Feeling the Affects of the Shift

Feeling the Affects of the Shift



from Marlene Swetlishoff~ October 16-22, 2016


Beloved Ones,

Many of you are feeling the effects of a shift. You know within yourselves that you have been transformed. You know within yourselves that something momentous has occurred and this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate! As you integrate this shift you will experience moments of great sleepiness and we ask you to follow the dictates of your body and rest, for that is important so that you can assimilate and integrate the energy infusions that have taken place within you. If you awaken and find that your spine is tender, it means that you have received a great download of energies that are activating strands of your DNA and when this occurs, it is also another sign that it is time for you to be good to yourself, to allow rest and recuperation and assimilation.

Go within and seek stillness, for this is very helpful. When this occurs, it is a very good idea to drink more water. Honor yourselves, always treat yourselves the way that you would expect the best friend of your life to treat you. You are very worth this effort and this respect. Many of you are finding the energy and the focus to complete projects that have been on hold and taking a long time to complete. You are finding that this is now taking place in record speed. When this happens you know, Dear Ones, that the timing is right for what you are doing to come forth into the world. Be at peace with all that is occurring around you. Know that no matter what happens in the world around you, you are always loved, supported and protected. You are always surrounded by angels of protection.


There is much turbulent energy that is moving across the face of this planet. These energies are of the collective consciousness, energies of chaos, fear, strife, worry – energies of those who have lost, those who have experienced sudden weather changes that have taken from them all that they have held dear. There are many people in war torn countries who pray constantly for peace to come to their lives and their country. There is an influx of cosmic energy that is stirred into this mix and so, the Lightworkers of the world are asked, as usual, to hold their Light, maintain your calm in the storm. Know that your position upon the planet is preordained so that you are in the area you need to be with your Light in order to bring stability to that area.

Each one of you is like a key – a point that we can look at and activate and connect together in order to create stability upon and within the planet. So you see, Dear Ones, you serve a greater purpose than you ever imagined. You are our goal posts – you are our beacons in the darkness that is making its way into the atmosphere. Know that it is being released, centuries upon centuries of dark and fearful energies are being cleansed at an astounding and accelerated rate and this is good for everyone, ultimately. So know that this is a temporary situation, that it is necessary in order that these energies come up to the surface so that they can be transmuted and transformed into great Light to be used for the highest good of all.


We are so grateful that this is occurring and it is because of you, Dear Ones. As we view your auric fields from the higher perspective, we see that your Lights have become crystalline, that the colors that surround you are clear and pure and bright. Shining radiantly, many of you have taken on many colors, rainbow colors and this really helps in the overall picture for the Earth for then we from the higher realms can come in and direct the Light and the color of the ray that is necessary to bring about accelerated and more peaceful change in certain areas of the world. We are so grateful for your presences upon the planet.

There is much healing taking place within each individual. Many things are coming together, many aspects of your being are now being unified and this is creating greater peace within you. When there is peace within you, healing can take place on all levels of your being. This is what is now occurring for each of you. Asking for our assistance with this helps to bring it into focus. There are many angels and healing teams that are surrounding each of you and helping you in all facets of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes, financially. Things are looking up – know this and never lose hope.

We ask you, the Lightworkers, to send the rose pink ray of Divine love into the Earth’s grids, into the central core of the Earth so that the energy of Divine love permeates the surface of the planet, so that it permeates the crystalline diamond core within the Earth and this will allow the torus that surrounds the Earth to distribute this Divine pink ray of love. All is well, love abounds. If that which comes from the Earth through your efforts joins with the cosmic love rays there will be a greater ease for those who feeling-the-effects-of-a-shiftare just awakening, there will be more peace within and without. Peace will reside in many pockets of the world and these will grow and expand until there is peace upon this planet! It is occurring, hold this vision!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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