Everything is Sound ~ Your Life is a Symphony

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Everything is Sound ~ Your Life is a Symphony

by Paul Butler of primedisclosure.com

In the beginning was the Word(the sound) , and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Most Spiritual Traditions and Religions talk about this Word or Sound. The Hindus use the sound Aum or Om as the Sound of the Universe. The Mongolian Shamans have the Sound of Light. Nikola Tesla taught is that everything is frequency and vibration, literally sound vibrations. Think of the time before Light and Dark, form and emptiness. In Buddhism it is said the from the void came sound and that sound became light, light photons became atoms, DNA and form.

The Bible basically says that Sound itself is God. Walter Russel would call God; The Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of All Things. Which is literally the base resonance or what we call the resonant tone. The Frequency of the Universe. We make sense of this universe of vibration by naming and labeling our perception of the different frequencies.sound-symphony

We make concepts to believe in and build our internal map of reality around these concepts. Our sense organs receive the vibrations and send those signals to our brains and our brain filters the information and creates a 3 dimension hologram in our brain with all the input information. But Truth is beyond all concepts.

Every move we make and every breath we take is a Symphony of Sound and Vibration. If you could hear the Symphony of your Life your story you would be mesmerized. Believe me, there are being right now that are really enjoying your symphony. They are laughing and crying with you. If the human mind could grasp the beauty of this symphony the suffering would be over. This was ALL just an experiment of Sound and Light after all.

Buckminster Fuller, the creator of the geodesic dome, used to teach to live life like it were an experiment. Each moment is a different score in your symphony. The song can end any moment and a new song may begin. But remember it is truly the silence between the notes that create the flow and the beauty of the music. Without the stillness and the silence it would all just be utter music-of-the-sphereschaos. From the silence Emerges Sound and than she returns to the Silence to repeat again.

This is why it is said the Music is a Universal Language. Remember in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The Galactic beings used sounds to try to communicate to the human race. Also look at what SETI, The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, is doing to find evidence of other living beings of higher intelligence. They are listening for evidence, they are looking for sound transmission coming from “out there”.

Look at the work of Royal Rife. He would use sound frequencies to heal all diseases and destroy all viruses and parasites. Also look up the field of Cymatics. Using sound to create geometry with many different materials such as liquids and particles like sand.

Many different types of meditations use sounds to help quite the mind and go deeper within. Mantras are different sounds and chants to meditate with. The ancients considered vowels to be sacred sounds. Vowel sounds, when chanted, can help the human voice hit multiple over-tones at the same time.

Sound and Light will be the medicine of the future. The ancients have used sound and light to heal for thousands of years. We will learn to tap into the healing properties of these sounds and help us to manifest full abundance for all beings. The Earth Shumann resonance has been raising and in turn the frequency of our DNA and cell are transforming with her.

Let your voices in hear in the Light and Joy of all creation. Sing out my friends…Paul

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