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Right now: Moon at 29°30′ Pisces, Sun at 20°34′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A pugilist (boxer) entering the ring.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Aries.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Pisces.





-SA Smith

We are always shifting timelines. Most of us subconsciously, for our greater and highest good.
Are you feeling a difference in your world today? We jumped overnight to much higher timeline for all of us.
We still have a few more leaps to get to the very best one for us all.
Something BIG is Coming. I started see it two days ago with my clients.
If you come do a session with me I look at your path and I can see what’s coming towards you in the next 6 to 8 months.
What started to show two days ago on ALL my lightworker clients is a disruption on their path about 3 months out. (Please Note that three months is a guesstimate. It could be sooner or further out.)
I have talked with my guides and they are calling it a “shakeup.
They are also saying it’s as big as you want it to be. Can be a blimp or a mountain, depending on what you want it to be.
Could this blimp be the massive timeline jump? An exodus? Or is it part two of our Ascension journey, kicking in to gear?
You’re doing the work!!
You took the mission.
You Believe in all of us.
Thank you for showing up each day and sharing your energy and love with those around you.


Beloved Kwan Yin told us:
May I offer you the blessings of beloved Mary, the blessed Nada and Leto, and of those great sisters of light who represent the cosmic virtues — the Goddess of Truth, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Liberty, the great Goddess of Purity, and all the other members who represent the feminine aspect of divinity.
We come now into close association with mankind through the intellectual consciousness at this time, but as the great activity of the Maha Chohan, as representative of the Holy Spirit working through the Master Saint Germain in the New Age, is directly concerned with the FEELING NATURE, then more and more will we come to the foreground and offer our qualities, not only to the women, but to the gentle men of the race, and as our qualities are absorbed and woven into the nature of the individual, we shall see God-mastery, God-balance, and God-maturity between the feminine and the masculine aspects of the one lifestream.
I have endeavored for many, many centuries to raise and redeem the consciousness of the women of the race who, because of the mass pressures and accumulations of human creation in the world, have fallen below the moral standards which form the natural activity of the feminine aspect of life. There shall come a day in the near future when Temples of Mercy and Compassion will be established in the physical octave of earth, through which the women of the race may be again restored to the dignity which they knew in those early Golden Ages.
May I bless your hearts and souls, and thank you for inviting us into your presence.
I thank you.
Journal 1, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

You are the Truth by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beloved brothers and sisters, I am St Germain. I come forth with love, respect, and truth. It is an honour to come forth to you and to share an activation. It is not an activation instigated by myself nor those upon the inner planes, it is more of a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of. As I bring forth information and a remembrance, so the activation will automatically take place within your being. It may require your focus and your attention as you draw the energy and the truth from your being into your awareness, into your reality and your experience.

I, St Germain say to you, you are the truth, you are the truth in embodiment in this moment. You are the truth that exists on the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. You exist on all these multiple dimensions in different forms and expressions. With this in mind I, invite you to ask yourself:

Who am I?

What is my truth?

You are in existence on the Earth, you are in existence on all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe, and yet in each dimension and upon the Earth you have a different form. Within your existence on the Earth there are multiple dimensions. You are not only physical, not only emotional, and only mind, thinking, thoughts, awareness, and consciousness, you are so much more. This means your truth is constantly shifting, and who you are is constantly changing. Your truth is an expression, an expression of the Creator that flows throughout all dimensions and throughout your being on the Earth. Everything you are holds the vibration of your truth.

If you ask within your being for one word that describes your truth throughout all the dimensions and your physical existence. What would that word be?

Understanding that word allows you to grasp an understanding of your truth, your truth on all dimensions and in every existence. While this one word may be limiting in its expression of your truth, it aligns you, focusing your mind and your awareness, allowing the truth within you to activate. Accessing this truth is like accessing a very pure aspect of your being, an aspect that is beyond the ego, even beyond thoughts, and form. This truth is beyond your soul’s contract for this existence and yet it is an integral aspect of your existence on the Earth. You might say it is the foundation that creates everything. It is the foundation that manifests fulfilment for you on the Earth and all other dimensions. This word that you discover is like an activation, it is like a key that opens the door to your truth and who you truly are on all levels.

The other activation, I, Saint Germain, wish to share with you is a simple awareness and remembrance. If your truth exists upon so many levels, dimensions and within your being, it is the same on all those dimensions and yet it evolves and blossoms. This means that within every aspect of your Incarnation upon the Earth there is the vibration of truth, it is for you to explore this vibration of truth in a physical form and a physical way. A deeper understanding is that this vibration of truth exists within your cells, the cells of your physical body.

It has been there since your birth and remains within every single cell. To activate your truth into physical manifestation, physical awareness, and experience there is a need to activate the truth held within your cells. In doing so your body and all energy bodies will transform, as if singing the vibration of your truth. As your thoughts shift, your emotions shift, aspects of your physical body heal and transform. You will come to know yourself more fully with greater understanding, allowing your intuition to guide you further into fulfilment and expression of the Creator, therefore you gain a deeper understanding of the Creator, realising the presence of the Creator is all around you, most prominently within you.

How does it change your perspective if you acknowledge that your cells hold the truth of your being, who you really are, the truth of the Creator, and that they are ready to be expressed and experienced?

You may notice your mind, and your thoughts begin to transform. Maybe you look at illness, death, healing, or your experiences on the Earth in a different way. Maybe you allow yourself to realise your inner power and the impact you have upon your own being, reality, and your ascension process. As you allow your thoughts and your perspective to shift and alter, the activation will take place.

I, St. Germain, encourage you to take time in meditation, repeating the affirmation:

I am the truth of the Creator; I activate the truth from every cell of my being.

Imagine, sense, acknowledge, and contemplate your cells activating, releasing, holding, and emanating the vibration of truth. Imagine this for a few moments, imagine it daily, as you encourage yourself to acknowledge your truth, to activate your truth, and to experience your truth on the Earth. In doing so you will awaken all you are, and all that is the fulfilment and the Creator vibrations within your being.

Why do we need to recognise that the cells hold the truth?

Often, we are impacted by outside influences, outside suggestions, opinions judgments, scenarios, experiences, and this impact the cells of your being. What you put into your body, food, drink, other aspects that your body absorbs impacts your cells, impact even who you are. As you allow yourself to acknowledge that your cells hold the truth, and this truth can be radiated, this understanding will overpower any outside influences or anything that you accept into your body, whether believing it as helpful or not. The truth will transform you on so many levels of your being especially physically, reminding you of your health, well-being, healing abilities, and power which remains with you always, and yet sometimes is not recognised.

With outside influences impacting your being in so many different ways it is time to step into your power. When you activate your cells as carriers of truth, you physically feel the presence of your truth. You can act and react from this truth, creating truth in your reality. As more and more people achieve this, so the reality of truth, the reality of the Creator will dawn and manifest present for all to experience.

I, St Germain, am present to assist and support you, my love is with you eternally.

I thank you,

I am St Germain

I am the truth of the Creator.



Karen Lithika

Harmony – Unity – Love
Like a Rainbow of Infinite Colours, know you are uniting in a Spectrum of Light.
All colours are welcome, as you join in a wonderful creation of LIGHT.
To open your heart to this Multidimensional Creation. See it forming all around you in Unity Brothers and Sisters 💥
Feel your way into this Alignment, beyond the Limitations, there are no Boundaries now…
For your Light Body is paving the way, leading your advancement, your infinite intelligence and wisdom.
SEE the Rainbow as you join in a Union of Light.
Simply close your eyes
Connect to your Heart Space – Breathe
Visualise a wonderful vibrant Rainbow
Pour Love, Peace, Healing, Forgiveness frequencies in the rainbow
Send the rainbow to the person you are having conflict with xo
To clear any unresolved issues – to assist expansion & growth ❤
*Ask the Universe to assist in clearing any energies associated with the interaction.
Know you are doing wonderfully well as you continue to prosper, align and join. To assist others and to find Peace and Joy in your world of Light.
Sending waves of LOVE
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika xo
Blessings to the Artist 🌈
Dolomites UNESCO 🏔️  Photography by oos_photography

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

Lots of Galactic Energies pouring in still thru Friday. We can expect the Upgrades to continue through then to. Last night brought some big waves. The solar activity is expected to remain low for the next few days. We had some strong activity with the Schumann Resonance yesterday, but things have calmed down considerably. Yesterday we hit a Power 11 at 11 UTC, 11:11.
Take this as a very Divine Sign. Your being reminded that you have so much assistance. This weekend we have a New Moon in Aries. The sky may seem extra dark, but expect to really feel these Energies. This is a Portal into New Energies. This is the first New Moon of the Spring. This New Moon is really important. It occurs in the first sign of the zodiac. Expect very positive energies meant to bring you a New Beginning. We are in a powerful space for setting intentions, or to be making new bigger plans. It’s a great time to start over if things aren’t working. This New Moon is bringing a Cosmic Reset with it. This New Moon is bringing its own Stellium. We have the Sun, the Moon, Ceres, Kassandra, Chiron, Eris, Venus, and Mercury all in Aries.
A Stellium of any kind makes the energy so much stronger. Aries is one of the most high energy signs of the zodiac too. Expect a lot of Fire! There is a strong focus on healing issues related to love, money, and communication right now. This New Moon is bringing up old wounds that still need healed.
Chiron is assisting us with what still needs to be cleared so that we can reach our full potential. This energy is meant to be shining a light on your purpose, or ways you could be making yourself more of a priority. Aries is a Warrior/ Martian sign. Let this energy bring some excitement into your life. It’s great energy for working in, or to be recharging and healing..
📸Milky Way above Petra (Jordan)Astronomy And Geography Lovers


2 hours ago

All of your past efforts will be rewarded in the future. Everything that was needed on your part to free yourself from unhealthy partners that were taking your feminine alchemical creative power is complete.

This has supported the Divine Masculine Christ to end lustfully attaching and taking from females through multiple sexual partners and sexual addictions. Debauchery is over. God is removing the enemy that was continually taking what’s yours. This is physical completion to the collapse of the male jezebel narcissists, love bombing, coming in taking and leaving, using your heart and love for their gain etc etc etc. We all clearly understand and see this accurately now. That entity is being removed from the Holy Grail.

The DMC are free of these spells. They can and are now leaving the matrix, and continuing to purify their rod and staff for Mother Earth and Hieros Gamos sacred marriage with their Bride of Christ Counterpart.

Masculine power and sovereignty is getting stronger in all of us through this process. Divine intervention continues bringing us the support needed to restore your original covenant union. The Most High wants you to utilize this time of rest. Transition into a new cycle of physical and material blessings are happening during the lunar cycle. Releasing of the past is still naturally occurring for transformation. No more action is required on this layer and level, as it’s already done. Old hurts and emotions that may be surfacing are coming up to transmute. Observe forgive and move on. Release and recover in preparation for the new. Be in the flow with the divine timing.

All Praises to the Most High in Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🌺 Love Carolyn




astro butterfly

Mercury Conjunct Chiron – The Gift Inside The Wound

On April 9th, 2021 Mercury is conjunct Chiron at 9° Aries.
Mercury conjunct Chiron is an opportunity to take a close look at our wounds, and discover their hidden treasure. When we have a Chiron transit, the gift is ALWAYS found in unlikely places: deep inside the wound.
Chiron is known as the “Wounded Healer”.
Wounded Healer is a metaphor initially used by Carl Jung to describe therapists that want to become therapists PRECISELY because of a personal wound they are continuously trying – but are unable – to heal.
This unhealed wound draws them to people who share the same wound.
However, Carl Jung (and later, other psychologists and scientists) also discovered that unless we heal our wound, we cannot truly help others. We will, at best, sympathize with the wounded.
We will, at best, hold space and give others the opportunity to explore their wound from different angles.
However, a wounded healer also risks projecting their personal wounding process onto others, and ultimately, giving bad healing advice.
Unless we heal ourselves first, we just don’t know what works and what doesn’t.
Chiron is not ‘just’ a Wounded being trying to figure things out.
If we go back to the Greek myth, we learn that Chiron was a wise centaur that HAS figured things out, becoming the greatest teacher and healer of his time.
Unlike other Centaurus, who were untamed and troublemakers, Chiron was wise and level-headed.
Chiron has reconciled his animal nature with his divine nature, taking the best of these two worlds, and becoming a holistic teacher and healer.
Chiron And Wholistic Healing
How did that happen? What made Chiron different?
Chiron was born half-man, half-horse. Disgusted by his appearance, his mother abandons him at birth. This was Chiron’s primal wound – the wound of rejection.
Thankfully, Apollo (the Greek counterpart of the Sun) adopts Chiron and teaches him ‘Solar’ skills, such as prophecy and poetry.
This, combined with Chiron’s half-horse a.k.a animal and instinctual nature, gave Chiron a unique advantage, and helped him become a revered and respected teacher.
He understood both the workings of nature and the workings of the divine, and became a Whole-istic healer.
IMPORTANT: If Chiron was not abandoned at birth, he couldn’t have been adopted by Apollo, and he wouldn’t have had the chance to bridge the gap from nature to spirit. This initial abandonment, this initial wound, was precisely what made Chiron so special.
Our Chiron wound is the “initial condition” – what we need to not only accept, but also integrate, and use as a catalyst for growth.
Chironic healing is not just the process of finding relief from pain – it is the process of reconciling what is otherwise incompatible or unacceptable within ourselves.
When we bridge these two otherwise conflicting worlds, we ‘heal’, and discover our unique gift.
The Chiron wound is that quality you have that is initially seen as “unacceptable” because it is odd, non-ordinary or goes against the social norms. How can a horse also be a man? How can a man also be a horse?
But it is precisely this reconciliation of these opposing natures that not only ‘heals’ our wound, but also becomes our unique advantage, our ‘value proposition’, our greatest gift.
Mercury Conjunct Chiron – Becoming Aware Of What Hurts
Let’s come back to Mercury conjunct Chiron.
Any Chiron transit will stir the Chironic process we described.
With Mercury, it’s words, thoughts, and memories that will trigger our old wounds and hurts.
When Mercury is conjunct Chiron, we often recall some hurtful things someone has said to us. Parents or siblings that bullied us, teachers that undermined our self-confidence, colleagues or peers that made us feel odd or inadequate.
Mercury helps us “see” and understand what is otherwise difficult to grasp. When Mercury is conjunct Chiron, we can finally acknowledge our primal Chiron wound of inadequacy.
Chiron Healing Approaches
Mercury Conjunct Chiron – The Gift Inside The Wound
The gift inside the wound may not be very obvious at first, but a Mercury-Chiron transit is one of the best opportunities to become aware of the relationship between the wound and the gift.
When we have a Chiron transit, healing the wound doesn’t only mean finding relief from pain – it means digging into the wound until we find the deeper meaning behind it.
If there is something about yourself that is still bothering you, chances are there is a gift there to be unveiled. A potential that is yet to materialize. That wound is the KEY to something much greater. That wound will continue to bug you until you recognize the gift behind it.
Mercury rules over our communication – not only our communication with other people, but also with ourselves.
That voice inside your head (which we call thoughts), is nothing else but Mercury having a conversation with you. It is Mercury trying to tell you something, trying to get your attention on something that needs to be understood at a deeper level.
Mercury brings clarity. With Mercury conjunct Chiron, it is easier to articulate and acknowledge the wound, and most importantly, to become aware of the gift inside the wound.
Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries. Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces – A flicker of doubt is troubling. Maybe we’re lacking in motivation, tongue-tied, confused about our direction, unsure of our goals or feel like we’ve lost the entire plot! Sometimes it seems like whatever we want slips through our fingers, so we’re defeated before we even start. Some may feel tired, sick or fed up of trying. Passive aggression may seem easier than direct confrontation, especially if we feel inadequate. But words can hurt, thoughts can hurt – bed seems better than battle.
You are not lost, helpless or hopeless. Fire up your imagination and seek solutions. A dream without action is just a dream. Let your intuition inform your goals. If you’re lacking inspiration, initiate a quest to re-ignite your passion. Visualise your inner warrior animated, vital and alive. Bravely explore your spiritual path. Have the courage to fight for your soul. Use affirmations and positive phrases to heal doubt and boost confidence. Never give up.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, Chiron 09°Ar29′ – 08:07 (BST)
Mars 21°Ge43′ Neptune 21°Pi43′ – 20:18 (BST)
Painting – ‘The Lost Child’ by Thomas Sully
Kin 116 ~ Yellow Crystal Warrior
‘Crystal’ is the name for the number twelve and its key words are ‘Cooperate, Dedicate and Universalize.’ This is the 12th day of the Red Serpent wavespell and finally the ten Portal day column is behind us. Today is great for getting together with other like- minded folk or for working in teams. Traditionally on the 12th day people assemble for a ‘Crystal Court’ where experiences with the calendar are shared. Tonight, we shall be having one here and I know everyone will want to discuss the crazy ten-day portal day extravaganza!
Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Questioning, Intelligence and Fearlessness.’ Warrior gets things done and is seldom idol. Give him a mission or quest and off he goes. We can all be warriors today and wield our willpower. As it is a ‘Crystal’ day, going on a mission with a group of people will lead to success rather than trying to complete a mission on your own. Join a good cause or a revolution!
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ Follow the guiding star today and it will lead to beautiful experiences. May your quest be about discovering art and appreciating the beautiful world that’s around you.
The Challenge today is the White Worldbridger, and so the quest may face obstacles and bridges may be difficult to cross… especially if you are a Worldbridger.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which happens to be the wavespell we are in too and so that gives the serpent has a lot of power today. Use it wisely and may the quest you take on be strengthened by serpent energy which when in this magical position; can facilitate powerful transformations.
The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. People with big imaginations make great companions to take on a mission. They come up with good ideas and know how to dream big. Take one with you on your quest today if you happen to know one.


12 CIB- KIN 116
9 APRIL 2021
Universalizing Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Crystal tone of Co-operation
I AM guided by the power of Elegance
9/4/2021 = 9/4/5 = 9/9 =18=9
9- Endings/Destiny/Divine/Mission/Service/Humanity/Grace
4- Form/Structure/Foundation
5 – Freedom/Change/Transformation/Change
KIN 116 = 8 – Abundance/Infinity/SOURCE Flow
🌈RAINBOW WARRIOR DAY!! 🌈🏹 A very SERIOUS day of stepping up into our UNITED purpose.
✨✨✨Our GAP JOURNEY is now completed and we have 30 days respite before entering the next cycle of 10 successive GAP days on the “other SIDE”.
Day 12 in the RED SERPENT🐍 WAVESPELL of survival, instinct, kundalini rising, life force, PASSION and rapid transformation through shedding our old skin. Today we come together with others in divine harmonic intelligence to QUEST-I-ON the very fabric of consciousness and how it is all created.
CRYSTAL 💎 Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic. At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to cooperate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day.
Focus on the CRYSTAL clarity of our minds today through the power of cooperation with others. We can create telepathic links in our communication grids today, allowing for cooperative thoughts, ideas and inspiration to flow. A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other through our pure Universal MINDS UNITED in our common purpose!
Today’s question is ” How collectively can we work together, to co-create a more HARMONIOUS and PEACE filled world?”
Divine blessings for the beautiful CONNECTION to your new cooperative alliances.✨👭👬👫
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Rest in the Lord – Dolores Develde DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
the MANTRA, the Code for today is:
Universalizing Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Crystal tone of Co-operation
I AM guided by the power of Elegance
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW WARRIOR 🌈🏹– CIB is the FEARLESS💪 WARRIOR who leads us on a courageous QUEST-I -ON. We become fearless advocates for JUSTICE, LIBERTY and a HIGHER TRUTH. We ask continuous and bold, highly INTELLIGENT questions, then COMMAND answers and solutions. We are on a Divine Mission and are UNSTOPPABLE!!!
🚫No false “authority” can stand in our way!
The RAINBOW WARRIORS of the New Earth will not stop QUESTIONING, as they fearlessly confront HEAD on all obstructions to attaining Nirvana. If it is not for the betterment of ONE and ALL, then it must crumble and yield to a new way of being.
The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the best choices and the best road to travel reaching to the desired destination. The CRYSTAL WARRIOR is a team player who joins with his allies to broadcast through Gaia’s Grid the best way to move forward in our new common-unities. 💎🌐
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW CRYSTAL STAR 🌟– LAMAT is the VENUS STAR of beauty, elegance, grace and harmony. We dedicate today to joining with others on a creative project. This will bring in Universal understanding of our collective role, as beings focussed on the mission of re-establishing Harmony on our planet.
The CRYSTAL STAR opens a PORTAL to the New Harmonic Matrix – extricating us from the disharmonic Artificial Time Matrix. Our unified focus is on PEACE, HARMONY, BEAUTY, ABUNDANCE and creating a WORLD where TIME is ART🎨 and we can express ourselves through our ART.. flowing with the natural rhythms and beauty of our surroundings – unbounded by TIME and SPACE – ebbing and flowing in sync. with the Cosmos.
We use our MINDS to define what such a world of beauty would look like. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love, compassion, harmony and peace. A world which allows us to be creative so that every unique soul can IGNITE their inner PASSION and LIFE-force by contributing to this Utopian Vision.
SUPPORT: BLUE CRYSTAL NIGHT🌃 – AKBAL represents the abyss, the dark pit of our collective unconscious as well as our hidden HOPES and DREAMS. CRYSTAL AKBAL gives us great CLARITY to SEE in the DARK, and reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold, teaming with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to this new way of being. Cutting away and transcending our limitations and restrictive patterns inhibiting our ability to grow, shine and radiate. Through facing and overcoming our FEARS we become EMPOWERED👑 and can then take up our leadership positions, influencing others to follow in our footsteps, or walk beside us in our collective journey to the promised land.
AKBAL holds the keys to the Inner Kingdom of GOD! AKBAL holds the dreaming code for the collective, that the WARRIOR will fearlessly defend until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW 🌈splendour. The CRYSTAL NIGHT supports us in accessing the Collective ABUNDANCE that is made MANIFEST once we UNITE in PEACE and LOVE. Only then will the floodgates to the Kingdom of Heaven be OPENED for the Children of GAIA.
This is our unified QUEST as the shining ones – the RADIANT CHRISTED,☀ STARBLOSSOMS✨ leading the way to the NEW PARADIGM.🌈🌏
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED LUNAR SERPENT🐍 – CHICCHAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS in order to grow. The LUNAR SERPENT will uncover any polarized components that have caused friction and discordance. The aim of this is to create HARMONY through UNIFICATION – seeking the middle ground which brings in stability, and PEACE of MIND. The OCCULT SUPERPOWER DOUBLES the POWER of the RED SERPENT today on this twelfth day of the wavespell ensuring we are STRIPPING OFF our old SKIN – all the way to the BONE!! Out with the old to make way for the NEW SKIN – and regeneration.
We can instinctively know which are the best CHOICES to make in order to be more EM-POWERed. To ground our life force into our Mother Earth, and allow our roots to be deep, in order that our potential will grow its strongest branches into the Heavens so that we are propelled forward towards our greatest potential ever!! RED SERPENT provides the much needed vitality and life force that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to come home VICTORIOUS!🏆
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER💎🌈 🌉– CIMI’s challenge today is to LET GO and SURRENDER, all that does not “feel right” anymore. CIMI seals the store of DEATH. We are challenged to✨ LET GO and LET GOD! 🕊✨ In order to join hands with our new kin we must let go of the hand that has been controlling and binding us. Once we are FREE from the grasp of the restrictive paradigm we can CHOOSE – WHO to join hands with, in joint collaborations aimed at creating more HARMONY in our world.
In your intelligent questioning of what or WHOM you need to SURRENDER, tune in to your instincts to facilitate this process. To be open minded enough to bridge worlds and reflect the planetary mind at its most creative. Joining with others to reflect the creative potential that we are capable of as we envision the New Time, and the New World. Allow CIMI to build the bridge from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to travel in order to reach the promised land – GOD’S KINGDOM.
Enjoy this divine mission we share, to align in the greatest creation ever, indeed our survival as a species depends upon it!
NOTE: Be AWARE of any battles, conflicts or confrontations arising today!
Step back and use your CRYSTAL CLEAR MIND to diffuse all disharmony in the name of UNITY!
KIN 116 the YELLOW CRYSTAL WARRIOR was the code on 14 APRIL 1912 – which was the fateful day that the infamous TITANTIC 🚢ship, hit an iceberg and began sinking in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The cruise ship was the BEST in its day – designed with all the luxuries symbolizing BEAUTY and ELEGANCE of the Yellow Star higher guide. A pleasure ship for the RICH and FAMOUS of the day.
The CHALLENGE of the day was CIMI- the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER🌉 who seals the store of DEATH! And in DEATH – all the people on board were UNITED in their FEAR, fighting fearlessly for their survival.. FEAR, trauma, safety and SURVIVAL were all brought to the fore on this 12th day of the SERPENT wavespell.
Many QUESTIONS were being posed – the most obvious one – HOW could an UNSINKABLE SHIP – be SINKING??? QUESTIONS were also debated on the value of a life – the RICH vs the POOR, the women and children versus the men, the crew versus the passengers. There were insufficient lifeboats on board for all passengers so the GAME of SURVIVAL was very REAL and RAW.
The energy of AKBAL – the abyss was very evident in the deep cold depths of that ICY OCEAN with many brave souls choosing to taking the plunge into the ocean, rather than go down with a sinking ship. What a decision to have to face!
The COURAGE of the WARRIOR was evident in the many survival stories and heroic acts as the DREAM cruise of a LIFETIME quickly turned into the worst NIGHTMARE. This historic event remains etched deep in the psyche as a societal trauma in our collective MINDS.
✨WE CALL on DIVINE SOURCE through the LAW OF GRACE🕊 and FORGIVENESS today, to HEAL this trauma as the Wheel of TIME reopens this WOUND. Freeing all souls, entities, imprints and GAIA from the harm, pain and suffering, so that we as a Global family do not need to face this LESSON again. Clearing the ancestral lines in all timelines and dimensions so that we are now FREE!!
AMEN and SO IT IS! 🙏🙏🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages April 9 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Plagiarism – – – continue to be exposed.

Egyptian discoveries expand to open Portals.

Terrans go into restabilization.

Disconnections of disvirtuos doors in progress.

Centrals of Master Aid are established.

Direct information will be expanded.

Metatronic Missionaries approach for specific receptions.

Blue auras increase considerably.

AttentionHatonnic supporters! Projectors aimed and in support. Reverberation 54% (non-regressive).

Plastic transmissions increase.

Lords of Toth expand wisdom of SOURCE.

Crystalline Values are anchored in +++.

Special Projector for Knights and Amazons in anchorage! 99% (non-regressive).

Special Projector for Knights and Amazons in reverberation! 99% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.


*Item in Glossary



Because #Ascension
Newsletter update on contact, activations and our next Gateway coming out later this day.





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