Preparing for Transmutation into your Fifth Dimensional Human

by Suzanne Lie, Ph.D.

While Following YOUR Path  

There are NO mistakes or accidents

If you can “follow YOUR road” into the unknown of your fifth dimensional reality, you just may discover that there is a new body, a body made of light, that your consciousness will wear as you continue your adventure into the higher worlds of the fifth dimension.

Transmuting into a New Body To perceive and inhabit your New Planet

This “New Body” resonates to the frequency of your New, fifth dimensional reality. This “new realitywhich can only be perceived via your fifth dimensional consciousness, which activates your fifth dimensional “perceptual field.”

One’s “perceptual field” is basically that which one chooses to perceive. In fact, the process of calibrating your attention, thoughts, emotions and perceptions towards the “unseen” fifth dimension.

We each find their “analogy for ascension”

            What is deeply changing in their 3D life? 

            How is that change transmuting you into your 5D reality?

Thank you for the many comments you made on this first post.

This new life is the life you have always wanted since you were a child,

            or perhaps for many lifetimes—but you forgot!

You are NOW remembering that you CAN have a fifth dimensional life, as YOU are a fifth dimensional being.

Finding your SELF. Your SELF is the you who (consciously or unconsciously) volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension before you took this body

You are beginning to remember this YOU, that third dimensional life made you forget.

It feels very, very good to remember the courageous you who first started this inter-dimensional journey that has taken many, many incarnation. And, you are not done yet!

Within this NOW it will begin! The fifth dimension is ONLY NOW—NO Time. But, this YOU has begun a journey into the NOW in which you will find your SELF:

            *Clearing darkness, which is usually old traumas created by doubt and fear

            *Find the life in which that “darkness/fear” began.

            *Heal that darkness of the Source life with Unconditional LOVE

Yes, you have done the above “homework” in many, many incarnations.

But, what is your “Source Life”?

            WITHIN this NOW you have the ability to remember and BE that YOU by

                        Looking into your Multidimensional Aura

As you deeply remember your Source Life, your bond with that YOU will always guide you back to your true Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Where on Gaia’s body did you volunteer to assist with that Planetary Ascension?

            Clear any darkness in that area with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire

                        First, clear the “one who transmutes”—who is YOU!

                                    Then clear Gaia!

So much to remember and so much to do, but NOW you find yourself at a resting place, a place where you can rest inside your own Multidimensional SELF.

Did you volunteer to stay with fifth dimensional Gaia?

            Or did you volunteer to return to the Ship to act as a liaison?

Did you volunteer to be both?

As you move into the NOW of remembering and knowing, you discover that you have created a New Path. It is a Path Home that you could never remember before this NOW.

Whatever Mission, dedication to Gaia and to your SELF, which are are the same because

Your Fifth Dimensional SELF is ONE with Gaia!

You are feeling, remembering, that you are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with you.

How will this change your life?

We are being ALL called to step into our leadership roles 

to help prepare OUR SELVES, as well others.

 “Please join us,” You hear Gaia whisper into your heart.


Celia Fenn

Further about the huge wave of light that is moving through right now.
Archangel Michael informs that this huge wave of light is a preparatory “blast” for the “Great Awakening” of 2020.
Apparently, the biggest planetary awakening so far will occur in 2020. These energies are waking us up…
We are being asked to expand our spiritual and physical capacity to be the guides and helpers for those who are still to awaken.
Many of them will awaken very suddenly and will be like new born babies lost in a strange place. Those of us who are awakened are asked to remember our mission and be available to these ones to assist them to perceive the New Earth and the New Reality.
So this is one of the primary reasons for the physical discomfort as our bodies and our capacity is being stretched and enlarged to welcome all these new ones to our spiritual families and tribes.
The times, they are most certainly changing, and very fast too!
Love to everyone who is feeling this expansive energy.
Know that you are loved and supported and that the Angels are watching over you.
Love to each one of you.


Photo: Reaching for Mars… captured by Adrien Mauduit

Pars Kutay

There is a tremendous amount of Energy Opening Up NOW…
Earth’s Energy bringing Earth back into an Alignment and Energetic Pulse with the rest of our resident Universe…

So, planet Earth is NOW vibrating pulsing at the same rate as the rest of our resident Universe… And this is for the very first time in the history of planet Earth…
This have a tremendous impact on us being HUman BEing because at the same moment that the Earth’s Magnetic Core began this incredible pollicis vibration like a Heartbeat of LIGHT…
It also impacted the Cells of our own Hearts and our Hearts are also resonating in that same pulse vibration frequency of GOD LIGHT… and so we have linked into the rest of the GOD Consciousness state that exists within the entire resident Universe.
NOW That’s HUGE!
~ 💜🌀🌎💜 ~

The magic of 37 🥰👌🏻


Elizabeth Peru

18 hrs
THIS WEEKEND…BREAKING AWAY from the pack ~ Clearing YOUR ANCESTRAL Energy, Yesterday, I spoke LIVE about the current 3D breakdown, what’s brought it on (particularly since September 20) and how we’re being affected. Indeed, now that PLUTO has moved out of retrograde & Chiron has been closest to Earth all year, a load of darker energy that we were wafting through for months, has finally cleared…

With this comes a NEW resolve within. You may have found that almost instinctively, you’ve moved away from heavier, dense ancestral energy, attitudes and groups. Yes? As we head ever closer to 2020 and the incoming Aquarian Age, our individual call for FREEDOM demands recognition. And this weekend, with GRAND X like energies in our skies, we’re about to find out what true freedom looks like…
I’ve just uploaded my ALL-NEW energy forecasts for the next 7-days. It’s all about your PHOENIX RISING. JOIN with our global community of light who’ve followed and evolved with The Tip-Off every day, since 2003 💫💫

The Tzolkin Times

Kin 84: Yellow Rhythmic Seed
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and it’s key words are ‘Equality, Balance and Organize.’ The sixth day stresses the importance of walking that fine line…grounding yourself and checking that you are currently balanced. Take care of the practicalities no matter how mundane, having our heads in the clouds all the time can lead to instability. Find your rhythm and you’ll be able to strut your stuff more effectively.

Today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Awareness, Targeting and Flowering.’ These days are great for sharing wisdom and planting seeds of knowledge with the intention of sowing awareness. As it is a ‘Rhythmic’ day this combination suggests that we need to organize to sow awareness or that we must be aware that we need to find balance. The end result is flowering, or in other words thriving. May you grow with wisdom today.
The Guide today is also Yellow Seed and so a double helping of that energy.
The Challenge today is the White Wizard, the enchanter of the Tzolkin. If you are a Wizard you will find your charm doesn’t get you far today and that can lead to frustration. It will be difficult to sow awareness with others but not impossible.
The Occult power today is the Red Earth. When in this magical position Red Earth can create opportunities to evolve on a magical level. Sow awareness with the magical knowledge you have and you can help others evolve too.
The Ally is the Blue Eagle and so if you need help today an Eagle can see things from a higher perspective…consult one if you can, they love to share wisdom and share what they see.

Traci Uchida to Souls Ascending
Yellow Rhythmic Seed – Kin 84
Day 6 of 13
Today’s motivation is to balance and organize – organize your life, yourself, or your projects. It’s a good day to clean out and organize your closet, do a balancing practice like yoga, qigong, or meditate. It’s not an ideal day for running around.
The energies of Yellow Seed today are: Flowering, Targets, Awareness.
“Yellow Seed is the ordered pattern of growth. You and your life are the fertile soil, and the mystery blooms within you through the power of your intention or seed thoughts. Just as a seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this gestation process, your intention is quickened by Spirit.
Envision the seed receiving the invitation to grow in the openness of your world. Viscerally feel the possibility of your heart’s dream emerging. Your true desires and dreams contain an innate intelligence that can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations. Planting a new seed, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, can bring unexpected magic and growth.
Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures. Call forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement frees and awakens the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth, unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety. Move forward into the light of new possibilities.”
(“The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner)
I organize in order to target
Balancing awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled


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  1. Sandy Bella

    Sitting in local shopping centre. Holding new Andara in hand – my smallest and most powerful feeling Andara yet – An 8g many shades of Yellow ‘Rare Galactic Sun Master’. Small but kicking a real punch. It connected me to many Yellow Andaras at different sites while sitting in shopping centre and they form a perfect geometric shape.

  2. Sandy Bella

    Was spending a lot of time in Giant Yellow Andara about a week ago with Ashtar Sheran

  3. Sandy Bella

    Some of you people keep Violating my Psychic Boundaries. I am a Sovereign Being and Privacy is my Birthright. I don’t do telepathic communication either.

  4. Sandy Bella

    I’m quite sure The Geometric Shape the Yellow Andaras made I connected with was an Icosahedron.

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