You are currently viewing Sun Enters Taurus ~ Holy Grail of Gaia ~ Monadic Earth Chakra ~ Andromeda is our Original Solar System ~ Emerald Awakening

Sun Enters Taurus ~ Holy Grail of Gaia ~ Monadic Earth Chakra ~ Andromeda is our Original Solar System ~ Emerald Awakening

Sun Enters Taurus ~ Holy Grail of Gaia ~ Monadic Earth Chakra ~ Andromeda is our Original Solar System ~ Emerald Awakening



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Vision Keepers of our New Earth Dreaming

Today the Sun moves into the Earth sign of Taurus as we prepare for tomorrow’s major conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

These Celestial alignments are ushering in our Great Shift of the Ages into the Satya Yuga of the New Golden Age and our New Kingdom of Heaven upon the New Earth. All Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 have been in preparation for many lifetimes, timelines and dimensions for many millennia for the Grand Cosmic Event of the Activation and Rising of our New Lemuria and Ascension Timelessness of Eternal Bliss and Peace for all Sentient Beings of the Way.

Our local Solaris continues to send Gaia and all her Children of the Sun New Codes of Creation to assist on our Ascension Path releasing 9 C Class Solar Flares and 2 more M Class Flares today, the most powerful maxing at M 2.17 at 4:53 UTC.

We also had more white columns of light on the Schumann Charts today as Pachamama’s Heartbeat reached amplitudes of 21hz, 22 hz, 30 hz and a big blast of light at 61 hz. Fifth Dimensional Higher Energetics fully anchored in and rising.

We are in the final phases as we reach the precipice of our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous, Lightbodies of Infinite Light and Infinite Life…A’Ho!








Andromeda is our Original Solar System and this “Fall” from her represents the Archetypal Adam / Eve story on Earth.
Major Earth changes underway as our Planet + Galaxy enters the LAST Phase of re: Connection with the Divine Mother.
Her true power is her SOVEREIGNTY!
The Disconnection from our Original Source.
and NOW this Re: connection of the Ages connected w/this New phase / AGE of Aquarius.
Opening the Gates and our HEARTS to true Inner & Outer Union when PEACE is possible!
❤ Valerie
Andromeda is our Original Solar System
Andromeda is our Original Solar System

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus begins tomorrow – WOW Energy!!!

This is one of the most important astrological events in the last 10 years. A big deal is an understatement. Jupiter and Uranus meet in a conjunction every 14 years, in different signs of the zodiac. Last time we had a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was 2010-2011.
Jupiter, growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles
Uranus – the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, rules freedom and originality
This will have short term, mid and long term effects. Think where you were in 2010-2011 and how that felt. Coming from a place of love, flow, in your passion, positivity, willing to take chances, willing to reach for your dreams, willing to follow your heart, release fear and limiting patterns, could bring you the most incredible wonderful and abundant changes and opportunities that seemingly might explode out of nowhere. Coming from a place of negativity, overly logical thoughts, fear, stuck energy and limiting ideas and feelings, will bring you a set of circumstances that won’t feel good at all.
Jupiter and Uranus
Jupiter and Uranus
On 19th April 2021 I was given a message from Archangel Michael.
This is what I wrote…
“Last night I was given a vision of Archangel Michael creating a shield of blue light around the Earth for Divine protection from harsh and intense energies that were coming through the cosmos.
I was told that the hearts of sensitive individuals are much loved and highly protected. I also felt the sensitive energy of plant and animal life and could sense the importance of vulnerability as an earthly experience.
For all those who feel uncertain, unsure or vulnerable at this current time I wish to convey the deep connection to Love and Purity that this experience brings. The delicate nature of our existence and the awareness of the shortness of our life offer blessed gifts of emotional learning, healing and compassionate living, that are easily misunderstood and overlooked.
Through this revelation we find the true knowledge that we are immortal. The movement of the planet is the teacher of flow, change and transition as the natural force of life.
For those who feel concerned of the wrongful intentions of others towards our planet and it’s inhibabitants, the sword of Archangel Michael is a reminder of the invisible forces of protection and the higher perspective on truth.
I have been urged to express the continuation of pure hearted living in the faith that all is known. There is nothing happening on Earth that is not understood by the Divine. In recent times humanity has expressed resistance against perceptions of the unjust.
Divine living is the ability to hold faith at a high resonance while still living in a world that observes suffering. This is how we transcend fear. “
shield of blue light
shield of blue light
4/19/24: Today will ask you in some way what you value or believe in. It wants to know if you’re strong in your integrity, if you walk your talk, if you can stand in your power when life gets wobbly. You’ll be faced with challenges to your schedule, your workload, your expectations, your responsibilities, and even your own desires. This is all very good, informative, educational, and even entertaining. You’ll know more about yourself before the day is done, making you even stronger, more centered, and more self-confident. Your attitude today should be “bring it on!” with a little swagger, a grin, and a wink.

The Eclipse brought through huge momentum and push from Source. With this a Divine Union of the paradox. No-thingness and All that is.
The time between inhale and exhale.
Beyond our very understanding that has been anchored into who and what we experience of being. Alive.
I am feeling this alchemically with the Collective that many are experiencing this more and more consciously. That there is the activation of the invitation within the Holy Grail of Gaia in Union with the Solar Energies. The activation of our New earth DNA. The 12th Strand. Hence I was called to channelling in recently the 12th Dimensional Journey Activation with the 12 Charka. This momentum has intensified leading up to in and beyond the Eclipse.
This is Ego Death. With this I am also experiencing so much potential. And with this the understanding the infinite possibilities with manifestation is just one stage of fully realising we are CREATIVE beings.
We are the ending of the old and the beginning of the NEW.
And with this the invitation to surrender who we think we are. Letting go of all the old stories.
We are opening up to being in – between. With one foot on the bank of the river of 3D. The River being 4D and infinite. With the other foot on the bank of 5D.
The other main Chakra alongside the 12th will be the Solar Plexus. Given the direct connection with the Solar Sun. And it is with the Solar Plexus which acts as our Compass and Guide. That assist with digesting processing all energy and communication. It is where our ‘gut intuition’ resides. It is the other main nerve centre alongside the Godseat Chakra which is where the Vagus Nerve is.
When we have an awakening the Kundalini Energies two spiral serpents rise up from the Root Chakra to the Vagus Nerve and activate the Merkaba Rainbow Light Body.
The vagus nerve also travels from the brain to the base of the spine passing through the throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra.
And so we have an upwards and downwards flow of energy.
Along with our breath which also is the breath of Gaia. Which connects with the Energy Heart Field.
And so last year so many were feeling a breaking apart through the release of grief. With this a thawing out of the frozen heart space.
What I would like to invite you to do is imagine the Collective as a one Human Body. Micro Macro. As Gaia also has a Chakra System. And so we can ask where in the Awakening of the Collective Human is the Kundalini?
And we can as individuals and as groups assist the Collective to Awaken to this process.
Through our own conscious process of Awakening and through being with Gaia and Divine Beings within this Gaia Earth.
We are in the Year of Dragon…..
Last year I felt the Sophia Energy rising from the Core of Gaia and within this the Dragon energy rising up through the Chakra system of the body of Gaia Earth.
I am feeling that WATER is so Key to assisting the Awakening process. There is so much more that I am feeling through.
Interestingly this Card of No-thingness is number FIVE of the Major Arcana in Tarot. Which traditionally was/is the Hierophant. And yet in the Osho Zen Tarot it is this. Which is very Zen!
The Hierophant is a challenging card for me – showing often the Pope or a Priest an authority figure within Religious institutions who presides over the keys to Spiritual knowledge. It can also mean staying within convention and orthodoxy. Another reading could be the male companion to the High Priestess. The Fives in Tarot within the minor arcana bring in challenge and therefor growth. And Five is ‘The fifth Sacred Thing’ – Spirit.
The Solar Plexus is activated at two major individuation stages in human development. Toddler and Adolecence. It is linked in Alchemy with Mars and AIR. One could describe this as being the other main ‘mind’ centre alongside the Head and Heart ones.
The Solar Plexus activation is the stage of awakening to our Sovereignty. It is where we can find discernment and choice. The place of boundaries and choice. Where we connect with our Soul Path and envisioning. The Solar Plexus is connected with the Third Eye Chakra. And so the Solar Plexus is being activated through this powerful Stage of Collective Awakening. And we are awakening to the Union of Divine Will with our Human Will. We are awakening to Divine Solar Energy of Abundance. Creation. Holy Nectar.
And aside…. it is not surprising that so many have issues with digestion of food and diet….
So how do we navigate through … I suggest through this saying ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’. This is KEY when we are struggling to find our Centre.
When everything around us feels like it is spinning? As in the ‘The Wheel of Fortune Card’ or like the ‘Tower’ Card all around us is crumbling.
We stop pause. Breathe and notice the space in between. Come to that still place at the Centre of the Wheel of Fortune. Be that Balance as in the Temperance Card. Mindfulness. Ground. Come into Gratitude for all that beauty gifts that are in our life.
There is much more however I will leave it there for now!
❤ Zahara
Holy Grail of Gaia
Holy Grail of Gaia


Dear friends, we are all undergoing a process of deep energetic integration these days, individually and collectively. This process can feel a bit chaotic to some of you as we are dissolving old inner ego structures and are moving into new more heart-centered ways of being.
The transformational effects of the eclipse corridor are still taking place within our fields. But we have to look at our process of metamorphosis from a wider cosmic perspective. We are under the strong energetic influence of Pluto in Aquarius that started a few months ago, we are moving into the also revolutionary effect of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, we are approaching the intense clearing Full Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday 23, and we are also moving into the 5:5 energy portal on May 5. You can also add the current mercury in retrograde motion and the frequent solar flares to this combination. Yes, this is a tremendous amount of new information that each of us is/will be incorporating into our systems.
As we energetically clear the old and make room for the new lightcodes, our bodies and planet Earth/societies are physically manifesting this process as well. Not only our nervous system is working non-stop to calibrate itself with the ongoing energetic fluctuations, but also our digestive and the lower chakras connected to the Earth are working constantly to adjust themselves to these changes. As we release the old, we may be experiencing fatigue, jaw/neck tension, strange vivid dreams, altered sleeping patterns, allergies flare ups, digestive disturbances, and a few random body aches. These are part of the process of purging stagnant energetic patterns that may be related to ancient karmic and ancestral loops. At the same time, many people will not be experiencing any of this as they are in a different planetary and personal timeline. This is a long evolutionary process, but this year 2024 will be pivotal for many of us who are choosing the higher and brighter path.
As always, consult a health professional if needed, but be aware that as the planet increases its overall frequency more and more people will become more aware of their own energetic process of metamorphosis. The transition from 3D to 5D requires times, patience, understanding, and unconditional love.
Listen to your body, rest as much as needed, and stay well hydrated. Understand and allow this process of inner and outer transformation, it can feel disorienting and chaotic at times, but at the same time you will be noticing the positive aspects of this metamorphosis: increased awareness, higher intuition, and lighter and healthier ways of being. All will come in divine timing. Have a wonderful weekend!
Much love 💖
Diego E. Berman 2024 Ⓒ
Beloved Ones,
We are heading into one of the most important passages of this year, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction both at 21 degrees of the fixed earth sign Taurus. A planetary encounter that is triggering a massive Soul Emerald awakening, for those holding this lineage. A time as well for planetary healing, focusing now on our earth plane, helping the earth’s roots and all living forms in their transfiguration process.
The Emerald awakening that many of you are experiencing at this time is nothing like we have ever witnessed on earth, for it is time for you to stand firm in who you are and your universal mission.
My Guides share the importance for All who feel guided at this time to activate and ground your monadic earth chakra, six inches beneath our feet, as one of the most important tasks to achieve, so we can ground our healing codes and mission. When this process is achieved, many of you who are awakening at this time, or have been for a while, will experience the kundalini activation required for you to trigger your ascension.
When we come into our earth plane, we have many different agreements, with humans, other benevolent beings, and many energies, which also accompany us in our birth portal. The current planetary energies are helping those who are now awakening, in healing the first chakra triad, for as you know, as humans, our three main chakras hold the majority of our traumas, and this is why when our kundalini energy awakens is so painful, for it is in truth helping us to heal, reconnect, activate and reprogram years of hidden pain, programs and many other self-created, inherited or manipulative patterns.
This conjunction will activate this inner transformation in many of you, for as ascending souls you all have a specific time to remember who you are, and for many of you with Emerald-Blue lineage, the time has come. It is time to build your hara line, the kundalini energy in our coccyx is connected to it, as the hara line is born out of our navel in two directions, Above and Below.
Allowing the plasma infusions we are receiving, is also vital to start healing and reconnecting the light body, completing the process of kundalini rising by reconnecting our spine, nervous system, and gradually our template and chakras.
This is also a time for many of you to clear masculine distortions, DNA strand imprints, and galactic traumas, especially related to Aldebaran, Pleiades, and Venus, for the energies descending upon our planet support this personal task.
At a personal level, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will also bring us the opportunity for personal transformation, as this conjunction signifies profound growth for all who are immersed in a creational phase.
An event that brings innovation, expansion, change, and the opportunity for us to creatively build our new lives. A shifting phase as well for our relationships, for as we grow and evolve so do our relationships, embracing encounters that are now aligned to who we are, and our personal purpose.
A manifestations vortex is opening as we step into this planetary alignment, allowing us to co-create with energies that invite us to work on innovation, and hence the creation of something new, more in synchronization with who we are becoming and our new dimensional frequency, as the more we act as a trinity, the more unified our manifestations will be too.
We came to our planet with many beings and benevolent energies that help us become who we are, and create the life experience that will be for our highest good. Our task is to learn how to remember, realign, and become the masters that we are in our own lives.
We are on the threshold of becoming the empowered and sovereign beings that we originally were made to be. Every challenge you experience is an opportunity for you to decide whether it will serve you to decay and continue to live as the person you are not, or to become stronger, wiser, and the only authority in your life.
May you choose to be the loving, empowered, and resilient being that you are, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
monadic earth chakra
monadic earth chakra




To me everything is in state of gestation at the moment into totally new forms, frequencies and vibrations.
It is almost at times if one is hovering like a bee, and then suddenly all reveals itself, and we can see even more clearly than ever before.
It is so vital to seek quietude and to switch off all distractions.
What I am seeking is deep meaningful conversations, quite moments of stillness in nature, being more open to cosmic knowledge and downloads, asking questions and receiving answers.
As our consciousness rises we will access more and more which we previously could not access before and herein lies the great blessing.
The heart opens, our insight and understanding increases, and with it, we start reconnecting with our souls in ever deeper ways and our soul group as well as our intergalactic families.
There is such blessings flowing in.
It is a matter of being receptive and allowing ourselves to expand in ways such as never before!
Judith Kusel


Amongst the Angelic Light frequencies we are feeling.
There are great manifestations of Light All around You.
Boundless opportunities of Light 🙏
I Am shown the Harmonic Flows of Creation
Flowing in New Pathways ❤
Available Now 💫
Aligned to the Great Pathway of You
Understand, the Matrix of who we are is morphing, changing, radiating a whole new light spectrum of now.
The Multidimensional Self Is Appearing, Guiding, Leading the Way.
The Great Light Manifestation of Now Is Enabling a whole new approach to Light.
Simply breathe in this vibrational light message
I Awaken to the Light of Now ❤
Together We Uprise The Global Frequencies of Creation
With love, with light 🌿🙏
Sending ❤
Karen Lithika
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Don’t allow other people’s thoughts to influence your decisions. You are an Ascended being that has come here with mastery, devotion, and specific intentions that others cannot understand.

You have the power to accomplish what your heart is calling you to do. Keep going forward even if this means you are leaving so much behind. Some emotional detaching may be needed this weekend so you can continue growing into your destiny.

Open your beliefs to a higher perspective that will give you the strength to follow that path that benefits you. This isn’t selfish as you are actually being called to take these action steps forward. Opposition internally and / or externally may want to block you, however know that you are protected and guided to keep going.

Take a break and regroup on what your truth is if needed. This will help you recover your power to continue towards the blessings that are meant for you, and are coming in. Don’t stop Family. You are making the right choices. The answer is you, and what is best for you right now. Be confident in this and ignore the rest.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏

God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Ra James

Today Mercury is Conjuncts Venus. Mercury is all about the mind and how we communicate and Venus love and money. Remember Mercury is still Retrograde as it meets up with Venus in Aries. This means we still have a focus on healing and letting go of the past until it shifts direct the 25th. As it synchs up with Venus this makes the energies all about clearing and healing from past relationships. It’s all about healing relationship wounds and releasing love blocks. This retrograde has, and is bringing a lot up. Our Sun shifts into Taurus today. We are shifting into Taurus Season. This will bring a very healing energy that will heal and uplift your love life and finances.
A CME just hit Earth’s magnetic field a few hours ago. The impact opened a crack in our planet’s magnetic field, which has set the stage for a possible geomagnetic storms. We have a G1-class storm brewing now. This Taurus Season is all about tapping into your gifts of manifestation. Taurus is home to the Pleiades, and brings a lot of Pleiadian energies. The next few days will be bringing some big energies as we prepare for our Scorpio Pink Moon that comes at us the 23rd. That means you may be feeling or picking up on extra emotions over the next week. You’ll want to be doing extra energy clearings and cleansing right now.
Taurus is all about your physical body and how you’re taking care of yourself. Taurus has extremely high standards. It’s a sign all about beauty and the senses. The energies will slow down so that we can prioritize more rest and self care. Don’t let that fool you as Taurus is one of the strongest zodiac signs. These energies are all about working hard for what you want. While this sign prioritizes pleasure these energies are all about the projects you’re working on and seeing them through to completion. Think power moves…


A high energy weekend kicks off with retrograde Mercury forming a conjunction to Venus in Aries followed by Mars in Pisces forming a sextile to both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus just before Jupiter and Uranus form their once in ~14 year conjunction. Then the weekend completes with a conjunction between Venus and Chiron in Aries.
As if the month hasn’t been intense enough between the eclipses and Mercury retrograde, now we have a SURGE of ‘change’ energy in the air which presents itself as we are still in a space of introspection and release which has been an uncomfortable yet necessary part of the process of setting the stage for this energy’s arrival.
We are aligning all that we have been contemplating with regards to our self-doubts and self-limitation with the forward direction of our hearts in a way that allows us to GROUND this surge of expansion and change and direct it in accordance with our higher selves regardless of the fears that are stirred in our egos associated with any perceptions of instability…
Quieting our minds and trusting the process of allowing our hearts to be led by our soul’s intentions is the challenge and it’s a challenge that can have BIG rewards if we opt to step into our courage and are willing to ground a new sense of an expanded self into our bodies and our lives here on Earth despite any nagging fears of ego annihilation (i.e. death) associated with it!
We’ve never been here before and it’s BIG so give yourself a break if it doesn’t all feel like roses and sunshine…
Jupiter, ruler of higher insights and beliefs, in steadfast Taurus
Jupiter, ruler of higher insights and beliefs, in steadfast Taurus
4/19 AstroBite ❇️
The Sun enters Taurus after a hell of an Aries season! The fixed earth sign that governs our values, self-worth, agricultural, money and senses. It’s time to release our egos and embrace simplicity. However, with the Sun square Pluto in Aquarius, this may be challenging for those with fixed sign placements in early degrees. Despite Aries season ending, we still have Venus, Mercury retrograde and Chiron in Aries. Letting go of the ego may still be quite challenging. Embrace sustainable values and nurture your self-worth. This Taurus season is unique with the rare Uranus-Jupiter conjunction not happened in 80 years! We’ll feel its impact throughout this month and into May.
AI Art “The Surviving Bull”
By Chanda ❇️


Sun Enters Taurus
Sun Enters Taurus



April 19, 2024 – Sun enters Taurus.

Taurus, second sign of the Zodiac and the first earth sign, takes the Aries desire to be and grounds it in physical form. Those with Taurus strong in their charts are often drawn to activities that involve the manipulation of material reality. These are the gardeners, dancers, sculptors, yoga practitioners, mechanics, and surgeons of our world. Experiencing life through form is a core process for them.
Form can be seductive, and these natives can be resistant to change. Taurus is associated with resources of all types (money, things, and our bodies), and in their shadow these individuals can be acquisitive and even stubborn. Among their lot are those who enjoy the sensuality of luxurious meals, baths, and beds, and also those who accumulate money, things, ideas, and emotions to the point of excess.
In the language of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Taurus is associated with the Earth Goddess Hathor. Hathor is an ancient archetype, symbolic of the generative power of the feminine. Hathor’s message is that in this dimensional reality, enlightenment cannot be achieved by escaping into the stars but rather by becoming fully embodied here on Earth. “Come on down,” Hathor says to us. “Experience all that life has to offer, both the pleasure and the pain.”
This year, Taurus energy is intensified. As the Sun enters Taurus, Jupiter exactly conjuncts with Uranus. Jupiter, principle of expansion, is aligned with Horus, the Young King. Uranus, the Great Awakener, is allied with Wadjet, the Kundalini Cobra Goddess. Both are known as The Shatterer. This conjunction is powerful and intense. The wolves are howling, and pressure is building – something uncontrollable can erupt at any time.
The Sun will remain in the emanation of Taurus/Hathor from April 19 to May 20.
April 19, 2024, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.
Art: Hathor by Lana Frey.
“Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods” by Ruby Falconer & Linda Star Wolf.
Earth Goddess Hathor
Earth Goddess Hathor
On Friday, April 19th, the Sun, ruler of the lens through which we shine our Light, is shifting into grounded, earth sign Taurus, sign off the Bull, until May 20th. Now the lens through which we shine our Light is more focused, practical and steadfast. We will be cautious with our decisions, deliberate in our movements and unwavering in regards to our goals. We will be more persistent, determined and patient with our next steps, as this energy slows us down to stay present.
This may be a bit of a welcome relief from the bold, fiery energy of the Sun in Aries, the Ram. However, we still have Mercury, ruler of ideas and communication, and Venus, ruler of relationships and finances, in Aries……plus, we have the upcoming Jupiter, planet of expansion and growth, and Uranus, planet or freedom and redirection, coming together in conjunction tomorrow. So, yes, just a BIT of welcome relief, but still more change to come!
Blessings of Love and Light to All ! ❤
the Sun, ruler of the lens through which we shine our Light
the Sun, ruler of the lens through which we shine our Light
Sun enters Taurus. Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Aries. Mars in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus – Harmonious aspects abound for a glorious entry into Taurus season. Mars leads the march towards Jupiter conjunct Uranus, a swell of sound, a bubble of joy (if we allow it) rising up from the depths. Dare to feel happy. Dare to act on faith. Dare to let the cosmos guide your vision. This is about having the courage to pursue your grandest dreams. Here is an opportunity to gain strength through belief.
Speak about what you love. Talk about what is precious. Bring your heart and mind together. Know what you value and why – and know that you are precious too. Take off your shoes and socks, feel Mother Earth under your feet. She breathes, she loves, she dreams too. Thank the planet for holding you. Thank the heavens for protecting you. Thank the body you are in for containing you. Gratitude changes the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, Venus 17°Ar32′ – 09:59 (BST)
Sun 00°Ta00′ – 14:59 (BST)
Mars 21°Pi29′, Jupiter 21°Ta29′ – 16:28 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – The Garden at Pontoise by Camille Pissarro
The Garden at Pontoise
The Garden at Pontoise

Kin 181 ~ Red Crystal Dragon

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number 12 and its key words are ‘Dedicate, Cooperate and Universalize.’ It’s day 12 of the White Dog wavespell. On ‘Crystal’ days it’s good to remember how we need each other and through community, teamwork and collaboration we achieve more. Today, get together with other like-minded folk and see what you can accomplish.
Today is Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing, Being and Birth’. This combination of number and day creates the perfect opportunity for starting something new with a group of people. A community project, or an assignment at work, a commune, whatever you want to do…think about how others can get involved.
The Guide today is the Red Skywalker which symbolizes ‘Space, Wakefulness and Explore.’ When Skywalker guides, he is appealing to your adventurous side. Surrender to your curiosity and see where that takes you. With just a little courage you can expand your horizons.
The Challenge today is the Blue Monkey. Monkey has been enjoying this wavespell as he is the Occult power of Dog but today Monkey is in a challenge position and in need of nurturing, however he is finding that hard to get. Take good care of yourself if you are a Monkey.
The Ally today is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. If you need honest feedback today consult a Mirror, they are very handy to have around.
Tip of the day: If you are a Dragon or have a child that is a Dragon (or if its strongly in your chart) please remember that it is vital that you have a cave to withdraw in to. Dragons need a safe, private space to nurture themselves. Parents, if you have a Dragon child, building a fort with blankets and furniture is something your little Dragon will love. It’s very reassuring. For grownups, even your car can be your cave…go park somewhere quiet and indulge in peace and privacy or hide in your garden shed if you have one. If your partner is a cave dwelling Dragon, please don’t take it personally when they need to withdraw. Thanks for reading!
Kin 181
Kin 181


12 IMIX – KIN 181
19 APRIL 2024
Universalizing being
I seal the input of birth
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of space
19/4/2024 = 10/4/8 = 1/12=1/3=4
✨1-9 ALPHA to OMEGA✨
19- Prince of Heaven/Fulfilment/Honour/Happiness
10- Manifestation/Perfection/Power/Authority
1- Leader/New beginnings/Original/Independent/Unique
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
12- Acquiring spiritual strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Communication/Creativity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 181 = 10 = 1 – New Beginnings/Leadership
A very powerful feminine nurturing day of connection to our kin.
💖 🐕👪🌹💖🐕👪🌹💖
Today we return to the Red Dragon🐉 tribe which is tribe number 1 and so we commence at the top of a new column – number 10 in the Tzolkin Calendar – which represents Manifestation, Perfection and New beginnings. This harmonizes with NEW CREATION from the VOID, the b-Earthing energies.
We have a 19=10=1 day coding which AMPLIFIES all this NEW CREATION energy – ripe for MANIFESTING our DREAMS!
💖 🐕👪🌹💖🐕👪🌹💖
Day 12 in the WHITE DOG🐕 WAVESPELL of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! ❤
Today we are connecting and cooperating with our common-unities, in a beautiful nurturing and loving manner. Reprogramming our MINDS to become COMPASSIONATE with the new LIGHT of unconditional LOVE.❤❤❤
CRYSTAL 💎– Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. 👬 The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic.
Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing any blocks in order to LIBERATE more LOVE and LIGHT. Through the space and freedom engendered by the Spectral phase (of dissolution and release), new space is created for something new to emerge.
At the CRYSTAL💎 level of MIND we have the capacity to co-operate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. Today we are joining and merging with other MINDS through the power of LOVE and nurturance.
We are reprogramming GAIA’s crystalling grid🌐 to a much higher octave of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.❤ Focus on the CRYSTAL 💎CLARITY of our minds today through the power of co-operation with others.
A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other, through our precious HEARTS, and highest Collective MINDS and to Mother Gaia!
Today’s question is “How can I LOVINGLY connect with and nurture others, through a Higher more compassionate MIND, to b-Earth a new and better world?” ❤🌐🌏👭👬👫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for A BEAUTIFUL day of LOVE and connection through exuberant PLAY,
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
💖 🐕👪🌹💖🐕👪🌹💖
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED CRYSTAL DRAGON 💎🐉– IMIX represents our Divine Mother and our Birth Mother. The lineage of great Mothers and creatrix Goddesses. The beautiful nurturing energies that envelop us with unconditional love, so that we too can nurture others, giving and receiving love to our beloved common-unities.
Tribe number 1 also represents the Sophia 🌹Dragon 🐉 tribe. The feminine wisdom keepers, holding the mysteries of the COSMOS, the purest Universal wisdom – that of Source. The Sophia Dragons are a lineage of the purest light, that reflects the one sovereign divine light that we all are, as the one body of Sophia Christos. We already are the heaven of our innate divinity, within the earth of our shared humanity.
Combined with the Crystal tone today, we have incredible CLARITY and access to the information superhighway, for downloading and access to greater wisdom through KIN 181 – which is a doorway to eternity. 11 is a gateway and 8 represents infinite Source Flow. KIN 181 unlocks the key to infinite FLOW – absolutely PERFECTO!.
Today is a beautiful day of connectivity, where we are EXPLORING our responsive mind, that seeks to care and nurture the awakening of the collective MIND. As more souls awaken and need support on their journey, they reach out and connect with others further along the path. In this way we are weaving a beautiful web of connectivity,🌐 loving and embracing each other. 💏
IMIX also allows us to BIRTH🐣 the NEW TIME. ⏳✨An era of radiance and PEACE, birthed through the power of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, anchored by the beloved Planetary Kin who are bringing forth this New World through the void of creation.
NOTE: We are currently in the last quarter of the GALACTIC YEAR of the ✨WHITE OVERTONE WIZARD✨. Wizards and DRAGONS🐉 are very close allies, so the DRAGON kin will be ready, willing and super able to CONNECT with you this year at your COMMAND.. 2024 is the YEAR of the YANG WOOD DRAGON🌳🐉 – when the DRAGON KINGDOM will surely RISE up in great numbers to assist in humanity’s ascension.
DRAGONS are very strong protectors and brilliant at clearing negative energy and entities – they can use their FIRE🔥🔥🔥 breath to purify and dissolve them, and even EAT them as a last resort for the tenacious ones!!
DRAGONS guard the treasures of the universe within the void of CREATION -their cave – the DRAGON’S lair. We have a BRILLIANT 10.10 MANIFESTATION GATE today – so make sure you call forth your rightful share of the bounty!
Get ready and call in your DRAGON team so that you can DO GREAT THINGS together! Aho beloveds – great support is available now!
HAPPY GALACTIC B-Earth-day 🎂🎉🎈🎇
Gregg Braden the brilliant ex Nasa scientist and physicist, turned author of Consciousness literature, is a Red Crystal Dragon💎🐉… He has an incredible MIND able to access very specific and detailed data from many realms, exploring the cosmos with his Red Skywalker, Higher Self abilities. His Divine Mission is to illuminate our MINDS to Higher consciousness and Ascension, in order to b-Earth our New Earth. Using his ability to birth and initiate new projects, he has capitalized on this, by producing prolific books. 📖📚
Crystal Dragons 💎🐉– excel in the publishing arena and communications – speaking, writing, presenting and any field where they can cooperate and cocreate with others. We are all indeed blessed with the wisdom flowing forth from the CRYSTAL DRAGON tribe. 💎🐉
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED CRYSTAL SKYWALKER – 💎🍥🚶 BEN the Skywalker is the 13th tribe opening us to the mysteries of the Cosmos. Today we EXPAND, EXPLORE and connect very easily with altered realities through our EXPANDED and collective MIND!
BEN asks us to OPEN our MINDS, and create more SPACE for loving thoughts. Transmitting LOVE💖 through the interdimensional doorways and super highway, through the telepathic grid. Sending forth waves of love and compassion💞 through these networks.
We are also EXPLORING what creates a more caring and nurturing common-unity💑👭👬💑 and unified world through the power of LOVE.💞 Redefining our collective experience of loving, cooperative communities for the highest good of our planet.
The CRYSTAL SKYWALKER is the Angelic Messenger who is seeking to BIRTH HEAVEN on EARTH. 💒
As we EXPAND our MINDS we realize great BLISS💞 as we float endlessly in a sea of infinite potential, and ALL THAT IS. It is our MISSION to return from our adventuring as fully awakened and HEART EXPANDED Star🌟BlIss🐬 Supernova Suns🌞.🌟🌸🌼🌺🌹🌞
SUPPORT: WHITE CRYSTAL MIRROR💎 🛡– ETZNAB reflects the COMPASSIONATE mind, which is the state to which we need to evolve our MINDS. Reflecting the TRUTH of what is not kind, loving and compassionate in our relationships and connections with others. The sword of truth strips away all lower thoughts that do not reflect this higher level of loving MIND.
As each of us uplevels our MINDS, we heal and evolve the collective MIND. We catalyze the 100th Monkey effect, exponentially raising the level of consciousness through the telepathic crystalline grid 🌐 reflected endlessly through the Hall of Mirrors.
Like a series of grandfather clocks🕰 or metronomes, all synchronizing their pendulums together, through harmonic resonance. Our Collective MIND too is now synchronizing to the new Harmonic Matrix of the NEW TIME. ONE UNIFIED HARMONIC, LOVING MIND! 🌐
The CRYSTAL MIRROR gives us CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY to see beyond the false mind control programs of the Artificial time Matrix. When we realize that LOVE is the true path, we have the POWER to navigate through the hall of Mirrors to the NEW TIME.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW LUNAR SUN 🌞– AHAU ILLUMINATES our MINDS today. The LUNAR SUN reveals polarities and resistance to the LIGHT, and AWAKENING our minds to more universal LOVE. Shining the torch🔦 on the darker recesses of our mind, that harbor fear, abandonment or separation from our Mother/Father God/SOURCE.
The LUNAR SUN is shining the LIGHT on the path of HIGHER LOVE, and evolution though embracing the BUDDHIC MIND. The compassionate one, who embraces all beings in his heart as ONE SOUL, ONE FLAME, ONE HEART. 🔥❤
As we unite our collective MINDS through the power of LOVE 💖, we evolve our communities and our entire planet, fearlessly shining our LIGHT as SOLAR SOVEREIGN beings. 👑☀ IGNITING our LIGHT to amp up this harmonic matrix of the new LOVE,💖 with pure hearts 💞 and LIGHT fully switched ON and illuminated. 💡
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE CRYSTAL MONKEY 💎🐒 – CHUEN challenges us today to TRUST our intuition, and trust in the Majik powers of our Divine inner child.👶 Connecting to our INNOCENCE through the purity of LOVE.❤ Playing with sending and receiving thoughts and ideas telepathically through the crystalline grid of collective mind.🌐
We are challenged to SEE and sense👶 the world through the eyes, heart and unpolluted mind of a pure Divine child 👶 full of wonder. Joining in cooperative unions with our kin, through love, joy and acceptance in a playful innocent manner. Effortless flow and joy, begotten from being fully present in the now, and not being overwhelmed by the future “burdens”. Living in the NOW moment – the eternal present, connecting to infinite SOURCE.
We are responding to our spontaneous Heart’s desires❤ to love and nurture each other, and live together harmoniously, in common-unity. 👭👬👫
Trust in the MAJIK of the larger Divine pattern, to provide what you need to B-EARTH🐣 our New reality and our beautiful loving new world. 💏🌍🌎🌏❤
✨✨✨The essence of KIN 181 is to reveal and teach us – what is not born of LOVE, and that the way forward is to unite as communities – through unconditional love, compassion and acceptance of each other, as EQUALS – all divine children sharing this Earthly experience.. 👫👬👭
As a great Master once said “A new command I give you:
Love one another.💑 As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34
So precious loving hearts, a beautiful day for birthing new loving communities, and connecting with our kin, through the Majik of Universal NURTURANCE. ❤👫👬👭❤
Today’s question is “How can I LOVINGLY connect with and nurture others, through a Higher more compassionate MIND, to b-Earth a new and better world?” ❤🌐🌏👭👬👫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈
Divine blessings for A BEAUTIFUL day of LOVE and connection through exuberant PLAY,
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






🔥New Earth Ascension Report and Astrology Reading for the week of

April 14th through April 20th 2024 with my Sacred Condor 🔥



Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the astrology for the coming week from 14th through April 20th 2024 which includes this weeks Astrology and very powerful Celestial Event as the Sun enters Taurus Season and with the Jupiter/ Uranus Conjunction in Taurus. She also reads four powerful transmissions from our Sacred New Earth Scribes and Leads a Healing Ceremony, Guided Meditation and Prayer for the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste




Invocation for Perfect Health 🙏

In the name of my Beloved Presence I AM,
I give Praises, Thanksgiving and Glory to the Source Of my being for my Perfect Health always.
I am Radiating Health, increasing Health.
God consumes my fears and imbalances,
Into Love and vibrant Perfection.
This day, I AM a focus of Light Energy,
Flowing through me like a Mighty River.
A Living Fountain of Eternal Youth and Beauty, I AM a manifestation of Perfect Health.
All negativity in me is now consumed
By the Pure Light Energy which I AM.
I AM, I AM, I AM manifesting optimum Health.
I live, I live in the consciousness
Of Immortality, Youth and Divine Beauty.
I AM perfect Health in its full perfection.
I AM pure Light and Healing Energy
Flooding every cell., atom and electron of my body, Blessing me, strengthening me and Making me a shining example of God’s Love.
Beloved I Am. 🙏💕
Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames . 💕
Leverage Your Luck Now
Leverage Your Luck Now

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