Violet Fire

I AM a Being of Violet Fire

This little decree can be the first violet-flame decree that you do and it can become a cornerstone of your violet-flame ritual.

Source: Violet Flame for You


As you say this decree, visualize the violet flame bathing and cleansing your aura. See the flames dissolve the debris in and around it. You are saying, “I AM the purity God desires!” because you want to purify your aura of everything that is not of God. When you give this decree, visualize any negative energy that contacts these flames being instantaneously transmuted into the light of vf-pic1lGod.


I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

A variation of this decree is to insert the names of people you know or your hometown, nation or the planet. For example, you can say:

Earth is a planet of violet fire!
Earth is the purity God desires!
New York is a city of violet fire!
New York is the purity God desires!

More Violet Fire


The decree “More Violet Fire” is known for its rhythm and for the spiraling action of the violet flame that follows the rhythm.

As you give this decree, commune with your I AM Presence. Feel the love of your “lovely God Presence” enfold you completely as you let go of all anger, worries, concerns and fears.

Visualize a waterfall of light descending from your I AM Presence. See this light be-ing released to you as streams of glistening energy and then going forth to bless and comfort those for whom you are praying.

See the violet flame dissolving the cause, effect, record and memory of your own and others’ misdeeds. Don’t forget to add your own special images of what you want the violet flame to accomplish. No problem is too insignificant or too big to tackle with the violet flame.


Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
Hear me now I do decree:
Bring to pass each blessing for which I call ~ Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all!

Let violet fire of Freedom roll 859474bc2d3ef5c79a07ab8f5ad84506
Round the world to make all whole
Saturate the earth and its people, too,
With increasing Christ-radiance shining through!

I AM this action from God above
Sustained by the hand of heaven’s love,
Transmuting the causes of discord here,
Removing the cores so that none do fear.

The full power of Freedom’s love
Raising all earth to heaven above
Violet fire now blazing bright
In living beauty is God’s own light

Which right now and forever
Sets the world, myself, and all life
Eternally free in Ascended Master perfection!
Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

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  1. Geovanna Brooks

    I am very interested in collaborating with the healing program in Ecuador!! I am originally from Quito-Ecuador, I live in Atlanta but I’ll be traveling to Ecuador soon! Love and blessings

  2. Paul Butler

    Namaste Geovanna. wonder-full to hear. Great to connect with you. Send me an email at [email protected] with your contact info. Much Love and Light my friend…Paul

  3. Sandy Bella

    ❤ I feel like I should maybe use the Violet Flame to forgive my illnesses for the massive part they have played in destroying my life but I don’t feel ready yet. Im still struggling with finding out I have Lyme Disease and I’m processing it and working through it the best I can right now but I know I need to forgive my illnesses too ❤

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