Eclipse Activations – We Continue Strong Integration

Eclipse Activations – We Continue Strong Integration

♦  A NEW Zero Point Range Anchors In ♦
Aloha Unity Light Keepers,
Every One of us are Light Keepers and anchors of our NEW Earth here. Intentional (Conscious) or unintentional (unconscious), kind of doesn’t matter, except for each’s individual experience here. It does matter, because the more of us that are fully conscious, the easier all is. Yet it doesn’t matter, because the fully conscious don’t sit around waiting for anyone or anything to occur before embracing the opportunities and possibilities available in every moment. WayShowers and forerunners didn’t sign up for “easy”, until “after” it’s been accomplished, then it’s easy (beyond easy!).
So, fast forward to this “now”.
I felt it important to send out a 2nd email today. One, because of time-sensitive offerings that you won’t know about if I don’t. lol The other, is because of the immensity of this anchoring/integration process that continues since the night before the Eclipse. That was THE MOST POWERFUL 24 HOURS of wow’ness! I still hope to share a bit of it with you all, once I’ve completed this week-long integration that continues still….. Light Keepers
While the Eclipse was a profound Energetic Intelligent DNA & Higher Consciousness Activation of new Soul-Star Codes that occurred, that 24 hours was just the activation, an EXPERIENCE/EVENT for many that was palpable, opening hearts/minds/eyes to so much more here. It was the “beginning” of a huge timeline shift that will synchronize as this integration process completes and our StarGate Systems sync-up to collapse/dissolve/dissipate old in order to UNIFY onto a much higher timeline, on an individual & collective level, higher than ever before.
I’ve shared an update in today’s writing for all, which goes with the August 21st Video posted regarding maintaining Zero Point Space, which is still very important for us all as we continue to anchor-down within our/Earth Gaia’s body templates and Crystalline Structures, as well as linking-up Galactically too.  I’ll post these links below.
On a different note, the Free Global Summit that I participated in this last month, The MultiDimensional Human Experience, with host, Ariella Indigo, wraps up with a 4 day replay of all speaker’s interviews for all. Because she’s in the UK, 10-12 hours ahead of me here on Kauai, this possibly started last night, which means that there may only be 2-3 days left, so I wanted to make sure to get this sent out for all who would like to listen to any of these replay videos (which were awesome!). It’s an honor to have been able to participate in something so important for us all, and to see how much the information covered will benefit so many ready for this information now. The information is also below, if you’d like to register for email access with the Summit while it’s still available for the next few days. ♥
As always, feel free to share this with any/all that you feel might inJOY receiving in a multitude of ways. It beautiful to see the Unity Consciousness emerging as each realizes how important sharing, supporting and being visible is!
Keep expanding and honoring you, recognizing old versions/aspects/realities dissolving to make room for more “new”. This new is not new, it’s already occurred. All has been waiting for you/us to reach this vibration with all of our selves/body so that we could vibrate into these infinite realities of awesomeness and magnificence as a response to our continued commitment to “HUmanity Service” by BEING LOVE and just our natural us…. no frills, just the simplicity of our purest aspects, FREE to experience the brilliance of highest timeline Quantum Existence here. We focus on our vibration, our energy and integration and the rest aligns easier for us all ….
We have huge amazing things to accomplish and experience about to come forth.  Conserve/focus/build/shine/share your beautiful energy like never before. Our Unified Existence holds more POWER than any form of separation ever did. ♥
p.s. Many are unaware that what they are experiencing is multi-dimensionality, attributing current observations/experiencing to human mentalities still, because that’s all they’ve been exposed to thus far.  The more masculine energy/fixed mentalities, the more “this” was resisted before, yet this is shifting. We often have to go through different separations (different unconscious programs) before unification can occur. Be patient and, where the opportUNITY presents, just speak/write about multi-dimensionality to bring this into others’ their awareness in different ways, as the human mind has to be exposed repeatedly until “that one little thing” turns that Light bulb on inside. All may/may not be understood at first, usually is not, yet so many are ready, they just need to be exposed through kindness allowed the time/space to acclimate their mind to their heart-knowing. We all had to too and often still do! 🙂 We don’t impose or push anything on anyone else. It’s not our place. Our place is to BE THE ONEs that shine/share the knowledge so that others can find it and choose what resonates with them. Each will come into full consciousness however is appropriate for them. Not everyone does this with the same tools, the same preferences, the same way. It’s important to RESPECT how others are awakening, including the differences, especially if you don’t “think” they do not yet understand. They may not, that’s okay, they will.  Judging their journey, persecuting or creating drama (acting out your story) is not loving or kind. It’s not only visible to everyone else, it can shut others down/turn them away from you as well. Be open to discuss and share, without needing anything at all. As love, we hold a field, a space, we share and respect each’s journey of awakening while we also honor our own. ♥
With love from above and beyond,

Unity heart blessings from Kauai ♥

~ Lisa ~

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