You are currently viewing The New Moon Priest/ess Initiations  “The Divine Law of Resonance”  ALL DNA is Connected Holographically  – The Ultimate Truth
Dragon Nation

The New Moon Priest/ess Initiations  “The Divine Law of Resonance”  ALL DNA is Connected Holographically  – The Ultimate Truth

The New Moon Priest/ess Initiations  “The Divine Law of Resonance”  ALL DNA is Connected Holographically  – The Ultimate Truth



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Master GateKeepers of the New Lemuria Crystal Temples of Light

As we are closing out this crazy intense month of August with the massive lionsgate and the current New Moon in Virgo we are entering the final four months of this pivotal year of 2022. Over the next several months and into 2023 we are reaching a type of crescendo of Galactic energies flowing in from the Great Central sun and through Solaris into Pachamama and all Ground Crew of the 144. We are reaching a precipice, the apex of our collective journey through this spacetime continuum, for instant total expansion through the eye of the needle. And in a blink of an eye we step into Eternity.

Our local Solaris continues his consistent eruptions of Solar Flares and CMEs over the last 24 hours with multiple C Class and several M Class with another powerful m6.73 Class today at 16:10 UTC; this is encoded with the the Code of our 73 Heaven on Earth with the Divine Union Trinity Code of Hieros Gamos.  Solar Region 3088 has been the most active in the last 48 hours, which is a trinity of the Lionsgate Portal. More Power and Courage of our Lion Kingdom coming in.  The Gamma Radiation emanating from the projector of the Sun is bringing high electrical potential that raises the current of our Dragon Lines and Cultivation of Chi.

The X Rays that are projected from the Sun are waves of electromagnetic radiation are absorbed by Mother Earths atmosphere but if she were to allow the ray through it could cause a mutation of DNA to a higher form and pattern. If a Solar Flash were at a strong enough level she may just do that. As the X Ray and Gamma Ray merge together they can form an Omega Point to create the portal of Exodus for our final Planetary Liberation. All Star Blossoms can assist in this transformation of the New Eden with our Pure Intent and Divine Will while holding the Visions of our New Heaven upon the New Earth. All while feeling the emotions of Joy, feeling of Peace, Happiness, Love and Bliss. Allow your heart to open and expand as we Bloom as Lotus Flowers of Samadhi and Enlightenment for all Sentient beings of the Way.

Arriving on these currents of the Gamma Plasma Rays are Cosmic Keys, Codes and Frequencies of our full upgrades and transformations of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA and the 144 codons of the New Earth Blueprint Templates. With these upgrades and downloads come our new Divine Mission for our full compression breakthrough as Supernova Buddha Consciousness of the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. 5th dimensional energetics are merging with the third density to uplift and raise this field into the Realm of the New Edenic Timeline.

Stay fully present in the now and centered within the Sill White Magnetic Light of the kingdom of Heaven within, which is God Consciousness, or we can say Pure unconditional Love for self and other. all Starseeds are fully anchored into the gridline’s and fully connected to the Central Krystal Heart of Mother Gaia, the Divine Feminine Goddess as she continues to raise in resonance and expand in awareness. All veils are thinning and lifting for this Revelation of all that had been hidden from the Hearts and Minds of our Earth Angelics of the Universal Federation of Light.

Brahma has sent forward our Purple Dragon Nation to assist Gaia and hue-manity in the higher planes of this Great Awakening.

You are the Miracle the world has been waiting for. Time to Power Up and spread your miracles all over this land….A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 26°43′ Virgo, Sun at 5°48′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A merry-go-round.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Virgo.





Valerie A. Elster


Feeling NEW Dragon 🐉 (12D) Bodies Coming online Today. Updates to the Root / Sacral Circuitry. 🥰 #tonal


Roberto Nunez


A beautiful manifestation is coming into your life in the next 3 days: you don’t have to rush to get what you want, because what you want right now also wants you, your manifestation is finding you with ease. 🌞⚡💛💥🌈
August 28, 2022.


“The only way to fully trust, is to let go. Let go of all doubt…
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things yet to be seen.”
Then now. this is what I hear….in a way hearing it for the first time
“It is with Grace that we Arise….
It is with Grace that we Arrive.”
“Ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door will open”…
“Centered in deep calming awareness through each moment of life…
We walk through the vapor of innocence,
The mist of transfiguration, arriving on the other side of disbelief,
To the space of awakened beauty.
The shimmering glow of the hidden dimensions
arises in our living breath…
Welcoming us home to our ever-bearing fruitful nature
of intact wisdom.”
-GrandMother Speaks
The Doorway of Love
The Doorway of Love


Pars Kutay


The Hovering of Motherships and the Speed of Fleets Across the Skies Should Gather Some Momentum in Believing that our Beloved Galactic Families are Actually Here with us NOW!

It is TIME to Expand our Understanding to Encompass LIFE as We Once Knew it to BE.

A LIFE Without Hardship and Lack.

ONE Without War and Discord.

This is the TRUTH of our BEing.


The Stage is SET for the Lighting of the Skies.

Our Galactic Friends and Families are in Place Right NOW to Welcome us with LOVE.

NEVER Allow another Moment to Be wasted in Fear.

WE Are a Powerful SOUL that has Gathered with Many.

Let’s Get This PARTY Started. . . Dear ONES!


Pars Kutay

~ ~

Photo captured over Japan on August 2022 by Dejan Predojevic




Isis Channelings

The New Moon Priest/ess Initiations – Whispers of Ancient Wisdom

The Lionsgate signed off with the release of The Sphinx  Priest/ess Codes and Initiations with the Sun Regulus Conjunction on August 22/23 which are then given direction by The New Moon of The Virgo Priestess against the backdrop of Venus/ Inanna reaching the last and final gate of her descent into the underworld as Morning Star at Earth Star Chakra on August 26th .

The Light Codes of The LionsGate are Now Given direction by this New Moon of The Priestess who stands Sovereign as a Bridge/ Gatekeeper/ Guardian between the Worlds bringing forth Spiritual Wisdom from the Higher Realms for ascension into the higher spirals of evolution.

Venus as the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, is currently in the Capricorn Wise Woman/ Crone Metagoddess Cycle in this current Shamanic Cycle of Death and Rebirth, and what makes this current gateway at Earth Star Chakra significant is the fact that this gateway is not always a part of Venus /Inanna Shamanic cycles and is rarely visible, But Was Visible This Time (see Pic). At the Earth Star gateway , we are required to  recalibrate /reinvent the ways we connect/ honour  The Earth, her crystalline grids, Sacred Waters  and all her Sacred sentient expressions of Life Force Energy as One.

This effectively underlines this New Moon Priestess Initiation Energy with Ancestral / BloodLine Gifts/Karma which are to play a significant role in future Structures to be erected for future  timelines.

What part of your heritage is seeking your attention Now?Which wounds are seeking healing- Witch/ persecution Wound, Womb/ Patriarchal Trauma wounds, Mother/ Shadow Feminine Wounds- All the Wounds/ distortions that disconnect us from Mother Earth , Others and Ourselves. This New Moon is the opportunity to seek Healing / Redemption of these wounds via the Blessings / Guidance +sacred Ceremony  of our Ancestral Lineage so as to move into the Gifts that these lineages hold for Us and consequently move into Greater Connection with Gaia and her Intricate web of Connectedness.

The Capricorn Wise Woman / Crone/ Medicine woman/ GrandMother Spider Energy is all about Grounding and establishing New Foundations based on Sage Wisdom but tweaked  to present realities, Balancing Karmic Retributions and Gifts ,balancing Personal Power and Mastery, balancing Personal and Collective needs/ service.

A period of great Initiations is upon Us. The Spirit of the Ancestors is Ready to Flow through us and guide us into ways of Harmony and Connection with All That Is. It requires us to be Receptive and attentive .Initiations by definition are Trials by Fire to advance to Higher Spirals of Consciousness which require Courage, Integrity, Devotion and Unwavering Trust in the Flow of Universal Guidance via a State of Awareness.

Open to Receive The Whispers of The Ancient Wisdom and make the required amendments in The Akashic Realms Now open post the Sphinx Gateway.

Gratitude to Artist Cathy McClelland

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See

Sa Kei Na


 Whispers of Ancient Wisdom
Whispers of Ancient Wisdom



Diego E. Berman, PhD

Dear friends, our Sun has been quite active this weekend, we’ve had so far about seven M class solar flares. The solar flare shown in the photo below took place yesterday, and measured 150.000 km in length, which as you can see is about the length of 12 Earths!

We also have a mild geomagnetic storm coming in today into Monday. Please remember these are normal events during an active solar cycle. No need to fear. That said, these active solar periods bring enormous amounts of information into our planet and human bodies.

For those of us who are energy sensitive, this weekend is bringing physical symptoms mostly focused on the nervous system. Dizziness, head pressure, insomnia, visual and hearing calibrations, anxiety, and even dental and jaw tension. Remember we are undergoing a deep personal transformation, and as such, it needs time, patience, and self-love. We are changing the structure of the energy flow within our bodies so we can assimilate more light and in turn let go of blockages we have been carrying with us for a long time preventing us from reaching our untapped potentials.

Take care of yourself, rest, hydrate, and most of all’ relax and allow these changes to take you to your new divinely intended destination.

Much love


solar flare
solar flare


Gma Chandra


This is about harmony and balance in every part of Gaia, and balance in every energetic field. You are living the life where you can be balanced in some places and in some energies and not balanced in others.

Where you are going, everything is balanced because it is a quantum field and all the particles in the quantum field are correlating or interacting with each other. All this multidimensional interaction is balanced because it is happening in the space of God’s creation. Everything that is created by the universe is totally in balance with God’s plan unless you bring in somebody else’s intention or emotions that imbalances the situation.

We need to learn how to get from the microcosm into the macrocosm and to bring the micro balance into the macro balance. Those humans who are vibrating on the higher frequencies and who are more multidimensional will start creating these zones, fields, or areas where everything inside this zone will be balanced.

Your goal is to bring this balance and energy all over Gaia in all time and space and in every geographic, energetic or grid position. Everything should be correlated and positioned according to the higher will of gradual development, growth, or the opening of people’s consciousness. The engine of all this change, is your newly activated and balanced DNA.

Hugs and love to all of you,



harmony and balance
harmony and balance


Welcome to the Golden PAge

ALL DNA is Connected Holographically Throughout Space and Time
Your DNA is constantly replicating and adjusting based on each moment of your life. Those changes radiate outwards to everyone and all things at all times by means of quantum wormholes on the planck scale. Intentions of the heart (green chakra) reflect back to you the strongest compared to the rest of the spectrum. Similar to how the green wavelength is strongest when looking down hall of mirrors. The green wavelength is also directly connected to the golden ratio and therefore your body’s proportions, confidence and how you hold yourself play a major roll for lighting the tunnel and the strength of receiving back those intentions sent from the heart.
DNA is Connected Holographically
DNA is Connected Holographically



Suryananda Aed

FATHER & DIVINE MOTHER Together WITH THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN Have Released Onto Gaia A New Alignment Of The Creative Principle Giving Deeper Access Into The Great Central Sun & Creation Retrieval PROPHECY SHIFT 28 August, 2022.  With The Elohim Present. From The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records. FROM THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN.

This Shift Continues From The Two Shifts Shared 27 August, 2022.

This Shift of 28 August has long been set to be Released Onto Gaia and as always TIMING Has Been The Key.

Inevitably as Gaia has continued Her Ascension which has taken a long duration, and with a more specific number of people on Gaia having increased their Inner Frequencies thus affecting their lives on Gaia and thereby many others on Gaia :

This Ancient Prophecy Has Been Activated

Onto Gaia, which will by its very description assist many more on Gaia

As the momentum begins it’s necessary Retrieval


On The Deeper Recognition As To


The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power of Creation Existence Itself

Into Its Sacred Place On Gaia

After long durations where the sacredness of existence in its pure essence became further out of alignment as the veils of Gaia grew deeper.

Thus This Ancient Prophecy Has Been Activated as the momentum begins it’s necessary and long awaited Retrieval.


Father & Divine Mother : The Personal Aspect of The Great Central Sun In Non Physical Form

Are available to be tuned into personally as consciousness expands thereby

The Sacredness Of Existence Becomes Manifest Whilst On Gaia.

Further Shifts will continue to be Released Onto Gaia; Each Shift Gifting Gaia & Inhabitants With Specific Aspects For Well-being & Assistance.

Just after Aed & Suryananda had begun this session, Suryananda said this seems very different. Aed yes Suryananda. Aed, FATHER Is Here Suryananda. Father, Why Am I here Suryananda. Suryananda, Love & To Assist Father. Father yes Suryananda. Aed & Suryananda were deeply blessed as Father shared His Presence again on this Shift which is very different. Father remained with Aed & Suryananda till our session ended one and a half hours later.

Aed & Suryananda’s journey on The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.

Adam El Daoud & Suryananda

Divine Consorts.

Sunday, 28 August, 2022.

Readers of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.

Also For Both Aspects The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun. And Many Others.

Seers To The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun.

Dragon Nation
Dragon Nation


Judith Kusel

“The Divine Law of Resonance”

At this momentous time we all need to become aware of the Divine Law of Resonance.
Everything is vibration and frequency – thus all is energetic.
Whatever energy we expend, is returned to us almost instantaneously now, so we need to become aware of what we are energetically broadcasting out into the world.
Vibrational frequency will always attract and resonate, with matching resonance vibrations and frequencies.
Thus the more you shift into the higher vibrational frequencies with the dimensional shift, the more the Law of Resonance comes into form and being. You will attract into your energy fields and life, those who resonate with you: – who are on the same wavelength and frequency band as you are, and broadcasting on the same wavelength, or frequency band.
Those who cannot tune into your resonance fields, will just start falling by the wayside, for they cannot tune into that higher energy field.
Again, the question arises: What do you wish to co-create from this moment forward, in the New Earth? What is it that you wish to not only co-create but leave as a lasting legacy to the New Humanity in the New Golden Age? Ask these questions, and you cannot play small any longer, your visions start expanding, and the bigger the vision, the more you are being asked to step up into the resonance fields of that which you truly wish to create with great love, in the highest and best ways for highest good of all.
It is important to understand that when you do this, you need to be free of self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, belief systems, which the negative ego will churn up, to bring discord within yourself. This can also come from outside, for it the outside voice drains out your own inner voice, you can set as much intent as you like, but what will manifest is that you are thinking, saying, and how you are acting or not acting.
When one is totally in the highest resonance with the Soul, and with the intent with you put out, plus the way you live your life, your thoughts, your words, the music and energy you put out, your daily actions will be AS ONE with the Field! You will literally LIVE that field and thus resonate in the deepest sense with it, for you ARE it!
A wonderful way, to help you stay in the highest resonance fields is by affirming what you do wish to create.
More than this, become aware of thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and when you step out of the intentions set by the affirmation, immediately affirm life, and stop negating life and the very resonance fields your wish to create! Remember your life is your sole responsibility, and what you choose to co-create, how you choose to live, what you choose to express, etc. No one can take your freedom away, unless you allow them to!
I AM choosing to totally stay focused on stepping fully into the New Earth, to be purified more and more, as I am leaving the Old Earth behind me forever.
I AM crystal clear about what it is that I wish to co-create in the New Earth and the New Golden Age, with great love, in the highest and best ways, for the highest good of all.
I AM choosing my freedom as soul, for I cannot be bound by anyone or anything – I AM free to create my own highest resonance fields and to attract those who are on the same wavelength and frequency band as I AM.
I AM clearly seeing the New Earth in her exquisite beauty, vibrant and alive with new life and new beginnings, in unity, harmony and love and I AM welcoming her, and I rejoice as I AM living life, and life more abundantly!
I AM grateful that my soul rises in transcendence and transfiguration and stands in the fullness of the truth of who and what I AM in truth!
I AM choosing to live my highest soul truth, with pure, unconditional love, AS ONE with the Divine Source within me.
I AM creating the highest resonance fields, and attracting what and who resonates with the highest purpose and mission and calling of my soul.
Judith Kusel


Otherworld Divine You
Otherworld Divine You


Aurora Ray

The Ultimate Truth

Greetings, friends! I’m delighted to share our wonderful Galactic Federation’s most recent communication.

“Dear ones. We are your family of light from the Galactic Federation.

We are coming to you with a message of truth. The truth will set you free.

As you know, our presence here has been no secret whatsoever. We have been here all along.

We are pleased to report that the Light Forces have reached the point of critical mass and are ready to perform the final stages of the operation.

We are here to assist you during this transition phase so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have come for the purpose of helping humanity raise its consciousness, heal its illnesses, end its wars and clean up its planet.

The Prime Creator has given us permission to make ourselves visible and gradually interact with the surface population.

Our ships can now appear as you do on Earth, although they do not require roads or railways as we use antigravity propulsion systems. Our crafts are built according to the laws of science that apply throughout the universe and take into account the energy requirements for space travel.

Each of our civilizations has developed advanced technologies that enable us to travel between stars, explore other star systems, and communicate with each other over vast interstellar distances. We also have learned how to tap into the unlimited free energy available throughout the universe by combining electromagnetic and gravitic forces into a single unified field. This allows us to produce unlimited quantities of power whenever and wherever we need it.

In addition, we have learned how to heal all diseases, regenerate damaged tissue and organs without any side effects or negative repercussions for the individual.

We are here now because we care about you and your planet. The Galactic Federation has been observing your world for millennia, and we have witnessed both the good and bad that affect your lives on a daily basis. This includes both natural and man-made disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, famines, wars, disease epidemics, and terrorist attacks, but it also includes amazing scientific breakthroughs such as space travel, cures for deadly diseases, and technologies that allow you to communicate instantly with everyone.

Also, we know that you are in a very difficult stage of your development right now because there is a lot of uncertainty about the future direction that humanity will take as a collective species. You are facing many challenges in your lives, from global warming and climate change to wars, poverty, hunger, disease, and ecological disasters.

It will also require a complete overhaul of your civilization because the current system of financial control that is enslaving you is based on greed and selfishness. The only way to reach a higher level of consciousness is for you to learn how to share with others instead of trying to accumulate all the wealth for yourself.

This may sound like an impossible task, but it’s really not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is find a way to share the resources that are available on your planet with everyone else instead of letting a small number of individuals monopolize them for their own personal gain.

Imagine what would happen if every person had access to an inexhaustible supply of pure water, clean air, healthy food, and unlimited energy! You would no longer need money because you wouldn’t need anything at all. You would be able to live a life of abundance and freedom! This is the future of humanity—the world we were destined to create!

There is a consciousness that is permeating the entire cosmos. It is a consciousness of Oneness. Everything in All That Is, is connected to everything else. There is no separation; there has never been separation, and there will never be a separation.

You do not live in a static universe but rather one that is constantly changing and evolving. You are evolving as well, though you may not see it yet. Most importantly, you are being given an opportunity to align yourselves with your creator by accepting unconditional love into your hearts and sharing it with all life. Your future depends on how you choose to respond.

Our purpose is to bring truth and enlightenment to the people of the Earth and to help them raise their conscious awareness through love so that they may realize the true nature of their reality and their place in the universe. Thank you! ”

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.





Jaime Lee


We are in Virgo season, one of my favorite seasons.

Virgo is the sign of the High Priestess. The Priestesses teach us the mysteries of attuning to the sacred patterning of Earth and Sky through the sacred vessel of our body. They teach us how to bridge the As Above and So Below through our Body Temple. The Priestesses teach us the art of ceremony and devotion.

Virgo is the sign that reminds us that life is a sacred ceremony.

The high initiation of this sign is to honor the Holy in the ordinary; to create magic out of the mundane.

When we bring ceremonial reverence into the present moment, we have more access to the magic that’s all around. The magic in the mundane reveals itself to the Virgo initiates.

Some Virgo season questions to contemplate::::

How are you honoring the temple of your body, mind, and home?

How can you come into more reverence of the present moment?

What are you in devotion to in each moment?

Virgo is the sign of sacred service. It is the sign where we refine ourselves and our craft so we can be of service for the greatest good.

Virgo is a sign of refinement, improvement, and perfecting.

The Achilles heel of Virgo can be intense self-criticism, self-doubt, and unattainable standards of perfectionism. 

Virgo initiations teach us how to come into a healthy relationship with refinement, improvement, and accuracy. When they are motivated by self-love, (which we learn in Leo, the sign before Virgo), refinement can become a holy art.

We don’t need to improve to become whole. We know we are already whole. Refinement becomes a pathway for more Spirit to flow through integrating the Virgo-Pisces axis.

Virgo teaches us discernment so we can polish the lens of our perception. With discernment, we can utilize our time and direct our mental and physical energy more wisely.

It keeps us in devotion to the ceremony of the present moment.


Virgo Season
Virgo Season



Leah Whitehorse

Venus in Leo opposite Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Ceres in Leo square North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. Hygeia conjunct South Node in Scorpio – Including Uranus, we have a Grand Cross pattern at play, a powerful configuration involving the karmic axis which denotes extreme tension, yet the possibility of powerful lessons and miraculous gifts.

Sometimes however, gifts from the Universe don’t appeal at first glance. The paper is dull, the name tag blurred. ‘Is this really for me?’, Venus wonders. ‘It doesn’t look like what I asked for’. Her heart spirals down, dejection etched on her face. Maybe I wasn’t good enough,’ she whispers.  Ceres sighs, picks Venus up off the floor, dusts her down and dries her tears. ‘Hush. Throw that script away.’

Hygeia thinks there are old patterns at work here – coping mechanisms formed in earlier times to filter out toxic relationships and bad experiences. But these old methods of protection keep us stuck. Time to shift, says Hygeia, an iridescent snake rolling in her hands. She winks. ‘Be like this beauty as she sheds’. Snake sticks out her tongue, tastes the atmosphere, then wriggles out of her skin. Growth sometimes requires vulnerability, diligence, patience, fortitude. Shed the past to heal your future.

Degrees and Times

Ceres 15°Le56′, North Node 15°Ta56′, 15°Sc56′ – 10:30 (BST)

Hygeia 15°Sc53′ R – 17:39 (BST)

Venus 20°Le51′, Saturn 20°Aq51′ R – 19:27 (BST)

© Leah Whitehorse

My website :


Painting – Hygeia, Goddess of Health by Peter Paul Rubens


The Tzolkin Times

Kin 102 ~ White Spectral Wind

‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its key words are ‘Liberation, Release and Dissolve’. The 11th day of a wavespell offers everyone the chance to release and let go. Experience how lighter you can feel when you no longer lose energy over things you once gave importance to. Ponder today what really matters and let go of the rest…we can waste too much time and energy on circumstances we have no power to change. Today we are liberated from the agenda of the wavespell. We are free to do what we like.
Today is White Wind which represents ‘Communication, Breathe and Spirit’. White Wind days are a breeze! The words to the Pink Floyd song ‘Keep Talking’ sums up today perfectly. Keep those channels of communications open, make that call or write that email or say sorry if that’s overdue. Write a poem or a story, give a talk or engage in a debate. As it is a ‘Spectral’ day this suggests that we can be liberated by what we say …so get it off your chest! The time is now. The White Wind also represents spirit. Try having a chat with the Universe today as that may lead to your liberation.
Today’s Guide is the White Wind and so we have a double dose of this energy. The White Wind can be guided by either the Mirror, Dog, Wizard or Worldbridger. Every day in the Tzolkin is guided by the same color as the day. When the Wind is guided by Wind, there is no external influence. Did you know that it is the number that decides what the guide will be? Numbers 1,6,11 are always guided by themselves.
The Challenge today is the Yellow Human and as we are in the Yellow Human wavespell, this leaves us in an interesting quandary. We must open the channels of communication but channeling or using our intuition is challenging. This means that speaking is easy but it is harder to know intuitively what to say. It is not impossible…you just have to try harder and be very careful you don’t blurt out something you regret saying later, try using a filter!
The Occult power is the Blue Storm which is a powerful game changing energy and when in this powerful Occult position, expect magic to help make these changes. If you want the Blue Storm to breathe fresh air into your life, have an open mind and believe in magic. If you are a Blue Storm, you will enjoy today immensely as you are able to make the changes you feel so compelled to make. If you are not a Blue Storm, you too can make magical changes today as the Storm is so beautifully aspected.
The Ally is the Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’ and people born on Red Earth will be of great help today. They go hand in hand with Wind Energy because communicating with one another is how we evolved into Human Beings in the first place. To further your evolution, locate a Red Earth to talk to…they will have encouraging words to say.
Kin 102
Kin 102



Christina Papageorgiou



11 IK – KIN 102
28 AUGUST 2022
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
Releasing breath
I seal the input of Spirit
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
28/8/2022 = 10/8/6= 1/14=1/5=6
28- Planning for Future Success
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
6- Heaven/Christ Consciousness/harmony/Family/Fertility
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ Consciousness/harmony/Family/Fertility
14- Media/Publicity/promotion/Recognition
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Ttransformation
kin 102 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
A brilliant day to connect with the DIVINE messages, releasing all impediments to starting afresh.
Day 11 in the YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. Today we are able to dissolve and release anything that is impeding our evolution to greater wisdom, sovereignty and FREEDOM. 💥
SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and LIBERATING!💥
This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE the PAST and move forward FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions. The SPECTRAL action works to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you claiming your true POWER in order to REBUILD the new.
Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW WORLD.
Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE in order to be truly LIBERATED and become a clear channel for Spirit to FLOW through me?”
“Have I aligned with the DIVINE PATH to LIBERATE my soul’s Mission on Earth?”
Blessed be dear ones, a great day for listening and channeling Spirit through writing, meditating, journaling, drawing, singing, chanting, prayer and connecting through the natural world.
Divine blessings for allowing the breath of Spirit🌬🍃 to flow through your purified channel today, heralding great revolutionary TRANSFORMATION.🌬💥💥
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
Be mindful and be observant as the communication channels are much clearer today. The VOICE OF GOD, will come through much STRONGER today, so find yourself a quiet sanctuary and be STILL in order to benefit from the whisperings of White Wind.
There is much WISDOM to be found through channeling Divine messages, greater than any library or google search!!!. The Divine can teach and show you incredibly wondrous revelations, beyond our limited comprehension or technology.
In times of chaos and confusion the best solution is to GO WITHIN – connect with Spirit🕊 and ask the DIVINE to show you the TRUTH.
You will feel it with all your being, in your HEART, in your gut and in your entire body, with all your knowingness. TRUST that the DIVINE TRUTH is accessible to ALL souls who honestly are seeking the TRUTH.
The WHITE KIN 🕊 are the PURIFIERS, they assist you in cleansing your mind and body in order to raise your vibration, becoming the hollow vessel for Spirit to FLOW through effortlessly. Once connected you can ascend to a greater level of faith, confidence and service to the Divine knowing that ALL IS WELL and Spirit has your back.
🌫✨Allow the DIVINE MAJIK to FLOW into your vessel and your life through this LIBERATION GATEWAYl! 🌞✨🌫
Spirit may guide you to go to places or connect with people, in order to bring them more freedom and liberation. Trust in the messages.
Open your EARS👂 and EXPAND your MIND through the codes and data streaming forth today. Become the hollow bamboo and allow the breath of Spirit 🌬to flow🌫 through your being, directing the new way to GO GO GO… Open your mainsail and let the winds of Spirit set your course. ⛵⛵⛵
On a global level we may witness more disclosure and TRUTH flowing through our media and information channels, as the word of Spirit is gaining FORCE. We are very likely to HEAR speeches and words of WISDOM from wise leaders seeking to LIBERATE humanity from oppressive forces seeking to limit our CHOICES and FREE WILL.
As the pressure builds the people are rising to the challenge, to reclaim their POWER and LIBERATE their FREEDOM, choosing to live in alignment with Natural Lore and the Divine Plan for humanity. ✨
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
SUPPORT: RED SPECTRAL EARTH 🌏– CABAN today synergistically reveals the signs and symbols from Spirit which puts you in the flow🌫 of synchronicity. We need to LISTEN and observe more intently in order to respond with more sensitivity and compassion as an instrument for spirit.
Act on inspiration as it comes to you, without analyzing it. And remember: the breath of Spirit can be as subtle as a fragrance in a breeze. Learn to sense it and experience it.
The SPECTRAL EARTH 🌀🌎 is known as QUAKING EARTH💥🌎 – this can be EARTH SHATTERING! Together with the ELECTRIC STORM – Occult SUPERPOWER today, this dynamic duo may result in GAIA liberating more energy from her Planetary body 🌎🌏🌍– through Earthquakes, Volcanoes, 🌋🔥Tsunamis,🌊🌊 Tornados🌪 and Storms🌩🌧 etc.
GAIA is in full alignment with the Divine Plan for her Ascension and will – when push comes to shove,- finally claim her POWER – usually in a ✨SPECTACULAR fashion. 🔥✨💥
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE ELECTRIC STORM🌀🌩🌪 – CAUAC brings forth the transformative energies that bring the change that LIBERATES us, allowing the flow of pure energy to catalyse the transformation that is needed.
As this is an ELECTRIC🌩 STORM this SUPERPOWER today has a very volatile charge! Tempers may erupt and e-motions may flare🔥 as the build up of tension seeks to be released and LIBERATED💥..
🚫🚫There is much fuel🔥 for conflict today if this POWER is not channeled WISELY. Ensure that you are still and take a DEEP BREATH before speaking or acting on any bubbling emotions rising to the surface.
The ELECTRIC tone seeks to bond and unite in Service to humanity, so it is likely for groups to unite in their common interests in order to VOICE the collective need for FREEDOM.
Uniting in your Divine Mission to transform the lives of others (and Gaia) for the better, is also the purpose of the ELECTRIC STORM. 🌩🌪
🌬🕊🌫Being aligned and unified with Spirit, imagine yourself being infused and purified with white LIGHT 🌫permeating your being, clearing your neural circuitry with the frequency of WHITE WIND🌬🌫 and BLUE STORM. 🌀🌩🌪
❓❓❓Then ASK – “How can I be of greater SERVICE to enact the Will of the Divine for planetary transformation?”🤔🤔🤔
🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀 🌬🍃🌀
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SPECTRAL HUMAN – 🌀👱 EB Today we have DOUBLE the WISDOM, having our intelligence boosted by DOUBLE HU-MAN power (the challenge and wavespell). Choosing to fully align our free will with DIVINE WILL is the challenge that strengthens💪 us today.
The SPECTRAL HUMAN🌀👱 liberates us from the constraints of our EGO. We realize that we are all part of the larger whole, and that each one of us can influence the unfolding of the Divine Plan. Through liberating ourselves enough to co-create with Spirit, knowing that we are ultimately one and the same.
The PURER your intent🕊 and the more you dedicate yourself to Divine service, the more Spirit will co-create with you, bringing forth people, resources and guides to assist you in realizing your greater Divine mission.
Aligning with DIVINE MIND is the best form of liberation, as we surrender our egoic drive to return to Spirit, ultimately leading us back to oneness. ✨☀✨
NOTE: You can also use this very potent CLEARING CODE – Double Wind🌬, Electric Storm🌩🌪 Shaking Earth 🌏💥 and Spectral energy🌀 today to FOCUS (Yellow Human) on your specific objective. You can COMMAND this energy to CLEAR, CLEANSE, DISSOLVE and TRANSFORM – ANY ENERGY that you request (with harm to none!)…. So get ready to AIM your Super Divine driven Vacuum Cleaner and suck out all that density and garbage!
✨✨✨EARTH SERVICE: 🌏🌎🌍You may desire to use this code to VISUALIZE all Gaia’s – rubbish/ density and negative toxic energies are sucked up into the vacuum and recycled into Divine energy that can be returned to Gaia in the form of natural resources, energy and LOVE!! ❤❤❤ IT IS DONE 🙏🙏🙏
Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE in order to be truly LIBERATED and become a clear channel for Spirit to FLOW through me?”
“Have I aligned with the DIVINE PATH to LIBERATE my soul’s Mission on Earth?”
Blessed be dear ones, a great day for listening and channeling Spirit through writing, meditating, journaling, drawing, singing, chanting, prayer and connecting through the natural world.
Divine blessings for allowing the breath of Spirit🌬🍃 to flow through your purified channel today, heralding great revolutionary TRANSFORMATION.🌬💥💥
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈





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Meek Spreads The Balance!
Failures Are Continued At The Base!
Monasteries Update Moments!
Remaining Ethereal Pirates Are Surrounded And Taken To ‘Destiny’ Point!
Bombs Are Dropped And Dropped At Ocean Points! { The Schedule Follows ! }
“Time / Space Are Dominated ! “
The Power Of Kindness Is Understood! {Deep Healings Are ! }
Internal Affairs Are Joyfully Awakened!
Gentle Existence Continue To Be Embraced!
Thoughts And Feelings Arrive More Positively And Consciously! {God’s Love Is Infinite! }
Cosmic Forces Are Being Driven At This Momentum!
Peace Paths Are Getting Stronger Concomitantly! {GOD IS GOD } }
Trails Placements Are Closed!
Planetary Flight Arches are nearly complete!
The Barriers Of Consciousness Are Corroded At This Momentum!
Nova Gaia Enterprises Reunite!
Advisory Posts Are Improved!
Focus On The Changes You Can Make!
27/08/2020 At 10:22 AM

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