Energy and the Field | The Council

Energy and the Field | The Council

Again we will speak to the subject of energy and the field in which you are participatory. Today, let us build an image for you if we may.
There is, in our image, an immense field. It is actually infinite. However we do realize that this is an idea that is incomprehensible to you, so let’s stick with immense.
This field encompasses everything of which you, as a collective, are aware. As a matter of fact, everything of which you are aware is made up of this field, because nothing else exists. Now you, being you, feel a need to name things. So you ask the field what it is. The field responds with, “I am that I am”. Okay. That is quite confusing enough, so you give it another name. You name it God, Allah, Wakantanka, or whatever, depending on your language and culture. We hope you can be broad enough of mind to accept that. This is quite alright with the field, because It knows It is everything.
In this immense field, there exists trillions upon trillions of points of experience and awareness. In one tiny corner of it all there is an itsy-bitsy thing called a planet. And on this planet there are vastly more teeny-tiny points of awareness that have a growing awareness of what they are, but are in a state that certainly needs some raising up. They do not yet accept that they actually consist totally of the stuff of the field. And they have not fully reached an understanding of the ramifications of that.
This field is fluid, as fields are. Observation will show that parts of the field move in prescribed ways, orbits within orbits within orbits. So individual parts of the field encounter vastly differing states and qualities of the energy as they proceed through the field.
Energy fields, being what they are, will be lowered, or lifted to some degree, depending upon the qualities of the energy they are passing through. Being fields in and of themselves, they will also be affected by the changes in other fields that surround them.
The surrounding energy field that you are traveling into at this time is increasingly higher in frequency and awareness. This is affecting you in predictable ways. Your own intentions and efforts are compounding this effect. You are, in addition, having an effect upon all of the fields around you and all of the fields within you. Fields being what fields are, this is not actually very accurate. But for communication’s sake, it will do. In other contexts we would say that there actually are no such boundaries to you.
All of this, as we are sure you are aware, describes your situation… partially. We would still address the way in which you can, may, and do have an effect upon the fields that make up the individual that you call “me” and why that is possible.
Ask yourself this. What causes the creation of things in these fields? What causes them to change when they change? What caused a part of the field to become a star? A planet? A mouse? Me? And am I able to use the same energies to change or create? And, if so, who am I? Do I dare accept that it could be true?
Do you see the problem that most of you have with these ideas? You have been carefully taught that you should never think this way.
Thought, intent, imagination are the way in which things are brought into being. It is as true for stars as it is for cookies or buildings. The only difference is the Source or source of the thoughts, intents, or imagination. Yes, you can do this. Actually, you already do this every moment. So, the question is really, what are you creating? Do you like it?
Happy imagining.


Patricia Cota-Robles
JUNE 26, 2019

Since the beginning of this year, the Company of Heaven has been guiding us through various activities of Light that are raising the frequency of vibration of every single person’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. At this time, the frequency of every person’s Earthly Bodies is being raised the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow, every single day, by his or her I AM Presence. We at Era of Peace have been freely sharing the information about these activities of Light through our Weekly Vlogs, Monthly Newsletters and Free Seminars.
According to the Company of Heaven, the Divine Plan for 2019 is succeeding in ways beyond their expectations. In fulfillment of our Father-Mother God’s newly initiated Divine Plan, every single person’s Lightwork is being amplified one thousand fold every day through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This has created new opportunities for Humanity’s I AM Presence to raise our energy, vibration and consciousness to brand new levels.
Now, you and I and the rest of awakening Humanity are being asked by our Father-Mother God to take this unprecedented process to the next level. We have the ability to do this during the powerful Eclipse Series we will experience in July. The Company of Heaven has given us an activity of Light designed to expand the incredible influx of Light we were blessed with during the alignment of the June Solstice. After empowering our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love this activity of Light was initiated and empowered during our Free Seminar in Portland, Oregon on June 23, 2019.
The dedicated Lightworkers attending the seminar in Portland, Oregon were joined in consciousness by Lightworkers from around the world who were projecting their Light and Love into the Chalice of our Heart Flames. This greatly expanded the amount of Light our Father-Mother God were able to infuse into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.
The next wave of our God Parent’s Light will infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love during our Free Seminar in Omaha, Nebraska JULY 14, 2019. This Free Seminar will take place while we are still being held in the embrace of the powerful July Eclipse Series. If you have the Heart Call to add to the Light of the World in this vitally important way on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth, and you would like to physically attend our Free Seminar, you can register by clicking on the link below.


If you are not able to be physically present, please think of us on that day and send your magnificent Light and Love to us. This will exponentially empower our Grid of Love and the second phase of the Divine Plan for our seminar which the Company of Heaven will reveal to us once we are in Omaha.
The Second Phase of the Divine Plan that was Accomplished in
Portland, Oregon
The following activity of Light was drawn from the Realms of Cause and encoded into to Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth during our Free Seminar in Portland, Oregon. Now, the Legions of Light assisting Humanity during this monumental opportunity from the Realms of Illumined Truth are encouraging each of us to participate in this activity of Light now and throughout the July Eclipse Series.Our Father-Mother God said the Divine Intent of this assistance from On High is to lift the consciousness of the masses of Humanity higher into the frequencies of Christ Consciousness than we have experienced since our fall from Grace. Please listen to your Heart and join us in this holy endeavor.
And we begin…


Beloved Father-Mother God, from your glorious Heart I was Breathed into Being as a Christ Conscious Child of God, and into your loving Heart, one day, when my learning experiences on Earth are complete, I shall return as my I AM Presence grown to full stature.
I thank you for the privilege of having Life and for having a physical embodiment during this Cosmic Moment on Earth when the Sons and Daughters of God who fell from Grace aeons ago will, at last, cocreate the experience of returning to Christ Consciousness.
Beloved Father-Mother God, thank you for allowing me and all Humanity to serve as Instruments of God during this auspicious moment when our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is reclaiming her rightful place of Divine Love in every person’s Heart Flame.
I AM deeply Grateful to individually and collectively serve as a surrogate on behalf of ALL Humanity. I now offer the Cup of my Consciousness as the Holy Grail through which the Light of God will flow to insure that every person on Earth will Victoriously return to Christ Consciousness through his or her own endeavors.
Through the Grace of my Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love and my Father God’s Divine Power, I AM now reclaiming my full Divine Potential as a Christ Conscious Child of God.
Beloved Father-Mother God, as I awaken into the Enlightened state of Christ Consciousness invest me with the Power and Love to magnetize and radiate forth with every thought, feeling, word, action, belief and memory I express, the Divinity of my I AM Presence and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.
I ACCEPT and KNOW that through my awakening Christ Consciousness, I AM able to perpetually add to the Light of the World.
With this knowing…


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. What I invoke for myself I invoke on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.
On the Holy Breath, I now breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically through my Heart Chakra. With every Inbreath, I align with the Divine Love of my Mother God and the Sacred Fire Breath of the Holy Spirit.
With every Outbreath, my Mother God opens my Heart Chakra to new breadths and projects her Transfiguring Divine Love into the physical plane of Earth.
Through this activity of Light, the portal within my right-brain hemisphere and my Heart Chakra, through which the Love of my Mother God originally flowed to bless all Life on Earth, is once again opening to full breadth.
As the full potential of my Mother God’s Pink Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love pulsates through my Heart Chakra, it is brought into perfect balance with my Father God’s Blue Flame of Power within the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in my Heart.
This newly balanced Threefold Flame in my Heart has a dual pulsation. The first pulsation is the Inbreath—assimilating and absorbing the Power and Love of my Father-Mother God, and the second pulsation is the Outbreath—expanding and radiating out the Power and Love of my Father-Mother God.
On the Inbreath, my Threefold Flame extends up in vibration piercing into the very Heart and Mind of God, the Source of never-ending perfection. On the Outbreath, my balanced Threefold Flame radiates the blessings from the Heart and Mind of my Father-Mother God into the physical plane of Earth.
On every Inbreath my Heart Flame Ascends into new heights of Divinity, and on each Outbreath, through my fully opened Heart Chakra, my Heart Flame becomes a stronger pulsation of my Father-Mother God’s blessings into the world of form.
Because of the dual activity of my Inbreath and Outbreath, my Heart Flame is both the portal into the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light within me, as well as the Source of all of the Divine Blessings from my Father-Mother God to Humanity and Mother Earth.
My Threefold Flame is also the inward portal for my return to Christ Consciousness and my open heart and mind telepathic communication with my I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.
This means that through my Holy Breath, my return to Christ Consciousness and my inner journey back to my Father-Mother God are balanced with my outer service to Humanity and all Life. It is within this balance that I open my Heart Chakra once again to the perpetual flow of my Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love.
Now, the portal through which my Mother God’s Divine Love originally flowed is open to full breadth. This is allowing the Blue Flame of my Father God’s Power and the Pink Flame of my Mother God’s Love to be perfectly balanced within the Divinity of my Heart Flame.
These two aspects of my Father-Mother God now merge into the magnificent Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. This Sacred Fire now blazes up from my Heart Chakra and into my physical brain structure, expanding the activation of my pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic center at the base of my brain.
This activation of my spiritual brain centers creates the sacred space for the opening of my Crown Chakra. As this occurs, a greatly intensified frequency of the Yellow-gold Flame of Enlightenment, Illumination, Wisdom and Christ Consciousness begins flowing from my I AM Presence into my pineal gland. This intensified Yellow-gold Flame is anchored within my Heart Flame completing this greatly intensified expansion of my Father God’s Blue Flame of Power, my Mother God’s Pink Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love, and the Son’s and Daughter’s of God’s Yellow-gold Flame of Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness within my Heart.
With this influx of Light the full Divine Momentum of Christ Consciousness flows through my Crown Chakra and my pineal gland into my mental and emotional bodies. As I return to Christ Consciousness, my Heart and Mind are recalibrated to higher frequencies of Oneness and Reverence for All Life than I have experienced since Humanity’s fall from Grace aeons ago. In this Enlightened state of Christ Consciousness, I AM able to easily communicate with my I AM Presence, my Father-Mother God, and the entire Company of Heaven through the natural process of open heart and mind telepathic communication.
I realize now, as never before, that Christ Consciousness is my Divine Birthright as a Beloved Son or Daughter of God. Through this level of consciousness I AM One with my Father-Mother God and every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation. As I live, move, breath, and have my Being within the Enlightened state of Christ Consciousness, I realize ALL that my Father-Mother God have is mine.
I now KNOW that the Enlightened Path of Divine Love leading to Christ Consciousness is the Way, the Truth and the Life for every Son and Daughter of God. For this I AM Eternally Grateful.
And so it is, Beloved I AM That I AM.
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
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  1. Sandy Bella

    ❤ A Swami at an Ashram I used to attend used to say ‘The Field’ is like a movie screen we are all projecting onto ❤

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    I interpret “the field” as a vibrational frequency of spiritual sub- atomic particles that we “think” and “speak” into which then manifest as the material atomic and sub-atomic particles of our experiences. This “field” is a creation of SOURCE which blesses us with free will, and thus, we create whatever we desire receiving either blessings or challenges based upon what we have “thought” and “spoken” into “the field”. This means, then, that collective consciousness creates political, sociological, philosophical, educational, or religious modalities, etc. The current chaos on Earth, because of these created systems, many of which are filled with confusion, can be changed to those of peace and love if more people focused on elevating their consciousness to the energetics that SOURCE is providing by sending us LIGHT from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of our galaxy to Earth. This LIGHT offers us DNA transformation and cleansing of the cellular records of past time lines so that we can “birth” a New Golden Age. However, we have to “choose” to “think” and “speak” harmonious vibrations into “the field”. Peace and Love to Everyone! Dr. Schavi M. Ali

  3. Sandy Bella

    I love Patricia Cota-Robles Decrees. Because I still have my own thing happening with Emerald Green Fire at the moment, I can only do the first one and one of my Andaras is also connected to the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness. Very exciting and Ive had so many synchronicities to do with fire and flames over the last month. I’m even wearing my PJs with Butterflies with wings of fire at the moment. I’m still seeing everything through my mind’s eye engulfed in emerald green fire ❤

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