The New Light

Let The New Light Show You

By Sandra Walter, 06/23/2016

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Let the New Light do its work. The energies shift as we leave the intensity of the Solstice passage over the next week. Much has been earned, learned and realized. Gateways are opening for much, much higher states of consciousness; new levels of empowerment, love and embodiment of your Higher Level Self. As always, choose your timelines wisely.

Listen to what the Higher Self reveals in this new light; what changes are needed as the veils grow thinner? What fears come up, what discord is The New Lightrevealed which no longer serves your path? Follow that guidance – Now.

We are a fractal of the big picture; we accelerate the Global Shift with inner transformation. Quantum effects are at work in this evolutionary process; no heart will be unturned to the light as the New Earth emerges. Learn to lead the way; demonstrate the larger mission of Peace in every thought, word and deed.

Disharmony is pointless, let it go. Surrender to higher creativity, new skills, new service. Re-evaluate in this New Light. We are changed beings – if we surrender to the True Self, the new spark of Source emerging within us.

More on the global shifts next week. Kind while, thank you to all participating in the Unity Meditations; they are a perfect elixir for this transformative phase. Have a beautiful and creative weekend on Gaia!

In Love, Light and Service,

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