Energy Update ~ Burn Out Warning, Hot Flash Ahead!

Energy Update ~ Burn Out Warning, Hot Flash Ahead!

By Jona Bryndis, 03/21/2017

With Equinox energies coming in we are at the dawn of our new solar year – which, judging by collective energetic precursors, will literally feel like a SOLAR HOT FLASH – bringing light into the shadows of our human collective and forcing us reclaim our INNER POWER AND SOVEREIGNTY as spiritual beings, as well as citizens, consumers, producers, family members, relationship partners, workers or business owners. There is no stone that will be left unturned this year.

“Where there is Light there is Shadow”

It is in the nature of increased global uncertainty that the collective human energy field tends to get stirred up. The massive release fear and anger energies that was brought in since the end of last year is now in full swing. It’s bringing heaviness into people’s hearts, minds and bodies, and showing the first signs of burn out.

The current bombardment of our Central Nervous System (CNS) can be felt as ‘weird’ feeling in the stomach area, nervousness, ringing ears, anxiousness, dizziness, feeling shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, or having prolonged head pressure and headaches, heart palpitations, heat waves and can even manifest in never ending sinus issues (also read last week’s Energy Update on our Lymphatic System). If you got worn down by constant physical-mental discomfort and not feeling in your own power – know that you are not alone!

Energetically this phenomenon is reflecting on stuck energies our Solar-Plexus area and as you can see in the chakra chart below – does not bode well for MENTALIZING INNER AND OUTER ASPECTS!

Most commonly reported energetic sensations this week included all our psycho-somatic responses, fatigue and brain functions, which means that trying to think our way through our problems does not help!

We need to step back into our full power again, and this can only be done through our hearts. The TRUE POWER in our humanness is not in our brains, but our heart-consciousness – the next level up (our heart chakra). So, if our energies get stuck in our solar-plexus area, we will get stuck in FIGHTING A FIGHT WE CAN’T WIN.

In short: Trying harder is not better! The only thing that can get you out of your inner ego loop is DETACHING not dissociating (or numbing) – and BALANCING!

Equinoxes are good times to RECAPITULATE and to see what we need to change for the coming year. The first thing you can do is to STOP WORRYING! There is no way you or I or anybody else for that matter to control what is going to happen – all we can do is to STRENGTHEN OUR POSITION IN THE HERE AND NOW.

Therefore, to all of you worrying about a gloomy future and wearing themselves out in MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL LOOPING – STOP IT AND LET IT GO! Instead focus on diminishing the negative energetic effects of this collective craziness on your CNS and STRENGTHEN YOURSELF FROM WITHIN!

(Read more on the energetic effects of MENTAL LOOPING here).

Whether we are aware that we are energetically sensitive or not, the constant bombardment of the past weeks have triggered our ego coping patterns. All we felt capable of doing was functioning on a bare minimum level. In the attempt to just deal with life, most of us fell into our old patterns, coping, numbing, staying busy, you name it – basically, NOT BEING ABLE TO STAND STILL out of fear that we may discover that there is something not adding up…

Have you asked yourself why there so many people going nuts or leaving this incarnation right now?

Yes, with this coming week we are reaching the height of INNER PRESSURE COOKING and with it a massive release event that is heading our way. Temporal and energetic markers are showing conscious and unconscious PSYCHIC OVERFLOW in people right now, which is very typical for the EERIE SILENCE RIGHT BEFORE A STORM…

To bring back positivity into this not so optimistic view of the coming weeks, I would like to remind us all that collective corrective bands are also meant as opportunities for us to observe our own triggers, attachments and coping patterns. Anxiety, anger, lack, disdain, control, degradation, pain, victimhood, co-dependency, addiction, etc. are negative energy fields that canBurn Out Warningonly stick with us and energetically dominate us if we have unhealed aspects in these areas ourselves. In order to tap into our MIRACULOUS ABILITY TO ADAPT we need to live in the NOW!

Every time Inner Darkness comes over you it means that there is a LACK OF INNER LIGHT within you. Most of us allow darkness in us to spread through not facing pain or fear of pain. What we forget is that we are literally turning off our Inner Light this way, making more space of outer darkness to latch on. So, if you can’t hold things together anymore, don’t fall into apathy! GO OUTSIDE AND SUN GAZE – and allow the physical sensation of light on your skin to REIGNITE YOUR INNER LIGHT!

When our mind is clouded our heart becomes clouded and our higher perception goes down the drain. So, instead of ALLOWING THIS COLLECTIVE IMPLANT TO DRAIN YOUR INNER LIGHT, focus on occupying your own heart space yourself before some other energy will. The last thing you want is to burn out now!


But – You’ve got to believe that you can do it, or else you can’t align your energy to what you want to feel like when you are free. So, turn back on your light and make a stance for yourself!

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Sucker Punch, Movie USA 2011

Those with energetic sensitivity have been hit hard the past couple of weeks. We are more susceptible to these collective disturbances and aware when our own energy fields are being pushed around, manipulated and bombarded – which can be particularly frustrating to our ego.

However, at the end of the day we are all in the same boat. The only difference is, that empaths get a head start at CONTEXTUALIZING what’s going on in the shadows of the collective. Use this gift and GET A GRIP ON YOUR EGO MIND!

Here, I want to remind you all that getting sick is not ‘bad’ or a sign of you not ‘being spiritual enough’! That’s your ego again! It just is. We all need to accept that we are human and that our system can only withstand this massive wave of OVERSTIMULATION OF OUR NERVOUS SYSTEM for so long.

The current energetic challenges have to do with our ADRENALS and their regulatory function to HANDLE STRESS. Here an excerpt from a website explaining the endocrine and all other physical implications of worn out or over stimulated adrenaline-cortisol fatigue cycles:

One of their main functions of our adrenal glands is countering stress. The adrenals don’t know the difference between physical or mental stress; they treat both with the same stress hormones. Every type of stress influences these glands—injury, infection, divorce, financial stresses, job-related stress, irritable people, drugs and medication, surgery, pain, illness, poison ivy, excessive cold or heat, giving birth, menstrual cycle, staring into computer monitors for hours at a time, eating junk foods, starvation diets, excessive exercise and babysitting fifteen small children under the age of five for over thirteen hours without proper ventilation.

The adrenals have many other functions, from anti-inflammatory actions (ridding the body of pain and swelling) and immune system protection to balancing fluid and salt levels, and controlling minerals (such as potassium), rapid heart rate and sleep and awake cycles. They even act as back-up organs for the ovaries during menopause. In other words, they make the same hormones as the ovary does.

Excess fat in both the midsection (buffalo-like torso) and the face can occur from overreaction of this gland.

Click here to read more from Dr. Berg, at

The best way to counteract the negative load on our nervous systems is to CALM DOWN, STAND STILL FOR A MOMENT and ALLOW OURSELVES TO GROUND AND CENTER. Once more, remember the positive effect of heart-centered breathing and meditation, as well as BODY AWARENESS.

Therefore, take good care of yourself and don’t forget to SEND GRATITUDE to your body’s own self-healing abilities. That, and learning how to appreciate your physical existence and how to work with your energies a bit more efficiently may be your only functioning INSURANCE POLICY soon…

All the best!

jona bryndis


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