Higher Realm Energies

Higher Realm Energies Have Activated: Opened Portals, Dimension Rifts and More

By Lisa Brown, 06/04/2016

The higher realm energies have activated and the old programming is pushed up to be seen. These also open portals, create dimension rifts and allow for overlapping parallels to become visible in the physical here. Pay attention to absolutely everything and start stretching your mind beyond it’s previous comprehension now. This occurs every day now, watch for “markers” (mine are ambulances/sirens), as these activate to tell you what realities are present, what portals are open and more. I hear the frequencies activate and within a half hour to an hour the sirens come blaring through (this did not used to be a normal occurrence, yet I saw all of this last year and to “watch” for such things to “tell” what realms are active at any given time). I have a video on various Quantum Experiences lately, along with the new super expansion of the Unified Consciousness Field available now. It’s been uploading all night and still not half done. Will post when it is. Until then, I shall be working a bit today, for I have much to share and accomplish on my end… I’ll post energy updates and observations as I see them occur! Happy Magical Higher Realm EnergiesEverything loves!!!! How exciting is this? Let any old programs go… they were anchored within you… they activate to be transcended so that all can walk in the NEW Earth Realities NOW! Quantum Distortions of awesome weirdness returns! Yeee-haaaa! 

Oh yeah, the physical is being upgraded today. Blasts activating within, super power charged STAR PARTICLE activations! Nervous system, head and most everything… get on the grass and connect, to assist with LightBody distribution. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Mastery, Mastery, Mastery… in every moment! Simultaneous experiences! Magnificent!!!!  (It’s no longer a dream loves… WE live here and DO this NOW!)

*This is (just one of the multitude of photos I have) that was taken last week when we were out playing in the portals and doing activations (in every moment this is all we do now!). Visibly walking through them. Look for them, they are everywhere! You/WE exist vibrationally, no longer limited by space or time. Breaking the barriers in every moment! Join me if you will! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
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