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Full Moon in Libra

Full Pink Moon in Libra ~ BEyond the Veils ~ Magical Star Code Activates 

Full Pink Moon in Libra ~ BEyond the Veils ~ Magical Star Code Activates 


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Brilliant Awakened Ones of the Golden Inner Child Rebirthing

Happy Powerful Full Pink Moon in Libra!

Through Divine Neutrality and Zero Point Quantum Field we are experiencing the balancing of the Scales as all flows into Perfect Harmony with the Cosmic Rhythm of the Heart of the Great Spirit.

We have massive energies flowing into this realm from the most high today.

Our local Solaris released a series of C Class  Solar Flares and a Major M Class 3.01 Flare at 5:50 UTC. We also witnessed a series of columns of Light on the Schumann Charts with an amplitude spike at 36 hz, fifth dimensional energetics coming in from our Great central Sun through our Star and deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama. The Pink Ray of the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess of Unconditional Love and Bliss is raising all Sentient beings from the lower densities into the Unity Cosnciousness of the New Lemuria Rising!

The Immaculate Concept, Pure and Total Awareness, is being Activated within every living Heart of our 144,000 Ground Crew Angelics of the New Earth. All is coming into the Clarity of a Still Mind through the Silence within.

As we make our Return Journey to the Kingdom of Heaven within the Still Center, we realize our True Nature of Buddha Mind, empty and free. This is a Return to Purity, a Return to Love… a Return to Innocence…A’Ho!






Right now: Moon at 27°22′ Libra, Sun at 17°00′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An empty hammock.
Sabian Symbol for 18º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Aries.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels come to his help.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Libra.




🌀⚡️Super Active Dream Space! NEW Octaves / Frequencies. Hive Mind Re: Booting! Glass Mountain 💦🐉💚
NEW Octaves
NEW Octaves
The Eclipse’s energy is getting stronger, closer, as well as the Full Moon’s. You can feel the birthing pains, the discomfort, of something new. Stay the course. Believe. It’s all aligning. 🔥🌕
Amazing !! ❤️
We are now in a new reality, embracing a higher vibration.
entering a new energy and phase in our lives.
your manifestations are flowing effortlessly, one by one.
Heavens Gateway
Heavens Gateway
NOW is the time. Allow yourself to be emptied of all the stories, ideas, fears, judgements, pain, and endless loops of the mind.
Allow yourself to be so empty that all that remains is your nakedness, your OPEN HEART, and a dance into the void singing, “Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. LOVE I AM.”
Let this FULL MOON shine brightly on your choice to CHOOSE LOVE.
I so love you!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
BEyond the Veils within this Resident Universe Exist the PURE FREQUENCIES of Multi-Dimensional forms of LOVE that are Embodied by the GOD SEAT of POWER.
Within these SACRED Spaces Blueprints of Past Present and Future ALL EXIST in ONE United FREQUENCY.
NOW is the TIME for us to Open and Access a Deepening Understanding of PARALLEL REALITIES.
Yes. . . this is Essential for us to BEgin to Understand the DYNAMICS that Exist within these PARALLEL REALITIES.
There are an Unending Series of BLUEPRINTS All Merging. . . Co-Creating Together. . . Forming One SYNERGY.
These SYNERGIES are All Forming and Continually Creating Foundations of TRUTH within the Alternate REALITY Spaces.
HIGHER Aspects of our Consciousness are Presently Playing Out Unique Roles within these SACRED Spaces.
These HIGHER SELF parts of us are Simultaneously Interacting through our SACRED HEART Space to Support our current Transitional Transmutation Process that is ACTIVATING within our ENERGETIC SYSTEMS.
WE Are a Unique and Essential part of this Multi-Dimensional Universal System of LOVE.
The Winds of Change arise from these Systems and move across our Earth plane. . . every Moment Creating an Ongoing SHIFTING Tide of LIGHT within Earth.
These Flows are Transmitting PURE Streams of LIGHT Directly within the ENERGETIC Webbing that is Encompassing Earth.
This PURE Vibrancy of LIGHT is BE-ing directly Aligned through the MAGNETIC CORE of the planet.
These Multi-Dimensional Flows carry POWERFUL Vibrations of LOVE that have their origin from the GOD SEAT of POWER.
This Brilliant Consciousness of LOVE is Creating a Natural Expansion within the PULSE of the CORE.
The ‘PULSE’ is Radiating out from the INNER CORE Across the Earth plane Acting as a Heartbeat.
The PULSE is Interacting directly within ALL the SACRED Sites on the planet. . . SHIFTING the Integrity of the Sites Back to their Original PRISTINE Imprint.
This FLOW is Simultaneously Entering the Hearts of ALL Human BEings that are Ready to Receive this PURE Transmission of LOVE. . . which ACTIVATES a dormant Transmitter within Each Heart Cell.
Like a PURE FUSION taking place within the Cells. . . Igniting the FLAME within Every Cell in the Body. . . Setting in Motion a further Transmutation Process within the ENTIRE Body.
These FILAMENTS Generated by the FLAMES are Designed to Specifically AWAKEN us into a Remembering to REALIGN us Back into a State of Consciousness that goes Beyond the third dimensional illusion.
Enabling us to SELF-LAUNCH Back into Another Consciousness REALM where WE have Always Existed.
This is Where our HIGHER SELF Awaits Reconnection with the Active ASPECT of our Consciousness NOW.
This FORCE of LOVE that is Flowing onto the planet Brings about a PURE HEALING FREQUENCY into the Hearts of Mankind to Allow a NEW form of SACRED FORGING to Reopen the SACRED Heart.
Our SACRED Heart is Multi-Dimensional. . . and this Vibration/Pulse is designed to Allow a HIGHER Potential to BE Realized within us. . . to BE Reinstated within those of us Who Are on the AWAKENED Path.
WE are BE-ing Enabled to REALIGN to our Original Meeting Point of our HIGHER SELF within these Alternate REALITY States.
So that our CRYSTALLINE Structure that is within our Heart. . . Lungs. . . Thyroid. . . Sacrum. . . Spinal Fluid. . . Brain Synapse. . . Brain Cells and Pineal will BEgin to BE Fully Illuminated. . . BE Switched ON.
Our CRYSTALLINE Structure Enables us to FULLY Embody the Essence of our HIGHER-SELF LIGHT.
Part of our Destiny in this Lifetime is for us to FULLY Embody our HIGHER LIGHT within our Physical Body.
This Happening is Pre-Destined to Occur within the FREQUENCY TIMELINE of this Incarnation.
Our CRYSTALLINE Structure is a Multi-Dimensional form that is Housed in the Spaces between the Cells of our Body and is Designed to Support us to REGAIN the Natural Realignments of our SACRED Nature.
WE Are NOW Poised at the Tipping Point of GREAT METAMORPHIC CHANGE.
WE can Consciously Choose to Receive these SACRED FLOWS which will set in Motion the Illumination of our CRYSTALLINE Structure.
Like Turning on a LIGHT Switch. . . All the Wiring within the CRYSTALLINE Structure is Ready to BE Turned On. . . SELF-REALIZED NOW.
Our Heart is the Most POWERFUL of All Tools that ALIGNS us to an Unlimited Access to CLARITY. . . ABUNDANCE and is our Guiding LIGHT. . . our COMPASS.
WE Reach Forward with our AWARENESS within our Heart Space and REALIGN to the MAGIC of the SHIFT within the Elementals of our life in this Moment.
WE Choose to ACTIVATE and Take Ownership of our Heart. . . our SACRED TOOL.
The ENTIRE Universal Contingent are Holding the ENERGETIC Platforms in place for us to take the LEAP and ALLOW these Next Steps of Awakening to Happen within us.
Letting GO and Entering a NEW Arena of our SELVES Takes Only a Moment in TIME.
Choosing to ENTER the REALMS of Reality that Exist Beyond the illusion Here on Earth. . . like Parting a Veil and ENTERING a HIGHER TIME Continuum.
Like Walking from One Room into Another!
BEyond the Veils
BEyond the Veils

Libra Full Moon – Choices, Soul Expansion, Healing Ancient Core Woundings , Atlantean Masculine Healing ,4:4

🥚Since the Equinox, we have entered into unprecedented times of Rebirth , Sacred Marriage (within and without) and Cocreation/ Manifestation. As The Cosmic Egg of New Creations emerges from the Cosmic Womb of The Sophia,we know without doubt that we are on the precipice of Great Change. We are in uncharted waters navigating lightning bolts and waves of chaos ,which usually accompany the birthing process, and it is only the Heart that can serve as our True Gps at this time. And when we talk of Heart Centered Energies we speak of Joy, Truth, Courage , Balance and Trust!! Exactly what the Libra Full Moon can assist us with.
♥️In the liminal space of knowing that the past and certain, as we had known it, will not accompany us in this New Rebirth/ resurrection … our True North will be dictated by our quest of embodying our Soul Truth and Joy and this inevitably requires Courage for the status quo needs to be dismantled for the New to Birth. At this juncture of Rebirth and Resurrection we are faced with Choices…
✨We can either choose Soul Expansion and Healing into the next higher spiral of evolution by following our Heart’s desire to align with our Soul Truth and Joy or we can choose Fear and maintain the Status Quo. As a Free Will Planet , we will always have Choice!!!
❤️In choosing the former , we are presented with the opportunity of great Healing that will support our Soul Expansion along the desired trajectory of our Soul’s Path and Purpose. What are your core wounds/ challenges in reclaiming your highest healed equation with life/ relationships/ work/ security?? These are very likely originating from the Ancient Core Woundings of Atlantis and Khem which primarily revolved around Sexuality/ womb trauma and voicing and owning of The Sacral and Throat -ability to be fully open to receive joy and pleasure and be seen, feeling secure enough to lower the guards allowing for vulnerability ,flow, trust and union and standing in our Truth for both the Masculine and Feminine (within and without) and finding a balance between Sovereignty and Partnerships/ control and cooperation.
⚖️It is here that the Libra Full Moon assists us by bringing us the Gift of Balance,Calm, Clarity and Peace so as to rebirth into alignment with our greatest inner desires/ truth and outer manifestations/ cocreations. For some, this is their last incarnation on this 3D plane and hence the core residual woundings of ancient timelines need healing and release Now as we head into unprecedented times of manifestations and CoCreation.
♥️The 4;4 Gateway has further brought in codes for Masculine Healing again for Atlantean debts and Patriarchal woundings around control and pleasure. Foundations are Shifting and the New needs Conscious CoCreation by both The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Unison and Synergy to uphold the pillars of Ma’at’s Age of Divine Law , Order, Justice and Balance.
Happy Full Moon!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Amazing Art by Lisa Iris
Atlantean Masculine Healing
Atlantean Masculine Healing
The sacred heart gateways are opening as the immensely powerful release of love codes and keys are being released for our new 5th to 7th dimensional sacred immaculate heart, steeped in pure love, unconditional love.
I felt this intensely last night, after my zoom White Flame teaching session, when an immensely powerful message was transmitted through me, as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, as cosmic masters, opened the full gateways of the sacred heart.
For a long time afterwards I felt as if I was going through an resurrection process, a profound rebirth and I know my life will never be the same again. It was as if I was looking at the old me, through a screen, as my sacred heart flame was ablaze with the White Flame fire.
This portal is fully opening the sacred light embodiment, where the heart flame is eternally ablaze, and we become like Suns. Yet the Sun is the blazing sacred heart.
It opens the unity gateways.
Where love becomes all-embracing, all-inclusive, ALL.
It will feel as if all you ever felt, or knew or believed about yourself, simply falls away.
The sacred heart ablaze, resurrection.
More I cannot say.
I have no words.
Just knowing.
Omnipotent Love.
immaculate heart
immaculate heart

The lessons in love are coming to a completion. At this point you may feel completely burned out trying to figure out if a connection is your Divine Counterpart or not. New energy will be entering from nature to replenish you. Decisions can also be made so you can direct your efforts toward nourishing and growing your Divine Union.

The path is open making way for these Divine connections appointed by the Most High. A new cycle in love is beginning where the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ are emotionally healed of the past and ready for the future. New Earth is also supporting Divine Counterparts ascend out of learning lessons and expand into this new phase of Unions and partnerships.

The Libra Full Moon energies are ensuring Justice is here for Unions, so we can complete the rebirth and resurrection of Kingdom Marriages, and our new Kingdom lifestyle and Family Tree. Now we can push beyond what we are used to, and grow towards the uncharted domain of Holy Grail Unions.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Violet Veil
Violet Veil



Current Pink Full Moon in Libra Ascension Energies The Focus is on Justice as Libra ruled by Venus is working on balancing the earths energetic scales because of this, there will be Karmic retribution for many that will also take place and this could be in any or many areas

The Full moon energy is exposing what needs to come into your higher awakening and awareness .
In the New Earth Energy Starseeds will no longer tolerate Narcissism in this world .
They are No longer Tolerated by the Ascending Starseeds As your consciousness evolves,
You may find you can no longer participate in a any dynamic where you are not being truly valued, or ever used, dishonest behaviours, cheated in any way, allowing others including social media distortions, having compassion mistaken for weakness and being treated in ways that compromise your goodness and integrity.
As the divine higher self awakens within you
you will step away from all karmic old energy that no longer allows you to be treated as an option. Higher self will always and only want
the very best for you’re welfare and wellbeing . Higher self is void of making ego choices as
you trust and allow higherself to take over you will begin to see a pattern , you will feel pulled back in your energy when ego wants it’s own way , it will be naturally coming from a stronger sense of connection. And within your heightened intuition ,
There is currently a wave of divine starseeds who have made the higher-self meld as well as do tremendous inner healing work reclaiming their true inner power and connecting to the sovereign self . This process meant many had to go through strong initiations to experience this fragmented and distorted wounded masculine consciousness play out so true clarity and higher perception could shine light that then moves you to higher ground .
This energy of wounded masculine / feminine narcissism abuse is going through a series of intense breakdowns on our planet at this time as more and more are losing any sense of their false percieved power and as we are all aware that Narcissistic exposure will continue to be exposed . many starseeds are activated in waking up to their type and becoming aware of their manipulative lies and tactics .
Narcissists will begin to realise for them selves that the new world and planetary energy emerging on this planet cannot and will not support their deceitful masks and false disguises any longer .
In particular, the Starseeds holding these strong ascension codes are being upgraded at such a fast pace that so much is dropping away from around them that they will no longer tolerate this behaviour in any way or from anyone .
All ascending Starseed beings on earth are all eventually going to be feeling the effects of this initiation process .
Starseeds you are the main targets in this world for them because you are embodying and holding the highest frequency of divine love energy on this planet and they know you are highly connected because of your talents skills gifts and abilities.
This is the priority of highest importance for earth. This is about an energetic war on our planet .Dark versus light , bad versus good .
Narcissistic people only have selfish agendas, and because they are void of an energy source and connection. They consciously know they do not embody the energy of a Starseed .
You are the highest value to them, and mostly they manipulate for your good heart and you wanting to see the good in everyone, and always believing in people’s potential however they knew this and this is why it was exploited.
The Starseed Soul recognises the narcissists unmet potential, and believes that they can help them reach that potential .
Truth is Most Star seeds have been extremely damaged by these individuals on the planet. This is a war of energy and it is never been more apparent as it is today so this needed to be explained, because many have been afflicted and affected .
Star seeds that are awakened are a very high threat to the Narcissistic ones in many ways as starseeds Ascend, they will have very little choice but to move away from individuals that display strong narcissistic characteristics because they disable the Starseeds energy by disrupting and also by bringing in a virus that before you know it will infect you and leave you very tired, disoriented, confused, and sad in the process of needing to re-stabilise continues, this can go on until you start to awaken that you will consciously need to keep your distance in order to feel any oneness and inner peace.
There is a spiritual battle taking place right now in our world
The divine Starseeds purpose is amplifying and energetically increasing in higher frequencies and you can possibly feel that change is ahead and things can feel slightly distorted in your reality , this is due to the higher frequencies connecting you to the higher and true timelines and dimensions beyond the 3D realms of illusions .
You are leaving and fully clearing the consciousness from lower density realms .
You are clearing the lower Conscious fields.
Starseeds you know you are unique and different and not all others are aligned to what your consciousness is with , you have a knowing there are fewer genuine souls on this planet than you first realised , This is real and your Ascension is all happening now and all in this one time . This is why you feel frazzled and you feel the shake up within your systems so deeply , because you have higher conscious knowing of self , you are connected in to much deeper layers of self that most people are not .
Starseeds the time has come with this message and that is you really are ready to love and accept yourself and to not settle for anything that is not reflecting your true divine love in self , Cherish the light being that you truly are
Your boundaries are strengthening
As they do , this then helps to anchor in the energy earths grids and bring collective consciousness to much higher ground .
In loving and dedicated Starseed and LightWorker service.
Libra Full Moon , Love , Light and Blessings
Written by Ascension LightWorkers
Pink Full Moon in Libra
Pink Full Moon in Libra


Welcome the Libra FULL MOON (Sun in Aries) on April 6 at 12:34 AM EDT (NY), 5:34 AM UT (London) and April 5 at 9:34 PM PDT (LA) – what a stunning star code!!
Today a Magical Star Code activates bountiful gifts during the Libra Full Moon:
✨ April 6 is a day of Love, Nurturing, Warmth and Abundance.
⭐️ Sun and Moon are at 16 degrees.
⭐️ 16 reduces to 7.
⭐️ 2023 is a 7 Universal Year.
⭐️ This is the 7th and final consecutive full moon at 16 degrees since the Aries Full Moon in October, 2022.
⭐️ The Sun is in Aries at 16° (with the Moon in Libra) activating the EXACT degree in October, 2022 when this series of 7 Full Moons at 16° STARTED!
16 and 7 attract rapid shifts and activate your most priceless gift: with your Intuition as your trusted source, you will always be divinely and miraculously guided. Trust and listen.
✨ 4.6.2023 adds up to a 17 Universal Date – the “Immortality” Number strength, courage and leaving a legacy behind.
✨ Moon opposite Jupiter infuses your heart with generosity and gratitude.
✨ Sun conjunct Jupiter helps you feel happy and healthy.
Isn’t it wonderful when you feel in flow with life! That joyful flow allows you to be an instrument for the Divine, in total alignment with Source.
Events and conditions seem to engage you in a way that is fluid and effortless…
Star Code
Star Code

Verena borell

Full‎ Moon‎ in‎ 16°‎ Libra‎ 07’‎ on‎ April‎ 5th‎ –‎ After‎ an‎ intense‎ Aries‎ New‎ Moon‎ the‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moo‎ n‎ asks‎ us‎ to‎ listen‎ to‎ our‎ body‎ &‎ heart‎ and‎ to‎ shine‎ a‎ light‎ on‎ our‎ relationship‎ patterns. ⁣The‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moon‎ is‎ already‎ the‎ portal‎ to‎ eclipse‎ season–a‎ time‎ of‎ surrendering,‎ transformation.‎ The‎ next‎ &‎ 2nd !‎
Aries‎ New‎ Moon‎ at‎ 29°‎ will‎ be‎ a‎ partial‎ solar‎ eclipse.‎ It’s‎ a‎ pre-taste‎ for‎ the‎ upcoming‎ eclipse‎ cycles‎ in‎ Aries‎ &‎ Libra‎ in‎ the‎ 2nd‎ half‎ of‎ 2023‎ +‎ 2024. ⁣
⁣Since‎ Aries‎ season‎ started,‎ we‎ might‎ also‎ started‎ anew‎ &‎ tried‎ new‎ ways‎ of‎ living,‎ working.‎ Pluto’s‎ ingress‎ into‎ Aquarius‎ reflects:‎ the‎ future‎ is‎ already‎ here!‎ But‎ it‎ is‎ still‎ VERY‎ vague,‎ insecure.‎ Even‎ though‎ your‎ future‎ self‎ is‎ already‎ present,‎ you‎ might‎ feel:‎ it‎ takes‎ time‎ to‎ fully‎ embody‎ this‎ new‎ version‎ of‎ myself.‎
⁣The‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moon‎ is‎ a‎ next‎ step.‎ Ruled‎ by‎ Venus‎ in‎ Taurus‎ it‎ invites‎ us‎ to‎ slow‎ down‎ to‎ listen‎ to‎ our‎ body,‎ somatic‎ capacity,‎ needs,‎ values.‎ In‎ Aries‎ we‎ can‎ be‎ so‎ on‎ fire‎ that‎ we‎ cross‎ our‎ own‎ physical‎ boundaries.‎ But‎ it’s‎ not‎ about‎ a‎ sprint!‎
We‎ are‎ building‎ a‎ new‎ &‎ sustainable‎ foundation‎ for‎ our‎ life.‎ ⁣Libra‎ is‎ about‎ oppositions‎ &‎ polarities.‎ The‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moon‎ reflects‎ that‎ it‎ might‎ be‎ time‎ to‎ take‎ on‎ another‎ perspective‎ &‎ look‎ at‎ challenges‎ from‎ a‎ different‎ angle.‎ If‎ you‎ focused‎ strongly‎ on‎ your‎ own‎ things‎ it‎ might‎ be‎ time‎ to‎ (re)connect‎ with‎ your‎ loved-ones‎ &‎ open‎ up‎ your‎ view. ⁣
However,‎ the‎ stellium‎ in‎ Aries‎ +‎ Venus‎ in‎ Taurus‎ mirror‎ that‎ it‎ is‎ not‎ about‎ losing‎ your‎ standpoint.‎ The‎ opposition‎ to‎ Chiron‎ reflects:‎ our‎ fear‎ of‎ rejection‎ wants‎ to‎ be‎ healed.
‎ A‎ shadow‎ in‎ Libra‎ is‎ to‎ forget‎ about‎ one’s‎ own‎ needs‎ because‎ we‎ are‎ completely‎ focused‎ our‎ counterpart.‎ We‎ think‎ that‎ we‎ are‎ just‎ loved‎ when‎ we‎ fulfill‎ the‎ expectations‎ of‎ others.‎ ⁣In‎ Libra‎ we‎ learn‎ that‎ we‎ do‎ not‎ lose‎ connection‎ when‎ we‎ have‎ boundaries!‎ Knowing‎ what‎ we‎ want‎ is‎ the‎ prerequisite‎ for‎ relationships‎ that‎ are‎ balanced,‎ equal. ⁣⁣The‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moon–as‎ a‎ pre-cursor‎ for‎ the‎ time‎ with‎ the‎ South‎ Node‎ in‎ Libra–shines‎ a‎ light‎ on‎ codependencies‎ &‎ situations‎ in‎ which‎ we‎ subconsciously‎ try‎ to‎ please‎ others‎ to‎ feel‎ appreciated.⁣
⁣A‎ grand‎ water‎ trine‎ between‎ Aries‎ ruler‎ Mars‎ +‎ Hekate‎ in‎ Cancer,‎ Saturn‎ in‎ Pisces‎ &‎ the‎ South‎ Node‎ in‎ Scorpio‎ reflects‎ that‎ we‎ are‎ still‎ in‎ a‎ huge‎ process‎ of‎ grieving,‎ releasing.‎ Maybe‎ you‎ feel‎ disappointed‎ or‎ disillusioned‎ by‎ relationships,‎ life…‎⁣
⁣I‎ feel‎ that‎ the‎ current‎ astrology‎ reflects‎ how‎ important‎ it‎ is‎ to‎ ‎
1st:‎ allow‎ yourself‎ to‎ grief‎
2nd:‎ listen‎ to‎ your‎ body‎ &‎ boundaries‎
3rd:‎ align‎ with‎ your‎ values‎
4th:‎ connect‎ with‎ loved-ones‎ without‎ unbalanced‎ compromising.⁣
⁣These‎ things‎ are‎ crucial‎ to‎ continue‎ our‎ path‎ of‎ awakening,‎ up-leveling,‎ stepping‎ into‎ new‎ directions.‎ And‎ 2023‎ (+2024)‎ is‎ a‎ time‎ of‎ transformation‎ &‎ re-birth‎ (Pluto‎ squaring‎ the‎ Lunar‎ Nodes)!‎⁣
⁣The‎ Full‎ Moon‎ is‎ an‎ invitation‎ to‎ listen‎ to‎ your‎ body‎ &‎ heart‎ and‎ to‎ objectively‎ see‎ where‎ you‎ still‎ give‎ your‎ power‎ away‎ to‎ feel‎ loved.‎ The‎ Libra‎ Full‎ Moon‎ invites‎ us‎ to‎ regain‎ balance‎ so‎ that‎ we‎ neither‎ burn-out‎ nor‎ lose‎ our‎ own‎ authentic‎ way
📸 jensfineart


Full Moon in Libra
Full Moon in Libra
Full Moon in Libra – The emphasis is on our relationships, the need to connect, the need for equality, fairness, harmony. Sometimes we compromise too much in an effort to maintain relations with others. At other times, we try to do everything alone, rejecting help so that we don’t appear weak. If the scales have tipped too far in either direction, now is the time to redress the balance. With the Moon opposite the Sun, Chiron and Jupiter and square Pallas, there is a strong push to recognise familiar behaviour patterns. Believe in yourself. Honour your principles. Follow the way of the peaceful warrior.
Asteroids Pest and Olympia also tell us that when we’re too focused on what everyone else is doing, it infects our energy levels, frazzles motivation, greedily consumes everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Stop comparing your journey to that of others. Make competition fun and healthy. Get an accountability partner. Focus on teamwork. Fight for justice. Find the win-win. Play the non-zero sum game.
Degrees and Time
Moon 16°Li07′, Sun 16°Ar07′ – 05:34 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – The Seesaw by Francisco Goya
The Seesaw
The Seesaw

Kin 63 ~ Blue Spectral Night

The number 11 is called ‘Spectral’ and its keywords are ‘Dissolve, Liberate and Release’. The 11th day is all about letting go. Of course, what you let go of depends on the day as well. If you are born on a number 11 day, you will enjoy this energy. We always enjoy our own number when it comes around, as we seem to sync with its frequency. Number 11 people are freedom fighters and because today does not follow the wavespell agenda, we are all free to do what we want. Everyone can enjoy this but number 11 folk particularly, seem to get a kick out of this. It’s the kind of day when revolutions are more likely to occur.
Today is Blue Night, which represents ‘Dreams, Intuition and Abundance.’ When you combine the number and day the result is ‘liberate your dreams!’ Or another way of looking at it is that your dreams can liberate you. If you let go of your dreams that doesn’t mean you are giving up on them – on the contrary, holding on to dreams too tightly can create imbalances in your life. Do you have just one dream that you hold on to so dearly that no other dream gets a chance? Have you been on a path so rigid and so focused that you have lost the original purpose? Release it all, let go of all aspirations and feel liberated. Even if it is just for one day, free yourself and accept what you already have. ‘Abundance’ is a key word for today suggesting that we should appreciate the dreams that have already come true!
Today’s Guide is Blue Night, so it’s a double helping of ‘Dreams and Abundance’.
The Challenge of the day is Red Skywalker and so if you are Red Skywalker, your sense of adventure may not help you out today. Sometimes, you need a break from all the ‘doing’ and just dream instead. Of course, this is the Skywalker wavespell and so today we are liberated from the agenda of the current wavespell which shall be a welcome relief to Blue Nights, who have had a challenging time lately.
The Occult power is the White Mirror which is all about ‘Reflecting Truth’. Be honest with yourself about your dreams and the likelihood of them coming true. If you have been wasting energy barking up the wrong tree, today is a good day for a reality check. Whenever Mirror is in the magical position expect the truth to provide unexpected magical outcomes.
The Ally is the Yellow Warrior and so if you need help ‘releasing and letting go’ today, a Yellow Warrior could really help you out as they love missions and being called to aid. If you are one, expect your services to be in demand.
Kin 63
Kin 63


11 AKBAL – KIN 63
6 APRIL 2023
I dissolve in order to DREAM
Releasing intuition
I seal the input of ABUNDANCE
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
6/4/2023 = 6/4/7= 6/11 =6/2 = 8
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance/Fertility/Family
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
7- Majiki/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Duality/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 63 = 9 Destiny/Compassion/Humanity/Closure – 3.6.9. TESLA code💫💫💫
Today we are AWAKENING to new levels of DIVINE HEAVENLY ABUNDANCE 💸 on this LIBRA FULL MOON, in our cooperative MISSIONS to build our new foundation for PROSPERITY. 💲💰
A GREAT day to RELEASE all that has bound you, in order to be FREE to step into your Divine Destiny.❤🌈
Day 11 in the RED SKYWALKER ☁🚶 WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and EXPANSION. Today is the day to RELEASE and LIBERATE yourself from all the pent up energies that have been coming to the surface to be FREED. This FREES up SPACE inside us for the EXPANSIVE exploration into the DREAMTIME DIMENSIONS, in order to LIBERATE our DREAMS.💥🌈🌻🌴
SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity. Today the elves are handing you a majikal key🔑 to unlock the golden gates and walk through, slamming the door behind you. kin 63=9 code of Endings and Closure enables you to finally SHUT the door on the old world of lack, struggle and poverty.
TODAY you have the ability to DISSOLVE, RELEASE and clear any old debris in the way of your happiness and prosperity. Say GOODBYE👋 to anything that previously stood in the way of weaving your MAJIK through your Divine Mission. 🙏❤🌈
Today’s question is “What FEARS and blocks do I need to DISSOLVE💥 and RELEASE,🌀 in order to LIBERATE my inherent ABUNDANCE!💒
It is TIME to finally release and LET GO 💥 of all blocks to ABUNDANCE! 🍇🌻🐬
The PLANETARY COSMIC BANK🍥🏦 ✨ OF ABUNDANCE is now officially OPEN FOR business. 💸💲💰🤑
Let us ALL enjoy our DREAMING TIME and MANIFEST our collective DREAM, of infinite ABUNDANCE for all beings!
AND SO IT IS x A godzillion!
Meet you in the DREAMTIME💤, in the land over the rainbow🌈 – beautiful DREAMERS.. 🌈💰🌻🌞
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE SPECTRAL NIGHT🌃💰 AKBAL rules the realms of DREAMS, Abundance and intuition.
✨✨Today we have DOUBLE BLUE NIGHT🌃🌃 MAJIK GENIE 💫energies✨✨✨✨✨ on a LIBRA FULL MANIFESTING MOON.. LIBRA the sign of HARMONY and BALANCE is ruled by the planet VENUS, which governs BEAUTY, LOVE and ABUNDANCE.. All precious ingredients for MAJIK MOON MANIFESTING today!!!
This super charged energy on the back of the 4/4 portal makes for a very powerful opportunity to LIBERATE🌀🌫 our ABUNDANCE💰💰💰 both individually and collectively. This is achieved in the form of moving the energy outwardly in order to EXPRESS it and release the stagnation. 💥
AKBAL is a portal into the subconscious realms and those of the unconscious. BEN the explorer🚶 is our expert guide delving into the abyss of AKBAL, the mystery within us all. Here we can uncover all our FEARS, insecurities and self worth, self confidence and self love issues.
Our beautiful PLANET Gaia🌏 provides for all our needs, as a loving Mother does for her children. All the natural resources are here for our benefit. Just as the birds and wild animals are provided for, so too are we (once we get out of our way) and become RECEPTIVE to this constant flow of abundance. Especially fortuitous with today’s 6/8 code – blessing us with an INFINITE FLOW of ABUNDANCE from HEAVEN!
✨TODAY IS THE DAY to finally DISSOLVE 💥 any and ALL resistance to allowing this unlimited ABUNDANCE to support and nourish you, FREEING you to follow your DIVINE MISSION. HALLELUJAH ✨🍥✨
AKBAL – Holds the KEY🔑 to the DREAMTIME. That majikal realm where we first alchemize our DREAMS.
The BLUE NIGHT is the star-glyph for the country of AUSTRALIA🌏 on the PLANET HOLON map (each country has a tribe archetype). Our Australian indigenous people hold THE DREAMING CODE for our NEW WORLD. That is why the battle for sovereignty in AUSTRALIA has been so fierce and pivotal for our GLOBAL ASCENSION.
Our GATEKEEPERS to the NEW WAY DREAMING are incredible spiritual souls, who have continuously existed on our planet for over 65,000 years (predating the Egyptian era, Atlantis and even Lemuria!) It seems that they have been here since the dawn of time! Our original people have held this VISION 👀 of a wondrous NEW UTOPIAN PLANET since time immemorial. An honourable achievement!
They are master storytellers who relate their incredible CREATION stories through ART – painting,🎨 singing🎶 and dancing.💃 They communicate with the starbeings, and they have been the GUARDIANS of our land, and custodians of our PLANET. They hold the golden keys to unlock and release the DREAMING codes, the collective vision of our brand new world of unlimited abundance for all beings. We are indebted to them for their Divine Service to humanity and Gaia’s evolution. Divine gratitude to our ancient holy, wise DREAMKEEPERS. 🙏🙏🙏
Today is the day to RELEASE this NEW WAY DREAMING to liberate our Collective DREAM of a beautiful new ABUNDANT planet. 🍇🌻🌏🌈
✨✨✨It is TIME to BREAK the stranglehold and run FREE🐎🐎🐎 with the wind🍃 in our hair, and STARS ✨in our eyes. 👀
SUPPORT: YELLOW SPECTRAL WARRIOR 🌀🌀 🏹🌈 CIB provides the necessary means to QUESTION, using our intelligence to uncover what dams and walls have been blocking our Planetary flow. CIB will give us the courage to explore the abyss, and the fearlessness to finally LIBERATE ourselves and our planet from the chains, allowing the GLOBAL prosperity to FLOW. ✨💰💸✨
The fearless Rainbow Warriors 🏹🌈 heeded the clarion call and incarnated on the Earth plane to specifically bring forth this new ✨Golden Age of Abundance and Peace✨ as their collective Divine Missions..
Today the Warriors collectively unite their energies to witness this DREAM come true, manifesting into our New Reality. Day by day the DREAM is held and nurtured until it is fully realized in wondrous DIVINE GLORY! HALLELUJAH 🎆 HALLELUJAH 🎆 HALLELUJAH 🎆
Our RAINBOW🌈 DREAM is made fully MANIFEST!🎆🎆🎆
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE ELECTRIC MIRROR🛡 ETZNAB reveals the endlessness of the ABUNDANCE available for all beings. You finally can see clearly as ALL TRUTH is revealed.
The Artificial Patriarchal Matrix fed us a false narrative of Scare-city and limitation.. limited resources, money, food, shelter, and water to satisfy our world population.. We have been told the world is OVERPOPULATED and cannot support this number of people. EUGENICS and GENOCIDE is needed to cull the numbers to ensure the SURVIVAL of the fittest, or rather the “privileged few- the ELITE!”😱😱😱
All this narrative is a well orchestrated and fabricated LIE.💥
When energy and resources are SHARED👫👭👬 and are allowed to freely flow, whilst RESPECTING and honouring our Earth Mother – the natural Harmonic order of the Universe majikally provides infinite solutions. Pachamama knows how to PROVIDE for all her children. We live in an ABUNDANT world! 🌏🌻
All those ILLUSIONS and limitations to our natural inheritance, can be overcome by revealing the NEW doors that are opening now. The ELECTRIC MIRROR is revealing that the path to true Abundance,🌻🌻🌻 is to energize the Collective Dream of Abundance💰🌻🌈 for ALL, through Divine Service.
Bonding with our KIN in order to serve the needs of the many. As we each share our resources, skills and talents, we discover that there is an endless flow of energy available, to provide for everyone on our Planet. That is by DIVINE DESIGN! ✨✨✨
🚫🚫🚫 WARNING! The ELECTRIC tone is VOLATILE and highly combustible..💣🔥 couple this emotional tone with the RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 and we have a formula for mass rebellion, protest, arguments and REVOLUTION.💥💥💥
This energy will fuel those passionate RAINBOW WARRIORS into fearlessly asserting their QUEST to manifest this NEW WAY DREAMING today… Much conflict, opposition and QUEST-I-ON-ing of the fat controllers will arise!
The ELECTRIC MIRROR also MAGNIFIES twin flame, partnerships and romantic relationships. As we have a ROMANTIC LIBRA FULL MOON this bodes well for romantic coupling and liaisons. However the ELECTRIC TONE may reveal disharmonious relationships.. so OPEN your EYES to SEE the TRUTH that is revealed.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SPECTRAL SKYWALKER 🌀🌀☁🚶BEN We have DOUBLE SKYWALKER🚶🚶🚶 energy today, with the Wavespell energy EXPANDING 💥💥 the powers of BEN our GIFT and lesson today. BEN is BLASTING open our concept of REALITY and guiding us to think and act – OUTSIDE THE BOX. 💥📦
BEN – our valiant Angelic Messenger/Shaman and guide, walks before us into the abyss in order to face our FEARS. He challenges us to think differently, exploring new SPACES, places and perspectives, to create new opportunities.
SPECTRAL BEN can CREATE SPACE for the NEW opportunities to prosperity, to FLOW IN.
BEN is challenging us today to BELIEVE IN BETTER and BELIEVE in BLISS 😍– in order to LIBERATE our greatest DREAMS. 🌀🌀💞
BEN’S purpose is to anchor and unite the pillars of HEAVEN and EARTH 💒which is the ultimate DREAM for HU-MAN-ity. This is a beautiful combo. with the LIBRA FULL MOON enabling us to LIBERATE HEAVENLY BLISS!!
BEN shows us TODAY that our path is now totally EXPANSIVE and unlimited. 💞💞💞
Allow the gift of BEN to FREE your soul from all containers, allowing your GALACTIC WINGS to take flight and manifest BLISS ON EARTH! 🐬🌴.❤🌻❤🌏
Today’s question is “What FEARS and blocks do I need to DISSOLVE💥 and RELEASE,🌀 in order to LIBERATE my inherent ABUNDANCE!💒
It is TIME to finally release and LET GO 💥 of all blocks to ABUNDANCE! 🍇🌻🐬
The PLANETARY COSMIC BANK🍥🏦 ✨ OF ABUNDANCE is now officially OPEN FOR business. 💸💲💰🤑
Let us ALL enjoy our DREAMING TIME and MANIFEST our collective DREAM, of infinite ABUNDANCE for all beings!
AND SO IT IS x A godzillion!
Meet you in the DREAMTIME💤, in the land over the rainbow🌈 – beautiful DREAMERS.. 🌈💰🌻🌞
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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Invocation of the Rainbow Flame

I invoke the Rainbow Flame of The divine. I ask for the assistance of Maha Chohan who helps bring the Rainbow Flame down from the higher dimensions.
I spread the light of the original flames of divinity , combined in the rainbow flame over the planes of existence including the one where I am currently residing .
The rainbow flame is a flame of purification and reformation. It has a slightly harsher element than the violet flame in its transformation techniques. It is used to “wipe the slate clean.” I use it after doing astral or macro level work in the higher Planes or after removing negative energies from a space. I light the space with rainbow flame and form a wall of rainbow light over any portals or black holes that were there.
The Rainbow Flame is equivalent to bringing the Word of God/ the Divine word of purification.
I was doing light work with a collective once and I recommended using the rainbow flame after working with an individual who had negative entity attached and someone said “that is kind of harsh for the person involved with the attachment ” and my response was “I know”.
Sometimes one needs to move from the violet flame to the rainbow flame to make larger strides.
With a pure heart and mind with divinity; one can access these flames. Maha Chohan is available for any assistance with this particular flame.
As always, many blessings
Emily Kate, Ashnia- Ala
Invocation of the Rainbow Flame
Invocation of the Rainbow Flame

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