Pink Cheshire Double Chambered Whistling Vessel

This is a Peruvian Style Double Chambered Whistling Vessel made out of a White Clay with a a Metallic Pink Acrylic Airbrush Paint and a Shellac finish
This is my rendition of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderlandt. It has a Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Carving  in the front and an ancient Egyptian pyramid with the Eye of Osiris on the back.
This ceramic piece is a one of kind hand made from scratch ceramic sculpture by artist Paul Butler

Only a handful of artists can make this tool of healing and consciousness exploration. Paul has trained with several Zen masters, a QiGong master and a Taoist Master. Paul is an apprentice with Taoist master Max Christensen. Paul was transmitted the knowledge of making this Peruvian whistling vessels from a higher power.