222 ~ The Eye Is Coming

2.22 ~  The Eye Is Coming

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This is from 2 sessions with G. G is in the somnambulistic state of trance.  He has no memory of this when he comes out of trance because his conscious mind is asleep.  The consciousness that I am speaking with had a completely different personality, accent, and vocabulary than regular, conscious G. 
Session 1
Michael: What is your name?
NK: Ninak Ktub
Michael: Is there a message that you came to deliver to us today?
NK: This is a wormhole in space.  I see a large planet and a distant star.
Michael: Tell me more about it.
NK: It is The Eye. The Eye who sees all, coming closer.
Michael: This planet that you see, which planet is it?
NK: Planet X12. The Eye is coming.  It is passing X12
Michael: Why are you telling us this information?
NK: This eye, this blue eye, inside the light. This wormhole, it will appear.  
Michael: It will appear on Earth? When will that happen?
NK: This is not physical but a giant ball of energy.
Michael: What will this ball of energy do once it appears on Earth?
NK: There is a blast of Light. This is only for those who are awake. Those who are not will not know.It will be a surge of energy, a beautiful blue eye.
Michael: How many new moons until this appears?
NK: 3 (February 2018)This is unexpected.  This is through a wormhole.  People do not know that this is coming.
Michael: Is this different than the solar sneeze that will take us into a new reality?
NK: Yes.  This is smaller. 
Michael: What will it do for people who are awake?
NK: A Powerful surge of energy.  During this time, you must unite.  You will be stronger than now.  You will be stronger at this time. 
Michael: How do we unite? There are many people on this planet.
NK: Yes. This will without a doubt create unity.  People will know and people will talk. People can communicate through the mind.
Michael: So when this happens our psychic communication will increase?
NK: Yes. this awareness will open. These are steps, a stairway, to climb.
Michael: What will happen to those who are not awake?
NK: Nothing. This is not for them.
Michael: Is there a need to awake more people to it? Should we share this with more people
NK: This will spread with or without you.
Michael: Why is this message coming to us today? What are we supposed to do with it?
NK: This message is because you ARE awake.  This is to let you know that help is coming. (Thank you)

Session 2
(G is channeling Source)
Source: I have all information.  I am with you. I surround you.  I AM you. We are one. 
Ron: What is the most important for us to know today?
Source: Prepare. Prepare. This journey is never-ending. This ending is not the end.  This interruption, this disruption, you must remember your purpose. Your purpose is love. Your purpose is the Light and to transcend time and space to become One.  
Michael: What should I tell them about The Eye?
Source: Do not be afraid.  It is peace. 
Michael: When does the Eye arrive and where will we see it?
Source: Its arrival is soon. 
Michael: Do we have a projected date?
Source: In Earth time, I see 3 moons 3 moon phases.
Michael: I was told February 22nd and 23rd before.
Source: It shows up disappears and comes back. The 22nd and 24th.
Michael: 24th of what?
Source: February.

From a Quantum Healing session with L. 
L is a very gifted seer, medium, and oracle. I was really excited to work with her because of the work that she does.  Combined with QHHT and the access to the Subconscious, powerful information and energy came.  During the session, waves of energy flowed through me and they told me that they were downloading me with more information that would open over time.
Michael: Can you tune into the energy that we are calling the eye and tell me more about it
Subconscious: The eye has a dot above and below that looks like two beams of light. The one above is light green. the one below is black. It is almost like a positive and negative charge. Where light flows through the green like a tunnel hits the earth hits the focus hits the subject of the focus and then comes back through the black. The black is a negative space. The black acts like a vacuum.Michael: What will this do?
Subconscious: The eye burns away all that is fake. The eye burns away people facades. Any energetic flaws, old patterns that people are hanging on to.Michael: What else can you share about the eye?
Subconscious: When the eye comes back on the 24th, there are going to be lots of other eyes, tunnels, light passages beaming down as well.  It looks like the sky is full, but almost everyone will not be able to see it on Earth. Not the Earth beings. Not people. Of course, the eye is also acting like a telescope, a microscope for the beings that are watching over us and seeing how we are progressing. Just like beings come to earth, abduct us, give us implants and tracking devices in order to track our progress as humans, track what the DNA is doing what the DNA is up to and how it is working with our body, how our body is fixing itself and being able to access more of that DNA. The Eye will act as a microscope and look down into our auras an be able to do that.


This is transcribed in a session with J who had channeled Yeshua (Jesus) in a previous session.  During this second session, she went to a life where she lived in the Essene community of Qumran. You may be familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls.  These belonged to the Essene spiritual community.  You can read more about Yeshua’s life there in Dolores Cannon’s book “Jesus and the Essenes”
Yeshua was in Qumran teaching.  He went around the group and blessed certain people by marking them on the forehead.  They were chosen to be his light-workers.   In the previous session, she began to channel him and I began to cry because of the beautiful energy in the room.  I asked if she could telepathically connect with him so that we could speak.

(Starting at 15:33)
Michael: I am wondering if you have anything to share with any of us today?

Yeshua: Yes. There is going to be an energy coming soon.  It’s going to open up the minds of people that are awakening. It is going to cause a large wave of energy to flow across the whole Earth and light people up that have the knowledge.Michael: Wonderful!  Tell me more about it, please.Yeshua: It’s going to give people a stronger energy.  It’s going to connect them together telepathically and mentally.  It’s going to be the first of many waves of this to happen. So, this is just going to be a base to lay down. Then it’s going to happen again a few days later.  The next one is unclear if it is going to be in a few months. Maybe, 3 or 4 months again this will happen. Each layer will give those who are awakening more and more energy to work together, and to heal, and to awaken more and more people. This strong energy is going to come with a slight price. There will be more and more dark forces coming up and people will just have to stand strong and shine their light against.  The light always outshines the darkness. So you needn’t fear. All you need to do is ground down and stand strong against it and it will not hurt you.  If you show signs of weakness and your light dims and your fear creeps in, then it might attach to you but it’s not going to hurt you.  You just need to stand strong.They will just, they may feel effects afterward, like, I wanna say flu-like effects. They might feel drained. If you could advise them to rest. Just rest. It’s going to feel like severe fatigue…being drained.  Just take naps. Rest. Drink plenty of water. Then it’s going to happen a few days later.  Then in a few more months, maybe April on the 22nd, it is going to happen again. It will keep happening every few months.  The energy healings will happen and will align with astrological events.  Either full or new moons each time.Ron: We were told on the 19th may we need to be in a meditation at a high place at 3 pm PST.  Is this true?Yeshua: Yes… and I’m also feeling 3 days after that as well. The 22nd…
Michael: May 22nd?
Yeshua: Yes.  Each wave that is coming through is going to be a stronger energy healing.  Everyone needs to be in a meditative state, at some point, during that day. They need to attune themselves to Source and meditate to receive the upgraded energy. I would say, even those who are elderly, even if people pray that day they will receive some of the energy.  They will not receive it as strongly as you or others but they will receive some.Michael: Some people that are not spiritual but believe in God and Jesus, will they receive this energy as well?Yeshua: They may not. It’s going to depend individually on each person and their strength of spiritual belief. They also need to cleanse their bodies. So those who are eating very poorly, it is going to be more difficult to give them energy healing. It’s going to be difficult to reach some people that we want to reach, the Masters and I.  Some people have been just blinded by society and are eating the wrong things.  We wish we could reach more people.  
For some people, it will be hard to believe that I am talking with Jesus here.  The energy is vibrant and always brings tears to me eyes.  I am BUZZED after these sessions and have to consciously ground in the energy.  The following texts describe the life of Jesus in a way that brings more Light and wisdom to the life of this teacher. Enjoy!

The Essene Gospel of Peace: http://www.essene.com/GospelOfPeace/peace1.html
Jesus and the Essenes: http://www.ozarkmt.com/jesus-and-the-essenes-e-book
They Walked with Jesus: http://www.ozarkmt.com/store/author-name/dolores-cannon/they-walked-with-jesus-e-book

Channeled through another client during a Quantum Healing Session
Michael: What can you share about the eye that neither of us knows about yet?
Subconscious: They eye is a new connection. The eye will strengthen her connection with her guide and your connection with your guides.  You will remember more about your past lives and she will remember more about the things she needs to remember. That she came here to remember. The eye will help with that.  It is a portal. It is an opening. Part of what she is going through physically is a stretching. It’s in the brain and stretching her so that she can be ready for this connection. It causes her anxiety.  She can just breathe through it and know that all is well. 
Michael: Is there more that you would like to share with us.
SC: She needs to breathe and continue to breathe. You too. Let the connections happen and trust the connections when they happen.
Michael: Will we physically see the Eye?
SC: You will see it in your chakra, in your mind’s eye. You will see it there but the world won’t see it.  It is like a private eye (laughter). For the ascending ones to make their connection stronger
Michael: What should we tell the world about the eye?
SC: Tell the world to get into Love and Light and sit in quietude and connect to their eye.  The eyes are all connected. Everyone’s eyes are connected but everyone has to connect (consciously) if they want to participate. Free will is free will. So if they don’t want to participate it is not going to forced upon them. But those who want to participate need to quiet and focus on their inner eye and they will all be connected and everybody will SEE more.
Michael: DO people have to be spiritually minded to be ascending or can they be unaware?
SC: Awakenings will continue. It helps if they are aware. Awakenings will continue. No one will be turned away who wants this.  It’s not a judgment. It’s not a good or bad. It’s an individual choice that people choose to connect or not connect.


 I feel that I need to share with you the amount of work I have to do on myself to be able to share this publicly. ​ Sharing this information is uncomfortable for me.  What comes from my client’s sessions is so otherworldly and far out.  My faith is being tested and I am starting to run full force into the challenge.
If this information is correct, we are about to go through some rapid changes.  I think it is safe to say that everyone feels the energy rising.  Synchronicity is happening more frequently.  Repeating numbers are popping up everywhere. The time between desire and physical manifestation is grows shorter and shorter. The matrix is changing.
All of us are at different stages of our awakening and our return to Love.  Everyone I talk to is going through shifts on all levels of their being.  We are being refined and transformed into our Higher Selves/Christ-Self/Buddha Self/Divine Self.  I am learning deeper levels of surrender as I give into the changes and place my faith in the divine perfection of Life.  Sometimes my issues are right in my face and I am learning to breathe through it and open myself to love.
I spend a lot of time putting this information together, purely volunteering. This is pure devotional work.  I am risking my reputation, my relationships, my credibility and who knows what else.  I am doing this in hopes that it is helpful for anyone who is open to the information.
Beloved Ones, it is time to take our wisdom out and share our Light with all that we meet.  It seems as though the dress rehearsal is over and the show is about to begin.  


What I understand about The Eye

We believe that this energy wave is going to connect the ascending humans, the awakened ones, telepathically so that we can support each other during this time of transition. This is going to be a powerful cellular repair process and DNA activation. You will find that you shed deep-seated feelings of doubt and fear. This is going to open the heart to love and unity.  We are about to activate this world’s largest collaboration.  Fun!These changes happen regularly on the planet in cycles that measure in thousands, millions, and probably billions of years. They are cosmic seasons just like we experience the shift from Winter to Spring.  During a past life regression, a client saw how certain oracles would receive information from spiritual allies and broadcast that information out to other oracles who would pass the information to others people in their communities telepathically.  This is how we are going to be moved to places we are needed and places that are the safest for us.This also means that we are going to be able to coordinate things much faster.  I am imagining this to be the trans-dimensional social networking system we always wanted.  I am picturing a web of light connecting all of us across Gaia as well as the sacred sites.  I have had a hunch that we are going to evolve to a state that we can consciously engage with the ley lines/dragon lines/song lines to communicate with each other.  


Download this map to explore the UVG grid: http://www.vortexmaps.com/hagens-grid-google.php
Deya Dova has information on her site and galactic electronic music. 
If you receive information, TRUST IT.  Information from our guides and higher aspects is loving and supportive.  You will feel an expansion of energy that meant to inspire you to take action on the information you receive.  You do not need to understand the information consciously.  Your heart will understand. Our spiritual allies have a bigger perspective of what is going on.  Trust your intuition. Follow your heart and energy.
I was told that I would remember more about my past lives and my client would be connected to one of her guides so that she can channel information from her. I believe that we are about to get a stronger and clearer connection to the spirit realm and to our soul’s history.  This information is to be used to WAKE UP THE MASSES.
This wormhole acts as a telescope for the beings on the other side of it to look into the Earth reality to see how things are progressing on Earth with the new energies and upgrades.  It is like a scientist using a microscope to observe a petri dish.  The higher beings are looking at what is growing here. Love? Fear? Trust? Doubt? Connection? Unity?
It was surprising for me to hear that people may leave the Earth for a short time and return when The Eye returned on the 24th.  They will be be going to the other side of the wormhole to be be with the beings there to be examined and learned from.  They will return within a few days unharmed.  I bet they would have unique stories to tell!
They said to be selective with who you share 5D information to once you have had revelations.  It may activate fear within the person. This would create fear of spirituality and magic, which would inhibit what we truly want.  Unity and Togetherness.
There will most likely be many people experiencing things that they cannot explain and did not see coming.  Those of you who are aware of multi-dimensional experiences will be of great use at this time.  Your wisdom will be needed for those who do not understand.  Stay grounded. Do child’s pose or other grounding practices frequently. I see this as the graduation from training and the initiation into our major roles as guides during this time. Rest when you need it.
There will be information waiting for us on that day in the ethers.  If you are not meditating daily yet, it is very important that you start. Be sure to make time to sit in prayerful meditation in the mornings. As you sit quietly with yourself, open your heart and reach upward through the crown of your head to connect with higher realms of wisdom.  This is a mediation I recorded a few months ago for those who want to open their energy channels to hold more Light.

Let’s work together. Let’s take care of each other.  Let’s remember the truth of our Unity and the unconditional love of Source and our spiritual and galactic allies.
In Divine Light

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