Peruvian Style Whistling Vessels

Peruvian Double Chambered Whistling Vessels have been used by Shamans for centuries for Healing and Astral Traveling. Considered a powerful tool for your Shamanic toolbox. These whistling vessels are all one of a kind hand made ceramic artistic and functional pieces.

Aggravated Mer-Ka-BaΒ Β IMG_3358

Star Thunderbird
The Pink Cheshire
Pacal Votan

Dr ReptilioIMG_3373Β 



The Trumpeteer


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  1. Richard Protheroe

    Hey Paul,
    I love your work! I’m trying to learn how to make one of these vessels and am wondering if you have an instruction video or pamphlet to teach novices like me how to make them. Your eye for detail is astounding. I used to make some money as as a ceramic sculpture years ago, but never made enough to do it full time. I’d like to make one of these for myself and would gladly pay to have you teach me how to construct one. Thanks Paul!
    Richard Protheroe
    [email protected] email

  2. Paul Butler

    I currently do not. Send me a request at [email protected] and I will try and make something for you. Be well my friend…Paul Butler

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