Flat Earth has no Forests – human amnesia is lifting

Flat Earth has no Forests – human amnesia is lifting

devils tower
What if I told you mountains were not mountains, volcanoes were not volcanoes, deserts were not deserts, and canyons were not canyons?
You would laugh……..but bear with me.
I said in my Edge documentary, and even in this weeks FERO episode, mainstream Geology is an elite cover up, and it needs a massive re-look at from a completely blank canvas.
This week, Людин Рɣси created this amazing documentary – for me the most groundbreaking work of the year so far.  I implore you to put this on your must see list, and if you know this website, I don’t say this lightly.   I also wanted to do a blog instead of a video as I don’t want to dilute in any way this masterpiece.
This had all the right energy signatures – my whole being and knowledge thus far knew this to be very on target.   I felt emotional after watching this – and didn’t sleep much, for I was reveling in the wonder of it all…once again.
sacred tree

Image below of the “Black Mountains” in Wales.

Black Mountains

The deception is so deep.   It’s like Flat Earth put mainstream science in the coffin, and this information nails it shut.   This is not to say all mainstream geologists are “in on it” – hardly any are – they are just parrots of a niche elite grouping of books and theory.

So, the obvious questions that arise are:
1)  What and/or who cut the trees and why?  What and/or who dug the quarries and why?   Lets go through the early theories…. A) Giants There are many videos online about the giant skeletons of the Annunaki (for example, plus here).

 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33
 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in           unto the daughters of men, and they bare  children to them, the same became mighty men              which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

And of course much folklore is evident. Paul Bunyon   They tell us that we can’t become very tall because of pressure and oxygen, but what if we had massive trees? B) Technology did it. C)  The elite did it. Conjecture: They have dug out and destroyed the Old Organic World so you won’t know any of its history and they can then rule the ‘New World.’ Conjecture: Maybe if the trees grew so big that they reached the dome then they would have to cut them down to hide the truth from us. 2) When did this all occur? Well they say the oldest trees are near 6000 years old, but i don’t trust ‘they’ – so it could be much more recent.


This gives new meaning to the Jack and the beanstalk story, which we know goes back to the early 1700’s – probably from much earlier.   Jack and the beanstalk   Other fables and stories also take on new meanings.   Fern Gully   It also gives new meaning to the elite’s Hollywood Avatar offering.   Banyan-grove_tree   Avatar   avatar5

You should also watch the trailer for the coming Avatar 2 movie with new eyes.
Was the Millenium Falcon based upon a giant tree stump?
Millenium Falcon
The Ewok’s forest in Return of the Jedi, and also Galadriel’s forest in the (written) Lord of the Rings both take on new meaning too.




In a brief look into Vedic scripture, we find that trees are known as the dwelling place and covering/shield of the Earth.  Trees and forests augment manifold the beauty of the earth.  The Rishis in Yajur Veda have offered hundredfold respects and prostrations to the trees. Look at the amount of Trees associated to myth and religious festivals in India

“The leaves, flowers, seeds, root, branches, bark, stem and even the soil of the place where tulsi shrub grows are all holy.”
(Padma purana Uttarkhand 24/2)
“God said: ‘O King! It is I who dwell in peepul tree and look after the three worlds. Where there is no peepul tree, I don’t reside.”
(Mahabaharat Vaishnavdharma parva Chapter -19)

Krishna states that he is the Asvattha tree among trees. Jesus Christ says that he is the true vine. The Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bo tree; Bo is short for bo-gaha, tree of wisdom. Below is some relevant Vedic art:

Maybe one of the other Vedic Varshas (see my flat earth Vedic docu) came here and mined it, and went and built some nice mega cabins and boats on some other land?


Also other myth and theosophy have links to large trees:

Vedic Varshas
Tree of Knowledge
I’ve said many times grass is probably sensors for earth spirit consciousness, as are all plants, so maybe these giant trees were some sort of spiritual network.


The author of the documentary had this to say yesterday:

“We live on a quarry, we know almost nothing about our planet, 200 years+ history is just a big stage. All “forests” are not older, than 200 years. All our so called “rocks” and “mountains”, “volcanoes”, “deserts” are just a silicon vegetation, or wastes of mining activities. Our so called “masters” are killing our world, and we must open our eyes and rethink every aspect of science, before it is not late, we are not cattle, but sons of the intelligent Creator. I hope it is now more clear for you.”  Людин Рɣси

So, we live in an old quarry construction site swamp, a place that’s been super-mined. So it’s not just the globeheads now, looks like we have the rockheads to deal with too. Maybe the elite are drip feeding us info – FE, now this, and preparing us for something?   We can’t rule it out. Where are all the Truth Community heavyweights?   Tsarion?  Hancock?    Here. If I fall down the rabbit hole anymore – I’ll appear in Australia upside-down :-p Peace, Mx
ps Enjoy your crystals with a new feel, for they are from old massive trees.

note: some of this blog is conjured from the epic thread on fb at ‘shadow thunderclouds’ gaff, and the good people there.
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