You are currently viewing 12:12 Cosmic Golden Omega Gateway of Ascension ~ The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins

12:12 Cosmic Golden Omega Gateway of Ascension ~ The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins

12:12 Cosmic Golden Omega Gateway of Ascension ~ The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Star Nations of our Galactic Lineage of Infinite Light

Happy 12:12 Cosmic Golden Gateway and Holy Day of the Virgin our Lady of Guadalupe!

Through today’s Galactic Portal opening Gaia and all her Children of the Sun received a Flash of pulsing higher vibrations directly from the Great Central Sun. We witnessed many light codes appearing on the Schumann charts with an amplitude spike at 15 hz. Fifth Dimensional Energies flowing in.

The Blue Ray of Healing and Rejuvenation from the Divine Feminine Holy Waters are flowing through the Divine Union of the Path of the Eagle and the Condor as all come together and merge in the Center of the Sacred Hoop of Life.

The Blue Pearl opens the Sacred Portal which leads to the Pure Land of the Clear Light of Bliss. The Crystal Palace as the Cave at the Center of the Brain resonates with the Music of the Spheres and descends to occupy the Emerald Heart for our full transformation and Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human Being as homo-Luminous, Light Beings of the Noosphere of Unity Consciousness.

All things are being perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. In this Great Awakening we are releasing and liberating all Sentient Beings from Samsara, the wheel of birth and death. All cycles are transitioning to the spatial Pure Awareness of higher consciousnessΒ  as all is coming to fruition of the LightWork of many Starseeds through many timelines and dimensions in this Now.

The Heavenly Energy flows smoothly through all our Gridworkers as we fully anchor in the Holy Spirit of the Gold Ray of the Christos Sophia and transform this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be…A’Ho!






New Galactic Frameworks. LOTS of Meetings over the Past Few Days. Timeline Zero in FULL Effect. #overture 🀍🀍🀍
the Virgin our Lady of Guadalupe
the Virgin our Lady of Guadalupe


UPDATE. Allow. You are ok to change. You are finding your inner peace now through embracing the path of the unknown, the road of the alluring, inviting discomfort. Your future self will thank you for doing & feeling what you are feeling now. You are ready to change a cycle. The Universe will respond accordingly. You are wise. Brave and strong. Spirit is guiding you. The pain of this chapter will not continue.
Cosmic Gateway
Cosmic Gateway
Infinite Blessings in this Sacred Portal
12-12. All focused on LOVE and gratitude for GAIA. πŸ’™
“I call upon the purification, love, mercy and forgiveness of Cosmic Light like a diamond- shining crystal to flow through me.”
Cleanse my physical vehicle, emotional fields, brain and thought patterns, and body of light from all discordive activity, from the first separation until now. I hold this purification activity throughout my ascension process
Sacred Portal
Sacred Portal
Glory, Glory, Glory BE!! WE. ((ONE))
I so love you, beloved friends!!!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🀍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

12:12 and the Golden Gateway… 🌟🌈🌟

So much symbolism and layers upon layers rich, Divine imagery…
12:12 = 3:3 Christ Consciousness/Empress/Divine Child Creation
This is the LOVE vibration… the Christed Union, as above so below…
If you close your eyes and place your hands over your heart and solar plexus, right over left and breathe into this space you may the expansion of the Sacred Soul Chakra… the space in the center of our body that is the RECEIVING point for EXPANSION into the ONE HEART of the BELOVED WITHIN… envision the INFINITY symbol encompassing your entire being and connecting within the center of your body…. The Sacred Soul awakening… breathe deeply…
Masculine and Feminine merge here… a Divine dance within you… bring up Mother Earth… allow Father Sprit to descend… this is where the magic merger bursts into the Supernova of your Soul, your true essence as a Holy being remembered…. breathe…
If you are a 6 (33) life path, like me, this will be and extra potent day of experiencing the dance of the Beloved within. Enjoy ❀
Oceans of Aloha,
Ameera Beth Mer Healer ~ Star of the Sea 🌟🌊~Keeper of the Atlantean Flame πŸ”±πŸ”₯
Golden Gateway
Golden Gateway

Maureen Moss

Blessed 12-12 to All. This is a beautiful day to be in Presence with an open Heart. Spiraling waves of Divine Consciousness and continually flowing Adamantine Particles of High Frequency Potential gently assist us to move into a field of Light and of Love ever increasing, day by day on the way into and through Solstice.
Through our union with this Gateway and merging with the coherent frequencies in Love, as Love and with Love each will be further assisted to maximize and acclimate to this quantum quickening upon us.
Both Yeshua and Mary Magdalene have spoken of this time as a wedding of Light and of Love solidified in body. The key Mother Mary has said is, “our commitment every hour to Uphold your Love, be in gratitude and allow the Heart and Mind of God to overlay your other and Christed Consciousness to Prevail as yours. Place your concerns and perceived burdens on the Holy Altar and BE at Peace. It is then you will feel an expansive quickening and accept nothing less than your God Self/your Higher Self to go forward and fan the flames of Freedom.
Blessings and Love to All,
Spiraling waves of Divine Consciousness
Spiraling waves of Divine Consciousness

Ra James

Happy 12:12 Portal! Today opens a major doorway. We have moved into a major Energy Gateway until the Solstice which is 12:21. During this 10 day space expect to receive a huge influx of Light Codes from our Great Central Sun. The Winter Solstice is such a powerful time for the Planet. Dec 21st we will shift into Capricorn Season. This is the sign of the sea goat.
Venus also just moved into Capricorn a couple of days ago, where it will stay until Jan 2nd. This may be making things about your love life right now. You may be feeling extra serious about things regarding love right now. The 12:12 Portal is a Gateway into Union for Soulmates and Twin Flames. Expect major heart chakra activations. The Summer and Winter Solstices are the gates of souls descending into this life, down to Earth or souls ascending out of this life, passing on to the Heavens. Cancer is the Gate of Descent and the door into incarnation, and Capricorn is the Gate of Ascent and the door out of incarnation.
That means we have souls coming and going in these spaces, and why you feel so much Spirit Energy. The Winter Solstice is a time to really go within to heal and reflect. That’s because it’s the darkest of the year right now. This is a time for Initiation. To be raised from the dead into the Mysteries. During this time we are aligned with our Galactic Center. Right now all the major Galactic Star Systems are also on display.
The rest of this month is an amazing time to look for The Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion. We are in the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower until the 15th. The Geminids come from a massive amount of dust from Astroid 3200 Phaethon. This is one of the few Meteor Storms to come from an Astroid. The next couple of weeks are so powerful for anchoring in our timelines for 2023. All about what you’re bringing through and manifesting right now…




Dear friends, today 12/12 marks the official arrival of the 12:12 light codes, although their presence around us has been felt for a few days already. Today, the intensity of the information contained within these light codes reaches its climax. This work started by the 12:12 crystalline codes will continue for a few more days, and then next week the Solstice portal 12:21 awaits for us.
Our bodies have been absorbing, processing, and integrating these 12:12 codes of light into our energy fields night and day, and this process requires a lot of energy. It is for this reason that many of you are experiencing periods of lethargy, a need for more sleep, dry mouth, and other physical and emotional symptoms. Our nervous system may also be showing a few signs: mild dizziness, lack of focus, memory issues, and visual issues. Integrating the high frequency codes of the 12:12 portal requires a big shift within our being. We are literally rewriting our energetic structure, creating more space within our energy fields so that more Light can become anchored within us. We are literally undergoing a metamorphosis at the subatomic level.
We are changing, and we are becoming. We are creating more coherence within our physical and spiritual selves, so that the divine light the resides within each single one of us can be expressed fully and without barriers into the world. The 12:12 codes are assisting us individually and collectively to create a new earth more aligned with the loving principles anchored in 5D.
Those of you who have been working with these 12:12 crystalline lightcodes for many years will notice that in this particular year the work has deepened significantly. There’s an acceleration of the process of inner change and evolution. We are clearing ancient linage limiting patterns that have been with us since eons ago. These deep releases can be felt quite heavily within our physical bodies. Please take care of yourselves, as always. But even those who are just recently starting with this evolutionary and energetic work can feel the shifts inside. It’s all about reawakening to our true essence, remembering that we are Love, and manifesting this perennial truth into our world. We are leaving behind restrictive old ways of behaving, and we are moving into lighter and more expansive conscious ways of being.
May you have a wonderful and enriching 12:12 portal, and a great week ahead filled with insights, understanding, and a renewed commitment to your higher new timelines of reality.
Much love ❀️
Diego E. Berman 2022 β’Έ
121222 portal
121222 portal


Devyani Singh ~Isis Channelings

βš•οΈ12;12- The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins

β™ŽWe have reached the Golden Omega Gateway of 12:12-21;12 . It was first opened on 12;12-21;12 of 2012 which brought in the Divine Feminine Codes of Awakening , Sacred Remembrance, ReConnection to her Ancient Divine Legacy and Her Resurrection. Today, I’m told we have reached the Omega Gateway!!
βš•οΈThis is the Gateway of the Divine Twins- Isis & Nephythys, Hathor & Sekhmet, Nekhbet & Wadjet, Kali and Serket, Seshat & Ma’at !! Can you feel the energies surging through your being……The Heat of Expansion, The Passion of The Kundalini , The Power of The Shakti, The Crescendo of Enlightened Climax……That’s The Sacred Dance of The Twins..the Thrust and Flow of Pure Energy , LifeForce , Passion , Joy , Ecstasy and Enlightenment. (As Within, So Without)
✨This is the Sacred Source of Wisdom, Healing, CoCreation and Manifestation!!
β˜€οΈThis 12;12-21;12 Gateway culminates on Solstice 21;12- The Resurrection/ Birth.
β™₯️Resurrection of The Sacred Feminine as the Sacred Union of The Solar (Isis) and Lunar (Nephthys), The Mother/ Empress (Isis) and High Priestess (Nephthys). This is the Resurrection of the Crone Wisdom (Nekhbet) through the Bloodlines and Ancestral Lines (Wadjet). This is the Resurrection of Womb Power (Hathor) through Courage, Resilience and Determination (Sekhmet). This is The Resurrection of The Ancient Codes of Divine Law Order and Harmony (Ma’at) via the fortification and rebuilding of the Ancient Pillars of Foundation (Seshat). This is the Resurrection of the Sovereign , Independent , Powerful agent of Agency (Kali) who needs no outside agency of Protection (Serket)!!!
πŸ’«When the Divine Feminine resurrects, the Masculine follows suit ….and not a moment before….for it is the Goddess that Births the God/ Divine Child / The Sun / The New Light/ The New Age!!!
β™₯️✨Goddess Blessings✨β™₯️!!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins
The Resurrection and The Sacred Dance of The Twins
Ramona Lappin

Ramona Lappin


RELAX and KNOW THAT IT IS DONE! FOR IT IS SO! We’re done waiting, so NOW WE RISE! πŸ”₯
As we re-member that all of this has been a projection of THE ONE Consciousness. A dream within a dream… NOW WE FULLY AWAKEN AS ONE from the dream of forgetfulness, all illusions, delusions, false projections and perceptions fully dissolve now, as the New Divine Child births forth the New Cosmic Consciousness. Re-member anything can and is possible now and about to shift and change in a really BIG way, within the blink of an eye, in no-time whatsoever. πŸ˜‰
LET GO & LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN, through you/ us/ we as ONE, through the power of True Divine Love.
Eternal Love,
Ramona πŸ’™
And So It Is!..12:12 is a powerful energetic portal in which intense waves of photonic light, frequency and vibration are ushered into the planetary recesses pertaining to Universal consciousness.
We can receive a direct connect influx from our Divine SELF as Divine Plasmic Light encodements, increasing the photonic light information held in our 12- strand DNA.
Visualise your True Self Floating within a sea of plasma Fluidity Plasma codes abound
Each 12:12 ~ 21:12 Solstice phase there is a window of opportunity in which we can rewrite our DNA 🧬 Master codex beyond any and all blueprints and timelines instated at conception.
Through the Grace of the ever-living Divine Presence within you, a portal opens on December 12 offering an initiation into Divine Light ~
As The Quintessence of who we innately are.
As the vibrational frequency of the 12:12 resonates, your Merkabic field is activated. The MerKaBa is a vehicle, as a Divine Light Being in human form.
This Divine golden gateway is ignited in re-mem-brance of who we are and what we hold beyond all time, all dimensions and space as a Return to Grace and Godhood on New True Earth.
This is a time to celebrate and vibrate as who you truly are, authentically being in the True Earth Reality now.
On this day and in the lead up, build up to Solstice Still Point, experience and enjoy as a divine dispensation, the Universal frequencies spirallng through you. Ask that your divine MER KA and BA integrates this 12th dimensional Gold Ray of Universal Spirallic Consciousness now.
Not as dimensional identities, roles within evolutionary / revolutionary and devolutionary rounds, but God Spark ignition pointed elipses of exchange in aeternum.
Re-mem-ber universal cycles pertain to integrating our all beyond labels – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Therefore this may be perceived as simultaneously a descension and an ascension process, concurrently occurring, as we are eternalling spiral into spherical consciousness, releasing linear time constraints and the need for accessing through the limitations of a step by step process in linear time.
Dimensions and densities are simply a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. However these are simply aspects and facets, we co-exist in all simultaneously through omni dimensional and omni faceted states of being.
In short, the particular skin suit or suitable uniform required. Yet you are none of these things and all of what orchestrates this.
Bear Witness to this Truth.
Remain the observer in the collective unconsciousness fields and streams.
12:12 is a window of opportunity for all, to step forth beyond the veil of time and vibrate in Omniversal states of consciousness. When we release operating by angles, degrees and by increments, we are free to Be.
Always remember-mem-ber and never forget who you are and what you hold.
Ask for the totality of who you are to be reinstated in the fluidity of your current consciousness stream as a blessing and ask for this to be alchemised at a vibrational rate you can assimilate and absorb.
In this way you are honouring the fullness of the Source being that you are, and are in 12:12 Universal Consciousness with the physical form of your Local Universe.
And while we are at it, it only takes one step more to ground and alchemise and send this intent out to all kingdom collectives, and as a gratitude blessing for our beloved Gaia.
Perceive now the 12×12 = 144 inexorable fractalisation of the Krystic crystalline grids flowing within, around and throughout our planetary entry and exit points, igniting as a tri-fold flame of Divine Love, Power & Wisdom alchemised as One – A Divine Eternal Heart Flame in the hearts and minds of All.
May the unfurlment of the golden pine cone within be The Present you gift yourself this Krystic Mass
And So It Is
12:12 Universal Consciousness Blessings, Raeline Sqs Brady
DNA Master codex
DNA Master codex

~Divine Energy Works

12-12 Cosmic Gateway of Ascension aligns us with the Galactic Center, the Great Central Sun, into 12-21 December Solstice. We are moving into the Alignment with the Galactic Center at 27Β° Sagittarius. The 12-12 Portal of Ascension is a Doorway to Higher Dimensions, bringing very high vibrational frequencies to further assist the Awakening of the Collective, with the high levels of Transmission of Intergalactic Plasma Waves and Source Solar Coding, carrying Crystalline Consciousness, with the synchronicity energetic encoding – 1212, 122, 212, 121, 1221 12222; 121222 – streaming in. This Portal is carryin the energy of Self-Mastery and connection to the 12th chakra -the steIlar Gateway, which is located 12 inches above the head – Gateway to the Stars and Higher Frequencies, and facilitating 12 x 12 Interdimensional DNA Integration.
12 strands of DNA X 12 layers of Interdimensional energy, surrounding each strand, connects us to 12 Dimensions and brings very powerful, multilayered healing, deep Connection and Alignment with our Higher Self. This opens Gateway to the Zero Point Galactic Energy of the cycles of Completion of the old timelines and the beginnings of New Cycles of Infinite Potential. There is a Double Energy of Completion of Old cycles and opportunity to release old fears, beliefs and behaviors, in preparation to enter the fresh path and New Beginnings.
Cosmic Gateway of Ascension
Cosmic Gateway of Ascension





12/12 Awakenings
For the Current Activations are Enabling Rapid phases of Light Healing. Quantum adjustments to the Current Timeline.
As a Wayshower, we ask you to Start Each Day with A focus point of Your True Mission Of Light.
Know the coming days until January 1 are wonderful opportunities to Reach This Steady Point of Light Acceleration.
Simply Awaken Each Day with the Intention To Be Heart Focused in Your Daily Thoughts and Actions.
Be in a space of Empathy and Light
Have Compassion For Those Asleep
Understand as a Wayshower, your Role is to assist the building of Light Layers in our current Dimension.
Focused Intention of Heart Centered Unity, is the true Light Force of Universal Creation.
As You Become more sensitive, more aware of Light Interactions, you become more attuned to the pathway before you.
The Pathway is to Reach a True Space of Compassion Beyond the global Narrative
Crystalline Light Frequency, New Earth Awareness
With Love, as the steady streams of Advanced Light are flowing, Radiating, Shining.
Thank you Artist πŸ™πŸ’₯
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika
Crystal Vibrational Healer
Light Channel
1212 Awakenings
1212 Awakenings
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Our Tribe is rising into powerful leadership positions on this powerful 1212 Portal day. Who and what’s been holding us back from this level of success has been cleared from our energy field. With confidence and determination we can move ahead, unstoppable.

Our Star Family is surrounding us now bringing a collective group clarion call. They are here to usher us into our new timeline, and new roles in the new time, space, continuum. Have faith that karmic obstacles are being removed so we can come together Soul Family, and ascend through the Omega Stargate that is now open.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you πŸ•Š Love Carolyn



Dorje Meditation
Dorje Meditation

Adrienne Elise


Venus moved into the sign of Capricorn yesterday. Mercury and Venus in Capricorn is trying to bring a sense of direction and motivation. But with Mars still retrograde in Gemini, we are going no where, fast.

The Sun in Sagittarius is coming into square with Neptune in Pisces, amplifying this lost in the woods feeling. We are uncovering the false personality constructs from the past that have been keeping us going in circles and loops. We are facing all of our subconscious fears of moving forward, with the Sun square Neptune and Jupiter lingering at 29 degrees Pisces. It’s a last dip into the dark ages. But it’s time to come up for air. Soon.

Tomorrow, Mercury will enter retrograde shadow in Capricorn. Mercury will turn retorgrade on December 29th, for an extended, almost three month stay in Capricorn. We are getting our head on straight around external authority and our own autonomy.

Mercury will make three squares with Chiron during this retrograde cycle, the first of which happens this week. Chiron is hanging out at 11 degrees, about to turn direct on December 23rd. 11 is a number of ‘facing off’. Aries is ruled by our warrior planet, Mars. It’s a war for the freedom and soverignty of humanity on Earth. We must get wise to, and stand up against, the transhuman agenda, before it’s too late.

This is the energy of Aries, a fight for life. It’s the mustering of what’s left of the energy of the organism, in order to completely throw off the disease.Venus will come into square with Chiron next week, just a few days before the Solstice. It’s a fight for life and living for the feminine who is ready and waiting to take her power back.

Chiron in Aries represents wounds from where we sacrificed or lost our life, while we were fighting for freedom. It represents deep grief from where we surrendered our truth to outside authority, or got killed trying to stand up to it. There’s been enough war now, and blood spilt in this dark controlled matrix agenda.Mercury will square up with Chiron two more times in January, once when retrograde and again at the end of the month after turning direct on January 19th. Now is when we take back our world.

This is right around the same time that the Sun in Sagittarius will pass over the Galactic Center. It’s time to step into our true human destiny, and finally make the leap to spiritually evolve, beyond external control. We are moving into the Aquarian Age. There is a New Moon at 1 degree 33 minutes of Capricorn on December 23rd, the same day that Chiron turns direct. It’s time to claim our birthright, our Soverignty.

Jupiter moves over into Aries on Dec. 20th/21st, just in time for the Solstice. The Sun, moving into Capricorn, will be exactly square to Jupiter, at 0 degrees Aries. This Sun square Jupiter will be a powerful tension and release, a portal opening. This square resolves around Christmas Day. Be ready to leap ahead in new directions, like a slingshot.

1212 portal opened
1212 portal opened
Sun in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius – Take a moment to look back over the course of your life to see how far you have come. Acknowledge your accomplishments and all the trials and tests it took to achieve them. What limited you in the past no longer needs to hold you back. You are capable. You’ve GOT this! Say it out loud if you doubt it, even for a minute.
There is an opportunity now to build on your experience, to reach even greater heights. With strong self-discipline and a willingness to commit, you can manifest your vision. Give yourself the structure and support you need. Take yourself seriously and be accountable. Dignity and integrity flow from self-respect. The key to successful self-expression is consistency. Let go of worries about getting older. Wisdom and maturity are luminous gifts. Time is a great teacher.
Degrees and Times
Sun 20Β°Sg41′, Saturn 20Β°Aq41′ – 18:12 (UT)
Β© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Grandmother by Albert Anker


12:12:22, 7-Akabal/Night

The gate to the old closes on the old self…
The Hopi Blue Corn is planted today…
…the memory of the corn will bring the memory of the water in the rain to unite and grow life, our intentions through prayer bring the fertility…
The LIGHT within supports the LIGHT of itself to grow, you are always transcending the duality of your perfectly flawed imperfections, the memory of your Seed is growing you to be true to the Will of Cosmic Source, in this process you are being shown how to transcend in truth to the natural order of Divine Time, the natural order of Divine Time is encoded in the organic non manipulated corn seed, we are made of corn, each corn seed is a LIGHT shining like a star.
…the most important information of the LIGHT is continually being repeated, but each time on a more higher advanced level, as we start to awaken to the understandings of this Cosmic information, that the 9th Wave frequency activation can be understood to align to, the imprints of duality on our emotional body heal, the heart opens and the LIGHT of Creation enters, old destructive patterns of behavior are transmuted, although resistance can cause pain and dis-ease…
…as we complete our processes we are able to CLOSE THE GATE on the old immature self, if we do not process our stuff internally we may repeat the old story and attract problems…
…what the energies are doing is transforming our LIGHT BODY, our physical density is changing and being made into the purest of Cosmic Source Light, this is Evolution…
WE ARE EVOLVING TO BE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS OF UNIVERSAL LIGHT, CONSCIOUS IN PHYSICAL FORM, the reason and purpose is to be internally at peace, for Universal Peace on a multidimensional level…
…time is always ascending and evolving it’s Creation over the horizons, the natural processes take the last success to the newest efforts, we are completing a Divine process that began billions of years ago, the original Cosmic Source intentions in the beginning are coming to fruition now, our maturity allows us to close the gate to a great gestation cycle, reflected in the 9 Level Pyramids of the Maya and Aztec…
….as we close the gate we realize we have had to process unresolved things to be able to do this, by doing this all of a sudden we feel lighter and we understand things on a higher level. Now that the gate is closed to the old a new beginning starts, the gate of the new open, initiating new organic heart centred growth, the new phenomenon from the collective unconscious comes to the surface…
To begin anew we need to complete our unresolved processes, we do this so we don’t have excess baggage that might weigh us down.
Creation is ascending herself over the ultimate horizon, surrendering the duality of your mind is key…in this way the immature imprints of duality on the emotional body are transcended, to unify all in the ONENESS of time.
7-Akabal/Night, reveals & recreates unity, in the 120th 18 day cycle of LIGHT, of the 9th Wave Universal Frequency…
Sean Caulfield
Hopi Blue Corn
Hopi Blue Corn

Kin 208 ~ Yellow Cosmic Star

β€˜Cosmic’ is the name for the number thirteen and its keywords are β€˜Transcend, Endure and Presence’. It’s the last day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell and we have all been on missions, even those who were not conscious of it. The 13th day is always tough and enduring. There’s a lot to take in and process. The number 13 is powerful but with that power comes a price and it’s not unlucky, just intense and of course that entirely depends on what day it combines with.
Today is the Yellow Star which is the symbol of β€˜Beauty, Art and Elegance’. The β€˜Cosmic’ star invites us to β€˜Transcend beautifully or Endure for Art’. We can all shine like stars today but it takes effort. This is not a recipe for a laid back chilled out day. Get up, go out and see the beautiful world we all sometimes take for granted. Transcend through the beauty of nature and fill yourself up with some beautiful vibes. We are all stars of the Cosmos! The last day of a wavespell is like the final destination of a journey that had 13 stops along the way. The β€˜Yellow Warrior to Yellow Star’ express was a wild ride that brought us here which is quite a beautiful place! How was your trip?
The Guide today is the Yellow Human who has great intuition. When in the guiding position, it is showing us how we can better navigate our own path, by following our natural instincts. So, from the Cosmos download what you need to know so you may sparkle!
The Challenge is the White Mirror which is the symbol of reflecting truth. Don’t believe everything you hear today, take things with a pinch of salt. If you are a Mirror, today will be more enduring for you, than the rest of us. Our challenges are meant to address imbalances and so whatever your challenge is, use that opportunity every 20 days, to face it head on.
The Occult power is Red Skywalker who is the essence of curiosity, adventure and courage. Always the first to be out the door on an impulse, the Skywalker wants to discover and explore and when in this position, it is magic which he is experimenting with. Be bold everyone, it can be fun to discover new things.
The Ally is the Blue Monkey and so if you need a friend today, they are great fun to hang out with. Monkeys just love sparkly, shiny things and this is why he adores Yellow Stars. If you are a Blue Monkey, you’ll be in a friendly mood today and willing to lend a helping hand.
Kin 208
Kin 208


13 LAMAT – KIN 208
12 DECEMBER 2022
🌟12:12 PORTAL🌟
Transcending Art
I seal the store of elegance
With the Cosmic tone of presence
I AM guided by the power of Free will
12/12/2022 = 3/3/6= 6/6 =12=3
12- Spiritual strength/wisdom/learning/creative self-expression
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
✨3.6.9 – TESLA CODE✨✨ all month of DECEMBER!!!
12- Spiritual strength/wisdom/learning/creative self-expression
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 208 = 10 – Manifestation/Leadership/Authority/New Beginnings
An EXPANSIVE day of DIVINE beauty and creativity. Destiny is calling – walk through the doorways to a better world!


And so the weary RAINBOW WARRIORS arrive at the 🌟SECOND STARGATE🌟 on day 30, of our 40 day Spiritual Rite of Passage. We commenced our pilgrimage on the 11:11 portal, and then entered the first STARGATE on the 22 NOVEMBER – 22/11/22 portal – 222222 – through KIN 188 the YELLOW RHYTHMIC STAR. .
KIN 188 opened the first 🌟STARGATE🌟 enabling the authentic STAR travellers to walk through the doors, as we ORGANIZE for the NEW TIME to be laid and anchored as the TRUE PATH for humanity to follow from this day forth.
The 40 day initiation tests commenced on 11:11 the RED GALACTIC EARTH – as we reached this evolutionary marker, signifying it is the RIGHT TIME for the authentic GALACTIC travellers, to be admitted to the NEW TIME, as GAIA ASCENDS into a STAR on the SOLSTICE day – RED SOLAR EARTH – pulsing out WAVES of BLISS… very exciting. 🌊❀🌊❀🌊❀🌊
Meanwhile as we count down the remaining 10 days until Solstice 🌞– today we CELEBRATE our FEARLESS ARRIVAL through the COSMIC STARGATE.πŸ₯🌟
Day 13 is the final day in the YELLOW WARRIOR WAVESPELL🏹🌈, of fearlessly QUEST-I-ONing everything in our path, with a profound intelligence. We are disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World. Absolutely PERFECTO as we have completed 75% of our QUEST through this 40 day initiation.
Today as we close this 13 day journey with CIB, our fearless YELLOW WARRIOR, we hold the pure presence of FEARLESS intelligence. Reflecting upon our place in the Harmonic Matrix of Creation.✨✨✨
🌟🌞🌟We have journeyed FAR, from a place of battling and✨ HARM, to a NEW HARMONY! ✨☺
Our QUEST led us back to our original Divine state of Harmony and elegance, as part of this beautiful creation. Our Yellow Warrior has fearlessly forged a new path to the new world and now LAMAT 🌟 OPENS the second door and beckons us to walk through! ✨🚢✨
COSMICπŸŽ† is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence
Today you have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at your disposal to transcend the old you, the old paradigm, the old world and old reality on this SPECTACULAR 12.12.12.. DIVINE PORTAL.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
They all dissolve into the Cosmic mists!πŸ₯ We can transform them by our pure intelligent presence, translating into pure Harmony and beauty. So many DIVINE CODINGS today that you have NO CHOICE but to become a DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING through OSMOSIS, absorbing these stellar codes into every cell of your being!
We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Today we can be still, and realize the connectedness of all things through the web of creation. Transcending all but the power of pure Divine harmony and Grace, through the frequency of pure internal presence!
It is time to realign with your Universal presence and upgrade your consciousness through your new and EXPANDED Divine purpose in our Harmonic Matrix.✨✨✨
Today’s question is “How can I focus on the infinite BEAUTY that enfolds me, aligning with this new Harmonic Matrix and ascending into the NEW TIME, through pure Cosmic presence!”βœ¨πŸŒΉβ€πŸ•Šβœ¨
And so we bid adieu to CIB – the courageous YELLOW WARRIOR who has guided our QUEST through this arduous Spiritual initiation.
Through facing our greatest FEARS, and setting a true course to New Earth, finding our true North, to claim our Divine destiny. The RAINBOW WARRIOR comes home VICTORIOUS, finding the Holy Grail within his own precious HEART. πŸ†β€
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with MULUCπŸŒ› the sensitive and intuitive feminine RED MOON πŸ‘ΈGoddess, who will soften us into yielding to her Universal Waters,πŸ’¦ finding our pure HARMONIC FLOW 🌫 in this New World we are collectively creating.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your trance-send-danceπŸ’ƒ into pure Harmonic wisdom and FULL COSMICπŸ₯ ethereal PRESENCE! ✨🌟✨🌟
Aho…dear ones! Beauty and Grace awaits you now. 🌹🌹🌹
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW COSMIC STARπŸ₯ 🌟 LAMAT is the VENUS STAR ✨of beauty, elegance, grace and harmony. Today we revel in the pure presence of what such a world of beauty would look and feel like. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love,πŸ’“ compassion, harmony and peace. πŸ•Š
HOW PERFECTO that the COSMIC STAR aligns with this superbly DIVINE 12.12.12.. portal – brilliantly orchestrated SYNCHRONICITY, reflecting the ordered HARMONY, coded into our natural HARMONIC MATRIX. DIVINE CREATOR has a PLAN for GAIA’S ASCENSION and it is absolutely BRILLIANT in every detail!
THY WILL BE DONE and we are all along for the RIDE of our eternal LIVES!
✨That beautiful world is HERE NOW – the foundation has been laid… now we must fully welcome this New Way Dreaming into our everyday lives. ✨🌈🌍🌈🌎🌈🌏🌈
Our collective consciousness is shining today with greater Harmony and beauty. We can SPARKLE✨ and SHINE 🌟 through connecting with our Planetary kin, through our creative expression and Divine Service. Through creating ART, 🎨 through our body talk, via telepathy and through our EYES, revealing the deep soul connections that we are evolving into.
Pure knowingness as we experience ourselves as part of the patterns of Nature, full of STAR WISDOM. ✨ Remembering ourselves as the ancient and wise STAR beings of legend and folklore, influenced and interconnected with the movement and dances of the celestial STARS! ✨✨✨
🌟🌟🌟Use the portal of LAMAT🌟 to call forth (with sincere intention) your Higher Universal Self to merge and unite in your Galactic Mission to humanity.πŸ™πŸ•Š
It is time to CELEBRATE with our COSMIC STAR FAMILY! βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸŒ πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW COSMIC HUMAN πŸ₯😊 EB the intelligent and wise Yellow Human☺ beckons us to evolve into our pure Divine presence through alignment with Harmonic wisdom. The COSMIC HU-MAN is the higher guide today and the highest level of the human, – evolving through Divine Wisdom into attaining Cosmic Consciousness..
✨When the WARRIOR rejects his egoic desires, and aligns with the greater QUEST of humanity, he discovers the Holy Grail within his pure presence, merging into ALL THAT IS.πŸ†β€πŸ₯
The COSMIC HU-MAN receives the wisdom from his experience, by aligning his free will to the harmonic path, revealed in the beautiful elegant patterns of creation itself. The fractals, the matrices and the harmonic woven web of interconnectedness, through the web of life itself, as a SPARK πŸŽ‡of the Divine.✨🌟✨
Each spark of the Divine, can in turn influence, and truly impact, the depths of creation, just as a pebble dropped in the ocean creates a ripple effect.πŸ’¦ It is from this we learn, that when we truly are in HARMONY with the patterns of creation, then we too can influence the movement of those patterns, by co-creating consciously the greatest beauty that there is.
It is in our deepest WISDOM that we are able to influence the HARMONY of the SPHERES, to greater and greater harmonic revelationsπŸŽ΅β€¦pure symphonic music to our ears! 🎡 🎢🎡
We are collectively orchestrating a New song for Nova Terra, so that we can dance to the rhythm of a new drum!πŸ’ƒπŸŽΆ
SUPPORT: BLUE COSMIC MONKEY πŸ₯πŸ’ – CHUEN brings forth the presence of pure MAJIK todayπŸ’«πŸ’« The infinite MAJIK of CREATION, accessible throughout the vast infinite COSMOS.✨πŸ₯✨. The supreme MAJIK of feeling the beauty of being connected, as part of the Harmonic symphony🎡🎢 that is being orchestrated on our beautiful planet.
CHUEN is the great Magician, illusionist, trickstar and time traveller.. who can brilliantly utilize and apply the 3.6.9. Universal MAJIK code, and all these DIVINE codings, flowing forth through the COSMIC STARGATE today. CHUEN is a MASTER alchemist, and manifests his desired reality through the ART of PLAY. Playing with his kin, pure heartedly in a joyous and beautiful new adventure playground.
As we receive the majikal vision of what is possible for us and our planet, we can endure and transcend the limitations. Holding presence as our pure innocent Divine child, trusting in the MAJIK of our Divine Father to lead the way home again.
Our innocent growing mind, will always follow patterns built on logical harmony, to find its way into the mysteries of the universe, into the Stars. ✨ Trusting the MAJIK of Divine Spirit to guide us, to reach our highest destiny in Divine synchronic order!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED MAGNETIC SKYWALKER ☁🚢– BEN beckons us to AWAKEN, EXPLORE and EXPAND beyond all perceived limits. The fearless Warrior joins with BEN to lead us bravely to step out of our comfort zone and boldly go into new territory, revealing untold beauty and adventure.
MAGNETIC BEN enables us to attract all that is needed, to elevate our Consciousness, to embody the entire Cosmic web πŸ•Έ of Creation. 🌐
BEN shows us that the SKY’S THE LIMIT!! Or rather that there is NO LIMIT, in this endless infinite Galaxy of bountiful creation. EXPAND your presence and REACH for the STARS. ✨
It is TIME to rise up and FLY on the Cosmic Currents of consciousness. As we manifest together the highest potential for beautiful life, here on our divine planet, anchoring the BLISS πŸ’ž through bridging the pillars of HEAVEN and EARTH.πŸ’’
✨🌟✨NOTE: On SOLSTICE🌞 day 21.12.2022 – the SOLAR SKYWALKER is the HIGHER GUIDE – to the SOLAR EARTH, enabling humanity to become the DIVINE CONDUITS, anchoring this new BLISS through our bodies, realizing the NEW HEAVEN on EARTH.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE COSMIC MIRROR πŸ₯πŸ›‘– ETZNAB challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY🌹 in all things, and to hold the presence of pure POSITIVE, high vibrational frequencies in our LIGHT bodies. Surrendering to being a pure reflection of pure consciousness!
Allow the YELLOW WARRIOR and ETZNAB to use the sword of TRUTH,πŸ—‘ to cut away all that is extraneous to the endless order of consciousness. Reflecting the divine patterns of pure unadulterated TRUTH. The TRUTH shall set you FREE! πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š
The COSMIC MIRROR reveals the path, to ESCAPE the broken glass from the shattering MATRIX. As we can now SEE and REMEMBER our COSMIC ORIGINS we are FREE to soar in new realms – endlessly floating on a SEA of BLISS. Infinite multi-dimensional realms to explore with BEN.
The brave and honourable YELLOW WARRIOR has now completed his QUEST, much stronger and wiser. And now a beautiful new adventure beckons, as we enter this beautiful new world filled with infinite Cosmic LOVE…. β€πŸŒΉπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’Œ
Today’s question is “How can I focus on the infinite BEAUTY that enfolds me, aligning with this new Harmonic Matrix and ascending into the NEW TIME, through pure Cosmic presence!”βœ¨πŸŒΉβ€πŸ•Šβœ¨
And so we bid adieu to CIB – the courageous YELLOW WARRIOR who has guided our QUEST through this arduous Spiritual initiation.
Through facing our greatest FEARS, and setting a true course to New Earth, finding our true North, to claim our Divine destiny. The RAINBOW WARRIOR comes home VICTORIOUS, finding the Holy Grail within his own precious HEART. πŸ†β€
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with MULUCπŸŒ› the sensitive and intuitive feminine RED MOON πŸ‘ΈGoddess, who will soften us into yielding to her Universal Waters,πŸ’¦ finding our pure HARMONIC FLOW 🌫 in this New World we are collectively creating.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your trance-send-danceπŸ’ƒ into pure Harmonic wisdom and FULL COSMICπŸ₯ ethereal PRESENCE! ✨🌟✨🌟
Aho…dear ones! Beauty and Grace awaits you now. 🌹🌹🌹
Namaste’ πŸ™πŸ’ŸπŸ™πŸ’ŸπŸ™
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




πŸ”₯Β Implant Removal Ceremony πŸ”₯


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:






Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Raya Elyse

Beloved fellow children of Prime Creator, we come here on the 12 12 gateway with a message of transcendence. It is time now to embody the fluidity of transcendence with every breath and every step within every moment in space-time- though out the dimensional stratosphere you inhabit.
Trust that you more vast and far reaching then you could ever imagine! Indeed you are multidimensional beings.
Join us now in breathing in the sensation of expanded awareness, expanded being-ness, expanded hue-manity into the luminous and physical levels of your rainbow body.
Know your body is being activated to become a supra-physicality. With this activation you will begin to notice and utilize the program-ability of your cells down to the very molecules.
You will notice how your DNA responds to intention, affirmation, sound, colour, light, love, and vibration.
Before matter takes form it is consciousness. It is the conscious word.
Conciousness is energy that condenses into matter. It is the very structure of all you see in this world. You do not have to understand how this is so, but try to entertain the possibility of it.
It is time now to use your abilities as self aware citizens, to reclaim your roles as conscious creators here on your beloved Gaia, starting with your own human vessels.
Affirm- I AM the Christed Light in physical form.
I AM my own version of the Divine Human Template in optimal health and functionality.
I AM the owner of myself and master of my physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
I AM the true inheritor of Earth in mighty gentleness as my heart of hearts is one of pure source unconditional love.
See your aura fill with shimmering rainbow golden light from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.
Watch the light wash away all that you carry and cling to that is not in alignment with your Soul self.
See the rainbow golden waves flood into your heart-space and then down your arms and out of the palms of your hands.
See yourself extending a hand to those in your scope, so you may pass on the rainbow golden Christed energy of the awakened human.
Feel the rainbow golden waves flood into your solar plexus and energize your individual sunstars; spiralling waves of authenticity to those around you, giving subtle permission for them to do the same.
Feel the rainbow golden waves wash your sacral center, purifying your emotional body and rewriting any contracts you have, to relate or be related to, in anything less than honour, respect, reverence, and compassion.
Feel the rainbow golden waves flood into your root centre cleansing and clearing, so that your worth and value is evident and non-negotiable. That you survive and thrive is your birthright!
The rainbow golden waves now heal and renew your cellular memory, so you may recall and embrace your connection to Gaia and know with out question that all elements that make up her planetary body and atmosphere are one in the same with what comprises you.
We celebrate your being here with us!
Each of you have been a pivotal part of this grande reclamation and we are thankful for your participation. The labours you bare in this time of cleansing do not go unnoticed. We assure you that it will all be worth it.
Hang tight dear ones, perseverance will win.
All this has a higher motive you see, to liberate you from the ties of outmoded and corrupt systems and enterprise.
Systems that leach life force, and use up humans, animals, plants and minerals as resources to monetize, and to feed upon, as they are ceaselessly voracious.
They dangle the necessities of life just out of reach so that you compromise and objectify yourselves for the purposes of mere survival.
They knew that there would be an end to this game and are yet unwilling to face the music and allow the coming changes. They will eventually have no choice but to let go of control, but by the looks of it, will cling desperately until the final moments.
That is where you come in..
What if every action you took, every decision you made was based fully in honouring your worth? It is time now to take back your value, to stop selling yourselves short.
Transcribe a new set of standards to adhere to. Let no action be taken that diminishes or compromises you.
For example; you may decide that what you do for a living is not your thing. Or you may decide that your role as caretaker leaves you with little to go on.
With every decision, great or small, we encourage you to take your inherent pricelessness into consideration.
You will find as a happy bonus; that with the recognition of your worth, and actions taken from that standpoint, affluence becomes second nature.
It is up to you to set the bar high, all else will fall into place.
It is an honour to accompany you through this transition beloveds.
Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Raya Elyse, originally channeled on December 12, 2017 but guided to share now as it remains applicable.
Art- White Tara, gratitude to the artist πŸ™
White Tara
White Tara

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