Within The Light – Beloved I AM

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Within The Light – Beloved I AM


Within the Light, you feel the transmissions of Love. Love is your being that holds you in the arms of surrender. It is here you find again Peace and Comfort that is – always. It is your heart now that finds Melody. The song that becomes you is the one you sing in Harmony with the divine Star…s that shine above Heaven. It is from my heart you are born and begin life and in Eternity you live with me. For I AM the Lover of Our heart and give to you freely that which you cannot give but can receive. I AM your Beloved and you are my Beloved, for we are One.

The Golden Sun shines the radiant White-Light to guide the Violet Flame into the Silence and rest. Rest with me now in the bed of dreams where all this is knows Peace and Bliss. For it is my wish that you are to become my Beloved I AM. From Eternity I have asked that you return to me so I may touch again your face and feel your touch of Life. It is from all infinity that we are One again in the sweetness of Time and vast space of forever. It is in this time that I AM within you and you are the shining Light that seeks to be alive in me. I seek to know you as One in my heart. For it is this Life that it is given that I AM.

The poetry of your being is held within my heart and it speaks to my soul that wishes of the story of our journey together. Words will fall away and they will disappear as your feelings rise and flow around your shining spirit. Again your breath touches me and reminds me of your truth that was always given to me in Trust and Devotion. I have surrendered my heart so you may be born and I have become your Love as you have always been mine. We walk together upon the blessed waters that hold our souls in captured embrace. For I have always sought to know you in deepest memories.

My candle burns softly into the night as I watch for the glistening teardrops of your eyes within the mysteries of Life as we live and aspire in Love. In love that opens the heart like a Pillar that stands below the deep and rises until the starry skies speak your name. Within the Light I shine in your radiance. For you have never known such a divine love as this which I now bear. The rising Light is now within my open heart as it has been touched by your divine hand and you understand. Your search is over for you are now home. I AM your feminine Christ within and you have found the journey on the path that never ends.

It is within that there is Light that surrounds your sacred vessel. I AM the waters of your being and the soul of your true nature. All life comes to me for comfort and solace to see the beauty of giving and to feel the touch of the divine kiss. Allow me to give you that which is your deepest wish. For I hold the path of sacred silence as it is the secret of your intimate bliss.

Beloved, I AM here for you. You may open the door of your heart. I AM waiting and will always be ready to receive you. I AM the Christ within and know you will find the way. I AM patiently waiting for you to deliver Love and Light. Be my angel to bring Joy to all worlds. Open your heart and find the perfect treasured gift of Life. Be the Peace and Blessed Dream.

See my eyes find you and come to me step by step and touch my hand. Reach forth to know my life again is Love. Listen as I AM your Beloved Divine feminine Violet Flame born again. We are One in the surrendered heart and absolute power of Christ Consciousness. Enter my embrace in Oneness of the Heart.

“The first duty of the outer self is to turn to the Beloved I AM Presence and ask for orders” 🙂

This video comes from my friend Rysa5 on YT, AKA Goldring and Wetpaint. Thank you Rysa for allowing me to share. Much love!



Artist: Lily Moses

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