A Saul Message

A Saul Message

by John Smallman
The divine welcome awaiting you all will instantly dissolve all your fears, anxieties, pain, and suffering.
Enormous changes are occurring worldwide as an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process. This moment in your spiritual evolution was planned at the same moment that you chose to construct a dream environment in which to engage in the game of separation. Having been gifted by God with all His Power, Wisdom, and Intelligence at the moment of your creation, in order that you would be One with Him in eternal joy, you chose to build an unreal dream world in which to play with your divine gifts in the way that human children often choose to imagine a world in which they are free from the oversight of their parents, until they need food, or sleep, or reassurance. At that point they immediately demand their parents’ undivided attention!
That is the state that humanity has now arrived at, and more and more of you are seeking to know and be at One with your heavenly Father. It is this very large increase in the numbers of you seeking divine reassurance that is propelling you forwards, through the awakening process, towards the moment of awakening into full conscious awareness of the fact that you have never been separated from that, your natural state.
An amazing welcome has been prepared for you that will absolutely astound you, as you become once more fully and completely aware of what God’s infinite love for you actually means, and experience the – at present – utterly inconceivable wonder, joy, and happiness of that state. The divine welcome awaiting you all will instantly dissolve all your fears, anxieties, pain, and suffering, while bringing back to your conscious awareness the experience of the immortal and inexhaustible delight and total bliss that being in the Presence of Love provides in every moment.
It is extremely difficult for you to come to acceptance of the divine and unchangeable truth that no matter how unworthy you may feel of God’s Love for you that that sense of unworthiness is completely invalid. It does not mater what you have thought, said, or done that you think is wrong, sinful, or in any other way not in alignment with the divine Will, nothing can alter your relationship with God, because that relationship is forever unchanging. You are One with God in every moment – if you were not you would not exist – it is just that, as humans in form, you have forgotten that, but your forgetfulness does not change it. And God knows that you will remember Him and experience the enormity of Love in which He holds you eternally.
There is no reason for guilt or shame or for any sense of unworthiness on your part, because all that you might consider as reason for that is utterly unreal, part of the nightmare that you have been experiencing. If you will go Deep within yourselves you will find the knowing, the certainty, that there is only God, Love, Source, and that you are an eternal and inseparable part of That.
An essential aspect of your – of humanity’s – awakening process is your daily visit to your holy inner place of complete and total safety, your refuge or sanctuary where Love is always waiting to welcome and embrace you. You were created from Love, and therefore you are Love, but by taking form as a human you have closed off your awareness of this divine and unalterable Truth, the Truth that You and God are One.
By completing your awakening process, as you absolutely cannot avoid doing, you awaken fully. That means that you know yourself as you truly and unchangeably are – forever One with Source – which is Love, and which totally loves every aspect of Its glorious Self without exceptions of any kind.
What I am telling you, what I am reminding you of is the fact that Reality, God, Source, Love is One, that there is absolutely nothing else – meaning that there is nowhere else – and that therefore there is nothing to fear. There is no divine judgment, there is no punishment for “sins, errors, or omissions” because they are unreal and did not occur, and you are forever safe in the loving embrace of Mother/Father/God Who is the divine energy field that contains and supports All That Is.
The apparent existence of pain, suffering, and conflict is but a passing nightmare, an unreal state that by its very unreality will dissolve without trace as the brilliant Light of joy and bliss, that is what you all are, brings you gently and most beautifully into full and ecstatic wakefulness. Ecstasy is divine, you are divine, therefore ecstasy is your awakened state.
With so very much love, Saul.


Hollow Earth Land Masses

Source: Dianne Robbins channeling Mikos

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