You are going to move forward at a more rapid pace. The result of an upcoming upgrade will ensure this rapid pace. You will be encouraged and required to constantly practice the gift of the upgrade, to develop it to the point of essential trust.
As many of You Know, and more starting to experience the side effects of this, Your brain is being rewired. Many of You are Now rewired to such a point, whereas, we may set up a more direct messaging system, that will quickly evolve, dependent upon several factors that the individual themselves are responsible for adjusting.
The messaging system will be tied to Your intuition, Your Higher Self, and of course, the Higher Guiding Realm. This system will greatly assist, and over ride, the resonation/discernment features of the Heart Center. To make it easier for You to evolve quicker and greatly diminish the margin of error between the brains interpretation and what the Heart is actually saying, this gift/feature, will allow You to ask guidance questions and receive a “yes” or “no” response. A pressure/ping in the front right temple area, will be a “yes”, a pressure/ping in the left temple area, will be a “no”. Nothing malevolent can interfere with this messaging system/communications channel set up for You.energetic upgrade
The communication system is tied directly into everything You say, do and think. We will start out Your messaging system with simple yes and nos, and will develop into a dialogue later. Very few of You Now upon Gaia, have this feature, it is very rare at this moment, but that is about to change, as more are given this Divine gift. The few of You that have this gift, mostly the Masters, are to assist the others with developing this gift efficiently, it is a priority.
To start developing and seeing if You have this gift, You may wish to go into a calm or meditative state, connect with Your Higher Self and/or Source, and ask a simple concise sincere question verbally. Upon asking the question, remain still and pay close attention to Your temple areas for a response. Pay close attention to any sensation felt in the temple areas and on which side it was felt, remembering that the right side is a yes and the left side is a no. If You feel sensation on both sides, or if it flickers from side to side, then it may mean Your question was not concise enough, or that the vagueness of Your question, caused multiple answers of a yes and a no. So be very clear on Your questions. If You try the gift and find that You receive nothing, keep trying, this is how You strengthen it and develop it. Also, there may be times after developing the gift, that You ask a question, and receive no answer. This will happen if YOU ask a question that You are not supposed to Know the answer to, yet.
Once it is working for You favorably, You then must fully trust it and follow it, for it is Your upgraded guidance system. Do not second guess it or question it, for it is tied to Your short term future and guides You favorably. It is also fully connected to You at the Soul level and the intuitive level. You may wish to test the validity of it by doing the opposite of what it says, and observe the outcomes, then You will Know to trust it fully. Trust and belief in Your gift, develops and strengthens it quicker, making it fully reliable.
It appears that a satellite was recently taken out of commission. If You recall, an UPDATE a few months back mentioned AA Michael taking out a satellite, this is the satellite that was to be taken out so that Your new gift could be administered and operable without any outside interference from the desperate resistance. Your Ascension is assured and it is going full steam ahead, 😉.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers
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