KaRa of the Pleiades ~ You Are Here To Be The Light

KaRa of the Pleiades ~ You Are Here To Be The Light

Channeled By: James McConnell
I am KaRa. It is always my pleasure to be able to be here with you as an emissary from the Pleiadian Councils, to be here with those of you, those of you that are forging ahead, moving ahead with light, with love, with consciousness, raising it everywhere that you can. 
But first, you must continue to raise it within yourself. You must continue to find that remembrance within you of who you are, that you are so much more than the human being that you have been programmed to believe. That you are truly gods and goddesses with the Universal Source within you at all times, within all of us at all times. 
For we are all one together. And we here in the councils, and the many councils beyond the Pleiadian fleet, all that are coming together that are working together to bring this momentous happening to the earth, to the solar system, and to this galaxy. All is at hand throughout our many council meetings now, and all of the preparations that have been ongoing. We know that we are nearing the end of all of these projects. We have been planning and planning, and creating and creating, doing everything we can—not to interfere in your affairs, but to assist in your affairs wherever we are able. We have been doing this. We continue to operate in this manner. 
But as you know, we have been given much more permission to assist even more and more. And even though it is yet happening behind the scenes as far as you are concerned, know now that there is so much that is occurring and is about to come forward. 
You have been seeing us more and more in the skies as you look up and, since you have those eyes to see, you have been able to see so much more, to see through the clouds, to see our ships when we appear and show ourselves to you. Even if it is only temporary and just a glimpse, we are there. We are here. 
Everything is proceeding exactly as it need to in these moments. And as you move closer and closer to the next year and the beginning of a new decade, that new decade very well is the beginning of your new Golden Age.
Everything that you have been working toward, that we have been working toward, is com- ing to fruition, is coming to a crescendo. 
And it only remains for all of you, all of you that go before, that are the forerunners and the wayshowers to bring the Light, to anchor the Light and bring the Light to all of your brothers and sisters. It only needs to be for you to continue in these efforts. Even though there are times when we know that you say “enough, I cannot go on anymore, I cannot continue to see my brothers and sisters suffer everywhere.” To see the sickness, the dying. But even though you are seeing all of this, you are seeing beyond this as well. 
You are seeing beyond the sickness, beyond the dying, beyond the illnesses, beyond the pain and suffering. You are seeing the love, the connection, the oneness coming forward. And that is what you all need to continue to focus on, not the pain and suffering and hurts and sorrow. But the joyfulness, the happiness, the love, the oneness, brining you and your brothers and sisters, and all of us together again. 
We are so excited in these moments now. Because we know, as we continue to look down on your planet from above, we can see with our technology, we can see how consciousness is changing everywhere. How the lights are coming back on everywhere within all individuals. 
Will some be lost? Yes. Some will not make it through the Ascension process. But many, many will, be- cause it is their destiny, it is their choice. 
Just as it is your choice to lead the way. And that is what you are all here to do: lead the way. To show, just as your Yeshua showed the way, you are here to do that as well. To be the Light. Yes, even to be the messiah to all those that are looking toward the Light in their lives. 
Do whatever you can whenever you can to assist as many as possible in knowing that Light within them again, as it turns from just an ember to a flickering flame, to a roaring fire within each, a fire of conscious- ness, reigniting the flame of love throughout humanity. 
I am KaRa, and I leave you now in love, and peace, and oneness, and the knowing that we will soon be reuniting again with all of you. 
» Channel:  James McConnell
source: http://www.ancientawakenings.org/


Judith Kusel

Very powerful energy upgrades are pouring in, and working intensely with the spinal column and the all the energy centers in the body.
The Keys and Codes of the Ancient Cellular Liquid Crystalline Batteries, for want of better words, are being reactivated in the inner core earth and this is now causing the Earth’s vibrational frequencies to accelerate and move up, via the spinal column of the earth, into a much higher octave of a frequency band, aligning to Orion, Pleiades and Sirius and the 7th Central Sun of Illumination.

Allow these to integrate and allow the change in frequencies, which are working deeply into the core cellular levels and DNA.

This an raising of a whole octave of energy frequencies, and immensely powerful.

Best is to lie down or rest if you need you and allow your physical body to integrate these massive energy changes.

Judith Kusel


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Elaine Degiorgio 

33/6 Solar Eclipse – The Ring of Fire – Ascension and Energy Updates
Just connecting up and with my Spirit Guides and I heard “The Solar Ring of Fire is Transcending”.

I just did a reshare of 13th Dimensional Consciousness an experience I have shared out in 2016 and again this year was the Year of 9.
9 is the number of completion but also the number of Trinity of Trinities.
Key Themes:
Return to Centre Point – The Heart.
This is Mastered through Conscious Connection with the Higher Realms. Understanding the “Wider Perspective” and not be conformed to the ways of the Earth.
Return to £den – The Garden – The Heart
Understanding that to truly to embody your Christ Self is to manifest your Higher Light and Truth – To release manners and means of the Old Earth Paradox of Separation Consciousness – Concepts of Fear Based Distortions that ring out in the Books and Minds of the Earth and to embrace the Love of the Higher Heart – As you bring in the New.
In this current energy we are being prepared to embody the new – we are in the final stage of completion – the final stage of purification – For the Souls that are truly evolving and ascending will understand the Full Degree of the Aspects of Separation Consciousness and will Surrender to Love and Truth.
For in the Garden of Eden – The New Earth – We are the Leaders and not the Followers – We know that there is ONE TRUTH and that is Love.
We do not “Follow” Earthly Leaders and False Prophets – we follow our Heart Space – We embody our Christed Light and the knowing of the True Essence of the Law of One – That is Love.
Through Love you reap connection you connect with your Divinity.
Today is 33/6 and the Solar Eclipse and we prepare to go forth into the year 2020 fully embraced our Avatar Selves – Embodying our Christed Light – The Golden Light of the Great Central Sun of this System – The God Star Sirius A. On this day, a new level of light/intelligence that includes necessary information about our new lives/new missions..about beginning again…and what that entails for each of us as we enter into an ascended life experience.
As we enter the New Portals of Light “The Heavens Gates” “The New Eden” We are being called to Balance and Align The Left and the Right, The North and the South, The Mental State and the Spiritual State, The Conscious Mind and Spirit. To embrace the New 2020 timeline/New Human-New Earth Template.
In this “New Timeline” we become aware that we are not in a “Timeline” but truly in a “Timeless Reality”
All is accomplished with the embodiment of your True Qualities – That is achieved when connecting with Unconditional Love.
Elaine Degiorgio
Heru’s Medium



Isis Channelings

Baptism of New Consciousness of 22 by Ring of Fire Eclipse 26 December # Frequency of 444
The Isis/ Venus Gateway of 12-21 culminated in the birthing of the New Sun/ Higher Consciousness of 22 (Vibrational frequency 4) on Solstice which is Now to be Baptized via The Ring of Fire Eclipse in the 25/26 of December.

This Baptist/ Eclipse provides us with an opportunity to ReBoot Effectively to the Consciousness of 22 of Vibrational Frequency of 4 in the coming decade. In other words it means an opportunity to Liberate ourselves of Foundational Structures, Values and Beliefs that we have propped ourself against so far to Bring In the NEW FOUNDATION STRUCTURES, BELIEFS AND VALUES that are supported by BALANCED and WHOLE Aspects of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. Ie old Patriarchy Structures of Control, Rigidity, Dominance, Submission on a Personal ( inter and intra personal relationships) and Public/ Society Platform ( institutions like marriage, Policy etc) will come under the SPOTLIGHT / HIGHLIGHTED till they are purified enough to pass through the Ring of Fire that This Eclipse brings.
This is highlighted further by the Saturn Pluto Conjunct on Jan 12 and Venus/ Inanna moving through Gate of Compassion on December 28 at Heart Chakra.
The New Consciousness of 22 of Vibrational Frequency 4, inherently means a TOWER MOMENT ( destruction) of old Foundations that can no longer be sustained so that a New Foundation ( of Heart Centeredness and Wholeness) may be erected . A New Foundation based on a Liberation from Control Coefficients to allow movement into True Sovereignty, Liberty , Freedom and Independence. Which further dictates Heart Fuelled Awareness in Action..ie of vibration of JOY, TRUTH, BALANCE, FlOW sustained by Solar Plexus Powered Courage, Integrity , Fearlessness and Confidence.
This means New Motivational Factors ( more Heart Based/ Bliss/ Devotion) coming into your Soul Purpose ( how you play out your Soul Purpose), Soul Relationships ( as Soul Connections now take precedence over the ” twin” / intimate relationships ) and relationship Dynamics with Public/ Society Institutions and the Planet .
A whole New Structural Foundation ( 4) is to Emerge and this Baptism of the Solar Eclipse will dunk the ” Abuse of Power Constructs” so that Heart Centered Coefficients / Foundations may take their place. In terms of inter relationships this requires both the Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine to regain Wholeness and Centeredness within , so that in outer CO CREATION the Divine Masculine while Securing and Opening Pathways/ Gateways/ Shouldering Responsibilities does So in a way which allows the Divine Feminine full Sovereignty and Freedom and Flow to CREATE/ BIRTH the New Potential on Foundations held by the Masculine in a Steady but not restrictive manner.
Frequency 444: Destruction of Props of Control and Subjugation that no longer serves ,so that New Foundations may be erected from Union of Head+ Heart ie Divine Masculine+ Divine Feminine ie Wholeness and Balance to allow Intellect to be made manifest from Heart Centered Pathways of Joy, Bliss, Compassion and Devotion.
Be Light, InLight ,InJoy
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Elizabeth Peru

19 hrs
Are you feeling this? There’s such a sense of being wrapped up in a cosmic blanket right now. The New Moon and Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse has just taken place and with it, souls have been touched and re-routed onto course…

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Dec 26 through Dec 31
Gene Key 58

From Stress to Bliss 

“There’s a great tradition in almost all religious cultures of service, of serving others less fortunate than ourselves. Why is that? It may have become a stale tradition or a mere custom, but originally it was an impulse from those who had raised their consciousness to great heights. As we refine our life force, our vitality, it becomes benevolence. It becomes a great swelling urge to help others. The more we give, the more our vitality grows. It’s an open secret. You can try it out. Go on I dare you. Just do something different one day in the next week of your life – do something unexpectedly giving. See how this Gift of Vitality returns to you and you’ll see right through into the heart of the great mystery.”
– The 58th Way, the Siddhi of Bliss
“The 58th Gift is an unstoppable force that once set in motion cannot be turned back. Not only does your life take on a new shape, but a far deeper process overtakes you – the process of moving into the heart.”


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The Tzolkin Times

16 hrs
Blue Spectral Hand
‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its key words are ‘Dissolve, Release and Liberate’. We are on the 11th day of the Red Earth wavespell which is the challenge of Blue Hand. In a sense we are ‘Liberated’ from that agenda and so we get a break from this 13 day journey. Today is a great day to release anything that is holding you back. You will feel lighter if you do.

Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Inner Knowing and Accomplishment.’ Blue Hand days are great for putting your hands to good use, for accomplishing things with your hands and for making agreements (shaking hands). As it is a ‘Spectral’ day, we can be ‘liberated by healing’. So, if you need a hand don’t be afraid to ask.
The Guide today is also Blue Hand and so a double healing day.
The Challenge is the Red Earth which is the wavespell we are in. This means the agenda for the wavespell… which in this case is ‘Evolution’, doesn’t make any progress today as the Earth is in a weakened challenged position. If you are a Red Earth you may find the Blue Hand gives you a slap in the face.
The Occult power is the White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment’. The Wizard naturally suits this magical position because magic and spells, is what the Wizard is concerned with. The White Wizard is very strengthened in this position and therefore his spells work really well. You may find yourself under a spell today and feeling a little surreal.
The Ally is the Yellow Human and so if you are one – expect to be called upon for help and support. The Human is the channeller and if you don’t know one but could do with some help today, be like the human and use your natural psychic abilities.

Christina Papageorgiou

26 DECEMBER 2019

I dissolve in order to know
Releasing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Spectral tone of liberation
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
26/12/2019 = 8/3/3 = 14 = 5
26 – Empowerment/Compassion
8 – Abundance/Infinity/Flow/In breathe-Outbreathe/
5 Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
KIN 167 = 14= 5 5:5 plus spectral tone = TRIPLE FREEDOM CODE. BREAK FREE FROM THOSE CHAINS!!!!
Today there is a New Moon 🌛Solar Eclipse🌒 in CAPRICORN🐐🏔– denoting more RELEASING and LIBERATING the past in order for New beginnings to emerge in your Career and life path!
 An EXTRAORDINARY CODE for Manifesting great healing through total transformation and LIBERATION!!!
Day 11 in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythms and cycles of Nova Gaia. Today is a day of RELEASE!!! Releasing all energies built up over the last 10 days (and past 10 years!!), and manifested yesterday. Today we are seeking to release HEALING in order to ACCOMPLISH LIBERATION from what was blocked and limiting us from moving forward.
SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! So today is all about emotional release – allow that energy in motion – to be expressed and dissolved , allow the tears, the laughter, the joy to be expressed, no holding back, connect with your higher wisdom giving you the intelligence to carve a new path of LIBERATION. This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING of old ancient ancestral patterns and cycles. Choosing to RELEASE and liberate all that no longer serves our wellbeing. This RING OF FIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE will facilitate this in order to close off this last decade! These are very powerful energies at work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you finally claiming your true Sovereignty. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW more DIVINE, REALITY in your perfected GOLDEN CHRISTED body.
CONSCIOUS & HIGHER SELF:BLUE HAND 🖐 MANIK – Today we have DOUBLE BLUE HAND energy! MANIK brings forth miraculous healing power with WHITE WIZARD’s superpowers in ending your pain, suffering and dis-ease on the road to WELLNESS. Today we attract this new HEALING frequency accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Resources and solutions will appear as you gain satisfaction in knowing you are finally making significant progress in your healing journey – whatever form that may take, be it physical, mental, emotional or mental. You can finally uncover the solutions needed to dissolve the dis-ease and release all suffering, liberating you to live a joyous life again. MANIK ensures you accomplish your goals and desires.Today is a wonderful time TO GET THINGS DONE, to volunteer, to assist others and offer a helping hand. Get out your TO DO list, or your BUCKET LIST and start prioritizing your tasks to ensure you fully maximize the incredible gifts that MANIK bestows upon you today..
SUPPORT: YELLOW HUMAN 👴EB supports us in CHOOSING to do the healing work that will set us FREE, reclaiming our FREE WILL to navigate our future path. We have the power today to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical HU-MAN vessel and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN. Our ANGELIC GOLDEN CHRISTED lightbodies can be accessed through the healing codes prevalent today. EB also provides the power of INFLUENCE, so we will be influenced by others, or alternatively we will influence others to take the healing journey to wellness and accomplishment. .
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE WIZARD🔮 IX the WHITE WIZARD flamboyantly materializes before you in a vortex of violet and electric blue energy. He presents with his magnificent sceptre to provide the tools to really benefit from this potent HEALING energy available today. Regaining VICTORY over your health challenges. Pure alchemy is available to you today, as the aethers will shapeshift to create your projected thought forms into matter! What are you desiring? You have the superpower of enchantment at your disposal today. Are you OPEN to experiencing all the majik that the Universe has to offer you. knowing and believing that MIRACLES and spontaneous healing can occur? Step into your true Creator form today and experience the miracle of being a Divine Alchemist.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED EARTH 🌏 CABAN Evolves, synchronicity, navigation . RED EARTH is reminding us to listen to our emotional intelligence today. Ask spirit to work through our bodies showing us the signs we need that lead to healing. Above all remember that Mother Nature is our most potent healing force on this planet, so remember to incorporate your daily dose of sunshine, trees, bird’s singing, waves tumbling, river’s flowing, and the beautiful scent of flowers blossoming. Celebrate our connectedness to this Natural wonder that surrounds us. Remember to walk barefoot on the EARTH, grounding for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to fully utilize the MAGNETIC healing force of GAIA. Perhaps you may prefer to research and choose wonderful vibrational medicines and frequencies technologies such as RIFE machines and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy for cellular rejuvenation. NOW is the RIGHT TIME!! You have been waiting long enough for TOTAL healing and transformation to occur. Step up and take ACTION in order to accomplish this healing today.
NOTE: If you have the BLUE HAND star glyph in your Dreamspell signature then your HEALING abilities (and your ability to heal yourself) are supercharged today. 🖐 . YELLOW HUMAN tribe will find themselves helping/healing others more, whilst RED EARTH kin may be challenged and tested. If they are more evolved EARTH kin, then they will be like a traffic officer, pointing the direction for others to navigate their course.

Today’s question is “What dis-ease and outmoded patterns, can I FULLY release today, to finally accomplish greater Healing for my whole being – body, mind and spirit? ”
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessings for accomplishing tremendous RESULTS in your return to wholeness today. The PAST is forever GONE🎉🎆
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈


If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

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