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Blossom Goodchild – September 8, 2015

Once again, I greet you my friends. At last back home in Australia. Purposely, I haven’t read much of others work regarding the changes that are to come, so as not to be influenced in anyway. Yet, I am aware that much excitement is occurring due to a New, Higher Wave of Energy that is to come through … I leave this transmission in your very capable hands.
(The Federation of Light spoke through me. Here is the audio link with the transcript below. It is recommended that you listen to the audio, rather than just read the transcript … as the Energy that comes through, penetrates deeply into the soul.)

Dearest Souls of Earth … We offer this day, through the Energy of our words … Love … Peace … Joy … Happiness. We offer to you ALL things that fill your heart with LOVE.
We come this day also, to bring you words of wisdom. To offer you Knowledge … that perhaps, needs to be remembered from deep with inside your Being. Yet, most of all … we come to let you Know how much WE LOVE YOU … How much we care for you. We have been walking this journey with you since it began … yet, there are many of you that know not of our existence.
There are many of you that are in full awareness now of who we are … And as we move together … deeper into the Brighter Light … that you are … that we are … our Energy of Love … intertwines … blends together … merges as One … in the finest array of colours … to show you … to allow you to FEEL THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE. THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE. For even though there are many, as indeed, this lady who allows us to use her voice box … who sometimes fully Know of our existence … of our Truth … of the reason why we come … and yet, even within that full Knowing … now and then, there are doubts regarding that which we say.
For instance … we have spoken of the Pillars of Light. There was a little discrepancy with our Lady, Blossom … regarding this … in your time … a while ago. Yet now, is that not which we have spoken of … there … before your very eyes?
We come not to prove of anything. We come only to assist you along your journey. To offer you Hope. For we understand that residing upon and within your Earth plane can sometimes be more than a little confusing. It can bring downheartedness … and we desire that your hearts be only uplifted. This is why we come. And we ask that now … in this very moment in which we bring forth this message to you … you FEEL your heart … you FEEL your heart smile … you FEEL it beat a little faster.
For Dearest Friends … Dearest Ones … Dearest Family … there is much to be excited about.
The Energy that is to pour through into your Planet Earth … is to be like no other that has been before. We are … in the mind’s eye of the lady, Blossom … showing to her once again … these vast Pillars of Light. They, as they progress … as they become more in numbers … are to differ greatly from those which are sent currently.
For when activated … when connected within the deepest place of your heart … your Being … they shall emit a pulse. A pulse that resonates with yourself. A beat … like your heart. A beat that shall become One with your heart beat. Emanating LOVE … and you shall see also … the deepest colours of the Rainbow.
These Pillars of Light shall eventually present themselves to you as PILLARS OF RAINBOW LIGHT … and how your hearts shall be filled with the HIGHER PURER LOVE.
Your Knowing of who you are in that instant … shall give you the FEELING of completeness.
The understanding of why you are here shall be given to you in an instant.
Hold your spirits High.
HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS … as we have said.  
Be Joyous … Dearest Ones. Be Joyous and excited. For it is to be so … that  a HIGHER POWER OF LOVE is to enter into your Earth’s atmosphere … to shine down upon you … to enter into your Being and to allow you to be in the presence of the Divine.
This Divine Light is within you. It has always been within you … for you are of it … and yet, as this Greater Power pours forth … it ignites on a deeper scale … the Divine Source that lies within.
Prepare your Beings as your see fit. We do not say to you ‘Do this. Do that’. We say to you only … In / As / Through /Of LOVE … think on these words that we offer and act accordingly … in a manner that FEELS correct for you … and you alone.
Remember Dearest One’s, to breathe. That is all you need do … now and always.
Breathe in LOVE … Breath out LOVE … As you connect with one another.  As you connect with ALL THAT IS.
We are ever closer. Find Peace within your souls. For by doing so … as you breathe out … you offer Peace to places upon your Planet that are in so much need of this Energy … To souls upon your Planet that are in much need of this Energy.
Breathe it in … Send it out. Be gentle with yourselves … Be kind … Be Loving … to yourselves.
The time that is upon you is one of Greatness.
The lady, Blossom, can FEEL as we speak to you … of the immense LOVE that we have for you. We ask that you FEEL it also. As we say often … words are inadequate. Yet, as you Know US as Truth … as you breathe in our LOVE … the FEELING it gives you … allows you to Know … WHO YOU ARE … WHO WE ARE …Your family of Light.
We are One family … We travel together … moving forward … into a Higher space … into a Purer Vibration … and SO IT IS.
Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep our Vibrational Energy as HIGH as we can.

Website: Blossom Goodchild
An audio version of Blossom’s channelings can be found here.

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