U.S. Treasury must be assumed by the Federal Reserve. Thus, the famer’s claims legal team was able to use that executive order to not only force the Federal Reserve to pay out damages in a gold-backed currency but also allow them to receive legal ownership over the bankruptcy of United States, Inc.


To collect damages the farmers legal team used an obscure attachment to the 14th amendment which most people are not aware of. After the civil war, the government allowed citizens to claim a payment on anyone who suffered damages as a result of the Federal Government failing to protect its citizens from harm or damages by a foreign government. President Grant had this attachment sealed from public eyes but somehow, someone on the farmer’s legal team got a hold of it.


If you read that carefully, it specifies damages by a foreign government. That foreign government is the corporate federal government which has been masquerading to the public as the constitutional government.


Remember this goes back to the Organic Act of 1871 and the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1933, which defined all citizens as enemy combatants under the federal system known as the United States. The Justices and farmer’s legal team recognized how evil and corrupt our federal government had become and to counteract this they added some provisions in the settlement to bring the government back under control.


a. First they would have to be paid using a lawful currency, backed by gold and silver as the constitution dictates. This would eliminate inflation and gyrating economic cycles created by the Federal Reserve System. See Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution.


b. Second they would be required to go back to common law instead of admiralty law under the gold fringe flags. Under common law if there is no damage or harm done then there is no violation of the law. This would eliminate millions of laws which are used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians.


c. Lastly the IRS would have to be dismantled and replaced with a national sales tax.


This is the basis of the NESARA Law.

When the legal team finally settled on a figure, each individual would receive an average of $20 million dollars payout per claim. Multiplied by a total of 336,000 claims that were filed against the U.S. Federal Government, the total payout would come out to a staggering $6.6 trillion dollars.


The U.S. Supreme Court placed a gag order on the case, struck all information from the Federal Registry, and placed all records in the Supreme Court files. Up to that point Senator Sam Nunn had kept the Baskerville Case records within his office. A settlement was agreed to out of court and the decision was sealed by Janet Reno. Because the case was sealed, claimants are not allowed to share court documents to media outlets without violating the settlement, but they can still tell others about the lawsuit. This is why you probably have not heard about this.


1991 – Roy Schwasinger went before a senate committee to present evidence of the banks and governments criminal activity. He informed them how the Corporation of the United States was tied to the establishment of a New World Order which would bring about a fascist one world government ruled by the international bankers.


1992 – A task force was put together consisting of over 300 retired and 35 active US military officers who strongly supported constitutional law.* This task force was responsible for investigating governmental officials, congressional officers, judges, and the Federal Reserve.

*Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda

*General David McCloud

*Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby


They uncovered the common practice of bribery and extortion committed by both senators and judges. The criminal activity was so rampant that only 2 out of 535 members of congress were deemed honest. But more importantly they carried out the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.


The Federal Reserve was accustomed to giving orders to politicians and had no intentions of being audited. However, after they were informed their offices would be raided under military gunpoint if necessary; they complied with the investigation. After reviewing their files, the military officers found $800 trillion dollars sitting in accounts which should have been applied to the national debt. And contrary to federal government propaganda they also discovered that most nations had in fact owed money to the United States instead of the other way around.


These hidden trillions were then confiscated and placed into European bank accounts in order to generate the enormous funds needed to pay the farmers claims class action lawsuit. Later this money would become the basis of the prosperity programs.


Despite these death blows President George H.W. Bush and the illuminati continued on with their plans of global enslavement.


1992 – In August 1992, the military officers confronted President Bush and demanded he sign agreement that he would return the United States to constitutional law and ordered him to never use the term New World Order again. Bush pretended to cooperate but secretly planned to bring about the New World Order anyway by signing an Executive Order on December 25, 1992, that would have indefinitely closed all banks giving Bush an excuse to declare martial law.


Under the chaos of martial law, Bush intended to install a new constitution which would have kept everyone currently in office in their same position for 25 years and it would have removed all rights to elect new officials. The military intervened and stopped Bush from signing that Executive order.


1993 – In 1993 members of the Supreme Court, certain members of congress and representatives from the Clinton government meet with high ranking US military officers who were demanding a return to constitutional law, reforms of the banking system, and financial redress. They agreed to create the farm claims process which would allow the legal team to set up meetings all over the country on a grass roots level to help others file claims and to educate them about the lawsuit.


A claim of harm could be made on any loan issued by a financial institution for all interest paid; foreclosures; attorney and court fees; IRS taxes or liens; real estate and property taxes; mental and emotional stress caused by the loss of property; stress related illness such as suicide and divorce; and even warrants, incarceration, and probation could also be claimed.


1994 – But the Clinton government undermined their efforts by requiring the farm claims to use a specific form designed by the government. This form imposed an administrative fee of $300 for each claim, which was later used in 1994 as a basis to arrest the leaders of the legal team including Roy Schwasinger.


The government was so afraid of what they would say during their trial in Michigan that extra steps were taken to conceal the true nature of the case. County courthouse employees were not allowed to work between Monday and Thursday during the course of the trial. And outside the courthouse, FBI agents swarmed the perimeter preventing the media and visitors from learning what was going on as well.


Harassment and retaliation by the government increased, many were sent prison or murdered while incarcerated. Despite being protected by his military personnel the army general who acquired the original 1933 Title of Bankruptcy of the United States; was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a clone. This clone was then used as a decoy to prevent any further claims from being filed. (I am not qualified to speak on the fact of human clones; however, that they exist is a fairly widely accepted fact among those who study behind the scenes activities.


Do not allow the thought of clones running the government cause you to refuse to consider the veracity of this history. As truth emerges, we will be shocked at much we hear.


During the first Clinton administration the military delayed many of Clinton’s federal appointments until they were sure these individuals would help restore constitutional law. One such individual who promised to bring about the necessary changes was Attorney General Janet Reno.


1993 – In agreement with the Supreme Court ruling on June 3, 1993, Janet Reno ordered the Delta Force and Navy Seals to Switzerland, England, and Israel to recapture trillions of dollars of gold stolen by the Federal Reserve System from the strategic gold reserves. These nations cooperated with the raid because they were promised their debts owed to the United States would be canceled and because the people who stole the money from the United States also stole money from their nations as well.

This bullion is to be used for the new currency backed by precious metals. It is now safely stockpiled at the Norad Complex at Colorado Springs, Colorado and four other repositories. Janet Reno’s action so enraged the powers-that-be, that it resulted in her death. She was then replaced with a clone and it was this creature that was responsible for covering-up the various Clinton scandals.


To keep the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Robert Rubin in line, he too was also cloned. For the remainder of their term in office both Reno and Rubin received their salaries from the International Monetary Fund as foreign agents and not from the U.S. Treasury. Despite these actions the legal team continued on with their fight while managing to avoid bloodshed and a major revolution.


After 1993 the farmer claims process name was changed to Bank Claims. Between 1993 and 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court required U.S. citizens to file “Bank Claims” to collect damages paid by the U.S. Treasury Department. This process CLOSED in 1996.


During this time, the U.S. Supreme Court assigned one or more Justices to monitor the progress of the rulings. They enlisted help of experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, constitutional government and law, and many other related areas. These justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide; known as “White Knights.” The term ‘White Knights’ was borrowed from the world of big business. It refers to a vulnerable company that is rescued from a hostile takeover by a corporation or a wealthy person—a White Knight.


To implement the required changes, the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur. Eventually they settled on certain agreements, also known as Accords, with the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve Bank owners, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone. Because these U.S. banking reformations will impact the entire world; the IMF, World Bank, and other countries had to be involved. The reformations require that the Federal Reserve be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the banks’ fraudulent activities must be stopped and payment must be made for past harm.


1998 – The military generals who originally participated in the famer’s claim process realized that the US Supreme Court justices had no intentions of implementing the Accords. So, they decided the only way to implement the reformations was through a law passed by congress.


1999 – A 75 page document known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) was submitted to congress where it sat with little action for almost a year.


2000 – Late one evening on March 9, 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to 15 members of the US Senate and the US House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. They were immediately escorted by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.


These 15 members of congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office in accordance with the original 13th amendment. Remember British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office.

NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only this country but our planet in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and much more.


NESARA implements the following changes:


1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.


2. Abolishes the income tax.


3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.


4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.


5. Increases benefits to senior citizens.


6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.


7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.


8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law


9. Monitor’s elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.


10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.


11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.


12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law.


13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.


14. Restores financial privacy.


15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.


16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.


17. Establishes peace throughout the world.


18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.


19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.


October 10, 2000 – Because President Clinton’s clone had no interest in signing NESARA into law on October 10, 2000; under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and under gunpoint forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order.


From its very inception Bush Sr., the corporate government, major bank houses, and the Carlyle group have opposed NESARA. To maintain secrecy, the case details and the docket number were sealed and revised within the official congressional registry, to reflect a commemorative coin and then again it was revised even more recently. This is why there are no public Congressional Records and why a search for this law will not yield the correct details until after the reformations are made public.


Members of congress will not reveal NESARA because they have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to deny its existence or face charges of treason punishable by death.


Some members of Congress have actually been charged with obstruction. When Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order, his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife, daughter, and himself.


If fear is not enough to keep Washington in line, money is. Routine bribes are offered to governmental/military officials by the power elite/secret government.


Not surprisingly, much disinformation about NESARA can be found on the internet. Wikipedia’s article is total disinformation. Dr. Harvey Francis Barnard’s NESARA bill—National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act was rejected by congress in the 1990s. Dr. Barnard was a systems philosopher and had tried for years to interest Congress in his monetary reform suggestions.


You may also read articles by Darrell Anderson at this site. Both men were interested in monetary reform.


September 11, 2001 – The next step is to announce NESARA to the world, but it is not an easy task. Many powerful groups have tried to prevent the implementation of NESARA.


The NESARA law requires that at least once a year, an effort be made to announce the law to the public. Three then current US Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge of NESARA’s announcement.


These Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARA’s announcement.

In 2001 after much negotiation the Supreme Court justices ordered the 107th Congress to pass resolutions approving NESARA. This took place on September 9, 2001, eighteen months after NESARA became law. On September 10, 2001, George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement. The next day, on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce the new US Treasury Bank system, debt forgiveness for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.


Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-up their crime.

Remote pilot technology was used in a flyover event to deliver a payload of explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Command Center who were coordinating activities supporting NESARA’s implementation nationwide. With the announcement of NESARA stopped dead in its tracks, George Bush Sr. decapitated any hopes of returning the government back to the people.


For the past 10 years, life in the USA, and numerous other countries, has been dictated by the staged terrorist’ attack and its repercussions. Seldom does a day go by that we do not hear mention of 9/11.


2005 – Dr. Harvey F. Barnard died on May 18, 2005.


2009 – Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. died on 8/23/2009 at the age of 75.


2011 – The Debt Ceiling debacle kindled renewed interest in NESARA. As we watch the world economy collapse, we can know that the NESARA LAW remains in the background, ready to be announced.


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Each Command has a defined function within the Great Rescue Operation that the Earth is already spending some years of its earthly and internal psychic calendar because the great call is becoming present within many of us and with that the same reality is opening for each one, either because of personal sensitivity, or because of the questioning of the values ​​that previously had a strong weight in their lives and that from a short time ago, no longer have the same weights and measures, everything is an internal response to bankruptcy of paradigms that we have been living for some years. There are various Star Commands that are administered in a way to help in internal rescue.
1-Santa Esmeralda Federation Command.
It emerged from a Stellar Healing Alliance and research in the area of ​​Genetics. This Alliance was made by an important Hierarchy of Beings of Light from Alpha Centauri.
The Santa Esmeralda Command and the Ashtar Command form a powerful team in the work of rescuing souls, cleaning the Astral and the Earth’s Threshold.
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For our Planet, the Santa Esmeralda Command made available to the teams and the White Brotherhood, a powerful ship capable of manifesting from the 9th Dimension to the 6th Dimension. This ship, directed by Master Hilarion and his Divine Complement-5Ray of Healing and Truth, commands the works of Psychic, Emotional, and Physical Healing of all Beings at all levels: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Hominal, Humanity, Star Seeds. Thousands of his disciples will incarnate within the densest planes to help directly in the Healing and Rescue Operation. There are many disciples working as Healers, Doctors, Therapists and even without having yet remembered their mission, anchoring enough energy so that the other teams can carry out their work, reaching the densest dimensions. Many of We have proposed to help and collaborate with the Avatar Plan and we are responsible for the Anchoring.
That is why the Star families are forming work groups, uniting in favor of the Great Plan of Love and Light of the Almighty.
All work done by the Santa Esmeralda Command is directed towards healing, allowing other energies to be reflected in our reality and as a consequence we have the conditions to purify, dissolve and transmute all our negative karmic energy. In this way we can act as true teachers, being Co-Creators of a New Universe to be shaped, called Unana, which our Master Saint Germain has referred to in many of his messages, with a team of Surgeons, Doctors and Geneticists, from different places in our Galaxy in addition to the support of Beings and Teachers from other Universes who come to our reality not only to provide support but also to study the process we go through. Equipment:
-Surgeons: They are responsible for the elimination of all the Chips and many more implants, which are inserted into the Human Consciousness with the management of order and psychic of the involutive forces of our Universe. In addition, this team is responsible for the restoration of health physical, emotional of all Human Beings, guiding all Doctors, Therapists and Healers.
-Geneticists: They are responsible for the reactivation of the DNA process, maintaining a constant study of the changes in the Genetic Code of Humanity, supervising the perfect anchoring of the subtle bodies of the new Genetic Codes and the strands are inserted into all children who are born among us, bearers of the new GNA.
-Rescue Souls: This team is responsible for the rescue of all those souls that were trapped by manipulations and material processes of their earthly incarnation. The majority of these souls dwell within the dense dimensions of the threshold, which express high levels of negativity and the deterioration of Consciousness.
The Rescue Group is always helped by our beloved Archangels Michael and Gabriel and other Beings who have the Power to descend to the depths and free those souls to then be directed to the hospitals and ships within the astral plane, where the doctors and rescue teams healing care take care of the restoration of each of those souls that were rescued.
Elemental Healing and Kingdoms of Nature: Teams that have ships that deal with ecological monitoring and elemental rescue work, providing planetary balance and preparing the world for the transition period, collecting genetic information of all kinds, whatever part of the new 5 Dimensional Earth.
The study of environmental pollution, both physical and energetic, caused by the high negative vibrational charge of Humanity on Earth, directing healing for the waters and air, giving much attention to the Earth element and the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.
2-Ashtar Command.
Representative Archangel Michael Outer Logos Alpha and Omega Sirius for this quadrant. The Ashtar Command is an important point of support for the rescue of souls that are lost on Earth, in the event that it is a person who is not one of their family or his family, is taken into account at all times, 12:12 and 13:13.
Because it is a Command governed by Beings of the Confederation who are above the dimensional reality of the 8th Dimension and therefore fused with the Universal Christ Consciousness, outside of the incarnational process, this group acts in other octaves of light above the free will and duality that exists in the 21 Galaxies of its quadrant.
This Command is not warlike, its function is protection and removal of the quarantine of the Earth and observation and study of Humanity and the incarnated Masters, so its attributions are much broader than those known.
Among the duties carried out by the 33 million Beings that make up the Ashtar Command, among them the Archangels and Elohins, the White Brotherhood of the Earth and the Blue Brotherhood of Sirius, are: -Planetary atmospheric cleansing. -Orbital Alignment System. -Correction of the Magnetic Field. -Protection against non-Confederate ships. -Support for the White Masters and Blue Brotherhood. -Advise the Solar Brotherhood. -Channeling with Human Beings in order to help. -Preparation and control of seismic movements. -Interface with the Solar Karmic Council. -Without restrictions help Sananda. –
Monitoring of adverse groups sinister government secret. –Astral cleansing plan for legions of Angels. -Exchanges with intraterrestrials. -Support for the White Brotherhood of Portals between the Alternate Parallel Earths. -Supervision of the Earth entry project. -Mediation between Draconians and Zeta Reticulli. -Reconnect with your Incarnated Divine portions, Starseeds, Humanity. -Increased vibration of the systematic magnetic field. -The redemption of Christ in Sananda and the Kumaras. -Consciousness podigies Awakening children’s programs. -Negative Human Vibrational Exile Project. -Dispersion of the 22 Rays of the Central Alpha and Omega Sun. -The Earth’s temporary recovery loop.
3-Temporary Command.
Administered by the Consciousness of the Archangel Elder Metatron, who has an important rescue work for the love and Faith of his children of Orion and other Star quadrants. They work with Karmic Council directly and can interact in the karmic process time and allow the medical staff of the Santa Esmeralda Command to use the temporal conduits to carry out healing work, there is even a passive karma or denial within each situation. In the case that it is one of the most important in the History of Humanity, it is one of the oldest in the world. This is because they have achieved the capacity and the Christ Consciousness which is the basis for being able to control the flow of time and space.
4-Mahatma Command.
Hierarchy of Ascended Beings linked to the Havona Trinity. Directly linked to the sustainment of the Creative Plan of the Orvoton SuperUniverse in which we are inserted and the Thought Adjuster through the energies of the Takions within the Higher Self, thus generating full attunement of primordial energy from the Source that all is within each Soul.
This energy has the capacity of Unification and transcendence of the 2 Basic Pillars to achieve the same. Buddha and Christ are the necessary pillars, since Mahatma energy is creative wisdom in perfect balance, it complements the other 2 which are the fundamental Pillars of the Spirit and Consciousness as Co-Creator and in this way the path that we must all take in the natural process of Reconnection with the greatest plane of the Source that everything is. There are some channels that are entering into this attunement and they are people who They have already gone through a long path in other incarnations and already possess a high degree of sensory perception and initiations in the Spheres Superior to the 12 Divine Rays.
5-Melchizedek-Lanonadeck Command.
It controls the Akashic Records of each person and the planetary Records, which in turn refer to the Solar Council of each planetary system and this in turn reports directly to the respective Solar Logos. This group acts directly with the Karmic Council and has direct access to the Temporal Command, Order of the 49, Santa Esmeralda Command, Ashtar Command and Santa Amethyst Command. In each situation He acts to restore the records and verify the best evolutionary form of the reincarnation process of each soul on their respective planet and dimensional reality .
Master Sananda, the Beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are important parts of this step of reincarnation and the adaptation of the genetic material that will have to be reclassified to the new stage of the evolution of souls.
6-Saint Amethyst Command.
Ruled by the Archangel Saint Amethyst and formed by Beings and Consciousnesses from the 5th Dimension to the 21st Dimension, they act within the process of magnetic, vibrational requalification and planetary and Conscientious Karmic transmutation. Command in charge of the requalification of low frequency elementals, rescue of souls cleaning the depths of the Threshold, in addition to the important mission of requalifying the Frequency Barrier and balancing the planetary Magnetic Field, working alongside Commander Kryon’s teams.
In this Command the performance of the Devic Kingdoms, Elohins and various Commands is very strong, in addition to the Presence of researchers from various dimensional sectors. Together with these phalanxes we are also anchoring the Powerful energy of our beloved Master Saint Germain and a wide range of Disciples who help and guide us in our work. When we tune and anchor with the Holy Amethyst Command, we are tuning the entire spiritual team of the Seventh Violet Ray, and consequently giving way to the cleaning phalanxes to carry out exploration in the different dimensions. .
7-Sirian Command.
This Command represents the rescue operation action by the Beings of Sirius, who act between the 9th Dimension and the 13th Dimension. They receive support from the Alpha and Omega Logos, who have the direct help of Sananda and the Archangel Michael.
The Melchizedek, Lanonadeck and Voronandeck Order are present within this Command in a very intense way and also the Karmic Council. The Hierarchy of the Order of Thoth is one of the representatives of the Syrian System, which is composed of more than 78 ruling worlds within the Confederation of Ascensional Light.
Also the 13:13 Portal is part of the administration of that Solar Command and Logos.
8-Oriorian Command.
This command represents the interests of Light of the regents of the Orion Constellation and is subject to the administrative leading action of the Star Command, the Elohim Orion is one of the main leaders of this Order, along with Metraton, Sandalfon and other Beings such as the Beloved Master Kuan Yin.
In this Command the performance of the Devic Kingdoms, Elohins and various Commands is very strong, in addition to the Presence of researchers from various dimensional sectors. Together with these phalanxes we are also anchoring the Powerful energy of our beloved Master Saint Germain and a wide range of Disciples who help and guide us in our work. When we tune and anchor with the Holy Amethyst Command, we are tuning the entire spiritual team of the Seventh Violet Ray, and consequently giving way to the cleaning phalanxes to carry out exploration in the different dimensions. .
7-Sirian Command.
This Command represents the rescue operation action by the Beings of Sirius, who act between the 9th Dimension and the 13th Dimension. They receive support from the Alpha and Omega Logos, who have the direct help of Sananda and the Archangel Michael.
The Melchizedek, Lanonadeck and Voronandeck Order are present within this Command in a very intense way and also the Karmic Council. The Hierarchy of the Order of Thoth is one of the representatives of the Syrian System, which is composed of more than 78 ruling worlds within the Confederation of Ascensional Light.
The 13:13 Portal is also part of the administration
Command and Solar Logos.
8-Oriorian Command.
This command represents the interests of Light of the regents of the Orion Constellation and is subject to the administrative leading action of the Star Command, the Elohim Orion is one of the main leaders of this Order, along with Metraton, Sandalfon and other Beings such as the Beloved Master Kuan Yin.
The Center of Power and distribution of love and reconnection of this Command is centralized in the Portals of the 3 Marys, Beltelgeuse and Bellatrix. It is from that sector that the Great Rose of Orion Fraternity supports an important work of reconnection of all the lost children of Orion, from the time of the great wars and deceptions of the past.
9-Pléiadian Command.
This Command has the help of Commander Torank, ruler of the Planet Danube that orbits the Star of Alcyone and has been acting on Earth for more than 750 thousand years. It has a direct relationship with various genetic manipulations with the Human species on Earth and with other forms. of animal and plant life. They were responsible for the inclusion of the LUA as a permanent satellite of the Earth. 10 Groups are acting on Earth, being 4 Confederates, 2 Neutrals and 4 non-Confederates that are still with heavy
Pléiadian Command.
This Command has the help of Commander Torank, ruler of the Planet Danube that orbits the Star of Alcyone and has been acting on Earth for more than 750 thousand years. It has a direct relationship with various genetic manipulations with the Human species on Earth and with other forms. of animal and plant life. They were responsible for the inclusion of the LUA as a permanent satellite of the Earth. 10 Groups are acting on Earth, being 4 Confederates, 2 Neutrals and 4 non-Confederates who are still with heavy karmas next to the Interplanetary Federation and with Torank himself.
The renegades of the Pleiades are working with the grays exiled on Earth and with the non-confederate Draconian forces in the service of the Order of the Black Dragon.
10-Vegan Command.
Command that is developing an important Karmic rescue work for Humanity and the Earth, since in the past the Great Draco Force that resides within that system was involved with powerful intrigues and wars linked to Orion and the Order of the Black Dragon. Currently there are about 5 Delegations of that Star System, which are seeking a strong rescue and support of requalification of the electromagnetic lines that exist Vega and the Earth from the North Pole. As it is changing, the Earth is being disconnected from that tuning and the Vega groups are helping in the pole shift and requalification of the mineral and plant kingdoms in addition to rescuing their lost children on Earth.
Vega is about 26 thousand light years from our world. The Central point at the North Pole is an important energy pipeline that is being changed to another Galactic sector to help the quantum leap, since Vega is also making an important leap and has been disinfected by the Planet Hercolubus that passed there for a few thousand years, doing an important conscientious cleansing of exile of the burdens and souls in the pattern of war and misdirected duality. The Commander who comes closest to contact with Humanity of That Command is Akrosam from the 8th Dimension, however part of the most common group of that command is from the 6th Dimension.
11-Arturian Command.
A large healing team is part of that Command to help in various sectors of the medical line and redirect medical research in a more peaceful way. Commander Kro, Tron, Averignar and Lisandren are some of the most common contacts of people linked to that Command. Being normally of the 6th Dimension, they can act up to the 9th Dimension. A great rescue for the errors of the past is being developed by that group that has various Masters of Light representing their tasks and responsibility on Earth.
12-Canopian Command.
Conscientious recovery group and Masters of Light. They act between the 13th Dimension to the 22nd Dimension due to their ancient evolution and come from Canopus-second the brightest Star of our
heaven. A large part of this group acts within the Karmic Council and has a Delegation of souls incarnated on Earth to help in the evolutionary and Conscientious process. They help the other Commandos who are seeking to reverse the errors of the past, representing a strong power of peace and spiritual guidance for our Galaxy.
13-Sumerian Command.
This group represents the people and delegations of the planet Saturn. In the 18th century, the Roman Empire became one of the oldest in the world. Their activities are research and help in the reversal of pollution and misuse of nuclear technology and medical radiology. They have worked a lot in supervising a group called City of the 7 Planets that has its operational base in the subsoil of the Andean Mountain Range, with entrances through the Serra do Roncados in Brazil and others in the Mountain Range itself. .
14-Venusian Command.
With one of the administrative regents, Master Pallas Atenas, they work directly linked to the Syrian Command, by their origins and by Venus, an advanced position from the past of Sirius and its various administrative groups. Currently this Command helps in the requalification process of the terrestrial Karmic Council and the groups of Conscious Awakening of Humanity and regeneration of the
DNA of the new children, especially those with mutating DNA like the indigo children and their mission companions. The groups of cities and intra-oceanic Beings are also cared for and recycled by the Venusian Command.
15-Zeta Reticuli Command.
Small group led by 7 Dimensional Beings who represent the Confederated Delegations of the Zetas and who are helping in the requalification and peace negotiation with other renegade and non-confederated groups. Zegon is one of the leaders of that group and has helped a lot in the pacification of their companions and raising their Consciousness in the line of love and compassion, which is a great task and challenge for that space race. This Command tunes in mediumistically with many people on Earth, helping in their awakening, which helps very much to humanity.
16-Capelino Command.
Helping in the rescue of their children lost on Earth and accompanying the exile process of those who failed again in the earthly process. This group supports an important work of cleaning and requalification in the Valley of the Dawn in Goias. The line of brothers spiritual has a direct work with that command in the routing of energies. As is the open participation of Caboclo Pena Dourada and his companions.
17-Rigellian Command.
Draconian Command composed of ascended Beings of the reptilian lineage who normally act between the 8th Dimension to the 14th Dimension and have a lot of love in their hearts. In the attempt to make the quantum leap and rescue more than 15 million draconians from intraterrestrial realities and of etheric cities in points
Specific to the Earth, they seek to rework the past mistakes of their representatives. This Command is supervised by the Star Command and its various Beings, such as Shiva Hama Kur, are changing the Conscious reality of its densest representatives, who already agree to negotiate peace and a change of posture. Thousands of their Beings are incarnated learning about love, pain, sorrow, brotherhood, human emotions, which they did not know. The Star of Rigel has many portals that connect the Threshold of the Earth with its Threshold.
18-Draco Command.
It represents the Draco Constellation that generated the first matrix of the Draconians in our Galaxy. They are linked to the Rigellian Command. This group is on Earth unconditionally helping in the requalification of the Rigellians and other life forms linked to the genetic code of the reptiles , as in the case of the children of Vega and other systems. They do a lot of genetic research at various dimensional levels. They are beings from the 8th Dimension to the 15th Dimension and have a strong connection with the black forces of the past of our Galaxy They are in constant orientation and observation on Earth and came to learn from the energy of love since theirs is very mental and pure logic, without emotions like most of the reptiles of the past.
19-Aldebarian Command.
Representatives of the Aldebaran Solar System, act in the process of healing and evaluation of their envoys to Earth present in the last 478 thousand years. They have a direct connection with the Aryan race and are direct descendants of the ancient Lirians of Lyra of the first Dynasties of that town.The relationship of Aldebaran with the northern part of Europe and the Anglo-Saxon Race is well present and they are making an important rescue of that town.Often
They act between the 5th Dimension to the 7th Dimension, they are peaceful and they have been studying the human psyche for many years in order to be able to make a direct evaluation of the evolutionary process of their children left on mission or exile on Earth.
20-Antarian Command
This Command is working with various groups on Earth and very much in the spiritual field of the Umbanda incorporation line. They are on a rescue mission for Humanity and the children of Sirius Beta, Delta and Teta, who were trapped on Earth due to interference and political activities of the time, which did not help the evolutionary process of the planet. Currently they are passive beings that are rescuing a large part of their people who live in intra-oceanic cities, especially the North Pacific Coast at the height of California that are holding up the plate and the San Andreas fault.
21-Niburian Command.
Present in small numbers on Earth and under strong control by Star Command, this group is being led to a Peace negotiation with the other groups within the direct interference of the Masters of the White Brotherhood. Their people still have a strong line slave and requires power over Humanity, for having inherited from the Pleiadians technology and responsibilities over Humanity, especially the Sumerian people. It is not a well-matched Command and representative of good faith, that is why He is under strong surveillance and we must be very careful with beings that appear from Nibiru, since they are still very trapped in the matter and reality of the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension.
22-Lyrian Command
Representatives of Lira who, together with the other Commandos, are seeking to study the current Earth process and rescue their lost children who are incarnated or exiled in the various realities of Earth. It is a race that in the past was persecuted and that brought them fury. war for a long time and the vein of strong explorers and colonizers. Currently they act between the 9th Dimension to the 12th Dimension and do work to help the other Commandos within clinical and karmic investigations of the line
23-Andromedian Commando.
Group that represents the 113 Andromeda Systems that acted on Earth and that still have pending negotiations for help and karmic rescue. Under the guidance of Miguel and Rafael they are acting in the process of pacification of many of their children lost in human reality and intraterrestrial. These groups were genetic researchers and part of the smugglers of the genetic material trading houses and they are rescuing that together with the Melchizedeck Order that called them to their responsibility and mission. They are from the 8th Dimension to the 15th Dimension and They have various races, including the humanoid shape and geometric luminous shape.
24-Solarian Command.
It represents the Council of all the illuminated and peaceful planets of our Solar System that communicate with the Solar logos and seek to help in the resolutions for the quantum leap of the Solar System and for the centralization of Jupiter as the second Sun of our System in 5 Dimension. This group is made up of many Masters of the White Brotherhood and they have various command and control powers of the other Commands that are in the Orbital territory of the Solar System. They represent the Temporal and Customs Police. They act between the 5th Dimension to the 13th Dimension. The line of the Elohins has a lot of action within this group and allows many of these representatives to communicate with Humanity through old blacks, caboclos and other medical lines of the Incorporation Masters.
Note: These are the Commands to which you belong, one, two, three, or several, your Soul, your Heart will recognize them.
Sincerely: To the entire Fleet and commands, Sherta Seed
Always with love care and enlighten