DRAMATIC CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER=NEW PLATFORM New Light Paradigm Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide 29th May 2019 Dear Ascending Earth Masters A big shift has come through from…

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Today is a Galactic Activation Portal and day 2 of the new 13 day Red Moon wavespell within the last week of the 11th moon. Red Moon connects to this current Galactic Year- Red Cosmic Moon- which is about purification, emotional transcendence (Cosmic is tone 13) the Sun (father/masculine archetype) and the Moon (mother/feminine archetype) The increase in Solar activity is still being felt, these Galactic Activation Portals help to integrate Cosmic time with linear time.

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Blue Ray

Greetings dear StarONES, with LOVE we come to share this Update New Assignments for New awaken StarSeeds on the way After Galactic Conferences bring Updates to All Star Families Elders…

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Master Kuthumi

Mastering Fear by Master Kuthumi Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa Greetings my beloved sisters and brothers of the light, it is such a delight to connect…

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Beginning of 5D

This year Wesak is a very important event because our Sun will be lined up with Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades Star system. Our Earth is the eighth star in the Pleiades star system and it takes our Earth 26,000 years to go around the sun Alcyone. Saturday, May 18 will be the end of a 26,000-year cycle and we then enter the golden age of 5D energy. This will be the age of love and Unity Consciousness.

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