16 New Moon in Capricorn ~ The Great Shift and Awakening ~ Gene Key 61 Sanctity

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16 New Moon in Capricorn ~ The Great Shift and Awakening ~ Gene Key 61 Sanctity

Right now: Moon at 17°33′ Capricorn, Sun at 22°49′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

The union jack flies from a new british warship.
Sabian Symbol for 18º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Capricorn.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Capricorn.



source: www.astrologyweekly.com


Happy Kappy New Moon Beloveds ! Today is the full one year completion of untethering and untying yourself, your family, and Humanity, from being a slave to the curse of Deuteronomy. Well done 👏🏻. We have completed Exodus from being a slave race. This is the DAWNING OF A NEW DAY for Humanity 👑. This is the Great Awakening!

Thank you to all the whistle blowers, digital soldiers, and of the Lightworkers that have performed the Acts of Service for the Most High. The old Heaven and old Earth has collapsed, for Good. All Praises to the Most High 🙌🏻

📖 Revelation 21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Now comes the New You! The decision to take the leap of faith, and seek emotional fulfillment, will be reaping harvest, when the time is ripe. For now, know that you have done everything needed on your part, to create this new lifestyle for yourself.

Your are ascending higher into the Sisterhood of the Rose embodiment of the Divine Feminine Christ. Mother Gaia has you safe and protected in her arms, showering you with love, so you feel protected and worthy to expand your consciousness now.

This is a new territory of enlightenment that you are stepping into, with Source by your side, guiding you through this tutelage. Shekinah is gifting you with Wisdom, that is bringing the truth forward on your ancestral covenant to free the Magdalene, the Bride of Christ, for the New Earth Children and Generations to come.

Soon we will be witnessing the birthing of the Omega Stargate Activation in the Milky Way, during the 33 degree portal lineup, on December 25 2020, in the Flesh of God’s Covenant Brides. The Brides of Christ are being given the key that opens the doors to your radical expansion of Milk and Honey Union.

We are experiencing the birthing of the 1111 Union Code that was grounded in the Leylines of Mother Earth on the 88 Lions Gate Ceremony in Mount Shasta on August 8 2019. The 1111 Union Code is the Union of your Masculine and Feminine Christ within. This is alchemical union, the symphony of the Holy Spirit, rapturing your flesh and mind into the 12 STRAND DNA LIGHT COLUMN.

This portal gateway that has commenced. Truth be known. All Praises to the Most High 🕊

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I call upon my Galactic Soul to anchor down into my Human Vessel. I am the Bridge for Earth & Cosmos to Merge. And So It Is!
I Found A Healing Place In The Astral Called Dragonfly Meadows 🧚‍♀️💕🧚‍♀️
There I Was Coded To ‘Perfect Love’ 💕💕Template 💕 Embodiment 💕
Go Play !! 🎆🎆
At this time… right NOW… the “Pure Ones” are returning… to lead Earth into the GOLDEN AGE and to recover the teachings of the Feminine Christ Consciousness.
This is a Momentous year for us on Earth… as we initiate the Golden Age of Aquarius we BEgin to Feel the Returning Energies of the Feminine Christ / Sophia Consciousness.
The Feminine Christ / Sophia is the Deep and Loving Energy of Non-judgment and Compassion. Both for others… and for our SELVES.
When We drew on his Feminine Christ Wisdom: We Must LOVE our Neighbours as our SELVES.
This means We must first LOVE our SELVES and Know how to LOVE our SELVES BEfore we can LOVE Others.
We are NOW establishing the True “Feminine Christ Consciousness” with Love… Compassion… Kindness… and Freedom on Earth… practiced in Loving and Supportive communities of HIGH Frequency Master BEings… the “Pure Ones”.
It is the Soaring Heights of the Galactic Journey and the Deep Depths of the Inner Realms.
As we look deeper… we find the teachings of the Lady… Mary Magdalene… written within our Sacred Hearts.
This is the place of Balance… Harmony… Compassion… Love… Beauty… Serenity… and Peace.
As we Align with her Wisdom… we will both Soar HIGH and DIVE DEEP.
One of the titles given to the Divine Feminine Avatars is “Stella Maris” or “Star of the Sea” (Ste Marie).
The Stella Maris is the Bright Star that guides us on our journey through the Cosmic Ocean.
We Follow the Inner Cosmic LIGHT… the Inner Divine Feminine… to navigate our Journey through Time and Space.
“She”, the Stella Maris… the Guiding LIGHT… Lives within each one of Us and seeks to BE Awakened NOW!
With Sacred LOVE of ONE
Pars Kutay
~ 💜 ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Intelligence of Light Codes captured on January 9, 2021 by

Jenna Susan Ballantyne
The Great Shift and Awakening:
Since 2008 when I literally left my old life behind, and thus was reborn into a totally new life and new beginnings, my higher guidance stressed, time and again, that drastic changes were coming, and that the Old Earth and all the Old systems would disintegrate as the New Earth was born.
This is truly now happening in expanded forms. In coming days, things will get very tumultuous, and indeed great upheavals will happen, and thus what was hidden, will come to the fore. It is inevitable, as the old structures and forms crumble and all which has been hidden will surface.
This is a time, when you need to understand that the highest path and the highest way to navigate through all of this, is WITHIN yourself, and thus not OUTSIDE of yourself. I have said this before and I am repeating this: The only way you will be able to not move into fear mode, and not be pulled into the quagmire, is to raise yourself up from deep within you, with the assistance of the Divine Source and all the cosmic help which is available in expanded and intensive form now.
Indeed, the greatest of all challenges for souls, will be now to step totally into their true mastery, and thus firmly anchored in the Divine and their own Divinity, and the immense Power of Love, Light and Wisdom, and not allow themselves to be swayed nor moved off course.
The higher your own frequency and vibration, and the higher you grow in consciousness, the more you will be operating of much higher level than all the rest of humanity, and thus rise into the highest truths and cocreate the New Earth, with every step you take. This will take total dedication and focus. It is 24 hour daily commitment and thus you will seek out higher assistance as soon as you feel yourself pulled back in.
Faith and Trust and staying in the Sacred Heart Space, is the answer here.
All else will fail. All human systems too.
There is only one way now, and that is up. Rising ever higher and higher and fully stepping into the highest truth of Oneness and Unity, which indeed is omnipresent already. It is a matter to finding this within yourself, to see this manifested into form and being in and around you.
Indeed, it is a time when you need to take those leaps of faith, even against all odds and allow yourself to be carried through on the wings of angels and within the arms of the Divine, as you become AS ONE with All-That-IS and indeed, assume your Universal Highest Mastery as the Divine Soul you in truth are!
I was reading an article about a research done on the Condor. Indeed, the Condor hardly uses its wings to fly. It relies on the air currents beneath its wings to carry it for a few hours, and thus hardly expends any energy. This is what we need do now, allow the Divine Current to be the air beneath our wings and to see us safely through!
The Power of Love and Faith and Divine Guidance will see us through!
Judith Kusel
Photo Credit: Daniel B. Holeman
A Most Intense and Potentially Cathartic Week Ahead ~ Be Awake, Be Alert By Daniel Giamario
With a lot of worthy attention being placed on the wondrous stellium of Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius, very low in the West, just after sunset, we might end up missing the truly remarkable astro events of the week of January 11th. As Mercury rises in the West after sunset, and with Jupiter and Saturn sinking into the underworld (behind the Sun), let’s direct our awareness to these stunning events over the next week:
MONDAY JANUARY 11 – Moon enters Capricorn
TUESDAY JANUARY 12 – NEW MOON at 23Capricorn13 9:00pm PST This new moon is activating that remarkable region where the dominant configuration of 2020 was. Hope for something new? What kind of “reset” do we intend?
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13 – MARS SQUARE SATURN 3Taurus04/3Aquarius04 3:00pm PST A square is a time known as “crisis in action”. Literally anything can happen under this aspect.
THURSDAY JANUARY 14 – URANUS Stationary direct at 6Taurus43 An extremely high concentration of unknowns, the unexpected, and endless synchronicities. “Getting hit by lightning in a good way”
THURSDAY JANUARY 14 – SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO at 24Capricorn37 6:30am PST The yearly date of exactness when Pluto is directly behind the Sun in the celestial underworld. What needs composting? Where is there any denial?
SUNDAY JANUARY 17 – JUPITER SQUARE URANUS 6Aquarius43/6Taurus43 2:29pm PST In this year of the Saturn/Uranus triple square, and the Jupiter/Saturn Great Mutation in Aquarius, this is the ONLY square from Jupiter to Uranus. These two planets amplify each other, and another “crisis in action”.
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20 – MARS CONJUNCT URANUS at 6Taurus44 This will be written about next week.
FRIDAY JANUARY 22 – MARS SQUARE JUPITER 7Taurus56/7Aquarius56 This will also be written about next week.
These are certainly intense and challenging aspects. They certainly amplify hugely the main themes of 2021, as exemplified by Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery
School advocates the “Three World’s” approach. This can prevent the spiritual bypass of too much
Celestial world, or an unwillingness to look at Objective Reality. It can also offer a way to dispel the fear that can arise when many things are unfathomable and beyond our control. It’s even possible that the
courage to see it all without fear can even help dispel outcomes and alter time-lines.
Happy New Year to our readership, and in the words of John Lennon’s great song: “Let’s hope it’s a good
one, without any fear.”
“New Moon January 12/13th, 2021 ~ RISING OUT Of The ASHES”
These are ALREADY~ since the beginning of the Solstice (Dec 21, 2020) UNPRECEDENTED frequencies interacting and SHIFTING all realities on all levels of BEING.
NOW on January 13th at 1am AST (for many of you this will be on the 12th) we have a powerful NEW MOON, new beginning with even greater SHIFTS to be played out.
Shifts in consciousness and death and rebirth are par for the course as this New Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday (Tuesday for some of you) is conjunct Pluto.
This New Moon then, holds within its frequencies the potential for a deep transformation of consciousness.
When something NEW begins something always ends.
Whatever becomes unearthed within you to be consciously aware of, will unfold as events through which you perceive your reality.
Cause is always within, and what CREATES the here you know your life on Earth to BE.
Depending on your interaction levels with what is to be, some may literally become very fear filled. These fears are to be held in the level of light of awareness you hold, through your heart to be transformed.
Mars will be square Saturn and impact each beings blueprint uniquely. Generally these will activate potentially fears of the deep change itself.
Jupiter square Uranus may impact transformation in a sudden way, whether or not perceived as beneficial or not to the mind.
Mercury square Uranus and Venus trine Uranus will add to the potential sudden shift of consciousness and therefore reality.
The entire theme of frequencies now and throughout 2021 Earth calendar is this transformation. Transformation into newness. OF unifying with the Divine while in form. Being the DIVINE BEING. Of course there are many levels to this and ALL does unfold perfectly MOMENT TO MOMENT.
Potential crises, and sudden miracles are all on the table of awareness, even now.
TRUST what takes place.
Even in the midst of Chaos are the seeds of awakening flowing through cosmic consciousness to all that can hear its quiet voice.
Now blessing you and as you continue to unfold through the transformation of being. I am here with you, present with The Divine Council of Overseers, activating you through love. Your original blueprint.
Throughout eternity in the Union with The Beloved, I am NOW, present. In Divine Love.
In love,
L’Aura Pleiadian

Activation Vibration

1 hour ago

Regardless of where on Earth you stand
You hold, inhabit, and emit a stream of frequency
As a pillar— within the Universal Light Grid
Your form is a cable of connection to the Collective and Galaxy as a whole.

I often refer to this Crystalline Grid of Light in which surrounds and supports everything that is,
With purpose— to relay the immense importance, of bringing awareness to your united Connection to All.

The intentions you herald and act upon, the resonance you feed and attune to—
All effects and influences your part and presence within the Collective Grid we are composed of, and cocreating.

It does not matter where you are, who you are (the phase you are in) or what aspects you represent within the recalibrating “matrix”..
The roll you embody; deeply makes a difference
It instantly impacts, based on what you choose to focus upon and feed.
To think you are irrelevant, small, or unimportant— is an illusion and projection to prevent you from y(our) full potential

Dissolve that concept and anchor in the Truth—
You hold power BEYOND what can be shown in the current state of dimensional perception most reside in
You are a key component to the Evolution, of Everything

Taking a few moments each day (even better the more often) to actively acknowledge and adhere to the Grid of Light in which is eternally activating us all,
Is seriously significant.

It effects your own personal vibration and interaction with your experience on earth, as well as everyone else’s— and again; absolutely everything.

Thank You, for choosing to be incarnated right now
You are a part of the legendary shift in which we missioned here so many times to support
You. Are. It•

Together, we are The Light Grid
Conduits of divine vibration
Channeling a unique combination of solar, lunar, cosmic, and elemental energies to increase and ascend the frequency of all existence.
Now, before, and what is yet to be.

Do you take time to balance, charge & align to the Grid of universal connection in which we are all derived and assembled of?🤍
How so?

Gene Key 61

January 11th – January 15th 2021

Psychosis – Inspiration – Sanctity

‘Higher states are not the goal. Integration of the higher states is the goal and that demands we be in the body, healthy and here, in the world, even as we explore what lies beyond this world.

Who thought that the key to higher consciousness lay in creativity? Perhaps we thought it was in spiritual practise, austerities, meditation and prayer, and there’s truth in that, but what lies forgotten and for the most part neglected in our modern world is the beauty and wonder – the healing power of creativity’.

– Excerpt from The 64 Ways

“If we have this Gene Key, our life is a contemplation of death. We must not turn away from this work. It will fill us with life. The answers will come. The memory of the beyond will return in time. We must listen inwardly for the music of life, and let it move us in creative work.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways
source: genekeys.com

Leah Whitehorse: Lua Astrology

New Moon in Capricorn. Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius – The weight of worldly woes feels acute for some. It’s hard right now – hard to see beyond a black hole of despair. Hard to see beyond political strife, deep division, money troubles, restrictions, the ever-present virus. We want to move forward but it seems like we’re stopped at every turn. Frustration and anger grow, as does instability. Maybe we just feel old, weary, tired.
“No one said it would be easy”, says Saturn, the ruler of this chart. And that feels hard too. But we can take heart by knowing that these tough times will teach us what we need to know, fortify us, sustain us in the long term. We may be struggling but there is strength enough to make it through. It’s time to get real. Honour your truth. Be your authentic self. Cast out that which no longer serves. Don’t be afraid to start again from scratch if that’s what it takes. Create healthy boundaries. Support yourself as best you can. Focus on simple pleasures to soften life’s hard edges. Know that you have the power within to accomplish your goals.
Degrees and Times
New Moon 23°Cp13′ – 05:00 (UT)
Mars 03°Ta04′, Taurus 03°Aq04′ – 11:01 (UT)
source: leahwhitehorse.com
The Universe will always give you exactly what you need when you vibrate from a place of love and trust
Tuesday January 12 2021
“Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it” David Foster Wallace
A heads up! This Plutonic Capricorn New Moon on January 13th is not business as usual-it is nothing less than a vector for permanent social transformation. With Pluto in cahoots with change agent Eris and bringer of epochal events Haumea, stirring everything up to expose Truth at all costs, powerfully disruptive and creative forces are erupting at the same time, signing off an entire era.
Tumbling and transitioning headlong into the Aquarian Era of 2021-2043, witnessing the collective shadow of the dying days of western liberal democracy founded on national capitalism being acted out in front of our eyes, one thing is non-negotiable:
As 21st century Evolutionaries, we have a radically new role to play in a zeitgeist revolution unlike anything we’ve experienced before. We have to step up to the plate.
What we are witnessing out there right now is resistance to change. Change, expansion, is a natural part of evolution. But chaos isn’t. Chaos is the by-product of resistance to evolutionary change. So as much as our human mind tries to control it, orchestrate it, push it, or resist it, it’s happening anyway. The question is, do you want to experience it kicking and screaming, or do you want to experience it more gracefully?
Like it or not, this is the start of an unstoppable shift beyond our old obsession with Personal Growth into an era of Collective Recovery and Planetary Renewal. You can work really hard at being as good a person as possible-the brutality of self-improvement- but you cannot disconnect yourself from the collective unconscious. While so many still carry a collective trauma that allows them to be manipulated by the 1%, none of us can break free.
This the shift from being a 3D Reactor to a 4D Witness to a 5D Generator, from being at effect to being at cause.
Track your ecology/environment as information about who you are and where you are going:
From 3D Ego-System——————to 5D Eco-System awareness.
From 3D Self-Help——————– to 5D Planetary Service.
From 3D Trying to awaken others -to 5D Being, modelling, linking, acting.
From 3D Hierarchy and Tradition—–to 5D Fluid Tribes
From 3D Compass ——————–to 5D Culture
From 3D Individualism and striving—to 5D collaboration and co-creation
From 3D Role Persona………………………to 5D Whole Self
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Adrienne Elise

We are entering an epic moment in Astrology. The planets of the game changing Greater Conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn, are beginning to separate. Right on cue, Mercury waltzes into Aquarius and activates this momentous event in our personal life. Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, are lining up in square to Mars coming up on Uranus and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus.

Twelve square elements echo through the halls of time, as the Moon and Sun come up to Pluto for the Capricorn New Moon on Wednesday. Hold onto your hats! Mercury’s journey over these planets is directing the show over the next few days for this New Moon in Capricorn.

For SuperNova Souls, this time is about revealing your special powers. The activating higher dimensional energies are flooding in, but at the same time, the 3d matrix is getting even more dark, contracted, and scary. But you SNS, have been through the gamut of the most painful experiences Earth can provide. What if all that you have gone through, was to support you, in this crucial time? You have earned a precious gift, a knowing deep inside of your heart, that everything is going to be okay. It is time to offer this to the world.

There is a reason why SNS are so spread out from each other during this crucial planetary transition. We are a light grid holding down the fort. What if that better world we have all dreamed of is just around the corner? Be in that energy of excitement and possibility. WE are what we have been waiting for, and the current Astrology is inviting SNSs to land home and fully incarnate in their power.

Our ‘attention’ is our greatest commodity. It’s time to put our attention where our heart is. With Neptune in square to the Nodes of the Moon, it’s a great time to dream a new reality into BE-ing. Grab a hold of a picture and feeling of the better world that you know you came for. We have been waiting for so long. Now it is finally time for you to breakthrough, into who you really are.

source: adrienneelise.com

Image: The Art of Kamille Freske

New Moon in Capricorn- Total Transformation On Every Level, DNA Upgrade, Your Destiny Awaits… Are You Ready to Own It?

Kin 29 ~ Red Electric Moon
The number 3 is called ‘Electric’ and it’s key words are ‘Activate, Bond and Service’. It’s the third day of the Blue Hand wavespell which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing’ and so bearing that in mind ….if day one of a wavespell identifies the journey and day two considers the obstacles ahead, then day three is when the energy is electrified ! This is when things really start to get going as if a switch has been turned on. On this Electric day may your healing journey be activated!
Today is Red Moon which represents ‘Purify, Flow and Universal Water.’ Usually these days are all about relinquishing control and just ‘going with it’. However, today has an odd combination of day and number. We have all of this electric energy buzzing around so how do we chill out and go with the flow? Water and electricity do not go well together. The tides of the oceans are influenced by the moon’s cycles and tuning yourself in to the moon’s natural flow is instinctive…perhaps today by going with the flow, the end result is that you feel better and maybe even have a little energy!
Don’t be surprised if today that energy comes and goes like the tides.
Today’s Guide is the Red Skywalker, the adventurer. Yesterday, the Skywalker was the Occult power and today the Guide, and the energy of the days often overlap or connect in some way. Red Skywalker leads with an adventurous spirit and so we can all follow that example today and be more daring. The Red Moon really is being pulled in many directions.
The Challenge of the day is Blue Storm, which represents change. If you are a Blue Storm, the moon is too powerful of an influence and so you can’t have things your way. Surrender and the day will go by much easier for you. Anyway, its good practice for your as your stormy energy can sometimes lead to burn out. Although you probably enjoy Electric days as you are prone to lightning!
The Occult power is Yellow Human, the channel or vessel of the Tzolkin. In this position, the human has a magical intuitive ability and so if you are struggling today just rely on your intuition and don’t
underestimate it’s power.
The Ally is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. If you are lucky enough to know one, they can be a great help with their big heart and playful manner. If you are a White Dog offer your support wherever you can today.
3 MULUC – KIN 29
12 JANUARY 2020
I activate in order to PURIFY
Bonding FLOW
I seal the process of Universal Water
With the Electric tone of SERVICE
I AM guided by the power of SPACE.
12/1/2021 = 121221 = 3/1/5 = 9
12- Acquiring wisdom & strength
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity/Communication
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
5- LIBERATION/FREEDOM/Change/Transformation
9- Closure/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace/Compassion
KIN 29 = 11 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation 11 – Portal/Polarity
A very emotionally charged day highlighting issues of purification and being of service.
We are now in Day 3 of the BLUE HAND ✋Wavespell where we are focused on accomplishing HEALING 🙌on all levels. Today we are focused on healing our EMOTIONAL body, and using our knowledge and skills to be of SERVICE to others.
ELECTRIC💡 is tone number 3 of the tones of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. It’s focus is being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to co-create and be of SERVICE through your Divine Mission.
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or spark🎇 for your manifestation. It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Electricity and WATER💧 do not mix well.. so BEWARE of the CHARGE today as you could get ZAPPED!! Today beckons you to become emotionally mature and rise above any relationship dramas! Instead access the higher aspects of the ELECTRIC tone, together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies to be of Service to all. EXPAND your focus from bonding with one to the joy of bonding in SERVICE to all. 👭👬👫
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED MOON 👸MULUC🌛 themes are Universal waters, feminine flow, communication, emotions, softness, intuition, psychic abilities and receptivity. RED MOON activates the Divine Feminine energies today and those of the GODDESS. The GODDESS is providing the beautiful Mother God qualities of nurturing, care and compassion needed to provide the ultimate HEALING for our weary body, mind and soul. The GODDESS combined with BLUE HAND is the caring Nurse, Counsellor or Aid worker.. the Naturopath, Healer or Energy worker that can access the Healing wisdom needed to make us WHOLE and complete again. The GODDESS is in full alignment with the natural world and Pachamama and thus can access the apothecary of the herbs, potions and medicines needed to cure dis-ease. As most physical symptoms of dis-ease stem from an emotional imbalance or trauma this is the best place to effect the remedy.
The GODDESS👸 is PURIFYING our emotional bodies today by going with the FLOW of our most acute sensitivities to the movement of energy. Exploring what it takes to move from a most pure place of sensing all that is around and in us, and allowing that to be the key to moving forward from a place of activating the greatest healing. Accomplishing from a place of purity and healing. A wonderful day to be in WATER. 💧💧💧
❓What does it FEEL like to FLOW from the most pure SPACE inside your HEART?
❓What needs to be cleansed through allowing expression today? As I FLOW in the moment, exploring the movement of energy as it does me.
🌊 The emphasis on Universal Waters💧 and PURIFICATION 🚿makes today a brilliant day to swim, bathe, play or drink blessed water of any form, using fluid as a medium for healing therapies. Prayer,🙏 Gratitude and respect for Gaia’s life giving waters are the order of the day.
✨✨CALL on HYGIEIA today – the Ancient Greek Goddess👸 of HEALING and PURIFICATION to assist in purifying your vessel today – in preparation to hold more LIGHT ✨and LOVE. ❤
Hygieia was the goddess/personification of health (Greek: ὑγίεια – hygieia), cleanliness and hygiene. … While her father Asclepius , the god of medicine was more directly associated with healing, 🌿she was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health through sanitation and cleanliness. Her name is the source of the word “hygiene”.
The rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, remains a symbol of medicine today – known as the caduceus.
You may also call on her 4 sisters to request specific HEALING💚 according to your needs during this whole 13 day healing cycle (or at any time!).
*✨Iaso (the goddess of recuperation from illness),
*✨Aceso (the goddess of the healing process),
* ✨Aegle (the goddess of radiant good health),
*✨Panacea (the goddess of universal remedy – the CURE),
MULUC’S purification power assists in dissolving boundaries between HEARTS❤ today, so that there is a beautiful FLOW for communication and creativity. RED MOON enhances the intuitive and telepathic bonds between kindred souls. As we purify and raise the frequency of our hearts, we increase our capacity to feel and sense, thus connecting to a Higher Divine form of Love.
✨Today will be a powerful day for TRUTH filled communications to FLOW on receptive EARS and MINDS. The GODDESS is softening the masses in preparation for the information TSUNAMI🌊🌊🌊 which is headed our way!
As it is an ELECTRIC tone day we are asked to dedicate our SERVICE work to the GODDESS. By aligning with the feminine aspects of caring, nurturing and expressing compassion through our HEARTS and our emotional body we can HEAL ourselves and others as we RISE to a HIGHER LEVEL of Divine Service all bonding together for our Planetary cause.
HIGHER GUIDE: RED ELECTRIC SKYWALKER 🌩🚶BEN brings forth the power of SPACE and EXPLORATION. Opening portals in your HEART that you never knew existed. Your HEART, like your mind is multi-dimensional. As you purify and become LIGHTER you can access higher realms, frequencies and dimensions connecting to, and bringing forth a higher and purer form of absolute Divine Love. The BLISS frequencies are the most potent healing frequencies a human can experience.. floating endlessly on the waves of LOVE – gently caressing and soothing your soul with the DIVINE LOVE we all seek to remember. BEN is assisting you in creating more SPACE in your HEART for DIVINE LOVE and BLISS to FLOW.
BEN allows you to connect the pillars of HEAVEN with that of EARTH, together in your Heart space. This beautiful energy as the Higher Guide today is PERFECT for all those PAT-RIOTs…..and Planetary KIN who are focused on bringing HEAVEN to EARTH💒… Every day our collective DREAM is drawing CLOSER through our UNITED actions and INTENT. WWG1 WGA🎆🎆🎆
BEN is assisting all the 5D ideas, inventions and projects to “get off the ground” in their cooperative Missions – the ELECTRIC – rocket fuelled 🚀 TESLA energy will really provide much needed momentum to GET GOING – and EXPAND your REACH💥… Seek new Horizons for your SERVICE work.✨✨
SUPPORT: WHITE DOG 🐕OC symbolizes LOVE, loyalty, trust, unconditional love, faith, honesty, integrity, compassion and all matters pertaining to the pure HEART💕. .There is an ELECTRICAL CHARGE activating these themes today – so be prepared for any betrayal, deceit and backstabbing to be REVEALED and CLEANSED in order to create a PURER SPACE, allowing for closer and more authentic bonding of kindred souls.
❓What SPARKS🎇 the connections to your Heart?❤
We use our HEARTS❤ today as a vessel to PURIFY the energies before sending out to others as unconditional love. That is our greatest SERVICE to humanity, sending out flowing waves of LOVE💕 from our heart 💖to our PLANET and everyone around us. 💞
KIN 29 with the GODDESS👸, OC🐕 and MANIK ✋combining their beautiful HEALING🙌 gifts, can make for a beautifully romantic💕 day, for those pure HEARTED souls who seek to BOND today. When you bond with another soul of equal resonance this ignites 🎇a spark🔥 in your HEART. ❤ Two hearts💕firing together can create absolute Majik. 💫The toroidal field emanating from your heart expands exponentially as both fields conjoin. This is the potent power of the magnetic Heart. ❤💕❤
As it is a 9 Divine Service code today you will also need to reflect upon the question
❓“Are you loyal to your own needs, as you are to the service of others?”
Self sacrifice is not sustainable. Self Love is most important for building a solid foundation for loving and respecting others, without feeling drained and exploited. BLUE HAND wavespell focuses on healing🙌 your HEART, 💖so that you can be of greater SERVICE to humanity.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SPECTRAL HUMAN🌀 👷 EB – The Occult power of KIN 27 is the SPECTRAL HUMAN – who is a cleaning SPECIALIST.. He carries the SUPERPOWERS of dissolving, liberating and releasing.. So EB can dissolve any HEART WALLS, emotional blocks or density preventing your from FULLY OPENING and HEALING your pure HEART❤ and aligning with your intuitive senses.
EB asks you to strengthen and clear your physical vessel in order to prepare for the expanded energies of higher mind. Your chalice of self is being purified through vibrational adjustments in your physical vessel and opening your higher heart. ❤ Often this process is accompanied by the sensation of being altered or “rewired”. YELLOW HUMAN is preparing your circuits for transformation. Become empty, that your thirst may be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the chalice of the spiralling galaxies. Open and receive all that Yellow Human offers in the chalice of your own body.
YELLOW HUMAN represents free will and wisdom. The wisdom that evolves from aligning with Divine Will. Surrender to the Universal Mind and your cup will runneth over with Universal Wisdom.
✨It is TIME to dissolve and RELEASE all that does not align with DIVINE WILL and the DIVINE PLAN for humanity!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE ELECTRIC STORM 🌪🌩🌨🌀 CAUAC challenges you to let go of the toxic EMOTIONAL baggage to LIBERATE💥 your soul.. This STORM has TREMENDOUS transformative POWER as it is an ELECTRICAL STORM 🌩, If you do not go with the FLOW and willingly allow the purifying Universal Waters to wash over and through you – then WATCH OUT!! 💥 By hook or by crook, your Higher Self will ensure you relent and unload, in order to create more SPACE for something new to take its place.
BLUE STORM’S TURBO, 🌀WASH, RINSE and SPIN🌪 cycles will ensure our bodies, minds, lives and PLANET are cleared of ANYTHING TOXIC..draining or discordant.
BLUE STORM🌪🌩🌧 emphasizes the necessity to cleanse and purify our Universal waters, those in our physical bodies and those of our planet. Many cooperative alliances are being formed now with Planetary kin bonding and being of Service to Gaia, focused on environmental projects, cleaning her waters, air, land and environment, preparing her Planetary Body for the upgrade she is making to a pristine 5D Planet of BEAUTY, PEACE and HARMONY for all her beloved children.
The PURER the water💧 that FLOWS through us and our Planetary Body, the greater the LIGHT we can embody. CAUAC provides tremendous catalytic energies with the ELECTRIC STORM 🌩to rapidly transform, giving you the power to regenerate and rebirth your new eternal shiny self.
Overall a POWERFUL day filled with questioning how you can ACTIVATE your electrical power to send waves of pure charged energy🎆 to uplift and energize others through the power of your heart.❤❤❤
✨“A saint serves others, knowing that the more one serves, the greater the opportunity for the Spirit to sanctify and purify.” ~ Russell M. Nelson
Today’s question is “How can I PURIFY my HEART❤ and bond with others, activating a greater ELECTRICAL current to flow, fuelling our Divine Service?
Divine blessings for the expression of the true Divine ELECTRICAL healing power of our precious UNIFIED HEARTS! 💗💗💗
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: HYGEIA – Goddess of PURIFICATION and cleanliness DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Rise above the chaos
Zero point field
Every cell vibrates
Higher light-sound
Situational awareness
Winds of change
Know your enemy
Til death do us part
Solem Vow rituals
Archangel archons
Psyop of distorted light
Simpsons seem to know
Black sun assassins
Divide and rule warfare
Lockdown the world
Inoculate the masses
Supreme digital-control
Frequency modulation game
Come to centre-breath FEEL
Threshold jump phase-shift reality
Now-moment potentiality
Quantum flash-point zero-field
Transmutation frequencies
Re-assemble to harmonic light
Consciousness override
Cosmic overtones
Switch base 6 to base 9
Natural Law restored light
Love the galactic tone
Planetary right relations
Re-member celestial heritage
Everything for everybody
Alchemical metaphysics
Clockwise to problem-solution data-crisis
Mask the truth – access denied lost the 9
Anti-clockwise to symbiotic metaphysics
Zero point source temple of light
Cosmic truth hologram inseparable
Space-time continuum
Re-set light-sound love-awareness
Right-side up crowning
Christ consciousness
110 cypher code
9-23 construct
Unexpected turn of events

New Moon in Capricorn Blessing (Puja, Prayer, Incantation etc.)

Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the”, “feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner self to be the administrator.

We use the Earth as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Luna is much like you and me, “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” in disguise. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the east to connect with divinity and to create positive, loving energy for all.”

((( List the things that you are grateful for, allow the energy of the moment to insight more of the same )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the South to connect with the feelings of my upcoming manifestations.”

((( List and then feel the energy of the things you wish to create for yourself )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the West to feel the flow of the divine universe as it carries my hopes, dreams, and wishes to fruition with grace and ease.”

((( Reassure your faith in the moving parts of the universe. Thank “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” for your upcoming blessings )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the North to bless mother Earth and all her inhabitants. It is a blessing to be a part of this Earth at this space and time; I am grateful.”

((( Bless Gaia and her inhabitants, invision “Rainbow Light” engulfing the Earth )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions to summon peace, prosperity, and bliss to my reality. I create a divine portal, with great love and peace.”

((( Create a circular portal by opening ever-expanding bright light droplets in your mind’s eye, then envision nonspecific energetic blessings coming indirectly to you via this portal )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions to create a funnel of peace, prosperity, and happiness. This funnel connects me directly to the infinitely expanding creator source energy.”

((( Envision a spiraling funnel that directly connects your crown chakra to “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source.” Then invision an ideal world for the entirety of humanity)))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions to create and bless my sacred space, and everywhere that I may go.”

((( Bless your home, workspace, travels, and your body temple )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to all the unnamed directions to bless all of my relations, including my intergalactic family and fellow earth beings.”

((( Connect with all life, send all your love )))

“I face my mind, body and divine spirit inside, to find that “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” is within my divine essence.”

((( Meditate )))

Mitakuye Oyasin, A’HO!

source: archangeliccalendar.com

JANUARY 4 2021
As the Light is becoming Lighter and the darkness is becoming darker we know that
the Divine Pearl has been returned to the heart of the Mother, so now every human heart holds the ability to heal!
As we move steadily towards a collective full awakening and the actual physical transformation of this plane,
the different chambers of
the human heart, will be opening and activating again.
This means that for many thousands of years certain abilities and aspects that the human heart holds, were not available so they could not be experienced.
Some of these abilities include true remembrance,
inner state of absolute bliss, feeling of completeness and
unity consciousness.
This is actually the true state of the heart and
the return of the pure elements on Earth are directly linked to the heart’s awakening and healing,
because the environment that hosts human life,
will be different too.
In such a state,
the heart signals the creation of a different kind of chemicals chains in the human brain and body.
This was partly experienced artificially
by people who
were using certain psychotropic substances,
though these experiences cannot be compared to the natural process of activating the whole entity of the heart.
The natural and true state of human heart is freedom,
bliss and unity consciousness and cannot be lost the next day or harm the human body in any way,
like substances can do.
up until now,
could only have small phases of natural experiences of the true state of the heart but it was quite hard to hold on to them .
This was because there were certain multidimensional areas/chambers in the human heart,
which after the trauma of the ‘great fall’,
closed and could not be reached anymore and because our realm, was not hosting the true and pure state of elements.
Only few spiritual practitioners or saints managed to naturally open and access these heart spaces,
while in human body of 3D reality.
The majority of humanity were only experiencing a small spectrum of the abilities that the heart holds.
The heart is the portal to our multidimensionality and
is fast preparing to meet her new state!
specially after the portal of this winter solstice,
I was shown how the heart has opened her inner spaces/chambers which had been inactivated for so long, preparing to heal her entire entity and bring full recovery and completion to the human.
Another important aspect of this process is that the human heartbeat will also be changing
and its frequency will be matching the new multidimensional state of being and physics,
that this plane of existence, is entering in.
The Plasma Liquid Light that we are receiving in our cells, will be changing us from within and this is already happening.
This is why the first great step of alignment to this new state of existence,
is the transformation of the heart ❤️
”Most of the health heart problems people
have been facing,
were because they could not have or they were forbidding access to the truth of their heart
or because they have had difficulties and guilts listening to their heart or speaking their heart’s desire, freely.
Generally speaking,
through the many eons of the known or unknown human history, the human heart collectively and personally,
was hurt and blocked.
Now these hurts and blockages are being lifted for all,
allowing and offering space to the heart,
to reach another state of consciousness,
which is the state of Love and Unity.
That is why now, many are trying to trouble the human minds with fear and block this information from reaching the hearts of people.
When there is fear the heart closes down her chambers.
But now, the heart of the Mother is back to its place
so the human heart also will be able to know the truth and will be coming to the center of human existence, for the times that are already here.
All humans need to do,
is to allow their heart to take over the process of transformation and show her trust,
as she is the one who knows how to do it!
The heart knows what each one needs to truly be
Living in Love, Happiness and Health!
The heart knows where joy is and how one can find it!
She knows what true ‘relating’ is and
she is more than happy to show the way to it!
All one needs to do is give her a full pass!
Give her your permission and she will do it!
No buts, no fears, no guilts, no controls and no words of explanation are needed!
She is a heart of Gold!
You can surrender to Her!
Simple as that!”
Καθώς το Φως γίνεται όλο και πιο Φωτεινό και
το σκότος όλο και πιο σκοτεινό,
γνωρίζουμε πια ότι
το Θεϊκό Μαργαριτάρι έχει επιστραφεί στην καρδιά της Μητέρας και έτσι τώρα,
κάθε ανθρώπινη καρδιά,
έχει τη δυνατότητα να θεραπευτεί.
❤️ 🌟😍😘🌹
Καθώς προχωρούμε σταθερά προς μια συλλογική πλήρη αφύπνιση και την πραγματική φυσική μεταμόρφωση αυτού του πεδίου,
τα διάφορα πολυ-διαστατικά διαμερίσματα της
ανθρώπινης καρδιάς
θα ανοίξουν και θα ενεργοποιηθούν ξανά.
Αυτό σημαίνει ότι για πολλές χιλιάδες χρόνια ορισμένες ικανότητες και πτυχές που κρατά η ανθρώπινη καρδιά,
δεν ήταν διαθέσιμες και δεν μπορούσαν να βιωθούν.
Μερικές από αυτές τις ικανότητες περιλαμβάνουν την αληθινή ανάμνηση,
την εσωτερική κατάσταση απόλυτης ευδαιμονίας,
την αίσθηση πληρότητας και
την συνείδηση ​​ενότητας.
Αυτή είναι η πραγματική κατάσταση της καρδιάς και συνδέεται επίσης άμεσα και με την επιστροφή των αγνών στοιχείων στη Γη που φέρνουν και την πραγματική αλλαγή του περιβάλλοντος που φιλοξενεί την ανθρώπινη ζωή.
Σε μια τέτοια κατάσταση,
η καρδιά σηματοδοτεί τη δημιουργία ενός διαφορετικού είδους χημικών αλυσιδωτών εκκρίσεων στον ανθρώπινο εγκέφαλο και το σώμα.
Αυτή η λειτουργία ήδη έχει βιωθεί εν μέρει τεχνητά,
από ανθρώπους που
χρησιμοποιούσαν ορισμένες ψυχοτρόπες ουσίες,
αν και αυτές οι εμπειρίες δεν μπορούν να συγκριθούν με τη φυσική διαδικασία ενεργοποίησης ολόκληρης της οντότητας της καρδιάς.
Η φυσική και πραγματική κατάσταση της ανθρώπινης καρδιάς που είναι η συνείδηση ​​ελευθερίας, η κατάσταση της ευδαιμονίας και της ενότητας είναι
κάτι που δεν μπορεί να χαθεί την επόμενη μέρα ή να βλάψει το ανθρώπινο σώμα με οποιονδήποτε τρόπο,
όπως μπορούν να κάνουν οι διάφορες ψυχοτρόπες ουσίες.
O ανθρώπος,
μέχρι τώρα,
μπορούσε να έχει μόνο μικρές φάσεις φυσικών εμπειριών της πραγματικής κατάστασης της καρδιάς και ήταν και αρκετά δύσκολο να τις κρατήσει.
Αυτό οφείλεται στο γεγονός ότι υπήρχαν ορισμένες περιοχές/δωμάτια στην ανθρώπινη καρδιά,
οι οποίες μετά το τραύμα της «πτώσης της» έκλεισαν και δεν μπορούσαν πλέον να βιωθούν.
Μόνο λίγοι πνευματικοί ασκούμενοι ή άγιοι κατάφεραν να ανοίξουν και να αποκτήσουν πρόσβαση σε αυτούς τους χώρους της καρδιάς όντας ακόμα σε σώμα
στην 3η πραγματικότητα.
Η πλειονότητα της ανθρωπότητας βίωνε μόνο ένα μικρό φάσμα των ικανοτήτων που κατέχει η καρδιά.
Η καρδιά είναι η πύλη για την πολυ-διαστατικότητα μας και
ετοιμάζεται γρήγορα να γνωρίσει τη νέα της κατάσταση!
ειδικά μετά την πύλη αυτού του χειμερινού ηλιοστασίου,
μου έδειξαν πως η καρδιά ενεργοποίησε τους εσωτερικούς της χώρους/διαμερίσματα που είχαν κλείσει για τόσο καιρό και ετοιμαζεται να φέρει την αποκατάσταση, τη θεραπεία και την ολοκλήρωσης στον άνθρωπο.
Μια άλλη πτυχή αυτής της διαδικασίας είναι ότι ο καρδιακός παλμός θα αλλάξει
και η συχνότητά του θα ταιριάζει με τη νέα
πολυ-διαστατική κατάσταση συνειδητότητας αλλά
και τη φυσική,
στην οποία εισέρχεται αυτό το επίπεδο ύπαρξης.
Το Υγρό Φως Πλάσματος που λαμβάνουμε μέσα στα κύτταρα μας, θα μας αλλάξει εκ των έσω.
Για αυτό,
το πρώτο μεγάλο βήμα ευθυγράμμισης προς αυτή τη νέα κατάσταση,
θα είναι η μεταμόρφωση της καρδιάς ❤️
”Τα περισσότερα από τα προβλήματα υγείας της καρδιάς που αντιμετωπίζαν οι άνθρωποι,
ήταν επειδή δεν μπορούσαν να έχουν ή απαγόρευαν την πρόσβαση στην αλήθεια της καρδιάς τους
ή επειδή είχαν δυσκολίες και ενοχές να ακούνε την καρδιά τους ή να εκφράζουν ελεύθερα την επιθυμία της καρδιάς τους.
Γενικά μιλώντας,
μέσα από πολλούς αιώνες της ανθρώπινης γνωστής αλλά και άγνωστης ιστορίας,
η ανθρώπινη καρδιά συλλογικά και προσωπικά,
τραυματίστηκε και μπλοκαρίστηκε.
Τώρα αυτές οι πληγές και τα εμπόδια έχουν αρχίσει να αίρονται για όλους,
επιτρέποντας και δίνοντας χώρο στην καρδιά να φτάσει σε ανώτερη κατάσταση συνείδησης,
που είναι η κατάσταση της Αγάπης και της Ενότητας.
Για αυτό το λόγο και τώρα πολλοί προσπαθούν να προβληματίσουν τα ανθρώπινα μυαλά και να μπλοκάρουν αυτή την πληροφορία από το να φτάσει στην καρδιές τους.
Όταν υπάρχει φόβος η καρδιά κλείνει τα εσωτερικά της διαμερίσματα.
Αλλά πια, η καρδιά της Μητέρας είναι στη θέση της και έτσι και η ανθρώπινη καρδιά θα μπορέσει να γνωρίσει την αλήθεια ώστε να γίνει το κέντρο της ανθρώπινης ύπαρξης ξανά,
για τους καιρούς που είναι ήδη εδώ.
Το μόνο που οι άνθρωποι καλούνται να κάνουν,
είναι να αφήσουν την καρδιά τους να αναλάβει τη διαδικασία του μετασχηματισμού και να την εμπιστευτούν,
καθώς αυτή γνωρίζει τι να κάνει!
Η καρδιά ξέρει τι χρειάζεται ο καθένας για να ζει στην αγάπη, με ευτυχία και υγεία!
Η καρδιά ξέρει πού είναι η χαρά και πώς μπορεί να τη βρει!
Ξέρει τι σημαίνει αληθινά το ‘σχετίζομαι’ και
με χαρά θα δείξει το δρόμο προς αυτό!
Το μόνο που χρειάζεται να κάνει κάποιος είναι να της δώσει το πλήρες εισιτήριο.
Δώστε της τη μεγάλη άδεια να το κάνει και θα το κάνει!
Δεν χρειάζονται ούτε αλλά, ούτε φόβοι, ούτε ενοχές, ούτε έλεγχοι και ούτε λόγια επεξήγησης!
Είναι καρδιά από χρυσάφι!
Μπορείτε να παραδοθείτε σε αυτήν!
Τόσο απλά!”

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  1. That picture quoted as Hygeia by Christina is Tyrael from a game called Diablo, in case you want to find more epic artwork!

    Tyrael abandons his divinity to stand next to humanity in their final hour.

    And so, that this comment blends in to all others presented, Namaste Paul peace and love!!!!!

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