You are currently viewing Sun Regulus Conjunct ~ Initiation of Final Lionsgate Portal ~ Sun moves into Virgo ~ Rainbow Bridge

Sun Regulus Conjunct ~ Initiation of Final Lionsgate Portal ~ Sun moves into Virgo ~ Rainbow Bridge

Sun Regulus Conjunct ~ Initiation of Final Lionsgate Portal ~ Sun moves into Virgo ~ Rainbow Bridge



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Ascending Masters of the Universal Legacy of Eternal Life

Our local Sun Solaris moves into the zodiac sign of Virgo today . We have powerful Divine Feminine Goddess energies coming in. We are currently anchoring in a new timeline into the grids of Mother Earth.

With all these activations and shifts occurring in this realm Pachamama received a massive activation today on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in indonesia. We have a major flood in Dallas Texas and Mother Earth had a powerful release with an eruption of volcano Popocatépetl (smoking mountain) in Mexico. Our prayers and blessings go out to all our people suffering due to these great changes.

With all these powerful Earth Changes Gaia is purifying and cleansing her physical vessel to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment for all her Christos Children of the Sun. Let us send our Divine Mother and all Sentient beings of Light much Love, Blessings and Bliss for this great shift of the Ages into the New Heaven upon the New Earth. One of our most powerful tools at this time is the Violet flame. With your all-mighty I Am Presence continue blazing this realm with the Violet Ray to assist Gaia and our Ground Crew Team of the 144 in this transformation and transfiguration into the Pure Land of Paradise she was always destined to be.

In this reality that we are experiencing,  our mindset is very important to our lives and for our missions. Our mindset is the thoughts we hold within our mind moment by moment. Are your thoughts that of fear and worry or are they thoughts that inspire and lift your spirit. Do your thoughts conjure worry and anxiety or do they encourage you to live your passions and dreams. The Key to co creating the New Earth begins in the mind, with holding the visions of what you see for the positive timeline. What you wish and hope to see for humanity and the New Earth. What you see and feel for Mother Earth and all her children. Because we have an individual experience and a collective experience, the world at large is both.

We hold the line with our Joy, peace, happiness and courage. We feel all the positive energy that flows through the universe. We enjoy the day. Spend time in nature and with your loved ones. Surround yourself with people that are inspired, that lift your spirit. Be the uplifter, the inspiration you wish to see in the world.

Your Buddha Nature is shining bright the Gold Light of our Crystalline Rainbow Body of Infinite Life.

Anything is possible in these times. You deserve to have everything your heart desires, for you, beloved, are worth it…A’Ho!

al qalb al asad – Lion Hearted Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe of New Earth…Rise!!!




Right now: Moon at 25°22′ Cancer, Sun at 1°00′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A large white cross-dominating the landscape-stands alone on top of a high hill.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Cancer.




Cristina Morichetti


💫Powerful Stellar Codes coming through💫Merkaba✨️ Stellated Dodecaedron activated💫Ph.Body can be extrenwly exhausted due to this HUGE DOWNLOAD💫


Sacred Flower of Life coming on line and radiating all over the place…for someone it means literally walking in a lucid dream…activating many ancient sacred gifts & talents …
for others it means an Immense Releasing…for all it’s a Huge Passageway ✨️🙏✨️
Everything is Divinely Orchestrated and perfect as it is ✨️🙏✨️
(Crown&Head totally embraced by vortexes of Light)
✨️Respect your LightBody ✨️Take care of your Light 🙏Honor this moment ✨️
With Infinite Love
Cristina 💜
23 💫💫2022
If you are tired of the old paradigm of separation, confusion and fear.
Elevate into the Higher Dimension of Etheric Energies of your 5th dimensional Conscious Self.
It is there we are always home within ourselves.
Which needs no opinion, nor judgement we all just flow as one Energetic Force of Divine Love. 💫


Lyran portal
Lyran portal


Sun Regulus Conjunct – Sphinx New Age Priest/ess Architects Initiation of Final Lionsgate Portal

🦁As the Sun Conjuncts Regulus- Heart Of the Lion, 20-23 August ,we go through the most potent ,intense and last Gateway of Lionsgate Portal. The activated Light of Regulus is the Key that unlocks the sacred Gateway guarded by the Sphinx-The Bridge between the Unmanifest and Manifest.
✨After the abundant shower of new spiritual Codes of Ascension of the Lionsgate /Infinity Gateway (July 26-Aug 23), it is here that we are “tested” by the Sphinx, before being given the corridor pass into the Realm of Alchemy and Manifestation.
🦁It is here that we are tested for the qualities of The Lion Heart- Empathy, Compassion, Devotion,Leadership, Selfless Service, Justice…and above all the quality of Meditative Receptivity. Spiritual/ Meditative practices often get misinterpreted as a State of Active Doing, whereas what is actually recquired of us is to BE!! BE alert (not passive) and attentive and allow the Universe to Flow through you/ guide you / connect you with the seen and unseen realms of existence. That is the Secret of connecting into the Intricate Web of Oneness and ultimately Manifestation and Alchemy -The crowning glory of Spiritual Ascension , Evolution and Mastery- The very essence of the Lionsgate Portal.
💙This is the significance of the period between 8;8 and Sun Regulus Conjunction as it is in this period that the potent initiations take place . We are required to be in Alert Receptivity/ Listening / Tuning Into the seen and Unseen realms . For only if you Listen will you be able to acquire the Keys to the Sacred Passage guarded by the Sphinx that opens the Portal of Alchemy and Manifestation as the Sun activates the Royal Light of The Heart of The Lion-Regulus – Key Holder of The Akashic Records and upholder of Divine Karmic Law and Justice.This is the Initiation into The Priest/tess Codes of Atlantis/ Architects of The New Golden Age.
💙Where have the veils of illusion suddenly dropped for you to reveal untrue perceptions you have hitherto held on to, where has Justice been redirected as per the new perceptions that have been unveiled, what revelations especially wrt Karma. And Dharma is the universe disclosing to you…..
🔱The Sun Regulus Conjunction is not intended as an ego boosting initiation of Priest/ess Hood of Architects of The New Age.It is an initiation into Change, Justice and Karmic Retribution, Moral Responsibility ,Conduct and Leadership, developing Warrior + Nurturer / Wayshower attributes of the Lion, deepening one’s communication with the Universe via Gratitude, Sacred Ceremony (simply being One with the universe in Trust, reverence and gratitude is also Sacred Ceremony) and trusting the guidance of Spirit to take inspired and Courageous +Compassionate Action from a place of balance in the face of adversity. For this is the path to bring forth the New timeline of Peace , Balance , Harmony and Justice where all sentient expressions of Life Force Energy take their place in the Circle of Life/Light as ONE!!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Art Credits: Source
Sun Regulus Conjunct
Sun Regulus Conjunct

Ra James

We have Shifted into Virgo Season today. We have now walked through the Fire of Leo Season. Leo Season brought a lot of Masculine, Royal, look at me vibes. It helped many in building up there ego. The issue with that is spirituality requires an entire release of your ego, or any old 3D identities. This is a time to break on through past all of that. Our souls will meet in a place of service. The rest of August we will continue to align with the Sun. I’ve been connecting with the Earth, Sun, Moon, and the Stars. I’ve been working with, and using the energies of the elements. We are moving into an amazing time of the year for anyone into elemental magic. Virgo is a star maiden. She represents purity. Virgo is the sign of the Goddess.

Goddess of the Harvest. Saturday’s Virgo New Moon shifts us into some high Earth Energies. This is a time of Earth Magic as we prepare for next month’s Harvest Moon and the Equinox. We are going to see a huge increase in the Ascension Energies as we wrap up 2022. The next year will continue to bring some massive clearing work. Many of you have been show the work you need to do. Those of you that are in some type of toxic situation know what needs to be done. The things weighing you down are getting to heavy to continue to hold on too, in these higher frequencies.

The best way to fly is simply to let go. You’re remembering more that you came here with wings too. Virgo is sign of the Healer. This Virgo Season is an amazing time to be detoxing, healing, and doing some type of energy work. It’s time to assess how your spending your time and energy. This is the most valuable thing you have. It’s a great time to get organized and to get a good plan. Earth is a grounding and hard working element. It’s great for tapping into and manifesting abundance. Expect this Virgo Season to bring some major throat chakra activations. Many have healing work to do in this area still. If you are seeing foxglove flowers take it as a special sign. It’s the season for fairy bells, or witch gloves. These are flowers of the fairies…



Virgo Season
Virgo Season


Kwana Mikaela

English | Deutsche | Française
✨✨⚡IMMENSE Divine ENERGIES, Beloved ones; they are expanding and increasing in the planetary field, and Collective Consciousness (field). August 23 –
day in Europe | morning USA, Canada | evening Australia, NZ | morning South America | day South Africa (Johannesburg) | evening Japan (Tokyo)
Common for the Collective:
• felt energy pressure to the physical structure/system, body parts – right or/and left side
• pressure on the back energy channels (between shoulders and neck); sensitive shoulder blades – possible to feel burning or hot sensation❗
• head (full, dull; attention flows “somewhere else”; sleepy state)
• high sensitivity within the body (inner organs, blood pressure, physical Heart…)
Some may feel confused, spaced out, in the moments finding themselves on the higher vibrational “spaces”.
There is BIG SCALE high energy presence, including energies from the New Earth Timeline (energies are streaming into the fabric of this Reality). Organic Ascension Trajectory – Timeline itself is making its presence “tangible” for Humanity to step on it again. After this latest mix of the incoming energies, Lions Gates versus distorted lunar stream + corrupt timeline, where Humanity became like a “boxing bag”, now, there is brought back o r g a n i c FLOW of Ascension. It was supposed to occur already during August 18/19, but still there was a lot of densities, debris, and corrupt timeline was fighting back, so, there was needed the second approach to get rid of garbage completely, and completely restore Source/God’s pure Stream on the planet. Because, God has stepped beside Humanity in this 2022, we are given events, turning points, extra support in the moments, only Source knows about, and, only Source decides ~ when. This is the difference between March 2020 – December 2021 and 2022. And, this makes a difference in each of passing linear days. So far, AUGUST is very turning point in every meaning of this term.
We must go UP.
These energies ensures this.
The Real energy of 2022 is focused in the present energies, in this linear August 23, it is streaming like a fresh and clear Presence and Essence through the Human vessel – Consciousness – crystalline Light Body with a such of power.
The real 2022 is Here NOW. Not with January 1. But, with August 23.
Collective Consciousness undergoes – experience Purification. Not a purification, that means releases, letting go, purge, but Purification that means, that the field of Consciousness is illuminated with the Light till the level, where field becomes crystalline; or in a Krystal pure Tone; white + ice blue.
You must see it, it’s only partially possible by using human language terms to explain, describe all of present, or any information included in the Energy Reports. Frequencies and vibrations are through any Report, that’s why the rest of not described is/will be perceived in the subtle levels of your being.
With loving 2022 Blessings for us ALL ✨💛✨
Kwana Mikaela
Photo by motherearth_kanako (Instagram)
Thank You ~ Danke Max von Gaja 🕊️
✨✨⚡IMMENSE Göttliche ENERGIEN, ihr Lieben; sie dehnen sich aus und nehmen zu im planetarischen Feld und im kollektiven Bewusstsein’s (Feld). 23. August – Tag in Europa | am Morgen in USA, Kanada | am Abend Australien, NZ | am Morgen Südamerika | am Tag Südafrika (Johannesburg) | am Abend Japan (Tokyo)
Gemeinsam für das Kollektiv:
– gefühlter Energiedruck auf die physische Struktur/System, Körperteile – rechts oder/und links
– Druck auf die Energiekanäle im Rücken (zwischen Schultern und Nacken); empfindliche Schulterblätter – möglicherweise brennende oder heisse Empfindungen❗
– Kopf (voll, dumpf; Aufmerksamkeit fließt “woanders hin”; schläfriger Zustand)
– hohe Empfindlichkeit im Körper (innere Organe, Blutdruck, körperliches Herz…)
Manche fühlen sich vielleicht verwirrt, abwesend, in den Momenten, in denen sie sich in den höher schwingenden “Räumen” befinden.
Es gibt eine hohe Energiepräsenz im GROSSEN MASSSTAB, einschließlich der Energien aus der Zeitlinie der Neuen Erde (die Energien strömen in das Gewebe dieser Realität). Die organische Aufstiegs-Trajektorie – Zeitlinie selbst macht ihre Präsenz “greifbar”, damit die Menschheit sie wieder betreten kann. Nach dieser letzten Mischung der ankommenden Energien, das Löwen Tor gegen den verzerrten Mondstrom + der korrupten Zeitlinie, wo die Menschheit zu einem “Boxsack” wurde, gibt es jetzt den o r g a n i s c h e n FLUSS des Aufstiegs zurück. Er sollte bereits im August 18/19 stattfinden, aber es gab immer noch viele Dichten, Trümmer und die korrupte Zeitlinie wehrte sich, so dass ein zweiter Ansatz nötig war, um den Müll vollständig loszuwerden und den reinen Strom der Quelle/Gottes auf dem Planeten vollständig wiederherzustellen. Weil Gott in diesem Jahr 2022 an die Seite der Menschheit getreten ist, werden uns Ereignisse, Wendepunkte, zusätzliche Unterstützung in den Momenten gegeben, von denen nur die Quelle weiß, und nur die Quelle entscheidet ~ wann. Dies ist der Unterschied zwischen März 2020 – Dezember 2021 und 2022. Und das macht einen Unterschied in jedem der vorübergehenden linearen Tage. Bis jetzt ist der AUGUST ein Wendepunkt in jeder Bedeutung dieses Begriffs.
Wir müssen nach oben gehen.
Diese Energien stellen dies sicher.
Die wirkliche Energie von 2022 ist in den gegenwärtigen Energien fokussiert, in diesem linearen 23. August, sie strömt wie eine frische und klare Präsenz und Essenz durch das menschliche Gefäß – das Bewusstsein – den kristallinen Lichtkörper mit solch einer Kraft.
Das wirkliche 2022 ist JETZT hier. Nicht mit dem 1. Januar, sondern jetzt mit dem 23. August.
Das kollektive Bewusstsein durchläuft die Erfahrung der Reinigung. Nicht die Reinigung, die ein Loslassen bedeutet, sondern eine Reinigung, die bedeutet, dass das Bewusstseinsfeld mit dem Licht bis zu der Ebene erleuchtet wird, wo das Feld kristallin wird; oder in einem kristallinen reinen Ton; weiß + eisblau.
Ihr müsst es sehen, es ist nur teilweise möglich, mit Begriffen der menschlichen Sprache all das zu erklären oder zu beschreiben, was in den Energieberichten enthalten ist. Frequenzen und Schwingungen fliessen durch jeden Bericht mit, deshalb wird der Rest, der nicht beschrieben ist, in den subtilen Ebenen eures Seins wahrgenommen.
Mit liebevollen 2022 Segenswünschen für uns ALLE ✨💛✨
Kwana Mikaela
Foto von motherearth_kanako (Instagram)
Merci ~ Thank You Rita Vitulano ✨
✨✨⚡IMMENSE ENERGIES Divines, Bien-aimés ; elles sont en expansion et en augmentation dans le champ planétaire, et la Conscience Collective (champ). 23 août – jour en Europe | matin USA, Canada | soir Australie, NZ | matin Amérique du Sud | jour Afrique du Sud (Johannesburg) | soir Japon (Tokyo)
Commun pour le Collectif :
– pression énergétique ressentie sur la structure/le système physique, les parties du corps – côté droit ou/et gauche
– pression sur les canaux énergétiques du dos (entre les épaules et le cou) ; omoplates sensibles – possibilité de ressentir une sensation de brûlure ou de chaleur❗
– tête (pleine, terne ; l’attention se porte “ailleurs” ; état de somnolence)
– sensibilité élevée dans le corps (organes internes, pression sanguine, cœur physique…).
Certains peuvent se sentir confus, espacés, dans les moments se trouvant sur les ” espaces ” vibratoires supérieurs.
Il y a une présence énergétique élevée à GRANDE ÉCHELLE, y compris des énergies de la ligne de temps de la Nouvelle Terre (les énergies sont en train d’affluer dans le tissu de cette réalité). La Trajectoire d’Ascension Organique – Ligne de Temps elle-même rend sa présence “tangible” pour que l’Humanité puisse à nouveau y poser le pied. Après ce dernier mélange des énergies entrantes, des Portes des Lions par rapport au flux lunaire déformé + la ligne de temps corrompue, où l’Humanité est devenue comme un “sac de boxe”, maintenant, il y a le RETOUR DU FLUX ORIGINAL de l’Ascension. Il était censé se produire déjà au cours du 18/19 août, mais il y avait encore beaucoup de densités, de débris, et la ligne de temps corrompue se défendait, donc, il y avait besoin de la deuxième approche pour se débarrasser complètement des ordures, et restaurer complètement le Flux pur de la Source/Dieu sur la planète. Parce que Dieu s’est placé aux côtés de l’humanité en 2022, nous recevons des événements, des points tournants, un soutien supplémentaire dans les moments que seule la Source connaît, et seule la Source décide ~ quand. C’est la différence entre mars 2020 – décembre 2021 et 2022. Et cela fait une différence dans chacun des jours linéaires qui passent. Jusqu’à présent, le mois d’août est un point tournant dans tous les sens du terme.
Nous devons aller vers le haut.
Ces énergies le garantissent.
L’énergie réelle de 2022 est concentrée dans les énergies actuelles, dans ce 23 août linéaire, elle coule comme une Présence et une Essence fraîche et claire à travers le vaisseau humain – la Conscience – le Corps de Lumière cristallin avec une telle puissance.
Le vrai 2022 est ici et maintenant. Pas avec le 1er janvier. Mais, avec le 23 août.
La Conscience Collective subit – expérimente la Purification. Pas une purification, qui signifie libérer, laisser aller, purger, mais une purification qui signifie que le champ de la Conscience est illuminé par la Lumière jusqu’au niveau où le champ devient cristallin ; ou dans un ton pur de Krystal ; blanc + bleu de glace.
Vous devez le voir, ce n’est que partiellement possible en utilisant des termes de langage humain pour expliquer, décrire tout le présent, ou toute information incluse dans les rapports énergétiques. Les fréquences et les vibrations sont à travers tout rapport, c’est pourquoi le reste de ce qui n’est pas décrit est/sera perçu dans les niveaux subtils de votre être.
Avec l’amour de 2022 bénédictions pour nous TOUS ✨💛✨.
Kwana Mikaela
Photo by motherearth_kanako (Instagram)
Mother Earth
Mother Earth


Judith Kusel

We are in for more clearing of the old programs, belief systems, old woundedness – so often deeply unconscious and buried, whatever we could not have expressed – or has been deliberately suppressed, whatever is still there lurking, in whatever form, is being churned up, so that we can finally let go and be freed on all levels.
This so often involves deep shadow work, but at the same time, a deepening love for the self – who so often was bewildered and lost on planet earth, and thus always did the best it could in the circumstances it found itself in. Compassion includes the self and much as it includes others. For what you see in others, is there within you! It might not have been in this lifetime but in others.
Again, as we heal ourselves, we heal others.
As we step past this all, and therefore onto the Rainbow Bridge and into the New Earth, without any baggage in any form or way weighing us down, we pave the way for other souls to follow suit.
It is the Power of Love, which indeed, is seeing us find those wings again, and unfurling them, and indeed, rising into the truth of who and what we are – at SOUL level!
Authentic, truthful, real! Integrity, Truth, Unconditional Love.
Pure Intent.
Cocreating in the highest and best ways for the highest good of all – in unity and harmony with All That Is!
What a beautiful unfolding this is!
Judith Kusel
Photo: Daniel B. Holeman
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge


Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The higher mind is overriding the ego mind. This ongoing battle has been triggered through painful emotions and abuse that may have caused some health conditions. Freedom from that cycle is available today. The door is open for you to fly free and not look back. Continue healing your Feminine power and emotions until you feel confident to go.

Release the distorted masculines that trapped you emotionally. Leave the vengeance to the Most High to punish your abusers. Rewards for your suffering are also available. Follow the inspired ideas of change and movement, rather than focusing on what’s already dissolving.

Don’t fall for being the victim, lack, and unworthiness roles that the ego wants you trapped and controlled under. Your Feminine Leadership and power is here to help you break free. It’s time to own this version of yourself. Virgo Season is behind you all the Way to complete your internal Feminine upgrades, and begin your new mission template as a sovereign Divine Feminine Warrior and Master Creator.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Sword and the Rose
Sword and the Rose



Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 59

August 23rd 2022 – August 28th 2022

Dishonesty – Intimacy – Transparency


Intimacy is the key to manifest equilibrium in the world. Intimacy in this context refers to honesty in interaction with others. The vital role of honesty is to create a clean group aura in which all hidden agendas are laid on the table. Without this, no true equilibrium can ever be reached.

The Gene Keys Book

The experience of being in love is the prelude to our future awareness. It doesn’t generally remain, because we haven’t awakened enough for that frequency to stabilise. We carry too much wounding. As we transmute our wounds and experience our higher consciousness, these kinds of relationships become possible, even probable.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –




Natalia Alba


Beloved Ones,
In a month where purification is so important after the long integration period that we are having with the Lions Gate’s energies, we now pass to embrace the loving and feminine essence of Virgo, as soon, since August 22, we will have the Sun in Virgo, together with a New Moon in Virgo as well, in this same sign, at the end of the month. The fiery force of the masculine will be now tamed by the subtle and gentle presence of Virgo’s Divine Feminine essence, retrieving our crystalline lovelight essence, and rebirthing into who we truly are, for it is now time with Virgo to synthesize in our bodies all the Light that we have been descending.
With Virgo, it is also a time for us to clear our twins’ energies and relationships, and eliminate the cords that still link us to others and that we shall let free, allowing others to live within freedom, and our own selves, for as long as we are tied to people who have already fulfill their mission with us, and vice versa, we are not entirely free, especially to engage ourselves and precious energy in another conscious and balanced relationship.
Clearing sexual and emotional cords from our physical, and non-physical bodies is one of the most important clearings to do if we desire to enter into a new harmonic union, being completely disengaged from previous ties. If we still are attached, energetically, sexually, and emotionally, to someone else, we will continue manifesting the same relationships and patterns. We need to break the cycle, by going within and dissolving the ties that are still impeding us to retrieve our own energy and begin anew.
From a cosmic perspective, when the Sun shines a Light into Virgo, we are called now to ground ourselves and direct our creative power into our earthly Plane. It invites us to remember that the purity we hold within can also be reflected in everything we do in our dense realm.
Even if this sign can seem practical, its main essence is all about remembering that we are here to combine what we create from the inside with what others may need in the physical, for we are here to unify both polarities, and planes, the physical and the ethereal – bringing all these inner visions into our tangible realm, as it is only by doing that, that we can truly master ourselves as creators of the physical.
We are in a very important phase for us to erase mental and sexual programs, emotional wounds, and anything that impedes us to retrieve the purity of our original DNA. If we desire to truly heal and shift old patterns, there is no other way than to go within our template and heal, clear, and restore everything that we have unintentionally created or all that has been programmed upon us.
There has never been an opportunity for us to retrieve our soul memories and sovereignty like the one that we have at the moment, when planet Earth is also more open, as its grids, which is what allows the energies to descend to us, are being restored, and when we are being assisted by so many illumined beings and forces.
The choice is always for us to make, for there is the responsibility, and devotion to evolve and assist others in our decision to step into this path.
Within infinite love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Danielle Noel
feminine essence of Virgo
feminine essence of Virgo



Tuesday August 23 2022
Your Maverick is Your Power….
Awakener Uranus is stationing all week at his most volatile turning retrograde in Taurus on August 24th until January 22 2023. The Sky God’s modus operandi is throwing lightning bolts when you least expect it to jolt you out of your ruts and comfort zones into what appears to be chaos.
Chaos is found in your brainwaves, heartbeats, the fractal structure of your breathing, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. We see chaos in all natural processes from the weather to evolution. And the turbulence in our lives reminds us that “we are that.”
By embracing -instead of resisting- chaos in your life, you begin balancing out millennia of identification which says that only order equates with “good.” Our programming tells us that that we should stave off chaos and disruption at every point. But the continual dynamic interplay of chaos and order is fundamental to your well-being. By rejecting it, you run the danger of rejecting yourself. Chaos is the essence of life. Chaos is essential to health.
As Uranus stations conjunct the karmic Node of Fate, frame whatever happens as a reminder to those of us who are edge dwellers, mavericks and creatives that enlightenment is not about leaving the world and your human traits behind but about integrating your quirks, idiosyncrasies, weirdness and sore and sensitive spots into what makes you You. That is your unique gift and the world needs it.
It’s not about conforming, twisting, or shaping yourself to fit the collective norms but about being gloriously liberatingly yourself – that is your genius and your essential soul imprint. You are not here to fit in, be well balanced or to conform to keep the peace or earn love. You are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps just to add your small piece, your little ragged self to the great mosaic of being.
You are here to become more and more your Self-to handcraft a life that expresses your unique essence, your spirit, your Duende, why you are here. You are leaving behind the roles – all the settling for, the making nice, the barely breathing and calling it a life.
It’s time to outgrow old duality based defiant oppositional positions and respond to the karmic requirements of the moment by following your unique evolution.
This means inner processing, not outer positioning/posturing. The mystery is this: there is one right thing and only one right thing to do at every moment.
You can either follow or resist the slender threads.



Sun in Virgo
Sun in Virgo

Leah Whitehorse

Sun enters Virgo – It’s time to get organised and dust away the cobwebs inside and out. The focus is on efficiency and effective use of time and energy. Analyse what’s working for you and what isn’t. Concentrate on the details. Deal with those little tasks that have been irritating you in the background. Even if it’s unpleasant, the satisfaction of tidying up your life releases energy which can be directed to more productive avenues. Maybe it’s time for a health kick – fasting, a cleanse, revising your diet. Your body is a temple for your soul.
With this service-orientated sign illuminated, the question is, how can you help? Consider what you can do today that will make a difference. Perhaps there is a voluntary cause that could use an extra pair of hands. Maybe it’s just a friend or neighbour in need. Small acts of kindness make everyone feel better.
Degree and Time
Sun 00°Vi00′ – 04:16 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – ‘Young Woman Sewing in the Garden’ by Mary Cassatt
Young Woman Sewing in the Garden
Young Woman Sewing in the Garden



Welcome to the Lunar Scorpion Moon of Challenge! This is the second moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of polarity and stabilization. Without polarity and friction, we would not grow.
We are in the third year (Solar Ring) of the 9-Year Vision Map. This map is a template or guideline to gauge our journey and give a frame of reference as we shift from one stage of being to the next. This shift is also referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. Noosphere is the self-realized Planetary Mind.
The Vision map says:
The entire world appears to be under a mass hallucination or Dream-spell, a legacy of falsity handed down for generations that no group or individual has yet been able to alter.
We are here to break the dreamspell of (false) History. A dreamspell is any consensual reality. We see the current planetary dreamspell does not have the best interest of humanity in mind.
According to the Law of Time, this 12:60 frequency has its roots in the theft of time. This theft is also known as the “Fall” (from sacred to profane). This created a split of the two hemispheres of the brain. This was the point that the balance of equality was lost and the energies became dominated by the left brain (male). This was the primal fragmentation of our consciousness, so we feel separate from each other and the Source.
The Vision map points out that all crises are ultimately a crisis of consciousness. Everything begins in the mind. In each moment, we have two choices: to either consciously encode the future or unconsciously re-create the past.
The totem animal for this moon is the scorpion, signifying a process of death and rebirth, a time of great transmutation of energies.
-Noosletter #157 (
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 2 Day 1: Knowledge is revealed and given for awakening the human before death so that he/she can realize cosmic being now.
Lunar Scorpion Moon of Challenge
Lunar Scorpion Moon of Challenge


The Tzolkin Times

Kin 97 ~ Red Rhythmic Earth

‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its keywords are ‘Organize, Balance and Equality’. The 6th day of a wavespell is about getting your sh*t together. Progress cannot be made by daydreaming and twiddling your thumbs, sometimes you have to be practical. Today is about taking matters into your hands and taking care of business. The number six insists that we address imbalances. In order to obtain equilibrium we must first get into a healthier rhythm.
Today is Red Earth and its keywords are ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. It’s a great combination of number and day with the practical number 6 providing a great opportunity to re-balance and this in turn facilitates evolution. If you have mundane things to take care of today, remember you are organizing your own progress. Whether it’s planting seeds in your garden or renewing your passport or sorting out your home so it is more Feng Shui – well you get the picture. Synchronicity is more likely to occur when we are in a balanced state and vice versa – we can attract synchronicity into our lives to help us rebalance.
The Guide today is also Red Earth and so a double helping of evolution. (The first day of a wavespell and the 6th and 11th day are always guided by themselves.) If you are a number 1,6 or 11, you are guided by yourself and this can mean that no one can tell you what to do!
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment’. Yes, it will be difficult today to find healing if you’re too busy organizing. If you are a Blue Hand this doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish anything today, it’s just that you will have to push a little harder that’s all. You too are being offered the chance to rebalance yourself and make progress. If you are not a Blue Hand, you can be affected by it being in this challenging position. You may find healing hard to come by today and instead the Blue Hand can slap you in the face (metaphorically speaking).
The Occult power today is the Yellow Seed which is about ‘Sowing Awareness’. When in this magical position Yellow Seed can teach us about magic and the awareness that we gain from that will really help us evolve today. The Seed and the Earth are very well suited and they need each other very much. The Seeds are planted in the Earth. Today reap what you have sown in the past, the outcome should be very magical.
The Ally today is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you need help evolving today, consult a White Wind as they will have words of wisdom for you. If you are a White Wind, today’s energy will be very friendly to you. Whenever your day falls on the Ally position, this means not only are you everyone’s friend but also the day is friendly to you, more so than everyone else.


Kin 97
Kin 97




Christina Papageorgiou


6 CABAN – KIN 97
23 AUGUST 2022
I ORGANIZE in order to Evolve
Balancing Synchronicity
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!!
23/8/2022 = 5/8/6= 5/14 = 5/5 =10=1
23 -Royal Star of the Lion 🦁/Protection/Strength
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation/Movement
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Independant/Unique/Original
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ Consciousness/harmony/Family/Fertility
14- Media/Publicity/promotion/Recognition
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Ttransformation
KIN 97 = 16/7 MAJIK✨✨✨
18 months ago 6 CABAN occurred on the ✨EQUINOX🌓 ✨ gateway – 21 March , 2021 – which was the 21/21 portal✨21 – the code of the Crown of the Magi👑 – which denotes VICTORY over long fought battles, advancement and honours – a beautiful code which blesses our future plans.
9 months ago KIN 97 occured on the trail of the Sagittarius Eclipse – signalling that many blessings, gifts and benefic rewards are in the pipeworks. These connections through time, are very powerful as each successive day builds on the energy of the prior, all working together to ensure our successful PLANETARY LIBERATION!! 🌎🌎🌏
Day 6 and we are HALF-WAY🌓 through our YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. We certainly are attaining more Divine Wisdom and bombshell TRUTHS truths in this wavespell- nothing can be hidden from those who have the EYES to SEE.
Today we are LISTENING for SIGNS in our physical reality which are guiding our TRUE course in our evolutionary journey, as we navigate a course of justice, peace and EQUALITY🌓 for all humanity…
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see!
Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory! Explore the GREAT OUTDOORS and commune with the elementals, invite them home with you to organize your house and garden. They love helping! 🌸🏵🌹🌻🌼🌷.
Today we are organizing our physical environment and our PLANET for greater balance, HARMONY and EQUALITY. Not only do we have a RHYTHMIC DAY – but we also have a DOUBLE EARTH/CABAN 🌏🌎 day – This is a brilliant alignment as GAIA energetically and magnetically RESETS for greater BALANCE throughout her entire body!
✨Hold on Planetary KIN – the global seesaw is about to reach zero point. It is time to find your fulcrum and centre of BALANCE🌓 before the next momentum hits!💥
Today’s questions are “How can I organize myself to have more balance and flow in my life? What are the SIGNS telling me?”
“How can we as a collective, navigate our successful evolution, through prioritizing EQUALITY, HARMONY and BALANCE for all beings?
Divine blessings for a SUPER DUPER organized day! 🐞🐤🐢🐦
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED RHYTHMIC EARTH 🌍 🌏– CABAN’s energy is DOUBLED today. This means DOUBLE the fun through SIGNS, synchronicity and navigation. GAIA’S compass has a very STRONG magnetic pull today!
Mother Earth🌍 is TALKING today, and she has a lot to say. Do your best to spend some time in reflection today, honouring her wisdom. The wisdom of the ages that the ancients held through the power of OBSERVATION and LISTENING. Being silent, and holding the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.
Your environment is a REFLECTION of your inner state, so TUNE IN and absorb what PACHAMAMA is showing you. By observing our physical reality with heightened awareness, we elevate our consciousness. In turn we become more BALANCED and feel the EQUALITY🌓 of all HU-MANS as Earth’s children.
🎶 What gives you the right to put up a fence, to keep me out but to keep Mother Nature in?🎶,
SOURCE: SIGNS: Five Man Electric Band:
As the song says we are all EQUALS 👫on this PLANET🌎 and GAIA is our home, so today we can use our WISDOM to QUESTION how humanity has become divided, and segregated? 🤔
Our planetary kin have been put into “boxes”, based on prejudice and non-acceptance of our individual uniqueness! Race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ethnicity and now “jabbed status” – all have been labels used to keep us seperated from each other as ONE HUMAN SPECIES soon to become a Galactic family..
✨Reflecting on this wisdom WE CAN CHOOSE a BETTER path for ourselves, our children and our communities with no need for fences or boundaries between people, tribes, or nations.✨ We must STOP playing their game and refuse to become divided – accepting all kin – as we UNITE to claim our Sovereignty and final VICTORY! 🏆🏆
We also need to organize for greater balance in our physical environment, which refers to Mother Gaia as a conscious being.. She has EQUAL rights too, as do all the kingdoms that call planet Earth their home – the animals,🐴🐏🐮🐦 the plants,🌷🌺🌻 the mineral kingdom,💎 the elementals, and all the unseen inhabitants. 🦄🐉
We need to ensure the 5 elements are balanced, so that we have HARMONY within our bodies and world. Instead of extreme environments such as deserts and arid lands – her lands need to be made FERTILE🌴 again.
GAIA’S continents, oceans, mountains and landforms all need to be respected and honoured through our relationship and interactions. We have inherited a beautiful planet which we must restore to her pristine glory for all the future generations to enjoy.
SUPPORT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIND🌬🍃– IK joins with CABAN to bring us more much stronger messages today. We have the messages from Mother Earth amplified through the whispering wind.
The WHITE WIND is the word of GOD – the DIVINE PLAN. Spirit is talking to all the Earth Angels and Divine Messengers embodied in HU-MAN form.. LISTEN very carefully to the signs, symbols, songs and voices that surround you today.. Whatever is aired has a special significance for clues to your ✨Destiny path✨ on this potent day.
Allow the breath of Spirit to FLOW through you today, sing, dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being.
Feel yourself in synchronic flow with the cycles and timing of the Natural world. Allow the breath of Spirit to course through your body becoming Divine conduits, the living reeds and conduits for spiritual evolution.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW GALACTIC SEED ✨🌱– KAN assists us in integrating this Divine timing and evolution through focusing our minds wholly on the greatest potential timelines and AWAKENING the masses to bring forth this evolutionary change.
The GALACTIC SEED ensures that we use the utmost integrity in our plans and ideas.. so that we are totally transparent and congruent with the principles of 5D living on New Earth.
Seeding integrity and UNITY consciousness in our being, we become brilliant role models as the Galactic Leaders and Wayshowers that are anchoring Gaia’s BEST timeline. Thus we create the HARMONY that GAIA and her children are striving for.
We collectively hold the vision of ourselves and our world, growing and evolving, connected within the cycles of time. Through our UNITY together co-creating beauty, peace and harmony to seed Nova Gaia.
What a BRILLIANT SUPERPOWER to have as the hidden AGENDA of today’s code! Seeding our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY TIMELINE .❤🌈🌎
GAIA 🌍is finding her BALANCE point 🌓 and then RESETTING for her BEST path forwards on this evolutionary Ascension cycle.
To use the BLUE HAND’S POWER to accomplish all that we desire for a peaceful world. To create our ideal reality where “all souls are created equal” and have “certain unalienable rights” – among them “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
MANIK challenges us to FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through our veins – whispering in our ear that 🌸LIFE IS GOOD🏵💕 – If we ALLOW it to be GOOD to us all equally.
Enjoy the beauty and the bounty that Spirit gifts to us through the body of Gaia. Allow nature to soothe your soul, and heal our ailing techno. stressed bodies. Open to the flow of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today!
NOTE: The RHYTHMIC HAND🌓🙌 is the FENG SHUI GENIE – so use this blessing today to FENG SHUI your home and environment, creating beautiful PEACE filled and sacred spaces. Fill your home with plants, flowers, lights, candles, aromas and living CHI force to enhance your vitality and create the SPACE for the new to FLOW into your life – setting a new course and direction for HAPPINESS.
So precious hearts, a gorgeous code today. Take the opportunity to dance💃 and sing🎶 your way through the day, allow consciousness to send its rhythms through your body to bring you back into balance and alignment.
Today’s questions are “How can I organize myself to have more balance and flow in my life? What are the SIGNS telling me?”
“How can we as a collective, navigate our successful evolution, through prioritizing EQUALITY, HARMONY and BALANCE for all beings?
Divine blessings for a SUPER DUPER organized day! 🐞🐤🐢🐦
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 NEW! Healing Guided Meditation ~ Reiki / Pranic / QiGong (Sacred Condor) 🔥


A guided meditation from my Sacred Condor encoded with Healing Universal Life Force Energy and Divine Feminine Pranic Goddess Energy of the Magdalene. CLICK HERE


Sean Caulfield

Alignment of the LIGHT/AHAU…
AMAZINGLY, this alignment only happens once every 12.8 years or 13X360 day Tun.
The 13 day Trecena of Ahau/LIGHT, which completes today 13-Road, 23 August 2022, is in alignment with these 18 days in Ahau/LIGHT, DAY 117 of the 9th Wave, a very intense transmutational energy is busy shifting and shaking our world to heal and awaken, stay internally pure and be true to the heart.
Today Ahau/Light COMPLETES & its the 10th day of 18 days of Ahau/Light, in DAY 117 of the Ninth Wave…
As our collective consciousness transcends by an accelerated leap in our evolution I am being guided to hold center, be true and meditate…
I am seeing my LIGHT BODY as Billions of STARS, sparkling and shining, and rising up…
My LIGHT in physical form is dissolving into the void of Great Mystery to ASCEND and become ONE with the Source Creator of the Infinite Universe…
In this time of COMPLETION to Cosmic Maturity, I open my heart and heal the Star Light memory of my Soul to I become PURE and flawless like a Diamond; as the UNIVERSAL Source Creator of all Creation in the primordial beginnings billions of years ago encoded my Star-Seed to be…
My multi-dimensional awareness understands that what is out there is a reflection of what is within, how I treat others I treat myself, I take full responsibility and make amends on everything out there within me…
I am so sorry for the pain and suffering my unconscious state has caused to myself and others, please forgive me, I am so sorry, I love you, I thank you. Ho’oponopono.
As I heal the trauma of evolution, I Iearn to surf the wave’s of life and my INNER LIGHT spins and spirals above every repeating challenge to call to the lost aspects of my Soul to return…
I am high vibrational LOVE, here to create Earth to be a Diamond Light Portal of Universal Peace…
………. thank you to the Archetypal Forces of Divine Universal Time who are in service to the Creator’s highest vibrational levels of sacred Love and pure Light.
Time Keeping….
Today we complete 13 days of Ahau/Light and its the 10th day of 18 days of Ahau/Light in the 117th DAY of the 9th Wave, this combination has brought about the synchronicity of internal time to align consciousness to a powerful period of incoming transmutational LIGHT, bringing inner healing to the collective consciousness of the Earth, enabling duality to be transcended.
we are in the 220th 18 day cycle since the COMPLETION of all 9 levels of Creation. On 1st September we move into the so called 13th DAY of the 8th Wave… More explaining to follow….
From the Heart
So on a large scale of TIME seen in this link –…/8th___9th_Levels… – – – –


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