Light Energy Grid Communication Activation (Lyran Energies of the Galactic High Council)

I must speak first, before posting this translation, as I do not usually post of “things to come”. Yet, I have learned to trust and honor all that I receive to share. This specific message was a bit different for me, as it was the first time I had received to translate for the Lyran Energies of the High Council (LHC). The Lyrans, I have become aware of just the last many months as part of the Council. I ask that you honor what resonates with you inside and as always, follow your heart. Never be swayed by anything you read. Trust that which activates something within you as a knowing through love and light. I am always honored to share and connect with all. Lyran Energies
This translation began from me asking questions about what I was hearing in frequency. There was a “new” band that I had not heard before. When I started to ask questions, I received answers. This was the first time I had had “two-way communication”, which I was told would continue to expand now. I shall attempt to recall the entire “conversation” for posting/sharing. I may update this if more comes through remembering.
Before I went to bed, I had asked to be shown certain things that I desired answers to. One was if I was to keep translating streaming energies as they occurred online, as it takes up all of my time. I was not sure it was necessary, as very few seem to respond that they read them, yet I have been shown that they are followed all over the world… still, I asked. The answer came in the transmission.
I also asked about remaining “here” physically/geographically and when to go. This too was part of my answer.
One response was that I was to post now, for all who follow the real-time energy updates, when the “communication energy streams/bands” are active. For not all can yet hear or identify them, yet they can tune to them just the same. Apparently this is important for all of us all right now, so I shall share the “conversation/translation” below. Much of this is very new to me. These are not my words. I had no comprehension of “this” prior to receiving.

Lyran Energies of the High Council (Received 8/11/13 10:33 am)
Me (Transcendence) and the LHC
Me: What is this new energy stream that I hear/see. (All prior streams seemed to be vertical, while these were horizontal in flow).
LHC: You are being connected for “The Rising”.
I was then shown how it was streaming to connect each of us. Imagine visually a stream of light flowing through all of our heads. There was also a band up high that carries info via light. I was shown our antennae’s internally, which we have always seen externally. It’s kind of like the higher our antennae’s, the higher streams we can hear. Yet with all being internal, that is not quite accurate. For the higher we vibrate, the higher the streams we have access to. Just trying to give a visual. Whatever works for you!
LHC: Tune TO the frequencies from within. (Visual interpretation through metaphor.) It’s like writing a note and putting it in a bottle and then sending it off to be received by another. Imagine a message to be “sent” across the new streaming bands that now connect us all.
LHC: You, Transcendence, are to translate when these streams become active. There are many who cannot yet hear, and while they are connected, intention is necessary to strengthen this connection. In the upcoming days, you are all to do this daily. Strengthen the grid of light with intention to connect. Use your imagination and see this band streaming through you to connect with all others. Direct intention (visualize) allows you to connect together. Your awareness gives you this capability. You have forgotten how to communicate as energy. Therefore you must utilize this time to remember. Program your “self” to do this in your sleep and waking state. One can only connect to this in Light Frequency.
(I was shown Yellow/Gold/White energy). This is up to what you choose to connect with.
The following was also received to translate and share:
LHC: Before, you needed to be in a specific physical place, yet it will no longer matter where you are physically located. This is why so many are being “prepared” to move. Before, you anchored light for where you were and you created a “space” in the physical necessary to do this. But, now you will go where the vibration supports you. Now that you have anchored these energies within you, they are within you, no matter where you exist.
You are being prepared. Do not go back to an “old” vibration (place/space in time), unless you need to whole/heal. Safe is not necessary, as that was the old human way. Move forward into the “new” if you wish for the “new” to come to you. You must continue to move up in frequency and the old, safe way is down, as it is from a place of fear and you no longer exist here.
In the past, many of you would receive transmissions, yet now, for many, this communication has been opened via a portal within you to allow for two-way communication. This too exists in frequency, and as more come to unlock this within, they too shall have the same access.
Higher Realm Energy Translations


Light Energy Grid Communication Activation (Lyran Energies of the Galactic High Council)

2nd Part of Communication received 8/11/13 (a.m.):
Lyran Energy of the Galactic High Council
Through Lisa “Transcendence” Brown

Higher Realm Frequency Bands exist within you as the sounds you hear in your head or ears.
There are certain times right now that they are more “open”, if you will. They have always been present, yet you now are able to achieve the frequency in order to hear.
Close your eyes and imagine opening a portal within you. Your heart, solar plexus or pineal gland are all places you can “go” to do this.
Tune TO the frequency of LIGHT.
You can tune, just by thinking, seeing, speaking this in a deep state from within.
See the Light Frequency streams that connect you with all-that-is, with all others, also connected to the light grid.
These bands/streams/frequencies, if you will, allow for multi-way communication now, whereas in the “past”, you transmitted out OR received, now you can transmit and receive at the same time. YOU limited this, yet this is no longer.
That too was dualistic, to see either/or. Yet now, this too merges within.
You will have to “work” with this new communication, to continue to expand it beyond that which you currently perceive.
Your antennae, if you will, go inward, not outward, and reach as far as your mind can comprehend.
These bands that you have been hearing is the “new” (forgotten) communication being built between all of you there, The Grid of Light, as you perceive it, together, as one, with all-that-is.
You are needed to intentionally connect to these streams.
At that point I asked: “What do I do”? 
LHC: “You trust, be patient and wait. Honor all that you hear, see, feel in frequency. You translate. This is very important for those who cannot yet “hear”.
So then I asked: What do WE do?
LHC: “You are being prepared for “The Rising”. We need you to strengthen your communication in frequency. What you perceive as telepathy, is just you connecting & communicating as energy, as energetic beings. (Then they showed me us, as big crystals.) Those who cannot yet hear, are given rays of light to use to connect to (Sun Rays, Stars, etc.). If one does not know of this yet, just ask to receive this. Until you activate this, do not worry, just connect to the light that you can see, either inside of you or externally. For they are the same, the only difference is how you see. Tune to the frequency of nature, the ocean, of dolphins. You go wherever is sacred for you, outside or in. All hold a vibration that allow you to connect within. In or out doesn’t matter. Again, they are the same.
I activate within me an upgrade in communication.
I hold within me the power to activate all within me in frequency.
I tune to the frequency of Higher Communication.
I tune, I activate, I hold this frequency within me.
I see in Light Communication
I speak in Light Communication
I receive in Light Communication
I transmit in Light Communication
They are not separate within me.
They are one and the same.
I activate Energetic Communication within me, as me & me as it. One.
I am an Energy Form
This is my natural way & form of communication
I am only re-activating that which I have forgotten to be
I activate my entire BEing as LIGHT ENERGY
I activate the Light Codes within me to upgrade my energetic communication.
Only when I “forget” shall I again separate from the ability to connect and communicate as Energy.
I connect with the Energy of the Earth, the Stars, The Trees, The Seas and all Universes & Galaxies from inside of me.
I tune TO the frequency that activates the Light within me.
I tune TO the frequency that activates my ability to communicate as Energy.
I tune TO that which allows me to BE, hear, feel, see AS ENERGY.


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