Pacal Votan Double Chambered Whistling Vessel

This is a Peruvian Style Double Chambered Whistling Vessel made out of a White Clay fired and airbrush painted with a Black and Speckled paint and finished with a shellac clear coat.
This is a a rendition of the Mayan Lord Pacal Votan. During the height of the Classic Maya civilization,
Lord Pacal Votan ruled the empire of Nah Chan Palenque (in present day Chiapas, Mexico), for 52 years.
He has a Sacred Symbol carved in the back from a Crop Circle that appeared in the UK.
This ceramic piece is a one of kind hand made from scratch ceramic sculpture by artist Paul Butler

Only a handful of artists can make this tool of healing and consciousness exploration. Paul has trained with several Zen masters, a QiGong master and a Taoist Master. Paul is an apprentice with Taoist master Max Christensen. Paul was transmitted the knowledge of making this Peruvian whistling vessels from a higher power.