Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command

New Galactic Update & Video : Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command

Beloved hearts This is the voice of the Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command.
Along with our airborne divisions and galactic fleets of light
My warmest greetings, dear friends, brothers and sisters 🙏🏽,
I am commander ASH’TAR’KA’REE
Of The The Jupiter Command
Speaking to you today from my ship (The Aurora )
That Sits stationary within the outer rim of our beloved Jupiter
( Dah ‘ Ah Ka’ ) …. In light-language
I come to speak to you today of a Great many things …..
Some of you are “waiting” for signs, signs of the presence of the Ashtar Command, and We the
Jupiter Command & the / Inter Galactic confederation Federation of light /worlds .
That things will be are clarified, for you our beloved you (Starseeds, Lightworkers, Empathics, .)
That you Are members of this body of action present on the earth plane to accompany the ascent of this planet.
You have made this choice to embody with these bodies in 3D, and receive all the same “transmissions”, as you wake up to the unified consciousness.
You have “programmed” to wake up in these times and spread the light of a new consciousness for this world.
You can only do this through active participation in this process.
Dear ones It’s not about doing anything but letting the energy of Life and Love pass through you.
Let the energy flow of Life act through your channels, such as small hollow bones.
You are these extensions of light’
You can embody that if you let it guide you and not your mental mind , with all its expectations and hopes.
Be fully present in every moment you live …
and in the intuition of the present moment, listen inside you and act according to your heart.
We your galactic counterparts are never far away, but it is up to you to operate your internal transmutation.
On this journey of transformation, you and your brothers and sisters of soul on the way,
will give you keys to liberation.
Keys of energy release.
That’s why so many of you answer and get together on simple
ASHTAR word call.
The Name Ashtar : is another term for the energy of the “Shepherds” of this time.
Those who guide the steps of humanity towards the light of the full consciousness.
You are the shepherds …. That guide the way ..,,
Some of you are already ‘
ready to begin the process of internal transmutation.
And ‘ some of you have already started.
They are ‘ and will be ‘ souls put in the presence of particular souls, their so-called “twin” souls.
That’s why there are more and more twin flames coming together.
These meetings are aimed at an ultimate and definitive reconnection to the Source of Life,
By the reunion between you and the divine flame ‘ which is on the other side of the veil, waiting to be incarnated into you …
This process of reintegration begins for many of you now on your journey
The only brake that will stand between you and your twin flame is your ego.
So, … dear brothers and sisters, learn to detect it, to master it, because once it is removed, you will be able to reintegrate your divinity.
As great times are ahead for humanity…
the great unknown is upon you now ….
but …. we say
You ‘ being the great creator gods
will embody this grand transformation of your planetary realm ….
To become The final planet in this quadrant sector of your Solar system to be liberated …. under the banner of unity peace ….
Your Solar system and now your planet is becoming liberated from its slumber …
An integrated into true zero point ….
integrated into a peaceful galactic conglomerate ….
integrated into a galactic Society of oneness … … of love peace
and unity
Gone the days of your programs …
Gone the days of darkness
As light has won ..
The light shines always in the darkness
So be that shining light that you are
Guide the way for others …
and lead like the Great shepherds you are …
We are with you always
We are watching guiding supporting….; Enabling our beloved family here and Gaia …
Look To the sky’s we are there
Look inside your hearts we are there
We are one … Human … galactic angelic …. Archangel ultra terrestrial .. Ascended master….
I am ‘ The Commander
Ash’Tar ‘Ka’Ree
With you Always
My Peace and love always .
As Love has won
Channelled through
Davian – David Rousseau &
Ria Aurora Athena Ash
All Art work is copyrighted & Authentically channelled by
( )
David Rousseau
Please visit
If you would like your higher self or your galactic family members commissioned and created by David .
Please visit his website and (Facebook Davian Art )

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  1. Franck


  2. Cassandra Mayfield

    Thank you so much, Ashtar Karee

  3. True Soul.

    Whats Pracka?
    How to u stop wars 5 sharp. Hmmmm maybe it’s a frequency and we need to practice with the crystal programing and the universal Peace.
    Peace Pauses All War and Hate.
    Love Rushes threw each heart, soul, body, vain, vessle and mind.
    Kindness echos with healing hands.
    Fear gone pain gone worry gone stress gone. The first mothers of all eras have a safe sacred and solid Sovereign gone to bear and raise their offspring without the acts genocide against them.
    As The Universal High Counsel Representative for Cultural affairs of Earth I demand safe travels and humanitarian refuge for any and all earth residents that are suffering at the hands of opressors.
    The Arcs
    Sentury Cross.
    Rainbow Bridge.
    Startfamilies Effected will finally have the power to create or manifest the changes for the better of All beings.
    The entire CAOG has ended 1st June 2020. We Request Jupiter Command, The 12 Arch Angels, Ra & Mother Isis, The Universal High Counsels, The Galactic Federation, The Elders Past/Present, Earth Mothers Incarnations, etc
    Representatives of the Oceans with be the cusdodians (those who love, care, heal, weep, pray, rejoice, resonate in it. River Woman, Water entities, Mermaids, Whales, Dophines, Sharkes, Marine Life and lovers and Protectors of.
    Sacred Creation Vibration Rapidly Approaching The Country Under Universal Lores and Lorea of Creation as a Refuge Please Send Invertation to Pregnant Mothers
    and Angel Incarnations with Indigenous Males and Females imprisoned, Stolen Children and those Suffering due to neglect or Malice.
    SACRED Beings Sacred Places Sacred Creatures are all under Protection of the Universal Government Send to by Jupiter Command.
    M.P. Caddigal & Darug, CUSTODIAN, True Healer, Guidence, Mother, River, Ocean & Trees, Children, Indigenous Protection, Startfamilies Advocate, Angelic Incarnations Ground Support, Keeper of Ancestors Wisdom, EarthMother88.
    Arora Lights can hold it until you get home.

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