Magnetic Quickening

Magnetic Quickening

Strong solar winds entered the earth plane this weekend, shaking volcanos and earthquakes into action. The stargate portal is active and alert, humming and vibrating with galactic light frequencies…opening a sacred space for personal transformation. The so-called ‘Event’ is an up-leveling process involving recurring waves of solar winds/gamma/plasma/diamond light infusions that catalyze genetic recoding and light body activation. 

The gatekeepers and gridworkers have been busy these past few days, as the geomagnetic field continues to shift and reset. I woke up several times and observed the earth angels balancing and stabilizing the polarized grids during all this solar activity. The increasing yin energies are altering the magnetic fields, sweeping the planetary consciousness with new heart-felt awareness.

As the veils of mind-control dissolve away, it becomes easier to see invented propaganda programming. The failed illusion of Magnetic-Quickeningsuperiority and patriarchal domination is slipping away. We now see the intentional agenda running behind the scenes. As the scales of denial lift, the lower mind awakens to the false narrative of separation.

The more we embrace each other and our connection to a benevolent universe, the more abundance flows in our lives. Loving connection is the keycode to spiritual support. ‘Good vs. evil’ is a construct of divisiveness. It is a trap, a mechanism of disconnection. First we connect within, to the depth of our essence, to the truth of our divinity. Then we mirror our divinity to others and vice versa. All of creation is divine in the eyes of Creator.

As we prepare for the Solstice Stargate activation, we will meet this Saturday, June 9th with our Lightworker family and dive into the complexities of 5D relationships. How do we relate to each other in a neutral, non-polarized field of collaboration? Imagine a world without polarized karmic relationships!

As Lightworkers on this planet, we have the power to influence the direction of change. When we form a ‘group mind’ with heart-felt intentions, we plant the seeds for a loving, harmonious earth family. We are the co-creators of our bountiful future. Join other Lightworkers during these stargate initiations as we contribute to the great awakening.

I will join Manette on Saturday, June 9th in our New Earth Central show to prepare for the powerful stargate initiations into 5D living.  If you cannot attend the ‘live’ broadcast, the replay will be available at the event link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. 
Register to attend here:
Lovingly, Meg

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