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Monad soul level

Earth Day a Lemurian Gateway ~ Cathar/ Essene Planetary Mission – TWIN FLAMES, THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE JURISDICTIONS

Earth Day a Lemurian Gateway ~ Cathar/ Essene Planetary Mission – TWIN FLAMES, THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE JURISDICTIONS



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Divine Illuminated Children of the Sun’s Holy Light

Happy Earth Day and 22:22 Portal of the Divine 44!

On this Powerful Day of the Divine Mother Goddess Rising we commence the New Wavespell of the Blue Storm on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. The Blue Storm is the catalyst of Great Change and Transformation in a Positive Light. The Storm is here and will wash away all that remains of the old false 3d matrix of control and suffering. Pachamama also received another powerful activation today on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Indonesia at 8:23 UTC.

We are now at over 35 hours of Blackout on the Schumann Charts. This synchronizes with the Awakening of the Cosmic Womb of our Universal Mother within every living heart of our Ground Crew of the 144,000. All that no longer serves humanity and Gaia is being removed, cleared and resolved in the Wisdom of the Ages. We have reached critical mass of the Christos Sophia Consciousness as all Starseed Lightworkers of the New Eden live from their hearts being connected to all things as real human beings we elevate and uplift all Sentient beings into the Pure Resonance of 5D and beyond.

With all these downloads, upgrades and shifts coming in we are experiencing many anomalies in time such as time leaps, timeline merges, time loops, time slowing down and speeding up. We continue to navigate through these unknown energies through these resets, recalibrations, rebirthing as we are initiated in our Shamanic deaths , activations and resurrections in our Ascension Journey.

The Spiritual Sun at the center of the Universe is a mirror of the Still Center of your Pure Presence. Go there now! Seek Solace in the Peace of the Kingdom of Heaven within, and let go into the Silence until you realize your oneness with the Void, the emptiness of the Original Mind at the beginning of the turning of time.

All of these experiences guide us to the Silence within, for within the Stillness the Clear Light of Bliss shines through to guide the Way to your Infinite Life of Buddha Consciousness…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 9°02′ Gemini, Sun at 2°43′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Taurus.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Aeroplane performing a nose-dive.
Sabian Symbol for 10º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 10º Gemini.






🌈Grid Workers / Gate Keepers🌈

We received Crystalline Gatekeeper Codes this past WEEK opening the FIELD for Grounding Heaven on Earth.
YES Peace on Earth is possible in these NEW Frequencies!!
Grid workers ESPECIALLY will get new Grid Assignments as many of US receive New placements.
You MIGHT be pulled back to a Grid you’ve already been on OR be assigned to get back on the road to new Locations!
Sometimes reviewing an OLD Grid means you’re either Bringing a NEW frequency to the area OR closing out your Part of that Earth, Galactic or Inner Earth agreement.
Much of my work has been on creating PEACE agreements between the realms, especially Atlantis & Lemuria.
Partial Hybrid Solar eclipse
Partial Hybrid Solar eclipse

April 20, 2023 Partial/Hybrid Solar eclipse

📍Samar Island, Philippines 🏝️

I’m definitely feeling a surge of energy.
Pay attention. Earth/Gaia just released new energy for Ascension.
Please be prepared for the next Lunar Eclipse: Friday, May 5th. 🤍 these portals are open for new activations. ⚡
Angel of Mercy
Angel of Mercy
UPDATE. Your story is changing. The way your life goes is changing too. And this is only the beginning of this new phase. Facing so many upgrades, you have to surrender to something bigger. Understanding all is happening for your highest good. According to the Plan. There is no need to worry. Flow through the changes. You are safe. Move through this portal, knowing that the best is happening.
a spot of tea
a spot of tea
Daniel F Gerhartz (American, B.1965)
April 22, 2023, Earth Day is a Lemurian Gateway. The frequencies coming to Gaia through the Central Sun are balancing Gaia to bring it in alignment with the energies of Lemuria.
When Atlantis and Lemuria fell, many found safety within the inner earth. The people of the inner earth are now working with you to create the new reality.
Up to now your foot chakras were only connected to the surface of the earth. Now your foot chakras are fully open and you are totally connected to all layers of Gaia including the inner earth. You are able to ground to Gaia’s inner earth. There is a flow that comes up through your feet and travels through your central nervous system and connects to your brain and pineal gland.
Hugs and love to all of you,
Earth Day a Lemurian Gateway
Earth Day a Lemurian Gateway

News from Gaia’s new earth

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick update for you.
The Divine says that Gaia has anchored well in her new earth orbit and position in our solar system. The Sun has been upgraded and the Gamma Rays are emitted from the sun with powerful intensity.
The Divine has also activated the planetary grid so that, now, the new earth Divine violet flame is permeating the planet and Gaia’s ocean waters. The Divine invites us to walk the violet flame and swim in the liquid violet flame oceans, rivers and lakes and new earth waters. Give thyself a violet flame treatment and enjoy the new earth energies and bath in the new earth Gamma rays with gratitude and love for all.
The Divine encourages light workers to continue using the violet flame to transmute the old density and energies that no longer serve the planet and humanity. Please know that all is unfolding well. The Divine is in control. The Divine and the company of heaven are continuing to carry out the Divine intervention to clear the planet and humanity and eliminate the old interferencing energies. The Divine and Gaia are determined to eliminate all that interference forces and remove any thing that is against Gaia’s ascension and spiritual laws. There will be no exceptions.
The Divine and the company of heaven want to thank you for staying in the heart and keeping up your good work. Please know that one of the hardest battles is behind us. The new earth has established herself now in her new location, and the old planetary energies have been eliminated, or, in some cases, separated from Gaia’s new earth. The Divine and Gaia will continue to cut the cords and make sure that Gaia’s new earth is being filled with new and 5th dimensional energies and frequencies and souls who are designated to be on the new earth. The Divine plan always prevails.
The Divine says that time ahead is much more pleasant and now is time to celebrate our hard won battle and recharge ourselves. So go celebrate and have a relaxed day.
Divine love for you always.
Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Gaias new earth
Gaias new earth

Happy New B’Earth Day

5D Gaia
April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day,
And in this celebration we have a choice point to make individually and collectively,
Will you choose the New Earth, 5D Gaia?
Will you become part of the Gaian Hueman Race?
22 is the Master Architect, the Master Builder Number,
We are building in co-creation with our Mother the Rainbow bridge so that you can walk on new ground.
This choice point needs to be made consciously at the heart resonance to step onto the 5D crystalline grid of New Earth.
This may sound fantastical to some but is an important calibration for your body to adjust and your awareness to expand into the new light and colour bandwidths.
YES there is even a new rainbow that you can actually see with your physical eyes when you move across! 👁️ 🌈
This New Earth is an interstellar, multidimensional expression of the Gaian Hue-womb-man race.
Set your intentions to anchor into the crystalline grid feet firmly planted and allow the higher self and all your teams and spirit to guide you across step by step.
🍃 Important Affirmation :
“I Ask my higherself for this integration to move into the 5D Gaia New Earth Crystalline Grids to happen seamlessly, effortlessly, without disruption or illness in my dreamtime and meditations daily until complete.”
Please add this to any intention, as to shift across fully in a rapid way will disturb all parts of your life as you move into a higher bandwidth.
If you are a starseed or never felt at home on Earth now is the time for you to finally feel at home,
Walking with you into the New Earth,
Lumi Ræ 🌍🌈
Soul Colour Signature®️
Happy New B’Earth Day
Happy New B’Earth Day

Our Lady of Planet Earth

Happy Earth Day to the New Earth Angels 😇☀️🌍
The New Earth Angels are alive and present and listening avidly through thick and coarse energetic forces for ‘the word’.
Led by Our Most Holy Lady, Mary as Queen of Angels the Sensitives and the Warrior types alike have woken to the calling of the rise of the new dawn.
Knowingly they have been gathered in recognising the flow. Willingly they sit and hold space for themselves and others as the One emotional body of the making of mankind strives to release itself from restraints and illusions; to untie falsely given contracts of attitude or perception and to discover enlightened new approaches.
Through this most challenging point at April 2023, a threshold to new understandings of the divinity in feminine form holds space for all. Through unfathomable love and compassion she holds the whole world in her hands.
And those who feel so deeply the pains of the heart should rest in the fact that within her reach of hand, your own dear heart is upheld in equal measures of love as that of the entire cosmos. For your heart is the jewel of existence and the meaning for any and all of it.
Sensitives will benefit from a time of listening, rather than of asking while Acceptance and Resistance play their part as revolving doors through the two valves of the heart.
The Angelic Realms are highly active in mystical workings, but under no obligation to prove this to you. It is only Faith that provides the evidence and alights the navigation through the gateway of the Cosmic Heart.
Meanwhile Peace and Harmony remain the agenda for the spirit of humanity and it may be wise to consider allowing such energies to prioritise in your own reasons for existence.
May there be PEACE on EARTH
Artwork is by Russian artist Tatania. F. light
Our Lady of Planet Earth
Our Lady of Planet Earth


‘’Twin Flames what are your jurisdictions on the land?
Do you remember that you are the truthful successors, heirs and beneficiaries?
Do you remember what was taken from you?
Once you come in remembrance and take your inner true positions again
as sovereign divine living beings, you will also be able
to own, hold and use again your jurisdictions on the lands that are rightfully yours.
This starts now!
Once you wake up to these truths,
you will also come to realise that under the Divine Natural Law,
no one will have the right to keep withholding or using and exploiting anything
that is truthfully yours and even if they try,
they will meet total defeat and lose all previous power’’.
After we retrieved our divine rights upon the pure essence of the elements from the realm of the underworld,
we have now arrived to the next step
which is the return of our divine jurisdictions on the land from the Uranian/Heavenly realm.
In our upcoming session besides accessing the living quantum twin flame aspects
and restoring their circuitry in the quantum continuum,
we will also work on reclaiming
jurisdictions on the lands of the Twin Flames.
This a result of the liberation from the Luciferian contracts of limitation and control
and the Uranium purification.
Organic restoration takes place step by step
and true remembrance is becoming the most valuable asset and power right now.
It is only through true remembrance that one can be able to reclaim his/her living Essence, Being and position
and reclaim what is rightfully his/hers.
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
18 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2023
«Δίδυμες φλόγες ποιες είναι οι δικαιοδοσίες σας στη γη;
Θυμάστε ότι είστε οι αληθινοί διάδοχοι, κληρονόμοι και δικαιούχοι;
Θυμάστε τι πήραν από εσάς;
Μόλις έρθετε σε ανάμνηση και ξαναπάρετε τις εσωτερικές αληθινές σας θέσεις
ως κυρίαρχα θεϊκά έμβια όντα, θα μπορείτε επίσης
να κατέχετε, να κρατάτε και να χρησιμοποιείτε ξανά τις δικαιοδοσίες σας στα εδάφη που δικαιωματικά σας ανήκουν.
Αυτό ξεκινάει τώρα!
Μόλις ξυπνήσετε σε αυτές τις αλήθειες,
θα συνειδητοποιήσετε επίσης ότι σύμφωνα με τον Θείο Φυσικό Νόμο,
κανείς δεν θα έχει το δικαίωμα να συνεχίσει να κρατά, να χρησιμοποιεί ή να εκμεταλλεύεται οτιδήποτε
που είναι αληθινά δικό σας και ακόμα κι αν το προσπαθήσουν,
θα γνωρίσουν την ολοκληρωτική ήττα και θα χάσουν κάθε προηγούμενη δύναμη».
Αφού ανακτήσαμε τα θεϊκά μας δικαιώματα επάνω στην αγνή ουσία των στοιχείων από το βασίλειο του κάτω κόσμου,
φτάσαμε τώρα στο επόμενο βήμα
που είναι η επιστροφή των θεϊκών μας δικαιοδοσιών στα εδάφη της γη από το Ουρανό βασίλειο.
Στην επερχόμενη συνεδρία μας,
εκτός από την πρόσβαση στις πτυχές της Ζώσας κβαντικής Δίδυμης Φλόγας
και την αποκατάσταση του κύκλωματος της στο κβαντικό συνεχές,
θα εργαστούμε επίσης πάνω στην ανάκτηση της
δικαιοδοσίας πάνω στα εδάφη που οι Δίδυμες Φλόγες κατέχουν.
Αυτό είναι αποτέλεσμα της απελευθέρωσης από τα εωσφορικά συμβόλαια περιορισμού και ελέγχου
και τον καθαρισμό του ουρανίου.
Η οργανική αποκατάσταση γίνεται βήμα προς βήμα
και η αληθινή ανάμνηση γίνεται το πιο πολύτιμο αγαθό και δύναμη αυτή τη στιγμή.
Μόνο μέσω της αληθινής ανάμνησης μπορεί κανείς να διεκδικήσει ξανά την Ζωντανή Ουσία, το Είναι και τη θέση του
και να επανακτήσει τις δικαιοδοσίες του/της.
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Powerful benevolent beings have been sending teachers, guides and incarnating too. Humans have never been alone. They want you to know how powerful and magnificent you are.
There is light and darkness throughout the universe, even when 3D Terra was controlled by dark entities yet the Light always had the upper hand.
This is the final lifetime on this 3D earth for many. Right now, all the soul fragments from all your lifetimes are integrating back into the whole. You have access to all your experiences at the Monad soul level. It is best to let go of the limiting idea of linear time. There are no such thing as “past lives” only having multiple conscious experiences happening all at once…in many Harmonic Universes dimensions and densities.
Healing is easier when you become a neutral observer of all your choices and creation in the quantum field, then you enable your higher Soul to correct rectified release rewrite any negative impact on the emotional body.
This has all been a moral test for humanity. These trials have prepared Terra humans to become a galactic civilization and graduation is no longer decades away, only a few years.
It starts with disconnecting from all programmed fears harbored within, go through self-exploring and deep shadow work, learn to quiet the mind and plant more positive thoughts and beliefs in it.
As you raise your consciousness, the old world around you will fall apart, it falls into place together unified humanity and this will create a new Earth.
And remember, In all their self-perceived imperfections humans are in fact a perfect creation. The angelic human prototype on Tara was incredibly genetically advanced and was designed to embody and hold all of the Universal Genetic Library, as well as have direct communication links with the celestial management structures and other star civilizations.
You are much loved
In Oneness Light Love
Elder of the Blue Ray Council and guardian of the Mother Ark🐋✨💎💙💦
Monad soul level
Monad soul level

Cathar/ Essene Planetary Mission Update

Beloved Ones,
We are heading into another important passage on our ascension path. This is a time for us to focus on the Earth, being grounded to be able to descend and anchor the recent energies, as well as to continue with our planetary mission. For those who have Essene/Cathar lineage, Guides remark on the importance of working with the Emerald Ray, at this time, to expand your heart center and continue with your unique planetary mission.
The Emerald Ray, as you know, is the one descending from the Cosmic Monad, please do not confuse it with the Green Ray. The Essenes and Cathars are serving the Emerald Elohims, who were the ones seeding the Anuhazi/Lyrans, whose main intention is to help restore the Earth’s templars or grids, as well as the masculine and feminine pillars. This is a mission that the Essenes hold since the beginning, for they already have a unified template, which means they already come with their template unified, that is to say, the synthesis of their masculine and feminine essences.
The Emerald Ray is also connected to the Emerald Crystal on Earth, as well as to other important planetary gates and structures. The more we hold it in our hearts, the more we can help expand its healing essence. There are important advancements at this time regarding the templars restoration, although there are still some spaces that are not possible to access yet, due to their negative charge, war experiments, etc.
The mission that the first Essenes began on Earth, centuries ago, as our beloved Jesus, King Arthur, and their tribes, is finally being successfully accomplished by their descendants, and it is now the first time in our human history that the progeny from the Essene’s/Cathar’s original lineages are beginning to complete their Christos mission of restoring the planetary gates, a work initiated by these previous masters.
There are key locations in which the Emerald Ray is very active at this time: Cirencester, Caerleon, South Wales, the Alba regions, known now as Scottland, and England. There are many of these places that have been manipulated, due to their pure essence, and that are now being healed and restored.
There are many working already with these locations whether by remote viewing or physically, for not all will have the mission to be located in these areas.
We all can send love to help in this transition, no matter what our unique mission is, for there are many missions within Creation, and all of them are equally important to help in the leap of consciousness that is taking place on our planet.
When we choose to honor who we are and our personal mission we honor and serve All Creation, for it benefits the whole when we choose to step into a more illumined state of being.
However, remember that serving All does not mean allowing others to take advantage of our energy, in any way. Protecting ourselves through the creation of healthy boundaries is pivotal, if our mission involves working with many people and energies, for self-sacrificing is not of assistance to anyone.
Taking care of your energy, and knowing how to manage and protect it, is vital to be of help at this time, for we cannot save anyone who does not wish to be saved, but we can, from a neutral and compassionate space, seed our love, for when they are ready to join us.
I wish you all a loving passage, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Encoded Frequency
Cathar Essene Planetary Mission
Cathar Essene Planetary Mission
For Each Moment is A New Step For Humanity
See the Great Magnificence of Now
The True Escalation of Light Reaching Your World 🙏
The Formula of Truth Coupled with the Formula of Light.
A Powerful Divine Master Formula
For the Alchemy of Light is Bubbling Away, leading the Rapid Evolutionary Path
The Great Realisation of Now is The Path Before You…
Simply Open Your Heart to Find the Light Path Before You 🌿💥
With Love For Your Day, Karen Lithika
Cosmic Light Alliance
Great Magnificence of Now
Great Magnificence of Now

Forever Conscious

Taurus Season 2023 begins on April 20th, making its start date wedged right between the ultra potent Aries Solar New Moon Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. All of this Eclipse and Retrograde energy is going to flavor the grounded, earthy season of the Bull, guiding us to transform, awaken, and shift our lives in a higher and more aligned direction.
As we begin our journey deeper into the Eclipse Portal, Mercury has stationed retrograde. The timing of this retrograde couldn’t be more aligned. It gives us time to integrate, digest, and really take our time as we move through any transformations or new beginnings stirred by the Eclipses.
Mercury is known as the messenger, and in retrograde, it works on the messages of our inner being and our inner world.
This is a powerful, magical time where we can really get to know our inner voice on a deeper level.
Taurus Season always favors small, methodical, and practical steps that are rooted in long-term strategies rather than short-term ones. We are asked to look to the future and to ensure we are creating a solid foundation as we journey towards our goals and dreams.
Mercury in Retrograde until May 14th, will assist with this, guiding us to reflect, move slowly, and learn from our past.
Taurus Season also brings a Lunar Eclipse on May 5th in the sign of Scorpio. This Eclipse holds some potent and personal energies that will be guiding us to go within. Something may come to an end or we may find ourselves needing to let go of outdated relationships, beliefs, or habits.
On May 16th, right before Taurus Season comes to an end, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, moves into Taurus creating a new cycle of energy. Jupiter in Taurus is destined to bring an expansion of abundance and changes to the finance industry.
On May 21st, the Sun wraps up its journey in earthy Taurus for the air sign of Gemini.
Taurus Season
Taurus Season
Lunar aspects. Mercury retrograde in Taurus square Hygiea in Aquarius – The Moon’s entry into Gemini evokes a need for connection. Friends are our power right now. Talk about your ideas for the future. Hash out plans. Name your fears then change the wording to transmute that energy into fuel. With Mercury’s connection to Hygiea, preserving our mental health is an important part of the process to materialise the reality we desire. Simplicity is the answer. Look ahead and consider what needs to happen right now to prevent problems later down the line. Focus on practicalities. Speak to yourself kindly.
In the background, The lunar connection to Saturn may bring up unconscious fears, bad dreams, disturbed energy. Fortify your aura. Carry smoky quartz or a found stone to soak up heavy vibes. Set good boundaries. Don’t allow collective negativity to leech in and dilute what is meaningful for you. Lean into your spiritual practice. Visualise your accomplishments, past and future. Access the wisdom deep within your bones.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 15°Ta35′ R, Hygeia 15°Aq35′ – 02:03 (BST)
Moon 00°Ge00′ – 11:10 (BST)
Moon 00°Ge20′, Pluto 00°Aq20′ – 11:48 (BST)
Moon 04°Ge46′, Saturn 04°Pi46′ – 19:59 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Best friends by Romualdo Locatelli
Best friends
Best friends




Kin 79 ~ Blue Magnetic Storm

‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its keywords are ‘Attract, Unify and Purpose’. The first day of the wavespell sets the agenda for the 13-day journey. So think about your goals, identify your purpose and consciously enter this wavespell, as it’s the best way to get the most out of it. Unity is also a keyword associated with this tone and this symbolizes that all the days in the wavespell are united under one banner. Although the days in between have their own agenda the overlying theme is set today.
Today is Blue Storm which represents ‘Catalyze, Energy and Self-Generation’. This is a real humdinger of a wavespell and for those who don’t like change, they dread it when it comes around. Personally I like it and if embraced with courage, this wavespell has the potential to change your life. That’s if you ride the Storm’s crazy energy.
Otherwise, you can be swept away by it. The Blue Storm wavespell can be like a fairground ride during an earthquake but hey, some people actually enjoy the thrill! Changes are never without some disruption. I say to folk who are afraid of change, to remember that when improvements in your life come along, do you resist them? Because if you are afraid of change, does that mean you are also afraid of improvements in your life?
The Guide is Blue Storm as well and therefore the storm is guided by itself.
The Challenge is the Red Moon which represents the ‘Go with the Flow’ energy. However – there is no relaxing during these 13 days and if you are a Red Moon maybe you should find a storm shelter. No chillin’ out for you and it’s time to face facts…life is full of changes! If you are not a Red Moon, you won’t find this wavespell as hard but still it’s difficult for anyone to relax when the Storm is brewing.
The Occult power is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin and when in this magical position, expect magical messages to find you. This will help immensely with dealing with the stormy weather! If you are a White Wind you’ll enjoy this hectic day and the remainder of the wavespell. You are the wind! The Storm and the Wind go together so well.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun and so, if you need a friend and you are lucky enough to know a Yellow Sun, ask them for help. If you are a Yellow Sun, be prepared to receive calls from friends who may be pulling out their hair! If you don’t know one, ask yourself what would a Sunny person do on a day like today? Well, they would be the sunshine that comes out after the rain has passed creating a beautiful rainbow!
Kin 79
Kin 79


22 APRIL 2023
I UNIFY in order to CATALYZE
Attracting energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
22/4/2023 – 4/4/7 =4/11=4/2=6
22-Architect of PEACE/Master builder
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
7- Majiki/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Duality/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 79 = 16 = 7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude
A TRIPLE BLUE MAGNETIC STORM day!! Looks like we are off to an ELECTRIFYING 💣💥💥 start to this 13 day STORM Wavespell!!
ANOTHER very, very powerful day – TRIPLE 🌪🌪🌪STORM energy – looks like a TURBO 🌀GALE 🌬🌪🍃is on its way!
Today we commence a new 13 day cycle. It is day ONE in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL🌩🌪 of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. Today we are focused on magnetizing and attracting tremendous energy to catalyze TRANSFORMATION on a personal, collective and global level. Fasten your seat belts and we are off on a wild ride indeed! 🎢
The WORLDBRIDGER enabled us to release and LET GO of the old Matrix, witnessing the DEATH of the old cycle and old Earth, we are now FREE and have created SPACE for the NEW to enter our lives and change our reality.🌈
During this next phase many souls will have the RUG pulled from under their feet! Their old foundations will crumble and they will be forced to seek new ground! Perhaps literally for some!
Many RUDE AWAKENINGS will occur as humanity is forced to FACE the TRUTH that will be revealed for all to SEE.. Cognitive dissonance and denial will be matched with more persistence from Spirit for us to embrace this change and AWAKEN 💥 from the hypnotic spell that kept us in our collective slumber.
18 months ago this STORM WAVESPELL aligned with a LUNAR ECLIPSE🌙🌘 and 9 MONTHS ago we had many STORMS brewing GLOBALLY, as well as the ICELAND VOLCANO🌋 ERUPTING at Grindavik, after a series of over 3,000 earthquakes in one week AWAKENED the volcano once more. 🌋🔥.
BOOM💥 CRASH 💥 OPERA!💥 GAIA is VENTING and clearing all the pent up ANGER, FRUSTRATION and STAGNATION – shifting the energy to CATALYZE for this accelerated MOVE forwards into the new time.
💥Get ready folks we are about to commence the TURBO SPIN CYCLE!! 🌀🌀🌀
BRACE yourself for more WEATHER anomalies – hail, rain, thunder, floods, landslides, hurricanes, Solar/Magnetic storms – whatever it takes to RELEASE any stagnant energy and WAKE UP HUMANITY – Pachamumma will use the necessary tools!
MAGNETIC is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to unify all as one! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY.
The MAGNETIC tone today will assist us in attracting all that we require to catalyze our ASCENSION transformation, in order to step up into our greater Divine purpose.. As this STORM will bring great social upheaval, particularly after the potent SOLAR ECLIPSE,
the Wayshowers will need to be VERY focused and work together, in steering this collective vessel to safer waters.
We have a 22/4 and 4/4 code today… providing the necessary building blocks to construct our PEACEFUL NEW EARTH. IT IS NOW TIME to MANIFEST the NEW PARADIGM through this Eclipse cauldron/BLUE STORM CYCLE.
A HUGE LINE UP of BIG cards🃏 on the table today folks! Woweee very exciting! 💥💥💥💥
The GODDESS beckons us to Collectively transform to a more compassionate World where we LOVE❤ and NURTURE 💑 each other as EQUALS – recognizing the Divinity within each person.. Embracing them as family. 👪 Our beloved brethren, all desiring to be the fullest expression of LOVE that they can be in a HU-MAN vessel.
The GODDESS will heighten your sensitivity today, increasing your intuitive knowing, on what needs to CHANGE and transform, in order for your life to FLOW〰〰 more smoothly and effortlessly.
✨ The LIGHTER we are, the more we can FLOW! ✨✨
✨✨ The more we FLOW, the further we can GO! ✨✨
Pure brilliance is known to FLOW towards us with this powerful code today.
CHANGE IS UPON us beloveds, the more our vessels are purified, the more pure energy we can draw into our being to be catalyzed. Going with this positive flow can negate the CHAOS 🌪🌩 and disruptive energies, so we can ride the waves of harmonious and celebrated change! 🎉🎊🎈🎆
Today’s question is “How can I generate and catalyze these transformative energies, in order for my life to FLOW smoothly in the direction of my greater purpose?”
So BELOVED STAR🌟 BLISS 🐬SUNS☀ as a great man once said – it is TIME to go forth and “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
💥Hold on to your RED SHOES 👠👠Dorothy!!! THE STORM🌪☔ is here and we are no longer in Kansas!
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE MAGNETIC STORM 🌀🌀🌪🌪 CAUAC Is the change-agent who stirs up the MUD💩 in order to clear the pond. BLUE STORM🌪🌩🌪 is continuing the PURIFICATION and cleansing process, through upheaval and purging the dross. For the masses that have not awakened they will be challenged in order to evolve.
CAUAC will forcibly clear any STAGNATION and push anything in its path with tremendous force – even for the unwilling.
You cannot negotiate with a Tornado! 🌪
You prepare and batten down the hatches or run for the hills!!! (or is that hide in the cellar?) Seriously folks the matrix has programmed humans to FEAR change, and thus we drag our feet and resist at all costs (better the devil you know!). However there comes a time when SPIRIT says “Enough is enough! Now is THE TIME.” So as they say in the movies – you either go willingly or they will bring out the handcuffs.
✨We all need to FEARLESSLY embrace the NEW CHANGE as a grand new adventure🌈, , leading us to new untold pleasures and excitement. The pioneering spirit is one we all need to embrace during this evolutionary Ascension phase we are currently traversing, as we BOLDLY GO where no-one has been before!.✨
BLUE STORM is the most POWER filled and energized of the 20 tribes/solar seals in the Dreamspell, affording a great well of incredibly potent energy to be catalyzed and transformed for renewed purpose.
All this extra energy that has been freed up through letting go can now be “funnelled” into new projects🌱 and ideas designed to afford great planetary change and transform the lives of Earth’s citizens –💥✨💥
SUPPORT: YELLOW MAGNETIC SUN 🌞– AHAU What a fabulous support for the MAGNETIC STORM during this entire wavespell. The MAGNETIC AHAU 🌞 EN-LIGHT💡ONS us, and encourages us to SHINE BRIGHTLY like the SUN.🌞
Today we are attracting SOLAR ☀energy from the SUN🌞 and our great Central Sun🌞 and magnetizing these codes through our own precious hearts. This enables us to generate all the energy and POWER we need to fuel our purpose with renewed passion and vigour.🔥💃 It is time to catalyze the POWER from the CME’S and SOLAR FLARES to charge our BATTERIES and fuel our MISSION. They will be SOUPED up during this 13 day cycle!
MAGNETIC AHAU will enable us to ATTRACT our kin folk – those who are AWAKENED and fully illumined, resonating as our tribe. Together we can focus on THE LIGHT!💡 Joining together to fulfill our unified purpose and become the LIGHTHOUSES 💡🚨 guiding the ships through the darkness. .
The SOLAR codes are supporting this STORM in creating the IGNITION🎇 of our Holy Flame 🔥to step up into our DIVINE purpose. AHAU will ILLUMINATE and reveal all the darkest of SHADOWS to be cleansed, purified and brought into the LIGHT. This is the DIVINE DECREE for our Planet as NO DARKNESS can REMAIN LURKING any longer.
✨GAIA🌏 is evolving from being the “dumpster” planet in the Galaxy, to becoming the SHINING STAR 🌟– CENTER STAGE.. As our Planetary battle is in the SPOTLIGHT and has drawn huge attention from voyeurs throughout the Cosmos – our VICTORY is ASSURED. 🌠 There is nowhere to HIDE from the inevitable!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE COSMIC WIND🌬🍥🍃 – IK Within the STORM 🌪you can hear the whisperings of the purifying White Wind.
❓❓Is it a gentle breeze 🍃tickling your ear,……. or a howling gale🌪 trying to get your attention?
This WIND is of COSMIC 🍥 proportions – so the full force of GOD’S WILL ✨ and mighty POWER💥 is the hidden SUPERPOWER today, and during this whole 13 day STORM cycle. YAAAAY!!!
The DIVINE whisperings will become a LOUDSPEAKER📣 – yelling at you – in your dreamstate – WAKE UP, WAKE UP – and take ACTION, to avoid the negative repercussions of THE STORM! It is time to catalyze this power for your e-vo-lution. 🍥
Allow yourself to be fully present and LISTEN👂 for the messages or sounds, to channel through and guide you, to your hearts remembrance of your Divine Mission here on Earth. Tune in to the gifts and insight to see what needs to CHANGE in your life, and you will arrive at a renewed sense of your Grander purpose for this next 13 day cycle.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED MAGNETIC MOON 🌛👸 MULUC adds further purification and cleansing energy through the power of Universal Water. This GIFT of this GODDESS – DOUBLES our GODDESS POWER today, as the SELF-EXISTING GODDESS is ruling this year and has reclaimed her THRONE. 👸👑
The GODDESS beckons us to Collectively transform to a more compassionate World where we LOVE❤ and NURTURE 💑 each other as EQUALS – recognizing the Divinity within each person.. Embracing them as family. 👪 Our beloved brethren, all desiring to be the fullest expression of LOVE that they can be in a HU-MAN vessel.
The GODDESS will heighten your sensitivity today, increasing your intuitive knowing, on what needs to CHANGE and transform, in order for your life to FLOW〰〰 more smoothly and effortlessly.
✨ The LIGHTER we are, the more we can FLOW! ✨✨
✨✨ The more we FLOW, the further we can GO! ✨✨
Pure brilliance is known to FLOW towards us with this powerful code today.
CHANGE IS UPON us beloveds, the more our vessels are purified, the more pure energy we can draw into our being to be catalyzed. Going with this positive flow can negate the CHAOS 🌪🌩 and disruptive energies, so we can ride the waves of harmonious and celebrated change! 🎉🎊🎈🎆
Today’s question is “How can I generate and catalyze these transformative energies, in order for my life to FLOW smoothly in the direction of my greater purpose?”
So BELOVED STAR🌟 BLISS 🐬SUNS☀ as a great man once said – it is TIME to go forth and “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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