Higher Realm Energies

The higher realm energies have activated and the old programming is pushed up to be seen. These also open portals, create dimension rifts and allow for overlapping parallels to become visible in the physical here. Pay attention to absolutely everything and start stretching your mind beyond it's previous comprehension now. This occurs every day now, watch for "markers" (mine are ambulances/sirens), as these activate to tell you what realities are present, what portals are open and more. I hear the frequencies activate and within a half hour to an hour the sirens come blaring through (this did not used to be a normal occurrence, yet I saw all of this last year and to "watch" for such things to "tell" what realms are active at any given time). I have a video on various Quantum Experiences lately, along with the new super expansion of the Unified Consciousness Field available now. It's been uploading all night and still not half done.

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