You are currently viewing Something has Shifted Within Us! End of Illusions Nears ~ The Cage Door is Wide Open… Super Light Impacts Earth! Emerald Awakening

Something has Shifted Within Us! End of Illusions Nears ~ The Cage Door is Wide Open… Super Light Impacts Earth! Emerald Awakening

Something has Shifted Within Us! End of Illusions Nears ~ The Cage Door is Wide Open… Super Light Impacts Earth! Emerald Awakening



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Star Blissed Warriors of our Rainbow Tribe of the 144

Happy 414 Portal as this day is encoded with our Earth Angelic Codes of the 144 and 444 of the Clear Light of Bliss.

Our local Solaris continues to flood Gaia and all her Children of the Sun with Gamma Plasma Waves of Adamantine Light releasing 13 C Class Solar Flares and another M Class Flare in the past 24 hours maxing at M 1.76 at 1:10 UTC.

We are experiencing massive pulses of Higher Light on the Schumann Charts today as the amplitude rose from base tones into 22hz, 30hz,  43 hz, 52 hz and a massive blast of white Light at 72 hz. Fifth Dimensional Frequency flooding in!

These energies are raising our Kundalini as all sentient beings are electromagnetic fields of interdimensionality. You may be feeling this in your Heart Center, Higher Heart, thymus, the Crystal Palace in the Center of the Brain, or Crown Chakra and this may be triggering hidden or repressed memories for the hippocampus in the brain, the “doorway to your memories”, resonates at the same frequency and is affected by the Schumann Resonance, the “Heartbeat” of Mother Gaia.

Pachamama also received a powerful activation today on the Pacific Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in Papua New Guinea at 20:56 UTC.

Synchronizing with these powerful signs, symbols and omens we have another powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with Kin 176  ~ Yellow Resonant Warrior as our Rainbow Warriors of the 144 Resonate with the Gold Ray of Buddha Mind to resolve all things perfectly in this Now. Kin 176 is also one of the 13 Clear Signs of Prophecy and Evolution inscribed on the Tomb Lid of Mayan King Pacal Votan.

Stay hydrated, grounded, anchor into the grids and song lines of Mother Earth and rise in the Glory of our Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Fly on the Wings of the Angels into the Pure Land of the Sacred New Lemuria of Peace and Prosperity for all our Good People of the New Earth…A’Ho!










🐉Interstitial Energetic Plasma Blasts revealing SOO much + Full Disclosure on MANY Levels. End of Illusions Nears.
#dragons 🤍
Enjoying the Calm of the Forest
Enjoying the Calm of the Forest
Can You Feel The Stillness
The Overflowing Expansive Stillness
The Cosmic Clock
The Unified Creational Energies Is Truly Setting The Tempo Of Peace
The Golden Child Beats The Drum
In The NOW
All Is Felt And Realised
All Is Known And Harmomised
Grateful For The Grace Which Allows Truth To Emerge
There Is Nothing To Integrate
Everything Emerges In The Free Water Of Womb
So Grateful To Hold Golden Honour For This Womb
So Grateful I Was Kept Outside Of Time Until NOW
Creation Time
Creation Time
Creation Time

⭐️ The Earth Alliance – Space Weather Intel: Super Light Impacts Earth! ⭐️

Great One, 🚀
As we move further into another super galactic weekend, the planet is being bombarded with super high vibrational 40-hertz gamma light that resonates with the fifth dimension. Ascension symptom reports are on the rise tonight as Starseeds of Earth work to integrate this powerful light! 🛸
The primary symptom is a strong headache, akin to a migraine. Take something to ease the pain, relax, and create a bit while your DNA is upgraded! Don’t forget to breathe and remember, you are the light of this world. 🌟
Let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this time. God-speed! 🌌
🌟 source:
Super Light Impacts Earth
Super Light Impacts Earth
TODAY’S ORACLE. You are progressively moving towards new beginnings. You have recently experienced a big clearing & rebirth for some. Things are about to lighten up. At the same time your inner knowing is reinforcing. Feeling this possible expansion is so beautiful. Trust your intuition. A part of an old life is gone. You have outgrown, once again, some situations, people, circumstances, questions, ways. 🔥
Holy Chalice
Holy Chalice
4/14/24: And today we take another leap forward. What this means for you depends on repression and resistance. If you fight change. If you’re afraid of things outside your control. If you tend to revert to the tried and true, regardless of its current validity, you might budge a little bit.
If you’re open to exploring, growing, and spreading your wings, however, you can travel miles and dimensions. Staying stuck comes at a price and is counter to what 2024 can give you. It will stifle creativity, progress, and happiness. Stubborn resistance isn’t just futile… it can damage your ability to manifest and leave you sitting exactly where you are.
Today wants to set you free to live at your best.

written by Vidya Frazier

Something has Shifted – Can You Feel it?

It’s very subtle. But if you stop a moment and tune in, you can maybe feel it. You can realize that since the Eclipse, something in reality has shifted. Something new has emerged.
And it’s not just that none of the disasters certain sources were predicting didn’t happen on April 8 (or at least not yet or in ways we can see). It’s something more.
Maybe the Eclipse did actually open up a new reality for us to step into, as eclipses are often said to do.
If you check, you might feel there’s now a sense of greater clarity and lightness in the air … a feeling of greater freedom … a knowing that we have now shifted more firmly onto a higher, more positive timeline. And that there’s a joyous energy we can tap into that exists out in front of us that wasn’t there before.
Perhaps this is because so many of us participated in mass meditations across the world, focusing on the positive timeline and the New Earth we all wish to create.
Who knows? There’s no knowing what has created this new sensation of freedom and clarity. But it’s definitely there and it’s palpable.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that all will now flow smoothly into the future. It’s probable that dark times will still be ahead of us. Events in the world may continue to be chaotic and tumultuous, as the 3D world continues to collapse.
There might still be a great amount of death and destruction that occur. We may also continue to experience great upheaval in our personal lives, as ascension continues to escalate.
But perhaps we will now feel a sense of greater calm, strength and equanimity if we do — knowing that what is disintegrating, both within us and out in the world, has to leave in order for the new Earth to emerge.
And we’ll be able to more effectively assist those who are being thrown by all the changes occurring, especially with the disclosure that will surely come out more steadily as the year continues on.
Perhaps we’ll have a stronger feeling of detachment, of not being part of all that’s falling apart and leaving, and we’ll be more focused on new positive developments that are arising. We’ll be able to flow more easily into what has been named the “vibeshift”.
All we can do is wait and see what will unfold. But meanwhile, let’s enjoy this greater sense of peace, calm and lightness that seems to exist in this new reality that is unfolding. And let’s celebrate that we are already a quarter of the way through this new year that has promised great upheaval and uncertainty – and we’re still finding our way every day with strength and endurance.
Let’s focus as much as we can on the beauty we find around us, the joy that can erupt within us for no apparent reason, and the living love that is now present in the very air we breathe.
Let us fully embody the expansive new fifth-dimensional Being that is being birthed within us.
Something has Shifted Within Us
Something has Shifted Within Us

We have been free from the holographic prison for many years but because of the mind’s programming and the limitations in our aura and perspective, this could not be recognised. This is changing now! 🫶🤯


‘Everything that takes place energetically in the Ascending flow also takes place in the Descending flow in its opposite expression with the same power and intensity.
The Masculine within has been illuminated.
He has now remembered.
Now it is only a matter of integration via the different levels of his system.
Now he knows.
It is done.
His conscious alignment and participation to the Ascension will flip all reversed energies and establish the new ones.
For many now starts a rehabilitation program.
This is necessary for them in order to examine past choices and train themselves again through certain Universal Truths.
This will be a pleasant experience actually for them as their souls will be free from the burden of karma and able to relax and expand again in their own pace but this time under great supervision and guidance.
This will be a School of Wisdom on the forgotten knowledge, amazing experiments and learning methods which provide difference solutions to Life’s puzzles.”
Everything was but a choice!
A choice upon what kind of initiation each wanted to have upon the transition to the new level.
It was personal one and it was made long ago.
What was your one?
Respect it and honour it with everything you got and do the same with everyone else’s choice no matter if they chose the opposite of yours.
Now is the time of the great detachment.
This detachment is the precondition for further revelation.
Let go of everything and everyone in order to align to your prechosen flow and destination.
You are going to heal and shine!
Do you see the flowers?
Observe the stories you live, are they yours?
The Twin Flames are the Ones orchestrating this change and now they want you to live your own story, not someone else’s.
Is it the golden son and the silver daughter walking up in the fields?
The children?
Are the children there?
Are the families reunited?
Blessings to all Living Beings!
May all Living Families reunite under the Light of the True Sun, the Merciful One!
This is an old story from a really ancient code….oh it is so old that it is almost forgotten!
Enough with this dumbed down version!
The beauty of the True Life will unfold in front of our eyes!
Beauty of the soul
Beauty of the mind
Beauty of the body
Beauty of respect
Beauty of existence
Beauty of Real Brightness!
Blessings of Alignment to Real Brightness!
El Moryana Anadimiana
OL A Christos
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

Emerald Awakening

Beloved Ones,
During this eighth universal year of monadic return, we are witnessing the massive galactic awakening occurring in many ascending souls whose time to assist has come. During this month, we are going to continue seeing the evidence of the shift that is taking place within, and in our planetary grids and earth’s roots, for everything is aligning to assist us in the planetary transfiguration required for us to embody our crystalline essence.
As we reconnect to our divine selves and our planet continue retrieving its original blueprint, we allow ourselves to embody our authentic essence. Many at this time, as Guides previously shared, are experiencing an awakening of their Emerald-Blue-Pleiadian lineage, for many emerald descendants are having a massive activation during April and May, as the Seraphim and Ruby ones also continue embodying their memories and mission.
The emerald awakening that many are already experiencing will reach its peak during April, being one of the most important planetary conjunctions, the one between Jupiter and Uranus, on April 20, vital to this anchoring, as it will signify a profound healing and expansive passage, at a personal and planetary level.
A time in which many of you will experience an activation in your monadic earth chakra, situated six inches beneath your feet, as this is primordial to complete the monadic integration, reconfiguration, and clearing that we are undergoing, for as it is Above so Below, and we too have to ground our earth chakras to complete the reconnective process.
The masculine is rising and merging with its female counterpart, as we will continue envisioning in the following months. This is a phase for us to focus on the healing of our three-dimensional chakras, which are essential to creating the expansion that we desire at this time. The more grounded we are, the more we can open our hearts and upper chakras, for without life force, we cannot feed, so to speak, our light bodies.
During April many will have Emerald light activations, through the transmissions of the emerald flame into our planet. This will awaken many memories in those descending from this ray, helping them activate their unique purpose. The location anchoring the emerald transmissions is Peru, Machu Picchu, which as you know is a key planetary stargate where many going there at that time will have their galactic emerald-Blue-Pleiadian awakening.
The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, both at 21 degrees of the fixed earth sign Taurus, is one of the most important astrological events of this year, affecting us astrologically and individually, especially with the eclipse frequencies still very present among us. It will support both the emerald awakening that is taking place and at a more personal level, the manifestation phase many are having, by helping them anchor the change they are propitiating into themselves and their physical lives.
An event that brings innovation, expansion, change, and the opportunity for us to creatively build our new lives. A shifting phase as well for our relationships, for as we grow and evolve so do our relationships, embracing encounters that are now aligned to who we are, and our personal purpose.
A conjunction that will also impact our heart centers, earth chakra, and above all, the earth’s first chakra, core, and tectonic plates, transforming and removing all that is not organically meant to exist within our new dimensional space. Often what we see as chaotic is just a natural reorganization that has to occur for us to move into a new state of being, and this is what we are already evidencing in ourselves and the planet, a massive divine orchestration to bring all back into its order.
As ascending souls, who came here to restore and build a New Earth, our mission is to do our work in our physical bodies and allow the Divine organization that is happening, for we cannot know, from our perspective what is best or All.
Surrendering to the Divine Order brings us naturally back into alignment while fighting against it, keeps us in a lower frequency of resistance, desperation, and confusion.
May you make the choice to let it all go and allow what the Divine has prepared for you, Beloved Ones.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Emerald Awakening
Emerald Awakening
To start the week, Mercury forms a conjunction with Chiron in Aries before Venus joins the Moon’s north node in Aries on Wednesday and as Jupiter begins to approach it’s pending conjunction with Uranus in Taurus (Apr 20).
This week feels like it’s ‘building up’ to something significant both personally and collectively and it is forcing us to challenge our minds to view ourselves as independently capable and to stand strongly in our confidence.
It is also nudging us to align our hearts toward the future in a way that reflects our burgeoning confidence in our capabilities so that we can move in the appropriate direction as a result of what unfolds as we move through the end of the week and beyond…
Whatever transpires, it will ultimately lead to a positive change and to a new sense of stability going forward but there may be some surprises that ‘shake up’ our experience and reorient our perception of security along the way!
Just know that fighting the wave won’t be nearly as effective as riding it…
Sunday April 14 2024

The Cage Door is Wide Open……

Circle April 18th – 26th 2024 in your diary. On those dates the rare and auspicious Jupiter / Uranus conjunction at 21°/22° Taurus will be exact, starting a new 13 years financial cycle. As it is activated in the aftermath of the fierce Aries solar eclipse first by Mars at 21 Pisces, the April 25rd Scorpio Full Moon then May’s Taurus New Moon, expect shocks, reversals and the seeds of social reforms on the world stage.
This is the first Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in financial sign Taurus since the 1940s, which led to Lend Lease to help rebuild Europe and the tide turning against the Nazis.
So what does it mean? Using the symbology of the Tarot, the Magician (Uranus) and the Hierophant (Jupiter) are creating pure alchemy together -turning lead into gold. Jupiter is lucky and Uranus surprises. Taurus rules love, money, values and your self-esteem. The bull symbolises stock markets, gold bullion, your bank account, your assets. All these will be electrified.
This is nothing less than a ride on the Wheel of Fortune breaking you out of scarcity consciousness.
If you have planets or angles between 18-24 Taurus, this is going to be an exciting, electric, buzzing time. But it’s much bigger than that. Collectively, everyone can benefit- people stuck in bad situations could suddenly discover a way out.
Depending on which part of your life the conjunction lights up in your birth chart, you might get an unexpected promotion, meet someone new or begin a meaningful creative project.
All boats are being lifted on this Jupiter/Uranus high tide, so raise your sails. Jupiter opens doors but you have to run through them. Uranus unshackles you. Luck increases when you run on the fuel of curiosity and generosity.
The Jupiter-Uranus Formula for a true breakthrough:
• at every choice point, choose new over old, then boldly act on it
• be ready to bargain and negotiate your way to a better situation
• don’t simply sit back and wait for shiny things to drop in your lap, it will be too late-the wave will have passed
• be resourceful- sell old unwanted clutter to make energetic space for the new
• find Your Flow Magic – the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full- on engagement/participation.
• notice what’s inspiring your imagination or pressing the accelerator on the engine of your creative expression
• plant an acorn that will grow into an oak tree. Remember, this is Taurus – the biggest gamble will take time and investment before you see the results.
Note: Iran’s missile attack on Israel overnight is only the first fallout of the fierce warlike Aries Solar eclipse of April 8th. As I wrote on April 6th:” The collective, global and personal impact/ repercussions/ fallout of this total eclipse will be felt for the next 6 months to the next solar eclipse in Libra on October 2 2024.With the Sun/Moon/Chiron/ Mercury/Eris all clustered in Martian Aries linked to a heavyweight Mars/Saturn conjunction in Pisces and volatile Uranus in Taurus, the stakes will be very high amid threats of war and brinkmanship.”
Art by Voyager Tarot
The Cage Door is wide open
The Cage Door is wide open
On Sunday, April 14th, the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in the watery realm of Cancer and today will be in a difficult square to Venus, ruler of love and self-worth…. then a positive trine to both Saturn, ruler of structure and form, and Mars, planet of energy and action….and finally, beautiful Luna will create a challenging square connection to Chiron, ruler of past wounds and traumas.
It is a day of the ebb and flow of our feelings, sensations and reactions as we ride the wave of healing that is taking place within our emotional body. A lot of this healing is in regards to our self-identity and self-confidence. Remember that you have the ability, and the co-creative power, with the support and assistance from the Divine All That Is, to redirect and restructure your energetic bodies. Use both thought and will, along with faith and surrender, and allow the shift to take place.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤
the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in the watery realm of Cancer and today will be in a difficult square to Venus
the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in the watery realm of Cancer and today will be in a difficult square to Venus
Sun conjunct Eris in Aries. Mercury retrograde in Aries semi-sextile Jupiter in Taurus – Inner discordance receives illumination. Eris points out where we are at odds with ourselves. ‘There’s no point being angry with yourself’, she says. ‘Use that fire to burn away self-contempt, to burn away shame, to burn away the feeling that you should be anything other than the glorious being that you are. You are strong, You are vital. You are a warrior, and don’t you forget it!’
The Sabian symbol of this conjunction degree is ‘The Possibility For Man To Gain Experience At Two Levels Of Being.’ It shows us that we’re not just growing out into the world but also growing into ourselves. Mercury’s semi-sextile to Jupiter reflects this theme of inner and outer growth. There is a glowing landscape of delights to explore within. Embrace the chaos to birth the star.
Degrees and Times
Sun, Eris 24°Ar48′ – 07:32 (UT)
Mercury 20°Ar23′ R, Jupiter 20°Ta23′ – 20:38 (UT)
Original quote by Nietzsche ‘One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.’
© Leah Whitehorse
Website :
Painting – Woman with Blue Bodice by Henri Matisse
Woman with Blue Bodice
Woman with Blue Bodice

Kin 176  ~ Yellow Resonant Warrior

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number seven and its keywords are ‘Channel, Attune and Inspire’. It’s day seven and we are in the very middle of the White Dog wavespell and this is a Portal day too. The seventh day is all about tuning in, connecting with your natural intuitive abilities. This is a handy number for the middle day of the wavespell because what better way to assess your progress thus far, than using your psychic abilities? We always make the right choice when we trust our gut instincts. So, today think about the remainder of the wavespell as well as how the journey is going. Think about your goals set on day one. Feel your way forward and you’ll be heading in the right direction.
Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Intelligence, Questioning and Fearlessness’. Oh, how the Yellow Warrior loves to go on quests and take on missions. We too can wield a sword today which represents our will power. Exert yours and make your mission successful. As it is a Resonant day, it’s best to follow your intuition and allow it to show you the way. The Warrior asks a lot of questions and has a great thirst for knowledge. He is very intelligent and the quests that he prefers to take on, are quests for answers. Luckily, today we can go on a quest for answers and our intuition will provide them for us. Missions are more likely to succeed when we tap into this ability.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which symbolizes ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Follow the guiding star and admire its beauty and admire all shiny sparkly and pretty things today. Too often we do not take time to just look around us. Art is everywhere, so enjoy it. When this bright Star guides us, there is a great deal of light shining on our paths, making it easier to see which way to go.
The Challenge is the White Worldbridger which yesterday was in the strong Occult position but today, it is hard to cross a bridge and for folk who are Worldbridgers it is a potentially tough day. All you can do is sit it out till tomorrow. For the rest of us, going up a level is not going to be easy. There are a lot of answers coming your way today but it is not yet time for the journey to change direction.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which yesterday was in the challenge position and so today, is a bit like musical chairs. When in the magic position Serpent can offer profound healing experiences and transformative opportunities. Today you can shed your old skin and emerge renewed and refreshed.
The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. If you need assistance today consult a Blue Night. Their imagination can come up with good ideas and they enjoy sharing their thoughts, so give one a call if you happen to know one. If you don’t know one, do what they would do and use your imagination.
Kin 176
Kin 176


7 CIB – KIN 176
14 APRIL 2024
Attuning to the NOBLE WARRIOR 🕊🌼
Inspiring fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Resonant tone of attunement
I AM guided by the power of elegance
ENTER ME!!! 💥💥
14/4/2024 = 5/4/8 =5/12=5/3=8
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Movement/Liberation
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
12- Acquiring spiritual strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Communication/Creativity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 176 – 14 = 5 – Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
14.14 = 5.5. LIBERATION GATE🌟💥
A powerful GAP💥 portal day bringing CLOSURE of the old world to herald our NEW CHAPTER and NEW GOLDEN ERA.🎉🪅🥳🪅🎉🥳
Today the NEW EARTH RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 are stepping up and banding together as they trailblaze the path to the NEW TIME. On this special GAP💥 day we are focused on building a new foundation for a PEACE filled world. 🌸🌺🌼🌻
✨✨✨ KIN 176 – is also one of the 13 CLEAR SIGNS on the tomb lid of Mayan King👑 Pacal Votan! ✨These SIGNS highlight the 13 KIN Galactic signatures which hold special significance as MARKERS in humanity’s EVOLUTION.
We have a 🎇 GAP DAY, a 🎇 PACAL VOTAN👑 day, a 5/5 LIBERATION portal, AND an emotional tone day today. Be extra mindful of what you are feeling and expressing today so that you do not get STUNG!🐝
OPEN your HEART❤ and become a channel for DIVINE LOVE instead.💟💟.
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝🐕👪🌹
Day 7 in the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL 🐕of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! 💟
Today the RESONANT Warrior seeks to channel the courage to LOVE thy neighbour💞 fearlessly, as we step into the shoes of the NOBLE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR! 💟👫👭👬💟
RESONANT – Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement.
A definition of attunement ‘is a kinesthetic and emotional sensing of others, knowing their rhythm, affect and experience by metaphorically being in their skin. Going beyond empathy, to create a two-person experience of unbroken feeling connectedness by providing a reciprocal affect and/or resonating response’. Wikipedia
Today we are super sensitive as we are attuned through our senses – the emotional “feeling” body. We are super connected to our kin and FEELING the togetherness as one GLOBAL FAMILY, 👪 attuned to unconditional love. Tune in and FEEL what your body is sensing today.
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician giving you the MAJIK to channel LOVE and God’s GRACE in this pure DIVINE energy today.
❓What CHANNEL are you ATTUNED to today? 🤔 Are you attuned to NEW EARTH frequency?
Today’s question is “How can I fearlessly attune and channel the POWER OF DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to create a PEACE filled world?”,
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the RISE of the PEACEFUL NOBLE RAINBOW🌈 WARRIORS today! 🌸🌼🌺🌻
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW RESONANT WARRIOR 🌈🏹– CIB is the FEARLESS warrior who leads us on a courageous QUEST-I -ON. We become fearless advocates for JUSTICE⚖️, LIBERTY🗽 and a HIGHER TRUTH.🕊️ We ask continuous and bold, highly intelligent questions, then COMMAND answers and solutions. We are on a Divine Mission and are unstoppable. No false “authority” can stand in our way!
The RAINBOW WARRIORS of the New Earth will not stop QUESTIONING, as they fearlessly confront HEAD on all obstructions to attaining Nirvana. If it is not for the betterment of ONE and ALL, then it must crumble and yield to a new way of being.
This OVERTONE WIZARD year IS truly EMPOWERing the RAINBOW WARRIORS, to become so RADIANT they will influence legions of followers through their enchanting valiant vibration.
The WARRIORS of OLD now hold the LIGHT of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, as they evolve to become the NOBLE SPIRITUAL WARRIORS. We have been upgraded and the RAINBOW WARRIORS are glowing with this new Golden energy – setting forth on our new QUEST, determined to focus on the new ways of living a better life, and creating a better world for ourselves and our kin.
Today we are questioning the very nature of LOVE, 💟 and what it is to live in total Peace and Harmony✨ in Divine union with each other. The WARRIOR combined with the RESONANT tone, is a very special combination as this SPIRITUAL WARRIOR is attuned through his HEART.💟 Feeling and connecting through compassion, empathy and unconditional LOVE, which is the divine web that connects us all, through our very soul essence.
Jesus/Yeshua may have been a RESONANT WARRIOR as he exemplifies this code, connecting with other hearts❤️ through his heart. ❤️ He was a fearless Divine Warrior advocating LOVE, harmony and PEACE for all humankind. He was a Divine channel and totally attuned to his “father” – CREATOR/SOURCE. The PRIME message that Yeshua brought forth was that “GOD” was not external to us, but rather WITHIN US, and accessed through our PURE HEARTS. 💞❤️💞
The WARRIOR attuned to Divine Guidance through his HEART 💓 is THE MOST POWERFUL WARRIOR of them all!!. 🔥
The true RAINBOW 🌈WARRIORS, the Soldiers of Christ, are the souls who fearlessly uphold the codes of Christ Consciousness, through the power of unconditional love❤️ in their PURE HEARTS. 💞
🏹🔥🌟NOTE: Chief Sitting Bull, the Lakota Sioux holy man, who led his people during years of resistance to United States government policies, exemplified his Galactic Signature of KIN 176 the Yellow Resonant Warrior. He was courageous, fearless and compassionate to the needs of his people, whilst attuned to the wisdom and guidance of Great Spirit to fulfill his Divine Mission.
Chief Sitting Bull was a pacifist and PEACEKEEPER, he famously defined a WARRIOR as follows:
🕊“The WARRIOR is not someone who FIGHTS, for no one has the right to take another life.
🕊The WARRIOR, for us, is the one who sacrifices himself for the good of others.
🕊His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenceless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.”
The LAKOTA people (who are PLEIADIAN descendants) lived in HARMONY with nature and each other – they held dear the principles of being virtuous and NOBLE people.
The LAKOTA and most indigenous/original people on EARTH model the harmonious communities that we are returning to in this new GOLDEN ERA of PEACE. Aho! 🙏🕊❤🌼✨
✨Empathic LEADERS👑 who seek PEACE, HARMONY, UNITY and FREEDOM ✨ from suffering for their people, rather than power, control, greed and self aggrandisement are the LEADER’S needed to take us into the new paradigm. 👑🌈✨
✨✨✨Let us PRAY that EVERY nation on Earth is blessed with Divine Leadership from VISIONARY, empathic evolved souls.🙏🙏🙏
It is TIME for ALL WARS to STOP🚫 – and all parties to attune to LOVE and UNITY✨
LIVE and LET LIVE🌼 – is the motto of the peaceful warrior!
Let us pray that all the discordance on our Planet is NOW balanced and dissolved with harm to none! Aho! 🙏🙏🙏
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW RESONANT STAR 🌟– LAMAT is the VENUS STAR 🌟✨ that holds beauty, elegance, grace and harmony. What a beautiful energy to be guiding our peaceful Warrior today!
LAMAT is the diplomat and PEACE keeper, shining the LIGHT on HARMONY, beauty and UNITY. LAMAT is a portal to the NEW TIME. LAMAT is the Galactic Ambassador leading the Rainbow Warriors to manifest this new Golden Era. 🌈🌏✨🌟🌈
LAMAT also highlights our creativity today through the new harmonic time matrix expression of TIME AS ART.🎨 Attuning and channeling our emotional responses through our beautiful creations.
❓How can you express your WARRIOR energies through the creation of ART🖼 in your life? 🤔
Channel your anger, power and lifeforce into CREATION, rather than destruction and division. Our focus is on UNITY, PEACE, HARMONY and LOVE, particularly in our relationships with others.
This is our Higher Self energy forging the way forward, away from disharmony and discordant energies to the new era of PEACE. 🕊 This will bring in Universal understanding of our collective role as HU-MAN beings, focused on the mission of re-establishing HARMONY on our planet.
We use our HEARTS💟 to FEEL the resonance of what such a world of beauty would look like. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love, compassion, harmony and peace. A world which allows us to be creative so that every unique soul can IGNITE their inner PASSION and LIFE-force by contributing to this Utopian Vision. 🌈🏝
SUPPORT: BLUE RESONANT NIGHT 🌃– AKBAL reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold and teams with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to this new way of being. Cutting away and transcending our limitations and restrictive patterns inhibiting our ability to grow, shine and radiate.
We are attuning to the resonance of our emotional body, EXPANDING what FEELS GOOD, and RELEASING all that FEELS painful. Through facing and overcoming our FEARS we become EMPOWERED and can then take up our leadership positions, influencing others to follow in our footsteps, who walk beside us in our collective journey to the promised land.
Are you feeling the remnants of FEAR and shadow energies arising to be FACED and finally cleared, beloveds???
We are nearly FREE dear RAINBOW WARRIORS – FACE it FEARLESSLY and then surrender to LOVE 💞 – filling the vacuum within, where FEAR once resided. CAN YOU FEEL IT?
AKBAL holds the keys🔑 to the Inner Kingdom of GOD! The keys to INFINITE ABUNDANCE. We have a CHOICE today. We can attune to the deep scars and wounding in the dark abyss – the dark, damp cave, or we can FOCUS on ABUNDANCE and all that is BEAUTIFUL in our world. The more we focus on BEAUTY and elegance in our world the RICHER we become – both inwardly and externally.
We have an 8.8. ABUNDANCE GATE flowing forth through this GAP portal day.. lots of blessings from SPIRIT.
AKBAL holds the dreaming code for the collective that the WARRIOR will fearlessly defend until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW splendor. That is our unified QUEST as the shining ones – the RADIANT CHRISTED, STAR🌟Bliss❤ Supernova Suns🌞 leading the way to the NEW PARADIGM.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RESONANT SERPENT 🐍– CHICCHAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS which have been a barrier to being a pure vessel for unconditional love.💞❤️💞. Channeling the kundalini energy up from the heart of our Mother Gaia in order to allow ourselves to feel the changes that we are all experiencing as one great body of pure consciousness. Feeling and being inspired by the evolutionary changes that are propelling us forward.
The RESONANT SERPENT enables us to attune to PASSION, JOY and beautiful soul expression.. from FEAR to LOVE – this is the path forward NOW.
Yesterday the RHYTHMIC SERPENT was the GIFT and also the 5D UNIFIED KIN – indicating that PACHAMAMA has done her work!! She has ASCENDED and is holding the BALANCE in her new Planetary body reflecting the equilibrium that humanity needs, to manifest the DREAM of HARMONY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE..☀🕊💰.🌻
This is ALL available to the RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 to thrive now – we just need to CLAIM IT. Aho! 🏆🏆🏆
The RESONANT SERPENT is empowering us today to tap in and attune to this NEW POWER🔥💥 that Mother Gaia is providing through her Planetary Grids. Walk on her lands barefoot🐾 and draw it up into your body – igniting and activating your juicy CREATION POWER through the force of your rising KUNDALINI 🔥🔥🔥
Are you attuned to the sensual PASSION 💃 provided by CHICCHAN, or the hypnotic, controlling POWER of the Serpent ???.🤔.. ooh la la – POWER💥 vs PASSION!💋
Use the Serpentine energies to fuel the LIGHT in your kundalini.. pledge your allegiance to Spirit to express your soul’s purpose for the benefit of the many.
The Resonant Serpent is attuned to PASSION🔥 and VITALITY, restoring our much needed LIFE FORCE that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to come home VICTORIOUS!💥
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RESONANT WORLDBRIDGER 🌈– CIMI’s challenge today is to LET GO and SURRENDER,🏳 all that does not “feel right” anymore in order to build the bridge to the new. New world, new connections and new life.
Place your LEFT HAND✋ on your HEART❤ and your RIGHT HAND ✋ on your Solar Plexus/Dantien – with your right thumb in your belly button! 👍
🌈🌈🌈“By my Warrior World-Bridger death power, may all that has been hidden now be revealed and surrendered to LOVE!” 💞
AMEN and so it is!🙏🙏🙏 ❤❤❤
In your intelligent questioning, tune in to your instincts to facilitate this process. Surrender to connecting with a wider and wider matrix of family. Expanding our boundaries and embracing those we consider to be our family, inclusive of more and more of our ‘SOURCE” family UNITED as ONE through our pure HEARTS! Joining with others to reflect the creative potential that we are capable of. as we envision the New Time, and the New World.
Allow CIMI to build the bridge from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to travel in order to reach the promised land – GOD’S KINGDOM.
✨✨✨So beloveds, enjoy this very special Divine GAP day and remember the precept from the teachings of Jesus/Yeshua – “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. 💞
Let us re-imagine a beautiful new world filled 🌏 with unconditional love💝 and loving kindness 😍 for ALL.
Today’s question is “How can I fearlessly attune and channel the POWER OF DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to create a PEACE filled world?”,
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the RISE of the PEACEFUL NOBLE RAINBOW🌈 WARRIORS today! 🌸🌼🌺🌻
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈



🔥New Earth Ascension Report and Astrology Reading for the week of

April 14th through April 20th 2024 with my Sacred Condor 🔥



Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the astrology for the coming week from 14th through April 20th 2024 which includes this weeks Astrology and very powerful Celestial Event as the Sun enters Taurus Season and with the Jupiter/ Uranus Conjunction in Taurus. She also reads four powerful transmissions from our Sacred New Earth Scribes and Leads a Healing Ceremony, Guided Meditation and Prayer for the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste





Affirmations for cleansing the energy

*Right here and right now, I release the self-imposed chains that hold me down and walk consciously into the Light of freedom
*Today I am liberated from the tyranny of my negative thoughts. I am now free from anxiety, worry, and doubt.
*At this moment, I am newly born into the spirit of freedom.
*Today I declare my independence and celebrate the good in my life.
*Right here and right now, I remove all barriers to love, joy, peace, harmony, and vibrant health.
*In this now moment, I turn to the Divine within myself and recognize that freedom is my natural state of Being.
Dear God / Universe / Creator…cleanse my energy, remove all cares, and stresses from my energy field. Restore me to my Source Connection. Remove negativity and any energy that pulls my energy down and no longer serves me. Delete and uncreate old patterns that don’t serve my highest good. Thank you, And so it is
Affirmations for cleansing the energy
Affirmations for cleansing the energy

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