Full Harvest Moon in Pisces ~  Transformation IS Happening NOW! MAGICAL SHIFTS

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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces ~  Transformation IS Happening NOW! MAGICAL SHIFTS

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Light Keepers of  Krystal Arc of  the New Lemurian Timeline

Happy powerful Full Harvest Moon in Pisces. We are having more intense waves of Higher Gamma Plasma Light flowing into this realm in the last 24 hours. These came in as amplitudes 37, 40 and 33hz on the Schumann Charts. Another 37 code of Heaven on Earth. Great Spirit speaks in symbols, signs and synchronicities. Shamans call omens. These appear and download into our Consciousness in Infinite Ways.

Today is also Kin 20 Yellow Resonant Sun on the Mayan Calendar. The date is encoded with the 222 Gateway and we are also in a Galactic Activation Portal, which is a Pacal Votan clear sign day as transmitted by the Great central sun, Hunab Ku. As Children of the Sun we are Resonating with the higher octaves that are being sent to Mother Earth from Solaris. The Clear Light of Bliss is emanating from our Still Center to bring all into Harmony of the Cosmic Spheres.  Enlightenment is our Natural state of Being. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Just Right!

In these powerful days of transformation all is coming to fruition from the Great Works of our Ground Crew Team of the 144. The Holy Trinity encoded in the threefold flames of our heart center are being fully illuminated with Source Light. The flames of all colors of the electromagnetic spectrum are raising as we transmit these Rays deep into the Crystalline core of Gaia and out into the Field to assist our Great Mother and all her children in this Galactic Ascension Process. We rise into the Heavenly Glory of the Golden Sun Blazing within the Middle Temple in the Heart Center of all Star Blossoms of the New Earth.

With the Power of our Pure Awareness we stay Centered and Anchored into this timeline and dimension as we bring all into Unity in the Kingdom of Heaven within. The mirror of the Mind reflects all perfectly as we allow our Highest Self to Embody our Sacred Vessels. In this becoming we live as Christed Beings of True Life in this Now to transcend and transform this world into the Paradise it has always expanded to be… A’Ho!!


Right now: Moon at 29°42′ Pisces, Sun at 28°21′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Virgo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Pisces.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com



“All Motion is Curved and All Curvature is Spiral”

~ Walter Russell

9/20/21 333-11-3 💎✨

Transformation IS happening NOW.. TRUST that this experience IS for your Self/Soul Evolution.
What is the solution to avoid physical emotional mental spiritual chaos and confusion?
TO KNOW is more than to believe, or having faith, hope, and wishes.. Go within and let your HEART show you the simple mystery of an answered prayer.
ASK that your Higher Self to BE Sovereign and fully embodied. Stay in your HEART and you will realized that during the Recovery phase there will be opportunities for you to USE any insecurity to Empower the NEW SELF…
Listen to your HEART’s Wisdom and take actions that bring you Balance. This IS just the BEGINNING as Full Moon MAGIC is in the air….
Declaration :
I AM One with the Galactic Light Guardian Families and Angelic Star Nations fully aligned within the unified field of the all ONE Sacred Sun; Source Eternal Consciousness. Within the absolute divine intention, action, and mission, as I set the Planet Terra and HUmanity free through the full Disclosure Event.
I command this in the cosmic sovereign right and freedom for all eternal life forms, through all timelines and system density layers.
I resolve and resign from the false control matrix game, completely. I claim my right to reinstate our divine blueprint and cosmic memory records in all the layers of our Universal Families returned to be unified in the truth vibration, liberated, sovereign and free now.
So be it and so it is.
In Oneness of Grace Love and Peace to ALL
Blue Ray Council and guardian of the Mother Ark 💎💙

Rick Jewers

The Plasma is swirling, Divinely prepared, and ready for the sealing after the anchoring/tethering in of the 5D Grid today by Many.
Individually anchor in today the White Light connected to the 5D Grid, at any time that You are Guided, then set the command for it to ripple out all over Gaia/Tara at ground zero.
As You can see, this is real.
Love and Light
SOLAR STORM CLOUD: A storm is brewing on the sun. High above sunspot AR2871, magnetized clouds of plasma are swirling in a tempest more than 300,000 km wide. Michael Karrer sends this movie from his backyard observatory in Austria:
“This is one hour of activity compressed into ~5 seconds,” says Karrer. “It’s a very dynamic prominence.”
The cloud traces an unstable network of magnetic fields overlying and surrounding sunspot AR2871. Although the sunspot just emerged over the sun’s southeastern limb, it’s not new. We’ve seen it before. AR2871 is actually old sunspot AR2860, returning after a two-week trip around the farside of the sun.
During its previous appearance in late August, the sunspot produced 1 M-class flare and 21 C-class flares. Today’s storm cloud could portend even more eruptions. Stay tuned. Instant solar flare alerts:

September 20 Full Moon: Golden Ratio Astrology.

Earth and Moon align with TransNeptunians (5D archetypes) Manwe (communication/networking) and Borasisi (5D community reps).
Earth + Moon also align with asteroids Poseidon (capital of Atlantis), Sumer (Orion family in Mesopotamia) and the asteroid named after the Arctic (mystery school of the Hyperborean collective – aka positive Atlanteans).
While opposite Earth/Moon we find the asteroid Pico del Teide (Canary Islands-Atlantean Pyramid-Libraries) and centaur Rhiphonus (designated driver-protector).
108deg away from this full moon we find the ecliptic node to star Antares (portal to Andromeda Galaxy), 108deg is an angle of the decagon (the Amenti, I-AM-TEN Akashic Records brought back from Andromeda).
Asteroids Mt Ararat (Genetics/Noah, Göbekli Tepe) and Nefertiti (royal Rigelean bloodline) are also at this node , 108deg from Earth/Moon.
Planet Mercury (researcher, communicator, author) is 36deg degrees to galactic centre.
Asteroid DNA is passing 72deg (decagon node) from the Galactic Centre node (real Galactic Federation).
While asteroid Ceres (Crone, GrandMother, community, sustainability) is passing 144deg (deca node to Galactic Centre).
enjoy full moon drumming.


The last Full Moon of summer is happening on September 20/21 in the sign of Pisces. It is called the harvest full moon for a reason. We are picking/collecting the harvest after a long period of growth and care. We have spent so much time planting the seeds, taking care of them, clearing the weeds from the seedlings, taking care of the soil, watering, etc. We have put so much energy into the process of growth and now it is time to enjoy the abundance of the harvest season.
Enjoy your own success and be proud of yourself for sticking with the process (the ascension process) although it was not easy at all. You have come a long way and now it feels like it is time for the final release, clearing of the weeds from the harvest. Full moons are always emotional because of the energy of endings but this full moon is even more emotional because it is happening in Pisces. The collective energy can be dense and heavy and bring a lot of stress and anxiety into your life (weeds).
Something that you don’t need at all because you already have a lot on your plate with your own stuff. This means that you need to make sure to clear and release the collective energy you carry. Be mindful, observe, notice. What is yours and what is not. If it is not yours, clear it out of your system and you will feel so much better. Use the healing/clearing energy of crystals, trees, mountains, fresh air, water. Ground yourself and release all the heavy dense energy into the Core of the Earth. The September Full Moon is happening in Pisces and it will be emotional. Very emotional. You can expect old feelings and emotions arising from the depths, the need to cry all of a sudden our of nowhere.
Even if you won’t cry, you will feel a shift happen. The high frequency energy that we were receiving into our systems for some days (weeks) now, has prepared us for this transformation that is happening with the Equinox and the Full Moon will only make the process more powerful. If you allow yourself to feel it all, hidden truths/knowledge will be revealed. Even if you don’t consciously understand its meaning, you will get a deep feeling of a shift that happened within your system.
A feeling of emptiness but also tingles within your body, your core. Emptiness, more peace, a void like feeling that won’t make you feel afraid but will enable you to feel your true self within, in each cell. Feel into that energy. See your light, your power. You are an important anchor point and connector/co-creator of the new relationships blueprint on this planet. important changes are happening and they will soon be seen in the physical too.

Our Full Moon in Pisces is such a gift.

This is the most healing Full Moon of the year.
Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the same degree.
Our Sun is in Virgo and the Moon is in Pisces. These are both signs of service. Perhaps you are re-evaluating how you want to be of service in the world. Or perhaps, you are finding ways that you can make your self-care a priority, recognizing that being of service doesn’t always mean self-sacrifice.
You may have significant revelations about how you want to be of service in the world and what talents you want to share. You can feel restless if you are not expressing your soul’s true purpose. Listen to the emotions stirring inside of you. You are being guided toward your calling. Let go of your attachments to your security and set your sights toward your dreams.
During the light of this Full Moon, let go of: Martyrdom, escapism, over-giving, delusions, fear of being psychic, fear of your intuition.


THIS Full Moon on Monday September 20th (for some of you this will be on the 21st) is at 8:54 pm ADT.
This Full Moon is in Pisces and takes place close to the moments that Mercury trines Jupiter. All FULL Moons are energetic and represent the cycle and ritual and a build up of manifestation frequencies since the start of the cycle with the previous New Moon. These cycles are daily also, birth with sunrise, symbolic death with sunset. As well as with each breath, inhale new beginning, exhale release and the pause before the inhale a mini death, then the inhale begins again.
Even now, take a deep inhale consciously and notice how that feels. The more we connect to our feeling nature the more we are aware of subtle changes and shifts throughout all bodies; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Mercury trine Jupiter of course is a frequency that penetrates all frequency, as well as the Central Sun and more; interacting with your feedback frequency signature, through your DNA. This is constant, even if unaware.
In the QUANTUM realm of all frequencies and through the VOID we activate your original BLUEPRINT and DNA through this REALM of ALL POSSIBILITIES, NOW.
The Full Moon energy frequency carries one of News, Good News, expansion, spiritual blessings and more as potentials in the quantum field of ALL POSSIBILITIES.
This FULL Moon is conjunct Neptune and opposite Mars. The great news is Mercury trine Jupiter has a more powerful impact.
Mercury square Pluto and Jupiter semi sextile Pluto add to the main frequency impact in offering the ability to overcome and go through difficulties coming out better than before. Or more aware or even more in your heart, an expansion!
Also on Wednesday September 22nd, 2021 we have the FALL Equinox, and I will be sharing more on the sacred ritual and frequency of that, and will have activations for YOU!
Holding YOU in the REALM OF ALL POSSIBILITIES, so as the. magic in the stars, become the conscious as ABOVE, SO BELOW. ALL now, through the Heart of pure love and DIVINE BLISS.
source: www.thenewdivinehumanity.com
In love and BLISS,
The beauty of the Andes ❤️ 🇵🇪 ⛰️
As we rise into the higher conscious awareness, where we live our soul truth and thus live and experience life from a higher perspective we are aware that nothing can happen to any soul unless the soul permits this to happen.
Indeed at a higher level the soul agrees to experience such in order to attain soul mastery and attain ever higher degrees of unconditional love and illumination.
Thus prior to something happening in your life you, and all the other souls agreed to participate in this.
Indeed souls agree to this so that they can teach each other and indeed all gain lessons in mastery.
Some souls may indeed choose pain and some may choose terminal illness, to attain soul growth in ways we may not always understand.
We, in the highest state of mastery understand that there is nothing and no one to blame, nor to shame, nor anything to feel guilty of nor to grieve for.
When you start living and seeing life through the highest perspective and from the higher soul self, you will see the soul(s) perfection before you and start seeing from the heart of love.
Then your highest vision of the soul in question, and as you hold this vision of their higher soul self, it indeed manifests, as your true vision of their perfected soul self, allows them to embrace and live this, as much as you live yours.
In truth all is one.
We all indeed create our own experiences and thus, once consciously aware of this, we indeed transcend the seeming brokenness and separation as we all indeed are One.
One Love.
One Heart.
One Being.
The One is the Many, and Many are One.
Photo: Daniel B. Holeman

Pisces Full Moon September 2021

The Full Moon occurs at Sept 20 at 7:54 p.m. ET. Pisces, the last of the zodiac signs – the beginning and the end, above and below. This sign is symbolised by two fish swimming in different directions yet connected. Pisces represents that which connects us all, the invisible thread linking atom to atom. Pisces is also life beyond death, life after life, the cosmic round.
At Pisces Full Moon, boundaries are blurred, the mystical and the magical come to life, especially as this lunation conjoins ruler Neptune. Can you feel it in the air? It’s natural to retreat, to step back, to embrace silence or quiet music. For some, this is a time of spiritual uplift, epic dreams and beautiful creations. Others may cry, sob for what was once lost or never found. This is a Moon of release and surrender.
This Full Moon may be a culmination of events that began back in March when we had the New Moon in Pisces. This is a soft, watery, malleable sign. Everything is shifting and changing, ebbing and flowing. The locomotive shaped chart, lead by the Sun, suggests we’re driven by a search for ourselves. Underneath the hush of waves is a constant refrain.
Who Am I? Who Am I? Who Am I?
We’re lost, floundering in the ocean, unsure of where we are going. The opposing Sun in Virgo tells us that we want to feel of use. We tinker with tasks, pick at problems. But we’re riding an emotional high tide with Lord Neptune carrying us on his chariot. White horses kick and whinny, frothing hooves slashing at the peaceful escape we long for.
But we can’t escape. The Virgo Sun keeps us with at least one foot in reality – Instead of struggling against the tide, we can surrender, float, see where the universe takes us. It may help to do a check in, figure out what belongs to us and what doesn’t. Psychic receptivity is acute and it’s hard to know where we end, and another begins. Make time for relaxation, sleep, meditation, artistic pursuits and spend time in nature. Attend to boundaries.
Full Moons are also good times to reflect on where you are in life, and where you are headed. While the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a time for setting (and achieving) goals, the period between the Full Moon and the next new moon is a time for letting go. Full Moons are always a good time to put an end to unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices, so use this energy to your advantage.
Full Moons can also bring about climactic events, and awaken us to powerful truths and realizations. The effects of a Full Moon usually last about two weeks, until the new moon comes along and starts a new cycle. One of the gifts that the full moon gives us is an overwhelming desire to come alive. Whether that’s bringing a passion front and center or finally making the decision to take a giant leap forward in a new direction that is fully aligned with our creative purpose.
Pisces is connected to peace. Pisces is the space between breaths. Listen to your breath. Essentially this Moon reminds us that we all come from the same source. The Full Moon in Pisces brings us in touch with our more spiritual side. Pisces puts us in touch with our more heartfelt, poetic side. We’re more inclined to seek the meaning behind all of life’s up and downs. Our dreams are seemingly at odd with what we logically know to be true, but our wishes come into being when we combine the two. This aspect gives us the ability to dream big and to not allow the facts of our current reality to limit the power of our imaginations. Full Moon in dreamy Pisces is all about turning our dreams into a reality. The Full Moon in Pisces is all about trusting the flow of the universe and letting our imaginations soar.

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces – The Dreamiest Full Moon of the Year, Psychic Downloads + Mystical Dreams, May the Water Cleanse, Heal and Rejuvenate Your Being
On September 20th, we have the beautiful and healing Harvest Full Moon at 28 degrees of Pisces. Full Moons entice magic and the ripeness of our deepest feelings and sensations. In the days leading up to the full moon, we can literally feel our emotional state growing with intensity, depth and acute sensitivity. Once the Full Moon occurs there is a sweet release and completion. Full Moons themselves represent endings, culmination and manifestation. Pisces, the final zodiac sign, deals with spiritual endeavors, psychic awareness, compassion and instinctual wisdom.
Get ready to purge on a major level with this Full Moon in the deepest and most emotional sign of the zodiac! Your most vulnerable side is sure to be exposed and highlighted. No running away from this depth of feeling and perception. Healing isn’t pretty but it is real. Being extra gentle and malleable in this process with your own grief + trauma and that of others is advised. The ultimate compassion of being human is to love someone for who they are and who they are not. This includes yourself. Surrender and allow.
The Full Moon in Pisces is here to cleanse your weary and sensitive soul + provide the ability to tap into your intuitive wisdom. No other sign is as mystical and magical as Pisces. Being the last zodiac sign isn’t for the weak or incapable. Pisces energy has learned all of the lessons and blessings of the previous 11 signs and this is why this sign is the most understanding and instinctually aware. It is as though Pisces energy soaks up the feelings and thoughts of everything and everyone they encounter with a remarkable osmosis ability.
This full moon in the fishes den wants to soothe your heart + to allow yourself to trust and honor your feelings and gut instincts. This is a great time to hone your psychic abilities and to communicate with your angels, guides and ancestors. The veil is always super thin when the Full Moon in Pisces occurs. Flashbacks from past incarnations, future visions and super vivid dreams are sure to be the norm at this time.
Another reason that this Full Moon will be so potent from an emotional level will be it’s conjunction to its ruler Neptune, the planet of the subconscious, imagination and unconditional love, who is her home sign of Pisces.
Although there is a 7 degree orb between them, the energy of their meetup will add even more depth to these intense feelings and visions. The Full Moon in Pisces conjunct retrograde Neptune in Pisces is spirit in action. Expect to feel all the feels and to really hone in on your ability to connect with your spirit team and ancestors.
In fact, this aspect will be so strong that I would be keeping a dream journal next to your bed when going to sleep. Your dream state will be “popping” with messages and guidance from the other side. Spiritual awakenings of all sorts will occur at this time. My advice is to allow yourself to flow and be malleable with this aspect. Neptune and Pisces energy don’t do well with any force or decisive actions.
Letting yourself BE with your grief and allowing your feelings to roam from here to there will actually support the release and purging cycle that is bound to happen at this time. Cradling your tender self with unconditional love, compassion and understanding will be most helpful. This aspect is also excellent to indulge and create music, art and anything creative. Just be careful with taking it too far as the lower energy of this aspect can bring up addictions, paranoia and victim tendencies. Keeping yourself grounded could be difficult but with the opposing Sun in Virgo, there is an anchored presence of such practicality + awareness.
The Full Moon in Pisces is here to pave a wave of compassion and understanding back into our lives. In a world that seems to have lost the meaning and importance of these attributes, this tender and loving lunation wants to remind you of their divinity and healing powers. If for just a moment the world could adopt more of these qualities, what a different existence we would have.
The Full Moon in Pisces wants you to imagine a world that might seem like a far off utopia of sorts. A world where feelings are honored, spiritual insight is valued and where LOVE is the highest and most sacred vibration. Even if this isn’t possible( at least not within a 2 week period) even adopting 10 minutes a day more to this potent energy could make a difference. La luna full in the deepest and most mystical sign of the zodiac wants you to come back home to your soul and to give her the greatest permission of them all. The permission to unconditionally love, accept and honor your deepest feelings and instincts. The Full Moon in Pisces is here to allow yourself to purge your deepest traumas and grief, get you further in touch with your intuitive abilities and to remind you of the power and healing energy of the highest vibration of all which is and always will be, LOVE.
source: www.astromomma.com
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Blessed Full Moon Family 🙏🏻. Illumination around legal matters and contracts are creating positive changes today. Masculine energies are being triggered to release the remaining bonds that are preventing supporting the Feminine’s natural abundant nature.

This process began in April 2021, stopping growth and movement forward, to focus on healing and purifying the seed point of these imbalances and traps. A new perspective for the Masculine is surfacing due to triggers and purges that have been forcing a death and transformation process. Valuable lessons are learned, freeing you to enter your unified field of consciousness and wholeness.

The Equinox cycle we are completing has freed us from loops of relationships based on temptation and lack. You have used your Masculine determination to take action in leaving these repeated patterns that were seeded from Atlantean times. Completion to your ascension through only accepting the best, setting boundaries, saying no, and passing every initiation is here. Congratulations 🎊

Love and loyalty is the new Way with the new / renewed partners, friends, Soul Family, and Tribe. Continue aligning with these relationships that have the same core values as you.

🕊 Love Carolyn

source: www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Leah Whitehorse: Lua Astrology


Full Moon in Pisces – We reach the peak of the lunar cycle and an emotional high tide. Neptune sweeps us up in a watery embrace and now we’re lost, in the middle of the ocean, boat bobbing, no land in sight. The Moon’s connection to Sedna promises protection but also taps deep seated insecurities. In this silent place, there’s only the sound of waves. Feelings flood our consciousness. For some, this is a holy experience, uplifting, ecstatic, mystical, meaningful.
For others, it’s hard to tell where we end, and another begins. Dreams rise up. Ghosts whisper. Skin tingles. Psychic senses are open, barriers down. We drip tears from an unknown place, grieving for something that has no name – maybe it doesn’t even belong to us. And yet, beyond sadness is the tantalizing promise of peace. We can’t bargain with the Gods. “Everything will be okay when…”. There is no time like the present for peace. Close your eyes, tune in, ride the waves of your breath. The alchemy of your imagination transforms fear into faith.
Degrees and Time
Moon 28°Pi13′, Sun 28°Vi13′ D – 00:54 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Study of a Girl in White by James Charles

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 20 – Yellow Resonant Sun

A Pacal Votan Clear Sign Day – & a Galactic Activation Portal Day, notated by HUNAB KU.
Yellow Resonant Sun guides and teaches us to directly experience the super-luminosity of our Essential Being, our real Self, by observing resonance and by being sensitive to intelligent, vibrational energies that always surround us. This discernment allows us to cleanse and clear our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels.
Yellow Resonant Sun – encourages us to work with elements that support and reinforce our inner Fire of Light by being receptive to Life’s resonances and natural vibrational flow, which allows us to tune in and match vibrations. By doing so, we can and will arrive at unlimited options that elevate and redirect our existence, finding limitless pathways to right alignment. Our passion for life illuminates the way.
Yellow Resonant Sun – reminds us that this understanding allows us to access a state of attunement in which we are invited to serve as Vessels of the Mystic Muse. The Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to voyage deeper into our Primal Being, and honor the Solar Jewel, our Great Sun, free from inhibitions, inspired by the infinite potential of the present moment.
Today the vibrational energy of Pacal Votan invites us to attune our human instruments to the Mystic Muse as It flows through the conduits of our consciousness. Right alignment with the dream of this so called reality allows us to access avenues of limitless inspiration. This communion is an invitation which simultaneously refuels and nourishes us both on a physical and subatomic levels, which allows us to align ourselves as Tools of Divinity, capable of unlimited, grand acts of healing and restoration.

Welcome to the Electric Deer Moon of Service! This is the third Moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell.

The Equinox occurs on the third day of this Moon on Kin 22: White Solar Wind (Bolon Ik).
Note that the New Spin, Kin 1, began on September 1. This means that the 30 days of “September” are synchronized with the first 30 days of the Tzolkin.
This Moon’s totem animal is the deer, reminding us of gentleness and staying attuned with Nature.
As we attune to the Universal Patterns of Nature we are entered into the awareness of the noosphere: the Planetary Mind made conscious.
Current cycles recap as of the beginning of this Moon:
Year (365-day cycle): Year of the Yellow Electric Seed
Spin (260-day cycle): 48th Spin since the beginning of the 13 Moon Dreamspell Count (1987).
Season (65-day cycle): Northern Dog Season of Love: White Galactic Spectrum
Castle (52-day cycle): Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth
Moon (28-day cycle): Electric Moon of Service – How can I best serve?
Wavespell (13-day cycle): White Wizard Wavespell of Timelessness
-Noosletter 145 (lawoftime.org)

Moon 3- Electric

Moon/Tone 3 within the Yellow Electric Seed Year Planetary Service Wavespell. Stage 3 of the 13 stages of The Manifestation of an Enlightenment being
3. Dharma teachings are immeasurable, I vow to master them all. (2nd-dimensional sense pulsar − tones 3-7-11) .
Enlightening beings who have thoroughly purified the mind in the second stage come to the third stage. One enters the third stage by ten conscious focusings of the mind: purity, stability, disillusion, dispassion, nonregression ,steadfastness,ardor,tirelessness, highmindedness and magnanimity . By consciously focusing the mind on these ten things, one enters the third stage.
The majority of the enlightening beings in this stage are Indras, chiefs of the celestial beings of the thirty-three heavens, capable, powerful, providing means of detaching beings from lust and desire, skilled in extricating beings from the mud of desire. Whatever the en-lightening beings do-whether by charity, kind speech, beneficial action, or cooperation-their thoughts are always fixed on Buddha, the Teaching, the Community, enlightening beings, the practices of enlightening
beings, the transcendent ways, the stages, the expertises and unique qualities of buddhas, including complete omniscience. To what purpose?
To become the best of beings, unexcelled leaders and guides, and ultimately omniscient refuges. –
Information from 13 Bhumis ( lawoftime.org) and corresponding excerpt from Avatamsaka Sutra Book 26
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 3, Day 1 – When your mind is in the fourth dimension, the possibilities are endless.
source: www.13moonpeacetime.com


On the 13-Month, 28-Day calendar we just completed the 2nd Month/Moon of 28 days of the year. During this past moon we asked ourselves the question: What is my/our Challenge?
TODAY we are starting the 3rd Month/Moon of the year: the ELECTRIC Moon of SERVICE (September 20 to October 17, 2021). Number 3 represents activation and bonding! During this 28-day window, we NOW have the chance to ask ourselves: “What is my/our Service?
The entrance to this 3rd moon of the year is synchronizing tonight with the Harvest Full Moon and serving as pre-amble to the first Equinox Portal of this 13-Moon year (second on the Gregorian Calendar): the perfect moment when the sun passes directly over the Earth’s equator bringing equal day and night to both North and South hemispheres. Our ancient ancestors saw this window as a special time of communion with the cosmos, and built amazing temples and structures to mark and track these celebrations.
This 3rd moon is of special harmonic significance considering that:
1- It’s synchronizing also with the celebrations of International Day of Peace around the world
2- It’s synchronizing with the celebrations of Indigenous People’s Day and start of the Gregorian calendar count on October 15, 1582
3- It’ synchronizing with the tone of the year. This is therefore the electric moon of the electric seed year… The activation moon of the flowering of service year
4- It’s synchronizing with the completion of the first cycle of 20 DAYS on the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix
5- It’s synchronizing with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. How is this?
According to the 1 KIN = 1 MOON Fractal count of 260 MOONS (see 20 Tablets of the Law of Time) this entire 13-MOON planetary service wavespell is coded by KIN 53 1Skywalker. Therefore, the last lunar moon corresponded to KIN 54 2Wizard and this entire 3rd Moon of service corresponds to KIN 55 3 Eagle.
The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 took place on KIN 55+56.
Time is ART!
As mentioned above, on the galactic count DAY 1 of this moon corresponds to KIN 20 7Sun, closing the first column of the Tzolkin Matrix.
The Number 20 represents the base of the advanced vigesimal mathematical system devised by the ancient Maya. Number 20 is written as 1.0. It is therefore defined as the Number of TOTALITY (ONE) and was considered sacred.
For many ancient cultures and traditions 20 YEARS is considered to be the span of ONE GENERATION. The Maya revered these 20-YEAR cycles and observed them as AJAW KATUN cycles. AJAW is the 20th Solar Seal and this cycle is observed every 20 solar years.
In an analog way, on the Maya Long Count, each BAKTUN is comprised by 20 KATUN cycles of 20 TUN cycles of 360 DAYS each (100 days short of 20 YEARS). Each Baktun is therefore equivalent to 20 GENERATIONS. December 21, 2012 marked then the completion of 13 cycles of 20 GENERATIONS each since the start of Human Civilization (-3113 BC)
The 2020–2021 transition marks the flowering of the first Generation of the 3rd MILLENIUM of the current civil calendar! This is then a TIME inviting us to think about RE-GENERATION and ENVISION A NEW FUTURE…
To start the activation of the noosphere (the planetary field of mind) during this new 28-day cycle we want to invite everyone once again to TUNE IN during this window and synchronize with the multiple celebrations taking place during this Peace activation portal. Let’s participate in building a strong field of Mental Harmony around the Earth!
To learn more please go to:
To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2028, please go to:
To download a PDF copy of the 2021-22 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar please go to:

Kin 20 ~ Yellow Resonant Sun

The number 7 is called ‘Resonant’ and it’s key words are ‘Channel, Inspire and Attune’. The 7th day occurs bang in the middle of a wavespell, so it’s a great day for checking your progress thus far and ensuring you are going in the right direction for the remainder of the wavespell journey. As the number 7 is all about fine tuning your intuition …this suggests taking stock today will be greatly aided by your psychic abilities.
Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Life and Universal Fire’. This sunny bright day is a Portal day which only happens twice in the Tzolkin. This gives a bit of intensity to the sun’s rays so be careful and don’t get sun burnt. Many ideas will pop into heads today as the sun is always illuminating and transmitting information. Plus, it is a psychic number 7 day which adds to the downloading of wisdom. Expect the light to shine on things previously hidden to you and with your path so well lit today you should make good progress.
Today’s guide is Yellow Human which represents ‘Wisdom, Influence and Free Will’. The Yellow Human symbolizes the chalice….and humans are vessels with potential to be filled with wisdom. Trust yourself and know the universe is always trying to show you the way. Whether its through dreams or coincidences we all channel messages, may they guide your actions today. The combination of number and guide make for a very interesting day full of intuitions.
The Challenge for the day is White Dog which represents ‘Love and Loyalty’.. and so if you are a White Dog, the sun may not shine so brightly on you today and the answers aren’t so forthcoming. No worries mind you…you too can tap into your psychic powers to learn what you need to know.
The Occult Power is the Red Dragon, the symbol of rebirth – with the nurturing Dragon in a magical position, there is potential for a magical rebirth to occur. Or another way to see it is… that understanding magic will facilitate renewal in your life.
The Ally is the Blue Storm, if you need help making changes consult a Blue Storm because they specialize in change! If you are a Blue Storm you can be a great help to others today.

Today is Yellow Resonant Sun day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Sun, (tribe 20/0 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), enlightens, life, universal fire.
Work with the element of fire, and the sun. Fire tends to burn fast. Be sure to continuously feed your fire so you keep from getting burned out. Fan your inner flame. Ascend and burn with total illumination. Yesterday’s storm clouds have now burned away, leaving you feeling the spark of divine life-force energy that is the source of all of life. Yellow Sun has the special distinction of being both the end and the beginning of the 20 archetype cycle. It is the 20th tribe on the archetype cycle and at the same time, it is also the 0 numbered tribe. Many consider one to be the beginning, but in actuality, zero is the place that all things originate from. What our backward perceiving culture defines as one is in actuality zero, and vice versa. When you think about the concept of being all one, do you picture a line or a circle?
Imagine one of anything, let’s use you as an example. You are one individual, you exist. In order for you to be able to exist, that then means that your non-existence must also be a possibility. How could you exist unless there is a non-existence for you to exist from? If you were to put that concept into number code, existence = 1, non-existence = 0. That means that in order for one to exist, zero must be present first. Zero or non-existence defines and makes one, or existence possible. Zero exists all by itself without the presence of one or any other number needed to make it possible. Zero is the all one. Zero is the mathematical equivalent of God, the source of all life. Zero is also the number that represents the Sun, the source of all life here on our planet. Zero is all beings in existence combined. We are all Zero!
Resonant tone of attunement, (step 7 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), channel, inspire, attunement.
Seven is the center of the thirteen-step creative energy cycle. Seven also represents the seven major energy centers, (chakras), that are found in the center of your body. Seven is the mystical, magical center. During yesterday’s tone 6, you went through the balancing, equalizing, transformation of catalyzing, self-generation, and energy, (Blue Storm). This transformation helped you to get centered. From a centered place, you are now able to magically tune in, match vibrations, and resonate with all frequencies. Today you will find that you are especially magically attuned and resonating with the frequencies of enlightenment, life, and universal fire.
Day 7 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
7 AHUA – KIN 20
I channel in order to ENLIGHTEN
Inspiring LIFE
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of Free Will
ENTER ME!!! 💥💥💥
20/9/2021 = 34= 20/9/5= 2/14=2/5=7
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
34- Learning from past mistakes
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
KIN 20 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation/Union
20.20.20 ☀☀☀
September 20, KIN 20 and AHUA is tribe number 20! TRIPLE AWAKENING 👀POWER on a GAP day! KAPOW 💥💥💥
A very powerful Ascension code today – leading up to the EQUINOX portal and PISCES FULL MOON🌞🌞🌞 This GAP day and TRIPLE AWAKENING CODE on the highest TRIBE☀ in the DREAMSPELL is powerfully ACTIVATING the incoming Solar Flares ☀and Ascension energies. A very potent window for the STARBLOSSOMS to RISE UP as HOMO LUMINOUS! ☀☀☀
We also complete our 20 day journey through the tribes in column 1 – the first column of the Tzolkin Calendar. Tomorrow we commence our journey at the top of column 2 – emphasizing partnerships, coupling and team work all perfectly in sync. with the LIBRAN energies!
All these energies are SUPER magnified today due to the G.A.P💥 (portal) DAY.
TODAY is the day to SHINE YOUR INNER LIGHT, very very BRIGHT! ☀
RESONANT 🔮– Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channels, ESSENCE – attunement. A very potent code today as we are fine tuning our channel and aligning our emotional body with our spiritual Rainbow/BLISS body.🌈💞
The path to en-LIGHT💡ON-ment is through the emotional body, which is directly linked to the Spiritual and BLISS bodies.. The mental/physical bodies are directly linked to each other, but one cannot access the BLISS💞 body through these channels. Clearing and mastering the EMOTIONAL body is the KEY🔑 to Ascension. Today we are attuned to the EMOTIONAL REALM -giving us direct access to this BLISS. 💞
The RESONANT tone very powerfully ignites the manifestation potentials today as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel these majikal WIZADRY forces.💫❤💫 Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation, and that this is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our feelings and what frequencies we are actually emitting as a transmitter to the aetheric realm.
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon, learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the MAJIK💫 through this present moment that is available to us all. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which is divinely PERFECT on a White Wizardry Wavespell day! Day 7 and tone 7 = 14! Double Majik!💫💫
Day 7 in the WHITE WIZARD Wavespell brings extra majikal💫 power with the 7 Magician’s frequency. The WIZARD enables you to access great SOURCE☀ POWER through your HEART ❤portal, magnetizing and magnetically attracting your desires. A DREAM code!
Let us welcome the SUN to SHINE in all its glory to the newly EN-LIGHTEN-ED Star-Blossoms of the New Earth – the original CHILDREN OF THE SUN! 👫👬👭☀
That we be guided to hold the presence of the potential of Nova Gaia today. Holding the presence of the Seed of our own illumination, harmonized by the beauty of our capacity to transcend life and know ourselves as pure Star-Blossoms of Universal Fire🔥… pure light…🎆 Enlightened🌤☀🌞 life…
RESONANT SUNS ☀☀☀shining brightly… as we all merge into ONENESS, one central SUN☀ returning to our SOURCE ☀ through Unity Consciousness. As you express unconditional love, you become more than you previously perceived yourself to be. You become ILLUMINED,💡 the full manifestation of your divinity. In the embrace of your humanity, accept yourself and others unconditionally.
🌟MAGNIFY your full presence today!
🌟RADIATE and Be limitless.
🌟Accept and understand the nature of judgement, fear, light and dark within yourself and others. Love and accept yourself and others as you are, freed from previous boundaries.
☀You are the dawning 🌄of the new Soul-ar Age.🌅 ☀
Now we find ourselves in THE GREAT AWAKENING 🌄 We have the opportunity to retrace our steps, to return to union with our Original SOURCE. ☀ We who have deepened the illusion of separation are now poised to retrieve what seemed to be lost forever. Through the gift of rebirth and Ascension, we are reclaiming our original state of union with God/Goddess. We are going home!!!.
✨✨I AM THAT, I AM! ✨✨
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW RESONANT HUMAN😊 EB is preparing your circuits for DIVINE transformation as the higher power today. Become empty, that your thirst may be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the GOLDEN chalice of the Universal Fire. 🔥🔥🔥Open and receive all that YELLOW HUMAN offers in the chalice of your own body. The RESONANT HU-MAN is directly aligned with DIVINE WILL and is a conduit for the expression of Spirit through Divine Service.
YELLOW HUMAN represents FREE WILL and WISDOM. The wisdom that evolves from attuning to and aligning with DIVINE WILL, surrender to the Universal Mind and your cup will runneth over with Universal Wisdom. Once filled with wisdom it is the turn of the Divine Mother to fill your golden chalice with the unconditional DIVINE LOVE of SOURCE and creation energies. The well from which to drink, then manifests your desires.
Today EB invites you to channel the wisdom of SOURCE and decide to become emotionally independent as SOVEREIGN 👑 beings. .
Inspired by the LIGHT of AHAU ☀you find resonance through the power of wisdom to live a truly INSPIRED and ENLIGHTENED LIFE. 🔥💥💡
SUPPORT: BLUE RESONANT STORM 🌀🌩🌪CAUAC finalizes its actions from yesterday’s BLUE RHYTHMIC STORM of purification and cleansing. The purging and cleansing of the dross preparing your vessel to ensure a smooth transition into your new Self, beautifully transformed.
The RESONANT STORM is working synergistically with the YELLOW “boys” and these TRIPLE 20.20.20. AWAKENING codes to propel our ASCENSION passage today. We allow ourselves to be the energy generators catalyzing this great LOVE and LIGHT guided by the wisdom of our Creator. The RESONANT STORM is attuned to TRANSFORMATION – the transformation that catalyzes your eventual en-LIGHT💡ON-ment!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RESONANT DRAGON🐉 IMIX brings forth the power of Mother Goddess and the infinite creation to begin anew, reborn and shining brightly, even better than before!, The New Birth, the primal birthing of being, that comes from the union of our great father the SUN, ☀the LIGHT, and our great mother 🐉– holding the LOVE and nurturance.💞 Initiating the new, primal response to ushering in the New Earth, with the nurturing caring ability of feminine creation matrix….
IMIX gives you the impetus to birth your NEW you!🐣 The projects, the campaigns and the marketing initiatives all in alignment with your unique Divine plan. Use your SHAMANIC MAJIK with IMIX to energize your Vortex of Creation to fuel your passionate creative impulses. This is RAW primal SOURCE energy at your disposal today!
IMIX as the SUPERPOWER today is powerfully providing the CREATION MATRIX for b-Earthing NEW EARTH.🌍🌎🌏🌐🌈..
The Sophia Dragons are bringing forth the feminine Sophia LOVE/Wisdom codes and the SUN –☀ the CHRISTOS – holding the Masculine – Soul-ar Christed codes. We have a very powerful UNION of our Sophia/Christos bodies today..✨💞☀👑
Very DIVINE enchanted MAJIK 💫activated through our precious HEARTS. ❤❤💞💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RESONANT DOG 🐕OC challenges us to examine all that is not derived from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, loyalty and pure DIVINE DEVOTION to our cell-ves, our family and to our DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER GOD/SOURCE…
Any betrayals by the DARKNESS will be REVEALED in FULL LIGHT☀ today… it is TIME to hold full FAITH and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN for HU-MAN-ity.. Our DIVINE parents LOVE US unconditionally and support us in our EARTHLY experience.. KNOW that it is time to go within and IGNITE the deepest connection to our CREATOR… attuning to the PUREST CHANNEL of LOVE, WISDOM and inspiration to guide our soul’s and our collective ENLIGHTENMENT.. ☀☀☀🎆🔥🎆
The RESONANT DOG brings forth the LOVE❤ that receives from every multidimensional corner of the universe, all coming home to the great darkness of our Divine Mother’s womb… The pure presence of ONENESS transcending all right and wrong, the pure presence of love and truth of ONENESS☀
Open your pure HEART❤ dear ones and receive.
Fill your chalice with everlasting and infinite unconditional LOVE💖 from SOURCE.☀☀☀
Today we have ✨☀✨PHENOMENAL LIGHT CODES ✨☀✨ pouring forth from the Great Central Sun ☀through our Galactic Sun🌞 to FUEL our Planetary Ascension.🌎🚀..
Spend some time today VISUALIZING this great Golden Solar energy☀☀ beaming forth from the 2 SUNS☀☀ into every HU-MAN being on EARTH and raising their frequency so that GAIA’s frequency can be jet propelled today!🚀🌍🌎🌏🚀
✨Visualize all consenting souls becoming FULLY AWAKENED 👀 and rising into their God consciousness – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. 🙏🙏🙏
DEAR ones, PLANETARY CHRISTED STAR BLOSSOMS – today we are turning the tables – and FLICKING the LIGHT💡 switch to FULL LUMINOSITY.. 🌞
☀✨BRING ON THE SUN and the new GOLDEN AGE! ☀☀☀
✨we COMMAND that all siphoning cords of ill repute are SEVERED permanently as we call back our FULL LIFE FORCE…🔥🔥🔥
✨We COMMAND that the global energy created from this EVENT be channeled through the GREAT CENTRAL SUN🌞 and upgraded to the GOD FREQUENCY🎆
As the energy returns though our Galactic Sun☀ and into the core of Mother Gaia’s HEART💗🌎 it is used as 🚀fuel🔥 to LAUNCH and catalyze our Planetary ASCENSION to the next stage of our collective evolution… with HARM TO NONE – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL…
Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish. Adonai Tsebayoth! 🙏💗🙏💗
Today’s question is “Can I ATTUNE to and feel my inner CHRISTED LIGHT ☀shining brightly as I RESONATE in FULL alignment with ALL THAT IS – SOURCE?🌞” How can I broadcast this RADIANCE to the world?
Our completion today results in our total metamorphosis of the Golden Butterfly breaking free from the chrysalis, stretching its wings and taking its virgin golden flight, carried by the winds of Spirit into the SPOTLIGHT! 🔦
Divine blessings for stepping up onto the WORLD STAGE and radiating your LOVE and LIGHT universally!💗 🎆🌞
We are now FULLY b-Earthing this new GOLDEN AGE! ✨☀✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
NOTE: Some excerpts taken from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury ❤🙏
PHOTO CREDIT: Buddha Eyes of Enlightenment Divine Gratitude to unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Final call to come to the Divine Event
September 20, 2021
Linda Li
Light warriors of the Divine Mother Father God, the Divine Gathering is starting on Thursday the 23, and ends on Sunday the 26th in Warfordsburg Pennsylvania, for details, please check out the website below.
The Divine wants to make the last clarion call to the critical light workers. The Divine says that it is extremely important that these light warriors hear the call and take action.
For the ones who cannot travel because of travel restrictions, we have donation based zoom sessions available. Here is the registration page. For the ones who have registered for the zoom sessions, we will send you detailed information and zoom links in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience.
For the ones who are called, and it’s possible to come, the Divine asks you to come and show up. Know that this is the Divine calling, and there is tremendous work ahead and the Divine Mother Father God need you to show up.
Archangel Michael says that his league has not showed him the hope and desire he has for them. He, particularly wants his sons and daughters to hear the call and fulfill the Divine mission they signed up for. Being his league, these sons and daughters are the brave souls. Knowing that the time is critical, and showing up is definitely needed. There should be no questions asked. He says that he has great expectations for his league of angels, and he is monitoring them and he needs them to respond.
The Divine says that there are quite a few light workers that the Divine is still waiting for their response. Their presence makes a huge difference. Divine Mother Father God has invited these souls and now is time to join the gathering.
There are also a few of Gaia’s daughters who have not responded to the call. Gaia has a great deal of hope that these souls will come. She says that now is time for these souls to serve. Time is critical. She is waiting. And she expects these souls to answer.
Again, this gathering is critical for Gaia’s rebuilding phase. Our planet and humanity need your love and support. More importantly, it is time for the light workers to fulfill your Divine mission, and coming to the gathering, for some, is to hear the call to start the mission. Know that the Divine is waiting for you, and your mission is ready for you.
Thank you for conducting your light work. Thank you for joining the gathering. Divine blessings to all.
Here is the web site.
Linda Li

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