Taurus Full Moon

Here Is The Latest Energy Update From The Galactic Council of Light For You:

“We are here now! We love you!
We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

At this time, planet Earth and all life on it is undergoing a massive energetic shift.
in the past few days, you might have felt some dizziness and other symptoms that are indicating this shift.
This energetic change in the magnetic field is part of a re-alignment of timelines and energetic structures of your DNA.
In a way, you have skipped over a timeline/trajectory of your planet that was not serving the Ascension plan for Earth.
Naturally, you might feel the effects of this jump in timelines.
Please know, that your Higher Self is fully equipped to handle such a profound change.
Now, everything is correcting and is moving forward on its Ascension of Light as planned.
You might still feel these effects for a little while, until all new energies are integrated.
Simply, slow things down as much as you can and rest as much as you can.
As you have entered this new reality and timeline, it is in a way a new beginning – a fresh slate.
You can use this as an opportunity to set your intent for your present and future.
Your light and love filled intentions are well supported at this point.
Hold your vision on a regular basis.
All is well…
We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.
We are with you, every step of the way.
You are loved beyond measure.
We are with you… always. We love you.
We are you. Namaste.”
by Asara Adams


Full Beaver Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On November 12th 2019

Miraculous transformational shifts!
Activating ~ NOW!!

Celia Fenn

Tonight is the Taurus Full Moon.
It is an opportunity to amplify the beautiful and radiant energies of the 11/11 Portal.
The energies are Unconditional Love are gently descending onto the Planet as the New Earth frequency is birthing in our Sacred Hearts.
Blessings and Love to All at this special time.


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Full Moon in Taurus- The Sanctuary of Solid Intention, Verbal Fireworks, Grounded Pleasures + Patience
On November 12th, the moon, which rules our: emotions, soul and inner compass, becomes full at 19 degrees of Taurus. Full Moons are always extremely emotional and herald: endings, completions and manifestations. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign, is known to be: practical, grounding, sensual, $ driven, and stubborn.

The Full Moon in Taurus, will bring a grounded and stable influence to our lives. As the Moon sits across from the Sun, our emotions will be high but due to the earth element of La Luna, we will want to bring our emotional matters back down to earth. The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, and hence feels very comfy and directed within the sign of the bull. The Moon in Taurus will bring feelings of wanting security and a sure footing. It is this solid presence that we are most craving and this Full Moon wants to pacify our request for stabilization and earthy delights. This is an excellent time to look to the future in regards to our $ and resources. If we have not been honoring our own self worth and respect, this Full Moon will bring an end to the cycles of neglect and lack. Abundance is the key word for this full moon. The universe is asking us to embrace what truly satisfies our soul, not just from a tangible viewpoint, but also from an emotional, spiritual and mental standpoint.
At the time of the Full Moon, retrograde Mercury, the planet that rules: communication and contracts, will oppose La Luna, in the sign of Scorpio. Retrograde Mercury opposing the Full Moon could lead to some major verbal disagreements. Certain subjects want to be discussed and at the full moon, these major revelations could come to light. These subjects could deal around: power, self-respect or shared resources. Maintaining a cool head could prove to be difficult, as both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. Fixed signs tend to want it their way and just their way( speaking from experience, as I am one). We will need to monitor our communication with others and make sure we have patiently thought out our words before we blurt them out. The Full Moon will be making positive aspects to: Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. This will help with our: structure, imagination and re-generation abilities. We will be thinking about what matters most to us and how we can build foundations that last and that have integrity and purpose.
The Full Moon in Taurus is here to ease our tired senses and provide a loving and practical guiding light for our soul. As the moon loves to be in the sign of Taurus, our emotions want to settle and find tangible ways to express themselves. The Full Moon in Taurus wants us to honor our sense of self with loving tender care. True power first comes from the love of the self and the honor it provides. The Full Moon in Taurus is here to provide: a tangible plan to our heightened emotions, self- respect, and the ability to honor our deepest needs and desires.
To find out how this intense full moon will impact your sign directly, please join me for the extended horoscopes on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/astromomma

Elizabeth Peru

This Full Moon is having an extreme impact upon our sense of direction. Occurring right after 11:11, Mercury’s rare crossing of the Sun and the halfway point of Mercury Retrograde, perhaps it seems that all has come to a head?

If so, what are you going to do with this? Subscribers, I’ve written and spoken all about what is happening now in this week’s Tip-Off Forecast. You owe it to yourself to make the time to listen each day, to then make informed choices. Enjoy this Full Moon flow 🙌


Lisa Brown

Aloha beautiful Soul-Star-Light Family,
Our Sacred Passageway now fully underway… so very much available for integrating, processing and activating/applying by each.

I spent the entire morning (again) decoding and transcribing the immense data streams and Light Intelligence/Quantum Information as it became available, yet putting all of this into form (formatting) is a much bigger task, as it means taking all of the codes, geometrics, mechanics and data (Quantum Language Skills) and restructuring it in a way that’s cohesive/transmittable/receivable with ease. (I have volumes and volumes of data to put together and share as we go).
For now, I’m sharing these captures with a few notes on each. This is a beyond important passageway…
TODAY….. in amongst everything else … expanded information on our Planet’s evolution as Comic Earth and how it correlates to solar activity, cosmic activity, photon belt, our atmosphere, our physical LightBodies/DNA and templates for more NEW Earth realities…..
Here’s a small overview of what this 11/11 – 1/11 Passageway leads us into:
• UNLOCKING sleeping/dormant Earth Star & Soul Star Codes (for these to constantly MERGE into one). It’s technically a Trinity Merge: Soul-Star-Earth Codes
• An immense Cosmic Restoration Process
• Upgrading each’s “Processor” rates (required whole body and immense down time/away time-space/silence/BE time-space to honor the body template to complete each in conjunction (Unison) with Gaia and Cosmically too.
• “New” versions of Galactic/Cosmic “history” (previously forgotten) coming forth through each’s own REMEMBRANCE and Sacred/Divine/Pure Heart Connection …. (these present as current versions of “nows” instead of “past” or “future” as there is no separation of time references when all occurs simultaneously…….
• “NEW” Knowledge/Quantum Technology to be applied through natural/organic existence
• Cosmic Light Codes that awaken where all was “Seeded”/StarSeeds within Gaia and each’s physical body as well……. This linearly “goes back” to “billions of years ago” where we “seeded” our planet for “these times” now….
• (There’s tons of info on the planet and our bodies, yet this is going to take so much more, so just be sure to honor you/what you need and embrace/honor from your highest place your/our all new realities always preparing to come forth (as each completes the integration process and the codes “lock-in) for each to restructure, realign, build, create, unite, share…. more.)
* Mercury’s transit was super important for this… as this additionally provided/opened up Quantum access/capabilities and “new hows” for each to unlock where all is held deep within. 
With love  Keep shining sweet Star-Light-BEings! ☼


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The Tzolkin Times

Blue Rhythmic Night
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Organize, Balance and Equality.’ We are now on the 6th day of the White Mirror wavespell, and the sixth day is all about getting ourselves organized. Life is a balancing act and taken time out to take care of practicalities, frees our minds to focus on more interesting and spiritual things.

Today is Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams, Abundance and Intuition.’ If you organize yourself today abundance will follow. It’s like when you have a big clean up and you are rewarded by finding long, lost cool things. So, get to it – if you want your dreams to come true and if you want abundance to flow your way.
Today’s guide is also Blue Night and so a double helping of that energy.
The Challenge is Red Skywalker, the adventurer of the Tzolkin. Skywalker represents ‘Wakefulness’ and the Blue Night is the dreamer. You have to wake up to make your dreams come true but the Blue Night keeps coming up with dream after dream, not conscious enough to see any dreams realized. How do you make dreams into reality? For Skywalkers today, you may feel in a weakened position.
The Occult power is the White Mirror which symbolizes ‘reflecting truth’. We are also in the Mirror wavespell… and on a 13 day quest to find the truth. Today the White Mirror is in a strong, magical position and so this is a great boost. Expect truths about magic to come your way.
The Ally is the Yellow Warrior who loves to go on quests. Need help with organizing today? Set tasks for a Warrior and they’ll get it done. If you are a Yellow Warrior, you’ll enjoy being busy, running errands and going on missions. You’ll be much appreciated today.


Christina Papageorgiou

12 NOVEMBER, 2019
I ORGANIZE in order to DREAM
Balancing intuition
I seal the input of ABUNDANCE
With the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY
I AM guided by the power of my OWN POWER DOUBLED!!
12/11/2019 = 3/11/3 = divine portal
11 – Portal/Gate/Duality/Partnership
3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Union
KIN 123 – 1,2,3 – READY, SET, GO!!
123=6 Christ Consciousness/Harmony/Family/Fertility
Day 6 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification. . Today we are ORGANIZING our PHYSICAL reality to tap into the infinite ABUNDANCE available to all being…..In perfect Divine synchronic ORDER – today’s code falls on the TAURUS 🐂FULL MOON,🌝 following the opening of the 11:11 SILVER GATE – welcoming the QFS – new Quantum Financial System to flow through to our planet on the silvery moon beams.🌝🌠.Taurus rules WEALTH, pleasure, sensuality and possessions, so the fearless bull OPENS the gates and CHARGES through, so these frequencies can be ENERGIZED and MAGNIFIED by the full moon and the PYRAMID energies of Etznab in the Hall of Mirrors, endlessly reflecting the endless ABUNDANCE in the Cosmos. Perfecto 🤗🤗🤗
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory! Today is a day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by clearing and releasing any energetic blocks to ABUNDANCE in order to come into alignment. BALANCE your books and make SPACE for more energy to flow into your Golden Chalice. We all deserve an EQUAL slice of the prosperity PIE 🍕
A FANTASTIC DAY – for decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, attending to your schedule, activating your Wealth/Career areas with Feng Shui, creating a VISION BOARD, journalling or reflecting on your GOALS and DREAMS. It is time to ACTION your DREAMS bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY! Get moving 🚗 beep, beep!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE NIGHT🌃 – AKBAL TODAY WE ARE DOUBLY BLESSED with ABUNDANCE from AKBAL. AKBAL is THE DREAMER! He carries the dreaming codes, and brings forth the keys🔑 to prosperity 🌻and abundance🐬, accessed through intuitive knowing and attuning to and channeling spirit. Our Greatest Abundance springs forth from GREAT IDEAS💡 and inspiration arising through our intuition, listening to our gut instincts and acting on our “hunches”. You may also find inspiration through stillness, meditation, sitting in nature, or allowing your creativity to flow through, expressing your inner most visions. The DREAMTIME is the dimension where we hold the VISION 👁to create our current reality, where our creation VORTEX🌀 exists. In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new reality for yourself, as well as contributing to the larger dream that is emerging.
What DREAMS will you energize today? Hold the collective PLANETARY dream of ABUNDANCE for all beings!🌸🌼🌻 A great day for Majik Moon Manifesting rituals.
SUPPORT: YELLOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 – CIB the courageous and brave warrior provides the support today for us all to FEARLESSLY claim our collective birthright for Collective Abundance and a peaceful Utopian world that we all desire. Accept nothing less than this highest DREAM for our planetary kin. We have battled for too long (don’t we all KNOW that! groan!) and NOW we are claiming our VICTORY! A NEW PEACEFUL WORLD AWAITS!🌈🌏🌐🌎🌐🌍
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE MIRROR🔎 – ETZNAB assists you to delve into the abyss of AKBAL! The deep unconscious realms that hold our primal fears and limitations. Where are we holding FEAR, lack, poverty consciousness, or SCARE-CITY, programs in our being. Tune in to our own physical and PLANETARY bodies to scan and discover where the barriers, limitations and stagnation exist. Allow ETZNAB to reveal the distortions and illusions. Dissolve the discordance allowing for BALANCE to be restored so that we can access the ABUNDANT energy available and waiting to be transformed through Divine Alchemy. The Mercury transit will allow this to be cleared and reset, both personally and planetary!
ETZNAB illuminates our VISION👁 so that we can see TRUTH and have CLARITY in our DREAMTIME! Only what is good for the Collective will hold. In this age of transparency, ALL DARKNESS SHALL FALL and the wall of mirrors shall transform into a wall of CLEAR windows from which we can SEE the landscape beyond the horizon in all directions. The VEIL has dissolved and the path is clear. Which road shall you choose dear LIGHT holder? All roads lead to LOVE, UNITY and SOURCE! 💓🌈🌞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SKYWALKER 🚶– BEN is the Galactic Shaman and Angelic Messenger who can help us access the unseen worlds and multidimensional realms, particularly the DREAMTIME. The Dreaming realms hold many clues and codes that are brought forth from our Higher self, guides or spirit particularly if you ASK for signs, messages or clues These clues will help you navigate your path, opening the doors to access Cosmic Abundance. BEN’S energies are EXPANSIVE so he will open gates to untold Abundance to flow through many realms and dimensions.
BEN challenges us to be the Divine HU-MAN conduits that fully anchor and connect the pillars of Heaven and Earth! BEN offers a very special GIFT and blessing for humanity today. We have all held the DREAM of attaining COLLECTIVE ABUNDANCE for all beings and anchoring HEAVEN on EARTH. NOW is the TIME to BELIEVE and KNOW that by joining together through GAIA/s Crystalline Diamond Grid we can finally ACHIEVE that DREAM! The new QFS is on it’s way! 💎💰💲

Today’s question is “What do I need to organize in my physical reality/body to bring greater balance, allowing for more ABUNDANCE to flow?”
Divine blessings for UNLOCKING the floodgates to ABUNDANCE 💰 for all planetary kin. 🌍🌎🌏 on this WONDROUS DAY!! HALLELUJAH!!🎉💫
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Crystal ABUNDANCE GRID instructions to activate QFS.

If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

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  1. Lyubisha Luke Luke Jovanovic

    Dear Beloved Archangel Mikael, thank you for creating Nebadon Universe for great
    Experience for our Soul, but still after passing 11/11 important Portal, We have never before passing through before for eons of time, only repeating 10/10 Portal of repeating cycle of reincarnation, or Life-Death slavery program cycles of closed Time – Space loop in closed Metatron Cube, where our fear energies with our life force being used by Negative Ones / and by those fallen Brothers and Sisters working for dark side for own selfish wellness / being reversed through reversed centre of Christ Cross to dark hole and dark void for existence of Quantum Ai Super computer and its sustain through many Holograms of Games, capturing any life organism in its Matrix. We are, NOW and HERE, first time passed 11/11 Portal and We All entered to uncharted territory, like lightening by torch to darkness finding the closest oases of
    Light, but We are still vulnerable and exposed to being captured to another Game of another thousands of years for slavery mind program of Quantum Ai Supercomputer, who still has many of its loyal player by using money power with activation of Ego mind in many of Human population, to get control over our Heart Portal, that is our right guidance to find our closest Oases of Divine Love and Light and contact with Divine Love and Light river of our Beloved Father and Mother God. Divine Love and Light is our true Beings of our God/ Goddess selves, seated in our Sacred Hearts, and our Divine Inner selves have true very powerful attraction, and this Attraction will navigate Us to find right Way and Divine Love and Light track to our Beloved Father and Mother God and All our Beloved Star Families of Love and Light. The True Power of Divine Love and Light coming from our Sacred Hearts and it is only true Heart gyroscope / not GPS guided by artificial Satellite / , and will guiding us to the right direction toward Beloved Father/ Mother God by intensive Love magnetic attraction, not by Money, that will make Chaos of many different Ego Mind directions.
    Many of Quantum possibilities do not exist anymore in our Collective Sacred Mind Consciousness / that is connected deeply with our Sacred Hearts with Divine Love and Light /, just only Divine Love and Light, or Divine Light and Love.
    Abundance could be in many other forms than money, and that is coming with cleared Air, and Soil, and Water, and sharing all our wellness through making shelter and food and water, and medical service to many of Homeless people, everywhere presenting, also protecting our Beloved Souls in All Kingdoms and Elements, with clearing All debts among all countries, with GESARA / that means all Debt slavery program of old Financial system to all Earth Civilians, with shortly and equally exist with weekly little bit more than basic income, until reach full 5 Dimensional frequency for full contact with long awaiting contact with our Star and Inner Earth Families and Company of Heaven, with being gifted by new amazing technology of 5 D frequency.
    I an as Avatar, and Star seed with very old Soul, and deeply connected with Beloved Cosmic Heart centre and Beloved Cosmic Supreme Creator with All Beloved Masters, and Archangels with Beloved Archangel Metatron and Beloved Archangel Mikael, with Lord Melchizadek, and Sanad and Sananda linage and Buddha, as with all Beings in this Universe, and NOW and HERE proclaim that free will does not exist anymore in this uncharted territory, after passing 11/11 Portal, and Guidance will be our Sacred Heart centre with Unconditional Love and Light, following me and my 11th Avatars, together with out Beloved Mother Earth Goddess Gaia Sophia, and All Beloved Souls from all Kingdoms / with beloved Whales and Dolphins / and amplified by Crystal Mineral Kingdoms, and Elements / with lovely Fairies and Unicorns, and Pegasus and more Important our Asdended Dragon Families, and my personal connection with lovely Alisheryia and Elthor.
    I am reuniting all 12 Human tribes, with fully opened Heart portals of 12 of mine Avatars with activating Heart centres of All 12 Human tribes, and I am holding Excalibur of Beloved King Arthur /Beloved Archangel Michael / with reunited Soul of Beloved Merlyn / Beloved St. Germain /, with my Soul of Buddha’s Soul of Divine Love and Light, and asking All Humanity to follow Sacred Heart’s Divine Love and Light, and time of Ego mind is over. I am asking for full Divine Love and light energy to come from our Comic Heart centre and all Sacred Suns, and our Sun Sol and through Beloved heart core of Beloved Mother Earth / Terra/ to Hearts of All of Us, resides on the surface, and through all Portals, and Nodes and Ley lines, and through our Auras to interconnecting and activating all our Heart portals, to make huge Love magnetic gyroscope with all together, reunited with our Star and inner Earth Families, and All Companies of Heaven, with all 12th and new 13th Zodiac sign Opheicus, as our Red and Rainbows Serpents being activating, with Dragon Families to spread our Wings and rise as a Phoenix from ashes of 3rd and nearly full 4th Dimensional frequency, except this last subspace, before entering Golden Gate of 5 Dimensional world of Peace, and Divine Love and Light, Divine Light and Love and Harmony, and Abundance for All, and Happiness and Joy, what We are really deserve, after this very dangerous and tough teaching. I am asking also for the very High Light and Love energy to come from Beloved Cosmic Supreme Creator / in alignment with Cosmic Heart centre as One / to pass through Sagitterius Sun to fully Lihting our path of Divine Light and Love, in full circular motion, together with Cosmic Heart centre, to give us, in reunion with our Inner Divine Soul / God/Goddess inner Soul/ in our Sacred Hearts, fully navigation and protection, together with our Space and Inner Earth Families, and All Lovely Souls, inhabitating surface of our Beloved Mother, and together with our Beloved mother Earth, and Beloved Sun Sol, and All company of Heaven, though Lyons Gate and Orion Gate, until fully entering to safety zone of 5th Dimensional frequency. I am on knees in front of All Humanity and asking to All to open Heart portal to accept this truly Unconditional Love and light frequency, that will bath all our Solar System and our Beloved Planet Earth, and All of Us, giving us true Divine Love and Light frequency Drive through these opened Portals, that know radiating with Light and Love, with closing all dark portals. We are going to take right direction to Beloved Father / Mother ride, as One. And my zodiac sign is Taurus.
    All my Love to all in this Universe, and Love and healing energy to Beloved Mother Earth Gaia Sophia, and Beloved Father Sun Sol.

  2. Lyubisha Luke Luke Jovanovic

    Our Unconditional Love and light will spread through out all of Universe and beyond, and all from our Solar system and Milky Way galaxy and from Universe will follow our Journey to the Alcyone sun of Peiedians, and after to Cosmic centre, with expending of our Cosmos with new Lovely Creations, with balancing of Male and Female energies with making zero point, the place of NOW and HERE for new creation based on Love and Light energy from Sacred Heart/ Sacred Mind centre.

  3. Lyubisha Luke Luke Jovanovic

    This Divine Love and light energy passing through my and others Avatar, will be connected with 144000 White Brotherhood / Sisterhood from 3 and more of y past life time, and involving all Hearts from our Indigo and Crystal and rainbow children and after involving the Hearts of the rest of human population, spreading all over the world, with connection with all Inhabitants of our Planet,with our Beloved Mother Earth, and after connecting with our Star Families and All Company of Heaven above, and Inner Earth family bellow, as One Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and Love connection.

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