The Code of 64 the Matrix and the I Ching

The Code of 64 and the Matrix


There is a link between the code of 64 the Matrix and the I Ching (The Book of Changes) There are 64 hexagrams in the I ching. This ancient Chinese book is also called the Book of Fortune. The Seers believed they could tell anyone future with these 64 hexagrams. Each hexagram consists of 6 lines. Either broken or solid lines. the broken being Yin (Feminine) and solid being Yang (Masculine) or on and off as in binary code.
Each strand of DNA is a double helix. Each helix has 32 codons (or codes) with 64 total on each strand. It is believed that with 64 codes are potentially infinite combinations. Or with 64 bits of information are seemingly infinite simulations.
Within the Flower of Life symbol of Sacred Geometry is 64 tetrahedrons.

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