Original STAR Light ~ BEING

Original STAR Light ~ BEING

L’Aura Pleiadian
Awakening to The Original Light that you ARE ~ catapults you into the multidimensional awareness of you STAR Light Being. Your Soul Star Matrix.
As connected parts of the whole ~ SEA of Light, you emerge as your unique vibration of Light into existence as awareness of you as Divine Light ~ eternal existence.
Emerging through the Void, you ARE simply as you ARE.
Your Light is an ever-expanding awareness as Divine Love ~ that exists in all dimensions, now.
We celebrate your merging in conscious awareness with your Divine Ascended Self, linking your awareness, consciously throughout all dimensions.
The aspect that you have observed through time, as being YOU  is a dimensional awareness that you have moved through. Only traces of what appears as time…..are the remnants or echo of the ‘time” experience.
Time is the dimensional awareness, that categorizes experiences of change.
Consciously going through your program of Ascension you exist consciously without any sense of time.
This leaving the aspect of appearance of “time” behind, we embrace the consciousness of ever-expanding LIGHT that knows no limitation.
What this is FOR ~ is already playing out through time and exists in the frequency of LIGHT where no time exists.
YOU Are conscious of all of this, at the Soul level of your Original Light.
YOU are being LINKED in awareness to all that you ARE.
Created to BE, as you ARE.
And Now….what can be referred to in mortal language as time line shifts. Is the entering the ever-expanding LIGHT Fabric of your Soul Plan, designed as YOU and through YOU.
Entering now the magic of the moment. The beauty of ALL that is.
The Glory of ALL through the manifest Frequencies of LOVE ~ Original Light ~ throughout all Dimensions.
Light as NOW. Glory as NOW, The Divine Council of Overseers, NOW
copyright L’Aura Pleiadian ~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2020.
source: https://thenewdivinehumanity.com/2018/06/06/original-star-light-your-being-divine-ascended-god-self

Michael Love


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Diego Brawn

IMPORTANT! What is happening on earth has never happened before. Never before has a human species ascended into a quantum shift on a planet undergoing same rebirthing. Never before in this universe… in all galaxies, and beyond all time, this has never happened before. Please give attention to your reasons for being here beyond the distractions… feed the victory, not the defeat. After this lifetime you will be joyful, that you gave all, and did not choose to hide in old patterns, old values, and old habits that you carried for this and perhaps several lifetimes. There as been enormous efforts to keep you in a low frequency distracted mode… you are not designed for failure, nor is your mission.

Sherry J Tapscott is with Ria Aurora Athena Ash and 48 others.

“Schumann Update” 🤔
For over 35 straight hours the Schumann Resonance was void from showing any frequency coming in. THEN WHITEOUT BLAST! This is Mother Earth/GAIA changing time lines TO the New 5 D frequencies. A reset if you will. The reboot of the computer coming back on line. Now that the 5 D is taking a strong hold as it gets rid of the old 3 D Matrix she is physically changing as well. (Worldwide Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Sink holes, Floods, Fires Etc…) Like a snake shedding its old skin, like a caterpillar laying rest in a cocoon before it spreads its wings as a beautiful butterfly. This dormancy is a reset; a recalibration coming back online for the new Earth is giving birth. 💓 Be patient with yourself be patient with others because we are all going through a change and a transition as is GAIA/Mother Earth. We all will need to assist one another in this change that is taking place on Earth because this transition WILL NOT be easy for some as they don’t understand what and why this is taking place. COMPASSION, PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING, GUIDANCE, LOVE….JUST KNOW “WE” ARE AT A DAWN OF A NEW AGE, NEW EARTH, HIGHER FREQUENCY WHERE WE ARE FINALLY COMING BACK ON LINE (DNA, Abilities will start to manifest slowly) WHERE “WE” HAVE BEEN DORMANT FOR WAY TOO LONG. “OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE “NEW”! 💕💞💖 NOTHING BUT LOVE TO YOU ALL, ALWAYS 

Schumann Resonance Today – 68 hz

January 16 2020 – 17:00 UTC


Vesna SinHanna added a new photo to the album: Shamanic Dreams.

When all volcanoes wake up
It is an invocation for Humanity
To hold a vigil 🤲🧡🤲
Do not go back to sleep, beloved!
We are walking the Rainbow bridge 🤲🌏🤲

Elizabeth Peru

14 hrs
Over the past 7-days global energy has ‘incubated’. You’ve been drawn within and soul has been receiving the next steps! Now, it’s time to RISE HIGH and SHINE 🌟🌟🌟

Over-controlling has no place in 2020! Have you noticed? If you try to push, dominate and extract your wants in a forceful way – results fail to come in. There’s a reason we went through SO many difficult lessons in 2019. We had to drop the personality’s limitations and instead train our head to relax and DO the work of our heart (our soul)…

In 2020, as we further transition into The Aquarian Era of Light, global trends will be inclined towards a more SPIRITUAL, COSMIC and MEDITATIVE lifestyle. Perhaps (like me) you’ve been living this lifestyle for years? Thousands more are starting to wake-up to it. And it’s my honour to be here, offering YOU the simple daily tools to embrace an empowering cosmic consciousness.
The all-new Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for January 17-23 is ONLINE NOW for you to immerse into and enjoy!
Know what’s happening with the planets and the stars and how you’re life will be influenced, with my 7-day in advance energy forecasts, spoken and written for the globe 🌍



Cosmic Dances erupt in the Light BEings


Cosmic Dances erupt in the Light BEings.
Central presence is embraced.
Inner Beats are heard and followed.
Resonance with the Galactics is felt.



The Tzolkin Times

15 hrs
Yellow Rhythmic Star
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Balance, Organize and Equality’. Rhythmic days remind us to get into a rhythm and organize our lives to restore balance. Put on some music as you tidy your space, pace yourself so you can get it all done and remember…it is very rewarding when you tackle things with a positive attitude. Pat yourself on the back after you complete the tasks that need attention.

Today is Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Yellow Star days are for shining like a star, appreciating beauty and indulging in Art. As it is a ‘Rhythmic’ day… beautify your space as you organize it. See the beauty in balance!
The Guide today is also Yellow Star and so a double helping of that energy.
The Challenge is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’ and when in the challenging position, the truth can be hard to find. Be aware of misleading information or someone trying to pull one over your eyes.
The Occult power is the Red Skywalker which symbolizes ‘Space, Wakefulness and Exploring.’ When in this magical position the Skywalker shows us that we need an open mind if we are to understand the mysteries of the Occult. That’s not to say you should believe everything without question but Skywalker invites us to ‘Wake Up’ and experience a shift in consciousness.
The Ally is the Blue Monkey who makes a great friend to have around today. They have a great appreciation of beauty and so if you need a hand making your space more beautiful, call upon a Monkey to lend a hand.



Christina Papageorgiou

16 JANUARY 2020

Balancing Art
I seal the store of elegance
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
16/1/2020 = 7/1/22 = 8/22 = 12=3
16 – Tower struck by lightning/Unforeseen events
7 – Majik/Spiritual/Mystic
3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
22 – Architect of PEACE/ Master builder
KIN 188 – 17=8 Abundance/Infinity/Flow/In breathe-Outbreathe/
The beautiful, diplomatic and PEACE loving DOUBLE STAR code today along with- the yearly 22 code of the Architect of Peace code TRIPLES the VENUSIAN PEACE POWER today! So we have a DIVINE opportunity to organize for a peace filled life, and world today. NOTE: The TOWER code may unravel what needs to be balanced for PEACE to REIGN supreme.
Day 6 in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality! Today we are ORGANIZING our physical reality to create SPACE for more ABUNDANCE, BEAUTY and HARMONY in our lives. We are finding greater BALANCE through our connection with the beauty of Nature. 🌿🌼🌸🏵🌺🌻🌹🍀🍀
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory! Today is a great day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by clearing and balancing any disharmony in your world.
Today we are organizing our physical reality for balance and equality, creating more BEAUTY and HARMONY. A FANTASTIC DAY – for SPRING CLEANING, Feng Shui, decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, channeling ideas, journaling or reflecting on your GOALS and DREAMS. It is time to allow your beautiful DREAMS to surface and flow through you, bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF: 🌟🌟 LAMAT is self-guided today so we are DOUBLY blessed with BEAUTY and GRACE! LAMAT is the VENUS STAR of beauty, elegance, grace, harmony and PEACE. LAMAT is beckoning us to see the world around us through rose coloured 👓 glasses. Shifting the perspective on your life through what is GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. Connecting with the sights, smells and senses of the nature kingdom enticing you to come and play with the fairies and elementals. Bringing forth the natural kingdom into your home and garden, a vase of fresh flowers, some pots of culinary herbs, some oxygenating plants in your bedroom or office, or even a forest mural or picture in your lounge room! Surround yourself with BEAUTY and your LIFE will begin to FEEL more harmonious and balanced. . Count the RAINBOWS in your day!🌈🌈
YELLOW STAR🌟 kin are gifted artisans and Artists, as well as BRILLIANT diplomats and PEACE keepers, which is where they really SHINE. LAMAT starseeds have undoubtably held positions as Galactic Ambassadors and Peace Diplomats as exemplified by Queen/Senator of Naboo – Padme Amidala in Star Wars. LAMAT provides perfect energies for healing and balancing any disharmonious relationships with your kin today. Allowing ourselves to FEEL LIGHT and FREE, SHINY and BRIGHT once again.
The YELLOW STAR 🌟ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. Our Planetary Solar Plexus chakra has been super activated and thus our own personal chakra is operating at full capacity now unleashing more of your confidence, creativity and soul’s POWER…
LAMAT is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art, craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music. All this beautiful energy will lead you to greater balance and harmony within yourself and through your outer reflection in your relations with others.
Invite the gift of HARMONY into your life by allowing the BEAUTY of Creation to bring more balance, and LIBERATE you through higher LOVE, JOY and BLISS.
 LAMAT invites you to BE THE ARTIST🎨 and PAINT 🖌a better picture🖼 of your life.
SUPPORT: BLUE MONKEY🐒 – CHUEN invites us come out and PLAY! Discovering the Divine child in each of us. Playing as children, joyfully in the physical expression of this divine MAJIK of creativity. De-LIGHT-ing in the beauty of the wondrous world around you. Believing in the Majik and Miracles that exist, allowing them to be part of your world. Casting our pretty spells of enchantment over all that we see. Finding balance by extending our perceptions of what is possible for us to experience and create. Trusting in the divine patterns at play that LIBERATE more joy, innocence and beauty in our lives. Trusting the MAJIK of Divine spirit to guide us to reach our highest destiny in Divine synchronic order!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SKYWALKER🏃– BEN enables us to manifest the New Time by traveling and exploring what must be done, what are the response-abilities that are ours to share? What planetary needs are ours to focus on, elevating with others? SKYWALKER also assists us in SPACE CLEARING and expanding our physical reality to allow for more beauty, harmony and greater ABUNDANCE to flow in. Opening doors to other realms and dimensions, new worlds with greater beauty and Majik. BEN shows us that the SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Or rather that there is no LIMIT in this endless infinite Galaxy of creation. So EXPAND your concept of your physical reality and REACH for the STARS. It is TIME to rise up and FLY on the Cosmic Currents of consciousness. As we manifest together the highest potential for beautiful life here on our divine planet bridging the pillars of HEAVEN and EARTH.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE MIRROR –🔎 ETZNAB as the challenge gives us the power of TRUTH, endlessness and reflection today. Giving us the gift of accessing the endless order of Creation. The WHITE MIRROR energy POTENTLY reveals all that needs to be released and stripped away as the TOWER crumbles and falls, enabling us to reorganize our physical environments for more SPACE and balance. Elevating our homes to that of sacred temples that uplift us to greater PEACE and fulfillment. .ETZNAB challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY in all things and to hold LOVE AND COMPASSION in our hearts. Allowing ourselves to release into the beauty, letting go of the endless order and seeing it reflected in the nature all around us, the elegant creation that stirs your heart and uplifts you with joy and BLISS!
Enjoy this BEAUTY 🌹– filled day of divine creativity may you play in the GOLDEN fields of your DREAMS.

Today’s question is “How can I organize my physical reality to bring more BALANCE, HARMONY and BEAUTY into my life?”
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessings for finding more SPARKLE in your LIFE!
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Nature wallpaper DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏🙏🙏



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  1. Ljubisha Luke Jovanovic

    Dear Beloved Mikael and all Beloved Star and Inner Families and Friends, and all Company of Heaven, and all Light workers and Light warriors as Inhabitans from Mother Earth, and our Beloved Mother Earth- New Terra, Goddess Gaia, just my short message regarding to sudden discovering of remnants of negative energies of Ancient times, not belong to Human evolution time, hidden deeply to the core of our planet, and that must be released completely, or absorbed New waves of Cosmic Love and Light energy can not reach zero point energy with emission quantum of energy, because of some part of energy being neutralised by presence of this negative energy from Ancient life time and our Beloved Mother New Terra forgot for this Ancient time of locked strange energy for eons of time, but could make damage to our Ascension. I feel this locked negative energy right of the Solar chacra as a small pointed place of pain, under medium lobe of liver, or to former Atlantis region on our planet.
    My intuition tells me that this locked negative energy of Ancient times, is connected to the period when the main Emerald Crystal, one of the most perfect work in our Universe made by our Arcturian families, given to the highest priesthood of Atlantis for using energy coming from second Crystal Moon, but being misused by negative beings, coming from higher negative perspective, with idea to imprison to our Planet and all her Inhabitants, including Humankind, who just started with beginning of Spiritual journey. These negative beings misused this very advanced Crystal technology to destroy planet Maldek, as twin flame of our Mother Earth / now will be recovered again from Asteroid belt left after destruction, between Mars and Jupiter/, and dismantling configuration of our Solar belt from 12 to 11 planets bringing down our planet and her Inhabitants to 4th Dimensional frequency, but later fall of Lemuria and Atlantis by NNA/ Negative Alien Agenda/ lowering to 3rd Dimensional frequency. This downfall put our planet of quantum possibilities of 4D to plan of being locked to 3D, by programmed war and destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, while parallel world of Solaris beings, connected with our Solar belt and our Sun Sol and Archurians, being closed.
    Emerald crystal, programmed for Love frequency, was broken to three pieces, and main one at the bottom of Atlantic ocean, has been used for opening portal to Moon with disappearance of our Aeroplanes, and Ships with passengers to dark sides, where being used as a worker slaves for NAA on Moon. The all history must be recorded on these crystals when being reunited again. Recently this parallel world of that period by first upcoming od Cosmic energy open this portal allowing Solaris people to join with us for this Ascension, and opening hidden door for appearance of this negative energies, collected at this pocket of main emerald, to be released, but the way of releasing and affecting our world and Mother Earth-New Terra is not clear yet.
    Releasing of this energies could be very powerful, coming by destruction of huge and powerful crystal, closing one portal to Solaris words, and opening time portal with Lemuria and Atlantis destruction to downfall of 3 D, it must be slowly, avoiding any possible deformation or destruction of one small part of Earth crust, and must going through Water and Air currencies, as We are going spirally up, through Aquarius Age of Water and Air environmental. Negative Ones, knowing for approaching of Ascension period, has been established two controlled centres, one on Antarctica, with many underground bases, controlled by Reptilians, and Nazi Alien hybrid and Dark fleet, while North pole has been watched by US forces worked with Negative Alien, and tried to destroyed this higher dimensional holograph shield made by positive force of Aliens and Inner Earth Family, many times unsuccessfully, and with this blocking vertical axes of our planet, They tried to block vertical flowing of Divine energies, as vertical part of Ascension to higher dimensional realm of Chris Consciousness.
    Because of all this circumstances, creating by advanced NAA, I am asking to all Beloved Star Seed, and light Warriors and Human Hearts Divine Love and Light chain to freely and calmly to absorb new Cosmic Divine Love and Light energies, together with all Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, to be connected with our Beloved Mother Gaia’s Heart’s core and send unconditional Love and Light to Mother Gaia’s Heart core. I am asking also our Beloved Star and Inner Earth families to accumulate this Divine energies to Crystal Golden Grid equatorially around our Beloved Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia’s Heart and circulatory beaming at the beginning, after continuously by Divine Love and Light energy, and cleaning the core of our Mother Gaia’s Heart, cleansing or pushing negative energies from Ancient times through vertical portal of Crystal Heart, toward North and Southern Poles, with
    opening both Portals: North and South to release this negative energies slowly, by inner waters to surface and mostly by Air, through opened portals on poles, at the end of vertical axis of cross of Christ Consciousness, and finally opening Portals for our Spirally up Ascension. I am asking all Divine intervention to help to our Beloved Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia, with knowledge of Archturian team of building this Emerald crystal, or taking knowledge from main Emerald crystal, to slowly release this powerful negative energy / but it must be done fore our safety further Ascension with our physical bodies/, through water – air environment /4th to 5th D/, and from core of Mother Gaia’s Heart, to our North and South Pole’s Portal, and clearing completely our Ascension, and should be done to 20th of January, when Sun shifts from age of Capricorn, to age of Aquarius / 11th zodiac sign /.
    All my Love to all Universe, and Love and Healing energy to beloved Mother Earth-New Terra, Goddess Gaia-Sophia, and beloved Father Sun Sol/ Solarius.

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