Light Energy Grid Communication Activation (Lyran Energies of the Galactic High Council)

September 30, 2015

I must speak first, before posting this translation, as I do not usually post of “things to come”. Yet, I have learned to trust and honor all that I receive to share. This specific message was a bit different for me, as it was the first time I had received to translate for the Lyran Energies of the High Council (LHC). The Lyrans, I have become aware of just the last many months as part of the Council. I ask that you honor what resonates with you inside and as always, follow your heart. Never be swayed by anything you read. Trust that which activates something within you as a knowing through love and light. I am always honored to share and connect with all. Lyran Energies

This translation began from me asking questions about what I was hearing in frequency. There was a “new” band that I had not heard before. When I started to ask questions, I received answers. This was the first time I had had “two-way communication”, which I was told would continue to expand now. I shall attempt to recall the entire “conversation” for posting/sharing. I may update this if more comes through remembering.