You are currently viewing Tribal Whispers ~ Cosmic Birth ~ LIGHT WAVE ACTIVATIONS ~ Galactic Station Command! Solar Radiation Green Flame
Tribal Whispers

Tribal Whispers ~ Cosmic Birth ~ LIGHT WAVE ACTIVATIONS ~ Galactic Station Command! Solar Radiation Green Flame

Tribal Whispers ~ Cosmic Birth ~ LIGHT WAVE ACTIVATIONS ~ Galactic Station Command! Solar Radiation Green Flame



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Rainbow Bridgers Connecting Heaven and Earth

Welcome to the Transformational month of June. We have a powerful month ahead with many Celestial Alignments and Galactic Activations heading our Way. We are in full manifestation mode as we step into our roles fully as Conscious Co-Creators of our New Heaven upon the New Earth.

We begin this month with a major alignment as Jupiter meets the North Node at 3°Taurus bringing in the Heavenly Codes of Abundance and Expansion in the Light.

We Call upon all our Good People of our original Tribes of the Rainbow Nation of all Colors to take full responsibility for our Reality as we live from our Hearts being connected to all things.  It is up to our Ground Crew Earth Angelics of the 144,000 to Raise the Vibration of Pure Resonance through our Sacred Heart Centers into the Fifth Dimension of Peace, Bliss, Love and Prosperity for all Sentient beings of the Way.

All Starseed Earth Angels we Rise together through the Etheric Quantum Field as we prepare for our full, final and complete Leap of Consciousness into the New Human we call homo-luminous. In Unity Consciousness we connect and bridge the worlds of Heaven and Earth through our Sacred Heart Centers and light up the Grids of Gaia for full Transformation of the Paradise, Mother Earth has always evolved to be.

With the full Power of our Almighty I am Presence and our Pure Awareness of Buddha Mind we command all energies to align with the Highest Timelines for the Highest Good of all involved; that is all Life in all realms, timelines and dimensions in this Now…A’ho!





We whistle to call in the birds. We drum to bring in the large animals. We rattle to bring in the smaller critters. We sing to bring in our ancestors. We pray to welcome everyone into our circle. The spirits are always around you when you pray, remember to give gratitude

~Tribal Whispers

Art by Holly Sierra
Tribal Whispers
Tribal Whispers
The highest path doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, when one starts to follow & align with their soul mission/vision/purpose, the opposite happens. Everything starts to flow. Avenues open. The golden path is birthed under your feet. Doors open, to never close back. 🔥
multidimensional being
multidimensional being


The signs, synchronicities and messages are increasing all the time. The Waves of LIGHT are upon us now and will only get stronger!!. ️Your psychic abilities also increase for your soul missions this week.
Welcome to more Prosperity, may all your manifestations come alive in June!! You️ are attracting an unexpected flow of energy. Everything you have worked for is in the process of manifesting now. Believe and trust it will happen.
Every OPEN HEART blooms as a TREASURE in the garden of the Divine.
Glory, Glory, Glory!!
I so love you beloveds!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨

WE Are NOW through with 3D in ALL Aspects of our BEing!

There is NO thing more WE can Experience or Deeply FEEL other than GRATITUDE. . . LOVE. . . JOY. . . and COMPASSION for ALL!
NEW Is In. . . and our former life is NO MORE!
WE Allow our SELVES to KNOW that throughout this uncomfortable phase as WE SHIFT into our NEW CRYSTALLINE Skeleton.
The Old World is GONE for us and Anyone Who Wishes to Move BEyond 3D.
Our World will feel foreign until WE Experience JOY as our NEW CRYSTALLINE Skeleton BEcomes the FRAMEWORK of our NEW Life on our DIVINE NEW EARTH!!!

Ra James

Jupiter is doing big things over the next week! June 1st Jupiter aligns with the North Node. Bringing Destined undertones to the energies going on right now. June 3rd/4th is our Sagittarius Full Moon. Sagittarius sits right at the middle, or the core of our Milky Way Galaxy. This Moon aligns with our Galactic Center and The Great Attracter. The Great Attractor is mysterious galactic anomaly at the center of our galaxy. It’s a Supermassive Black Hole located 14° of Sagittarius. It’s a region of space that is the center of attraction for all matter in the Universe.
Our Milky Way Galaxy is actually speeding through the emptiness of space towards The Great Attractor. We are going to be feeling extra gravitational pull with this one. You’re so magnetic to your destiny and your manifestations right now!! Expect a lot of positive energies and positive shifts in the right direction. Sagittarius is the archer, and the centaur, but also protector of the Galaxy!
Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter!
This Moon is also ruled by Jupiter which will have just arrived in Taurus conjunct the Node of Fate. Jupiter is set to form a Grand Fixed Cross with Pluto, Mars, and the Nodes. Expect Massive Galactic Energies. Expect fated events to be playing out behind the scenes right now.
Pay attention if you’re guided to reach out to anyone during this time. This is the Strawberry Moon, or Rose Moon. It’s also called a Short Moon. It puts on one of the shortest appearances of any of the Full Moons of the year. June 4th we also have the Summer Triangle. The triangle links the 3 bright stars of Altair, Deneb and Vega in the constellations of Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra.
That means expect a lot of Lyran Energies and Light Codes…
art: @zataylor
Massive Galactic Energies
Massive Galactic Energies

Blue Rose Oracles

June Energy Update

We are still processing the remainder of Mays incredibly intense energy which feels like an energetic hangover before we begin to tap into the multitude of timelines & potentials in the field for June.

The Collective themes coming up are “choice points” & “timeline realignment” as May created the opportunity to dive into the old timelines switch off, release & reframe the patterns and programmes that were inhibiting your capacity to anchor into the vibration & energy of a much faster & aligned timeline.

June is where you cultivate and nurture the potential you now hold around expanding into your abundance, new service templates and your capacity to hold bigger wavelengths/octaves of energy for the planet & the collective as your here to shift paradigms, create new ways of living, receiving and supporting the collective transition into a deeper states of remembrance & sovereignty.

The first two weeks of June are very accelerated with another wave of solar activity blasting away those old 3D matrix avatar patterns. This might feel quite euphoric then wobbly as you expand into these faster frequencies and contract as you shed the vibrational resonance of anything no longer in alignment with this faster bandwidth. The 6:6 gateway is going to be where you “choose” the new timeline through holding the vision of what you wish to anchor into your active reality experience from 2023-2026

The 2nd part of June is going to feel lighter, easier and softer with a couple of days intense build up to the Solstice which is another “choice point” & “timeline leap” the key is to stay grounded, stay present and really hold in your heart the vision & version of yourself that’s ready to be embodied right now. You are a vibrational match for all you seek, know it, feel it, believe it & receive it.

Key Observations

Energy Hangover as we transition from one astrologer gateway to another. Mixed emotions throughout the day as the energies of June begin to arrive and settle. Wipe out waves and cellular body upgrades with the arrival of more solar flare activity.

Observing the optimism and excitement flowing within the collective field. Heart and solar plexus expansion into deeper awareness of self worth and your unique gifts. Reconnecting with your creative and intuitive downloads. Sleep cycles easing. Craving fruits, seeds & nuts. Aching arms and feet as we prepare to move into & receive June’s energy & shift direction towards co creating a powerful container of ease, flow, abundance & and union codes collectively.

Sending love 💕 Thank you for your support and for being here ☀️ copyright ©️Blueroseoraclesxx


timeline realignment
timeline realignment

June 1st 2023 – Galactic Galaxy Solar Station Command! 🧬🐋🧬🐋

Inbound Waves of Solar Dragons in the Sky!
Inbound Krystalline Diamond Plasma Waves of Humpback Whales / Dolphins in the Sky 💞 Ocean Underwater Krystalline Diamond Plasma Aquatic Races Activating the New Earth Krystal Star Light Plasma Aqua Ray Higher Heavens/ Higher Harmonic Quadrants …
We are Reconstructing a New Higher Harmonic Heaven’s Realms Within… To See the Beautiful ❤️ Magic of Terra Nova Within Our Krystalline Diamond Energy Matrices….. Soooo Magical….
New Canis Major Sirius Queen / King Galactic Soul Return Diamond Sun Christ Consciousness God Source LIght Codes ….
Sirius B/C/ A Cosmic Solar Royalty Return DNA Strands Template’s/ New Galactic Soul Return Diamond Strands Template’s Activations … All New Initiation’s for Remembering 🔱 Our Galactic Royalty Soul Keys within the DNA Strands Template’s…
We are Fully 🔱 Anchoring in New Cosmic Light Gamma Atomic Fire Balls of the Beautiful Creatures of the Solar Realms Within… To Remember our Sacred Sovereignty Vortex’s Within the Plasma Krystalline Energy Fields Systems….
Soo Magical the Solar Realms Within….
Reminder You’re Pure Love Krystal Heart Intelligence
Reminder you are Beautiful Beings and Powerful Creator’s…
Drink lots of Pure Clean Water 💦 Raise your Vibrational Frequency to Pure Love …. Dance 🪩 Play ….
Diamond Plasma Waves of Humpback Whales
Diamond Plasma Waves of Humpback Whales
It feels as if everything has sped up.
Truly the only way I can explain it.
What is really trippy is when people talk to me it is as if I can’t understand English, or they sound as if they have been drinking. haha.
Yesterday was a head spinning day, I sat out by the ponds until dark just listening to the birds and the water.
My Cousin cut his oats down to bail and store, the truck would come round as they picked up the bails. What is really weird, I couldn’t hear the truck running.
I watched them for 20 minutes at least trying to figure out why the truck was silent but I could feel it moving through my feet on the Earth.
My Cats have even been a bit strange, I would let them out and they would come right back in the house, apparently things felt a bit trippy to them.
I feel my subconscious just toned out everything that wasn’t peaceful for me, even a neighbor was mowing their lawn, I couldn’t hear the lawn mower. Stood there looking at him mowing in silence, haha.
Some of these flares may not be Earth facing, or create mild CME’s but the energy that comes with the Solar Winds is quite wild.
Just staying in my sacred Space allowing and flowing with whatever I experience. Very exciting times even with all the unrest and the constant collapse of old systems there is only Peace in my Soul and Love in my Heart.
Welcoming these Shifts with open Arms because it is time, time to return home to the higher Dimensional space we all call the 5th Dimension.
Diving Deeper into the Abyss of Infinite Possibilities.
Have a Stellar Thursday Loves, everything is springing from our deepest desires to have Peace on Earth and for all to Love each other with compassion and understanding. ❤
It feels as if everything has sped up
It feels as if everything has sped up

Cosmic Birth

Into the heavens we soar. That is what is happening. The higher you rise into the heavenly being you are, the more light you are transmitting out into all of the universe’s. That’s when you will feel the pull of the old world. Like you seeing lost souls grasping at your ankles, as you soar out of this old world.
There is absolutely nothing you can do, because each soul has always been responsible for their own creations. Now more than ever we are seeing the cracks happening. The amount of light coming in is hitting people like a tsunami. All the garbage they haven’t dealt with, they have to now meet it. The choice point is here. Last night I got hit with old family dynamics, it’s been going on for years. It came out of no where. Yet it was perfect, I see it for what it was. The old world trying to pull me back.
I’ve been a generator for many, at the start of this year I pulled all my codes, cosmic body parts, records and cleared the decks. With each layer, I went through periods of darkness. I went into every nook and cranny to scan my energy field and contracts to see what needed to be completed. I went into many lifetimes to witness where my power was taken. As a Creator Dragon, I was impregnated and used to create horrific beings. I cried and seen the destruction of how power in the wrong hands caused so much destruction. I’ve taken responsibility for my roles, in creating life and destroying it. I’ve met myself in the deepest shadows and I forgave myself.
I began to understand why I was so valuable and hunted. I then overcame this fear and closed the portals to these lives. I met God, I’ve had many a conversations with God over these months. I’ve traveled light years away to see myself gazing peacefully again in my own universe. I had to really understand my lineage and retrieve my records. This time they can’t be taken for me. This life is my Grand Finale. Yet as this dynamic hit me last night, I have pondered all day on what is the lesson here.
Tonight I heard, one more push Saffron. I was shown myself giving birth. Any Mother who has given birth will have experienced that point where you feel you can’t do it. You’re deep into the void and it is endless. You know you have to do it, but it is the biggest test in endurance that you will ever go through. The pain of the contractions takes you into the abyss and you’re in that transcendental moment. Where you roar and you go and get your baby. You go to the other worlds and you retrieve the biggest gift from God.
That is what is happening now folks! One last push… Roar if you have to, keep soaring and don’t look back. You can’t help those who can’t help themselves. Today I said to myself I have been a Mother to many, including family members. I took on the role as a fixer. The peace maker, the Mother. But today I said. ok let’s do this! I roared, I said I’m doing this for my son. I was shown myself back in labour. One last push spirit saying, You create heaven through you. It’s time soar out of this old world and birth heaven through you.
And so I did and I will keep doing it. You will too…. Keep going.
Saffron 🐉🌹
Cosmic Birth
Cosmic Birth

Aurora Ray

The Revolution Of Light Is upon Us Now

I am so thrilled to share this information with all of you who have been willing to deal with the deep and dark issues that have been left to fester in the shadows for far too long. I am sharing this message with you all in this way because I believe that you are the leaders in this mass ascension process. You are showing us all how we can evolve into beings who live our lives loving each other and loving ourselves.

The light is shining down on you and loving every bit of who you are. You are a way-shower, and you are shining your light in the world, allowing that light to shine upon others and inspire them to do the same. You are bringing about a revolution of light, a grand change in human consciousness that will reverberate throughout the Universe for millennia to come.

Thank you, my friend. I want to tell you something important, something that will perhaps offer some perspective on what you are doing here, right now. What you are doing here is a very big deal!

What you are experiencing is important, and you are not alone in your experience. And it might be that if you could take a step back and look at the big picture of things if you could see all that is involved in this entire collective, then perhaps your efforts would be better framed because they all rely on each other. It is all interconnected, so much so that there is no separation.

We are witnessing what spiritual evolution looks like. We are living in a time when masses of people are waking up, questioning the assumptions that underlie their lives, and making changes to their beliefs, attitudes, and their behaviors. And these changes bring layers of light into the dark material world, creating great beauty and an abundance of positive outcomes.

So, to the rest of you, your family, your friends, and associates, who are not on the path of ascension, the message is simple: be patient with them. Be a pillar of strength for them. Be a witness for those who will not change until it is time. They know that they are in transition. This planet is vibrating now at such a high frequency that it will move anyone who is not willing or ready to move into the next realm of existence, and they are choosing to go with it or not at this point.

In these times of great change, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair. It seems as though nothing we do makes any difference. But that’s the beauty of being a human on planet Earth. We don’t have to change the whole world; we only have to change ourselves. And when we do that, it ripples out and has a huge impact on the collective consciousness of this planet. There are many triggers coming up for everyone individually as well as collectively, but no one needs to suffer from these things.

By learning how to meditate and connect with higher dimensional energies and beings, you can feel a sense of purpose and direction in your life. You are showing a new way to deal with these issues by creating peace within yourself.

At each given moment, meditation is a key factor in clearing your energy body of garbage, allowing greater synchronicity and helping you to achieve the high vibratory state that is optimal for you. Meditation helps to preserve the essence of your being in your physical life and helps to bring you joy.

I wish to thank every one of you. Every single one of you whose hearts are beating right now who have come into this lifetime to experience ascension. Congratulations to you all.

Thank you so much. I want to take a minute to thank you for all that you’ve done and your willingness to stand up and be the change agents of this world when everyone else was sitting down in fear. Thank you so much for that. Congrats on your courage!

You are the warriors. You are the honored yet nameless workers. You are the ones who have fought in the battle, who have shown their faces in and above the fray, yet somehow earned respect and praise for it. You don’t expect recognition; in fact, you do not even want it. You know, it is enough to just be regarded as a member of the brotherhood or sisterhood that strives to continue what has been started. We are merely one piece of a grand tapestry woven by so many others that we can never hope to fully understand their contributions.

You are meditators. You are healers. You are communicators. You are the voice of spirituality.

Thank you for being here for humanity. Thank you for being you. And thank you for allowing me to be part of your process of enlightenment and collective contribution.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


Galactic Warrior
Galactic Warrior

Laying the Golden Foundations for the New Golden Age:

I was told this morning on awakening that it is now the time to firmly lay the foundation stones and put a strong foundation down for the New Golden Age.
A bit later I looked out of my lounge window which leads onto my balcony and then rushed out to take a photograph. For as the sun was rising everything, even the sea was painted golden and the swirling mist rising from the sea!
I was told that all these years we were in the state of preparation and the shedding of all the old personas, the stories, the acting roles we ever acted out during other lifetimes on earth. Duality.
Now, it was the time to dream big dreams and to truly begin to lay down those foundation stones as are all now called upon to truly step up in mission, and to truly seek to create the world anew. The New Earth has been anchored in on the 5 July 2020, and this actually means that which we wish to leave as a lasting foundation for the New Golden Age and the New Humanity!
I immediately had clarity about what this means for me, for the energies now are bringing expansion in every direction now, and it is unprecedented.
It you thought the previous years were life changing, the current influx is even more so and this will escalate at tremendous speed! Things are happening on all fronts now and we are pushed beyond all limitations and into the expansive new which at this moment is still unknown and unchartered but in the process of getting shape and form.
It is time to truly ask for the highest guidance, the greatest vision and to go deeply into your heart and feel into this!
I am being asked to convey this message to you today and I know it will speak directly into your heart and soul.
Judith Kusel
Golden Foundations
Golden Foundations


The Arcturians
For you are Receiving Wonderful Fractuals of Light.
Rapid Points of Light Accellerations…
Understand, Light Attunement tools are Activating The New Light Trajectory. Within and Around You, Access Codes Are Available.
It is the Timeline of Now, Aligning with the Cosmic Encodements Reaching Your World.
Each Wave Of Light Activations – A Great Wave Washing and Cleansing The Humanitarian Collective.
We ask you To See US in the Light Waves, the Collective Cosmic Mission of Your Cosmic Family Assisting the Earth Light Alliance 🙏
Reaching You Now 🌿💥
Our collective Universal Light Mission.
Be Open To Receive 💥
Your Cosmic Family IS Here
Sending waves of Cosmic Love
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

What aspects of yourself have you been afraid to look at or address? This is surfacing to face head on, heal, and alchemize. The Most High wants you to be independent from this as it has been sabotaging parts of your life through attracting the wrong things. Don’t be scared to do this shadow work as you hold the power and are divinely protected. Actively participate in removing this energy from getting in the middle of your health, joy, and happiness. Releasing this now is making room to receive the new beginnings that are coming in.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Angel Love
Angel Love
Jupiter meets with the North Node in Taurus today! Many of us will be presented with amazing opportunities to align with abundance and our highest potential! If you are here as a wayshower or guide you may find yourself making moves and investments towards your future success, in order to step more fully into divine mission. It’s a beautiful day for expansion! Think Wheel of Fortune energy, and allow the blessings to pour in! 🙌🏽💎💎💎
Jupiter meets with the North Node in Taurus today
Jupiter meets with the North Node in Taurus today
Today, Jupiter meets the North Node at 3°Taurus. The energy of this transit opens up something expansive for our path forward.
How much can you open up to receive a blessing?
This transit supports us to align with opportunities that are in resonance with our values of what we are called to co-create in our lives and the world around us at this time.
We are being invited to co-create something beautiful with Gaia to ground in the New Earth frequency together.
Jupiter in Taurus is expanding our body wisdom and our ability to co-regulate with Mother Earth
Over the next few weeks while this transit is still strongly activated, create intentional space to come into your body as much as you can and tune into the wisdom flowing through you and around you. Open up to receive the signs and synchronicities from the natural world. Allow your body wisdom to be your guide.
While there are blessings wanting to flow through with this transit, you might still be moving through the emotional intensity and heaviness of the fixed grand cross with Jupiter and the North Node in Taurus, Mars in Leo, the South Node in Scorpio, and Pluto in Aquarius. It’s important to not bypass what’s coming up from deep within your unconscious to be transformed because what we are alchemizing from our past conditioning is opening us up to receive the new expansive opportunities of the Jupiter-North Node conjunction in the weeks and even months to come. If you don’t see an apparent sign of a blessing or opportunity opening up just now, nothing is wrong. You haven’t missed out on the transit. Can you honor what’s authentically arising for you in the present moment and stay open to receive something new and beautiful into your life?
Stuck and stagnant energy is ready to move as we transform the old programming and reclaim our co-creative magic as radiant human beings.
The opportunities opening up with the Jupiter-North Node conjunction is not something we can forcefully will into being from our ego. We are being asked to surrender to the Divine flow and the co-creative magic of being both Earth and Cosmos.
Connect deep within and feel into your wholeness. Can you honor your self-worth to receive the abundance in to expand how you abundantly share your medicine and gifts out with the world?
Look to what house 3°Taurus is in your astrology chart. That can give a clue into what area of your life a doorway is opening to align you with a new pathway forward that is supportive of your evolutionary expansion.
Many blessings as you open up to more of your creative flow!
 Jupiter meets the North Node at 3°Taurus
Jupiter meets the North Node at 3°Taurus
Mars, planet of energy and action, is in “take charge” Leo the Lion but today he is in a difficult inconjunct with Saturn, ruler of limitation and restriction, in Pisces the Dreamer. Normally fiery Mars in fire sign Leo would be motivated to move forward fast! He wants to be creative and expressive. However, the connection with heavy Saturn is slowing down his efforts at the moment. We may be experiencing fears, doubts and insecurities.
Shadow energies of control, self-restriction and karmic testing may be holding us back. Saturn can be about responsibilities or a reality check. However, this lull in the action may just be about waiting patiently for Divine Timing. Make a long term plan and diligently work towards the progress you are seeking. In time the Lion will be ready to roar and take command once again, to accomplish what he has set out to do! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Mars in Leo
Mars in Leo
Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus – In my imagination, huge sunflowers spring from the ground, their happy heads draw me to look up, reach up, smile, touch the sky. Jupiter is like this, a booming voice, this way my friends, this way. Onwards and upwards! Here is the opportunity you hoped for, the chance you waited for, the person with the knowledge and understanding you needed. Or maybe it’s your inner Jupiter, tap, tap, tapping your shoulder, reassuring you that this indeed is the way to growth and abundance.
The Sabian symbol in play is The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow. The caution under this exuberant atmosphere is that it’s easy to get distracted by pretty, shiny things, to chase impossible dreams, to gloss over real and present problems. Faith and hope are important but stay within the bounds of reality. Think quality rather than quantity. Still, the greatest teaching offered to us by this ancient sky god is that all the gold you were ever looking for lies within. Express gratitude for life’s blessings. Know that you are already gifted beyond measure.
Degree and Time
Jupiter, North Node 03°Ta37′ R
Note, this aspect occurs at 01:43 (BST) JUNE 2 but I have put it up today as for many of you it will still be the 1st June 🙂
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – The Four Seasons favouring Chronos by Bartolomeo Altomonte
The Four Seasons favouring Chronos
The Four Seasons favouring Chronos

Kin 119 ~ Blue Lunar Storm

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and its keywords are ‘Polarize, Challenge and Stabilize’. OK, let’s be honest, number two days can be a pain in the backside. There’s no relaxing today, you must deal with challenges and then those challenges must be polarized to stabilize them. Problems must be faced and just like members at an AA meeting, you must admit that you have problems before you can tackle them. Today, look at what needs fixing and deal with those issues without further procrastination.
Today is Blue Storm which represents ‘Catalyze, Self-Generation and Energy’. Stormy days bring about big changes. When you combine this energy with the number two the result is KAPOW! What a crazy day. To summarize; identify your challenges and then with the mighty power of the storm blow your troubles away. This suggests that even very large problems can be dealt with today if you have the nerve! As always on Stormy days you either get blown away or you harness all that energy and put it to good use.
The Guide today is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion.’ I can hear your groans… when you all realize that today is guided by a monkey, and a ‘Challenging’ day on a Stormy day to boot. But don’t panic! Monkey is a very useful guide showing us that magic can help remove obstacles. In fact, Hanuman the Monkey god, is a symbol for removing obstacles and so this is a great help for facing challenges and polarizing them.
The Challenge today is the Red Moon, the go with the flow energy. There is no chance of relaxing today and chillin out. If you are a Red Moon, you will find this day tougher than everyone else. Don’t worry …it will all blow over by tomorrow.
The Occult Power is the White Wind which represents ‘Communication, Spirit and Breath’. I always say when Wind is in the magical position expect magical messages. It’s happened to me countless times. This really helps today and so if you need to understand how to solve a certain problem, expect the answer to land in your lap, voila! Just like magic. The White Wind also symbolizes Breath and Spirit. Today is ideal for doing breath work and connecting with spirit.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. If you are a Yellow Sun, you will find the Storm a breeze and may even be amused by the shenanigans going on around you. I implore you to help out all of those poor buggers being blown around today. Any help will be greatly appreciated, so shine some light on a friend in need today. If you don’t have a Yellow Sun handy, be like one and shine brightly.
Kin 119
Kin 119


2 CAUAC – KIN 119
1 JUNE 2023
Stabilizing energy
I seal the matrix of Self- Generation
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK!!!
1/6/2023 = 1/6/7 = 7/7 =14=5
1- New beginning/Leader/Original/Unique/Independent
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony/Fertility
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic time
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 119 = 11 Portal/Duality/Twins
A turbulent day revealing any distortions to TRUTH… lots of “mud slinging” 💩 as the pond is being stirred up to be cleaned! A catalytic day for powerfully transformation.🌀🌀🌀
JUNE is the 6th Gregorian month of the year. The number 6 is a very DIVINELY beautiful frequency. It is the frequency of HEAVEN, the CHRIST consciousness, Joy, Harmony, Fertility and Harmony. The number 6 represents a pregnant mother with her big belly, thus 6 brings great potential CREATION energy, fertility, growth and expansion. JUNE is also the month of GEMINI the twins, bringing HOPE for romantic liaisons and reunions. JUNE also contains the SOLSTICE event – the height of SUMMER in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE and the depths of WINTER in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.. All up a very EVENTFUL month, promising benevolent change.
Generally on STORM days, we witness GAIA releasing pent up energies through physical storms – electrical,🌩 hurricanes,🌪 hail/snow,🌨 floods/tsunamis 🌊 and all types of extreme weather conditions. Particularly when in the PHYSICAL plane as the LUNAR tone of creation is! 🌩🌪🌧🌨
Whether “natural” or artificially induced (H.A.A.R.P – GEOENGINEERING) these extreme STORMS are reflecting the nature of our reality – one filled with confusion, discordance and huge upheaval. When our collective consciousness is calm and stabilized then GAIA’S weather patterns will reflect this HARMONY back to us through idyllic and balanced conditions.
Welcome to Day 2 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification.
Today we anchor our capacity to REFLECT the TRUTH as revealed by the MIRROR. Trusting in the transformation of the chaos, that the STORM is catalyzing in our physical world. This enables us to stabilize the polarity conflicts.
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing.
Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies. The LUNAR tone may also reveal challenges, in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from expanding into new horizons and recognizing our true authentic 💎 DIAMOND’s POLISHING time!
“How can you use the POWER of the STORM to MAJIKALLY transform your physical reality?”
✨✨✨NOTE: If CHALLENGES present today, FLIP the energy, funneling the POWER🔥 generated through the chaos🌀 into CREATION and ALCHEMY! ✨
Divine blessings for our collective journey through the Hall of Mirrors, may we arrive at our desired destination with ease and grace – buffeted from the ravages of the STORM.🌪🌪🌪
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE LUNAR STORM 🌓🌀🌩🌪🌧– CAUAC brings transformation, change, self regeneration. BLUE STORM is the initiation by fire,🔥 the lightning storm.🌩 The arrival of the THUNDER BEINGS 🌩who bring the final transformation.
BLUE STORM 🌀🌪🌩 is presenting today with WHITE MIRROR to cut 🗡 to the TRUTH and sever any discordant reflections, that are distorting your energetic field. Today’s LUNAR STORM 🌩🌪 reveals what has been blocking our HARMONY and peaceful relations.
The MIRROR Wavespell magnifies the STORM 🌪🌪🌪 energies so we have TREMENDOUS catalytic powers focused on our SELF and our reflection in the physical plane!
It is time to be born anew🐣 – after our rebirth through the Phoenix rising in the culmination of the Serpent’s🐍 cycle. We have completed our shedding and now we begin the POLISHING! 💎
✨New beginnings, and a NEW YOU! 🌟🌟🌟
BLUE STORM will assist us in honing our image, confidence, self-esteem and projection of our true AUTHENTIC SELF.
❓❓ Are you projecting the image of the PERSON you want to be? That you are PROUD of being? If not, allow the BLUE STORM to wash away the remnants of the undesirable aspects of your false self.
To the Maya, BLUE STORM🌪 represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain🌧, and the lightning🌩 that shatters any false structuring of reality. (The TOWER card in the tarot)
BLUE STORM is the purification of the ‘body temple’ and the ignition of the LIGHT BODY. This initiation by fire🔥 breaks any false containers of SELF that cannot withstand the flames of transmutation. Only your TRUE IDENTITY will survive through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is.
BLUE STORM provides the water💧☔ that purifies and quenches your spiritual thirst. In this state of consciousness, you stand willing to SURRENDER everything. You give up what you seem to be, in order to become fully what you ARE. You step into the fires🔥 of the unknown, and you are changed forever.
Allow BLUE STORM’s energies to purify and cleanse you in preparation for your DIAMOND SELF💎 to be brilliantly buffed and polished. .
The LUNAR STORM energies BREAK the WINDOWS in the HALL OF MIRRORS – shattering all illusions and revealing the green pastures that had been hidden from view.
The STORM partners synergistically with ETZNAB to reveal the TRUTH of what IS – the reality beyond the ILLUSION..
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE LUNAR MONKEY🌓🐒 CHUEN is the beautiful Divine child who uses MAJIK and PLAY through laughter and merriment to transform the world. As the higher guide CHUEN assists in unveiling the deception through the smokescreen and Hall of Mirrors, as the Magician can decode all illusions. This Majik can be transformed from dark to Light by connecting with the purity and innocence of your Divine Child.
The DIVINE CHILD 👶is your inner pure self – that aspect of Divinity that can never be diminished. The innocence and purity that every Divine soul embodies. Connect with this Divine Child that reveals your TRUE SELF – the beautiful aspect of your authentic self – free from masks, cloaks, distortions, personalities and layers of imposed illusions..
Look in the MIRROR and reconnect with your TRUE LOVING SELF to find your CENTER and place of BALANCE through the chaos of the STORM.
The cheeky monkey 🐒 has a riddle for you today!
He asks “What type of cheese🧀 looks in the MIRROR and LOVES itself?”
Answer – Hello me! (Halloumi)….. 😆😂😆😂
It is time to LIGHTEN UP to lessen the severity of this LUNAR STORM… Laughter diffuses all seriousness! 😆😂😆😂
Today we can use the MAJIK that CHUEN offers us to work with the Elementals and transform our physical reality. It is a great day to PLAY with the turbulent and powerful STORM energies using them to catalyze great change, rather than being tossed around in the chaos.
Today is a great day for WEATHER MAJIK 🌧🌦☔☀– playing with the Elementals to affect the Sun, Wind, Rain, temperature, or even some psychic cloud busting as per Weather 101 class!
A FANTASTIC day to SING A RAINBOW into existence! 🌈
LIGHTEN up and PLAY today. Do not take yourself too seriously!. Join with your friends, jump in the PUDDLES and PLAY in adventure land – Look for the BLUE SKIES – SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW..🌈🌈🌈
SUPPORT: YELLOW LUNAR SUN –🌓☀ AHAU peeks through🌤 the dark clouds today, commencing the radiant light codes that will fully anchor tomorrow, throughout the following VERY POWER PACKED day of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SUN! 🌩☀ Wisdom and en-LIGHTEN -ment!
The LUNAR SUN casts the darkest shadows, illuminating what needs to be stabilized, in order to hold more LIGHT and SHINE BRIGHTLY.
Once the SUN has unveiled the density, the STORM can wash away all debris, cleaning the slate for a new foundation to be built. The STORM thus catalyzes change, leading us to our en-LIGHT-on-ment.❤
The STORM allows for our physical independance to stabilize us in the midst of change. Our LIGHT☀ shines brighter after each and every STORM in our lives.
What does not KILL us, serves to make us STRONGER 💪
LOOK IN THE MIRROR – you are not the same person you were yesterday, last week, last month or last year! Tremendous soul growth through releasing, detaching and self generation has transformed you into a new wiser and brighter version of yourself.
Look through the ILLUSIONS to really SEE your true Divine Soul essence!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE CRYSTAL WIND💎 🍃– IK provides the energies of spirit, through the whisperings of the wind. The STORM merges with WHITE WIND and is thus Divinely directed in its path of minimal destruction for the purpose of bringing you to your most beneficial destination unharmed.
The CRYSTAL WIND 💎🌬– brings us crystal CLEAR cognitive abilities to receive and channel the VOICE of GOD/Spirit🌬.
Spirit is the SUPERPOWER behind this Lunar Storm, having the hidden agenda of transmitting the Divine plan, into every mind that is OPEN and receptive to hearing and knowing the higher DIVINE TRUTH.
As we partner with Spirit to do the work of the Divine on Earth, we can navigate a clear path through the Storm, arriving safely at our utopian destination.
Today we cooperate with our kin, through open and fun communication, making LIGHT of all that is in a state of change around us, as we anchor to let spirit communicate through us, as a pure channel. Follow the guidance of spirit to best utilize and navigate through these powerful energies!🌩🌪🌫
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED LUNAR MOON🌓 🌜– MULUC DOUBLE MOON/LUNAR POWER today! The MOON reflects the SUN-LIGHT. The shadow of RED MOON includes negative self-talk and self deprecation, that is, hiding the fullness of your LIGHT. Forgetfulness and lacking awareness of signs and synchronicities voiced by Spirit, is also a challenge of MULUC.
The Lunar Goddess asks us to surrender the battles, through the power of forgiveness and compassion. Become softer and more receptive to the needs of both yourself and your loved ones, to stabilize any polarity clashes. The GODDESS soothes all hearts through the power of LOVE. 💕
RED MOON also brings forth another layer of PURIFICATION power, working synergistically with BLUE STORM to PURGE every last remnant of any toxins you have been holding in your body, mind or life revealed by the MIRROR.
To reap the gifts today, MULUC asks you to become an empty vessel and take off your veil of forgetfulness and shine your LIGHT, becoming the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to the remembrance of your true LIGHT the voice of Spirit will freely FLOW through your purified vessel, filling it with the GOLDEN LIGHT from AHAU🌞 until your cup runneth over!
Allow MULUC to help you find your FLOW so that you can meander through the great Hall of Mirrors, effortlessly flowing in the right direction
May the STORM,🌀 WIND,🍃 SUN☀, MOON🌜 RAINBOWS🌈and universal WATER〰come out to PLAY 🐒and cleanse our bodies catalyzing great transformation in our physical realities.
“How can you use the POWER of the STORM to MAJIKALLY transform your physical reality?”
✨✨✨NOTE: If CHALLENGES present today, FLIP the energy, funneling the POWER🔥 generated through the chaos🌀 into CREATION and ALCHEMY! ✨
Divine blessings for our collective journey through the Hall of Mirrors, may we arrive at our desired destination with ease and grace – buffeted from the ravages of the STORM.🌪🌪🌪
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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