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Cosmic Love above the Pyramids MOON JUPITER VENUS Conjunction

Light Codes of Infinite Creation ~ The Shift ~ Blueprint Holders ~ Timelines are Collapsing

Light Codes of Infinite Creation ~ The Shift ~ Blueprint Holders ~ Timelines are Collapsing



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Earth Angelics of our Tribe of the 144

We journey now deep into the catacombs of time to the beginning of this spacetime continuum to merge all timelines and dimensions into this one True Ascension timeline. We rise in the Glory of our Divine True Nature to Free all Sentient beings from Samsara never to fall from Grace again.

We are resolving all things perfectly in the Unborn Eternal Mind of Buddha through our Pure Awareness we are released and become free from all Suffering. Through the Freedom Portal we make our Exodus from all false slavery systems into the Peace and Prosperity timelessness of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

With the incoming Gamma Plasma Waves of Adamantine Light we are being electrified by the Solar Rays flowing into this realm from the Great Central Sun through our Solaris from the most high. We are being updated and upgraded in the Light body activation for our complete transformation in the Light. The God Codes of Rainbow Body are flowing in. We simply allow, accept and integrate them into our cells and DNA for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human Species of Homo-Luminous, Light beings of Infinite Light…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 16°03′ Gemini, Sun at 9°05′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An aviator in the clouds.
Sabian Symbol for 10º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 10º Pisces.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Gemini.






🌀Blueprint holders will push EVERY button you have
It’s not personal
It’s vibrational
For the Collective Field
💠To UNCOVER every inverted pattern
+ Old frameworks
From ALL Corners of Gaia
Moving into a NEW Timeline
a Timeline of Tomorrows!
Pink Aurora
Pink Aurora
UPDATE. In your mind and heart, a picture for your future is starting to appear more precisely. A vision emerges. A new landscape is being imagined, painted. To get there eventually, a release will have to take place. A letting go, or a risk-taking. That will be your energy exchange to the Universe. Your leap or your making-space. Rest assured of your path, though. Energy is building up. Your bright future is worth a thousand forward steps into the unknown.
Buddha Consciousness
Buddha Consciousness
Significant RESET & REBOOT into higher timelines. Let go of 3D anchors, commit to soul purpose, open/heal heart, Divine surrender ❤️🌹
A birth canal kind of feeling with intense energies creating a BIG reset that many souls are feeling like a rumble through their lives. I can feel the upgrades for myself that are inviting in more love and letting go of pockets/places/patterns of fear in my metasoul.
Lotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom
💫Root Chakra upgrades at planetary level💫accelerated thoughts/so much electricity in the air💫hold your light and be centered, do not follow your linear mind/thoughts🌀
✔️🌀✔️(my) root chakra is vibrating so high especially during the night and releasing at maximum rate…take care and trust the process…
Much Love
Cristina 💜
27 ✨️2✨️ 2022
Blue carpenter bee
Blue carpenter bee
⚜️0808⚜️ – The universe is about to reward you for your patience. Things will work out for you. Everything you’re worried about won’t matter soon. The much awaited change is coming your way.
Let go of the old and embrace these new blessings. It’s time!! ❤️
The doors are opening. Waiting was not punishment. It was preparation. You’re entering a new chapter of your life.
The doors are opening
The doors are opening
Major upgrades and shifts feeling like my body is dissolving and also like the density (matter) has become more fluid. I was out driving and I felt a bit shattered. Normally I am a very good and very relaxed driver but I felt I somehow I couldn’t “measure” distance and navigate matter as usual. Indeed very odd… like I was in several dimensions at the same time and it felt very fluid. Glad I am safe home again… seems like a huge dimensional shift internally and externally as all dimensions merge into one! The veils are dissolving as the timelines collapse and we ground deeper into 0-point. The bliss factor however is a constant. I feel deeply immersed in the sea of love of god omnipresence raw and naked.
Complete Rainbow
Complete Rainbow
Photo by pilot – Lloyd J Ferraro
As humans we are always being stimulated energetically to hold more light. You could equate this to a light activation which in hindsight doesn’t have to have a particular way of transferring in order for an activation to occur. In its simplest terms the human is always being given the opportunity to clear out debris or density, programs, patterns, outdated ways of thinking & believing, in order to hold and operate with more light. Light activations clear you before you can even feel what holding more light has to offer you.
From this giant Lotus the Sun itself rose on the first day.
From this giant Lotus the Sun itself rose on the first day.
Dear family of love and light, the Divine has started another round of clearing and cleansing of the planet and humanity.
The Divine says that the planet, humanity and our light workers are in need of deep clearing. This Divine operation will do deep clearing throughout the planet. The Divine and the company of heaven encourage us to keep the vibration high and allow the clearing to happen. Please know that the Divine is in control. All is developing according to the Divine plan.
Thank you for your love and light and wonderful light work.
Divine blessings to you always.
Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Divine operation
Divine operation

Blue Rose Oracles

Timelines are collapsing and shifting so rapidly as the solar activity continues to destabilise the old dimensional bandwidths.

As the coronal mass ejections and KP levels continue to increase and blast through our magnetisphere so much collective energy debris is being released from the planetary grids and the collective heart field.

We are witnessing multiple timeline collapses, reality experiences accelerating, linear time speeding up, multi dimensional bandwidths opening as we connect to and download from the wider universal frequencies.

The physical vessel is upgrading, recallibrating and restoring any templates which were dimmed or archived within previous, parallel & alternative timelines.
As these timelines collapse or merge within the wider multiverse those aspects of self (fragments & reflections) of our wider consciousness are reintegrating into our current version of self and this is creating confusion and a sense of disconnection with our present current reality.

Todays energy is overwhelmingly intense and part of a deep “clean up” of any discordant, inorganic and imprinted timelines, grid matrices and collective experiences (Atlantean & Egyptian indicated) so that moving forwards future versions of ourselves collectively can integrate the lessons, gifts, wisdom and templates associated with these past timelines without the trauma imprints triggering old survival drivers.

Feeling confused, disoriented & disconnected are all symptomatic of these big collective expansion and contraction waves as we go offline to find a still point within the present moment.

Anxiety waves, fluttering in the chakras, purging self doubt & grief layers around the heart centre, exhaustion, tingly mouth, tinnitus as frequencies shift and feeling dizzy & nauseous. Craving grounding food as the sacral and solar plexus are reorienting as the grids shifts into vibrational resonance with a higher octave of source frequency.

Ground, hydrate, release through tears, self love and unplugging from anything that’s triggering overwhelm or a sense of anxiousness will help as we move through this next layer of Solar flares.

Copyright ©️ @blueroseoraclesxx


Blue Rose Oracles
Blue Rose Oracles



Why is The Shift (ascension, biblical rapture) happening in the moment of THIS lifetime?

One of the biggest criticisms against the idea that we’re living in the last days is ‘this information has been around so long what makes it different now?’

Quite a bit makes it different.

Consider how rapidly things have progressed in just the past few years. Humans were fairly primitive for thousands of years and suddenly there’s radio, TV, internet, cell phones, social media and now artificial intelligence.

Consider how quickly everything seems to be speeding up. Access to information is instant. The digital age has overtaken everything in a very short time and completely altered human consciousness.

It had to be this way for everyone to be able to hear about the Shift. Even those that frame it within religion, who become moral out of fear of God or hell, have been helped in an overall positive way.

We have changed timelines several times in this current lifetime, shifting frequencies (the Mandela Effect), to create the parameters necessary for the planet to Shift to 5D.

Things will seem to speed up even faster as we get closer. There will be more nervousness, more fighting, more despair. These are the final spiritual battles humans will endure. We should meditate more and strive for inner peace.

We won’t know the exact moment, but Pleiadians say it will happen for the generations alive now. The cabal has a 2030 plan to control the entire planet, and I believe the Shift will happen before their plans are complete.

There will be a complete separation of realities, and evil will be left behind in this timeline. This Earth will get worse. Anyone who isn’t evil will ascend to a higher frequency timeline (5D parallel Earth) and experience ‘heaven on Earth’. This isn’t death. There will be perfected physical bodies, full disclosure, open contact with soul family, and 5D Earth will become a galactic civilization.

This may sound like complete fantasy but many cultures and teachers throughout history have prophesied this would happen. You are the ones who will see it. Don’t give up.


Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine




In the upcoming weeks a big part of the collapsing of the veils
that has been taking place on an energy level of the inner worlds,
will be manifested and show itself in the broader scene of the collective reality
as there is no basis left to support it anymore.
At the same time more pure and powerful Light is coming in
and more dark and powerful energies are being released.
This Light is here to clear the collective from eons and eons of heavy karma
and help it ascend to a higher consciousness.
I can see how many people, whether consciously or unconsciously,
are being freed by very dark energies and entities from within.
The image I witness is like an inner tube that has been activated in many people’s systems
which is pushing dark entities/energies out of people and back to where they came from,
thus allowing
the human vessel to finally be liberated after a long period of possession.
This is a great collective detachment but for most people this is happening unconsciously
upon their soul’s decision.
So these upcoming weeks many people will not be feeling like their usual self
and even find themselves expressing words and actions that are not theirs
but of these dark presences.
The demonic possessions are ending as we are collectively
moving towards a more pure field and state and
these beings cannot follow us to where we are going, so a necessary separation is taking place.
As these detachments will be taking place we might witness sudden
and aggressive collective or individual behaviours or incidents taking place like attacks or unexpected aggression,
so we are being called to be aware of the places and people we come in contact with.
Many people will find themselves doing things that later they will regret.
After the completion of this wave of cleansing and liberation
many will be wake up from the state of possession and will start feeling and recognising what was happening in them
and huge portions of the land and water will be finally free to allow the pure light in.
I was told that even the land and the water will be releasing the same kinds of dark energies.
One of these cases was the last big earthquake which took place.
As these energies are departing often they like to create chaos and tragedy
and suck the more energy they can get upon their departure.
Also karma is still a major rebalancing law for those who are still under the law of the old program
and many of these releases will be chances for karma rebalancing.
I was told that this tragedy is nothing compared to what is coming,
there will be more and greater catastrophes taking place in the following times and
we are all called to keep centered in the face of such events
and keep focus on purifying and empowering our energy field within the golden Spiral of life.
I have written in previous posts during the past few years
how there are lands and collectives which are still holding very heavy karma from different timelines
and how this will be expressed as a necessary rebalancing
because the souls connected to them have not taken responsibility of their own self,
journey and existence and are not helping the collective healing.
In our conscious work we are now still at the point of removing the inner nodes.
The removal of the inner nodes is the main process of our final disengagement
because it holds all the major soul contracts that keep us in this reality.
As the ‘Blue Azurite Diamond of Truth’ has now emerged back on earth
many memories of our true self and identity
will start coming back and we will remember what really took place.
We are still in deep oblivion. We have started gaining back some of our true memories
but there are more pieces to the puzzle.
One major piece of the puzzle is that our true children were stolen from us
and we suffered many tortures and traps in our
efforts to retrieve them
and at the same time, many women were used as reproduction portals and
were forced or misled to bear children that were not of their own essence or choice.
The same happened for our men.
Lilith is a major character in this story and the time has come for us to reach this revelation and free us and our children too.
There is so such much information connected to her on so many levels
At the same time the ‘Blue Azurite Diamond of Truth’ brought back
many ‘Seeds of Truth’ that were spread all over earth.
Some of these Seeds are our true children who are coming back to us!
This is the greatest news that brings joy in our hearts!
So now is the perfect moment that we work together for the collective healing!
Blessings of Truth and Joy!
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Goddess and Child
Goddess and Child
Immensely powerful cosmic energy is being released.
I have never had to work nor experienced such powerful energy.
Lightning bolt force energy.
It is filled with powerful keys and codes to unlock all encoded billions of earth years ago. Even within yourself.
It will take time to adjust into.
We are in for immense change as all disintegrates of the old and seeming chaos reigns, yet the new is rising with crescendo.
powerful cosmic energy
powerful cosmic energy


I AM Healing
I AM Receiving
Light Codes of Infinite Creation
The Echoes of Lives
Imprinted, Awakened, Expanding
The Infinite Journey Of Light
The Limitless Way forward is simply the task of seeing YOU
Being YOU
Believing in YOU
Understand, these doorways of light are enabling you to reach the light spectrums you are seeking.
For many, it is removing the conditioning and simply find the freedom of light.
Finding the Internal Doorway to Freedom
By Your Side, we assist and Guide, the
Ancient Wayshowers Holding Light
As a New Day Approaches
Another Opportunity for Advancement
The Arcturians
Thank You Artist 💥🙏
Karen Lithika
Light Channel
Crystal Vibrational Healer
Light Codes of Infinite Creation
Light Codes of Infinite Creation

Changes are happening so that you can flow and grow with into your next phase of life. Soon you will be called to get out there, be seen, and make new connections. It’s important to continue becoming completely independent of past bonds, and heal to raise your vibration to receive what’s coming.

You are strong enough to rewrite your belief systems and have unconditional loving people in your life that are reciprocating the same relationship goals with you. Today this understanding is revealing itself so you can attract these people. The Holy Spirit is here mentoring you on how to align with this. She is intuitively guiding you on how to protect yourself while remaining open to receive these new opportunities.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Harmonious Union
Harmonious Union
2-27-23 we are in the final degrees of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will move to Pisces on 3-7-23 and Pluto to Aquarius 3-23-23, yes please(😬).
With Pluto in Capricorn we’ve been working on uncovering and reclaiming our own personal power and authority and we’ve seen systems and foundations,contracts, agreements undergoing wide change and reconstruction.
With Saturn( a social planet) moving into Pisces(unconditional love, mysticism,esoteric ,Christ consciousness, limitlessness ocean ) the “ boundaries “will have an entirely different vibe as water goes where it flows. Not really contained or restricted.
And Pluto moving into Aquarius(freedom, forward thinking, ahead of the curve, the common good) the individual as well as collective. Transformational gold is available.
Today there’s a Black Moon (Cancer) mothering ,emotional power and Pluto( transformation of shadow to light) (Capricorn) Bridge at 29 degrees Feels like we reclaiming the last little review, authority , contracts retrieval of personal power, taking another look see, sweep.
There’s also a Venus( heart) in Aires(initiation, spark, self realization) bridge with Make Make (divine timing, divine law )in Libra( balance, the mirrored self, justice)
It seems that the universe( one voice) is lining up its’ energies for this beautiful potent soul shift and realizations.
Tree of Time
Tree of Time


First Quarter Moon in Gemini. Mercury in Aquarius semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces. Venus conjunct Vesta in Aries – Deep feelings originating in the sea of the collective unconscious begin to surface. The struggle is how to express what we feel. It can be difficult to give voice to transcendent experiences, spiritual insights and yearnings of the soul. Instead of thinking too much or intellectualising, let your words flow unhindered. Write poetry, broken lines, the words of a song. Trust that your spirit can give you answers that escape your conscious mind. Write down your dreams.
The conjunction of Venus and Vesta interacts with the Quarter Moon. It speaks of sacred sexuality, the holy spark of life, creative inspiration. This is about honouring the vessel, taking care of your well-being and your energy, choosing who and what can enter, in accordance with your values and sense of inner harmony. Centre yourself.
Degrees and Times
Vesta, Venus 08°Ar27′- 5:07 (UT)
Moon 08°Ge27′, Sun 08°Pi27′ – 08:05 (UT)
Mercury 24°Aq30′, Neptune 24°Pi30′ – 16:02 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Young Woman Wearing a Garland of Flowers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Young Woman Wearing a Garland of Flowers
Young Woman Wearing a Garland of Flowers

Kin 25 ~ Red Crystal Serpent

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number 12 and its keywords are ‘Dedicate, Cooperate and Universalize.’ This sociable energy reminds us that working in a team can yield results and more importantly; we are all in this together! Try to cooperate with one another today instead of just continuing to struggle on your own. The 12th day is about identifying your tribe and celebrating the things we have in common. ‘Find the others’ as Terence McKenna once said. Today’s number is perfect for partying, attending a meeting, getting involved in community and anything else that involves folks gathering together. No man is an island (or woman). We are social creatures and we achieve so much together when we cooperate.
Today is Red Serpent and keywords associated with it are ‘Instinct, Survival and Life force’. The Serpent is a master of self-renewal and it is a very healing symbol and in my personal opinion, the most complex day in the Tzolkin. People born on Red Serpent days are very complex too and they are also very good at renewing themselves when they need to. They are able to shed off their old skin and just start over. For the rest of us, we can use Red Serpent days to do just that. Let go of what holds you back and make a new life for yourself, this is one of the reasons the serpent is healing. Serpent days can leave us feeling hyper sensitive too so don’t be hard on yourself or others. The Serpent also symbolizes ‘transmuting poison’. To survive a snake bite, Shamanically speaking…is to spit out the venom within you. Healing begins when we face our darkness, our poison and we process the experience. Focus today on what you can shed and what you no longer need. Now, when the Serpent falls on a number 12 day, don’t undertake this process alone. A group or class that facilitates healing is best. Be aware, today is the kind of day that friskiness can surface as there’s a great deal of energy in the Kundalini and when you consider that this snakey energy is combined with a desire to be with others, well – I will leave that to your imagination. If you find yourself feeling frisky today, remember that all that serpent energy that resides in your base chakra is wanting to uncoil and connect to your crown chakra!
Today’s Guide is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’. This is the perfect guide for such a day. Real progress can be made in your life, if you try to renew yourself with the help of others. If you were born on a Red Earth day you excel at leading the way and so today, you are in your element. As one of the keywords associated with the Red Earth is navigation, you can be sure you are being led into the right direction. Pay attention to signposts, they will be popping up everywhere today.
The Challenge of the day is Blue Eagle so if you are an Eagle, you can’t fly away from your issues today. Your creative powers may not be easy to summon up. Just like everyone else, you need to learn to work with others. Progress through cooperation is your challenge today, may you accept the challenge and succeed. If you are not a Blue Eagle the same issues apply. It is hard to see the bigger picture when the Serpent is in charge of the day. We are all so consumed with looking at things close up.
The Occult Power is the Yellow Warrior who loves quests and missions. The Warrior is in a strong position of magic today and so they can be an enormous benefit to any group working together. If you are lucky enough to know one, certainly invite them along. Or you can take a leaf out of the Yellow Warrior’s book…wield your willpower and use your intelligence. Go on a quest to get the answers you seek and you will most likely find them. The Warrior is always searching for knowledge and asking questions, and when in this Occult position those questions tend to be deeper and more profound.
The Ally is White Wizard the enchanter, and people born on Wizard days are in a great position to offer support and help to others . Of course, it is still the Wizard wavespell …so that means the wavespell energy is friendly to us today. This is super helpful and means that any charms or spells we use today should work well.
Kin 25
Kin 25


27 FEBRUARY 2023
Cooperative THRIVING 💟🌐
I dedicate in order to survive
Universalizing instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the Crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of navigation.
27/2/2023 = 9/2/7 = 9/9 =18=9
27- Power/Leadership/Command/Great REWARDS
18- Social upheaval/Endings
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
2 – Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 25 = 7 Majik/Mystic/Spirituality/Solitude
A VERY powerful code for stepping up and out of SURVIVAL mode, and being the change you seek! 💥
Day 12 of White Wizard Wavespell where we are learning to unleash our Majik 💫through our pure hearts. 💟
Today we UNIVERSALIZE this wisdom and dedicate all the experiences we have had to the HIGHER COLLECTIVE MIND. The WIZARD teaches the SERPENT to pause, be reflective and not react from FEAR, but rather from the space of LOVE and TRUST, for this is how the Majik can truly flow.
CRYSTAL💎 – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. CRYSTAL is the highest tone in the MENTAL plane meaning it is the highest level of the MIND, the mind’s capacity to operate with other minds, in cooperation.
By stage 12 old emotions, beliefs and programs have been released and dissolved. Through the space and FREEDOM engendered by yesterday’s Spectral phase (of dissolution and release), new space is created for something NEW to emerge. New partnerships are forged. Energy comes together and CRYSTAL beings form. Stories must be shared of the wondrous and brave adventures we have been on!
The CRYSTAL💎 tone energy is BRILLIANT for gaining crystal, clear, CLARITY and guidance for your next steps forward, especially on a 9.9.9. DIVINE DESTINY DAY!!!!. Communication and networking flows. Information from Spirit and all realms flow, particularly through the receptive Shamanic POWER of the White Wizard. This knowledge is freely accessible by all of the new CRYSTAL beings, connected to GAIA’s crystalline communication grid!
❓❓What information will YOU be broadcasting through this grid?
❓❓How can your skills and knowledge assist in the upliftment of humanity, out of SURVIVAL mode into the NEW found prosperity and BLISS?
A brilliant code today for CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS to be BROADCAST!📢
Today’s questions are
“How can I share my PASSION,🔥 wisdom and Majik, 💫 engaging with others in cooperative projects, for the advancement of HU-man-ity?.”.
“How can we co-operate with our communities, to universalize the BIG PICTURE for our Global family?”
Divine blessings for Mastering your FEAR-full instincts, and transforming them into Divinely guided cocreations!✨✨✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED CRYSTAL SERPENT 💎🐍 CHICCHAN represents the limbic brain, the instinctive reptilian/serpent brain, which has been programmed to keep us REACTING to FEAR, perceiving everything as a threat to our SURVIVAL, until proven otherwise! That is how it was designed to function.
The WHITE WIZARD is a beautiful ally to CHICCHAN🐍 as he hypnotically pacifies this snake, and guides him into a calm RECEPTIVE mode, preventing him from lashing out to BITE and POISON anyone perceived as a threat.
CHICCHAN is now subdued, and in a fit state to LISTEN and observe the TRUE signs, that are revealed through the RED EARTH and White Wizard.. New information is then available from Spirit that ensures our survival – the provision of food, shelter, self-preservation and income.
Many people throughout the planet these past few years were very FEARFUL, pushed into SURVIVAL mode through these FEAR agendas and oppression. MANY people still live in a heightened state of daily terror – fearing “DIS-EASE, POVERTY and DISASTER” through their programmed MINDS, fearing the DOOM and GLOOM continually broadcast through the FALSE MEDIA.
Falsities and deceptive stories are constantly broadcast through the media through their actors and puppets. The effect of this is to keep the masses subjugated in this FIGHT or FLIGHT mode – which blocks their capacity to USE the full function of their brain.
🚫🚫🚫They literally DO NOT POSSESS the ability to ANALYZE, discern and logically decipher information and data that they are being CONTINUALLY bombarded with. This is the most powerful tactic for enslaving people – keep them in FEAR – re-acting so that they can be easily controlled. Through FEAR they submit and sadly then become the TOOL for the very forces they originally detested. This is the process of ‘BREAKING ONE’S SPIRIT” – similar to how a wild brumby is “broken in” and domesticated – losing his FREEDOM.
It is easy for the HIVE MIND to perpetuate and spread FEAR PORN😭 which spreads like a wild BUSHFIRE 🔥🔥🔥
To SHIFT from FEAR into LOVE❤ we need to GO WITHIN – which is what the WIZARD teaches us. Connecting with our INNATE INNER WISDOM – rather than re-acting from our FEAR instinct.
✨✨✨When our MINDS are STILL and we are LISTENING to the signs and messages from Spirit, we will soon discover BRILLIANT SOLUTIONS to flip from FEAR to LOVE, FAITH and TRUST… that ALL IS WELL … and all is as it should be!
Our REPTILIAN brains have kept us enslaved through FEAR programs that have been broadcast subliminally through the media – newspapers, television, movies, music, advertising, government propaganda et al. (as well as MK ULTRA Mind control technologies) . All these communication channels have broadcast FALSE information that through the Black Magic spell had kept us in the “dark”..
✨🕊✨Now that SPELL is BROKEN!!💥
The WHITE WIZARD’S true powers are that of LIBERATION through TRUTH💥💥💥.and this is the journey we are on during this 13 day Wavespell – to discover the TRUTH!
IX wields his SWORD of TRUTH🗡 and cuts away all this web of deceit, betrayal and corruption.. The CRYSTAL💎 tone enables us to SEE the TRUTH and COMMUNICATE it to others through the UNIVERSAL MIND – the Crystalline Grid🌐 and even TELEPATHICALLY through our enhanced powers and universal connection.
We are witnessing the self-destruction of the old FEAR paradigm, much as the ouroboros consumes its own tail. “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves” And indeed we are witnessing the DARK forces hanging themselves!!
As the masses AWAKEN to the TRUTH that they have been HYPNOTIZED, DECEIVED and MIND CONTROLLED, through this dark spell – they can now SEEK the TRUTH. As the information FLOWS forth into the UNIVERSAL MIND this becomes our NEW TRUTH..
🌐💎🌐 All those tapped into this UNIVERSAL 🌐 GRID can NOW freely share this wisdom, to enhance HEALING, prosperity, peace and the LIBERATION of our entire species, from the old defunct FEAR MATRIX.
We must now shed our old skin, and abandon the FEAR driven, divisive re-actions, that separated our species- through DIVIDE and CONQUER tactics.
✨💎🌐It is time to UNITE our MINDS and COOPERATE in universal ways. 🌐💎✨
The CRYSTAL SERPENT will ACTIVATE our DNA UPGRADES today, so tune in for kundalini rising, and lots of body tingling as our cells are infused with these DIAMOND CRYSTALLINE frequencies today..
DNA Upgrades, Messages for the Awakened Community BQH Hypnosis Session – ALISON COE
CHICCHAN represents the HEALING caduceus and the Planetary Serpent energies – our sacred RAINBOW SERPENT, so we can access great HEALING and VITALITY through GAIA today… Raising our kundalini and life force – infuses our MIND with new ideas and inspiration.. Your desires, dreams and PASSION are evoked. Rather than re-acting, your energy rises up to your HIGHER MIND and becomes fuel for a higher driven purpose. You can channel this life force energy into your ACTIONS.
YOU ARE IN CONTROL! How will you channel this energy today?
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED CRYSTAL EARTH💎🌎 Pachamama is the overlighting energy today, ensuring we COOPERATE in order to ensure the survival of our planet.
Anything that is harmful to GAIA and our human species, must be rejected, as we dedicate ourselves to finding the TRUE and correct path to navigate, for the highest outcome for all humanity. Service to self, greed and manipulation will be crushed!
Surrender FEAR and any sense of “lack” – scare-city, be open and receptive to the opportunities that avail themselves. Spirit will guide you in the right direction. Look for the doors opening now. Humanity is on the RIGHT PATH! All is WELL – despite appearances!
We need to connect to Pachamama🌎 through our pure HEARTS💟 and crystal MINDS, be STILL and receptive, to read the SIGNS she sends us, in her unique forms of communication through the nature kingdoms.
CABAN reveals when “the timing is right” to take inspired ACTION, and work cooperatively for the survival of our communities and our planet through right action.
✨Watch for the SIGNS and synchronicities today that are navigating flagship EARTH🌎 back on her true Divine course.
CRYSTAL CABAN💎🌍🌎🌏 is communicating today through her chakras, meridians and her active Volcanoes🌋🌋🌋 acting as pressure valves🔥🔥 to release all that pent up destructive energy in the Global MIND which has penetrated our Planetary Grid.🌐🌍🌐
GAIA and HUMANITY are ONE – so when we overload our Mother – she must ACT to preserve her energy. The volcanoes, TSUNAMIS, EARTHQUAKES, tremors and anomalies are all her tools for bringing us back to BALANCE.
When her Planetary Body 🌍 is FREE from density, the CRYSTALLINE energetic GRID🌐 connecting all her chakras, meridians and power points will be able to TRANSMIT at QUANTUM levels!
CRYSTAL CABAN as the higher power today, offers a wonderful opportunity to TUNE into the CRYSTALLINE GRIDS through meditation, remote viewing, astral travelling and simply communing in nature.
Be OPEN to receive CRYSTAL💎 CLEAR SIGNS, messages and VISIONS today.
SUPPORT: WHITE CRYSTAL WIZARD 💎🔮 IX in the support position adds a DOUBLE LAYER of influence from our White Wizard – ensuring we have tremendous WHITE MAJIK at our disposal, to reverse any black spellcasting..
The WHITE WIZARD is befriending CHICCHAN 🐍to work in harmony, for the highest Universal interest through cooperation. IX uses his POWER through cooperative alliance, seeking to FREE others and use his Majik powers for the highest good, through the guidance of his pure heart. ❤💎❤
RED SERPENT surrenders to the Mighty Wizard to become more passive in receptive mode, tuning into the Heart 💟 and the wisdom therein. Thus taming the primal beast! The Serpent can then utilize the Majik of IX, combining with the raw passion, drive and lifeforce to dedicate this energy for a higher collective purpose.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW LUNAR WARRIOR 🌓🌈🏹 CIB is today’s SUPERPOWER – which is the HIDDEN AGENDA of KIN 25.. This WARRIOR is a LUNAR Warrior – the one who is up to the challenge of harmonizing polarized energies.
This FEARLESS WARRIOR is BRILLIANT at using his mighty SWORD🗡 and his questioning MIND to undo any Black magic spell.💫💫. The duality battle between ‘DARK” and ‘LIGHT” , LOVE and FEAR is the stage for this duel.. The Lunar Warrior can course correct the SERPENT’S path, from FEAR to one of LOVE! 💟 All connected through our enchanted HEARTS❤ and CRYSTALLINE MINDS. .💎🌐
CIB the fearless YELLOW WARRIOR assists us in evolving our reptilian brains, out of survival mode and learning to respond from our HIGHER FEARLESS CRYSTAL MIND. 💎🌐
CIB aligns with RED EARTH, driving us to channel our inner warrior to be a champion for peace and harmony, defending our planet and her natural rhythms and cycles. Instead of selfish, destructive actions causing degradation to our planet, CIB encourages us to PROTECT our environment, our communities and our Earth Mother..
In this way we become the selfless Rainbow Warriors, guided by nature and bringing forth this union with our land. As the global indigenous people preach, there is no “US” without protection of our land. We are ONE. 🌈🌎🌐
🚫 🚫🚫WARNING: 🔥🔥🔥 As the OCCULT SUPERPOWER the LUNAR🌓 WARRIOR🗡 may provide a plethora of super COURAGE and self-confidence.💪💪💪 If this energy is not filtered through the HEART❤ in a place of STILLNESS – this may lead to rash actions and harsh conflict.
This potent LUNAR POWER needs to be utilized and channelled as SPIRITUAL PEACEFUL WARRIORS🕊🌈 and not the irate and aggressive battle WARRIORS.🗡🏹💥
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE CRYSTAL EAGLE 💎👁 MEN challenges us to SEE the greater VISION of what we are doing here on Earth.. When we can SEE the big picture, we can let go and heal anything that is not for our highest potential.
As we focus on the PANORAMIC VIEW it pulls our MINDS out of the FEAR response of stressing over the minute details.. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!
The BLUE CRYSTAL EAGLE💎 is a brilliant GIFT of KIN 25, as we can easily SEE the FLOW of SOLUTIONS for our survival and planetary issues.. The GIFT of FUTURE VISION 🔮 for UNITED common-unity, ensures our battle for SURVIVAL is upgraded to wonderful connections, that enable humanity to THRIVE and GROW in the SAFE and LOVING unified field of ONENESS..
✨BLUE EAGLE challenges us to ✨TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN✨ for ourselves and humanity.. ✨
WE MUST know that we can attract all the Majik💫 we require to manifest our BEST reality..
BLUE EAGLE assists us in anchoring this VISION, which motivates us and fuels our passion, in fully realizing this outcome. We are creating a better future for our children and our COMMON- UNITIES👫👭👬
NOW we can all SOAR and FLY🕊🕊🕊 HIGH together in glorious BLUE SUNNY SKIES..🌞🌞🌞
Today’s questions are
“How can I share my PASSION,🔥 wisdom and Majik, 💫 engaging with others in cooperative projects, for the advancement of HU-man-ity?.”.
“How can we co-operate with our communities, to universalize the BIG PICTURE for our Global family?”
Divine blessings for Mastering your FEAR-full instincts, and transforming them into Divinely guided cocreations!✨✨✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger




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Blessings Beloveds ~
Sharing an invocation for this Now moment; one I use every day – and one you can use during geostorms like this.
If you have been in my Presence Masterclasses recently, you know that this is a big year for consistent Solar activity and Geostorms – and how they open us to realm-shifting frequencies. Especially extended storms above K6.
Hearts up as the veils are thin with this geomagnetic storm. A perfect moment to meditate in zero point and receive new light intelligence.
A quick invocation:
“In the name of the One Infinite Creator, in alignment with highest Divine LoveLight Intelligence: I open myself to full activation of my I AM Presence, Krysted Self, Divine DNA, and Crystalline Lightbody in this Now. I fully accept these organic Ascension light codes, harmonics, tones, frequencies, rays, photonic light amplifications, and the consciousness-raising, heart-opening frequencies of the pure and true organic Ascension.
Recalibrate and attune all levels, dimensions, and parallel expressions of self to express my Divine Self and the Infinite Kryst state of pure Unity Consciousness and the Sacred Crystalline state in this Now.
So it is. I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. “
In Love, Light and Service,
Green Glow
Green Glow

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